How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

IRL makeup rarely, if ever, translates to pictures.

When your makeup looks bomb af but you can't get any good selfies

It’s because the flash and lens you’re using totally change how your face is seen.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

In real life, there’s nothing targeting and bouncing light off of your face, washing out your features. Plus, the human eye sees differently than the lens of a camera (obvs), which is why you look very different in the mirror versus in a picture.

BuzzFeed Life asked Regan Rabanal, senior artist at MAC Cosmetics, to show us his best

for making makeup look amazing in photos. Because hey, we take a lot of them.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

The basic fixes will help to deal with shiny or uneven skin tone, tired eyes, and unpronounced features in general.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

The basic fixes will help to deal with shiny or uneven skin tone, tired eyes, and unpronounced features in general.

The basic fixes will help to deal with shiny or uneven skin tone, tired eyes, and unpronounced features in general.

First up: foundation, concealer, and translucent powder.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

Mattifying, full-coverage base makeup will help your skin to look smooth and even, plus it will combat shininess. Using a makeup brush will help to blend the product into a natural-looking finish.

Foundation: With a foundation brush, blend foundation evenly all over clean, moisturized skin.

Concealer: “Apply your foundation first and then conceal the problem areas that still stand out. Usually, the best areas to conceal are around your nostrils, the shallow area underneath your eye and into any laugh lines. Use a minimal amount of concealer and blend well,” Rabanal says.

Translucent Powder: “Lightly sweep powder over the center of the forehead, the center of the nose, and your chin. Apply it as a final step, so you can tell where you really need it. It will remove shine,” he says.

Be honest: How many selfies are cluttering up your camera roll right now? If you're like us, then the number is probably pretty high. No judgement! It's a weird time right now, and there's no shame in snapping a selfie or 50 now and then. As participants in an increasingly digital society, there's really no avoiding being on camera whether it's to document our loungewear du jour, or to log into a virtual meeting with our teams as some of us settle into a work-from-home arrangement.

While professional photoshoots won't be happening anytime soon, the amount of on-camera interfacing we're all partaking in has reached an all-time high. All this face time has us thinking about the daily makeup habits that need to shift right now if we want to look our best in every photographic circumstance. To help, we called in makeup artist and photographer Jordan Liberty, who not only knows exactly what looks best on camera but also how to achieve it.

Ahead, check out Liberty's expert tips for putting your best face forward in photos—whether in professional pics, iPhone selfies, or when you just want to step it up for your next virtual meeting.

Cheat Code #6: Focus on Reducing Skin Texture

First and foremost, Liberty says it's all about using the right tools for smooth and flawless makeup. "I love applying skincare, foundation, and tinted moisturizer with a brushes. Fingertips can spread bacteria and oil," he points out. Lucky for us, Liberty recently collaborated with Sigma to create the 14-piece Sigma x Jordan Liberty Master Artistry Collection, which houses a brush for every single step of your skincare and makeup routine. "The fan brush was created to apply products evenly over the skin, and it's waterproof, so liquid products won't damage it over time."

"It's often thought that foundation for photography should be applied heavier, but with today's cameras, every bit of texture is amplified," Liberty says. "Try to reduce texture as much as possible with lightweight foundation formulas and blurring primers." When it comes to fluid lightweight foundations, this one by MAC is perfect for delicately evening the skin on your face, or anywhere else on your body.

Pore refinement is our top priority when it comes to primers. This one is super affordable and effective, calling in ingredients like java tea leaf, licorice root and grape seed to minimize the appearance of pores and control oil production.

Liberty even admits that there are only two complexion products he uses get the job done. "For 99% of my clients, I just use concealer and maybe a tinted moisturizer. The tint lightly evens out the overall complexion and the concealer does all the heavy lifting when applied only to darker areas," he says. This skin tint by Ilia is the consistency of a serum, and glides so smoothly over the skin, leaving it glowy and even.

For those with fine lines and wrinkles, it's extra important to use a light hand with the makeup if you want to look your best on camera. "Excess makeup gets caught in fine lines and wrinkles and instantly creases—especially concealer," Liberty warns. "Applying concealer with a fluffier brush like the Sigma x Jordan Liberty Camouflage Brush will create an airbrushed look without sacrificing coverage. It's all about smooth application to look youthful and fresh in photos." This new-ish Hourglass concealer is a favorite among makeup enthusiasts, and buffing it out with a fluffy brush as described by Liberty will only make it look that much more flawless on the skin.

The takeaways: Less is more! Prioritize a blurring primer, lightweight foundation, or tinted moisturizer and concealer buffed out with a fluffy brush.

Cheat Code #5: Use Highlighter and Blush Instead of a Heavy Contour

"Contouring can be aging," Liberty says plainly. "By hollowing out the cheeks, it can enhance the appearance of density loss. Opt for fresher peachy-toned blushes and clever highlighting to lift the face in a more natural way."

"I love my Sigma Blush Palette on set," Liberty says. "It has a range of colors to sculpt and enhance the cheeks without ever appearing too heavy. It's about wearable, bright colors on camera."

The takeaway: Don't age yourself with a heavy contour. Lift and sculpt the face with strategic highlighter placement and peachy-tones blush instead.

Cheat Code #5: Re-Think Your Skin Prep

Of all the pro tips we hear over and over, the most persistent is that skincare is the key to flawless makeup application. "I recently shared one of my signature techniques on YouTube (and then it went viral on TikTok)," Liberty tells us. "Apply your moisturizer and SPF, then a dusting of translucent powder, setting spray, and then apply primer, foundation, and concealer as usual."

If you think this method sounds a little backward, that's because it is. "It sounds weird, but it works! Setting your makeup before applying keeps it on longer and makes it look smoother without the need to bake your skin, which adds texture and dulls the complexion," Liberty explains. See the

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

It is family photo season and today I am sharing how to apply makeup for photos. Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and wondered why looked washed out, or like you are not wearing any makeup at all? In this blog post, I share my best makeup tips for family photos and a step-by-step makeup tutorial for looking camera ready, including the best foundation tips for photos. Whether it is a headshot or family photos, these tips and products will help you looking your best.


The first thing to keep in mind is that makeup for pictures is very different than your regular, everyday makeup. You can wear A LOT of makeup and have it look very natural in photos. On the other hand, if you wear your regular everyday makeup, it can look washed out and like you are not wearing any at all. There is definitely a balance to getting it right. You want to “amp” up your regular makeup and there are a few tricks to help you achieve this.

*PRO TIP: Set aside enough time to do this. There are extra steps involved and it will take longer than usual.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos


For a flawless looking complexion, you want to make sure your perfect your base. This means prepping your skin for makeup. I recommend dermaplaning the day before. It is an easy process that can be done at home. Next, apply a good primer and let it soak in before doing anything else. I recommend applying primer and then moving on to your eye makeup. For photos, I use a full coverage base. My recommendation is to use a base that you know works well with your skin and apply it in thin layers with a damp beauty blender. I share my best tips for making makeup last here.


This is where we will go the extra mile to make sure your eyes really pop. I share a complete tutorial for this look in my Instagram stories. Choose colors that complement your eye color. For my blue eyes, that would be gold and bronze tones. I also recommend amping up your liner and lashes and adding some flasies to really make your eyes pop. They look very natural in photos and really add oomph. It is easier to do than you think. Just give yourself enough time and don’t rush it. Here is a color chart to help you figure it out:

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos


Also, let’s not forget the eyebrows. They are the picture frame to your face and need to be filled in in and defined to balance out the rest of your makeup. Again, this is the one occasion where you can be a bit more dramatic than usual, as it will look very natural in photos.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos


After evening out your kintone with foundation, your face tends to look flat. Generally I am not a huge fan of contouring, but in photos, it becomes really important to take the extra time to contour, highlight and add blush to put some definition back into your face.


How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

Wearing a nude lip color is a big no-no for photography. It can really wash you out in photos and make you look dead. That being said, if you don’t feel comfortable with a bright, bold lip, you can still wear a more neutral tone. Just make sure to stay away from anything muted. It needs to be a clear color that is darker than your normal lip color, if you ar are a neutral gal. I love these Maybelline Lip pencils for photos, as they last, are easy to apply and feel comfortable on the lips. There is one is every shade range. I filmed a whole tutorial for this look over on Instagram and you can watch it here:

As a beauty influencer, taking photos is a huge part of my day-to-day job duties. Over the years of my blogging hobby-turned-carreer, I have accumulated my go-to equipment to help me get the best pictures of my makeup looks. But to be honest, sometimes it’s just easier to use my phone.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

I often tell beginners who want to get into beauty blogging that you don’t necessarily need top-of-the-line gear to get started. With the quality of modern smartphone cameras, you can get stunning shots without additional investment… as long as you know a few insider tricks.

Keep reading to discover my best tips for taking better makeup photos for Instagram with your phone.

1. Lighting is Key

The biggest thing you’ll need to get right in terms of taking great makeup photos is lighting. Lighting plays a huge part in translating color and details in photos that will make your picture pop when scrolling through the feed. I always suggest using natural lighting first, facing a window. This will give your photo the most realistic looking colors, which is super important for makeup looks.

But of course, sometimes natural lighting isn’t readily available, whether it’s a gloomy day, or you want to capture your night-out look. Don’t worry— you still have options! Affordable clip-on selfie ring lights can give your lighting a boost, evenly illuminating your face. If you don’t want to carry around an external light, there are also phone cases with built-in lighting like the ones from Lumee. This way, you’re photo-ready with just a touch of a button.

2. Back Camera is Better

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

No matter what model phone you have, chances are the back camera (on the opposite side of your screen) is better quality than the selfie camera. I would suggest taking your makeup selfies using the back camera for the best results– especially for capturing up-close detail– but how do you make sure you’re still in frame? Set up in front of a mirror so you can see where the camera is pointing. Shooting with the back camera also helps you maintain eye contact with the lens, as you won’t be distracted by the screen. This makes for a more engaging and professional-looking photo.

3. Use a Tripod for Stable, Sharp Photos

The crispness of your phone photos is what can make them look comparable to— if not indistinguishable from— photos taken on a DSLR. Yep, that means using a selfie stick or tripod to help keep the camera stable. My favorite is this selfie stick that also doubles as a table-top tripod. It comes with a bluetooth remote so you can take hands-free photos. This is perfect for taking full-face shots, or even doing Get Ready With Me videos on Instagram live.

4. Editing Doesn’t Have to be Taboo

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

Left: Original photo / Right: Edited photo

Let’s break this misconception: editing your makeup photos doesn’t mean you’re fake. As long as you’re not drastically changing the appearance of your makeup or your facial features, editing can take your makeup selfies to the next level in a good way. There’s nothing wrong with enhancing colors to make them more “true” or getting rid of the occasional distracting blemish. In the above photo, I’ve removed a few texture spots and stray hairs on my forehead, cleared up a dark spot on my chin and lightened up a shadow under my nose. The photo looks cleaner, but not super altered or fake.

If you want to edit your makeup selfies, here are the my favorite apps to do it with:

    : As someone who uses photoshop for my blog, Photoshop fix is like having a lite version for your phone. It has a lot of the same features that give you a lot of control over colors, details, brightness and more. : For those of you who aren’t familiar with photoshop, Facetune might be a more straightforward way to edit your makeup selfies. Get rid of blemishes, touch up your makeup and smooth your skin. : I like the VSCO filters way better than the built-in Instagram looks, because there is more variety and they seem to maintain the details of the photo better.

5. Test Different Angles & Poses

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

Taking your photo at several angles can highlight different aspects of your makeup. I always tilt my head slightly downward in the direction of my light source if I want my highlight to pop. If I’m wearing a cut crease eyeshadow look, shooting from slightly below will show off more of the detail. For eye photos, making eye contact with the camera will accentuate your lashes while looking out of frame will show more of your eyeshadow. Don’t feel silly taking multiple versions of the same look. Personally, I could end up with 50 versions before I get the one I actually post on Instagram.

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How many selfies do you take before getting that one shot you’re happy with? It’s likely that you have taken dozens (no worries, we have as well), and your selfie will go through a couple of rounds of editing (sometimes using multiple apps) before you deem it worthy to publish. Taking and editing the perfect selfie doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process.

You don’t even need multiple apps to edit your selfie to perfection. The photo and video editing app Instasize can function as a makeup photo editor, having features that will turn a so-so selfie into something you can’t wait to post.

But first, how do you take a great selfie?

    Natural Lighting

A plain background will draw the attention to YOU, and quite frankly, where else should that attention be. ;)If you’re taking a selfie inside your room or somewhere else, make sure anything that’s within frame looks just as neat and presentable as you are.

How To Edit Your Selfies To Perfection with Instasize

There’s no harm with tweaking selfies to make them look even better. Editing photos can even be a fun process. Using Instasize as a selfie or makeup photo editor is fairly straightforward. Just upload your selfie on the app, open our photo editor and click on the beauty icon to begin. Instasize also offers a ton of other amazing tools you should take advantage of to get the absolute most out of your selfie. Experience a free 7 day trial of Instasize Premium.

    Crop Your Selfie

Didn’t notice an unsightly background element? No problem! You can crop your selfie according to preset ratios (the perfect size for various social media platforms) or freely crop out elements you don’t want seen.

Tap the head icon to access tools to smoothen the skin, remove blemishes, or whiten teeth. Use the sliding bar to adjust the intensity of the change. You can control how much your selfie is edited to achieve an edited look you’re comfortable with.

Tap the head icon to access tools to smoothen the skin, remove blemishes, or whiten teeth. Use the sliding bar to adjust the intensity of the change. You can control how much your selfie is edited to achieve an edited look you’re comfortable with.

You can edit to your heart’s content, but don’t overdo it! You want your selfies to look unmistakably you. Own your beauty, and the likes will follow.

Now that you have the know-how and tools to take the perfect selfie, you’ll be able to post the best version of yourself on social media!

Hi all, I'm kind of new to make up and while I have the basics down, I have a lot to learn in terms of application techniques. You all who post photos have some really beautiful looking foundation, but I am curious. does it look that natural in real life?

a) I can't figure out the best application method for my oil slick skin, I ALWAYS end up looking cakey and I'm surprised by how natural and "skin-like" all your make up looks!

b) I went to my friend's wedding recently (she's a makeup artist) and looking at her and her bridesmaids all I could think was "Oh my god, all of them are wearing WAY too much makeup. why are they so shimmery. how did she allow this. " but her pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous!

c) I tend to only notice makeup disasters when I'm out in real life. I know I'm just not noticing the good applications because they are well done, but seriously, I don't know how often I think to myself "Wow. those eyebrows are very. dark. "

So, would you wear you looks out in public? Or are they more photo shoot makeup?

EDIT: I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you! Hearing from all of you has quieted my some of my concerns. I also just wanted to mention that someone brought up not considering other people's make up "disastrous." I would never say that to a friend's face (or honestly even think that) so I should probably extend the same courtesy to strangers. It was a good insight, and I will try to embody that way of thinking in the future as well.

How to fix your makeup for great looking photos

Whether you're going full glam for a happy hour with friends or an important meeting, it's important to make sure that beat doesn't budge — that's why you should be using one of the best setting sprays. These sprays basically act as liquid cellophane for your makeup, and they're the easiest way to ensure your flawlessly applied foundation, blinding highlighter, and sharp-winged liner doesn't melt off.

But what actually is setting spray? According to Los Angeles-based cosmetic chemist Victoria Vohland, setting spray is made up of three parts: water, alcohol, and a film former. Together, these create a barrier to prevent makeup from slipping. Fun fact: It's the same chemical formula that's used in hair gel, but it's tweaked to be safer and gentle enough to use on the face. "These are very much used in long-wear makeup, especially when [brands] make claims like '12-hour-wear,'" she previously told Allure.

Using a setting spray may seem pretty simple — just spray it all over your face when you're done with your makeup, and you're done, right? Well, if you want to take your makeup expertise to the next level, New York City-based makeup artist Tommy suggests applying setting spray in a zig-zag motion, starting on the forehead and moving down to the chin. "I spritz it on the skin in distance to help rehydrate the face after applying makeup," he says.

Another tip, courtesy of makeup artist Kate Lee, who works with celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, and Emma Roberts, is to dampen a Beautyblender with the magic liquid before pressing it on the skin to smooth out dry patches or creased makeup.

With these tips in mind, here are the best makeup setting sprays on the market right now to ensure your makeup lasts all day (with a mask or just on its own), according to Allure editors and makeup artists.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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