How to change your start page on safari

На удобной начальной странице можно собрать вместе все самое важное из интернета.

How to change your start page on safari

В приложении Safari на Mac выберите «Закладки» > «Показать начальную страницу».

Нажмите кнопку «Параметры» в правом нижнем углу окна.

Выберите элементы для отображения на начальной странице.

Избранные. Веб-сайты, которые Вы пометили как избранные.

Часто посещаемые. Веб-сайты, которые Вы часто посещаете или посетили недавно.

Отчет о конфиденциальности. Нажмите для получения сведений о том, кому было запрещено отслеживать Ваши действия.

Предложения Siri. Веб-сайты, найденные в Сообщениях, Почте и других приложениях, которые Вы можете пометить закладкой или добавить в список для чтения. Если Предложения Siri не отображаются, Вы можете их включить. См. «Настройка Предложений Siri» в разделе Способы использования Siri.

Список для чтения. Веб-страницы, которые Вы захотели прочитать позднее.

Вкладки iCloud. Веб-страницы, открытые на других устройствах.

Для этого необходимо выполнить вход в систему на других устройствах с помощью того же Apple ID, который используется на компьютере Mac, и в настройках iCloud включить приложение Safari.

Фоновое изображение. Собственный фон для начальной страницы. Можно выбрать одно из предлагаемых изображений или нажать кнопку «Добавить» , чтобы выбрать свою фотографию.

Перетягиванием разместите параметры начальной страницы в том порядке, в котором Вы хотите отображать их на начальной странице.

Можно сделать так, чтобы при открытии нового окна или вкладки всегда отображалась начальная страница. См. Изменение основных настроек. Вы также можете увидеть начальную страницу, нажав в поле смарт-поиска. См. раздел Просмотр страницы «Избранное».

One of the most interesting features with macOS Big Sur is the improvements to Safari. With a redesigned tab toolbar, new translation feature, and a privacy report for website trackers, you’ll enjoy these great enhancements. Another improvement to Safari, that was released ahead of Big Sur, is the ability to customize your Safari Start Page.

If you’ve switched away from the Start Page for new tabs and windows, the customization options may just have you switching back. Let’s take a look at the options and go through how to customize your Safari Start Page on Mac.

Customize your Start Page in Safari

Before you can take advantage of the customization options, make sure that you have updated Safari to version 14.0 or later. Click the Apple icon in your menu bar. When the About This Mac window opens, click Software Update. If you have an update for Safari, you’ll see it there.

Select the sections you want to see

When you’re ready to begin customizing, open Safari to your Start Page. On the bottom right, click the Settings icon.

You’ll see a list of items that you can display on your Start Page; just check the boxes for those you want to use. You can also pick a Background Image which we’ll explain further below.

  • Favorites: Websites and folders from your Favorites Bar
  • Frequently Visited: Sites you visit on a regular basis, right-click to view as icons or thumbnails
  • Privacy Report: A snapshot of the Privacy Report you can click for details
  • Siri Suggestions: Websites Siri finds in Mail, Messages, and other apps
  • Reading List: Items at the top of your Safari Reading List, click Show More on the top right corner of the section to see more
  • iCloud Tabs: Sites you have open in Safari on your synced devices like iPhone and iPad

Change your Start Page background

Another nice addition to the Safari Start Page is that you can use a background image. Apple gives you almost 10 to pick from or you can choose an image of your own.

Pick a wallpaper

Click the Settings icon on your Safari Start Page, check the box for Background Image, and pick one of the wallpapers. You can view them all by scrolling through them to the right.

Use your own image

To use a picture or other image on your Mac, click the plus sign on the left of the wallpaper choices. Locate the image you want to use, click Choose, and your new Start Page wallpaper will appear.

Drag from Photos

Prefer to use a photo? You can grab one directly from the Photos app! Open Photos, select the picture, and drag it onto your Safari Start Page. You’ll see the background image change immediately.

Choose a different image

If you use one of your own photos or images and want to change it later, it’s easy. Hit the Settings icon on your Safari Start Page and click the tiny X on the upper left corner of the image you picked. The background will be removed and you can click the plus sign to pick a different one, select one of the built-in options, or leave the background gray.

Use shortcuts to change your Start Page

The Settings icon that displays is obviously an easy way to customize your Start Page. But if you want to move a little quicker, here are a few shortcuts for those customization options.

Right-click for the shortcut menu: If you right-click a blank spot on your Safari Start Page, you’ll see a shortcut menu open. This lets you quickly check or uncheck the sections you want to see as well as choose or clear a background image.

Drag and drop a background image: You can also use the drag-and-drop method mentioned above for the Photos app with images in other locations on your Mac. Just drag the image you want to use to an empty spot on your Start Page.

Set your Start Page for tabs and windows

Remember, your Safari Start Page is different than the Homepage that you can configure in your Preferences. And if you did make a switch away from your Start Page for new tabs and windows, and want to change it back, here’s a reminder for how to do it.

1) Open Safari and click Safari > Preferences from the menu bar.

2) Select the General tab.

3) Choose Start Page in the drop-down boxes for New windows open with and/or New tabs open with.

Wrapping it up

If you’re like me and love options to customize your apps, then you’ll enjoy these ways to personalize your Safari Start Page on Mac.

How do you feel about the customizations for the Start Page in Safari on Mac? Will you take advantage of them and if so, which are you happiest to see? Let us know!

Learn how to automatically display the same page every time Safari opens on your Mac, and what to do if your browser is stuck on an unexpected homepage.

Set General system preferences

Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click General and make sure that “Close windows when quitting an app” is selected. If this option isn’t selected, Safari opens to your specified page only if that page was open when you last quit Safari. Learn more about how your Mac automatically re-opens windows, apps, and documents.

Set Safari preferences

Open Safari, then choose Safari > Preferences and click General. Adjust these settings:

  • Safari opens with: Choose any setting except “All windows from last session.” If you don’t see this menu, make sure that you followed the instructions in the previous section.
  • New windows open with: Choose Homepage.
  • Homepage: Enter the URL of the page that you want Safari to display when it opens. Or click Set to Current Page to use the URL of the page that’s currently active.

If Safari appears to be stuck on an unexpected homepage

If Safari remains on a homepage or search engine that you don’t want, despite following the steps above, a phishing site may have tricked you into installing unknown or suspicious software.

If you think that you might have malware or adware on your Mac, update to the latest version of macOS. If your Mac is already running the latest version, restart it. macOS includes a built-in tool that removes known malware when you restart your Mac.

If the homepage still appears stuck, check for and remove any unknown or suspicious apps, browser extensions, or system configuration files, and learn how to manage app security settings on your Mac.

  • To remove apps, open the Applications folder on your Mac, then drag any suspicious apps to the Trash. Choose Finder > Empty Trash.
  • To remove browser extensions, open Safari preferences, then click Extensions. Select any suspicious extensions, and click the Uninstall button.
  • To remove system configuration profiles,* choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Profiles. Look for any profiles that you don’t recognize or that seem suspicious. The profile may or may not seem related to the homepage you want to change. Click the suspicious profile to select it, then click the Remove button (-) below the list of profiles. Click Remove to confirm. Restart your Mac, then try changing your homepage in Safari preferences again.

* If your Mac belongs to your school or organization, check with your system administrator before deleting a necessary profile.

Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. Contact the vendor for additional information.

By: Waseem Patwegar

The Safari browser provides the option to designate your favourite website as the Homepage. You will find below the steps to Set or Change Safari Homepage on Mac and iPhone.

How to change your start page on safari

Set or Change Safari Homepage on Mac and iPhone

As you must have noticed, the Safari browser always lands on the same website, whenever it is opened or launched on your Mac.

The webpage that Safari lands upon launch is the Homepage for Safari browser on your Mac.

If you find the Safari browser opening a blank page upon launch, the Homepage for Safari browser on your Mac has been set to a blank page.

Setting a Homepage on Safari browser provides the quickest way to reach your favourite News Site, YouTube Channel or a Tech website.

1. Set or Change Safari Homepage on Mac

Follow the steps below to Set or Change Safari Homepage on Mac.

1. Open Safari Browser on your Mac.

2. Visit the website that you want to set as the Safari Home Page on your Mac.

3. Next, click on Safari tab in top menu bar and click on Preferences in the drop-down menu.

How to change your start page on safari

4. On Safari Preferences screen, make sure you are on the General tab and click on Set to Current Page button.

How to change your start page on safari

Note: You can also enter the URL of the website or webpage that you want to designate set as the Safari Homepage on your Mac.

2. Set or Change Safari Homepage on iPhone?

Unlike macOS, there is really no option in iOS to set or change Homepage in Safari browser on iPhone and iPad.

However, you can add a shortcut to your Favourite website on the Home Screen of your iPhone and simply tap on the Shortcut, every time you want to open Safari and land on your favourite website.

1. Open the Safari App on your iPhone.

2. Visit the website that you want to set as the Safari Homepage on your iPhone or iPad.

3. Next, tap on the Share button located in the bottom menu.

4. On the pop-up that appears, tap on Add to Home Screen option.

How to change your start page on safari

5. On the next screen, type a Name for the shortcut and tap on Add .

How to change your start page on safari

This will add a shortcut to your favourite website on the Home Page on your iPhone.

Now, whenever you want to open Safari, simply tap on the Safari shortcut to your favourite website located on the Home screen of your iPhone.

How to change your start page on safari

Traditionally, a homepage is the first website your browser loads when you start it. But by default, Safari on Mac opens up a window of Favorites instead. If you’d like Safari to start with a website of your choice, follow these simple steps.

First, open the Safari web browser by clicking its icon in the dock, by using Spotlight Search, or by selecting it from the macOS Applications folder. From there, navigate to the page you’d like to use as your home page. It can be any website you want.

How to change your start page on safari

In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select Safari > Preferences.

How to change your start page on safari

In Preferences > General, click the “Set to Current Page” button. This changes your home page to the current website Safari has open.

How to change your start page on safari

After clicking the button, the address in the “Homepage” field will change to the address of the current page.

Next, we’ll make it so you see your home page when you open Safari. In Preferences > General, click the drop-down menu beside the “New Windows Open With” listing.

How to change your start page on safari

In the drop-down menu, select the “Homepage” option.

How to change your start page on safari

If desired, you can repeat the same step with the “New Tabs Open With” option. In that case, every time you open a new tab, you’ll see your home page.

How to change your start page on safari

In a surprising move, Apple made Safari 14 available ahead of the fall release of macOS Big Sur. Safari 14 is a big leap forward for Apple, including a redesigned toolbar, translation feature and new features related to privacy. Aside from all of that, one of the most notable additions to the newest Safari release is the inclusion of a customizable start page. The old Safari had just a few browser shortcuts and not much else, but there are now a number of customization options available. Let’s take a look at everything that’s new.

Change the Start Page Background

Adding a start page background or wallpaper isn’t the most exciting addition, but Safari is years behind most of its competitors in this area. Apple offers ten default options out of the box and allows you to pick any image of your own.

How to change your start page on safari

1. To get started, click on the Settings icon in the lower-right corner and make sure the box is checked next to “Background Image.”

2. If the box is checked, you will see the ten default options appear below as well as a blank box with a “+” sign.

3. Choose from one of the default options or click the “+” sign which brings up Finder and allows you to locate the new start page image of your choice from your hard drive.

4. If you would prefer to use a photo from the Photos app, you can do that as well. Open the photos app, locate the image you want to use,

then drag it anywhere onto the Safari start page. The browser will automatically change the image.

Choose Your Sections

Initially, Safari 14 shows you a slew of options when you first open up the page. Everything from Favorites to Siri Suggestions to Reading list can populate the page. If you value simplicity and want the homepage out of the way, it can be a little too much. Fortunately, Apple allows you to curb the number of sections shown. To get started, click on the Settings icon again and select/unselect the available options:

How to change your start page on safari

  • Favorites: websites you have previously added as favorites or will add in the future.
  • Frequently Visited: websites you visit often or have visited recently. This list will update based on your browsing habits so new websites can appear often.
  • Privacy Report: this is a result of Apple continuing its effort to protect its users’ privacy. With that in mind, this summary provides a report on who was prevented from tracking you online.
  • Siri Suggestions: websites that are in messages, mail or elsewhere that may be considered useful for bookmarking or for reading later in your Reading List.
  • Reading List: websites or web pages that you select to save and read later.
  • Background Image: this is already referenced in the section above but is where you can select your start page background.

Shortcuts Can Change Your Start Page

How to change your start page on safari

Another quick and easy way to change what is displayed on the Star Page is to use shortcuts. Using the Settings icon is a fast way to make changes, but if you want to move even quicker, go with shortcuts. This is as easy as “right-clicking” on your external mouse or trackpad. Find a blank spot on the Safari start page. Right-click to see a bunch of checked or unchecked options available. You can make quick and easy decisions here as to what appears on the start page. It’s a fast way to add or lose some space on the Safari 14 start page.


For anyone who likes the ability to customize their browser, these new additions in Safari 14 are most welcomed. There is no question that other browsers got here first, but it’s good to see Apple opening up.


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Вы можете изменить расположение панелей, кнопок и закладок в окне Safari так, как Вам удобно.

Использование строки «Избранное»

В приложении Safari на компьютере Mac выберите «Вид» > «Показать строку “Избранное”».

How to change your start page on safari

Показать строку состояния

В приложении Safari на компьютере Mac выберите «Вид» > «Показать строку состояния». Когда Вы наводите указатель на ссылку, в строке состояния внизу окна Safari отображается полный адрес ссылки.

How to change your start page on safari

Настройка панели инструментов

В приложении Safari на компьютере Mac можно сделать следующее.

Изменение объектов на панели инструментов. Выберите «Вид» > «Настроить панель инструментов», а затем добавляйте, удаляйте элементы или перетягивайте их, чтобы расположить их в другом порядке. Например, можно добавить кнопку «Вкладки iCloud», с помощью которой можно просмотреть список веб-страниц, открытых на других Ваших устройствах, у которых в настройках iCloud включено использование Safari.

Быстрое изменение порядка кнопок в панели инструментов. Нажмите и удерживайте клавишу Command, затем перетяните кнопки вправо или влево. Этот прием не работает с кнопками «Назад/вперед», «Боковое меню», «Домашняя», «История» и «Загрузки», а также с полем смарт-поиска.

Изменение размеров панели инструментов. Если у правого края панели инструментов есть угловые скобки , это значит, что окно слишком мало для отображения всех элементов панели инструментов. Увеличьте окно или нажимайте скобки, чтобы увидеть остальные элементы.

Удаление элемента панели инструментов. Удерживая нажатой клавишу Command, перетяните объект за пределы панели инструментов.

Отображение или скрытие панели инструментов в полноэкранном режиме. В полноэкранном режиме выберите «Вид» > «Всегда показывать панель инструментов в полноэкранном режиме».

Для внесения других изменений в оформление Safari зайдите в меню «Safari» > «Настройки».

How to change your start page on safari

It’s the smallest difference in macOS Big Sur, but Safari’s new start page may be the improvement you see all the time — and that you can customize the most.

If you’re someone who likes Safari to start up with your own website already loaded, or your company’s one, or a particular news site, you can carry right on. But if you’re up for a change, or if you just never gave the start page a thought, the new improvements in macOS Big Sur are very appealing.

Let’s not overplay this. What’s really changed is that you can add a background, and that there are more options for what you see on that start page.

Yet don’t underplay it, either. That start page can hold your most-used bookmarks, and it can take you quickly to your most-used sites. It can be where you go to catch up on articles you’ve saved, too.

And it can be where you go on your Mac to open that webpage you were reading on your iPad earlier.

How to customize Safari’s start page

  1. If Safari always opens to a particular site, go to Safari, Preferences, General
  2. Click on the option New windows open with
  3. Choose Start Page
  4. Click on the option New tabs open with
  5. Again, choose Start Page
  6. Close the preferences window
  7. Open a new Safari window
  8. At bottom right, click on the Settings icon
  9. Tick on or off sections you want on the page
  10. Then scroll the page to see each section and over to the right of the title
  11. Optionally, choose Show More or Show Less

This is all you need to do to make any changes to the page that Safari starts up with, or opens a new tab with. The Settings icon is what you’ll use to include or exclude particular sections and the odds are that you may only do that occasionally.

Whereas you’ll probably end up adjusting the Show More and Show Less options as you work, choosing today to expand or contract what’s offered.

Change the background image

By default, if you have Safari open to its Start Page, that page will be on a plain background. You can change it to anything you like, though, by clicking that Settings icon at bottom right.

Click once to tick that feature as on, and then you’ll see buttons for choosing an existing image, or adding a new one. When you’ve changed the image once, though, the first thing that ticking this feature on does is switch to that image.

How to change your start page on safari

Apple’s default options

Apple assumes that if you’re using a Start Page, you want quick access to your Favorite sites. It’s also going to track where you go so that it can show you all of your most Frequently Visited sites.

Favorites are shown as icons, but Frequently Visited sites get a thumbnail preview of their contents as they were the last time you went to them. By default, Safari will show you six of your most frequently visited sites, but if you over to the right of the title Frequently Visited, you get an option to show more.

If you choose that, Safari will now always show you a dozen frequently visited sites. If you don’t want to see any at all, click on Settings and you can untick the whole section.

Reading List is also on by default and you may not have realised that you have this many pages in your list. At first, it will show you six, but clicking Show More expands that out to very many.

If you have an iPad, and you haven’t switched off iCloud Tabs in the Start Page’s settings, you’ll see more websites. This time it’s the web pages that are open on your iPad.

What Apple doesn’t include

There is no point having a Start Page that gives you all your iPad’s tabs, your entire reading list, a dozen frequently visited sites and 40-odd favourites. The point of a Start Page is to get you quick access to what you need.

So even Apple doesn’t switch on every option. What it leaves off, though, is useful enough that you should still take a look at it.

Siri Suggestions is perhaps the most productive. It will offer you websites that you typically go to right about now.

Whereas Privacy Report is a one-line entry on the Start Page, which lets you click through for more detail.

How to change your start page on safari

What we don’t get from Apple

Microsoft Edge has a similar feature, but it lets you see news headlines. That would be a convenient use for the Start Page, no doubt, except if you wanted to see news, you could set the New York Times as your start page.

What would be more useful would be a way to re-order the elements on the Start Page. Perhaps you rarely bookmark favorite sites and never go to them anyway, but you do rely on the Reading List.

It would be good to be able to rearrange the sequence instead of solely being able to switch them on or off.

Similarly, it would be good to have more control over how information is displayed on the page. You can’t change the frequently visited section’s thumbnails to icons, for instance, nor can you show thumbnails instead of icons in the Favorites section.

Thumbnails are handy, but often what you see is a quite large box around a quite short line of text. Being able to change those icon boxes into straight lines of text would let you get more on the Start Page.

How to change your start page on safari


The Start Page is not revolutionary, except that you may come to look back on previous versions of Safari and wonder how you got by without it.

For instance, while everyone’s mileage will vary, some AppleInsider writers found that they’d accrued many favicons that they stored as tabs in Safari. With the new Start Page, it was easy enough to move these favorites into the page and free up room on the tab bar.

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