How to clean your system of cocaine

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How to Get Rid of Cocaine From Your System

Cocaine, a stimulant, is also known as coke. It is an illegal white powdered drug that causes a euphoric, chatty, and sometimes energetic feeling. After injecting, snorting, ingesting orally, or smoking this drug, it causes your brain to release a high amount of dopamine. This dopamine elicits the effects of euphoria. However, once the effects wear off in about 30 minutes, you are left with long-term consequences. Cocaine causes lethal health issues and a dangerous kind of addiction. In case you have a drug test coming up, or want to get off cocaine, you might begin contemplating how to get cocaine out of your system. Getting it out of your system is the best thing to do. Read on for the details you need.

The first step in getting cocaine out of your body is to quit using cocaine. It is not easy. If you are committed and follow these suggestions, you can do it.

How to clean your system of cocaine

1. Drink plenty of water

You need to keep your body as hydrated as possible. Any fluid, be it juice or plain water, is essential. You need to drink about four quarts of water every day to help your kidneys filter your blood well to sieve all the toxins and coke metabolites out of your system. By so doing you will expel them through urine.

2. Exercise

Exercising gets your body to sweat profusely, which is a way human bodies excrete waste material. You can do some workouts at the gym or do some outdoor exercises like sprinting, jogging, jumping rope, biking, running, and many more. Any activity that gets your body to profusely sweat is what you need. Remember, the goal is to help you expel out all the cocaine byproducts in your body through sweat.

3. Keep a healthy diet

Your diet routine is one answer to the question how to get cocaine out of your system. You need to eat a balanced diet that is made up of veggies and fruits. Foods like these contain vitamin B, Pectin, potassium, and other compounds that prevent cocaine compounds from sticking to the subcutaneous fat layers. Potassium from bananas and other fruit is needed to help you urinate more and get rid of more toxins. Lastly, you need fiber for easy food digestion and excretion, which will help expel more cocaine compounds though bowel waste.

4. Take baths

Taking a warm bath is beneficial to your overall goal in two ways. First, a hot bath will soothe your nerves from any drug stress. Second, by taking a long hot shower and scrubbing yourself well, excretion of any drug toxin in and on your skill will be hastened. You will also help scrub off dead skin cells containing cocaine compounds.

5. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a drug too, but becomes lethal when trying to get rid of cocaine. Alcohol has compounds which bind with cocaine metabolites to form compounds that attach to fat layers and becomes difficult to excrete. Any beverage, beer, or energy drink containing alcohol should be avoided altogether.

6. Try detox products

There are several detoxing products outs there. Some are produced to help people pass drug tests, but they remain unapproved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They might be in the form of pills, beverages, or even powders. If you decide to try them, you only do so at your own risk.

How to clean your system of cocaine

The question of how to get cocaine out your system fast depends on several factors, such as the method by which cocaine got into your system, the amount of cocaine in your system, the longevity of use, and the condition of your body all matter a lot. These different tests will show cocaine’s availability and thus explain more about cocaine stay in your system.

  • Urine

Urine contains cocaine metabolites for 2-4 days after you take cocaine. For those who are heavy cocaine users, their urine can confirm urine metabolites (usage) for 12 days from the day of intake. The effectiveness of this test depends on coke purity and dosage taken. For extreme cocaine users, cocaine can be detectable for a period of as much as three weeks.

  • Saliva

After you have taken your coke, you will start to feel its effect 30 minutes after snorting, 45 minutes after smoking, 60 minutes after oral ingestion, and 5 minutes after injection. Even after the euphoric feelings have passed, your saliva will show coke traces for the next 19-24 hours. After 24 hours, testing the saliva will not reveal traces of coke. You can take a drug test, and the results will be clean.

  • Hair

Hair testing is one of the most compromising tests. Cocaine metabolites can be detected in your hair for a very long time. Coke traces are found in the hair as well as in the root of the hair. Your hair can confirm cocaine metabolites for 90 days after the initial ingestion.

  • Blood

Although cocaine side effects can remain for years, a blood test is the most unlikely coke test that can sell you out. After you have taken a cocaine dosage, a blood test will reveal negative results for cocaine metabolites within only 12 hours. This 12-hour mark is on the maximum end; after as little as 2 hours your blood can be clear of coke metabolites. Even if you are worried about how to get cocaine out your system, your body’s natural physiological processes can save you before that drug test.

Whether or not a test will reveal negative results, the long-term results of cocaine use are dangerous. The brain suffers long-term damage, as well as the body as a whole. Cocaine is an addictive stimulant. Once a user has become addicted, abstinence is very difficult. A professional-assisted rehabilitation process is necessary to help an addict. Why go through all the suffering of rehabilitation when it is better to simply avoid this drug altogether. To achieve recovery, this detoxification process is vital and provided for your reference.

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How to clean your system of cocaine

The metabolite Benzoylecgonine is created by the liver once cocaine or crack is used. Most of the time it can be cleared from the blood system within 24 hours after use. In urine, this metabolite may continue to be eliminated for up to one month. That means that a urine test can detect cocaine use for up to a month by checking for the presence of Benzoylecgonine in urine.
Drug tests use this compound due to the fact that no other compound other than cocaine can metabolize into this compound. It is an exclusive marker for a cocaine abuse. All urine drug tests look for Benzoylecgonine unless specifically stated.

Do all Urine Tests Check for Cocaine

Cocaine is part of the standard 5 panel test. That means, all UA drug screenings check for cocaine. In order to pass any Urine screening, you will need to flush-out cocaine (Benzoylecgonine).

Length of Time By Use

Even though everyones metabolic rate is different the scale in which this metabolite is eliminated through urine is the same for most. It all depends on amount of cocaine used and for how long. A chronic user will of course take a longer time to cleanse out all cocaine metabolites. While a person that has used once and a small amount can test clean within 2-4 days after the last time they used.

Two Ways to Flush-out Your System Fast

There are really only two ways to clean Benzoylecgonine from your system totally. One is through the use of a detox, the other is by drinking large amounts of water to flush out your urinary track and kidneys.

Unfortunately, both methods are only temporary. Trace amounts of this metabolite will resurface after a few hours. They will drop off permanently only if the user stays clean and the metabolites take their natural course.

So, Why Detox?

Detoxing will allow your body to remove the current metabolites, making room for faster recovery. Also, flushing/detoxing will drop your the metabolite below detectable levels for a short period of time.

How to Get Benzoylecgonine out your system?

Al thought flushing your system out with water alone does have its benefits. It is possible to trigger a false positive on a drug test. Screenings have become rather advanced and can check for “dilution”.

Dilution is when large amounts of water are used to flush out the body. The urine becomes clear and doesn’t have any trace minerals that are usually found in urine.

In Comes the need for a Detox

No matter what method you prefer, the most reliable way to pass a drug test is by combining both methods, flushing and using a Detox drink. Once your system is totally flushed out and your urine has been completely clear for a more than 2 instances, a Detox product will reintroduce normal minerals and add color.

Some detox products like CertoClear have the added benefit of fiber. This can also extend the the time urine is free of toxins. Fiber will divert and absorb toxins as they are re-released. It’s also important to note that CertoClears fiber content is especially high, making bowel movements more likely after use.

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System Fast

FAQs About Cocaine

Cocaine, also referred to as candy, coke, snow or flake, is a narcotic drug that is highly addictive. Once introduced into the body, the drug causes the brain to release high levels of biochemical. This in turn results into an extreme feeling of excitement and joy. However, the euphoric effects of the drug can become serious and even fatal in some cases.

You probably do not know how to get cocaine out of your system. The time it takes to completely remove coke from the system is affected by various factors, such as sex, age, frequency of use and body metabolic rate. The use of this drug can result in various health complications. For instance, when taken in large doses, it can lead to increased blood pressure as well as heart rate, both of which can result in a comma.

How to clean your system of cocaine

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System

To minimize the chances of coke being detected during a urine drug test and to remove traces of this drug from the body, various methods can be tried.

You may drink a lot of water to naturally eliminate its traces from the system through sweat and urine.

Additionally, you may also take detox drinks or pills a day before the test to detoxify the body, hence remove traces of cocaine from the body.

To remove traces of coke from your hair, you should use either detox spray or detox shampoo to clean the hair.

You may as well use cleansers or mouth washes to eliminate traces of cocaine from saliva.

You should avoid foods that are rich in caffeine, fat and sugar. Instead of such foods, you should consider eating more salads and fruits.

Exfoliate dead skin cells by using a bristled brush to scrub the entire body. This eliminates the dead cells on the body, along with traces of cocaine on the skin surface.

To enhance the detoxification process, you should take either water fasting or juice fasting foods that are rich in vitamin B consecutively for a week.

Basically, most of natural detoxification in the body occurs through perspiration. You can increase the rate of perspiration, hence the rate of cocaine removal from the body, using a steam bath.

In addition to these remedies, you also need to stop using the drug. This will further fasten the process of its elimination from the body.

How to Get Cocaine Out of Your System Fast

Currently, there is no antagonist drug that may be used to instantly stop cocaine use or eliminate it from the body. However, it is possible to stop this abuse and eventually remove coke from your system. Mentioned below are some of the techniques that you may use to fasten this process.

Try ginseng, kava or valerian root

Take protein or amino acid supplements, like TrophAmine

To rebalance the brain, you may use nootropics, like ginkgo biloba

Take part in stress-relieving activities, such as meditation, qigong and yoga

FAQs About Cocaine

How long does it take to eliminate cocaine from your urine?

Depending on the dosage taken, it takes between 12 and 72 hours to have cocaine eliminated from the urine. After this period, the drug cannot be detected in urine. However, if cocaine is taken along with alcohol, it will take longer to get eliminated from the system, and may take up to 5 days to get removed completely. Additionally, taking cocaine along with alcohol will lead to the formation of a metabolite referred to as Cocaethylene.

How long will it take to have cocaine eliminated from the blood system?

Small portions of cocaine remain in the blood and may be detected up to 48 hours after its use. The concentration of cocaine in blood is vital, with regards to drug testing. However, some individuals have developed tolerance to the drug. In such cases, the presence of the drug in the blood system will not be detected, even following a prolonged cocaine use. The concentration of this drug in the blood varies from one individual to the other, ranging from lethal to therapeutic concentrations.

How long will it take to remove cocaine from the hair?

Just like with other drugs, a certain concentration of this drug remains in the hair for up to 90 days after its use. Rather than leaving its mark on the hair roots, it occurs on specific regions of the hair. As such, cutting the hair or using the various hair removal techniques can get rid of its traces on the hair.

How long will it take to remove coke from your sweat and saliva?

In most cases, traces of cocaine will remain in your saliva for an average of two hours. However, there have been cases of coke traces being detected in either sweat or saliva 19 hours after using the drug. On average, cocaine is estimated to remain in saliva and sweat for 4.5 hours to 24 hours.

How to clean your system of cocaine

Every drug leaves one or the other damaging impact on an individual’s body. Among many, Cocaine is one such strong drug which is known to leave the most striking effect on the body of anyone. It is one of the most powerful, irregular drugs which soon make you addictive to it. The worst part is that the harm engendered by Cocaine is permanent; meaning thereby it leaves an everlasting negative impact.

Impact of Cocaine On The Body of An Individual

Extremely addictive, Cocaine is also recognized by some other names such as coke, candy, snow and flake. It accelerates the working of the brain system to eject surging levels of a biochemical. This in return results to increase the anxiety level along with the feeling of pleasure and excitation.

Once entered into your blood, this drug does not agree to leave your body under any condition. As many factors are responsible for: metabolism rate of the body, age factor, sex of a person (male or female) and consumption frequency. Elongated and continuous usage of this drug can lead to many hazardous health issues like raised pulse rate, high blood pressure etc. which further opens the door to many other diseases as well.

For how long, Cocaine remains present in the body after consumption?

Usually, Cocaine metabolises to various compounds which are not in active state initially. It has been found that a lot many times cocaine metabolizes within a period of two to four hours. Nevertheless, it can still be found after conducting a drug examination even after a week time. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that there are some such specialised drug testing techniques also; where the presence of cocaine can be found in an individual’s blood even after three months of cocaine intake in the body.

On the other hand, if we discuss cocaine vestiges in urine, just like to some other powerful drugs, cocaine metabolites can be easily detected by performing urine test. If you prefer normal urine test, then the period should be between two to four days after the intake of cocaine and in case if you go for any specialised testing, then the result can still be positive even after two weeks.

Apart from urine and blood testing, sweat or saliva can also help in detecting the vestiges of cocaine in one’s body. While it has been evidenced that the traces of cocaine are not present for long in saliva, that is just for two hours, but later on, it has also been examined and discovered that its traces have even been found after nineteen hours as well. To conclude, the leftover of cocaine in the body can be found from five hours to a period of two to three days also.

Fastest Methods To Get Off Cocaine From The Body

Well, if you are the one who is forced to undergo a blood or urine drug test to detect if you take cocaine or not but you do not want to reveal the truth, then it becomes essential for you to get rid of cocaine traces from your body. Below given are few methods that can help you to get off cocaine traces from your body and come out clean in your drug test. The methods are as follows:

  1. Drink lot of water: First & Foremost, the easiest and simplest way to get off cocaine from your body is to drink lots and lots of water. Through this, the process of detoxification will take place, and you will be able to release harmful toxins out of your body through urination. You can also take orange juice and vinegar apart from water. This method will surely serve you as a great help.
  1. Go for Diuretics: The second fastest method to get off cocaine from the body is to have diuretics. These are also available on good medical stores in the form of pills and kits, and so you can get one from there. These diuretics are strong enough to clean out cocaine from your body thereby increasing the flow of urine which results in releasing an excess of water from the body. Even the minor traces of cocaine can be removed through this method.
  1. Oral Cleansers & Mouthwashes: Another best way to remove cocaine vestiges from the body is to thoroughly clean your mouth with effective mouthwash or any recommended oral cleanser. You can get these from a good chemist shop. This method can help you to clear the saliva drug detection test thereby making your saliva clean from cocaine traces.

How to clean your system of cocaine

How to clean your system of cocaine

  1. Add on Amino acid and Ginseng in your diet: Though water is the best gift of nature which works effectively in the process of detoxification there are few other ways too that can assist you in getting rid of cocaine from your body. They are kava, ginseng or valerian root. Also; adding on those supplements in your daily diet which is rich in amino acid and proteins will also be a great help to you to pass your cocaine detection test clean.
  1. Exfoliation: Last but not the least; proper exfoliation can also turn out to be a saviour in passing your drug test. Exfoliation is a process that dispatches the dead skin cells with the help of loofah or a specialised bristled brush that helps in scrubbing the body efficiently. This method will work two in one by not only removing dead skin cells but also wiping off cocaine traces from your body.

Hope these methods turn out to be a great help to you but mark a point that if you do not stop that intake of cocaine, then no method can be of any help to you. In general, cocaine remains in the body for three to four days but the period can extend if you are the regular or frequent use of it.

Also, it is advisable to get yourself enrolled in a cocaine specific sober living home. Such programs help you to lead a normal and healthy cocaine-free life.

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There’s no hiding it, cocaine is in widespread use, even amongst people who get up and go to work every day. It’s become socially normal.

That’s why so many people in America, who could be subject to pre-employment, on-the-job, or probation drug testing, wonder how to pass a drug test for Coke in 24 hours.

The thing is, 24 hours could be generous if you are told you have to go for a drug test, whether it’s for employment purposes or because of the courts or probation office.

So is it actually possible to pass a drug test for Coke in 24 hours, or are you in trouble?

In this guide I’m going to give you the lowdown on exactly what the deal is with cocaine, how long it stays in your system, how it shows up on drug test, and tell you if it’s possible to pass a drug test for cocaine in 24 hours, and how.

How Long Does Cocaine Stay In Your System?

When you take cocaine, the effects peak as quickly as 30 minutes after consumption. These effects then tail off over the next few hours.

When you start to feel the effects of cocaine it’s because it’s being converted in the body metabolites that then stay in your body until they pass out of it, mostly through your urine.

The problem with cocaine is that it has different metabolites which exit the body at different rates.

Let’s look at how long cocaine stay in your system in different ways:

  • In blood it is usually detectable up to 24 hours, occasionally 48 hours
  • In saliva it is usually detectable up to 12 hours, but occasionally up to 48 hours
  • In hair follicles, three months, as this is the standard sample size
  • In urine, up to 4 days

In terms of plasma, the half life of cocaine is incredibly short, around two hours. This means if you have a blood sample drug test you could be clean in as little as 12 hours, almost definitely within 24 hours.

But if you are wondering how to pass a drug test for coke in 24 hours, you are probably up for a urine drug test, as this is by far the most common type of drug test in the USA.

The problem is that if you are a light cocaine user, you could be clear in as little as 48 hours. But depending on the metabolites looked for, and the regularity and intensity of use, this time could expand into as much as 14 days.

Does Cocaine Show Up On A Drug Test?

The bad news is that almost without exception, cocaine does show up on a drug test.

When somebody pays for a drug test to be administered, they pay per “panel”. The panel on the drug test checks for a specific type of metabolite or drug chemical.

So a five panel drug test will check for five different types of drug. The five panel test is usually the most basic one used, and definitely the most common.

But almost without exception, cocaine is one of the substances that is checked for on every single type of drug test. So if you are going for a basic pre-employment drug test for example, you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to check for cocaine use.

How to clean your system of cocaine

How To Detox Coke In One Day

Now that you know cocaine does show on a drug test, the next question has to be how to detox Coke in one day, because one day is pretty much all the notice you are usually going to get.

I say that, the exception to that is probably a pre-employment drug test. Although you will be given a maximum of usually 48 hours to report after interview, you know you going for the interview, so you know several days in advance that you will possibly be subject to a drug test.

So especially with employment, you need to be abstaining from cocaine use for several days before you go for your interview.

But generally, it’s not possible to detox from cocaine one day, you cannot remove cocaine metabolites from your system forcibly in one day. This is especially the case if you are going to be going for a urine drug test, if you have used cocaine within the week leading up to the test then you should be concerned.

Ways To Pass A Drug Test For Cocaine In 24 Hours

How to clean your system of cocaine

However, the good news is that it is possible to learn how to pass a drug test for Coke in 24 hours, and it doesn’t matter how long cocaine stays in your system because you are simply not going to be submitting a genuine sample if you follow these strategies:

Use fake urine

The absolute surefire way to pass a urine drug test for cocaine is to submit a fake sample of high quality synthetic urine.

The best brands out there are Sub Solution and Quick Fix. Sub Solution is the best brand and one I would recommend you get your hands on if you can, but Quick Fix is almost as good, especially for a basic employment drug test.

If you go for Sub Solution you can have complete control over the temperature to make sure it’s submitted correctly. It uses heat activator powder, rather than the more usual heat pad you have to microwave.

This means you have complete control over the sample temperature right up until the moment you walk into the lab.

How to clean your system of cocaine

Use a high quality detox drink

A detox drink masks the toxins in your urine. It basically flushes your system out, dragging the the toxins from cocaine in your bladder and urinary tract out of the the body. At the same time it replaces nutrients and maintains balance to ensure that your sample is not detected as unusual.

The best detox drinks out there are Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex. Take these a couple of hours before you go for your drug test for cocaine and you should be absolutely fine, especially if you also abstain for as many days as possible.

The final word on telling you how to pass drug test for cocaine in 24 hours is that you need detox drinks or synthetic urine in stock.

They take a few days to arrive, and even 24 hours under priority, and you may not have that luxury in time. Investing hundred bucks now could save you a fortune later.

Sometimes you don’t always get the chance to prepare for a drug test, because your body simply needs time to clean itself. In the case of frequent weed users, it can take weeks or even months before you’re clean enough to pass a urine drug test.
But what if you could really clean your system in just a couple of hours? Is this really possible?

Can you really clean your system in 2 hours?

Well, yes and no. Before we show you how to clean your system in 2 hours, let’s clarify what you will be trying to achieve. It’s simply not possible to magically cleanse your body in just 2 hours. What you can do, however, is prevent drug metabolites from being present in the bodily sample you give.
The information here is for urine, saliva, and hair drug tests, all of which can be prepared for in 2 hours or less. For blood tests, blood is drawn directly from the body, so there is no way to influence the result. Fortunately, blood drug tests are very uncommon outside medical settings.

How to clean your system in 2 hours

Let’s start by distinguishing between the different drug tests.

Urine drug tests

The easiest way to prepare for a urine drug test is by using a detox drink. Some of these can become effective in just an hour, but it’s usually best to wait 2 hours for maximum effectiveness. They basically work by activating your urinary system. As this flushes itself clean, the level of drug metabolites in your urine will get lower, enabling you to give a urine sample without failing.
You should always make sure you have a suitable product for your needs. For example, heavy users may need to get a stronger formulation. You may also want to consider a two-stage rapid detox kit if you’ve been a chronic weed user.

Hair drug tests

Hair drug tests can be particularly worrying because of their potential to detect drug use from the past 90 days. Even a short period of use may show up, regardless of whether you’ve been clean for a month or more.
Fortunately, you can even prepare for hair drug tests in under 2 hours if you have access to a shower or some other way of washing your hair. With the Zydot detox shampoo, for example, you simply need to apply a shampoo, purifier, and conditioner according to the directions. However, Zydot do recommend you repeat the process with a second box if you have especially long hair or a prolonged history of drug use.

Saliva drug tests

Saliva drug tests are the easiest drug tests to prepare for, and the entire process needs nothing like 2 hours. In fact, you should use products like Stinger Detox Mouthwash no more than 30 minutes before giving a mouth swab.
As you can see, you can prepare for most drug tests within 2 hours. If you really do need to clean your system completely, though, you can always get a detox program to help your body’s natural detox processes.

Q: How long does cocaine stay in your body? I am worried since I need to undergo some drug testing soon. What remedies can you provide?

A: Dear T, There are no proven methods of clearing cocaine in the body but to completely stop ingesting the addictive narcotic drug at all. The by-product generated by cocaine can reside for as long as 30 days in the system. If you are a frequent user, the residue may stay in the urine for 12 weeks while those deposited in the hair follicle remain after three months from last intake. Thankfully, there are home remedies to take that can facilitate the release of active ingredients and remove trace elements from the system.

How to clean your system of cocaine


1. Water – Drink at least two quarts of water every day to detoxify the body.[1]

2. Exercise and dry saunas – Engage in exercise routines and dry saunas to trigger the body to sweat profusely, a way of releasing the cocaine ingredients in the system.

3. Red meat – Include red meat in your meals to increase the creatine levels in the blood to make it more balanced. Another option is to take creatine supplements to achieve the same result.

4. Diuretics – Drink plenty of coffee, tea and cranberry juice, all known to have diuretic properties that can help in flushing the drugs out of the system. Make sure to drink at least 80 ounces of water every day.

5. Baths – Take warm and relaxing baths to eliminate the body toxins and soothe stressed out nerves.[2]

6. Bananas – Eat bananas regularly to boost depleted potassium level caused by sweating and frequent urination.

7. Fiber-rich foods – Increase consumption of foods rich in fiber such as fruits and green, leafy vegetables. A diet with high fiber content promotes frequent bowel movements, an advantage when it comes to cleaning cocaine in the body.[3]

8. Milk Thistle – Follow the directions written on the package. Taking milk thistle helps in cleaning out the liver, the body’s filtering organ responsible for eliminating the toxins.

9. Uva Ursi – Follow the instructions indicated on the product label. The herb Uva Ursi is good for cleaning the kidneys. The kidneys send toxins and impure wastes to the bladder to be flushed out from the system as urine.

10. Green apples – Eat green apples frequently to benefit from the fruit’s supply of pectin. Pectin can remove contaminants from the blood stream and flush them out through urination.[4]

11. Dandelion – Take dandelion in supplement form to gain from its potential to increase urine production by triggering the kidney to expel salts, water and toxins.

12. Artichokes – Consume one cup of artichokes each day to benefit from the phytochemical cynarin produced by the vegetable. Cynarin helps the liver to detoxify and in clearing cocaine in the body.[5]

13. Antioxidant Foods – Eat foods packed with antioxidants to help the body in eliminating drug traces. These include broccoli, tomatoes, berries and garlic. Antioxidant foods may be taken in their raw form or as herb capsules to be taken in 500 mg once a day.

14. Massage – Get and enjoy a massage to work out the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins out of the body system.[6]

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Finding out what the best detox drink for coke can be surprisingly complicated.

There’s a couple of reasons for this, around understanding how drugs work in the body and also understanding exactly how a detox drink works.

On top of that, you also have to worry about the quality of detox drinks. A lot of them are horrendous, copied, fake, out of date, and some brands are just totally useless cons.

So let’s clear up this issue for you right now by explaining how detox drinks work for cocaine, and also what the best detox drink for coke is and where you can buy it.

How Long Is Coke Detectable In Urine?

When you take any sort of drug, whether it’s coke, or smoking weed, the active ingredient that gets you high is converted in the body. These are known as drug metabolites.

Drug metabolites, sometimes known as drug toxins, float around your bloodstream, bladder, and bowels and are also in your saliva and hair.

  • Urine: 2-4 days or up to two weeks for heavy cocaine users
  • Blood: 2 days
  • Hair: 90 days or even longer
  • Saliva: 2-3

Drug metabolites are picked up by a drug test that looks for them. The key point here is that there is no specific cocaine drug test, whether it’s a saliva, urine, blood or hair follicle drug test, it will be a panel test where all the main types of metabolite or active ingredient are tested for simultaneously.

So that’s the important first learning point, nobody is going to test you for cocaine on its own. So anything marketed at a specific drug is trying to con you.

It also means a detox drink that works for disguising cocaine metabolites will also be able to disguise every other type of drug metabolite in your system at the same time.

How to clean your system of cocaine

Do Detox Drinks Work For Coke?

Now you understand how it works, the question is not do detox drinks work for coke, it actually does detox drinks work at all?

Do they really mask drug toxins?

Well, the great news is that they do. But the second learning point is that a drug detox drink doesn’t actually detoxify your body. That’s the common misconception around the name they carry.

What they actually do is to temporarily mask the toxins in your body, giving you just long enough to submit a clean urine sample.

So How Does A Cocaine Detox Drink Work?

As we have already said, there is no specific cocaine detox drink, they are general drug detox drinks that temporarily mask drug metabolites in a urine sample.

What happens is the metabolites pass through your bladder and out in your piss all the time.

The ingredients in a drug detox drink flood your system for a few hours, flushing out the toxins passing through the bladder, and then keeping the fresh toxins basically behind a detox drink in your system to allow you that window of opportunity to submit a clean urine sample.

So you drink the drink, it flushes out the toxins, then you submit a clean sample in the handful of hours you have before fresh drug toxins in your system start appearing back in your bladder.

Top 3 Best Detox Drinks To Pass A Drug Test For Coke

When it comes to determining the best detox drink for coke, basically for any drug metabolite, you have to discount 90% of the drinks out there.

Mostly they are horrendous quality, fakes, out of date, or simply flavored water and sugar.

The only three that have a long-term, positive track record, that I have used myself, my friends have used, and have strong reputations in all the right places online are:

Rescue Cleanse

How to clean your system of cocaineProbably the best detox drinks out there for coke or masking any other type of drug you are using. It’s the only one I have always 100% recommended, and have had 100% positive experiences with.

It works like any other detox drink, you drink it, drink some more water, urinate frequently, and then you will be clear of toxins for around 3-5 hours, but mainly in the first two hours after the initial hour you spend going through the process of drinking it and urinating.

It’s not cheap (50$), and you have to buy it from a reputable seller to make sure it’s the real deal and also not expired, but Rescue Cleanse 32Oz will work even for the heaviest drug user, no matter what type of body or metabolism you have.

You can read my review here and purchase it from the manufacturer’s webshop.

Mega Clean

How to clean your system of cocaineThis is the second brand I nearly always recommend, but mostly only if Rescue Cleanse isn’t available to you. I will also only ever recommend it if you can get it with the six “pre-rid” tablets that are bundled up with it.

You take these during the 24 hours leading up to your test, and they start the job of pushing toxins through your system faster.

Then you follow the usual process of drinking the detox drink, knowing that the toxin flows out of your system is already accelerated because of the tablets that you have taken.

Mega Clean is a high-quality detox drink available in the larger 32oz size just like Rescue Cleanse and is suitable for any body type.

You can buy Mega Clean with 6 Toxin Rid tablets here.

Absolute Detox

How to clean your system of cocaineAbsolute detox is my third choice and a great detox drink, probably as good as Mega Clean, but not quite as guaranteed if you get hold of the pre-rid tablets as well.

You need the 32oz Absolute detox XXL version. The 16oz won’t work unless you are a very light user and have a small body type.

Just like the other two brands I recommend, it comes in around the 45$ price mark.

I know $45-50 is not cheap for a detox drink, but if your job or freedom is online then it’s a ridiculously small price to pay.

So why bother looking for a cocaine detox drink at all if you going to waste money on cheap rubbish, always go for one of these three brands if you want to stand a chance of getting through a urine drug test as a cocaine user.