How to add a password to a rar file

WinRAR is one of the most reliable and popular software when it comes to compressing and protecting compressed data. It is handful utility software for accessing files stored in most popular compression format after ZIP that’s RAR. RAR is compression protocol which compresses large files by storing duplicated data in files more efficiently and occupying less storage space. RAR files are not natively supported by Windows so there is software like WINRAR that are used for that purpose. Not everyone just compresses files with WinRAR and send it right away, there are peoples who are looking for security and WinRAR can protect their compressed data using password protection. Once compressed and password protected the data cannot be decompressed without password. In this article, we will discuss how to password protect WinRAR archives.

Part 1: How to Password Protect Archives with WinRAR on Windows

Method 1. How to Create Password to An Archives with WinRAR

WinRAR provides ability to create password protected archives using WinRAR add password and block access to all those without password. Only personnel with password will be able to access files and folders inside password protected archive that you will create. Here’s a step by step tutorial of How you can create a password protected archive using WinRAR:

Step 1: Select a file or folder that you want to add in archive and “Right Click” on it.

Step 2: Click on “Add to archive…” a Window will be open.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3: Enter Name, Choose Compression Format and Other Properties. Then Click “Set Password” to set password on your archive.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 4: Enter password in “Enter Password” field with you want to protect archive and confirm it in “Reenter password for verification” and Click on “OK“.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 5: Click on “OK” in WinRAR’s window that was opened in “Step 2” and you are Done creating a password protected WinRAR archive.

Method 2: How to Add A Password to An Existing WinRAR Archive

Let’s say you’ve received a compressed file and you’ve made few secret changes (like added or deleted private files from archive) now you want to set a password because it would be invulnerable to send unprotected files. There is a way to set password on an existing WinRAR archive and here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Open RAR or compressed file with WinRAR and then click on “Tools” from context menu. Once menu open choose “Convert Archives“. You can also press “CTRL+Q” on your keyboard to open Convert Archives.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 2: In next popup you will see an option of “Compression” click on it and you will be sent to compression menu.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3: Select “Set Password” as shown in screenshot below to choose/set password, a password selection popup will be displayed.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 4: Enter password in “Enter Password” field with you want to protect archive and confirm it in “Reenter password for verification

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 5: Now click on “Yes” when asked “are you sure you want to encrypt converted archives?

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 6: Wait for few seconds or minutes depending upon the size of your archive.

How to add a password to a rar file

That’s it and you are done protecting an existing WinRAR archive with Password.

Part 2. How to Create Password Protected Archives with WinRAR on Mac

First of all, you need to download WinRAR for Mac OS from and install it. RAR is an archive format designed and developed by RARLABS.

Step 1: Open WinRAR on your Mac.

Step 2: To Add files or folders click on “Add” and choose files that you want to protect with WinRAR.

Step 3: To Set password on your RAR archive click on “Set Password” on right bottom of WinRAR window.

Step 4: Enter your password in both fields, make sure to choose strong password that is not breaking, however it depends on the importance of data that you are willing to protect. Now Press “OK“.

Step 5: Press “OK” in your WinRAR window and compression will start and you will get RAR archive after short time. The RAR processing time depends on performance of your computer and size of data.

Bonus Tips: How to Unlock Password Protected WinRAR Archive

Yes, it is possible to unlock password protected WinRAR archives, to achieve this we need to download a software known as PassFab for RAR. This is software that helps you to unlock WinRAR password protected files. It recovers forgotten passwords of encrypted WinRAR archives (RAR). Including latest versions of WinRAR. There are three types of attacks that are done to ensure decryption of forgotten RAR password Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Following are the simple steps that you need to follow to unlock RAR with PassFab:

Step 1: Download PassFab for RAR and install it. Once installed, open this program on your PC.

Step 2: Once PassFab is opened click on “Add” to add a RAR file to break its password. A file chooser will open, select file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3: Check type of attack that you want to proceed with and Click on “Start” to start unlocking RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 4: Once process is completed you will be shown the password of RAR file simple click on “Copy” or note it somewhere safe and try to remember it. Now open your RAR file and extract when asked for password enter the password you got from PassFab to uncompressed.

How to add a password to a rar file


You have all the information you required to create a password protected archive. Not just that now you know how to make an old RAR file password protected and break its password with PassFab for RAR when required.

Updated on 2020-04-25 / Posted by Shirley Howard to RAR Tips / Follow @ Shirley Howard

Question : How to protect the RAR file using password. So that only authorised person can extract the file.
Answer : Please follow these step to set the password on your RAR file

1. Right click on the file or folder you want to set a password and select “Add to archive” (choosing winrar).
2. When rar opens up go to “Advanced” tab
3. Then click “Set a password”
4. Enter and Re-enter the password for verification then click ok

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How to add a password to a rar file

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RAR is a usual file format usually used to reduce the file size and improve transfer speed. While a folder is ready to be compressed as RAR archive, a password can be set at the same time to lock RAR file. Similarly, when others receive password protected RAR file, they should unlock RAR file with password they know at first, otherwise they cannot see what are compressed in RAR archive. How to lock RAR file with password, and how to unlock password protected RAR file suppose RAR password forgot or lost? In this passage, we will talk about it in two parts.

How to Lock RAR File with Password?

1. Open WinRAR and navigate to path where the folder is located or the files are saved.

How to add a password to a rar file

2. Select files or folder you want to compress as RAR archive and click Add button in toolbar.

How to add a password to a rar file

3. In Archive name and parameters window, name the RAR archive in Archive name box under General tab.

How to add a password to a rar file

4. Click Advanced tab and Set password to lock RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

5. Enter password and Reenter password for verification. Click OK to lock RAR file with password.

How to add a password to a rar file

At last, a RAR file will be created and locked with a password you type in above steps. From then on, only the password can open or extract this locked RAR file. Therefore, if you don’t have RAR file password, you will be probably locked out of it. But whether it means that we cannot unlock password protected RAR file without password? Surely it is not.

How to Unlock Password Protected RAR File without Password?

This part will talk about how to unlock RAR password protected file when you don’t know RAR password. Please follow article below to solve it with rar password unlocker, RAR Password Genius.

Step 1: Download RAR Password Genius Standard, install and run it on your computer.

Tips: Surely RAR Password Genius Professional also could unlocking RAR file. It would work better than Standard version when you have more CPU cores or computers in LAN to recover locked rar file password.

Step 2: Click Open button. Browse computer and select encrypted RAR file to add into RAR Password Genius.

Step 3: Select one password recovery type in Type of attack. And make settings for encrypted RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 4: Click Start button. And RAR Password Genius begins to work to recover RAR file password.

After you click “Start” button, RAR Password Genius will automatically run and recover password protected RAR file password. About few seconds or minutes later, RAR file password will be recovered and shown in a new dialog if there is nothing else wrong.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 5: Copy RAR file recovered password and unlock password protected RAR archive with it.

1. Click Copy and Open button on RAR Password Recovered dialog.

2. Encrypted RAR file will be open in WinRAR (default program set to open RAR file).

3. While you want to open files saved in encrypted RAR file or want to extract this RAR file, a dialog would pop up and ask for password. Paste password you copied and click OK to unlock encrypted RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Tips: Besides software to unlock encrypted RAR file, there is another free way to unlock RAR file. You can try it. But it only supports numeric password, probably would cost lots of time even damage locked RAR file. The most important point is that it cannot guarantee encrypted RAR file can be unlocked successfully. So between free way notepad and RAR Password Genius, I will choose the latter one.

Mar 14, 2017

You can password protect an archive or zipped file. WinRAR, the go-to compression app for Windows users supports password protection. You can add a password to an archive when you create it. When you extract the archive, you will have to enter the password before you can get to the files inside. If you want to add a password to an existing WinRAR archive, you might think it’s impossible. The obvious way to add a password to an existing archive is extract and compress it again. You can add the password when you compress it. There is however a much easier way to add a password to an existing archive using WinRAR. You don’t need to extract it or anything. Here’s what you need to do.

You need WinRAR installed on your system. Right-click an archive and select ‘Open with WinRAR’ from the context menu. Go to Tools>Convert archives. Alternatively, you can just tap Ctrl+Q.

How to add a password to a rar file

The ‘Convert archives’ window will open. The archive you right-clicked will be added to the ‘Archives to convert’ section. All you need to do on this screen is click the ‘Compression’ button.

How to add a password to a rar file

The ‘Compression’ button will open the ‘Set default compression options’ window. This window will be familiar if you’ve ever added a password to an archive at the time you were creating it.

Click ‘Set password’ and enter a password for the archive. The Enter Password window that opens will have an option to encrypt the archive. You can check it and encrypt the archive the same time you add a password to it.

How to add a password to a rar file

Winrar will take time to encrypt and password protect the archive. The larger the archive, the longer it will take to add a password and encryption to it.

When the process is complete, you will have a new archive file. It will not overwrite the previous archive. This new archive will be password protected. The original archive will remain password free. Be careful which one you share. You can choose to delete the original archive after creating the new one from the Set Password window.

When you add a password to an existing archive you save time. The process would take much longer if you were to first extract it, and then compress it again. For larger archives, extraction can take quite a bit of time and this method avoids extraction altogether. There is no way to shorten the compression time. When you add a password to an existing archive, it is encrypted all over again which is time consuming.

As common compression software, WinRAR is used usually to create RAR archive even create password protected RAR file. If you also have this problem about how to encrypt RAR file as you like, please follow the article. What I know is that there are two options in WinRAR provided for users to set password to protect RAR file.

No matter which option you choose to encrypt RAR file, you would need password if you want to extract encrypted RAR file or open files in encrypted RAR archive.

Step 1: Run WinRAR software and click Wizard in toolbar.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 2: In following Wizard: Choose the operation window, choose Create a new archive and click Next button.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3: Select the file or folder you want to add to RAR file. Click OK.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 4: Type a name for archive you are creating. Click Next on Wizard: Choose the archive window.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 5: If you wish to create encrypted RAR file, don’t hesitate to click Set password button on Wizard: Arching options window.

How to add a password to a rar file

Now it’s time for you to set a password to encrypt RAR file.

Option 1: Create password protected RAR file only to view

1. If Show password option is checked in Archiving with password dialog, you just need to type a password once and click OK to encrypt RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

2. If Show password is not selected, you would have to enter password twice to make files in encrypted RAR file only to be viewed.

How to add a password to a rar file

After RAR file is encrypted with password like above, you would need to type the password when you want to open file in encrypted RAR archive or extract encrypted RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Option 2: Create password protected RAR file not to be opened, viewed or extracted

Once you choose Encrypt file names option, and enter password to encrypt the RAR file. You would not open and view files in encrypted RAR file, not to say extract encrypted RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

After you create a password to encrypt file name, once you would like to open this file, it would ask you to enter password, otherwise, you cannot open encrypted RAR file to view which files are saved in this archive.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 6: Click Finish at last to create password protected RAR file with option you like.

How to add a password to a rar file

If you forgot RAR password to open password protected RAR file or extract encrypted RAR file one day, you can get RAR Password Genius to recover RAR password, which would help you to open or extract the encrypted RAR file in WinRAR.

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How to Unlock RAR/WinRAR File without Password
How to Crack RAR/WinRAR File Password If You Forgot

We usually protect our most important files with a password. But what if we forget that password? Forgetting the RAR/WinRAR password can be a big problem for users alike. As there are so many passwords we deal with nowadays, it is quite easy to forget one or two. So, in this article, we are here with 3 simple methods on how to bypass RAR password, so that you can get your documents or files back without losing them permanently.

Way 1. Bypass RAR/WinRAR Password with CMD

You can use CMD to bypass WinRAR/RAR password. It is a straightforward yet a very cumbersome method as it needs several commands to be entered if you forgot WinRAR password. You might have to take the help of Notepad throughout the process. Follow the steps below to get it done:

Step 1: Double-click on the bat file and launch CMD window.

Step 2: Enter the WinRAR/RAR file name and tap Enter to type in the file path.

Step 3: Now, straight head over to the RAR file properties and don’t forget the name and the path. Finally, enter the required information in the right location in the new window.

Step 4: After that, open Notepad and simply type in the commands and save it as “rar-password.bat”. Hit Enter.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 5: Finally, tap Enter and the bat file will run to get the password for the specified RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Remember to specify the path and name of the RAR file in question. Overall it is not a full-proof method and it may not work all the time. If you want results every single time, follow the next method below to bypass RAR password.

Way 2. Bypass RAR/WinRAR Password with Password Recovery Bundle (Best Way)

The best method to get around RAR password is by using a proper bypass tool like RAR Password Recovery in Password Recovery Bundle. It is designed to bypass and recover any type of passwords for WinRAR or RAR files. It comes with different attack modes that can force access to those passwords. You can try all of them until you get the result. It is an easy to use software with a 100 percent recovery rate. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Download and install the Password Recovery Bundle on your computer.

Step 2: On the main interface choose “Recover Passwords for Files and Archives”.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3: Now, select “RAR Password Recovery” inside the list.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 2: Tap “Open” to import the locked RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3: Choose the attack you want to use to bypass the password:

  • Brute Force: This is a method that tries out every possible permutation and combination until you get the right one.
  • Dictionary: As the name suggests, this attack uses a dictionary with similar and frequent words and checks them one by one to decipher the right result.
  • Brute Force with Mask: This attack creates a mask of flexibility to get the exact position of a specific character.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 4: After choosing the attack, just tap the “Start” button. The program will automatically begin the recovery process.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 5: After some time, a new window will be prompted along with the password.

As you can clearly see, it is very easy to use. Just a few steps and you can bypass your locked WinRAR file password with ease. This is undoubtedly the best method around to get past WinRAR password!

Way 3. Bypass RAR/WinRAR Password with Notepad

Most of the times we are not very keen on using any software to recover passwords. Fortunately, there is also another alternative with the help of which you can get around RAR password. This process is quite similar to the CMD one, but this needs some code to be entered inside the Notepad. Don’t worry, everything along with the code has been detailed below. Just follow the steps and you will know how to bypass RAR password.

Step 1: Create a brand new folder and name it as ‘RARCrack.’

Step 2: Launch the notepad and paste the code below.

ECHO Drag and drop the archive into this window.
ECHO Cannot find the file specified. Please enter the archive path.

Step 3: Save the above code as “RARCrack.bat” into the same folder as above.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 4: Now, go to the WinRAR setup folder on your computer and find a file named “UnRAR.exe”. Simply duplicate the file and put it inside the folder you made recently.

Step 5: Now you can start the security password cracker by opening the group file.

This is how to bypass WinRAR password using Notepad. Keep in mind, this will only work on numeric passwords.


So, here are the 3 effective methods by which you can bypass WinRAR password. Notepad and CMD, both these methods are viable yet they come with limitations. They might work in some cases and they may fail in some. So, in our opinion, we highly recommend you to go for RAR Password Recovery if you want a full-proof recovery rate that is very fast and effective as well!

RAR file is basically alternatives to compressed ZIP file, and is proprietary IP distributed by win.rar GmbH. This format is not to be confused with .rar, which is another format called Resource Adapter Archive file format. RAR files are created by several types of commercial software like WinRAR and command-line RAR. There are several unpacking programs for this file format, and in Chrome OS the archive extraction is natively supported.

To secure such compressed files, users often apply password protection. While this makes them more secure, if you’re using several RAR files on a daily basis, it’s easy to lose track of passwords. When that happens, the only way to proceed is to unlock your password-protected RAR file through various means. Here are some of those methods you can consider.

  • Method 1: RAR Password Unlocker Software
  • Method 2: Use an Online ZIP Converter
  • Method 3: Unlock RAR File with Notepad

Method 1: How to Unlock RAR File Without Password with DesktopTool

PassMoz RAR Password Unlocker is a purpose-built application that has the best recovery rate in the segment. It doesn’t matter how complex your password is or whether or not you remember any of the characters or even the length.

The best part about this software is that it uses multiple password cracking methods to retrieve your forgotten or lost password. In addition, there are several options to let you customize your experience. For example, you can choose to periodically auto-save the progress so if the connection is interrupted, you can just resume from the last auto-saved point. In addition, you can ask the software to deploy hardware acceleration from the CPU and NVIDIA GPU.

Step 1 Download and Open RAR Password Unlocker

Simply download the software from the official site here and install it on your PC. Launch the application from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut.

Step 2 Add RAR File and Select a Password Cracking Option

Select the file you need to unlock by clicking on Add File icon on the left. Once the target file has been selected, choose the type of attack on the right. There are several types, as outlined below: Combination Attack, Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack and Bruce-force Attack. In usual, Mask Attack is recommended because you can make proper settings to accelerate the process.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3 Password Settings

For Mask Attack, you can enter any details you remember about the password, such as length, some of the characters used and so on. The Combination Attack method uses various combinations of printable characters, so that might be the best one if you don’t remember the parameters. Depending on what you choose, enter the parameters on the tabs right below the first section.

How to add a password to a rar file

Note: Be sure to set the auto-save parameters if you want to keep saving progress. This is especially useful when you’re on a shared PC and someone else needs to use it in the meantime. Since you have the option of engaging hardware acceleration, you may want to stop progress until they’re done using the PC.

Step 4 Start Unlocking RAR File without Password

Once the parameters have been set, click on “Recover” icon at the bottom to initial the process. When the process is complete, you will see a final page that lets you copy the file path as well as the password for the RAR file. You can use those to locate and unlock the file. Be sure to reset the password once you’re done, especially if it contains sensitive, confidential or private information.

How to add a password to a rar file

This is one of the best ways to crack a RAR password with advanced settings. The password recovery speed is much faster than similiar tools or online service. That’s why it is ranked in top position of this page.

Method 2: Unlock RAR Password by Online ZIP Converter

Now, you’re probably wondering why you need to convert the RAR file into a ZIP format, right? The reason is that during the conversion process, the password gets removed. It doesn’t work with all conversion services, but you can try out this online service for that.

Please note that the provider has since changed its policy to NOT support password-protected archives, but it could still work with certain RAR files. No harm checking it out, since it’s free anyway.

It’s easy to use because you can target files on your computer as well as cloud locations such as Dropbox and Drive, including files directly from URLs. Give it a go, and if it doesn’t work you can try this next method.

Method 3: How to Unlock RAR File with Notepad

Really? Yup, not many people know they can unlock a password-protected RAR file using the humble Notepad app on Windows. Of course, we’ve only tested this on the Windows Notepad application,but you could try it with any text editor. It should work the same, but no guarantees. To unlock your password-protected RAR file, open it in Notepad and then make the following changes:

Press CTRL+F and search for the string Г›tГ then replace it with 5ВіtГ Вђ’. Now do the same thing to find ‘IЕѕC0 and replace it with IЕѕC0. Save the file after making the two changes above. Now when you open the RAR file with a regular unpacking application, it shouldn’t ask for a password.

It’s as simple as that. Although this has been tested and verified on Microsoft’s Notepad, there’s no guarantee that it will work for you. Theoretically, it should, so why not try it. The worst that can happen is that the file remains locked, in which case you can try the next method, which is guaranteed to work 100% of the time.


Recovering RAR password is simple and might take a lot of time to finally get the password to open the file. However, if you chose the correct method, then the time would be reduced dramatically. So in here, Method 3 is recommended because it has been tested on thousands of RAR files and gain a lot of positive user reviews.

WinRAR is an extremely versatile program which helps in compressing files into a smaller frame for saving space and decluttering your computer. You can think of the entire process to be similar to storing some essential items inside a packet and unpacking them whenever necessary. Users often assign strong passwords to protect the confidentiality of these files and prevent unauthorized access. However, instances are not rare when they themselves end up forgetting the RAR file password.

This can be a pretty tough scenario for all smartphone and computer users who often make use of the Win RAR functionality. But that is exactly where we come in to provide you with efficient troubleshooting tips which can help you crack RAR file password even if you forget its authentic password.

  • Part 1. Advantages of Saving Files In RAR format
  • Part 2. Crack Your RAR Password with Command Prompt
  • Part 3. Crack RAR Passwor with RAR Cracker Tool
  • Part 4. Crack RAR Archive Password Online

Part 1. Advantages of Saving Files In RAR format

RAR serves as an extremely beneficial utility which can keep your files protected in a compressed form by relying on a strong password. Some of its strong points are as follows:

  • It leads to massive space saving in your system.
  • It serves as a great choice of backup tool.
  • File system attributes of NTFS can be stored in RAR files.
  • Compression ratio is comparatively better than ZIP.
  • Users can split one file into smaller parts for being stored into smaller storage medias.
  • Encrypt your RAR password with 3 strong cryptographicВ algorithm.

Part 2. Crack Your RAR Password with Command Prompt

Users need to recover the WinRAR file password for open their password protected RAR file. Although some methods are present which can assist in unlocking a WinRAR password by using the command prompt, this work only on character and integer combinations. Although this method is valid only while dealing with numeric passwords, it serves as an efficient means of bypassing WinRAR password without having to invest in costly password recovery tools. All you need to do is open your notepad file, type in a few commands and run the file.

Step 1. Next you need to open a notepad file on your computer.

Step 2. Type in the following commands in the notepad file, and enter its file name as ‘rar-password.bat’ before saving it.

How to add a password to a rar file

Step 3. After typing the above-mentioned lines in notepad, just click the .bat file to open a command prompt Window, then type your previously-saved file name and path. Click Enter. The file shall be traced by command using the specified path.

How to add a password to a rar file

This methods is relativelyВ little complicated and there are risks! So, В non-professionals not recommended! This the next method is easy and works for everyone.

Part 3. Crack RAR Passwor with RAR Cracker Tool

This utility can come to your rescue while trying to find the login key to your compressed WinRAR file. You can carry around the software easily in an USB drive and deploy it according to your requirement. This flexibility has made it a popular solution amongst people trying to crack WinRAR password problems. It provides four different cracking algorithm types of Mask, Brute-Force, Smart, and Dictionary, which make it possible to unlock your RAR password within very short time and the efficient algorithm can be able to process a large number of password combinations in each second. In our test, this program could find a 6 length password within 2 hours! Easy, fast and safe, never touch your original data.

1 Install and WinRAR Password Cracker Program on Your Computer

First of all, you need to download and install the RAR password cracker tool on your computer. Suppose you’ve installed it properly, then launch it. On the left part of the page, you should see Step 1 – Select A File. Just click the Image below and import your locked RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

2 Select A Password Recovery Method

Unlike other program, this program has integrated 4 different attack types including combination attack, Dictionary attack, Mask attack and Brute Force Attack mode. If you have any clue about your password like password length, password range, capital and small letter or prefix and suffix. It it is highly recommended using Mask attack to crack your RAR file password.

How to add a password to a rar file

3 Start to Crack RAR File Password

Now, after you complete all the parameterВ settings in the Mask attack in last step, then click Start button to begin the cracking. TheВ procedureВ usuallyВ lasts for 1 hours to 5 hours based on your password length and complexly. Once the password found, use it to open your locked RAR file.

How to add a password to a rar file

Just download the trail and try to crack your RAR archive all by yourself. Easy, and safe, never damage to your original RAR data.

Part 4. Crack RAR Archive Password Online

This method can serve you well if you wish to remove your RAR password using the help of internet. All you will need is a stable internet connection and you can easily recover your WinRAR password by following the steps mentioned below and that too without having to bank on any expensive software.

Step 1. Primarily, you will have to go to log on to the website of any online RAR recovery. Here we will take lostmypass as an example.

How to add a password to a rar file

STep 2 After navigating to the website, you will have to browse your password protected RAR file to upload your RAR file. Maximum upload file size: 100MB, but it will too slow to crack your rar file password.

Step 3. After you uploading the RAR file to their server, it will start to decrypt your RAR file and a download button will appear. Once the password is cracked successfully, you can click download to get your new RAR file.

Generally, we won’t recommend using online tool to recover your RAR files especially for important file containing vital business info or private data. They will save a copy of your file on their server for a long time. So, don’t risk giving away secrets. We hope that we were able to clear out all your confusions pertaining to RAR password recovery today. You can opt for any of the above-mentioned methods for catering to your lost password worries. However, it is always advisable to opt for the professional RAR password recovery for benefitting out of fastest and most accurate results.

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