How to dye your hair with coffee

How to dye your hair with coffee

If you have a bunch of old coffee lying around and you’re looking for something to do with it—besides drinking it—one option you might not have considered is using it to whip up homemade hair dye. Believe it or not, coffee can serve as the base for hair dye and help you stretch the time between more extensive dyeing sessions.

While it doesn’t work as well or last as long as actual hair dye, coffee-based hair dye is an excellent option for a quick touch-up. It’s cheap, easy to make, and does a respectable job. In this short guide, we’ll teach you how to make coffee hair dye, tell you what coffee works best, and give you some tips for applying it to make sure you get the most out of it.

What Kind of Coffee Should You Use in a Hair Dye?

You might think that the details of the coffee don’t matter, and, for the most part, you would be right. The one exception is the roast level. Dark roast coffee tends to work better than light or medium roasts, so much so that we only recommend using a dark roast to make your own coffee hair dye.

Dark roasts naturally have a darker color than medium and light roasts, but they’re also softer and produce coffee with more oil, which helps color your hair. Coffee hair dye doesn’t last long, so it’s important to get every ounce of color out of the coffee you use, and dark roasts make that much easier.

How to dye your hair with coffee

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How to dye your hair with coffee

How to Dye Hair With Coffee

Prep Time 10 mins

Active Time 6 mins

Soaking Time 1 hr

Total Time 1 hr 16 mins



  • 2 tablespoons Dark roast coffee beans (Ground)
  • ½ cup strong dark roast coffee
  • 1 cup your favorite leave-in conditioner


How Long Does Coffee Hair Dye Last?

Coffee hair dye is not meant to be a long-term hair coloring solution, and it won’t replace traditional hair dyes. Depending on how often you wash your hair, you can expect coffee hair dye to last about 2 weeks. People who wash their hair less often might be able to stretch it to 3 weeks, but beyond 3bweeks, it will be mostly gone.

Using more coffee or stronger coffee in your dye will change the color but won’t make it last any longer, so it’s best to tune your recipe to the color you want and accept that you’ll have to reapply it frequently.

Who Is Coffee Hair Dye for?

It can be fun to experiment with coffee hair dye, but some people will be disappointed with the results if they go into it with unrealistic expectations. If you’re looking for a quick, short-term touch-up that’s inexpensive, easy to apply, and easy to rinse out, then homemade coffee hair dye is perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you’re hoping to avoid buying expensive hair dyes or paying your hairdresser for regular colorings, you’ll probably be underwhelmed by the results. Coffee hair dye is a subtle effect and is only good for boosting existing color, covering small gray areas, and other secondary coloring purposes. Coffee hair dye isn’t suitable as a standalone hair coloring regimen.

So far, we’ve left out one important detail: coffee hair dye works best on brown hair. If you have light-colored hair, coffee hair dye can help you darken it, and if you have darker brown hair, it can help you cover grays. Unfortunately, if you have black hair, coffee hair dye isn’t usually the best option for you. The effect from coffee hair dye is too subtle to make a noticeable difference to your hair’s natural shade, and covering grays won’t mask them much since they’ll still stand out as brown hairs in a sea of black.

Coffee as a Hair Dye: Conclusion

Coffee hair dye is a quick and easy solution to hair coloring for people that need a subtle color change or are looking to mask a few pesky grays. It’s easy to make and only requires a small amount of coffee, so it’s perfect in a pinch when you don’t have any regular hair dye. If you decide to try out homemade coffee hair dye, make sure you approach it with tempered expectations. Even strong coffee will only make a subtle dye, and the results will be muted rather than dramatic.

How to dye your hair with coffee

Dying our hair is something we do to have fun with. We want to explore new looks, except the consequence that always comes along with it is damaging our hair. By using coffee, we reduce the damage and even help our hair become healthier.

There are a few reasons why using coffee in your hair is beneficial to you:

  1. Coffee stimulates hair growth.

Studies published explain that by massaging the scalp, you are allowing the caffeine to increase circulation, which helps hair follicles grow more quickly.

  1. Coffee makes your hair shiny and healthy.

Using coffee grains (it’s better to mix with your conditioner) moisturizes your hair which is extremely useful during the summer since the sun loves to dry it up. By using coffee in your hair, you are also saving yourself from all the chemicals in regular dye. It will leave it looking beautiful and healthier.

  1. Coffee will darken your hair.

Using coffee is a perfectly natural way to dye your hair (and it includes all these benefits). Using this resource to darken your hair is also great because your hair will have a completely even tone. By using the following steps, you will see how easy it is to use this remedy at home.

By using Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast Ground Coffee 1 lb, you will be able to dye your hair leaving a perfect tone and shine. Here’s how you can do that:

What you will need:

  • Ground coffee
  • Shampoo & Conditioner (any kind…even better if it’s extra moisturizing)
  • Shower Cap
  • Dark towel

Step 1:

Make 2 cups of the Dunkin Dark Roast Ground Coffee. This one will dye your hair better since it’s a darker kind of coffee. Let it cool down sufficiently (until cold).

Step 2:

Mix 2 cups of conditioner with 4 Tablespoons of ground coffee. Mix it until the grounds dissolve and the mixture looks smooth.

#SpoonTip: If you have thicker hair, it’s a good idea to double the ingredients just in case you need extra.

Step 3:

Wash your hair with your regular shampoo; make sure it’s thoroughly washed. Squeeze out all the excess water with your hands. Then take the towel and put it around your shoulders.

Step 4:

With the 2 cups that you made, soak your hair. You can simply pour them, but make sure your hair gets sufficiently wet. With your fingers, thoroughly add in the mixture to your hair. Make sure to get all the roots by massaging the scalp. Continue on until your entire head is completely covered.

Optional: Put on a shower cap to keep the hair together.

#SpoonTip: Make sure you tilt your head back when you do this. Don’t let it get all over your face because it will be really hard to get off. Get a friend to help you!

With safer-at-home orders in place and a general nervousness about being in close proximity to others, more people than ever are having to rely on their own beauty skills to keep their grooming up to snuff. And for those with not-so-natural hair color, that means dyeing your hair. But you don’t have to turn to a box of chemicals to temporarily get the style you want—you can nab the coffee sitting in your cupboard.

“The harsh chemicals found in conventional dyes can do your hair more damage than good, especially now, when they can cause your hair to react in negative ways without a hair technician on hand to fix the damage,” says Adina Mahalli, natural hair and skincare expert for Maple Holistics in Farmingdale, New Jersey. “If you want to just top up your color or give your hair an extra boost while in quarantine, natural alternatives such as coffee can be an ideal, safe solution.”

Using coffee can be a low-stakes way to experiment.

“Normally we use commercial hair dyes because we want a more assured result. But since we’re on lockdown, it’s easy to experiment with what hue works well on our hair,” says Laura Davis, a hairstylist in Camden, New Jersey. Plus, it doesn’t last long: depending on how frequently you wash your hair, and whether you use organic conditioners, Davis says coffee coloration typically hangs on for about two to three weeks.

Coffee Hair Dye: Fast Facts

There are a few things to know before dyeing your hair with coffee:

  • It may not work on your existing color. “If you’ve been to the salon a couple of times and had your hair bleached—especially when you’ve changed hair colors many times — coffee hair dye may not hold on to your hair evenly,” Davis says.
  • It’s also not likely to have the same effect on red, grey, or neon hair, and blondes may have trouble getting the rich brunette hue they’re after. “Those with existing brown shades that are closer to the type of coffee color they’d apply are perfect for this type of hair dye,” Davis says.
  • Your hair color will turn out darker with a darker coffee roast. But Mahalli says if your hair is already dark, the coffee stain may not do much beyond covering gray hairs.

Your Health Nut Friends Will Be Hella-Impressed

Here’s great news: using coffee over conventional dyes could give your hair a health boost. “Coffee hair dye doesn’t make your hair dry out compared to over-the-counter dyes, and it stimulates hair growth by boosting the structure of the hair roots and making the shaft much sturdier,” Davis says.

And because coffee is a natural dye, Mahalli says it won’t stain your tub or sink permanently. “Depending on the intensity of the roast you use, it might leave a light stain that can be removed with regular cleaning methods,” she says. (That said, Davis suggests scrubbing any surfaces with a mixture of lemon and water sooner rather than later—just to be safe.)

So with an easier cleanup and not-so-scary temporary results ahead, here’s your step-by-step to dyeing your hair with coffee.

How to Dye Your Hair With Coffee: Step by Step

  1. Brew coffee, then allow it to cool until it’s no longer hot to the touch.
  2. Mix half of the coffee with two to three tablespoons of coffee grounds (to thicken and darken the mixture).
  3. Add two squirts of leave-in conditioner to the mixture.
  4. Drape a large towel (that you don’t mind getting messy) on your shoulders to avoid staining your skin.
  5. Apply the mixture to clean, damp hair, starting with the area just above the scalp (to avoid coloring your scalp).
  6. Let sit for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse your hair.
  7. Repeat the process until you reach your preferred hue and shade (approximately 2-3 times).

*Always apply conditioner during a shower, especially if your hair starts to feel sticky after a few days.

Bye-bye chemical hair dyes, hello naturally darker hair color!

Jennifer Campestrini

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So you’re probably in the same boat I was in: I wanted to change my hair color, but I was afraid of the commitment. What if I don’t like it? What if it comes out looking really bad? What if I waste my precious time and money dying my hair, only to have it come out looking nothing like I wanted it to? All these questions kept running through my head. So I knew I needed a temporary option. something that I could do easily and quickly at home that would last just long enough for me to see myself with darker hair for a few days. Just when I was about to give up, I found out about coffee hair dye. I was so excited to try it that I jumped right in! And of course, I had to document the entire process of how I dyed my hair naturally darker with coffee, so that you can try it too.

I wanted desperately to see what a darker hair color would look like on me. But the idea of spending tons of money, damaging my hair, and waisting my time for a potentially horrible outcome was not something I wanted to sign up for. So I tried those silly hair-color changing apps, but nothing really worked. I never was able to see the darker color live, and in person.

But the moment I found out I could dye my hair darker with a homemade coffee hair dye, I knew this was the chance I had been waiting for. I immediately checked my pantry for coffee grounds. Once I found it, I got to work right away making the dye. I was beyond excited. But at the same time, I doubted that it was possible. I mean, honestly, what are the chances that you can dye your hair with coffee? After trying out the coffee hair dye myself, it actually does work! And the results are surprisingly pretty great.

Steps to Dye Your Hair With Coffee

How to dye your hair with coffee

Unsplash on unsplash

Step 1: Make Some Coffee. Really Strong Coffee

The only thing you’re going to need for this DIY, homemade coffee hair dye is, you guessed it, coffee. For the best results, you’re going to want to make this coffee really, really strong. As you can see in the video above, I did this by adding almost 2 cups of coffee grounds and about 4 cups of water to a pot and letting it simmer for several hours. However, this isn’t necessary. You can make regular cups of coffee and use that. But a stronger cup of coffee hair dye will help you achieve a darker coffee-tinted look.

How to dye your hair with coffee

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Step 2: Soak Your Hair in Coffee

Once you have your coffee hair dye, now it’s time to soak your hair in it. The best place to do this is a large sink or bathtub. Otherwise, you’re likely going to make a bit of a coffee mess like I did in my attempt. Also, make sure you coat your hair in the coffee hair dye completely. This will help to make sure you don’t have any uncolored spots left at the end.

Step 3: Wait 1 Hour. Then Rinse in Cold Water

Now that your hair is completely covered in coffee, it’s time to wait. You’ll want to wait at least an hour for the best results. This will give the coffee enough time to temporarily dye your hair darker.

When the time’s up, hit the shower. But here’s an important note: rinse your hair quickly without shampoo and only in cold water. You just want to wash away most of the coffee from your hair. As you can see in the video above, when I dyed my hair with coffee, I made sure to rinse until a very light brown color was running out from my hair. Then I squeezed out the cold water and blow-dried my hair.

How to dye your hair with coffee

Unsplash on unsplash

And that’s it! Now you have naturally coffee-tinted hair! The process can be a little messy, but if you follow the simple steps above, you’ll see that it’s super easy. Not to mention that it’s so much fun to change up your look. Also the fact that it’s a temporary color, makes it free from the commitment of a permanent color. This way you can experiment with a darker hair color and see how you like it. I will say that my only complaint is the coffee smell. I smelled like a thousand coffee shops for days after I dyed my hair with coffee. So make sure you choose a coffee brew you really enjoy the smell of. Chances are that the coffee smell will last at least as long as the darker hair dye does.

To keep the coffee color intact for longer, make sure to wash your hair as little as possible. And when you do wash your hair, make sure you only wash with cold water.

Enjoy the new look!

If you’d like to try a natural and temporary RED color next, check out the article below:

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How to dye your hair with coffee

Coffee hair dye has become a rage in recent years, especially for those who prefer natural ways to color their hair. The fact that the cup of hot coffee you drink to stay alert and focused can also dye your hair naturally is a delightful discovery. It can tame your grays and darken your brown tresses. This adds a whole new dimension to using coffee to stay on top of your game.

A natural dye such as coffee saves you from worrying about the effects of chemicals on your mane. Here is a simple DIY coffee hair dye guide to help you learn everything you need to know about this safe and non-toxic dye. Scroll down to learn more.

In This Article

Quick Facts About Coffee Hair Dye You Should Know

  • If you have recently colored your hair or underwent a post-color treatment, the coffee dye may not show any effects on your locks. Certain ingredients in synthetic hair dyes and post-color sealers, such as silicones, create an artificial film around the hair and inhibit color absorption.
  • The coffee hair dye works differently on different shades of hair. While it can play up brown and light-colored hair, the color may not pop on darker hair shades.
  • How well the coffee colors your hair will depend on the state of your hair. If you have thick hair, the color may not catch easily as this hair type lacks the essential porosity to absorb the dye. On the other hand, if your hair is thin, it is easier to absorb the color from the coffee dye.
  • The stronger the brew, the better the hair color. For a dark coffee shade, make sure to brew a very strong cup of dark roast coffee.

Still not sure whether you should try a natural coffee hair dye? Read on to find whether this hair coloring trend will suit you or not.

Should You Use Coffee Hair Dye?

Yes, but it all comes down to the base tone of your hair. If you have a light base tone, the coffee hair color will come out perfectly. But for dark base tone, you may not notice any difference after coloring your hair with coffee dye.

There are other reasons to use coffee hair dye:

  • Safer Alternative

You are not exposing yourself to toxic chemicals by using coffee grounds to dye your hair. Synthetic hair dyes contain harmful chemicals, such as APEs (alkylphenol ethoxylates) and PPD (phenylenediamine), which might irritate the scalp and damage your hair in the long run.

Studies show that hair dye products contain as many as 5,000 different chemicals, some of which are found to be carcinogenic in animal studies (1). Thus, coffee hair dye is a safe and natural alternative to these harmful ingredients.

  • May Boost Hair Growth

Research has shown that caffeine may stimulate hair growth (2), (3), (4). The antioxidant properties of caffeine can help strengthen the hair and impart a natural sheen. So, even if your homemade coffee hair dye fails to perk up your hair color, the nourishing properties of caffeine will give you a healthier mane.

The next section outlines a step-by-step procedure to color your hair with DIY coffee dye.

How To Dye Your Hair With Coffee

You Will Need

  • 1 cup of organic dark roast or espresso coffee powder
  • 2 tablespoons of hair conditioner
  • 2 cups of warm water
  • Old T-shirt or towel
  • Mixing bowl
  • Gloves
  • Hair dye brush

How To Prepare

  1. Brew the dark roast or espresso coffee in the warm water. You can add more coffee for a stronger brew, which will make the hair dye more effective.
  2. Let the brewed coffee cool completely.
  3. Mix the hair conditioner with this coffee solution. Add another two tablespoons of ground organic coffee.

How To Apply

Step 1: Wear the old T-shirt or drape a towel over your shoulders to prevent coffee stains on your skin and clothes.

Step 2: Divide your hair into sections with the wide-toothed comb.

Step 3: Apply the coffee mixture to each section of your hair evenly with the hair dye brush.

Step 4: Leave it on for at least an hour and gently rinse your hair. Do not use shampoo, as this will dilute the hair color. Instead, you can rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar to prevent fading and make the coffee color last longer.

Another way to dye your hair with coffee is to dunk your hair into the brewed coffee solution after it has cooled. You can also rinse your hair with the coffee solution and leave it on for an hour before washing with lukewarm water.

Coffee Hair Dye: Does It Really Work?

The coffee hair dye trend has emerged as a fun hair color fix. But if you want a permanent or long-lasting color, dying your hair with coffee may not be ideal. Most people find that this dye imparts a very light brown tinge to your hair. However, with repeated application, the color may gradually get brighter.

Summing It Up

Coffee hair dye is a great way to color your hair naturally. But unlike synthetic dyes, natural hair dyes may not last long, and you cannot expect a dramatic change in your hair color. However, if you prefer dyeing your hair with natural ingredients, go ahead and try this homemade coffee hair dye .

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does coffee hair dye last?

A DIY coffee hair dye is a temporary hair color solution and will last not more than a week.

Key Takeaways

  • Coffee hair dye works wonders for the hair with a light base tone.
  • Caffeine’s nourishing properties in the coffee hair dye can give you a healthy mane.
  • Coffee hair dye is a safer alternative to synthetic hair dyes containing harsh chemicals that might irritate your scalp and damage your hair.


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Hair dyeing is something that most men and women do frequently. While some may do it to cover their greys others do it solely for fun. Whatever may be the reason, there’s no denying that dyeing your hair a different colour is fun, as it instantly amps up your overall appearance.

However, the cons that come with colouring your hair regularly are far too many. Most hair colours contain chemicals that can damage your hair, making it look lifeless, dull and damaged. Therefore, when we came across this amazing natural coffee hair dye, we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing it with you. Here’s how you can make your own chemical-free hair dye at home.

You will need:

  • 2 tablespoon coffee grounds
  • 0.5 cup strong brewed dark-roast coffee
  • 1 cup leave-in conditioner or regular conditioner
  • Shower cap

Step 1: Brew a cup of strong dark-roast coffee and let it cool down sufficiently.

Step 2: Now add 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds and 1 cup conditioner.

Step 3: Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and squeeze out the excess water with your hands.

Step 4: Apply the mixture to your damp hair evenly.

Step 5: Cover your hair with a shower cap to avoid mess.

Step 6: Let the mixture sit for at least one hour to get the best results.

Step 7: Rinse your hair until the water runs colourless; this ensures that the coffee residue has been entirely removed from your hair.

That’s it! Your hair will look shiny with a stunning chocolaty tone, minus the harmful chemicals. Win-win!

Dec 10, 2019 Be Beautiful

How to dye your hair with coffee

Investigating a natural hair dye trend born from quarantine curiosity

How to dye your hair with coffee

With so many of us still working from home, it’s normal to want a little bit of change every now and then. And if you’ve tried all the makeup looks and trends, the thought of changing your hair color with some natural hair dye might have crossed your mind.

Whether you’re looking for a bit more dimension in your mane, or you simply want to cover up your grays, a new hair color can reintroduce some novelty in our lives. But what’s not so great is all the chemicals in hair dye, which can be damaging and sensitizing.

However, natural hair dye is easy to do at home and requires ingredients you probably already have. In this case, we’re talking about cocoa powder and coffee. Coffee hair dye was a big TikTok trend in 2020, when quarantine had us questioning when we’d next see the inside of a hair salon. But does coffee – or cocoa, for that matter – actually work as a natural hair dye? Let’s explore!

How to dye your hair with coffee

While it’s clear that both cocoa and coffee have naturally deep brown pigments, as natural hair dyes they bring more than some naturally rich color to the table (and the scalp).

For instance, cocoa powder is packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals like zinc and calcium. Those nutrients work in tandem to support a healthy scalp and hair. Plus, cocoa can make a great hair treatment ingredient since it’s known to provide moisture, volume, and a glossy shine while nourishing new growth in the follicles.

As for coffee, get ready to give your scalp the ultimate perk-up. Coffee is believed to help stimulate hair growth thanks to caffeine and antioxidants. Plus, the granules are perfect for exfoliating the scalp.

Dyeing your hair with cocoa and coffee is fairly simple; in fact, it can be done in 4 easy steps! However, your process is going to go smoother when you do a bit of preparation beforehand.

First, consider the type of coffee you plan to use for your natural hair dye. The roast of the coffee will affect the tone of your hair, so if you plan on a subtle light golden-brown, consider a blonde roast. On the other hand, a bold roast is going to yield more of a deep chocolate brown.

Whatever coffee you use, make sure to follow one of the biggest makeup and hair tips of all time: patch test! To patch test, make your hair dye blend the day before and put a tiny amount on a less visible patch of skin, like the back of your ear.

Keep it there for at least 24 hours and take note of any reaction your skin might have. It may be tempting to skip a patch test, but we don’t always know how a product will affect us, even if it’s natural. So, patch-testing may save you a lot of pain in the long run!

How to dye your hair with coffee

What you will need:

4 tablespoons finely ground coffee, or 2 packets instant coffee

1 tablespoon cocoa powder

2 cups conditioner

Step 1: Mix the conditioner with the ground coffee and cocoa powder until fully blended to create a smooth, even mixture.

Step 2: Wash your hair as normal, making sure to do so thoroughly. Rinse and squeeze out all the excess water with your hands, and drape the towel over your neck and shoulders.

Step 3: Take your natural hair dye and start massaging it into the hair, distributing evenly throughout the roots and strands until completely saturated. Put on your shower cap and allow the mixture to soak for 1 hour.

PRO TIP: If you don’t have a shower cap on hand, an easy trick is tying a plastic shopping bag around your hair.

Step 4: After the hour, thoroughly rinse your hair before washing as normal until the natural hair dye rinses clear.

In short, yes, natural dyes can work for hair. Remember, though, that while most natural dyes are more gentle on the hair, they tend to fade a lot more quickly. Luckily, it’s fairly simple to use natural hair dye, and it’s pretty forgiving, so touch-ups are a snap!

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If you are aware that you can use coffee to dye hair, you might as well be thinking about how long it will last on your hair.

So in this post, you will learn how long coffee hair dye last on hair, the recipe, how safe it is, the best alternative, and everything other things you need to know, including

  • A before-and-after result that I found online.

So how long does coffee hair dye last on hair?

According to people who have used coffee hair dye, the dark color can only last for a week or less, depending on how often you wash the hair. Another thing is that it does not work on dark hair colors.

Table of Contents

Coffee Hair Dye Recipe

There are lots of YouTube video tutorials on how to make coffee hair dye at home. And what I can guarantee you is that it’s as simple as anything else.

Before we go to the recipe, I will love to emphasize something.

I have read some blog post that claims you can get rid of grey hair with coffee. I am sorry to tell you that they are just some random fake stories.

Coffee hair dye is only temporary hair color- Once your hair is wet, it will wash away.

So if you are looking for something temporary and cheap, then using coffee hair dye will be a good option.

Ingredients and tools you need :

  • Organic coffee
  • Jar to brew the coffee
  • Small bowl or plate to mix your conditioner and coffee
  • Brush to apply the hair dye
  • Old t-shirt to prevent coffee stains
  • Conditioner(can be replaced with coconut oil)
  • Measuring cup and spoon.

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to make a coffee hair dye at home.

Step 1: Get 2 cups of organic coffee and add 1-2 cups of warm water (the quantity of coffee and water depends on the length and thickness of your hair).

Allow the coffee to brew for 30 minutes -1 hours. After that, your coffee concentrate should be ready. All you need to do is strain the coffee water into a separate bowl or cup.

Step 2: Add two tablespoons of conditioner into your mixing bowl, pour one or one and a half cup of your brewed coffee into the same bowl (depending on hair length and thickness), and mix everything.

Make sure you cover your body with an old t-shirt or towel to prevent unnecessary stains.

Step 3: Apply the mixture to your hair, cover it with a shower cap, and let it sit for at least 1 hour.

After that, rinse your hair with clean water, then add conditioner to the hair. That’s all.

How to dye your hair with coffee

Is Coffee Hair Dye Safe to Use?

Coffee hair dye is 99% damage-free and very safe for use; that’s one of the main benefits. Because it is natural, there is no side effect of chemical ingredients.

But if you are allergic to coffee, I will suggest you stay far away from this method.

While researching this coffee topic, I also discovered that coffee could restore and promote hair growth aside from coloring hair. This will be good news for people who want to try out something new to improve their hair growth.

Here’s a video you can watch if you want to try it out.

Coffee Hair Dye vs. Henna: Which is Best to Color Hair?

Comparing coffee hair dye and henna hair dye is like comparing a cat to a lion. Henna is by far better than coffee hair dye. The only aspect that I see that coffee is better than henna is the preparation. The henna recipe is tricky, while the coffee hair dye recipe is simple and straight.

You can read my article on how to use natural hair dye to cover gray hair.

Before and After Results

I took a screenshot of before and after the result of someone who tried using coffee to dye white hair. Maybe if I try it out someday, then I will replace the picture with my results.


There are lots of better natural alternatives to dye your hair. If I want to try something with coffee on my mom’s hair, it will be for hair growth purposes and nothing else.

I was watching a tutorial on YouTube, instead of the tutor applying the mixture on his hair, he or she used it on his hands. I was like, what is this guy/lady trying to tell me. Lol, this is the kind of people that will tell you that coffee can turn your gray hair into black.

After all, is said and done, you have reached the end of the content, and I hope you enjoyed the article.

Now I would love to hear from you:

Are you going to give coffee hair dye a try?

Did you find my article on how long coffee hair dye lasts on hair helpful?

Or maybe you got some new experiences or questions to share with me.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now and not forgetting to share it with friends.

How to dye your hair with coffee

I have heard of people dying their hair with triple strength coffee and want to make my light brown hair darker but keep it natural. I have thick curly hair that goes down to my middle back. How much prepared coffee would I need to dye it and what would the coffee:water ratio be for triple strength? Would this actually work and how intense would the color change be?

I can’t say I know much about this, but after receiving your question I did a little research. It seems that plenty of people do use coffee to dye their hair in a natural way.

From what I can find out, you’ll want to make about three jugs of coffee, let them cool and then pour them into a basin or sink. You then wet your hair repeatedly with the coffee. As for the intensity of the result, you’ll have to experiment and find out!

I don’t think you need to worry too much about the exact proportion of three to one, so just add about three times the amount of ground coffee compared to when you make coffee for drinking. If your filter won’t take that amount, then fill the filter as normal, but run just one third of the normal amount of water through each brew cycle.

If it works out well, please come back here and let us know!

Comments for Dying your hair with coffee

I thought I would let you know, for a few years now I’ve been covering my greys with henna and coffee. I do not like the orange clownish look pure henna offers so I’ve had to temper it to my brown. I used to mix walnuts with the henna, and that worked well, but coffee is much easier.

All I do is pour the henna powder in an empty container (usually an empty yogurt container) and then brew a cup of coffee. I add the coffee straight to the henna powder and mix until it’s consistant and not lumpy. I let it sit overnight, so the coffee cools, and then I put it all over my hair the next day, let it sit for about 5 hours (yes a pain) and then rinse out. It always comes out a consistent chestnut and covers the greys perfectly and forever!

I use coffee as a gentle hair dye on my grey hair. I save the coffee, in the fridge, that my husband doesn’t drink for 7 days. Then I wash my hair using baking soda, rinse well with plain water.

I have a large pot in the bathtub. Wearing no clothes on the upper part of my body, I get on my knees and lean over the pot. Then I rinse my hair until all the coffee has been used, about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I dry my hair, plaster the hair with a conditioning mask, cover my head with a plastice shower cap, cover the shower cap with a knit cap and let everthing work for 30 minutes.

My gray hair is a very light blond. My husband, who is allergic to perfume, loves the coffee smell that stays in my hair for about 5 days.

Hair dye is a wonderful thing. It allows you to change up your whole look, and if you’re worried about people seeing those pesky gray hairs, you can easily cover them up with a good, quick dye job. That being said, your usual salon-grade hair dye may have some pretty scary chemicals in it. According to the National Cancer Institute, conventional hair dyes may contain as many as 5,000 different chemicals, some of which have been implicated as carcinogens. Yikes! Fortunately, your favorite morning pick-me-up can also be used as a hair dye. You read that correctly: you can dye your hair with coffee! And as an added bonus, a study published in the International Journal of Dermatology found that caffeine is “a stimulator of hair growth.” If you’re graying and getting a little thin on top, it sounds like coffee dye could be the miracle cure you’re looking for.

Get Prepped

How to Dye Your Hair With Coffee

Start off with a strong pot of coffee brewed from espresso beans. If you’re really serious about avoiding chemicals, you may want to opt for organic coffee, but regular coffee will work just as well. Let the coffee cool at least to room temperature. You don’t want to burn your scalp! Next, mix two cups of the leave-in conditioner of your choice with 2 tablespoons of fine-ground coffee and a cup of the cooled coffee you’ve just brewed from espresso beans. Stir the mixture until the color is evenly distributed, then apply it generously to your hair and leave it in for 60-90 minutes. Finally, rinse out your hair with apple cider vinegar to help seal in the color. Oh, and take a shower, rinsing your hair thoroughly with warm water. We love the smell of coffee, but espresso mixed with conditioner and apple cider vinegar? Not so much. When you’ve finished the process, your hair should be a rich, lustrous new color. If you don’t achieve the desired result on the first try, or have particularly stubborn gray hairs, then just repeat the process every day until your hair reaches the color you prefer. That’s a nice color on you! Coffee wakes you up and helps you stay beautiful! Who knew that was going to be the case?