How to become an alchemist

Becoming an Alchemist

Sorcerer’s Stone: A Beginner’s Guide to Alchemy, Dennis William Hauck. Citadel Press; Kensington Publishing Corp., 850 Third Ave., New York, NY, 2002. p. 276. $12.95 USD.

review by Samuel Scarborough

Ever wanted to be an alchemist? Just how does someone understand those old alchemical drawings that describe the processes that are used to create fabulous elixirs and powders? The very word “alchemy” conjures up images of bearded old men in dark laboratories turning lead into gold, or creating some elixir for extended life. Can this apply to the modern magickal person ; can we create that hidden gold or extend our lives?

Dennis William Hauck’s interest in alchemy began while he was in graduate school at the University of Vienna. Now he is the editor of the Alchemy Journal, an instructor in the Alchemy Home Study Program and with Flamel College. Mister Hauck serves on the Board of Governors of the International Alchemy Guild and regularly gives lectures worldwide on alchemy.

Dennis William Hauck, a practicing alchemist and one of the leading experts in the world on this ancient art and science, offers a basic introduction to alchemy in this book that is not full of the hidden meanings of some of those ancient texts on the subject, but has clear explanations. As a matter of course he explains just what those odd alchemical drawings from the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries mean and how to decipher their codes so that you as a modern alchemist can follow their instructions. He also provides practical experiments, and moving meditations.

Mister Hauck has written a book with fifteen chapters and two appendices which follow a pattern of general history and overview, to the explanation of the planetary archetypes used in alchemy, and finally to the operations of alchemy where you can personally perform your own purification and alchemical operations. In this latter part, Mister Hauck looks at both Spiritual Alchemy, the method of meditation and study used to create within yourself the Great Work on a mystical level, and he looks at Practical Alchemy, the creation of elixirs and powders physically, as well as how to blend these two versions of alchemy together. The book is richly illustrated with many old alchemical drawings with explanations that are clear throughout. The two appendices are very helpful. The first one is a glossary of alchemical terms with clear definitions, and the second one is a list of resources for the practioner from online sites, to books that are recommended for reading. The chapters of the book are:

  • What is Alchemy?
  • The Golden Thread That Runs Through Time
  • The Principals of Alchemy
  • The Kitchen Alchemist: Making Tinctures and Elixirs
  • Climbing the Ladder of the Planets
  • Saturn’s Child: The Base Metal Lead
  • Jupiter’s Rule: The Courtly Metal Tin
  • Mar’s Challenge: The Angry Metal Iron
  • Venus’s Embrace: The Loving Metal Copper
  • Mercury’s Magic: The Living Metal Quicksilver
  • The Moon’s Reflection: The Lunar Metal Silver
  • The Sun’s Brilliance: The Solar Metal Gold
  • The Operations of Alchemy
  • Personal Purification
  • Becoming an Alchemist
  • Appendix A: Glossary of Alchemy
  • Appendix B: Resources

Finally here is a book that helps break down some of the mystery of alchemy so that anyone can better understand this ancient art and science, which has been called the Royal Art of the Hermetic Tradition. Dennis William Hauck has made a great contribution to the oft-neglected art of alchemy with this book, and it should be included in any person’s library that is interested in the Hermetic Arts, the Western Mystery Traditions, and especially in Alchemy.

How to become an alchemist

I’ve always felt that everything around me lives in a process of alchemy. Every part of nature, every single living cell in my body, every emotion that I feel.

There is no place where Alchemy is not. In the hot flushing of my cheeks, in the crackling of a fire raging, in autumn leaves softly falling to the ground, and in a bubbling hot spring. All of life is in constant synergy and motion with itself and in what I call an orgasmic state of being.

In all Alchemy there are three main components: there is a container, something that needs transforming and a temperature that provokes the transformation. The greatest container of all is Mother Nature. However our bodies are also vessels through which our inner landscape is transformed. Within our bodies we undergo countless transformations a day. In truth we are all already alchemists.

I know it when I feel the bite of painful news around my heart, the trace of electricity across my belly with my lover’s touch, the fogginess that descends on my mind when I feel powerless. I have learned over time when it is time to run, to accelerate, to slow down and to pause. I have become an acutely aware self-sensory being that with pinpoint precision can know what the next right step is.

But this has not always been the case. In the past I have forgotten, broken and suppressed these natural capabilities. The sensing and feeling of my life had perhaps been numbed by bad TV, junk food and negative feedback that forced me to stay within the constraints of a so-called respectable society in order to maintain a false sense of connection to my environment. I had fallen asleep. But the alchemist in me was ready to wake.

That’s when I discovered the inner heat that transforms and that eventually would lead me back home to myself. Often this energy is recognized as orgasm (not as in climax, but as in the force of life that runs through everything), or as the chi of the Taoists or the magical sekhem of the Egyptians and everything in between. This inner energy is an endless source of mostly untapped power that if cultivated can often be the difference between the average version of you and the super-human super-powered badass medicine version of you. So here are a few pointers of how I did it:

Step 1: Allowing the inner energy to awaken.

I became friends with my sexual energy. Even though I felt so detached from it at times, it was there and it was just waiting for my attention! I studied and taught Kundalini Yoga, I went on the hunt for meditations that helped me focus on the connection with my body and create clear pathways in my system for the energy to run through.

I also practiced and trained in Orgasmic Meditation. Working with orgasm, I quickly found that the stuckness, the impurities, and the negativity were blasted right out of my system. A hidden part of me arose like the phoenix from the flames, brand new and with the light of orgasm burning like embers through my eyes. My mental faculties were polished, my capacity to contain more desire, more heat, more emotion and more of my essence were greatly increased. It was time to come out and play! And with the passing of time, I became aware that I could only sustain the truth in my body—anything that was out of balance with it was no longer welcome.

Step 2: Steeping life in love.

I expanded my heart. This is the second element that is essential to embody for alchemists. Everything must pass through the 4th gateway, the gateway of the heart. Without love we withdraw, deplete, and die. Without love we cannot flourish, and babies cannot live. So it stands to reason that love binds all the ingredients of life together and makes it possible to bake them into a magnificent cake. Love is what allows the faculty of discernment to be clear and well directed. Love is what assures that the power cultivated through orgasmic practice is not left flailing like a disconnected cord but is put to good use and held in integrity.

Ultimately to ignore love is to risk falling into force, manipulation and more devious forms of magic. So I make sure that I have a daily practice that connects me to my heart, to self-love and to Mother Nature. I keep an altar at home and every morning before I start my day, I light a candle, say a prayer to call in my guides and ancestors, call in all the elements and set my intentions. Altars are magical portals that allow us through ritual to stay connected to our higher selves, enlisting the support of the cosmos. But if this doesn’t sound like your bag, even a simple intention setting exercise or heart-centered visualization will do. I also have a practice of speaking my desires. I make sure that I tune in with myself and ask myself what it is I really want in each moment. Deciding on the vanilla ice cream instead of the mint chocolate chip is a huge act of love. Saying yes and no when I really mean them is a radical act of self-love.

Step 3: Grounding in purpose.

I began to cultivate the true essence that I had discovered in Step 1. I filled up with inner energy until I began to live from overflow. Living from overflow meant that I was able to give back to my environment effortlessly because I was no longer drained, hungry or lacking. When I hit this state of flow I knew I had broken through the heavy wall of resistance holding me back and my life moved seamlessly into place. Finally I was able to focus my attention on what it is I really came to do, which seemed to pour out of me in a way that it never had before and with so much ease and grace and undoubted direction, that I finally could embark on the true journey of my life. I was ready to begin to serve others and to communicate what had been learned. It was time to implement my vision and to share the medicine of my essence with others.

Since then I have guided many people through this same process. Each one has found their inner medicine. But there is one common thread that binds us all: Getting to know ourselves is where our power lies. And I have found that often, our “self” is hidden somewhere deep inside the very magnificence of our inner energy.

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Helping you on your journey of transformation through writing

Do you remember Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho’s classic The Alchemist (first published in 1988)?

It’s a story about a boy who leaves his home to go on adventures in foreign lands searching for a treasure. After a lot of adventures, for better or worse, he decides to return home only to find out that the treasure he so longed for had been in his backyard all along. However, all those experiences were necessary for him to develop discernment so that he could SEE the treasure. Here’s the good news: you too can become an alchemist!

Many people are unable to see their treasures because they are focusing on what’s not working: the problems they feel need to be fixed. It’s like always going outdoors with an umbrella because you always expect it to rain (focus on problems), but forgetting about the sunglasses because you don’t expect it to be sunny (faith in what you want). How are you going to see the sunlight if you are always blocking it with your umbrella?

How to become an alchemist

To resist or not to resist – that is the question

Life has its ups and downs, that’s part of the journey. If all your days were to be sunny, wouldn’t you get terribly bored? Contrast is helpful when it comes to seeing nuances, and to feeling appreciative of the good stuff.

When you find yourself in a state where you experience negative emotions, you have two options. You can resist it and make things more complicated for yourself. Or you can accept it fully through surrender. It can help to first go into the emotion fully, and then release it. A tip is to put an alarm for the time you allow yourself to experience the emotion fully – a few minutes should be enough – before you release it permanently.

More generally speaking, t ry and focus on the aspect(s) that inspire gratitude in you in any and all situations you find yourself in. Gratitude is what allows you to see your treasures. Focusing on gratitude not only creates happier future moments but also reflect s back gratifying previous experiences, which can help you through whatever you are going through. It’s a virtuous circle that creates ripple effects both into the future and back to the past. This is so because the mind will spot and bring back to you memories from its database that match your current state of being, as discussed in this article.

There’s a famous quote from the Buddha saying ”If you want to know the past, look at your present. If you want to know the future, look at your present.” The present moment is key, whether you perceive of it as something positive or negative.

When you learn to extract gratitude from hardships, you have become an alchemist. You have learned to transform ordinary metals into gold. Alchemy never was a matter of metals – it always was, and still is, a matter of transformation. Transformation of what exactly? Transformation of Consciousness.

Mind over matter

Remember, the mind vibrates higher than the body. Consider this: which is easier to manifest, an idea or an action? An idea, right? That doesn’t mean that we can live on ideas only – actions are indeed necessary too. However, it’s important to understand what ”mind over matter” really means.

If you take action holding a negative expectation in your mind, manifesting a positive outcome will be against all odds. It will be a struggle. If you take action holding a positive expectation in your mind instead, your expectations and the outcome will be aligned.

We live in an attraction-based Universe. ”Like attracts like” – it’s all about alignment. The less resistance on your part, the easier the manifestation can happen in your world.

What makes things difficult for us is that we have been conditioned from birth to look at the manifestations in the world, trying to intellectually understand the why:s and the how:s – without understanding that all manifestations are manifestations of Consciousness.

Mind over matter – Consciousness first, manifestations in the material world second. Hence the interest in becoming an alchemist. When you transform yourself from the inside out, the world around you must transform as well; this is Law.

The Universe makes no mistakes. Humans make mistakes, and that’s okay. Mistakes are part of the journey of expanding our consciousness. If we already knew it all from the start, would there be a point in being born at all?

Now tell me, dear reader, are you ready to become an alchemist?

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Susanna Grinsvall

Susanna Grinsvall holds a degree in psychology and Lacanian psychoanalysis. Her deep understanding of psychology and the Law of Attraction, experience-based insights, intuition and exceptionally sharp sense of observation all shine through in her impactful words and authentic voice. Transformative Writing plays a key role in her work.

The Sacred Alchemist: Adeptship in the New Millennium
3 level Certification Trainings that can be taken from anywhere in the world

The Sacred Alchemist Certification Courses (Levels 1 – 3) are unique in that they transfer a high level of mastery and skill to the Initiate through experiential learning modules.

Level 1: Spiritual Counselor Certification insures that once graduated, the individual will not only be highly skilled Spiritual Counselor, Healer, and Life Coach, he/she will emulate the exemplary lifestyle and way of being this training inspires.

Level 2 –Spiritual Leadership Training – To be a certified Spiritual Leader in the Temple of Sacred Alchemy, helping fulfill our mission worldwide, you must be a graduate of Levels 1 and 2.

Level 3 – Sacred Alchemist/Minister in the Temple of Sacred Alchemy. To become a minister in the Temple, you must complete 3 years of The Sacred Alchemist Training Levels 1 – 3. Upon graduation, the Sacred Alchemist/Minister can choose to work closely with us in the organization or open a chapter of the Temple in your area to serve your community with counseling, coaching, support groups, classes, community outreach and services. Sacred Alchemists help expand our Healing Ministry worldwide.

How to become an alchemist

On a deeper level, you could say The Sacred Alchemist training is similar to what might be found in an ancient Mystery School, where the applicant learns how to master the Shadow (human) Nature, empower their Authentic Self, become a Master Healer, and fulfill their Highest Destiny Potential.

The Initiate’s Higher Purpose is revealed and they are supported every step of the way to actualize their potential and fulfill their Highest Divine Plan. Thus, each Initiate that partakes of this training has much to offer in whatever field or endeavor they enter. If they choose a completely different profession than the above, they will receive complete support, because the essential element in this program is to assist the individual to realize their Highest Destiny Potential, which will be revealed and become clear for them through the program. Whatever the life choice upon graduation, the student will be prepared to enter greater service and will be attuned to and on fire to fulfill their Divine Purpose.

If they enter fully into one or more of the vocations within this course, they will have great fulfillment in assisting others to live their highest potential, exemplifying Sacred Alchemy Principles and Practice as an inspirational figure, spiritual leader and/or healer in their community.

Some of the learning modules within the Sacred Alchemist Training are:

Understanding the Psyche: This training brings the novitiate into a clear understanding and awareness of the inner workings of the psyche. You will learn the difference between the Shadow and Authentic Self, how to discern what is driving you and when, and how to tell the difference, no matter how subtle, so you can choose to empower your Authentic Nature consistently.

Self Mastery: This trains you in living in your Authentic Self most of the time, while masterfully tending to and healing Shadow Aspects as they arise. This level of mastery allows the individual to fulfill their Highest Destiny Potential and to unleash their full Creative Expression. Instead of living as most humanity does, fulfilling the dictates of their human programming and the fate dictated by their human conditioning, you will learn how to heal the Shadow aspects that arise, so that you are living your highest potential, making the wisest decisions for your life.

Self Healing: The Art of Self Healing will be introduced in month one as you begin your Self Counseling sessions. You will learn how to master your psychology by working on your issues as they arise utilizing the Sacred Alchemy 7 step self healing technique called TheQuest.

Self Actualization: This training is designed to assist the novitiate in actualizing their Full Potential. This potential is realized through actualizing the Authentic Self and allowing its creative expression, insights, and wisdom to rule one’s life. Aligning with this Self and empowering its vision and direction, the novitiate moves from being human pattern driven to Authentic Self Fulfilled. The fate dictated by family patterns dissolves and you walk your Highest Destiny Path.

Empowering the Inner Divine Self: As Inner Aspects are healed with their core beliefs and patterns, the veil is removed and you experience your Authentic or Divine Self. This empowerment takes place in each session and is the reward to those who would delve deeply to find their True Nature. With this experience comes greater awareness of who you are and who you are not, why you are here on Earth at this significant time and what your Life Purpose is.

Healing the Shadow: Very quickly in the sessions, you will begin to understand the great wealth of wisdom, memory, latent abilities, power, confidence, health and wellbeing that are held in each Shadow Aspect. It is as if each is a coal… with a diamond hidden inside. By doing TheQuest, you access the lost treasures of self and awaken more fully to who you really are.

Inner Child Healing – Through Sacred Alchemy, wounded inner child parts are healed, allowing you to have a greater connection and awareness of your Inner Divine Self and your radiant inner childlike nature. A 33-day Inner Child Attunement program may be initiated as desired.

Planetary Healing – You will find through the sessions that the collective unconscious of humanity is easily accessed and a greater healing takes place each time you do TheQuest. These sessions are uniquely designed to give you a clear awareness of how your issues and patterns relate to planetary issues and human conditioning ripe for healing in the collective. You can receive confirmation in each session how many inner aspects in yourself, your family lineage, and in humanity are being healed. Understanding the greater ramification of this work allows you to see how each time you raise yourself to the next level, it helps all of humanity move forward with ever new and higher future potentials the result.

This comprehensive 3 level course interweaves the following learning modules and programs in training sessions with Dr. Ariel, where she passes her knowledge, tools, and life mastery skills directly to the student. Additionally, the home study and homework helps provide a full bodied learning environment, allowing the student to easily attain proficiency as a Spiritual Healer, Life Coach and Counselor (Level 1), Spiritual Leader in the organization (level 2), and Sacred Alchemist (Level 3) embodying the Sacred Alchemy principles, practice, healing abilities, and life mastery skills.

When I first got promoted to president of the Handel Group (a whopping three months ago) I had some serious issues with time. All of a sudden I was working two jobs (my new and my old), facing an enormous learning curve, having hours of training calls per week, all while trying to keep the other areas of life going well. It was a struggle. I would end each day feeling dissatisfied that I hadn’t gotten even close to completing my “to-do” list. My email inbox was ballooning out of control. I felt antsy, stressed, and frustrated.

I won’t claim to have perfected this yet, but I learned a lot about time very quickly and I think you’ll benefit from hearing it. One of the most important lessons I learned was taught to me by Lauren Zander, co-founder of the Handel Group, who introduced me to the concept of “the alchemy of time.” Sounds intriguing, right?

Before I learned about the “alchemy of time,” I spent many of my days feeling dissatisfied with what I had scheduled. Some mornings, I would look at my planned day, and all the meetings I had scheduled, and groan. I just wanted a free hour to catch my breath. The meetings would come anyway, as they always do, and I would “survive” them. I’d think to myself: “If I can only get through this afternoon, then I can have a break!” Before I knew it, the day was over and I realized that I hadn’t really enjoyed it at all. That’s not very inspiring.

As soon as I clearly saw that I was spending my days suffering like this, I knew it was time to change! It is an utter waste of my life’s energy to spend my time suffering through my days. It was time to become an alchemist of time.

Just as an alchemist transforms “normal” metals into gold, an alchemist of time transforms normal occurrences into golden opportunities. Whether it’s a meeting with a board of directors, a conversation with an unruly employee, or an hour spent with financial projections, an alchemist finds the opportunity to make a difference, to create a touch of magic, to deeply connect with someone, to learn something. An alchemist sees the possibility for gold in everything they do. There is never a “wasted” hour, or a feeling of lack.

I’m already feeling quite a bit more magical, and I’ve only been practicing this context for a few months. In addition, once I decided to become an alchemist, my enjoyment of my days skyrocketed. I no longer tried to cram in as much as I possibly could, but instead thoroughly savored the things that I did put in. I stopped categorizing my events as “fun” and “not fun,” and treated all of them equally as opportunities for gold. I started to see that sometimes the most “gold” could be found in events that I had previously categorized as “a drag.” It just goes to show how little I really knew about what was possible.

Three months into my new role, I am loving my job and the days spent in it, and I wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t decided to be an alchemist.

Where could you be mining for gold in your day? Try it out and see how much more satisfying your days can be. Let us know what works.

See the possibility for gold in everything you do. We’ll show you how to become an alchemist of time at our Mastering Time 4-Week Teleseries.

For more by Samantha Sutton, click here.

Tales of a Modern Day Alchemist

An Alchemist, in ancient times, was a philosopher and metaphysical chemist that sought to transform common metals into gold or create the elusive elixir of life.

While I have yet to transmute any common metals into actual gold or brew the elixir of life, I do consider myself a modern day alchemist and am becoming quite competent in transforming my world.

Here’s a simplified version of The Principles of Modern Day Alchemy.

1. Every thing in the universe contains its opposite, e.g., light and dark or love and hate.

2. The essence of Everything is contained in every Thing, as the poet Blake described seeing “a world in a grain of sand.”

3. You have the ability to choose what you wish to focus on.

4. What you choose to focus on, in your mind, will expand.

5. Once your level of internal focus reaches a critical mass, you will begin to look for and see evidence of it in your outer world.

6. Knowing every thing contains the essence of everything, you will now be able to see that which you are looking for in that which you are looking at.

“The modern day alchemist does not change anything into gold, but rather, sees the gold which is contained in all things.” – gruberism

May you harness these principles to transform your life!

Rob Gruber

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How to become an alchemist

So you want to know how to become a master of manifestation…

That’s a goal everyone who has discovered the Law of Attraction wants to achieve, but there’s much more to it than just deciding what you want and thinking positive thoughts. In this article, I’m going to walk you through how manifestation works and the ten steps you need to take to become a master of manifestation.

Make this approach your default behavior. Have fun with it. Enjoy the surprises, magic, and miracles.

Disclaimer: Instant manifestation is a skill that you will only be capable of once you ascend to the 5th dimension. In the 3-D world, there is a buffer of time between desire and manifestation, which is a blessing given that we are still prone to negative thoughts and it would be disastrous if we instantly manifested the object of those negative thoughts.

How Manifestation Works

Change your mind.

How to become an alchemist

Replace the habits of thinking that don’t serve you – negative thoughts, your inner critic, limiting beliefs. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions and persist in forming new beliefs & habits of thinking which will create new neural networks in your brain. It can take as much as a year for those old established neural pathways to disintegrate and new ones to become strong. Conscious manifestation is a way of life, not just a way to acquire ‘stuff’ and it requires constant awareness of your thoughts and feelings so that you manifest what you want, not what you don’t want.

Suspend Judgment

To manifest your hearts desires you must align with your higher self.

You can only manifest what you already have.

The Ten Steps to Master Manifestation

So here’s a short summary of the steps to follow to master manifestation. Apply what you’ve learned above and follow these ten steps and you will soon achieve manifestation mastery.

  1. Believe in the process – expect miracles.
  2. Define exactly what you want – be clear about your intention.
  3. Focus on solutions, not problems.
  4. Believe in yourself and trust that you can and will manifest it.
  5. Be determined to manifest it.
  6. Take inspired action and seize opportunities that will manifest your desires.
  7. Be on the alert for signs that your manifestation is in progress and be ready to act on inspired ideas.
  8. Celebrate and be grateful for each step along the way.
  9. Only allow thoughts and emotions that support your manifestation into your consciousness.
  10. Let go, let God. (Miracles will happen in the most unexpected way!)

How to become an alchemist


  • 1 Lore
  • 2 General Information
  • 3 Alchemist Tools
    • 3.1 Primary Tools
    • 3.2 Secondary Tools
  • 4 Alchemist Quests
  • 5 Alchemist Levequests
    • 5.1 A Realm Reborn
    • 5.2 Heavensward
    • 5.3 Stormblood
    • 5.4 Shadowbringers
  • 6 Actions
    • 6.1 Regular actions
    • 6.2 Specialist actions
  • 7 Traits
  • 8 Recipes
  • 9 Gallery

Masters of Science and Nature, the devilish and the divine, alchemists ensure their livelihood through the transmogrification of mundane materials into wondrous waters─from curative concoctions to potent potables.
The Ul’dahn school only recently came to be recognized in scientific circles as a valid branch of alchemical orthodoxy. It is based on fundamental principles originating in the Near East tradition, but draws heavily upon esoteric elements of both Lalafellin herbalism and Miqo’te occultism as well.

General Information

Alchemist is a Disciple of the Hand (crafting class) that transforms materials into potions and elixirs. For example, Alchemists can create consumables such as potions, ethers, elixirs, stat buffs, status cures and status inducers. They can also make wands for conjurers, books for arcanists, and much more.

Any player with at least one level 10 Disciple of War or Magic is eligible to become an Alchemist. To begin, head to the Alchemist’s Guild located in Ul’dah and speak with the receptionist to start your first quest.