How to find your way in deep forest

When you’re lost in the deep forest, it’s helpful to have a guide. This 200-word guide will help you find your way back home.

What are some tips for finding your way in a deep forest?

  1. Use a map to help orient yourself.
  2. Take your time walking through the forest, paying close attention to your surroundings and the sound of your footsteps.
  3. Avoid staying in one place for too long, as this can lead to getting lost.
  4. Use natural landmarks to guide you back home if you do get lost; for example, look for tall trees or streams that stand out from the rest of the trees nearby.

How can you map out a deep Forest so you don’t get lost?

  1. Use a map with landmarks to orient yourself while hiking in the forest.
  2. Make sure you have a compass and know how to use it, as well as an emergency whistle or flashlight if you get lost in the dark.
  3. Plan your route ahead of time so that you don’t walk too far into the forest before finding a spot to rest for the night.
  4. Always stay aware of your surroundings and be cautious when crossing streams or climbing steep slopes; sudden changes in elevation could put you at risk of losing your way again if you’re not careful.

What are some dangers of getting lost in a deep forest?

The dangers of getting lost in a deep forest are many and varied. In wild areas, dense woodlands and underbrush can provide relative safety from weather conditions, but can also limit visibility and create confusing paths. The unfamiliarity of the surroundings can lead to panic if not properly prepared for an emergency. Additionally, there is the risk of becoming prey for animals such as bears or wolves that inhabit these forests.

How can you stay safe while searching for your way in a deep Forest?

When hiking in a forest, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and know how to stay safe. Follow these tips to stay safe while hiking deep in the woods:

  1. Use a map and compass if you are lost. Maps can help you find your way back out, and compasses can help you orient yourself in the forest. If you become lost, follow basic safety guidelines such as remaining calm, staying hidden if possible, and seeking assistance from someone who knows the area.
  2. Pay attention to Fallen Trees or Branches: When trees fall in forests, they can create dangerous hazards for hikers below them. Stay away from fallen trees or branches that could fall on you or trap you underneath them. If there is a risk of falling debris, make sure to use an emergency whistle if necessary to signal for help and stay clear of the hazard until help arrives.
  3. Beware Of Wildlife: Bears are common inhabitants of forests and should be treated with caution by all hikers regardless of experience level or familiarity with wildlife behavior patterns.

What should you do if you’re lost in a deep Forest and can’t find your way out?

If you’re lost in a deep forest and can’t find your way out, the best thing to do is to stay calm and assess the situation. You may need to try different routes until you find one that leads out. If you’re absolutely certain that you won’t be able to find your way back, it’s best to call for help from someone who knows the area.

Is it possible to find your way out of a deep Forest on your own?

The short answer is: probably not. If you’re lost in a forest, the best course of action is to follow the sounds of life – animals, people, cars – and hope that you stumble onto civilization sooner rather than later. But if you find yourself lost and can’t see any sign of help nearby, there are some things you can do to orient yourself and get back on track.

First, take stock of your surroundings. What does the terrain look like around you? Do you see any obvious features (a river or a clearing) that could lead you out? Once you have an idea of what’s around you, start scanning for clues as to how best to navigate your way out. Are there any tall trees nearby that might provide shade from the sun? Are there other landmarks (a hill or a building) that could guide your path? Once you’ve identified potential landmarks and collected any helpful information about their location (like directions), make a map using whatever materials are available to help visualize where you are in relation to those items. Finally, use this map as a reference point while trying to figure out where else in the forest may be worth exploring in order to try and find an exit route.

What is the best way to find your way out of a deep Forest if you’re lost?

The best way to find your way out of a deep Forest if you’re lost is by following the sounds of animals, the sun, and your own footsteps. If you can’t find any noise or sunlight coming through the trees, it’s time to turn back and try another route.

How to find your way in deep forestThe best tool needed for survival in the event you get lost outdoors is your skill of advanced planning. You must expect the unexpected and plan accordingly. Even if you are going out for just a few hours, pack enough essentials that you can stay hydrated, fueled and prepared for any type of weather.

Your essentials should include at least:

  • More than enough food and water for the activity you plan.
  • A compass that you know how to use. You may want a GPS device, but those sometimes do not receive a signal or the battery fails. Cell phones also likely will not work because of a lack of signal.
  • Appropriate maps. Study the terrain and your planned route. Know where you are going and how you will return.
  • Sturdy hiking boots, clothes that you can layer depending on the weather conditions and additional socks in case the ones you are wearing get wet.
  • A blanket, flashlight, matches kept in a water-resistant container, and other items that will help you survive overnight if necessary.
  • Check with the local ranger district or forest office for special warnings, such as fires in the area, bear sightings, flooding, trail or road closures, etc.

It’s also important that once you have planned your outing, tell someone. Give them exact details of where you are going, the trail you plan to follow, when you will return, the vehicle you are driving (and where you plan to park) and how many people will go with you – do not go alone.

If you do become lost your most important tool is keeping a positive mental attitude.

How to find your way in deep forestS top:

  • As soon as you realize you may be lost: stop, stay calm, stay put. Panic is your greatest enemy.

T hink:

  • Go over in your mind how you got to where you are. What landmarks should you be able to see? Do not move at all until you have a specific reason to take a step.

O bserve:

  • Get out your compass and determine the directions based on where you are standing. Do not walk aimlessly.
  • If you are on a trail, stay on it. All trails are marked with signs (where intersections meet) and with diamond blazers or markers. However, signs are sometimes vandalized or stolen.
  • As a very last resort, follow a drainage or stream downhill. This is often a difficult path but could lead to a trail or road. Again, this could be very dangerous.

P lan:

  • Based on your thinking and observations, come up with some possible plans, think them through then act on one of them.
  • If you are not very, very confident in the route, then it’s always better to stay put.
  • If it’s nightfall, you are injured or you are near exhaustion, stay in place.

Self-rescue tips:

If after careful planning and consideration you decide that you should try to rescue yourself, here are some tips to remember:

  • Stop and rest when you start to feel tired. Don’t wait until you are exhausted.
  • Your body can’t hike hard and digest food at the same time. Rest in the shade for at least 30 minutes when you stop to eat. If you are still tired after 30 minutes, continue to rest.
  • Make sure to drink enough water to avoid dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration could include thirst; dry/sticky mouth; not urinating very much or dark yellow urine; dry, cool skin; headache; muscle cramps.
  • Stop and fix small problems while they are still small. If you ignore your body and keep pushing, the pain or illness will only get worse and make recovery more difficult.
  • Avoid hiking between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on hot days. If you are on a trail between those hours, find a shady spot and stay there until the temperature cools down. Adjust your hiking pace to one you can comfortably maintain and rest when you feel the need.

Remember: You are responsible for your own safety and for the safety of those around you.

How to find your way in deep forest

Our friends at Forest Holidays love the forest just as much as we do. They know that when people and nature connect, good things happen. The forest is much more than a place. it’s a feeling.

Here’s five feelings we can help you experience in the forest. Plus, if you can’t make it to a forest near you, we’re still helping you find your forest feeling at home.

1. Awe

The forest can create such an incredible sense of awe. Use your eyes and ears to awaken your senses. Listening to the sounds of nature is a magical experience and you only have to look up to feel a sense of amazement.

Soaking up the night sky on a Forest Holiday and simply gazing at the stars is one of our favourite ways to get this feeling. Sit in silence admiring your surroundings (from a lounge-chair or a hot tub!), and download our beginners guide to stargazing to keep the kids occupied while you do.

How to find your way in deep forest

How to find your way in deep forest

2. Calm

Simply spending time in the forest is a natural therapy. Forest Bathing invites people of all ages to breathe deeply, learn techniques and find meaningful connections with the forest. Immerse yourself and let us guide you and calm your senses in a busy world. Research shows that you can find a much deeper sense of peace while in the forest and calmer forest feeling.

Take a guided walk with Forest Holidays and experience the serenity of a shared tea ceremony. You’ll feel rested, restored, recharged and relaxed. If you’re unable to get to the forest, why not check out our virtual forest bathing gallery.

3. Excitement

Get your adrenaline pumping in the forest, and discover new ways to explore as a whole family. Why not get a unique view whilst swinging through the trees at Go Ape ? Tricky crossings, wobbly bridges, and brilliant zip wires await you.

Whether your group is made up of seasoned adventurers, those feeling slightly nervous or a mixture of the two, you can take to the canopy together and have the time of your lives.

There’s normally a Go Ape on the doorstep of every Forest Holidays location, or within a short drive.

How to find your way in deep forest

How to find your way in deep forest

4. Curiosity

Discover the secrets of the forest by spending time with a Forest Ranger. They’ll spark your curiosity and bring the forest to life through searching for mini-beasts, uncovering animal tracks and teaching you some fantastic forest facts.

We don’t forget about adults. Forest Rangers can help you reignite your connection with the forest and experience that sense of nostalgia rooted in childhood memory.

5. Inspiration

Disconnect from the digital world. Don’t refresh your social media feeds, refresh your mind instead. On your next visit, why not leave your device at home and enjoy meaningful family time in nature. This is a simple step you can take to help re-wild your brain and seek inspiration from your surroundings.

Consider making a tribute to trees in the form of a story or poem. The creativity that forests provide is second to none.

How to find your way in deep forest

Discover more with Forest Holidays

Is the forest your home away from home? There are lots of places to stay in the UK, but only one where you can sleep under the stars and amongst the trees.

Forest Holidays’ cosy cabin locations offer just that. They’re crafted in harmony with the forest and tucked away in some of the most beautiful corners of the country.

The forest is your playground. It’s a place full of wonder, just waiting to be discovered. That’s the beauty of Forest Holidays. They’ll give you a helping hand to get you closer to nature, and find your forest feeling.

Keep exploring.

How to find your way in deep forest

Forest Holidays

Sleep under the stars in a cosy cabin that feels like home. Hunker down in the heart of the wilderness with cabins that are deep cleaned and ready to offer you a well-deserved change of scenery.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Lost Woods is an optional area that leads you to the Korok Forest, which contains some important characters and items you’ll want to pay a visit.

As well as a place to trade your Korok Seeds, the village is also where you find the Master Sword, the most legendary weapon in Zelda series history.

But, again, it’s easily missable, and the way to the Korok Forest is not straightforward. You have to brave the Lost Woods, which is a confusing maze that’ll easily see you get lost – unless you know the way, which is where we come in.

If you’re after help for parts of the game, consult our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and guide.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Switch vs Wii U Comparison + Frame Rate Test

How to get to the Lost Woods

The Lost Woods is within the Woodland Tower region, which is directly north of Hyrule Castle, or alternatively, north of Lanayru Wetlands (which itself is north of Kakariko Village).

It’s not essential, we recommend activating the Woodland Tower to help flesh out your map and guide you for where you need to go.

How to find your way in deep forest

From the Woodland Tower, take the road to the east and head north until you come across the Lost Woods on-screen introduction and are teleported to a new, foggy area – which means you’re in the right place.

How to find your way in deep forest Here’s Woodland Tower to the west.

Lost Woods directions to Korok Forest

Not unlike previous games in the series, the Lost Woods is a self contained maze that will teleport you back if you take the wrong turn.

When you start, go through the archway and you’ll spot a torch, which initially act as your guide through the Lost Woods. Turn to the right (north), and you’ll see another two in the distance. Head in that direction to the furthest one.

How to find your way in deep forest

At the furthest torch, and there’s another two to the left (west), which you should follow. At the last one, turn left again (south) and you’ll see one more. Head there.

How to find your way in deep forest

From this torch, there’s seemingly no other torches around. Go right here (or west) and keep walking, you’ll soon come to a pair to torches by some large trees.

How to find your way in deep forest

Pick up the handheld torch resting against one of the pair, and head into the large tree in the middle for a chest with a Forest Dweller’s Spear while you’re here too.

There are no torches ahead, so things get a lot more confusing. However, if you light the handheld torch, the way the embers fall give you a clue as to where to go (thanks to commenter dinosaurpants for the tip!)

Here’s the directions – start by heading south west through the two trees, the left most one with a branch that looks like a claw pointing down:

How to find your way in deep forest

Continue in that direction past 3-4 rows of trees, then head west. You’ll quickly pass a tree that looks like it has a wide evil-looking grin across it. Though there are a lot of these in the forest, this one will be facing you like so:

How to find your way in deep forest

Here, go north, past another one of those evil grin trees looking at you from the right, and in a few paces you’ll come to a slightly more open area:

How to find your way in deep forest

Go through this open clearing north east, past another evil looking tree on your right – your Shrine Nearby gauge will go off to tell you you’re in the right direction – and keep going.

How to find your way in deep forest

If you look at the mini-map, you’ll see a proper clearing over to the east. Keep going and you’ll find it – a valley of rock that’ll then take you to Korok Forest.

How to find your way in deep forest

Thanks to a new update, it’s now possible to play Zelda Breath of the Wild in VR. Want help with the main game? Our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough can help complete Divine Beasts Vah Ruta, Vah Rudiana, Vah Medoh and Vah Naboris and more. There’s also how to get the Master Sword, Hylian Shield and all Zelda Captured Memories and Great Fairy Fountain locations, while our Shrines locations and Shrine maps hub explains where to find and solve every puzzle room, including dragon locations and Labyrinth solutions. We also have a DLC 1 guide and DLC 2 guide, including all Tingle, Majora’s Mask, Phantom, Midna outfit locations.

What to do in Korok Forest

There are a number of things to see and do in Korok Forest:

  • Speak to Hestu on the right as soon as you enter to trade in any Korok Seeds you’ve discovered on your travels to expand your inventory slots.
  • Speak to Chio in front of the large central tree to undertake the Korok Trials. But before that you must.
  • Find the Master Sword. There is a prerequisite before you can get it, but pay it a visit while you’re here regardless.
  • Head inside the large central tree into the Great Deku Tree’s Navel, where there’s a shopkeeper with items to buy and a place to rest.
  • There is the Keo Ruug Shrine, located on the east side of the central tree. It’s worth visiting this before you leave even if you don’t want to solve it to get a Korok Forest fast travel point so you don’t have to brave the Lost Woods a second time.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an enormous open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and Wii U. This guide and walkthrough will show you everything you need to know from the locations and solutions for every shrine to Captured Memories, the best meal in the game, The Master Trials DLC and more.

Getting to Korok Forest is an adventure all on it’s own, but there is a lot to do once you get there. The problem is, you’re deep in the forest and everything looks the same. Also, your map is basically useless. But, just like Breath of the Wild’s shrines, that’s what we’re here for.

When first you make your way through the Lost Woods, the most obvious landmark you’ll see — probably the first thing you see, really — is the Master Sword. (You can check out our Master Sword guide to learn how to claim it.) The Master Sword is important enough — and central enough — that we’ve centered the map on it.

A map of the Lost Woods

Once you have pulled the sword from the stone, you’ll open up the rest of Korok Forest. Before anything else, though, the most important landmark is Keo Ruug shrine which is around the Great Deku Tree’s trunk to the northeast. Getting this shrine unlocked is going to be your fastest way to come back to Korok Forest.

If you head directly east of the Master Sword stone (straight south of the shrine), you’ll find Hestu — assuming he’s found his way home by the time you get here.

Looking to the north from the Master Sword, you’ll see a korok named Chio who will start you on “The Korok Trials” side quest. The three sub/side/shrine quests he sends you on are easiest to find your way to if you start at the Master Sword stone and follow the vague paths marked by seedpod-streelights.

  • Head pretty much straight southwest and follow the trail to find Zooki and start the “Trial of Second Sight” shrine quest.
  • To the northwest, the path will lead you to Tasho where you can start “The Lost Pilgimage” shrine quest.
  • Go east past Hestu, then turn northeast to find Damia and start “The Test of Wood” shrine quest.

From the Master Sword north past Chio, up a root ramp and into the trunk of the Great Deku Tree to find the standard village amenities. Directly in the center of the hollow is a cooking fire. To your right is the general store with food and arrows, and ahead of you is the Spore Store with its variety of mushrooms. Just to the left of that is a Goddess statue where you can trade in your spirit orbs, and to the left of that is an inn.

We look after Scotland's national forests for you. Ready to find your new favourite place?

How to find your way in deep forest

How to find your way in deep forest

How to find your way in deep forest

Learning and resources

There’s so much to learn about the world around us. Dig into our learning resources to discover more about Scotland’s natural heritage and the work we do to preserve it.

Latest from our blog

Need some inspiration? Read on for recommendations, fun facts and more.

How to find your way in deep forest

Friday, 08 April 2022

We have a range of all-abilities trails that generally have a uniform surface, are wider, and are marked with easy-to-follow signage. Our al.

How to find your way in deep forest

Tuesday, 05 April 2022

Scotland’s forests are facing new threats from pests, diseases and a changing climate. In this article, we discuss what we’re doing to prepare our.

How to find your way in deep forest

Monday, 28 March 2022

The breadth of work we undertake at Forestry and Land Scotland is immense. From planting and felling trees to habitat restoration, recreation faciliti.

How to find your way in deep forest

Tuesday, 01 March 2022

Recently we delved into the process of collecting seeds to grow our trees. With 25 million trees planted in our forests every year, we need a lot of s.

View an interactive map of all of Scotland’s national forests and land.

See what we're doing to mitigate the effect of the Climate Emergency.

How to find your way in deep forest

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How to find your way in deep forest

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We deliberately refrain from selling wall paints online, because buying locally and on site simply makes more sense, not least for ecological reasons. Colours are liquids and as such quite heavy. Transporting paint by parcel service only causes unnecessary environmental pollution.

A mysterious peace seems to descend over the forest on non-woven wallpaper “Deep Forest”, as if at dusk. And there is so much to discover in the twilight: owls and foxes venture out, a family of bears sits in the grass, rabbits and squirrels scurry through the undergrowth. This children’s room wallpaper lets little nature explorers dream of their next expedition deep into the forest.

  • Good lightfastness
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How to find your way in deep forest

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Traveling on a sleigh pulled by reindeer is a very old way of traveling in Lapland. This traditional mode of transport brings you closer to the beautiful peacefulness of the forest. During this trip we will go on about 3 km ride through the snowy forest in the sleigh pulled by reindeer. Here in the beautiful nature nearby Rovaniemi, you will meet real reindeer herders, who will tell you about their way of life hand in hand with nature. There are many great possibilities for taking photos during this tour. One can also feed the reindeer their favourite snacks. Warm drinks with a pastry are served indoors, while you listen to interesting stories about reindeer herding and wilderness life in Lapland.

The transfer from Rovaniemi central area takes about 30 minutes one way, you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside during the way. Program duration is approximately 3 hours including transfers.

How to find your way in deep forest

How to find your way in deep forest

How to find your way in deep forest

Additional information for individual travellers

Find our full terms and conditions including cancellation policy here.

All tours listed are for a minimum of 2 persons paying a full (adult) price, unless mentioned otherwise.


  • The prices include all described activities, services and equipment.
  • Some of the products include in winter season a thermal overall, boots, gloves and woolen socks, in snowmobile safaris also helmet and balaclava. This is mentioned in product info.
  • Please note: in winter time you always need to have winter outfit for all programs.


  • Guidance is in English, other languages are available on request basis with a possible supplement of 39 € per hour through Monday to Saturday and 55 € per hour on Sundays or bank holidays.


  • The driver of a snowmobile has to be at least 15 years old and hold a valid driving license – A1, T, A or B category (please check that it is valid in Finland). For all snowmobile tours we ask you to take your driving license with you. Also a copy or photo is suitable.
  • Please note that it is strictly prohibited to drive a snowmobile under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • The starting point for the safari is stated in the booking confirmation.
  • The snowmobile driver is held liable for any damages caused to the snowmobile. The driver is held liable for a flat rate of 900 € per person in case of an accident. For our shorter snowmobile tours it is possible for the driver to purchase an insurance from Wild Nordic for 15 € per person (subject to change as advised by Wild Nordic), which reduces the maximum liability to 150 € per person.


  • Northern lights are a natural occurrence and we are unable to guarantee activity, vibrancy or the colour on the evening of the tour.
  • Northern lights flight: you need to bring with you your passport and voucher to present, if requested, to your guide.


  • For hiking based activities a reasonable level of fitness is recommended.


  • All safaris start and end at Wild Nordic Safari Center office (Joulupukintie 1) located next to Santa Claus Village. The starting point for the safari is stated in the booking confirmation.
  • Most of the tours include a transfer from the main accommodations in the central area of Rovaniemi. Customers shall wait for their pick-up at the given meeting time and point notified by Wild Nordic. All the pick-up times are subject to a 15-minute difference depending on the other participants joining the tours.
  • For the tours ending at the Wild Nordic Safari Center, located next to the Santa Claus Village, you can always skip the return transfer if you wish to visit Santa Claus.
  • All safaris start and end at in the centre of Levi at the address Myllyjoentie 2. The starting point for the safari is stated in the booking confirmation.

If you have additional questions, please check our FAQ page – it gives a quick overview about the questions we are asked most frequently. If you can’t find your answer there, feel free to contact us!

The operator reserves the right to make alterations to the programs, price, duration or form of transportation without prior warning. This is also applied to changes in programs due to weather conditions.

hi. i find my self quiting games often becuase i get lost in forests for long peroids of time.

before i studied the map. i got lost in a forest for well over an hour. not very fun.. moving at snail space for an hour.. hurting my fingers. as my charitor constaly crys for sleep.

after studying the maps its not as bad. but i still quit the game yesterday out of sheer bordom and near anger over being stuck in the woods for 30 minuts, its horifcily dull, a true nightmare.

please. figure out some basic way for noobs or poorley equipt players to find there way out of forests.

in real life.. with a better view. real life awareness. and not being forced to move at horendesly slow speed. this would not be so much of an issue. i might even be able to just look and tell its not a deep forest.. were it may lead out. back tracking is more easy. and i can move at a much faster pace then the game.

in my oppion. this is the worst part of the game. i have quite so many times due to this. and it makes me nearly angry.

please. do something to help ease this. at least give us more line of sight.. alot more. faster speed. a directional indicator (i know lame). something. something so that a new player.. or an experianced player. or a badly equpit player. wont get lost nearly so easy in woods and forests.

if this was my town. id know the woods already. if it was real life, it be much more easy. but this games mechcincs in the woods is pushing me away from the game hardcore. at least give me something.

i know i can avoid the woods. but they make up a large area of the game. please do something! speed up the pace, line of sight. give me a dirrecion.

i know there are maps in game ( i think). but that does not help a new player when u have to find it first.

The QUIET T-shirt states the words we seek to live by. A classic simple Danish Design in our Stone color way with a minimalistic “Slow Down” embroidered on the chest to remind you not to rush through life. Experience the people around you. Escape into the wild. Enjoy Nature. The Organic Cotton and minimalistic design makes it perfect for every situation. Wear this t-shirt with your favorite pants and sneakers. Slow down – Go offline.

  • Classic T-shirt
  • Deep Forest
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  • Made in Portugal
  • Machine Wash 30° (Do Not Tumble)
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About forét

The fit is true to size.
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Forét was created in the soil of our love and respect for Nature. With our mantra of slowing down with Nature, we strive to participate and contribute to making the change. The industry is in need of a change; therefore, we keep a close eye on all aspects of our business and try to develop our self and forét in the most responsible way, while still providing slow goods for your journey.

Join our journey towards a responsible industry and a sustainable tomorrow.

Back in 2014 two childhood friends wanted to create a brand that inspires the everyday person to slow down and go offline; using their eye for detail and design simplicity.

While reminiscing about their Danish childhood outdoor adventures, they had a simple idea to provide timeless designs and easy-to-wear essentials for the journey using high-quality fabrics and comfortable silhouettes.