How to get perfect eyelashes

Looking for the perfect eyelashes?

Worry not since the vast size of the global cosmetic market lets you find the right tool for the job. With all the products within your grasp, all you need is the right skillset. From eyelash makeup to longer eyelashes, you can do it with enough practice.

How to get perfect eyelashes

Ready to learn some eyelash tips? Read on and find out more:

Condition Your Eyelashes

Before going to bed, be sure to prepare your eyelashes overnight. Use a clean wand to apply baby oil, Vaseline, moisturizer, or an eyelash conditioner with a special formula. It’s a great method of keeping your eyelashes in peak condition.

The best part is that doing this habit will help you the next day. It makes applying mascara easier.

Pick the Right Mascara

Each person’s eyelashes will have varying lengths, thicknesses, and shapes. It might make you hesitant of using products since they might not be right for you. However, mascara is available to help augment your eyebrows in various ways.

If you want to make your eyelashes longer, get a lengthening mascara. Use a wand with thick bristles to accomplish the job. For volume, get mascara with “thickening” or “volumizing” while using a wand with bristles.

Do you want curly lashes? If so, get a mascara formula that suits your desired eyelash effect. Your brush choice matters more since you must apply the mascara using a curved brush.

Use a thinner brush with fewer bristles if you’re aiming for a natural look. To make it last, use a waterproof mascara formula. Use it sparingly since it can ruin your lashes the more you use it.

The normal color for lashes is black. Most professional establishments accept this color and nothing else. However, another natural color to go for is brown.

Curl Your Lashes

Use an eyelash curler to accomplish this task. Lightly squeeze at your lashes’ base for about 10 seconds. After that, repeat the process at the midsection and tips for the same duration.

Heat your eyelash curler using a blow dryer for extra hold. Do this before putting the mascara on your lashes. Otherwise, the heat will break them.

Prime Your Lashes

With a primer, your mascara will stay longer. It also helps to condition dry lashes. It results in healthier and more moisturized eyelashes.

After priming your lashes, wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds before you apply mascara. Otherwise, the color will look diluted.

Using the Coat Wand and Removing Excess Product

Before removing the wand, swirl it in the tube. Remove excess product by doing scraping motions along the tube’s edge. Be as gentle as you can to avoid damaging your wand.

Never pump the wand. Otherwise, it will push air into the tube’s interior. It will prematurely dry out the mascara faster.

Clumpy mascara is frustrating to deal with. A good way to get rid of it is to heat it with a blow dryer before use. If you have no blow dryer, place the bottle in a cup of hot water.

Regardless, it makes the mascara thinner. It removes the clumps while making them easier to use.

Applying the Base Coat

Start at the roots. Wiggle the brush using a back-and-forth motion. After that, swipe outward while zigzagging over the rest of your lashes.

Apply more mascara at the base. At the same time, use a light coat at the tips of your eyelashes. It preserves the curl while preventing the lashes from becoming too heavy.

Use a business card or a spoon below your lower lashes when applying mascara. It helps avoid spotting. Do the same above your upper lashes.

Apply Additional Coats When Necessary

Continue adding mascara coats until you get your preferred volume. Wait for five to ten seconds between each coating. Otherwise, the mascara will be too wet.

To keep your mascara even, alternate the work between your left and right eye.

Replace Mascara Whenever Possible

Cosmetic products like mascara have a three-month shelf life. After that, it either dries out or becomes unusable. Even when it looks usable, throw it out after this period elapses.

Mascara as a material is a perfect environment for bacteria. The preservatives will only last for that duration. To maximize safety and quality, replace it after the appointed period.

The good news is that you can recycle mascara wands. It’s easy to repurpose them for other mascara application tasks. Before using, clean it thoroughly with makeup remover.

Experiment with Various Formulas

You need not hesitate when mixing and matching formulas. Sometimes, multiple wands are necessary to get the perfect look. Use layered specialized mascaras to achieve your desired effect.

Various formulas work together and bring the best out of your eyelashes. Use waterproof mascara over lengthening mascara to make your lashes look longer. At the same time, it prevents it from rubbing off on your eyelids.

Clean Smudges

Mascara is sometimes messy to use. It will smudge onto your eyelids as well as the skin around your eye. Even professional makeup artists make these mistakes from time to time.

It’s simple to fix as long as you invest in a gentle eye makeup remover. Look for products with powerful cleaning capabilities. Ensure that it’s safe enough to avoid damaging your eyes or skin.

You can use a cotton swab in case you have no specialized eye makeup remover. Dip it with a facial moisturizer. Press the swab onto the smudge to get rid of it.

However, it’s always better to get these supplies, especially when you’re putting mascara on regularly. You can also go for lash extension supplies to avoid eyelash fatigue.

Get the Perfect Eyelashes Now!

These are some best practices to achieve the perfect eyelashes. Make them into a habit and you’ll improve your skills over time. Never hesitate and ask for help whenever possible.

Looking for more beauty tips and tricks? Read the rest of our blog to learn more valuable information.

How to get perfect eyelashes

Last update: 11 April, 2019

Have you always wanted to have perfect eyelashes like movie actresses, models, or singers?

You don’t need to spend a fortune on beauty treatments. You can get perfect eyelashes with a few tricks and tips that are more than effective. You’ll just need a few tools and makeup.

Keep reading to learn more!

Five Steps for Perfect Eyelashes

Wear Mascara

This makeup has a lot of influence on your look. Always choose a high-quality product, with natural ingredients, to hydrate and care for your eyelashes, that is also easy to remove but does not come off right away.

Keep it in a cool and relatively dry area so that it lasts longer.

  1. Before applying mascara, remember to clean your lashes well with makeup remover or moisturizing cream, and then rinse with warm water.
  2. Dry them well and apply a thin layer of mascara.
  3. Let dry, and then apply a second layer. If you concentrate on the far end of your upper eyelashes, you will give more deepness to your eyes.

Use an Eyelash Curler

There’s no doubt that curved eyelashes are more sensual. Eyelash curlers do this job and are not expensive. Also, what’s nice is that the process does not hurt.

  • Just hold it for a couple seconds and that’s it!

Separate Your Eyelashes

When you’re applying mascara, your eyelashes tend to stick together and form groups.If the makeup is not good quality, it will also leave clumps.

  • To prevent these inconveniences, put the back part of a spoon face up on your eyelashes and repeat, curving upwards.
  • Let the mascara dry and use an old, unused toothbrush or special brush to get them how you like.

Use an Eyelash Brush

When you apply the mascara and before it dries, use a brush to style them how you like. Another good idea is to do this before putting on makeup, but only if you have high-quality mascara.

The good news is that this also increases blood flow and gets rid of the lashes that have fallen out.

Always Take Care of Your Eyelashes

Even if you don’t put on makeup every day, don’t forget to keep them in good shape. Never go to bed without removing your mascara.

Apply makeup removing creams to get rid of the dirt from the day, and always use gentle cotton balls.

You can apply almond oil to massage the area and hydrate it so that they look thicker, stronger, and beautiful.

Natural Remedies for Perfect Eyelashes

These home remedies will give you great results and bring you perfect eyelashes:

Oil Mixture

  1. Put equal parts castor, almond, avocado, and olive oil in a bowl.
  2. Use this mixture to remove makeup by soaking a cotton ball in it.
  3. Then, apply a drop on your eyelash line and go to bed.
  4. In the morning, rinse it off.

Castor Oil and Rum

  1. Mix three teaspoons of castor oil with one of cane rum.
  2. Apply it to your eyelashes with a cotton ball. Be careful that it doesn’t get in your eyes.
  3. Let sit overnight.
  4. In the morning, rinse it off.


  1. Use a natural and loose chamomile tea, not the kind you get in bags.
  2. Buy the dried flower and put a handful in a cup of boiling water, let steep, and strain.
  3. When it’s cold, soak a cotton ball in it.
  4. Put this on your eyelids and lashes every night.

Olive Oil

Besides using this the mixture mentioned beforehand, you can also use olive oil on its own. It is an unmatched home remedy for hair and skin.

  1. Apply two drops on your eyelashes every night using a cotton ball or the tips of your fingers.
  2. Always go from bottom to top and leave it on until the following morning.

Achieve the perfect natural false lash!

False lashes can seriously elevate the appearance of your eyes but a lot of times, they can end up looking very obvious. While that in itself can be a sexy look to rock, it is not everyone’s personal style. If you want to add an extra bit of enhancement to your eyes while still looking natural, we’re going to highlight a style that is handpicked just for you AND share some tips to help you achieve natural-looking false lashes!

Tip # 1: Pick the right style!

So obviously one of the key ways to ensure your falsies look natural is to choose a style that looks natural – the sublime Natural Wispy style! Lashes that are Natural Wispy are designed with feathered and fluffy fibres that are lighter than most of the heavier dramatic styles. Along with their lightweight styling, they come with both black bands and clear bands so you can choose a clear band for a uber minimalistic look or add just a hint of drama with the black bands.

Natural Wispy styles enhance your eyes with a subtle come-hither look without adding overwhelming drama. They give the illusion of longer and more voluminous lashes while still looking wonderfully natural. This is the perfect style for anyone who prefers an understated look that is uber-stylish without being over the top.

Tip # 2: Unleash the mascara!

Another less obvious trick for perfectly natural-looking false lashes is to use mascara. While this may seem counterintuitive to achieving a natural look, mascara actually helps blend your falsies into your natural lashes for a more seamless fit. This makes them less noticeable and more natural. Opt for a light coat of mascara to keep your lashes looking natural.

Tip # 3: Glue them on well!

Using your lash glue well can help your falsies look more natural. Be sure to apply extra lash glue to both ends of your false lash to ensure that the ends don’t lift up and the lashes stay on throughout the day. You can additionally use black adhesive to blend the false lash into your natural lash line if you have dark lashes. Remember to wait at least 30 seconds after you put your lash glue on the band to ensure that the glue is tacky which helps apply your lashes better for a long-lasting hold.

Tip # 4: Less is more!

Keeping your makeup light and minimalistic can also help your falsies look natural and less over-the-top. This can make your eyes and lashes look intensely alluring without looking fake since the rest of your face is relatively free of obvious makeup.

Tip # 5: Trim those falsies!

Another handy trick to achieve natural-looking lashes is trimming your false lash strip. You can either trim the lash to fit your eye perfectly so the ends don’t stick out and hence look more natural or you can also trim the strip lash in half and apply it from the midpoint of your eye. This can also give you a more subtle enhancement to your lashes that looks decidedly more natural.

In addition to trimming your lashes, you can also look for shorter lashes that can give you an allure that is decidedly more natural than longer lashes. You can find shorter lashes in both our Signature and Luxe Faux Mink Collections:

And there you have it! The style you need to look out for and all those little tricks you can use to absolutely nail natural-looking false lashes!

Be sure to let us know your little secrets for natural-looking false lashes and which of our lashes worked best for you in the comments below.

How to get perfect eyelashes

Eyes are the most beautiful features of face; a pair of eyes is composed of many factors. Not only it provides the vision but are the door to the emotion, reaction or smallest feeling. Whenever we interact with people not only talking matters, a great eye contact matter too. That connection made of person to person is all because of eyes, people as mentioned above is the pathway to emotional connect and bond with people. It is popularly said that eyes can exhibit truth and innocence. There are many poetris here which are only dedicated to eyes.

So, when there were poetry written about some people noticed an important part outside the eyes that is eyelashes. They dedicated poetries that were written about eyelashes. Now, when we know that eyelashes hold a really important place in literature, let us know the real use of it too.

Eyelashes in real scientific way has a real work that is to prevent our sensitive eyes from the dust particles, allergens and sometimes it prevents our eyes from insects too. As they are very sensitive and closes down when they sense something near our eyes. It is said that like cats have whiskers the same way we have eyelashes. It is said that we have eighty five to one hundred ten eyelashes that is hairs on the upper lid and lower lid of eyes. And nearly seventy lashes on each side. Now if fun facts are over let us discuss what are perfect eyelashes and how can we get them?

Perfect eyelashes: Eyelashes which fall into these categories are considered perfect eyelashes: First and foremost, the eyelashes should long, a considerable length is important but not more than that. Then secondly, it should be thick but thickness should be only that much that they do not tangle themselves or do not come in the way of eyes to prick it. Third that is very important that it should be curled, a beautiful curve is required for our eyelashes to look perfect. Few ways by which we can work on make eyelashes perfect.

Tips to Get Perfect Eyelashes

1. Caring for eyelashes

There are few ways naturally by using them, we can make our eyelashes strong, healthy and ready to be perfect. So, here we will address few ways by which we do not break our eyelashes that ways are:

  • Do not rub eyelashes or area near eyes as it can break eyelashes. It is said that regularly each day one to two eyelashes breaks and few comes into notice.
  • Keeping your eyelashes clean is a really important deal, clean your eyes time to time for that wash it regularly on time breaks and do not give stress on eyelashes by touching it time again.
  • Do not let your eyelashes and eyes face any problem, sometimes due to allergy there is a collection of debris around eyes take in care that you clean it with care, use cotton dipped in lukewarm water.
  • Conditioning your eyelashes is an important concern. You can clean it with care using the regular condition or what you can do is try natural ways too. Naturally you can apply egg white by dabbing cotton swab dipped in its mixture keep it for some time and clean it. Use rose water too for clean up if you want. Applying oil is also important for eyelashes, apply different of oil like olive oil is considered best for it.
  • Prevent applying high eye drama makeup, as it is important for eyes to rest too.
  • Use a curler or a wand or stick for curling up lashes for time to time. You can use mascara wand or mascara stick to do this. But, take in care that you do not apply mascara on your eyes. As mentioned earlier, application of makeup all time on eyes can lead lashes to stress.
  • You can apply Vaseline on your eyelashes to give them a full moisturized environment near eyelashes.

2. Buying a mascara

While buying a mascara keep in mind that the mascara should be from a good company or brand, because you can not compromise with your eyes for the sake of makeup. Your mascara should also match the color of your eyelashes color. There are few pointers that you can check while you buy a mascara, see whether the brush of mascara has soft bristles on it, is that wand thick or thin, while it able to work for fine makeup. Before buying check in about it being part of waterproof makeup. Check the ratings of the mascara online too.

3. Applying mascara

There are several conditions to be taken in care while you are applying makeup especially while working with eyes. So, here are few guidelines how to apply mascara carefully and make our eyelashes look perfect.

  • 15 minutes before applying mascara on your eyes take in care that the face is all clean or the makeup will look dull. So, clean your face especially eyes carefully before working on them.
  • Then take out moisturizer people and stylist prefer Vaseline, dab a bit on eyelashes, apply it lightly on eyelashes. It is a small towards moisturizing and providing nutrition to eyelashes so that it does not fall of and become straight.
  • Take out soft curler as mentioned above first curl the lashes before applying mascara, this has to be done for fifteen seconds on one side of eye, that means total for thirty seconds on both sides.
  • Apply primer, work of primer is that it helps primer to stay longer, and it remains to its place. It can condition the dry lashes. Wait fifteen to twenty-one minutes for primer to dry.
  • Dipping and taking mascara in thin amount take this in less amount when you don’t know how much will it take. Use it to apply on eyelashes. This can be defined as the base coat. Apply it properly from roots properly.
  • Apply another round of mascara on eyelashes, wiggle it a bit, you can take a little light shade for another round after mascara applied for the base one. Application of mascara can be done depending upon the thickness or volume needed by the person getting makeup done.

4. Duties with mascara

Do not forget to change (replace) your mascara once in two to three weeks. As mascara dries up and can affect your eyes.

At last, while applying mascara you should take care that you do not harm anybody’s eyes. As makeup is not as much as eyes are. But perfect eyelashes are not a myth if you follow this and give it a proper care.

Written by Clarice Lee

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and the eyelashes – the frames to the windows. A good frame will enhance the eyes, making them look more youthful and lively. Not only do eyelashes make your eyes look beautiful, they also keep them from drying out too quickly.

Longer is not always better

Another interesting fact is that eyelashes perform their best when they’re a third as long as the eye’s width. At this length, they create an effective stagnation zone above the eye, decreasing stress caused by wind. Naturally, eyelashes which are too long have the opposite effect: they can actually channel air flow towards the eyes, causing them to dry out faster.

The Ideal Eyelashes

We associate long, thick eyelashes with femininity and attractiveness. The late Elizabeth Taylor was always admired for her beautiful eyelashes. In fact, she was actually born with distichiasis, a condition that gave her two rows of eyelashes!

While false eyelashes are an easy way to obtain Elizabeth Taylor-esque lashes, you can thicken and restore your own with SW1′s Collagen Lash. It is an anti-aging lash serum that harnesses the power of peptide and herb extracts to help the natural growth of lashes.

Fortunately, there is a correlation between aesthetics and functionality: while long eyelashes are beautiful, you’ll start to look strange if they’re too long. Eyelashes should be dense enough to leave no gaps in between, and give a dark, full appearance. Finally, the perfect eyelashes are upturned so that they frame the eyes without obstructing the eye itself.

A good mascara such as BUXOM Lash Mascara will work wonders to give you full, upturned lashes.

This is the ultimate hack to getting perfect lashes, whether you’re a pro at applying mascara or just learning how to get it right.

I strive to get the longest lashes possible when applying mascara, so I’ll scour the internet for the top-rated, best-selling mascaras, emulate pro-tips on brush technique, and read up on new technologies (although, I do think applying mascara on the NYC subway is just as effective and less costly than a vibrating brush. ).

Because of the long-lash chase, I end up with dots or smears of black under my eyebrows and all over my lids a lot, which can be even more frustrating if I’ve already put on other eye makeup or am using waterproof mascara. Now I have to do a whole make-up removing dance to clean it up and I’m late for work.

When I came across this little gadget on Amazon, I was a tad skeptical because, to be honest, it’s just kind of funny looking. It’s called a mascara guard, and it looks like something you’d see an athlete wearing for eye protection rather than something you’d use as an effective makeup tool.

The way it works is by creating a barrier between your eyelashes and your skin, blocking your mascara from getting on parts of your face other than where it’s intended. There are two separate edges designated for your top lashes and bottom lashes lined with little teeth to help you coat each individual lash. The mascara guard I found also has eyelash combs on the opposite end from the guard so you can quickly brush out any clumps or through stuck-together lashes.

So, even if you look a little silly holding a plastic shoe-horn-like gadget up to your eyes, you’ll definitely look a lot less silly than showing up to work with faded black smudges all over your eyes and cheeks. Oh also, it’s only $1.79 on Amazon.

Table of Contents

Have you ever wondered how to get those thick, endless, and almost fake-looking eyelashes without extensions?

This process requires some time and patience, besides three mascaras with different brushes and purposes so you can separate your lashes enough so they don’t look clumpy.

Here’s a practical tip to determine if you’ll like a mascara or not: what the mascara brush looks like is what your eyelashes will end up looking like, so think it through!

Materials you’ll need:

  1. L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara
    The brush is a little comb, and its bristles are really short, small, and thin. This brush is better for short lashes because it will make them look much longer than they actually are. The comb part shows it’s optimal for separation, because it basically combs through each of the eyelashes.
  2. Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara
    The bristles are straight and have the same amount of separation as the L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara, so you can get clump-free length and volume from this one.
  3. Maybelline Falsies Flared Volume Express mascara
    The brush is shaped like a scoop, so it will scoop your eyelashes up and curl them. The roundness at the end will also provide more volume (hence its name “flared”).

Check the video below to see how it’s done!

Step 1: Bottom lashes (L’Oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions mascara)

Start doing the bottom eyelashes only because they’re usually much shorter than the top ones. Simply open your eyes and comb the roots from side to side. If you do the ends they’ll look too long, but if your eyelashes aren’t more than half an inch long then it probably won’t look bad either.
Optionally, you can also curl your eyelashes before the following step.

Step 2: Top lashes, first coat (Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara)

Tilt your head back, put your chin up, and look down with your eyes. This way, the mascara won’t touch your eyelid, which ensures that you don’t get unwanted mascara stains anywhere. It also helps keeping it away from your eye shadow, so you don’t have to worry about additional touch-ups after.
With your head back and your eyes down, comb only through the ends of the eyelashes, because if you really want curl (or keep a curl) then you can’t apply it to the roots first.
Let this first coat dry for however long it takes you to do your other eye because, if it over-dries, then you won’t be able to comb through it anymore and it will flake. There’s no going back after it dries!

Step 3: Top lashes, second coat (Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara)

Apply one more coat only on the ends of your eyelashes: first, put the mascara in a side-ways motion towards the inner corner of your eye, and then go outward only it side-ways motions to make them thicker rather than longer.
It may get on the middle of the eyelashes a little, so it’s not strictly on the ends, but don’t concentrate on the roots yet.

Step 4: Top lashes, third coat (Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara)

Now it’s time to concentrate on lifting and separating the roots to add length and make them look like you have more eyelashes than you really do. Simply get close to the roots and combine side to side.
Now that the mascara on the ends has dried a little, this allows it to keep that curl: go behind your top eyelashes and push them down a bit on the outer corners to achieve a feathered look.

Step 5: Finishing touches (Maybelline Falsies Flared Volume Express mascara)

Use the rounded brush to comb the eyelashes in a side-to-side motion at the very roots to separate them completely and make them look much fuller. This way, they won’t look clumpy.

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of separation you’ve achieved, simply leave them as they are and enjoy your finished look!


August 03, 2021 1 min read

How to get perfect eyelashes

Some people are born lucky and have naturally long luxuriant lashes – the rest of us need a little help. But how do you get that longed for natural look? Most false eyelashes are made from 4 different types of material: Synthetic (Silk or Mink), Human Hair, Silk, and Mink Lashes. We’re not going to talk about mink because we don’t want to encourage people to be cruel to animals.

Human hair lashes are thinner than synthetic but could pose a problem for people with allergies. R eal silk lashes tend to be too soft and won’t except a curl. That leaves us with synthetic silk or synthetic mink. These lashes are known for being comfortable and looking the most natural. They are also dark, shiny and are very good at retaining a curl.

Our most natural lash

This natural fluffy lash is made from bio-silk and named appropriately after the vain queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology – who boasted about her unrivaled beauty and can be seen every night in the northern sky. Our lash comes on a clear band (more natural look) and is easy to clean, lasts up to 40 times and are super flexible. We think of it as our most natural looking lash so your eyes can look even more beautiful without anybody knowing you have stars in your eyes!

These lashes are recommended for Almond, Hooded, Round, Monolid, Down-turned and Protruding eye shapes.