How to apply makeup for a fancy party

How to Apply Makeup for a Fancy Party

From time to time, we should be present at a social gathering. positively, there are numerous things that be supposed to be geared up. You be hypothetical to get ready the dress, hair and make-up. Your make up is very significant thing when going to a social gathering. You will look so overwhelming if you can apply the right dress and Easy Makeup Tips For Party. When choose the right make up, you should deem the time. As a key constituent to accomplish a fancy look, your make up will make your countenance improved. There are more than a few techniques that could hide the weakness on your countenance. You will feel more confident when meeting so many people on the party

What you require before attending a party? The right dress and party makeup that can lift up your confident. When choosing the right make up, you should consider the key constituent to accomplish a fancy look, your make up will make your face improved

Pakistani and Indian Party Makeup Tips Elegant Look

efore apply your party makeup, you should wash your face. Take absent any excess filth and oils using mild cleanser. wash your face with tepid water is also good quality idea. Pat your face using a towel until dry. If you have makeup before, you need to remove the existing make-up with makeup remover solutions. And then, you wash your face. Your make-up will look more exceptional on fresh face

Eyes approach in all different shapes and the way by which we apply eyeshadow to our eyes be different from shape to shape so each girl must know the eyeshadow tips and techniques for different eye shape in order to enhance your makeup. If you want to have a alluring and chic look then on no clarification miss the most important makeup manufactured goods known as eyeshadow. Eye shadow is a wonderful makeup manufactured goods that adds liveliness and color to your eyes and faces in general Eyeshadow is the key constituent that helps to achieve the enhanced makeup. If you want to have the greatest effect from this product then you must know how to apply eyeshadow in the approved style according to your skin type, skin tone as well as color and shape of your eyes. A correctly chosen eyeshadow sightseer attractions the natural eye color and also good wishes its beauty. Eyes are of different shapes and eyeshadow should be practical according to the eye shape

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Getting dressed for a formal party is not only about their hair and the outfit. The makeup should also be on fleek is one of the main element in getting a perfect appearance. It is just like applying your daily makeup but you must use brighter and more dramatic tones. You would have to some additional effort over your face so that your makeup stays on you throughout the evening.


Apply a moisturizer that is perfect for your skin. Use an oil free one to avoid the clogging of pores.


The next step is to apply a primer to make your makeup stay for a long time and to .even out your skin tone.


The moment your primer dries, use a foundation and blend it using your fingers, a foundation brush or a beauty blender sponge. Use a foundation that suits your skin and matches your tone.

Use a concealer that suits your skin tone. Buff it over your spots and under eye region in straight lines. Blend it in gently to enhance it.

A setting powder makes your makeup last long and prevents your face from sweating. Apply a pressed or loose powder using a powder brush.


Enhance your face with the help of a highlighter. Dab on the highlighter over the bridge of the nose, your upper cheekbones, a bit on the forehead, alongside the jawline and at the centre of the chin.


Dab on a bronzer to add a tanned and shimmering effect on your face by applying it on areas where the sunlight falls.


Apply a pastel and light tone of eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and then dab on some glittering eyeshadow for an additional highlight. Use a darker tone over the crease and lower lash line and blend it. Select a liner and a mascara to finish of your eye makeup.

Smile wide to spot the apples of your cheeks and swipe a blush over them using a blush brush and blend it till you get the shade that you want.

Put on a lipstick on your lower lip first and buff your lips. Go for a pink or bright red shade.

Wish to look like the ultimate chic of your late night evenings? Simply follow the above mentioned steps and VOILA, you’re ready to rock the night.

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

The word party brings a smile to everyone’s face and why? Because partying means good clothes, good food, fun, gossip and good company. So are you ready to party tonight? No? What’s holding you back?

If it has anything to do with not being able to find the right makeup look, then worry no more! This article is dedicated to guide you through the evening makeup routine.

How To Do Evening Makeup

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

We know you want to look million dollars worth making heads turn your way. Here are important evening party makeup tips to get you party ready:

1. Take your time:

Spend enough time deciding on your choice of clothes and the overall look. Accordingly do your makeup. If you plan to wear a bling outfit, keep your makeup simple and vice versa. We are sure that you don’t want to end up looking like a disco ball.

2. Make it last:

Party means fun filled sessions, dancing, and night long entertainment. There are chances of your makeup melting down and smudging your face.

Invest in a good face primer which helps to create a smooth texture and also elongates the staying hour of your makeup. You can also make it a point to buy a long stay products.

3. Flawless face:

Face is like a canvas for makeup. Creating a flawless face is as important as choosing the right outfit. Apply a medium coverage foundation and remember to blend in well. This would hide any spots & imperfect skin tone, giving you a flawless base.

4. Show some hide some:

Focus just on one facial feature, if you are going dramatic or bold on eyes, then keep rest of the makeup toned down by keeping it simple. Similarly, if you want bold lips, play down on cheeks and eyes.

If you go with bold eyes and lips, the odds are that you will look like a clown and if you down play both you will end up with a lovely day look that just doesn’t work as a evening makeup look!

5. Get that glow:

Fake a glow by applying a powder highlighter just in the right areas. Highlighter should be applied where the light hits on the face naturally and remember the mantra – a little is more. Apply some on the arch of brow bone, cheek bone and Cupid’s bow. This would help light to reflect, resulting in a glow. If you want to make your face look longer or shorter then a highlighter used for contouring works like a charm. If you want to elongate the face, then use the highlighter along the jaw line and just under the cheek bones to give it a sharper look. While if you are looking to make it seem shorter then highlight the cheek bone in a rounded fashion. This will cut down on the length.

Watch a Video from StylecrazeTV – How to Apply Evening Makeup With Winged Eyes & Plum Lips

Follow these simple but important evening makeup tips and go dazzle like the star. Do leave us a comment if you have anymore ideas!

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

The season for socializing is upon us and our calendars are filled with holiday house parties, work happy hours, and of course, New Year’s Eve. It’s a time for cocktail dresses and smoky eyes, sequins and red lips. We all want to look our best, and we usually do when arriving at our destination. But what about after a few hours of nibbling on hors d’oeuvres, sipping champagne, and hitting the dance floor? Not so much. So we reached out to M.A.C Cosmetics senior artist Keri Blair to teach us how to keep our makeup in place, so we can have a holiday party exit just as grand as our entrance.

Prep your skin. Prepping your face before applying makeup is essential if you want to keep things in place all evening. First, apply a light moisturizer evenly all over your skin and follow with a makeup primer. Blair recommends M.A.C Prep + Prime Natural Radiance for a glowing, flawless finish.

Apply lip liner on your entire lip. Choose a lip liner that is close to your favorite holiday shade and apply it all over your lip as if it were lipstick. Then, apply your lipstick over that. This will keep your color vibrant and make it last even after all the eggnog.

Wear lip gloss over your lipstick. To be extra safe and make sure that lip lasts, apply a light layer of clear gloss over your lipstick. This will give it a festive shine and seal the color in for even longer wear.

Try a caffeinated eye cream. It’s a given that your holiday schedule will encroach on your sleep, but that doesn’t mean you have to arrive to the party with dark circles under your eyes. Before you apply concealer, prep your under eye with a cooling and caffeinated eye cream. Blair loves M.A.C Fast Response Eye Cream because it contains a high-octane dose of caffeine powder and yeast extract that helps to de-puff and create a smoother, brighter under eye area even after midnight.

Highlight under your eye. For an extra boost of brightness that will last until the wee hours of the night, apply a light layer of highlighting powder after your makeup in an inverted triangle under your eye. Brush it on, then tap it into your skin using your finger. Blair suggests M.A.C Prep + Prime Highlighter.

Set your makeup with atomized water. To keep your makeup looking fresh, dab a few drops of atomized water on your face with your fingers or a cotton ball after you apply the finishing touches. Blair recommends try M.A.C Sized To Go Fix+.

Keep blotting sheets in your purse. After all the drinking and dancing, many of us end up with a layer of sheen across our foreheads—and not the “Oh, you’re glowing,” luminescent kind. Your knee-jerk reaction may be to apply powder, but instead of adding more makeup, dab a blotting sheet on your face to remove excess oil and shine without disturbing the makeup that’s already there.

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

Girls need only an excuse to dress up! We can say wedding is the perfect occasion for it. Indian weddings are all about dazzle and beauty. Even if you are not the bride, being the bride’s sister, cousin or friend, its your right to dress up for a wedding party makeup in a similar gorgeous way.

For all you beginners, we got some simple techniques on makeup for wedding party.

How to do Makeup for Wedding Party?

Face: Even out your skin tone with a matching foundation. Blend with a foundation brush or a moist sponge. Don’t ignore your neck.

Use a matching concealer to cover any discoloration or blemishes. Now, set it with some loose powder. The base makeup would remain the same for any kind of look― natural or gaudy.

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

Eyes: Since Indian weddings are all about glitter and glamour, we suggest doing the eyes bright and vibrant. Colorful coordinating eyes would vamp up the face. Don’t be afraid of the glittery shadows. If you want a special effect, having done the eyes with matte shadows, put on some glitters on the lid.

For this, apply some eyelash glue which turns transparent on the eyelid and give it a few moments. When the glue is semi-dry, pat on a little glitter with a synthetic brush. This would make the glitters stay in place neatly.

Line the lash-lines depending on the kind of liners you are comfortable with― pencil or liquid.

If you are in a dilemma about which shades to choose, most quads come in coordinating shades. Check out the eye makeup section and opt for a trio or quad.

Bronze, green, blue and purple eye makeup works the best for Indian skin tones depending on the outfit you wear. You could also opt for smoky eyes for that extra dramatic look.

Cheeks: If the eyes are intense, use a lighter shade of blush or vice versa. If it’s winter, dust on a little highlighter on your cheek bones; make your skin look dewy and healthy to get some additional attention. Avoid this in summer. Unless you have dry skin, things may run out of the hand and make you look like a shiny disco ball.

Lips: For the lips, choose a lighter shade if your eyes are heavy. For our skin tone, it’s best to avoid the browns. Browns, however elegant may sound to you, is not the best for us. It looks most unflattering on most of the Indian skin tones, making the lips look pigmented and the overall appearance older. But browns with slight tinges of pinks are the perfect nudes. Corals and peaches also work wonders without being as intense as reds or maroons.

Put on some lipgloss for the bling!

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

But if you are not faint hearted, it’s the best that you keep the eye shadows neutral. Line the eyes dark instead and wear vibrant reds or bright colors on your lips.

Some Other Makeup Tips for Wedding Party:

    • The most hated makeup crime that all of us are prone to commit is a lighter shade of foundation. Foundations are there not to make you look ‘fairer’, but to hide the apparent flaws in your skin and make the skin look smooth. So match your foundation shade perfectly. If needed, test it on your jaw line and observe in the natural light.
    • If the eyes are heavy, keep the lips lighter.
    • You can put on some fake lashes to have the doe eyes.
    • For pigmented lips, line your lips with a nude lip liner (closest to the natural color of your facial skin). This would help to create the base for the lipstick to hold on as well as hide the pigmentation.
    • If you cannot find a product with the tag ‘highlighter’, don’t fret! Get a shimmery bronzing powder in a light shade of gold and use it as a highlighter instead.

Jazz up this wedding season!

Bachelorette party, shower, rehearsal dinner, the actual wedding–you engaged ladies have just a few minor photo opps in your near future. So I had to share these 10 very smart tricks from celebrity makeup guru Nick Barose, the man who made Gretchen Mol look porcelain-doll perfect at Monday’s Fall 2013 DKNY show.

1. Always start with primer. It fills in fine lines and fades imperfections that the (cruel, cruel) camera lens can often magnify. “Invest in a good one, it’ll really make a difference,” says Nick, who swears by Koh Gen Do Makeup Color Base in Lavender Pink for rosy-toned skin like Gretchen’s.

2. Mind your neck. If you stop your foundation at your jawline, your face/neck color difference could be noticeable in photos (even if the contrast isn’t noticeable in your mirror).

3. Avoid reverse raccoon eyes. Mix under-eye concealer with a bit of foundation before applying. This helps prevent skin-brightening concealer from popping out and looking too white when a flash hits. “We’ve all seen photos of stars with those white under-eye mishaps,” Nick says.

4. Frame your face. Dust a sheer bronzer (like Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder) just around the perimeter to flatteringly shape your face and take the focus off your forehead.

5. Get some power powder. If you always have major T-zone shine and regular powder doesn’t cut it, try a blotting powder, like MAC Blot Powder–this stuff is your new best friend.

6. Reinforce your brows. Brows bring out your bone structure in photos, so subtly sketch them in with a bit of pencil. “They tend to disappear in photos, especially the tails,” Nick notes.

7. Upgrade to liquid liner. Even if you usually use pencil, liquid will define your eyes more for photos and can still look natural; just trace a thin line extra-close to your lashes. “I like the NARS liquid liner,” Nick says. “It’s like a thin Sharpie and is so easy to use even a cat could probably apply it with its paws.”

8. Brighten your blush. Don’t be scared to go a bit brighter, just be sure to blend around the edges, and choose blush that has gleam but not noticeable sparkles. “It’ll make you look radiant when the flash hits your face,” says Nick, who used the Lancome Blush Subtil palette on Gretchen; he used the different shades to help sculpt her cheekbones.

9. Dabble in lip liner. Even if you hate the stuff, try using it just on your upper V and outer corners. “I learned this trick from Kim Cattrall–it gives her lips definition but never looks harsh or severe,” Nick says.

10. Relax and feel pretty! “Remember that a smile will brighten your face and is always better than any lipstick or mascara!” And when you do see inevitable bad photos, blame the angle or flash and move on, because you looked perfect.

What’s YOUR favorite makeup trick that helps you look extra-pretty in photos? A certain lipstick or blush shade, perhaps? A mascara tactic? Share below!

How to apply makeup for a fancy party

Halloween is around the corner and if you’re going to a masquerade party, guest contributor Jason Phillips has some awesome makeup tips for you to try!

Masquerade parties are all about wearing opulent, avant-garde outfits matched with a masquerade mask designed to turn heads. While it’s true that your mask will probably be the center of attention, this doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to wear make-up. You never know when you have to take off your mask, so your face should look flawless.

Do you want to know more about wearing make-up inside masquerade masks? Check out how in the following tips:

1. Use Top Quality Liquid Foundation

As mentioned above, you will probably take off your mask at some point, which means that your skin should look amazing. That’s why you are advised to apply a water resistant foundation on your skin using a damp sponge. Don’t use powder and instead opt for a finishing spray to keep your makeup intact.

2. Use Concealer Prior to Applying Eye-shadow

Even if your face is hidden behind a masquerade mask, your eyes should still be properly adorned with makeup. The best way of making sure that your eyes look amazing is by turning to a smoky look. Start by preparing the lids using a concealer or an eye-shadow primer, and follow the lash line using a black gel pencil. An eye-shadow brush will help you blend everything up towards the crease, and the best part is that you can do this on your own, without any professional help.

3. Protect Your False Lashes

Some masquerade masks are extremely heavy, so as a woman it’s important to keep your underneath makeup intact. As far as false lashes as concerned, it’s paramount to invest in quality products if you want them to last. Masks are sticky and uncomfortable, and to protect your lashes you may have to think of placing them after putting the mask on your face.

4. Use Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is more effective than traditional mascara, especially when you have to cover your face with a mask. Even though you may not sweat, being cautious is better than ruining your whole makeup. Waterproof mascara is created using several oils, that guarantee it will not smear. However, these features also make it more difficult to be removed, and this means that you will probably have to use an oil-based makeup remover.

5. Lipstick – Be Bold

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Halloween to wear a bold lip color. Believe it or not, bold colors are trendy nowadays, so you will never be considered an eccentric woman if you wear a vibrant fuchsia lipstick. Let’s not forget the purpose of the party, and the best way to keep your lipstick on the lips even when you’re wearing a masquerade mask is to invest in a mask that reveals your mouth. You’ll also be able to talk better too.

6. Apply Glitter

Masquerade parties should be fun and entertaining. The nature of the event allows women to wear a lot of make-up under their masks. Yet, to make sure your eyes and skin remain flawless, you can add some glitter to prevent the mask from sticking to your face. If you choose to remove it, your underneath make-up won’t be affected at all.

7. Don’t Use Creams and Moisturizers

Prior to applying makeup on your face, don’t use a cream and opt for a primer instead. Creams will make you sweat under your mask, and by the end of the night your make-up will be ruined. Also, don’t exaggerate with the foundation because you’ll load your face, and too much foundation will make you look tired when the mask is off.

8. How to Fix Your Eyebrows

It’s extremely important to keep your eyebrows in perfect shape under your masquerade mask. Therefore, you might want to keep them natural. Don’t outline them too much with a pencil because it’s not resistant and a mask will totally destroy the shape. Instead, you could just brush them and add just a tiny amount of make-up to make the eyebrows pop-up.

These efficient tips should really help you maintain your makeup in excellent conditions even when you’re wearing masquerade masks. Use quality products, don’t overdo your eyebrows, cheeks or eyes, and everything will turn out just fine. Sometimes, it’s best to use less makeup; overloading the face and adding a mask on top will make you sweat, and by the time the masquerade mask is off, all your makeup will be destroyed.

How to recreate Agnetha’s look from her Abba heydays for a big, 70s bash?
Everyone remembers the blue eye shadow and Nordic blonde hair, but if you want to get the look down to a tee, start the day before.

How to apply makeup for a fancy partyOne of Agnetha’s most striking features is her dewy, fresh complexion, so make sure your skin is glowing by exfoliating gently and applying a face pack to suit your own skin type. The day before is the best time to do this, giving your complexion time to settle down and be most receptive to moisturising overnight.

Make sure that eyebrows are plucked into a thin arch – bushy is definitely not the look! And most importantly, try and get a good night’s sleep …

On the big night, apply a sheer foundation all over; or if you have a naturally fresh appearance, a tinted moisturiser may be all you need. Cover up any blemishes, under-eye shadows, or spots, with a good concealer, dotting it on sparingly after applying foundation. Let the warmth from your fingertip blend it into your skin, and try not to rub. If your skin tends to be oily, a quick dusting of translucent powder will help to fix your base before moving on to the colour …

First, line the eyes at the base of the lashes with a deep blue liner; take this all around the eye including into the corners. At the inner corner of each eye, under the lashes, apply a dot of highlighter and blend carefully towards the outer corners, which will open and brighten the eyes. On the lids, smooth a sheer blue colour all over, and up into the brow socket; then use the highlighting colour upon the brow bone itself which will give a wonderful wide-eyed effect! Brush a coat of black mascara on, and, when dry, tip a deep blue colour just on the ends of the lashes in order to enhance the blue-eyed look.

Lips should be glossed in a natural shade; for fair skin use a pink shade; darker complexions look best with a peachier colour. There are so many lovely, light lip glosses on the market now that you’ll be spoilt for choice! Finish off the look with a dusting of blusher high on the cheeks to add to the fresh-faced, dewy look, making sure you choose a shade which complements the lip gloss.

Few of us have that distinctive Nordic blonde hair, so, if you’re a real 70s addict, why not consider buying a wig for real Agnetha appeal? Hair is parted in the centre and flicked back at the front, then brushed into a natural look – much easier to achieve those flicks than it was in the 70s though, with a whole range of hair products to choose from.

Finally, get the right look with the right gear – Swedish pop sensation style! – and prepare to be a Super Trouping Dancing Queen on that disco floor!