How to fill a dog’s stocking for christmas

How To Make A Cute Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

I say that is is a personalized dog Christmas stocking, just because I made it for our beloved dog Toby. But you could use this pattern to make this Christmas stocking for any pet with paws such as a cat!

I work from home and often the only company I have for the whole day is our rescue dog, Toby. Every day Toby and I start the day with a morning dog walk and a coffee in the park. Toby then sticks to my side for the rest of the day. He even manages to get himself into some of my craft photos.

This year whilst crafting for Christmas I decided to make something for Toby as well. As a family, we love to give Toby a few extra treats at Christmas and this personalized doggy Christmas stocking is perfect for that.

This pet Christmas stocking isn’t the only thing I’ve crafted for Toby. In the past I’ve made him some cute denim handmade dog toys before.

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

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What You Need To Make A Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

Red fabric for the top and paw pads. I had an old pair of red jeans and used this for the top but any red fabric would do. I also had some scrap red leather I used for the paw pads. However, you could just as easily use red felt.

Needle and thread

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

How To Make A Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

Cut out the paw stocking pattern and place ontop of the burlap/hessian. I doubled over the hessian so that I could cut out 2 paws at the same time. Draw around the paw pattern with a sharpie and then cut it out.

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

Next sew both the cut out paws together leaving a margin of about 5mm. If you don’t have a sewing machine, burlap is very easy to sew by hand.

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

Turn the stitched paw inside out so that the stitching is on the inside. For the cuff I used the bottom of a pair of red jeans which I stitched to the top of the dog Christmas stocking. If you don’t have a pair of old red jeans just use some other red fabric such as felt. The cuff was about 9cm long.

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

Next cut out the paw pads from the Christmas stocking pattern and use them as a template. Draw around the pad templates on your chosen red fabric and cut out the pads. I used scrap leather for this but craft felt will work just as well.

How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

Using a fabric glue stick the paw pads onto the front of the dog Christmas stocking.

Stitch on a loop for hanging the stocking on the edge of the cuff. I used a belt loop from the jeans.

  • Finish off the pet Christmas stocking by personalizing it. For this I stenciled on Toby’s name in white on the red cuff.
  • How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    All that is left to do now is to fill and hang the stocking. I know Toby won’t really know whether or not he had a stocking but he will enjoy the treats inside. Also as a loved member of the family he deserves to have his own personalized dog Christmas stocking.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

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    How could Santa not want to slip in a few extra bones?

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    One surefire way to get your pup’s tail wagging this Christmas? Present them with their very own Christmas stocking! (And yes, if your pooch doesn’t have their own personalized Christmas stocking by now, you’re really not celebrating Christmas to its fullest potential.) We rounded up the very best dog Christmas stockings to help you make this day that is so special to humans equally as enjoyable for the furry ones in your life. From customizable stockings that display your four-legged friend’s name, to a range of holiday tones and cozy textures, and, more importantly, stockings that are large enough to be stuffed with lots and lots of tail-wagging treats, we’ve covered every possible stocking idea ! After all, besides the rare chewed high-heel or missing piece of bacon from your Christmas brunch plate, Fido has been good all year long, right?

    And while you’re shopping for your pup, don’t forget to pick out a few things for yourself or gifts for the other dog lovers in your life. We love anything that has to do with our furry friends and we know there are others out there that feel the same way we do! Check out the cutest dog Christmas stockings right here—and don’t forget to start brainstorming the best dog gifts too, since those stockings need stuffing, and we’re not talking about the white fluffy stuffing the ends up all over your house directly after your dog tries out a new toy.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Paw prints, soft red velvet, and your pup’s name on top check all of our the boxes for the perfect dog Christmas stocking.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    We love the minimalistic look of this burlap and linen stocking that can be personalized with your dog’s breed and name.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    If you’re looking for the perfect dog Christmas stocking to match your farmhouse style, this option is the one for you. It’s even topped off with a burlap bow!

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Your pup will go mad for plaid once he sees his name on one of these cozy-looking stockings.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Fish and bone shapes make for paw-fully adorable stockings—and a bow and name tag just add to the cuteness.

    We are delighted to be taking part in a Christmas Stocking making project.

    Our challenge is to come up with a fabulous design using some basic craft materials. Since the kids are always disappointed that we don’t get the pets any presents for Christmas, we decided to make a stocking and some home-made dog biscuits for our lovely Labrador Sophie.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    How to Make a Christmas Stocking for your dog

    To make our Christmas stocking we used:

    • Open weave Jute
    • Iron on lining fabric
    • Pieces of Felt
    • Ribbon

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    We started by finding a Labrador image to use as a template, and cut it, and some bone shapes out of some black and white felt.

    We also cut a piece to trim our stocking and paired it with a pretty length of lace ribbon.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    The Jute we chose has a beautiful open weave, so we used an iron-on lining fabric to stabilise it. This should minimise it fraying and losing its shape, once cut.

    We marked out our stocking shapes (making sure they were mirror images), and cut them out.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Before sewing the two stocking pieces together, we checked how all our embellishments looked, and positioned them where we wanted them all to be.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Once happy with our arrangement we sewed all the felt pieces onto our stocking by hand.

    Then machine sewed our two stocking sides together with the lining facing out so that we would get a neat finish when we turned out stocking the right way around.

    How to Make Homemade Dog Biscuits

    Once we finished our stocking, it was time to fill it. We decided we would make some lovely homemade dog biscuits to stuff inside. We used.

    • 3 cups Oats
    • 2 ripe Bananas
    • 1 cup Peanut Butter

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    We ground the oats in our spice mill and combined them with the mashed bananas and peanut butter into biscuit dough.

    We rolled it out and cut out bone shapes.

    We wanted our biscuits to be hard and crunchy, so we gave them ten mins at about 180 C and then reduced the heat down to about 130 C and gave them another 30 minutes.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    We had lots of fun designing and making our Christmas dog stocking. Sophie appears delighted to have one of her own finally and seems determined not to take her eyes off it!

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    For more Christmas craft inspiration check out our wonderful Succulent Christmas Tree and Colourful, Recycled Gift Bows.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Ten top tips for Making a Gingerbread House.
    How to Make a Fairy House in a Gourd

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    Sophie is such a beauty. And the stocking looks absolutely so pretty and I am sure Sophie loved the stocking and the dog biscuits you gave her. The recipe seems to be delicious. Hope you keep posting more.

    Thanks for your kind comments Evelyn 🙂

    Well she must have really loved it…lol Mine gets belly ache from bananas, says what is that? I’m not eating it! to peanut butter. But he gets his own home made treats. Free from wheat and dairy (along with a few other things that upset the tum) He gets a tuna flatbread, chopped up and frozen, then defrosted as needed. Vegan cheese biscuits, and I blitz mince and cooked rice and bake in the oven. Also freeze and defrost as needed.
    This Christmas I made the effort to treat him, as I found out he steals your presents from under the tree (just as well he’s a midget). I made him a new tweed harness and wrapped one of the mice treats, so 2 presents under the tree in the morning for him. He was straight for the treat and ripped the paper off, when he’d eaten that he went for the new harness and opened that….lol no help allowed.

    Forgot to say make sure that your peanut butter does not contain XYLITOL as it is toxic to dogs.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas


    • Empty 2-liter soda bottle
    • X-Acto or craft knife
    • Christmas fabric ½ yard
    • Tape
    • Glue gun and glue sticks
    • Fabric scissors
    • Fur trim
    • Burlap ribbon 1” wide
    • Foam core or cardboard
    • Marker
    • Ruler or tape measure
    • Christmas embellishments
    • Goodies to fill the stockings with.


    1. Cut your fabric into a piece measuring 22” x 8”

    2. Cut your burlap ribbon at 22”

    3. Remove the label from your empty 2-liter bottle and make sure that you rinse it out so it’s not sticky.

    4. From the bottom of the bottle, measure up 2.5”. Mark this all the way around your bottle.

    5. Insert your craft knife where you marked the bottle and cut all the way around, so you are left with two pieces. Set the bottom piece aside.

    6. Measure 5 inches up on the larger piece and mark it with a marker.

    7. Cut this all the way around in the same manner. Save the large cylinder from the middle section and discard the top section.

    8. On your foam core or cardboard, set the large piece down and set the bottom piece upside down in front of it. This will make the bottom of your stocking or boot.

    9. Take a marker and trace around both pieces.

    10. Remove both pieces from the foam core and cut out the marked areas with an X-Acto knife or craft knife.

    11. Set the 2 bottle pieces back on the cut-out foam core piece and attach the bottle to the foam core with pieces of tape, secure it from the bottle sides down under the bottom of the foam core.

    12. Take the fabric and center it in front of the stocking. Wrap this around and secure at the back of the boot with hot glue.

    13. Go back around the bottom of the boot and secure in several places with hot glue.

    14. Fold the front of fabric over the boot and secure with hot glue.

    15. Fold the top of the fabric in the boot.

    16. Take the piece of burlap ribbon and glue it around the bottom of the boot and secure in the back with hot glue.

    17. Take the fur trim and fold it over the top of the boot. Secure with hot glue.

    18. Add Christmas embellishments to the front of the stocking.

    19. Fill your stocking with treats and enjoy!

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    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

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    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

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    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Updated Stockings with Free Tutorial

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    Product Info

    Crazy Crinkle stocking features shreddable fluff detailing, and houses three lumps of coal that are stuffed with fluff and classic squeakers.

    Stocking: 8.5” x 7”
    Coal: 2.5″

    Stupendous Feature

    Multipart Toy! More toys, more fun.



    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

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    These are perfect for gift-giving or making for your own holiday decor.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    Whether you’re a crocheting newbie, or an old hand at making magic with needles and hooks, you know there’s nothing quite like creating holiday craft projects for your loved ones. And that especially goes for the decor that “gets hung by the chimney with care,” which is why we’ve collected the very best crochet Christmas stocking patterns here. For many, personalized Christmas stockings are prized possessions, enjoyed over the years – and that’s especially true if they were handmade by beloved family members, like you. So cuddle up on the couch, pull out the crocheting supplies, turn on a playlist of the best Christmas songs and pick your favorites out of the patterns we’ve found for you.

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    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    A stocking is meant to be filled with treats, and these jumbo stockings make room for lots of fun stocking stuffers!

    Get the tutorial at Sewrella.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    This simple, yet modern, stocking is the understated touch your mantel needs this Christmas.

    Get the tutorial at Pattern Paradise.

    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

    This stocking looks so warm, we wish we could wear it! Use your favorite colors for these stockings, and don’t forget the fluffy pom-poms.

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    How to fill a dog's stocking for christmas

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