How to get a job at facebook

This is the vision most people have if you’re working at Facebook: well paid, fed daily—from breakfast to dinner—with gourmet meals. The company spoils employees on their birthdays and offers a stress-free work environment.

Sounds incredible, right? These things could make it easy to believe that, Mark Zuckerberg is the perfect CEO. However, how sure are we that this company is an employee’s paradise?

Dig deeper into these facts to find the best and worst sides while working at Facebook.

How to get a job at facebook

Cons of Working at Facebook

To keep service running, the company expects Facebook engineers to work 24/7, for six weeks in a year. Keith Adams, a research engineer for Facebook, said he wasn’t able to leave town on weekends, had neglected social gatherings, and answered calls late at night. Can you respond to the call?

Open Workspace

Facebook encourages you to be yourself. Ironically, the company designed the office as a no-wall workspace policy, which you may find uncomfortable and lacking privacy.


The open workspace provides picnic-style tables, where you can sit shoulder-to-shoulder, with limited space, and gives no privacy. You will be rubbing elbows with colleagues… literally!

The Facebook Employee Stereotype

Most people expect Facebook employees to know everything on the site. You may still receive questions and hear complaints from people even outside the workplace.

Executives Who Discriminate

An anonymous former Facebook employee claimed he had his worst working experience in the company. He said higher-ups treats him like trash, gives him minimal guidance, and hands him inappropriate tasks such as sorting the director’s laundry.

The “Holier-Than-Thou” Attitude

One source complains that CEO and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg and COO, Sheryl Sandberg are both self-righteous. He claims they spend too much time on “extracurricular activities.” The said source also accused the two of copying-off competition; for instance, the poke that resembles the one on Snapchat

How to get a job at facebook

Pros of Working at Facebook

FREE food

Facebook’s cafeteria provides employees gourmet meals to indulge. Are you ready to fill your stomach with incredible delicacies such as roasted chicken with garlic lemon butter, beef surgo with pappardelle pasta, and spicy mushroom broth?

The Disneyland-like Main Street

When you’re not in the mood for gourmet, your destination is Main Street. Here, you’ll find outlets and food trucks that serve burgers, ice cream, Tex-Mex, and barbecue. You could experience the cozy ambiance and nice features when you hang out with colleagues.

Almost Everything is FREE

The company provides incredible employment benefits such as healthcare services (medical and dental), laundry service, salon, bike repair hub, company shuttle, and twenty-one paid days off. It includes generous parental leave, by-popular-demand-to-expand gym, and a bank.

Creative Distraction

If an employee needs time for a creative and fun distraction, the company has a woodworking workshop, and a print shop for them to extract their creative juices.

If you want to join big happy companies, such as working at Facebook, offer it all you have. Get the most effective and efficient executive resume writing service to ensure success in your career. Check our website to view our process.


Facebook can help you land your dream job today!

This statement might not settle with many people as Facebook is mostly considered a time-wasting platform rather than a job-finding place. But that’s not true anymore!

Today, if you professionally optimize your Facebook profile, you can effortlessly get a job. That’s mainly because:

94% of recruiters use social media today.

Over 200 million small businesses worldwide are using Facebook.

Facebook is a leading social media platform with 59% of the social users share.

On top of it, 73% of workers found their last job via social media.

Facebook and job hunting go side by side today. However, to leverage Facebook for your next job search, you have to optimize your Facebook profile a little. And in this post, you are about to find how to effectively use Facebook to land a great job in 2021 and beyond.

How to get a job at facebook

7 Steps to Finding A Job via Facebook

Facebook has vast community support for roughly 2.85 billion monthly global users. Plus, nearly every small or big company has its presence on Facebook today. There’s a high chance that your next employer will be looking for you on Facebook. It’s just a matter of following these steps to connect with your new boss on Facebook.

Step 1 | Complete Your Facebook Profile

Not many people have fully completed their Facebook profiles, in which recruiters are primarily interested. Your first task is to add relevant information to your Facebook profile.

Here recruiters aren’t only looking for your educational background or professional experience. They are also looking forward to knowing your hobbies, life experiences, and other social skills.

You should personalize your Facebook profile as much as possible to capture recruiters’ interest. But, while personalizing your profile, don’t clog it with nonsense cat videos or good morning posts. All these irrelevant posts will unnecessarily hide your good posts, so keep your posts clean and even pin your important posts on top of your profile.

Step 2 | Connect With The Most Relevant People

Social media is a perfect place to connect with startups, companies, and professionals. Once you know what type of job you are looking for, you should connect with relevant people who can help you in the job search.

For example, if your targeted job is to work as a programmer in Microsoft, you should start following the Microsoft career page on Facebook. Next, you should connect with people who are still working or have previously worked with Microsoft. You can also connect with Microsoft partner companies like Intel and other senior programmers.

Doing this will put you in the right circle. And, you never know, one day you might find a job opening in your dream company through one of your connections.

Step 3 | Build A Relationship

Befriending the right people on Facebook will do you no good. You have to form a relationship with those people before asking them for any professional help.

To build relationships, send messages via Facebook Messenger or like and comment on other people’s posts. Importantly, share posts that seamlessly highlight your skills and knowledge.

If you are an SEO expert for example, share SEO tips, pain points, and other relevant topics to search engine optimization. This will help you pop up in the feeds, and one day someone might like your posts and offer you a job.

Step 4 | Join Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are the best place to find a job online and connect with the right people. Based on your job niche, you should find the popular groups on Facebook and become a contributing member there.

Simply joining a Facebook group won’t start pouring job offers your way. You have to become an important member of the group by making a relevant contribution, such as:

Share helpful posts in the groups

Start discussions on trending topics

Provide help to other group members if you can

Comment on other posts shared in the group, etc.

Step 5 | Set A Professional-looking Profile Photo

If your Facebook profile picture is of your dog or a random stock image, take that down immediately. Those kinds of images don’t look good at all while seeking jobs. So instead, add your smiling photo to send off a personal yet professional vibe to the recruiters.

You don’t have to get your headshot photo in a business suite done by a professional photographer. A simple click from your smartphone that shows your face is quite enough. The main motive of setting your own profile photo is to get distinguished from all the fake profiles lurking on Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook also lets you add a cover photo. It is a nice place to showcase your skills to recruiters. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you can create a graphic-rich photo to show a glimpse of your talent.

Step 6 | Follow Your Targeted Company

This might sound a bit aggressive, but it’s a great idea to follow your targeted companies on Facebook. Many companies have dedicated Facebook Pages where they often post job openings like Marriott Hotels.

Also, following a company page will help you better understand the company culture and the projects completed by them. This way, you can better decide whether the company matches your vision and values or not. It will save you from the great hassle of chasing the wrong companies.

Step 7 | Be Consistent

The number one social media rule is to be consistent. You can’t abandon your Facebook account for months and then expect your one post to instantly get you a job. Social media doesn’t work this way, people.

You have to constantly check your Facebook feeds, share posts, like, comment, and connect with new people to get desired results. So when you often pop up in the Facebook feeds, this will multifold increase your chances of getting a job.


Facebook is a land of opportunities. Since Facebook introduced a job board feature like LinkedIn, it has become a new place for HRs, managers, and employers to hunt new talent.

It’s time you start looking at Facebook seriously rather than as a platform to share funny videos or family photos. Just a little professional spin to your Facebook profile and get a new job right away.’

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    5 Things You Need to Know to Get a Job at Facebook

    Being a product manager at Facebook is one of the most coveted jobs in tech. How can you beat out the competition?

    How to get a job at facebook

    In the last few years, Facebook has grown exponentially. From social network to multi-billion dollar enterprise, many people, Millennials especially, now have their dreams set on working there.

    In fact, working at Facebook is now one of the most coveted jobs in the world.

    Eric Bahn, Facebook Product Manager and Successful Entrepreneur shared 5 tips on how you could get a job at Facebook on Wiselike , a website where you can create your own Q&A page.

    Eric says that if you want a job at Facebook, they look for 3 primary characteristics in their product managers:

    1. Product sense. You have to love products and have strong instincts and opinions about what makes certain products successful vs. not. Moreover, you should love technology. While it is not a requirement to have a technical background, you should have some basic sense of technology and get excited thinking about how technology products are built.

    2. Ability to execute. Facebook pretty much judges their employees on one main criteria: what did you ship?

    Thus there is a lot of pressure on individuals and teams here to build something substantial at least every 6 months (which is the interval where performance is judged).

    The best product managers here are the ones that consistently ship meaningful and measurable products, all the time.

    3. Leadership. As a product manager, you will be accountable for the vision and execution of a specific area of the Facebook product.

    Being a product manager is a unique job in that no one reports to you-but it’s not unusual for you to be leading a cross-functional team of many people (even dozens) that you will be responsible for rallying to execute a plan.

    The only way you get this done is by selling a compelling vision, listening to the needs of your team and responding to their concerns, and building a cohesive culture where people want to belong and stay accountable.

    Eric also advised that it’s important to note what Facebook is NOT looking for in their product managers.

    4. Technical backgrounds. It definitely doesn’t hurt to come from a technical background, but this isn’t a requirement. The product manager’s job is not to code, but rather to guide their team in working on the most impactful projects.

    5. Fancy schooling. It doesn’t hurt, but Facebook is not that big into pedigree. It’s big into whether you can ship stuff.

    So your Harvard MBA won’t necessarily be an advantage.

    Generally Facebook is a pretty great place to work. You’ll be surrounded by extremely smart people all the time, and it’s fun to be a part of a company that has such huge momentum and potential. The fantastic compensation and perks don’t hurt either.

    Want to be recognized as an expert and provide insights to questions people may have in your field? Check out Wiselike and see how you can get involved. Have any other tips on how to get a job at Facebook? I’d love to hear more. Comment below!

    How to get a job at facebook

    What does it take to land at job at Facebook? CNN’s Poppy Harlow got the scoop from the company’s Head of People, Lori Goler. Here are her top tips:

    1. Forget about comfort zones

    Goler got her start at Facebook in large part because she was willing to jump into a field that she wasn’t trained for. She cold-called Sheryl Sandberg, whom she knew socially, back in 2008 before the social network reached massive popularity.

    Goler said she told Sandberg, “I want to help Facebook achieve its mission. Whatever that means for Facebook is what I’m happy to do.”

    Sandberg told her the company needed help recruiting tech talent, and Goler had no experience with that. But shortly thereafter she left her marketing job at eBay ( EBAY ) to be Facebook’s “Head of People.”

    2. Learn to code

    Not every job at Facebook ( FB ) requires knowing Javascript from Ruby, but knowing how to code can open a lot of doors.

    “There’s a basic supply and demand mismatch right now, so [engineering is] really the place where there’s a lot of growth and opportunity” Goler said, adding that college students hoping to land at Facebook should “seriously consider” a computer science degree.

    3. Be bold

    The company isn’t just looking for skilled programmers — it wants “hackers.”

    That’s Facebook-speak for someone who uses the tools of the trade in clever and unexpected ways.

    While the word carries negative connotations, at Facebook it’s about “builders and trying new things,” Goler said.

    4. Bring something new to the table

    Diversity is the buzzword at tech firms, where women and minorities are heavily underrepresented.

    In June Facebooks said its employees are 68% male and 91% Asian or white, and Goler said it’s “crucial” those numbers change.

    But it isn’t just focused on race and gender. Job seekers should keep in mind that startups are also looking for “cognitive diversity.”

    “We really need to represent internally the 1.5 billion people around the world who use Facebook,” Goler said, “and we’re working really hard to do that in every possible way.”

    5. Be a master of self-management

    At Facebook, don’t expect to be handed a daily to-do list.

    Goler said minimal supervision and flexible hours are the norm — but employees are expected to have something to show in return for that creative freedom.

    “It’s a very results-focused culture, and it is actually that focus on results that allows [Facebook] to give so much autonomy,” Goler said.

    How to get a job at facebook


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    Table of Contents

    In 2018, Facebook stole the number one spot on Glassdoor’s list of “best places to work.” Its outstanding workplace reputation, vision and values, and of course employee benefits, make Facebook one of the most coveted places to work. It’s no wonder that it is also one of the most competitive places to land a job. Facebook has its eye out for a certain type of person that can fit in with the company culture, share its core values and be dedicated to “bringing the world closer together.”

    So how can you snatch yourself a position at one of their 60 offices worldwide and become Facebook’s next Product Manager?

    How to get a job at facebook

    Here’s how to get a Product Management job at Facebook and stand out from the other candidates in this highly competitive tech industry.

    Skills needed at Facebook

    Previous Experience

    You need to be able to demonstrate that you have proven Product Management experience. Depending on which role you are going for (Product Manager of Advanced Networking Planning, Product Manager of Network Insights, to name a few), you may need anywhere from 3 to 5 years of experience in a similar role. For some Product Management roles, they ask for more than 10 years of experience. Being that Facebook is such a large company, there are numerous Product Management roles, each with their specific requirements. Have a look at Facebook’s product management job postings to get a better idea of the different product management roles offered.


    Apart from experience, there is a minimum qualification to become Facebook’s next PM, and it varies greatly depending on the position. For some Product Management roles, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline like Computer Science, Technology, Engineering or Math. However, for other Product Management positions, it isn’t exactly necessary as long as you have the right amount of relevant experience.

    Technical Background

    Of course holding a bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline helps, but candidates are sometimes asked to have a specific technical background as well. Depending on the Product Management position, you could be asked to have experience in technical architecture of web applications and media products, designing user interfaces, or experience creating examples through wireframes and mockups.

    Core Values

    Fitting in with company culture and attitude is a big deal for Facebook, and they want to make sure that you have what it takes on a personal level. When selecting candidates, Facebook looks for people who are bold, focused on impact, fast, open and looking to build social value. It’s important to demonstrate that you are ready to make bold decisions quickly for the right reason and motivations. Read more about the Facebook’s core values here.

    Additionally, Facebook looks for talented people who are considered to be builders, have diverse backgrounds, and fit into the culture. Business Insider goes into detail here.

    The Facebook interview process

    According to an interview with Miranda Kalinowski, Facebook’s global head of recruiting, a candidate typically goes through four to five interviews before being hired, and the whole process can take about three months. All potential Facebook hires go through the same first three interviews. Subsequent interviews depend on the position that you are applying for.

    How to get a job at facebook

    A typical interview process will look something like this:

    • The first interview is a phone interview with a recruiter whose aim is to determine if the candidate has the appropriate professional experience and drive to work at Facebook.
    • The second interview is another phone interview, but this time it is more technical. The interview is held by a Facebook employee that currently has the position the candidate is applying for. So, at this stage of a Product Management interview, you will be interviewed by a Product Manager.
    • The third interview is when the candidate is invited onsite to partake in a series of interviews. While onsite, the interviewee takes a tour of the office and then has multiple interviews with different panels.

    Interview questions at Facebook

    Facebook has a very extensive interview process, so it’s no surprise that you will be presented with challenging questions. These usually include hypothetical questions and logic questions to gauge how the candidate thinks. The questions will test if you have what it takes to create innovative products (product sense), make critical decisions (execution), and if you have the leadership and drive to thrive at Facebook (leadership).

    Some example questions:

    Product Sense:

    • As a PM on the Facebook Birthdays team, how would you make it better?
    • What do you dislike about a Facebook feature of your choice?
    • How would you improve the Facebook News Feed?
    • How would you design Facebook Events 2.0?


    • We’ve outsourced a critical mobile app to a third-party developer. How do we decide when to take that development in-house?
    • How would you decide between showing more ads on the Facebook News Feed vs. showing a People You May Know recommendation widget?


    • Tell me a time when you disagreed with an engineer. How did you convince him or her?
    • What’s your favorite project where you played a leadership role?

    You can go through a number of channels to get your application to Facebook:

    • Facebook career site
    • Job fairs at universities
    • Conferences
    • Employee referrals

    If you feel like you’re ready to tackle that job application, you can find even more PM interview advice and example interview questions right here.

    Business Insider spoke with top execs and employees to get a sense of how to land a job at the company.

    • They said it’s important to have a good grasp on Facebook’s culture.

    So it’s understandable if you’re dying to work for the tech giant. But if you’ve set your sights on a big-name company with a selective hiring process like Facebook, the whole thing can seem rather overwhelming, maybe even impossible.

    Don’t get discouraged, though. You just need to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

    Business Insider spoke to Facebook global head of recruiting Miranda Kalinowski and VP of people Lori Goler, as well as other Facebook employees, to get a better sense of what it’s like to interview at the Menlo Park, California-based company.

    Here’s what they had to say:

    Keep in mind, Facebook has a ton of different recruiting strategies

    Kalinowski said that the process can vary based on what team you’re being hired onto. But across the board, she stressed that Facebook recruits individuals through a number of different channels, including the company’s careers site, job fairs at universities, conferences, and even TED Talks.

    First, most people go through a phone screener

    Generally, recruiters will first screen you over the phone to cover some basics and make sure you’re a real candidate. If you sound like you might be a good prospect, they’ll follow up with a phone interview that focuses on your technical experience and skills.

    Next, you’ll meet your prospective team

    After that, Kalinowski says that recruiters hand over the hiring process to employees who might be working with you directly.

    “They’re the closest to the work being done, so they’re able to impart a lot of first-hand experience about what it’s like to work on that team in that role, as well as answer any questions that the candidate might have,” she told Business Insider.

    If you show promise, then you’ll be invited to visit Facebook to check out the campus and go through four to six more interviews with some of your potential team members.

    Area 404 prototyping engineer Spencer Burns joined Facebook in January of 2016. He went through a day’s worth of interviews with about five or six interviewers, which he said is fairly standard for the industry.

    He said the interview gave him a great opportunity to connect with the company’s culture.

    “I actually felt really good after it because I realized that they take it very seriously,” Burns said. “They really want the brightest and the best and they want to make sure they get the right people. I met some really cool people in my interview as well, so I was really excited about it.”

    Expect the unexpected at Facebook

    Like many companies, Facebook’s hiring process can vary a bit, depending on your level of experience.

    Oculus product design engineering director Caitlin Kalinowski was working at Apple in 2012 when some upper-level Facebook execs began recruiting her. Then she got a surprising call one day.

    “Mark Zuckerberg ended up calling me, which was really unexpected,” she told Business Insider. “I think that’s one of the things that’s really impressive about him in particular. I feel like he reaches down deep into his organizations — in recruiting, but also in getting to know people.”

    Facebook execs advise people to ‘just apply’ — and have a good grasp on the company’s values

    Goler said that, ultimately, Facebook is looking to place people in positions that play to their strengths, and she has some simple advice for anyone who wants to work at the company:

    “They should just apply,” Goler said. “We hire people every day who just apply to the website. We love meeting people that way. Jump right in.”

    How do you ensure you get the offer? Kalinowski said in your interviews, it’s a mistake to talk exclusively about your own accomplishments. If you want to succeed, you need to be able to tie your experience back to Facebook’s core values.

    “My advice is, know or explore your passion around connecting the world, because it is at the heart of every single thing we do here,” Kalinowski said. “Once you know it, be able to demonstrate it. Think about your own Facebook story. What impact has Facebook had on your life in helping you connect to the people or things that you love? Be ready to talk about that.”

    How to get a job at facebook

    Once again, Facebook’s being recognized as an incredible place to work. Glassdoor’s annual list ranks it as the number one tech company to work for, based on the last year in employee reviews.

    Lori Goler, who’s worked at Facebook since 2008 and serves as their “Head of People,” is, of course, one of the people the company can thank for that. She’s overseen Facebook’s growth from 500 employees to more than 14,500 across 50 offices in 30 countries.

    The annual list isn’t the only ranking she takes into account for personal job satisfaction, though — Facebook conducts its own internal reviews and surveys. And according to those, there’s a lot to like about working at Facebook.

    But a few common themes resonate, she said.

    “People who work here tell us that having an impact is really important to them, so being in a role that has great impact is important to them,” Goler told Mashable. “I think they would tell you that having the opportunity to do work they enjoy and play to their strengths is important to them and that people really like to learn and grow.”

    For those interested in a job at Facebook, Mashable asked Goler how to hack the interview process and what she loves about working at the tech company. The interview has been edited for clarity.

    I want to work at Facebook. What do I do first?

    The first thing for people who are considering working at Facebook is really understanding what it’s like to work at Facebook. I find that a lot of people, almost all the people who come to work at Facebook, really feel connected to the mission of the company to make the world more open and connected. They’ve either had an experience themselves with Facebook or a family member or the way they keep in touch with friends far away, or they’ve been exposed to the impact of Facebook in the world and that is meaningful to them in some way.

    How to get a job at facebook

    For the college crowd, we have a great internship program that’s an important part of getting to know Facebook. We’re always particularly excited when we have a chance to meet women or other underrepresented minorities who are studying computer science in school. It’s an important part of what we believe we need to continue on this mission.

    We’re excited to have this program that we call Facebook University that is for students who are on the early side of their college experience. We find a lot of them eventually come here full-time. It’s building long-term relationships with students.

    What’s a perk that might not be obvious to someone looking from the outside?

    A reason a lot of people love being at Facebook is the other people at Facebook. I think they find that they’re constantly challenged. They’re in a position where they’re really almost never the smartest person in the room, where they’re really learning and growing from the people around them.

    Another thing that’s hard for people to know until they get here is the warmth and sense of family that we have at Facebook. One of the things that went viral a couple years ago is hashtag FB Family. In particular, we use the Workplace product and one of the hashtags you’ll often see is hashtag FB Family.

    Is there anything I should keep on my resume and anything I should keep off?

    We really believe that people should bring their authentic selves to Facebook.

    Be honest and clear about the things you do best and enjoy. We really want to be sure that when people get here they are in jobs that play to their strengths. Understanding what that is for yourself is an important part of considering the different roles that are available.

    Does Facebook operate as a team environment?

    We take good care of our people. It comes through in benefits that are very focused on families, making it one of the best places for people with a family. I think that one thing that you feel is that teamwork. It’s definitely a place where people collaborate, where they put Facebook first, where they jump right in to do things across the organization that they’re needed.

    One of the posters on the wall says, “Nothing at Facebook is someone else’s problem,” and I think that’s definitely a representation of the way we work together.

    How to get a job at facebook

    Is there any concern about losing your voice?

    The great thing about Workplace is just like Facebook the product it gives everyone a voice. It’s a great way to democratize communication from Mark down to the summer interns and back again. We have more Groups than people who work at Facebook. Of course, we have traditional team Groups, but for us, we have groups that represent, it’s not based on hierarchy but based on cross-sectional projects, and there are all kinds of affinity groups: parents of kids with particular interests, Game of Thrones interest. Anything you can think of. And, of course, we also have employee resource groups.

    What work-life improvements have you added over the last few years?

    We’ve listened to our people in terms of what’s important to that. One of the big things we launched last year was four months of parental leave for men and women, and across the whole world, no matter what office you’re in, you can take four months of parental leave. We’re really interested in making it the best place for families, however you define your family.

    How has the interview process changed?

    We’ve always looked for builders.

    If anything, our interview process is more efficient, but it hasn’t changed dramatically. We’ve always looked for builders. We’re still looking for builders. We’re looking for people who will look at something and think, “Huh, that works pretty well. I think it could be even a little bit better.”

    We’re looking for people who can show examples of having done that whether it’s in school or in a work environment or in a volunteer scenario. We’re looking for people who really want to have an impact, not just want to have the opportunity to want to have an impact.

    What do you enjoy most about working at the company?

    I love the people at Facebook. It’s a family to me. Facebook has ruined me for every other company. I can’t imagine working anywhere else. It’s such a collection of amazing, smart, challenging, fun, warm, caring people, and, for me, that’s the most important thing.

    What at Facebook would you like to see added in the future?

    I’m really happy with the collection of conveniences and benefits that we have at Facebook. I’d mostly just be sure that we’re representing all the different people as we move forward and continue to grow. People of all different life-stages: people who are caring for elderly parents, people who are caring for young kids and families, people who are just out of college.

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    Do you know, what is the most frustrating thing about working at Facebook? It will make you insufferably spoiled.

    Just picture it. You work with some of the smartest people on the planet. There are weekly Q&A meetings with Mark Zuckerberg. The food is amazing and comes free of charge. You get 21 days of paid vacation and unlimited sick days. You don’t have to leave the campus at any point, even haircuts and laundry can be done on site. There are regular ice-cream socials as well as free gym membership to help you get lose those additional pounds. On Wednesdays you get to work from home. If you become a parent, you get 4 months of paid vacation, $4k worth of baby expenses, and $3k a year in babysitting money. This alone would be enough to outclass most companies on the planet but the list goes on. (A classic video arcade, anyone?)

    Still, Facebook would be an incredibly cool place to work at even without these benefits. Were you ever wondering how you could get a job at Facebook too? You’ve come to the right place!

    What requirements will you have to meet to get a job at Facebook?

    It won’t come as a surprise that Facebook only hires the best of the best. Although this makes getting in quite difficult, you’ll be working with some amazing people once you get a job at Facebook. However, their criteria for success are a bit different from what you might expect. Carlos Bueno, a former engineer at Facebook, explains:

    • Ability to deliver. In the end, Facebook isn’t big into pedigree. The main criteria on which they judge their employees’s performance is What did you ship? For this reason, you’ll be expected to show what you made and delivered in your previous jobs.
    • Technical background. Whether you’re applying for a managerial or engineering role, you’ll be expected to have at least some technical background. After all, Facebook is a tech company first and foremost and there’s a good chance you’ll be asked this kind of questions at an interview.
    • Generalist approach. Any company of Facebook’s size needs great specialists. Still, Facebook also likes to hire generalists who can fill a variety of roles. They deem the ability to understand concepts above and below one’s area of expertise incredibly valuable. Reportedly, it’s not uncommon for someone to start at machine learning and then spend a year on photos. Or move from web performance to building and developing a new backend tool.
    • Fit. You’ll be required to have a healthy level of enthusiasm, curiosity and motivation. After all, interviewers will evaluate you based on whether they’d like to work with you. You’ll be expected to align well with the company’s mission and values.
    • Architecture. The key to great architecture is to come up with a great solution within the constraints that are particular to each problem. At the same time, you’ll be expected to tailor the solution to the big-picture specifics of Facebook itself.

    How to get a job at facebook

    How do you enter the job application process with Facebook?

    Facebook is always hiring people for every kind of a role. Your experience will differ depending on what kind of a job you want to apply for.

    In most cases, your application process will start with an email or a call from a recruiter. They have their own ways of finding people: perhaps they’ve found you online, perhaps you applied directly. The best way to make them notice you is to show that you’re really good at what you do. If you’re an engineer, you might want to create accounts on sites like HackerRank and get to their top ranks. Being active on StackOverflow is also a great idea if you want to get a job at Facebook. If you’re a student, Facebook also has an intern program, where they invite young talent to work with them for a few months.

    In any case, you don’t have to wait for them to call you to get a job at Facebook. Check out their Careers Page and see if you have anything to offer. Following their FB page might also provide you with loads of useful information.

    How do you prepare for an interview?

    After talking to a recruiter and passing the basic formalities, Facebook will schedule a phone screening or an initial in-person interview. Provided that you pass, they’ll invite you for—you guessed it—more interviews on site. Finally, if you don’t mess those up, they’ll make you an offer.

    • Make some time for lengthy interviews. Even though it sounds annoying, these interviews will give you a chance to talk with a sample of people you may be working with. This includes a recruiter, an HR person, various team members and in some cases even top executives and the CEO. Make sure to take your headphones and reserve about 40-60 minutes for each.
    • Practice writing code. If you’re applying for an engineering position, practice writing code on a white board or in a simple editor without syntax highlighting and completion. During the interview process you’ll have to write code in a co-op editor you might not be familiar with.
    • Be careful about what you put on your resume. If your resume says that you’re an expert in something, they’ll try to schedule an interview with someone who’s also an expert in that area. Be ready to prove your ability or don’t put it on your resume.
    • Practice interviewing with friends. This applies to every interview you’ll ever have and Facebook is no exception. For instance, they may ask you some weird interview questions. But it’s not all weird and unique — these most common interview tips will come handy too.
    • Prepare your mind. You should be humble, open-minded, and focused. Even if you’re an experienced professional with a long list of accomplishments, there’s nothing worse than coming across as arrogant and unlikable. Remember that your main goal is to convince your future colleagues at Facebook to want to have you around.