How to fold up a pop up tent

Pop-up tents might be easy to set up, but they’re not super easy to take down. It can be very confusing to fold it back the correct way.

And after a long camping trip, the last thing you might want to do is clean and put up a tent. However, it’s very important to fold your pop-up tent the right way so that you don’t damage it in any way.

How to fold up a pop up tent

Setting up a tent after a long day of hiking can be tiring

Step 1: Clean Your Tent

You might think that this is a trivial step, but it’s actually one of the most important steps. You don’t want to pull your tent out the next time you go camping and have dirt and leaves falling out of the bag. And, if a stick gets in the folded tent, it could puncture and rip the tent.

Clear out the different debris first, and then clean the tent fabric with a wet washcloth and laundry detergent. Let the tent dry out first so that it’s doesn’t develop mold. Also, you should leave the tent door unzipped to let out the air as you’re folding the tent.

Step 2: Fold Top Poles Together

Standing on one side of the tent, take the two poles on the top of the ridges of your tent and pull them together. It’s a very simple step that doesn’t require a lot of strenuous activity. You should keep a tight grip on these two poles in one hand before moving on to the next step.

If you mess up with the next steps, remember that you can always come back to this one and start over.

Step 3: Fold Bottom Poles Together

With one hand still firmly grasping the two top poles together, grab the two poles that make the outer edges of the tent. These should be very visible to your left and right. Once you have one of the poles, pull it up and over the two top poles.

Grab the other bottom pole to do the same, and you should be holding all four poles together. Your tent should now resemble a massive taco shell.

Step 4: Put Tent On Its Side

Keep your tight grip on the four poles as you do this. Since it looks like a big taco, make one of the open sides of the taco be touching the ground. If you accidentally let one or all of them go while flipping the tent, just go back to step two so that you don’t fold the tent incorrectly.

Step 5: Fold Top Poles Into Your Back Hand

This step is the tricky one, and keep in mind that you have a new top pole because you’ve flipped the tent on its side. So, grab the top pole and push it towards your back hand. While doing this, kind of wrestle the tent to the ground. If you’re worried that you’re going to break the poles, don’t.

While the poles are lightweight, they’re also very flexible. However, don’t put your whole body weight into pushing these poles to the ground. They don’t require that much force.

Step 6: Slip Tent Halves Together

Now, your tent should look like two circles on the ground. You could say that they look like an infinity sign too. You’ll want to just slide the circles into one another to make one circle. The tent will probably be full of air at this point, so give it time to release the air.

Step 7: Put Tent In Tent Bag

You should still be holding the tent poles very tightly because the tent will spring back into tent shape if you let go. If there’s still excess air in the tent, you can press your hands and knees into the fabric to try and get the air to go down. Keeping your grip on the poles tight, slide the folded tent into its bag. And, you’re done!

Are Pop-Up Tents Better Than Regular Tents?

Pop-up tents have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, they don’t have a lot of space in them so you don’t want to try to have three adults sleep in a pop-up tent. If it’s just one person, a pop-up tent can be a great tool to have. Backpackers especially should invest in pop-up tents because they don’t require long setups and takedowns.

It only takes a second for the tent to be bedtime ready and maybe a minute to take the tent down. A quality pop-up tent can be expensive. However, it can be nice to not worry about getting your tent set up for bed when the sun is setting quickly. A pop-up tent is about $50 on Amazon. On the other hand, pop-up tents aren’t usually as heavy-duty as regular tents.

If you’re the kind of backpacker who likes to hike the backcountry, you might not want to get a pop-up tent. They don’t have as strong of material as regular tents. Also, some pop-up tents aren’t weather-proof, so you don’t want to be caught in a storm inside one of these. However, it just depends on what’s best for you as a camper.

How to fold up a pop up tent

Beach pop-up tents have a different way of being folded.

Also, there are pop-up tents that are made for camping on the beach. These tents have a different way of being taken down than regular pop-up tents do. If your pop-up tent is a special beach pop-up tent, don’t follow these steps in case it messes your tent up. If you’re more of a visual learner, here’s a video that will show you how to fold a pop-up tent!

We all know how mischievous pop up tents can be.

They’re incredibly easy to put up, but every time you go to fold one back up, it’ll either fire back out again or won’t fit back in the bag due to being incorrectly folded, causing endless frustration when packing up your camping equipment.

Well, suffer no longer! This guide will teach you how to fold your pop up tent in a few easy steps.

Folding Your Pop Up Tent: Step By Step Guide

We’ve based this guide on our Malawi tent, as this shares similar design features as traditional pop up tents.

Step 1: Unzip the door

Head to the front of your tent and unzip the front door. This allows trapped air to escape the tent which will make it easier to compress and fold. At this stage, you may also want to consider giving the tent a quick wipe down so that it isn’t dirty for the next time you use it.

Step 2: Fold from back to front

Grab the centre of the rear base pole and begin to fold upwards, until you meet the roof pole. Grab both of them together with one hand. Then, whilst holding the two poles in place, reach over and grab the front base pole and pull it upright to meet the other poles you’re currently holding, putting all of the poles now into one hand.

Step 3: Lift the tent and rotate

Lift the tent and put it on its side so that it stands vertically, keeping a hold of the tent using one of your hands.

Step 4: Pull down

With your spare hand, grab the top part of the tent and pull it down towards your feet.

Step 5: Slide rings

Now that you’ve folded the tent towards the base of your feet, you should see two circles of the tents frame slightly overlapping. Slide one ring under the other, then press down on the tent to let any of the remaining air escape. The tent should now be folded into a circular shape.

Step 6: Bag it up

Next, grab any loose elastic straps and pull them across the folded tent, allowing you to then pack away the tent in its accompanying bag.

There you have it! Your tent should now be all folded up and ready to go. If you’re still unsure on how to fold a pop up tent, you may find our video guide below easier to follow.

Folding A Pop Up Tent: Video Guide

Thanks for reading our guide on how to fold a pop-up tent. If you found this useful and want to read more posts like this, check out some of our other camping related articles.

If you do not have any ideas on how to fold a pop up tent, then it would be straightforward if you already know the trick!

As you can see, pop up tents are favored since they can be made as quick shelters.

To become a pro, you must master some techniques to do the folding in just a matter of two minutes!

Do you want to know what the steps that you must master are?

Well, all you have to do is keep on scrolling!

But before everything else, let’s understand what pop up tents are.

What Are Pop Up Tents?

These kinds of tents will only require you to put up a few pieces together so that you can cozy up comfortably quickly.

It indeed removes the frustration of sacrificing a large amount of time for the setup.

There won’t be tons of complicated steps you will follow to establish a shelter, unlike the standard camping tents.

Remember that if you want a high level of convenience, then a popup tent is the one you should purchase!

Large Dome Pop Up Tents VS. Beach Pop Up Tents

There is a significant difference between these two types of tents.

To set up each, you have to be first familiar with its characteristics before anything else.

So, large dome tents are probably the most common type of pop up tent that you can have.

It is made up of two poles across the top and bent to be anchored towards the floor on every four corners.

As for beach tents, you can see them often in a pyramid shape and only have a single central pole.

There are many variations for this lightweight tent and a straightforward one to set up.

There are also other kinds of pop up tents, but in this article, we will further discuss these two.

Steps In Folding A Large Dome Pop Up Tent

If you have a dome type of tent, then there are specific steps that you have to follow to establish effectively.

So, how to fold a pop up tent?

Here are the following:

Step #1. Clean the tent before folding

It should be common sense for all campers that a tent should be clean or shake the dirt off.

Sand and pine needles can damage your tent if you do not do some precautionary measures (though you can do the cleaning later).

It will be better to remove unwanted debris because these things may damage your tent while folded up.

Remember that you should never pack up the tent when it is moist since mold and foul smell may arise.

Step #2. Fold up the two poles together and then the bottom two bars

You have to stand beside your tent.

So that you can understand better, the poles are the ridges located on the top of the tent, which are on the left and right sides.

Grasp both of the tent poles and then pull them together and fold the bottom two bars from the outside.

It would help if you left the tent’s door open so that the air won’t be trapped inside.

Step #3. Fold the top poles towards your backhand

Hold down the four poles together and wrestle the tent to the ground to make it flat.

You do not have to worry because the poles are lightweight (in case you think that the folding will be complicated).

Step #4. Continuously press the tent and have it sealed in a bag

It is a necessary move that you must do since pop up tents tend to spring back.

For a technique, you should use your hands and knees together to release the remaining trapped air.

Finally, you can now slip and seal the tent in the bag.

Steps In Folding A Beach Pop Up Tent

I bet this folding won’t do much hassle because it would be a breeze!

The following are the easy steps that you can follow to fold up nicely a beach pop up tent:

Step #1. Shake away the debris before folding

Like the dome tent, cleaning up for possible harm is essential in doing tent folding.

This debris can be the primary factor of your tent being damaged or even torn apart.

If there are stains and you think it would consume most of your time, then you can do it later at home.

Step #2. Grasp both sides of the tent

Since beach tents are not as large as other tents and their poles are not as many as them, your job will be more comfortable.

Reach the sides and then leave the door open if it has a cover.

Step #3. Fold the sides

All you have to do is pull a specific side towards the center and then lay it flat on the ground.

If you are doing so, you must have an output that one side is over the other, and you should now have an oval-shaped tent.

Step #4. Press it down and hold it tightly

If you do this, the air should be released from the tent, and make sure that you are careful in holding it down.

Since pop up tents tend to spring back up, you have to ensure that you are pressing it securely.

After the air is all gone, seal it into its bag.

And yes! You have now folded your tent correctly!


For the final words, you must do the steps correctly because if you get the hang of it, the folding will be easy!

I hope that you had some useful knowledge on how to fold a pop up tent.

Thank you very much for reading, and good luck!

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Pop up tents are one of the most favorite tents among campers. Hiking or camping without a car can lead to a tiring arrival to the campsite and a camper desires to have a pop-up tent to set it without any hassle for a quick shelter to rest in or unpack their gears.

Click here to see a list of best tents in the world.

Many of us have a pop-up tent for its easy to set quality but still hesitant to fold it right without much effort. Here is the step by step guide for how to fold your pop-up tent smartly.

1: Fix the issues and clean it

  • The first duty of the owner is to fix any hole or tearing of the tent. Look for it carefully. After fixing the found issues clean your tent so that it can last longer and remain fit for every next expenditure. Dust or moisture can damage the tent if not cleaned or dried properly. If you are going to store it it’s better to wash it as there is a chance for debris in the folds of the tent when not washed or cleaned properly.
  • You can clean it with damp rag if you don’t want to wash it. Let it dry completely to prevent your tent from foul smell, mildew or mold.

2: Fold the top poles together

Folding techniques are simple. Most of the pop-up tents have the same folding technique so you can start by folding the top two poles together. Pull the right and left ridges by standing by the side of the tent so that they meet together

3: Fold the bottom poles now

  • Keep the top poles together and grab the two bottom ridges that are now on your left and right. Pull them together upwards so that all four poles are joined. The bottom poles will sit over the top poles and they all will form a single meeting point for a better hold.
  • For better portability let the door open and hold the tent in the position that the air trapped in the tent can pass out for a smart and compressed fold.

4: Stand the tent by its side

  • keep holding the folds of four poles and rest the tent on its edge. this will form a taco or semi-circle shape of the tent. Place the open side of the semi-circle against the ground.
  • It’s always a good idea to fold it on a flat surface in an open area for better movements.

5: Flatten the tent for the smart fold

At this point, the tent is still in need of flattening it to fit in smartly into its carry bag. Focus to flatten it by folding the top poles backward and bring it down to the other hand. The lightweight tent will help you folding it even with less amount of force. Wrestle the tent to flatten it on the ground for forming a circle shape as poles are flexible and there is no chance of breakage.

6: Seal and pack the tent

Keep holding the tent as it’s a pop-up tent and its structure can force it to spring it back to open. Try to seal or tie it while holding the circular shape fabric so that you can pack it in the carry bag for easy transportation.

Press the tied fabric to ensure the perfect compression. Make sure there is no air left in the folded tent. Now its time to fit the tent into the carry bag.

How to fold up a pop up tent

Recently, I went on camping across Finland with my family. At night all of us used our pop-up tents. But we realized that we are unaware of the fact about how to fold a pop up tent.

What is the way to fold a pop-up tent easily? So, everyone should be aware of it rather than facing trouble while doing it.

There are various types of pop-up tents. If you are going camping or hiking and you guys are four or eight members, then 4 persons pop up tent is best for you.

Setting And Packing Up A Pop Up Tent

If you know the techniques of overlapping the tents, it will be easy for you to use. First, you need to find a suitable place for your tent. After unzipping the bag, the tent will pop up by itself. Then you need to disconnect the poles and place them. However, stake down the four corners along the ground, tie it down, and attach the canopy. These are four persons, or six persons pop up tents.

Now The Question Is, How To Fold A Pop Up Tent?

Let us check out the description below,

  • Buckle both sets of clips on each side.
  • Gather both sides and fold forward in the middle.
  • Fold the top poles.
  • Flip the tent onto its side.
  • Slide the tent into two halves.
  • Press and pack the tent in its bag.

But not all tents are being folded in the same way. It varies from tent to tent.

Types Of Pop Up Tents

There are various types of pop-up tents based on this use. All of them work as per features. Some of the pop-up tents are-

  • Pop-up camping tent
  • Pop-up dome tent
  • Pop-up sun shelter
  • Pop-up portable tent
  • Pop-up beach shelter
  • Pop-up shower tent

These are a few known often used tents. They are very comfortable, and you get lots of options to select your tent compatible and eco-friendly tents with the surroundings and weather.

You can find lots of colors, with one or two doors or canopies.

Pop Up Sun Shelter

This tent is best for people camping during summer. It saves you from the burning heat of the sun. It is an extremely easy shelter to make. And also, probably the simple answer to how to fold a pop up sun shelter.

The tent needs to be secured to the ground first with the clips on each of the four corners. That is how you set up this tent. This tent is generally thicker than the usual pop-up tents.

It is simple to fold a crane pop-up sun shelter. The steps are:

  • Flip the tent upside down.
  • Bring the two sides together.
  • Hold the four different poles together on one side and two-pole on the opposite side.
  • Continue holding the four poles while flipping the tent onto its side.
  • Push the two-pole down the ground and create three circles.
  • Arrange the circles.
  • Lock it with the straps.

That is how you overlap the sun shelter tents. Lastly, seal it in the bag.

Benefits Of Pop Up Tents

One of the most used pop-up tents on the beach is the pop up beach tent. They are very compact, lightweight, and ideal for beach use. The design of the tent is according to your convenience. It saves you from sunburn in the rough weather.

You do not need to toss the tent every time to set it up before you head to the beach site or the camping site. So, that’s the best thing about pop-up tents.

Pop-up tents are the best for first-time campers. They find it hard to grasp the mechanics of setting up and folding a tent in one go. It encourages people to camp as it eliminates the hassling part of closing a tent.

Choosing The Best Pop Up Tent

You have to choose a pop-up tent considering its size, shape, material, and seasons. Many online stores sell the best pop-up tents, and BCF is one of them. You can get every type of tent according to your need.

Things to look for before purchasing a pop-up tent is stated below-

  • The size of the tent mainly depends on how many people will be staying in it.
  • All the pop-up tents are usually semi-circular or dome in shape so, choose the one you prefer.
  • There are tents with a waterproof tarp, UV protection coating, fire resistance, and so on. Choose the one pondering your camping environment.
  • The weight of the tent is also a significant factor. Depending on whether you are car camping, beach tripping, or backpacking, choose the weight you are ready to carry.

It takes a minimum of 5 minutes to set up and to fold up a pop-up tent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Regular Tent And A Pop Up Tent?

Answer: Pop-up tents are simpler to handle and very easy to set up in a few minutes. They are easy to pull down and durable but are more costly than regular tents. It takes more time to set up a regular tent but is sturdier and more affordable.

Pop-up tents might be a bit expensive but pretty durable. Its set-up mechanism is effortless comparing it to the other tents. It gives you shelter, sunshades you, protects you from adverse environments if you choose the right pop-up tent.

Folding up the tent might scare you. When you know it, you will not face any problems. These tents are the best companion for your beach trips or a backyard playhouse for kids.

On the other hand, there is a written instruction guide, straps, and clips to make the task easy.

However, you might have got your answers about ‘how to fold a pop up tent.’

No more worries about folding your pop-up tents. Now you don’t need to think twice about taking a pop-up tent with you on your trips for having trouble folding it.

How to fold up a pop up tent

Just as their name implies, pop-up tents practically set themselves up.

Simply take them out of their bag and—poof!—like magic, you have a fully functioning shelter.

However, folding up a pop-up tent and squeezing it back into its bag is a different story.

Below we show you how to fold a pop up tent step-by-step, some important pre-folding tips, plus a video to make learning the process that much easier!

How to Fold a Pop Up Tent

Whether you need to know the basics for folding a pop-up camping tent, play tent, or beach pop-up tent, we’ve compiled a list of general tips to follow to help you out.

Keep in mind, the instructions below may not pertain to your tent explicitly. However, most pop-up tents typically fold in a similar fashion, so even if your tent is different from other standard tents, you can get a general idea of what to do from our instructions.

Pre-Folding Tips

  • Clean the tent: You don’t want to fold up a dirty tent since it can damage the material during storage and attract bugs. So, be sure to pick up the garbage and sweep up any dirt and debris.

If the tent has stains or mud splashes, you can use a damp sponge or moist cloth with water and mild soap to thoroughly clean it. Try to do so before the stains or mud entirely dry, as you can wash them more manageably when they’re fresh. If your tent needs a thorough washing, check out our guide on how to clean a tent for our exact step-by-step process.

  • Dry and air out the tent: Before packing up the tent, let it dry first. Folding a wet tent can lead to damage and mold build-up. If it isn’t dirty or hasn’t gotten wet, then at least let it air out for an hour before packing it up.
  • Untether the tent: You can’t start folding without first untethering the tent. Before you start packing up the tent, remove all of the metal stakes that keep your tent secured to the ground. Wash and dry the stakes off after removal and store them in your tent bag.
  • Remove the tarp: If your tent comes with a tarp or secondary layer for sun and rain protection, then take this off, fold it, and set it in the bag as well.

Important: It’s essential to follow the cleaning and drying steps, especially if you don’t plan to use your tent for some time. If you skip these steps, you’ll most likely end up with a moldy tent. Yikes!

Now that you’ve taken all of the pre-folding precautions, you can start to fold the pop-up tent. To take preparation even further, let’s watch a super quick take-down video and then walk through each step.

Folding a Pop Up Tent Video

For visual learners, it helps to actually see someone fold up a pop-up tent to really understand the process. Here’s an example using the popular Ayamya Pop-up tent

How to Fold a Pop-up Tent

As much as pop-up tents are great outdoor companions due to their ease of set up and adequate space, some people find it hard to fold them up after use. The tent will either need to be stored or transported after the outdoor activity. Therefore, you need to learn some skills on how to fold a pop-up tent. The poles must first be wrapped together and on top of each other, an action that collapses the tent forming a circle. It is then sealed and transported or sealed and stored until it will be needed again. With some of the folding techniques, it becomes easier for everyone to easily and quickly fold the tent until it can be required again.

How to fold up a pop up tent

Skills on how to fold a pop-up tent

Clean It Up Before Folding

In several instances, all that is needed is shaking off the pine needles, or dirt off the tent. This is mainly done when no dirt has stuck in the tent. However, the tent folds are the areas that are most susceptible to dust or debris. Pouring off the debris will require you first to tip the tent. Acquire some powdered laundry detergent and pour it on the canvas. Use a moist rag to clean off the tent and the powder detergent. Nevertheless, the tent should not be stored when dumb to avoid the growth of molds.

Start by Folding Together the Two Top Poles

When standing beside a tent, the ridges to the right and left of the tent’s top are the poles. During folding, it is recommended to stretch the arms such that you can reach both sides and then pull them such that they come together.

Bottom Poles Should Be Folded Together

Towards the right and the left of the tent, the outer edges that stick out from the tent are the bottom poles. However, both of them must be reached out. First, reach out to one of the bottom poles and fold it such that it goes directly over the top poles. Reach out to the other bottom pole and do the same such that you will be having all the base and top poles in your arms. To let out air, the door should be left open.

Stand It Up On Its Sides

When you fold the tent, it will mimic the shape of a huge taco. Do not let go of the sides of the canvas. Flip it onto its side. Move the tent such that the open edges in the shape of a taco are placed on the ground.

The Top Poles Should Be Folded On the Back Hand

While still having the edges on your hands, stretch out the hands and grab the tent’s uppermost part. Reach out for the taco’s back and bring it towards your other hand. The tent should then be wrestled until it flattens on the ground. The tent has light poles; thus, it will be easy to bring the tent to the ground. Also, the flexibility of the poles ensures that they do not easily break.

Slides the Halves of the Tent Together

A correctly folded tent looks like two circles of fabric folded side by side. Pick each of the sides and place them over each other for more comfortable transportation.

Press and Seal the Bag

The way pop-ups are designed helps them spring back to a tent formation. Therefore, it is essential to hold the poles firmly. Use your knees and hands to press down the tent and get rid of air that has been trapped in the tent that could inhibit it from lying flat. Put the tent into its bag and wait for the next outdoor activity.

Folding a Beach Tent

Shake off the Debris

First and foremost, you are required to clean your tent before folding it. For a beach tent, tip it over and shake it to get rid of any trapped sand or dirt. The pole that passes over the entrance to the other side is the closest. Grab the tent from both sides and leave the door open, especially if it has a cover. Unlike other tents, beach tents tend to be smaller, and there are no poles that cross the tent’s width. It is easy to fold, and it can be used as a practice tool if you have a problem properly folding other types of tents.

Fold the Tent’s sides together.

Hold one side of the tent and pull it towards the center. Press it against the ground until it flattens. While holding down that side, grab the other one and pull it over the one on the ground. The two sides should form an oval-shaped structure.

Turn it over and Hold it flat on the Ground

Flip over the tent so that it settles on its edge. Press down the center of the edge. As the tent flattens, it changes to figure 8. On the side of the canvas, place one hand to help the tent move towards the ground.

Fold the Tent Over on Itself

Continue holding the tent to avoid it springing into shape if you release it. Hold one of the tent’s side and bring it over the other side to form a circular shape. Avoid losing grip of the tent by resting a knee on it. The flexibility of the poles will prevent them from breaking.

Pack Up the Tent

After folding, the tent needs to be packed up. If there was an elastic band that came with the tent, use it to wrap the tent to keep it in a folded shape. Slip the tent into its bag. If the poles stick out, tuck them in. Zip the bag and wait until the next activity.


Pop-up tents are some of the best tents in the market because they are easy to set up and fold. They do not require the knowledge of rocket science to fold. They can be used for practice by people who have no idea of how to wrap other types of tents. However, it is essential to have the knowledge and skills required to fold pop-up tents after outdoor activity.

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If you’re going on a camping trip or to a weekend festival, there’s nothing easier to set up than a pop-up tent. You take the tent out of its bag, let it go, and boom — instant tent. But once you’re ready to pack up again, putting your tent away isn’t quite as easy. That’s why it’s essential to know exactly how to fold a pop-up tent.

Once you know all the steps, putting your pop-up tent back in its bag is almost as easy as setting it up. All you need to know is how. We can’t guarantee perfect weather, but we can make your trip just that little bit easier.

To help in this area, here are some step by step instructions for how to fold a pop-up tent the easy way.

Table of Contents

Step-by-Step Instructions

Before you set out on your adventure, take your pop-up tent out into your backyard and practice folding it. You don’t want to be out in the wilderness trying to fold a pop-up tent for the first time. And the great thing is you don’t need any special tools in order to fold a pop-up tent.

There are only two items you need to follow this tutorial:

  • Pop-up tent
  • Pop-up tent bag

The process is the same no matter what the size of your pop-up tent is. That being said, if you have a big tent, it might be easier to fold it with the help of another person.

That’s it! Just run through these steps a couple of times at home and you’ll be ready to go on your adventure without any stress.

Step 1: Clean the tent before folding

The first thing you need to remember is that, like any other tent, packing away a dirty pop-up tent can lead to mold and mildew. Therefore, be sure to clean and dry your tent completely before folding it and taking it home.

Step 2: Fold the top two poles together

Now that your tent is clean and dry, it’s time to start folding. Standing in front of your tent, grab the top two rounded poles and bring them together.

Step 3: Fold the bottom two poles together

While holding the top two poles together, grab the bottom poles, one at a time. Fold them up so they’re together with the top poles. Now you’ll have all four poles together and the tent should resemble a taco.

Step 4: Stand the tent up on its end

Take all the poles together in one hand. Use your other hand to help you stand the tent on its end. Now, the bottom of the tent is vertical and the poles are in one hand on one side.

Step 5: Fold the poles into your other hand

While the tent is standing on its end, grab the poles at the end which is facing up. Bend them downwards and in towards your other hand. As you fold the tent, work your way down and pin the folded tent to the ground with your foot or knee.

Start pressing the air out of the tent with your free hand. At this point, you’ll notice the tent has two circles which resemble a figure 8.

Step 6: Slide the tent halves together

Carefully slide one circle over the other to create one circle. This is the circle which will fit into your tent bag. Continue pressing the air out of the tent so that it will fit nicely inside the bag.

Step 7: Press and seal the tent in the bag

Next, slide your newly-folded pop-up tent into its bag and zip it up. Now you’re ready to pack up the rest of your gear and head home.

If you have any questions about how to fold a pop-up tent, here’s a video to help you.

How to Fold a Pop-Up Tent: Mystery Solved

If you have a pop-up tent and don’t know how to fold it properly, getting it back into its tent bag can be a frustrating challenge. And nobody wants to add frustration to what’s supposed to be a fun and relaxing trip. The more you know about setting up and breaking down your campsite, the more you’ll enjoy the entire experience.

Now you know how to fold a pop-up tent, you won’t need to worry about packing up. Folding your pop-up tent is almost as easy as setting it up in the first place.

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