How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

26 Aug How to Carve a Pumpkin Using Cookie Cutters

If you’re looking for a simple pumpkin-carving method, look no further. Here’s the secret: Cookie cutters. That’s right, cookie cutters can be used for so much more than cookies – and they make pumpkin carving a quick and painless process.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

This method works especially well if you have young children who aren’t quite ready for a complicated pattern. Gather your supplies, get your family around the table, and get to work!

– Pumpkin
– Paring knife (or the serrated saw from a pumpkin carving kit)
– Spoon (or the scoop from a pumpkin carving kit)
– Halloween Cookie cutters
– Rubber mallet
– Needle-nose pliers
– Tea light (battery operated or standard)


1. You’re probably familiar with this step. Use your paring knife (or saw) to cut out a circle around the stem of your pumpkin. Then, lift off the lid you created.

2. Use your spoon (or scoop) to remove the seeds, scraping the inside of the pumpkin to get all the loose “threads” and, well, gunk, that needs to come out of there. (Now’s your chance to separate the seeds and roast them, if you’re interested in a tasty snack).

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

3. Pick the cookie cutter (or cutters) that you want to use to decorate your pumpkin. Some of our favorites include a bat, a ghost, a cat, a witch’s hat, an owl, and a moon. Select the location on your pumpkin where you want the shape to appear. Then place the cutter against the pumpkin and use the mallet to firmly tap it into the pumpkin. Once it’s all the way in, you can remove it – you may need the pliers for this step. The pumpkin shape should easily pop out, and you can discard it.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

4. You can leave your pumpkin as it is, or you can use the same shape all around. You can also try a combination of shapes for a fun effect!

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

5. Once you’re happy with the way it looks, you’re finished! Place a tea light in the base of the pumpkin, pop the lid back on, and when it gets dark out, light it up and view your handiwork.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

Don’t forget some snacks for the carving crew! Put those cookie cutters to good use and bake some Halloween cookies to enjoy while you’re working on your creations. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Share your pumpkin photos on social media using #randminternational. Happy Halloween!

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

We love decorating pumpkins with tools so we wanted to share a great pumpkin carving technique that is perfect for our pumpkin decorating contest with Lowe’s.

One of our favorite sources of great DIY projects is Fresh Home Ideas and and their cookie cutter pumpkin project not only creates an awesome Halloween pumpkin but utilizes some fun tools that kids of any age can use.

Steph of the beautiful blog, Modern Parents Messy Kids, has followed the tutorial (with the help of her son) from Fresh Home Ideas and entered her pumpkin in our contest. We think she’ll be a tough act to follow but we’d love to see what you come up with.

1. Rubber mallet
2. Cookie cutters of various shapes and sizes
3. Pumpkin carving knife/paring knife (really gets the details)
4. Needle nose pliers


How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
1. Cookie Cutter Time
Layout where you’d like your cutout shape to be and place your cookie cutter in that spot. Take your rubber mallet and give the cookie cutter a couple of good whacks. On a small pumpkin you could drive the cookie cutter all the way through but on a larger pumpkin you’ll just need enough to make a good impression.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
2. Carve It
Remove the cookie cutter from the pumpkin and if it’s in their too deep use your needle nose pliers. Take your knife and carve along the outline of where the cookie cutter made a dent in the pumpkin.

3. Clean It
Pop-out the piece of cut pumpkin and clean the inside of the pumpkin so there is nothing hanging in the way of the new hole.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
4. Lights
Insert a tea light (we recommend the battery powered fake candles), and enjoy your perfectly carved pumpkin.

Ash and I decided to be a little more creative with our pumpkin carving this year. We brought a few new accessories to the carving table: his drill AND my cookie cutters. Pumpkin carving with cookie cutters and power tools certainly made for some cute pumpkins. ?

Our son loves playing with my cookie cutters – digging through the boxes, guessing the shapes, imagining his own shapes, and stealing a few for use in his play-doh. He has difficulties with eating, so I’m always looking for new distractions to get us through each meal. And, my never-ending cookie cutter collection has been working like a charm lately.

All of this time spent digging through cookie cutters sparked an idea. We could probably use cookie cutters to punch out shapes in our pumpkins. I googled it – and realized it was a thing. So, we picked out a few cookie cutters to get us started.

As for the drill, Ash is rarely apart from his tools, and he figured that drilling holes into the pumpkins would be fun to make some cool designs.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersPreparing for Pumpkin Carving

The first thing I did was cover our table with a plastic, disposable tablecloth. I usually pick these up at the dollar store – this one happened to be Easter themed:)

We probably should have worked outside, but it was much easier to push my son’s high chair up to the table inside.

Here were our materials, plus the drill (not pictured below). We also found that a mallet worked better than a hammer, so we swapped that out after doing the first pumpkin.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersAfter cutting open the top and scooping all the goop out, we were ready to start the fun part – hammering in the cookie cutters.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersUsing Cookie Cutters for Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin carving with cookie cutters was really fun, and we made lots of cool shapes.

We took the mallet and tapped the cookie cutter into the pumpkin until it made a clean break.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersThe larger the cookie cutter (like the ghost pictured above) the harder it was. This was because the cookie cutter didn’t lay flat on the pumpkin.

The heart worked perfectly. It was a good size, easy to tap in, and made a perfect heart on the pumpkin.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersUsing the Drill for Pumpkin Carving

After we used cookie cutters for pumpkin carving, we used the drill to make some designs too.

We did a bunch of circles in the shape of a flower, spelled out the word Boo, and just drilled a bunch of evenly spaced circles.

I had a blast drilling through the pumpkin. After cutting off the pumpkin tops and scooping out all that seedy goop, running a drill was undoubtedly the fun part.

​Now, it did make a huge mess, so you might want to drill outside. Yet, I just used the drill on a lower speed, and the flying pumpkin goop was minimal.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersHere are a few shots of the pumpkins sitting out on our front bench.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersAnd, here they are all lit up ?

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersThey turned out pretty nice ?

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersOverall, the pumpkin carving with cookie cutters and power tools were a fun combination to work with. If you are looking to mix up your pumpkin carving, definitely give it a try ?

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

Halloween is around the corner. Have you already started your Halloween decoration? Jack-o-Lantern is one of the traditional decors during Halloween. You might have already purchased different sizes of pumpkins in the store or in the pumpkin patch. Now comes the fun part of carving a pumpkin.

Pumpkin carving is not always an easy task when you are using your free hands. It’s even more difficult if you want to create customized designs in more details. Let alone it’s very time consuming! Luckily, there is a simple kitchen gadget you can use to make pumpkin carving so easy and fun. In the video below, Better Homes and Gardens demonstrates how to make easy pumpkin carving using cookie cutters. All you need is a rubber mallet, some Halloween-themed cookie cutters and a little bit of hard work. You can choose different shapes of cookie cutters to create your own special designs for Halloween. Follow the video and learn the step by step details. And in minutes, you can have your perfectly carved and stylish pumpkins for the Halloween. Enjoy!

Are you going to give it a try this Halloween? Please share this easy carving tip with your friends and family!

Here are some fun Halloween cookie cutters available from Amazon.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cuttersWilton 6 Piece Halloween Mini Metal Cookie Cutter Set

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I read it was possible, but I was a little bit skeptical.

My other half was admittedly very skeptical. But we decided to give it a try anyway.

Pumpkin #2: Carving a Pumpkin Using Cookie Cutters

(Have you ever tried taking a photo of a candle-lit pumpkin. it isn’t easy. so please don’t judge the not-so-great photos!)

Of course you first need to cut the top, and clean the insides of the pumpkin.

You will also want to scrap down the inside of the pumpkin where you plan to carve until it is only about 1″ thick, or about the thickness of your cookie cutter.

Taking a hammer or mallet, hammer the cookie cutter into the pumpkin as far as you can.

Once it is all the way in the pumpkin, you may need to grab your pliers to get it out.

Then carefully, push the cut area out!

Repeat for the rest of the pumpkin until you are satisfied with your design!

I LOVE how clean the edges of my bats are in this pumpkin. No knife or carving tool could ever have gotten such a clean and consistent cut!

This was also a VERY easy way to carve a pumpkin and I LOVE my final results!

So I want to know, what is the weirdest way you have ever carved your pumpkin?

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

Carving Pumpkins with Cookie Cutters | Kid Friendly Things To Do

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Cookie Cutter Pumpkin Carving is a much better way to carve pumpkins than the old traditional way with kids. Carving Pumpkins with Cookie Cutters is fun for everyone and so much easier to do.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

Pumpkin Carving with a Cookie Cutter

Mike and I used to sit the kids around on blankets, cut the lids off of the pumpkins, and help scoop the seeds out. Then, after all of that work, the kids eventually got bored and we were left to carve the faces out of each pumpkin. It was still one of my favorite traditions, but seriously…it’s a little exhausting.

How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters

You’ll Need:

  • A Mallet
  • Metal Cookie Cutters
  • A knife
  • A Bowl for the seeds
  • A blanket or plastic cloth to catch the extra pumpkin parts


  • How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
  • Do the traditional, cut the top off of the pumpkin and scoop the seeds and guts out!
  • How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
  • Pick out some fun Cookie Cutters – Halloween shapes, or your personal favorites that show your personality!
  • How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
  • Let an adult help, Place the cookie cutter in your chosen spot on the pumpkin, hold it in place and use a rubber mallet to start tapping it in
  • How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
  • Then let the kids really hit it in – avoiding the pumpkin flesh – you don’t want to split your pumpkin open
  • Your cookie-cutter will most likely, be wedged into the side of your pumpkin
  • Let an adult use a knife to cut sections into the pumpkin that is in the middle of the cookie cutter
  • Then push the cut sections down, into the pumpkin and scoop them out
  • How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
  • Let an adult – Wiggle the cookie cutter out – be careful the bottom side might be sharp
  • How to carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters
  • Now, you can repeat with more…if you choose to. But, be careful not to put too many too close together – you might make the pumpkin weak, and it will split open…It happened to us
  • Happy Halloween

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Are you about ready to get your BOO on?

Halloween is just a week away, and if you’re like me, your thoughts are turning to raiding your kids’ candy buckets and of course, pumpkin carving! But little ones and knives really don’t mix. Today, Julie from Go Mommy Go shares with us great pumpkin carving ideas that let the littlest of spooks get involved in the fun!

Cookie Cutter Pumpkins

A couple of years ago, I had a newborn, a young toddler and a burning desire to do everything just right. Can you say 4th trimester hormones. So, one morning I suddenly decided that we just had to carve a pumpkin. The problem was, I am not well blessed in knife skills myself and I couldn’t figure out how to allow my daughter to carve a pumpkin without putting a death instrument into her chubby, clumsy little hand.

Suddenly, I had a moment of brilliance! For some reason I have a ton of cookie cutters. < It’s doubly strange because I do NOT bake. We leave that to Hubby in this house.> So I busted out some star cookie cutters in various sizes, strapped Baby in his bouncy seat and got myself set to “carve” a pumpkin.


  • 1 small to medium pie pumpkin
  • Paper, for the goo
  • 1 large spoon, for scooping
  • Several metal cookie cutters
  • 1 small, sharp knife, for touch-ups
  • 1 meat mallet

(In revisiting this idea again this year, I discovered that I did not invent the wheel on this. Here is a great link with extra carving tips. Note that they use a rubber mallet. We will be trying this method this year as the metal mallet sometimes can damage the cookie cutters.)


Cut the top off of Mr. Pumpkin and hand the spoon over to your toddler. They love this part, mucking around in all that stringy pumpkin goo. Once pumpkin is clean, choose the cookie cutter shapes you like. I used stars for the first time and it turned out really cute. I have also used a candy cane as a crooked smile and small Easter eggs for eyes. Really, you can use anything and see what you come up with. Give your cookie cutters a good inspection and see what else you can “see” in their shapes.

Gently tap cookie cutter into the flesh of the pumpkin. I used the cookie cutter to cut all of the way through the pumpkin but you can also use it just to make your outline and then finish up with a knife. You may want to use the second method with a larger, thicker-fleshed pumpkin. Either way, you should end up with a cookie cutter design on your pumpkin. You can create “faces” with the cutters or just simple designs.

Not bad for a crazy sleep-deprived mom of “two under two!” If I can do this, anybody can. Break out those cookie cutters and carve yourself a pumpkin! Happy Halloween!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Simple Pumpkin Carving Using Cookie Cutters

Pumpkin Season has definitely arrived. Rejoice friends! Let’s carve a pumpkin or two to celebrate. This year, instead of hacking away at the pumpkin with a knife, I decided to try something a little more simple – cookie cutters. What? For real. I used a cute 1 inch tall star-shaped metal cookie cutter to make nice, uniform shapes around my pumpkin. So fun and pretty easy. Plus, it’s a great way to get your kids involved in the pumpkin carving process, as opposed to the alternative – carving away as your child watches you (because you don’t trust them with a knife).

Interested in trying it out? Here’s how I did it:

Supplies needed:
– Pumpkin (with top removed and the insides cleaned out)
– Metal cookie cutter
– block of wood
– hammer
– knife (I recommend a pairing knife)

Place cookie cutter on top of the pumpkin, and the block of wood over the cookie cutter. Using the hammer, pound on the wood block until the cookie cutter has been pressed about half way down into the wall of the pumpkin. (Since pumpkins are round, it won’t be able to be pressed in flush.) Be sure to leave about 1/8 of an inch of the cookie cutter sticking out.

Pull the cookie cutter out. You’ll probably have to wiggle it out.

Finish cutting through the wall of the pumpkin using a knife by following the outline made from the cookie cutter. Once the cookie cutter shape has been cut all the way through, push the shape out, pushing from the inside to the outside. Repeat this process as much as you like around the rest of the pumpkin.

By the way, if you cut too many shapes into the pumpkin, it will end up weakening your pumpkin, which may result in the pumpkin breaking apart. I would recommend leaving a minimum of 2 inches between each cutout. Keep an eye on the pumpkin as each shape is cut and watch for cracks on the opposite side.

By the way, as I was working on my star shaped pumpkin, my husband and Mac were working on a Mac’s pumpkin. After searching through numerous photos of pumpkin carvings online, Mac was absolutely certain that he wanted a Mickey Mouse pumpkin. My husband was less than thrilled. Lots of cutting. (super amusing to watch though.) But just in case you interested in trying Mickey Mouse, you can find the template here.

Have you guys decorated your pumpkins yet? How did you decorate them?

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