How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

Summer is barely over and the shops are already filling with Christmas garb. But even if you are not the biggest fan of the festive season, it pays to be prepared for it. We are here to show you how to prepare for Christmas early, without breaking a sweat. Preparation is more than half the battle in our opinion. If you know how to ready for Christmas early, like, well in advance, then by the time the big day rolls around, you will be more chilled than a turkey in January.

Why you should prepare early for Christmas

With October just a few days away, the festive season will be here before you know it. Planning ahead is the best way to save money, headaches, and even your sanity!

Have your family already started having the “Christmas Chat?” Who’s going to host? Where is it going to be? What time will lunch be made? Who is being invited? What are you getting for so-and-so? And so on. If you leave everything till the last minute, or even till just approaching Christmas, you could find yourself stressed out, unhappy, panicking and not even looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year.

Getting ready for Christmas

We can’t help it. We love Christmas. As such, knowing how to prepare for Christmas early is practically in our blood. The very simple way to start is to make a list. Once you have a list, everything is so much more manageable. Advance holiday planning truly puts you in charge, and can help alleviate all those unpleasant things that can come with Christmas if you don’t prepare early; stress, debt, and chaos!

What you need for preparing early for Christmas:

1. Work out a budget

Before you even start really thinking about getting ready for Christmas, you need to work out your budget so that you can prepare wisely. Remember to involve everything you will need. This includes; food, decorations, presents, outings, obligatory tacky jumpers…even postage stamps for Christmas cards and parking at the shopping centre. Work out what you will need to spend and where and write it all down. You can then get a better idea of how to manage your money, without any unnecessary splurges closer to the big day.

2. Start filling in your calendar

December and the lead up to Christmas is manic. Make sure you start filling in your calendar and diary with everything from parties, to school events, family gatherings, term times and anything else that might slip your mind. If you have kids at school, make sure to include when they break up and any festive plays that might be thrown. Planning on ordering a turkey? Make a note of when you can order and when you can pick it up. Don’t be scared of being pedantic. Go as far as jotting down the days to do the big Christmas food shop – the more organised you are now, the better it will be then.

3. Decide who is hosting Christmas Day

If you know you are going to be hosting, you have even more reason to prepare early. Have the conversation now so both you, and they, can be fully prepared. They might need to tell other friends and family members that they will be having Christmas Day at yours, so the more notice that can be given to all parties, the better.

4. Who’s coming?

Now you know you will oversee Christmas Day, you need to get on that guest list! Figuring out who and how many people will be attending will help you get organised. Make your list (check it twice) and start inviting people – the sooner the better. Will some guests need to stay over? If so, start planning what you and they will need. Things like extra toilet roll, spare beds, and bedding, deciding who will be sleeping where etc.

5. Send out the invitations

It’s never too early for sending out those invites. Let your nearest and dearest know now that you are hosting Christmas Day, and get numbers in. You don’t want to start preparing for 20 people, only to find out in a month’s time that half of the intended guests have already had another invitation. While you are extending the invite, find out if any of your guests have food allergies or preferences. If you have a family of vegetarians coming, you will need to ensure there is enough food available that they can eat – bonus, it could mean more turkey for you!

6. Start present shopping early

There’s no time like the present(!) for this one. Some very smart shoppers buy their gifts during the sales; either on Boxing Day from the previous year or in the summer. We can’t all be that organised though, and, to be honest, getting a head start now still makes you more organised than about 90% of the population. Remember that between now and Christmas are the infamous Black Friday sales. This is the perfect opportunity to stock up on a whole host of presents. Do your research thoroughly. Make a list of everyone you need to buy for (remember those such as the kid’s teachers, colleagues at work, and maybe even the dog). Taking your time will really help you choose presents wisely and carefully – and you won’t have to worry about delivery times!

7. Look up your recipes

Thanks to celebrity chefs, cooking programmes are in abundance, and seem to constantly be on TV. We love the Christmas specials, which are repeated year after year, and always have such great ideas for the big day. Record any Christmas specials that you like the look of, scour websites and food blogs for interesting recipes and ask friends and family for any special festive recipes of theirs that you have loved in previous years. Start stockpiling those recipe ideas now and listing the ingredients so you can be prepared well in advance.

8. Prepare food early where you can

Are there any components of your Christmas feast that can be prepared in advance and frozen? With some food, such as gravy and stuffing, you can prepare it, cook it, and freeze it a few months in advance, so that all you need to do on Christmas Day is defrost and reheat! Are there a lot of dry ingredients you can buy now so you don’t have to worry about them in December? Make a list and head to the shops, then create an area in your cupboards especially for Christmas food prep. When can you order your turkey? Speak to your butcher or supermarket of choice and find out their Christmas ordering dates. Get on the culinary case!

9. Check Royal Mail delivery times

Sending out Christmas cards and presents to your nearest and dearest around the world, can always be a bit stressful – due to how manic the post office becomes over the festive season. If you are sending out a lot of cards this year, buy your stamps now, so you don’t have to worry about those nightmarish queues in December. The same goes with sending presents and parcels. Let friends and family know that their presents will be arriving early, and to put them away for Christmas morning. Check the Royal Mail delivery times and start preparing and get everything out before the rush.

To help get ahead, start planning those presents now. Click the button below to get started. Remember, planning the holiday season early will allow you to fully enjoy it when it comes around. Knowing how to prepare for Christmas early will prepare you for the fun chaos of the festive season. This is a time to spend with those you love, and the only thing that could ruin it is a stressed out you! Well, that or an undercooked turkey…

You could say I’m an elf. Maybe not physically, because my ears aren’t particularly pointy and while I’m short, I can at least blend in with other regular-sized humans, but emotionally, I’ve reached elf-status. Call me cliché or childish, but I think Christmas is the greatest of all the holidays. Though I understand it’s a giant consumerist ploy to drain American adults of their hard-earned money, that fact doesn’t stop me from launching into Christmas festivities every December. So, in preparation for this glorious holiday, I’ve created a list of ways that you can get into the Christmas spirit.

1) Make a Christmas playlist.

First and foremost, everyone must make a Christmas playlist. When it’s snowing outside and everyone is sitting around the dinner table rolling out those pre-made, reindeer and Santa-shaped sugar cookies, listening to rap music or Britney Spears just doesn’t have the same cheery effect. The best Christmas playlists include a variety of songs from different eras. Some basic suggestions:

– Santa Baby by Madonna (a good pick if you can get past its creepiness)

– All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey (my all-time favorite, judge all you like)

– You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Thurl Ravenscroft (gotta get some movie soundtracks in there)

– Anything from Michael Buble’s Christmas album (the man’s got a Christmas voice)

– Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson (Kelly Clarkson is my musical drug, so I’m biased with this one, but it’s a new single and you should all go check it out)

2) Buy/Build a gingerbread house.

Pre-made cookies are not the only sugary good that define the Christmas season. Gingerbread houses also make for a fun family-bonding event. To clarify, I don’t mean full-sized gingerbread houses. If you have the patience to attempt such a project and the self-control not to eat it along the way, then props to you, but I tend to go for the smaller, more manageable gingerbread structure. Even if the frosting doesn’t mix right and the walls don’t stay up for more than 2 seconds and in the end, you end up staring at a pile of gooey gingerbread panels that looks more like a stack of logs than an edible treat, you can say that you tried and that’s all that matters.

3) Decorate. Decorate everything.

As much as I hate walking through the aisles of CVS in October and seeing decorations for holidays inappropriately far in advance, I believe it’s also important to stock up on these decorations for when the actual holiday rolls around. And don’t limit yourself to decorating your house. Decorate cookies. Decorate the sidewalk with Christmas chalk drawings. Decorate your face with red and green makeup. Decorate your soul with the Christmas spirit.

4) Watch a Christmas special, or 10, or 100.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. How the Grinch Stole Christmas. A Christmas Story. A Charlie Brown Christmas. There are so many heart-warming Christmas movies out there, it’s hard to list them all. And don’t even get me started on Elf. It would get it’s own number if I had room.

5) Create a gift list idea for other people.

Receiving gifts on Christmas is only half the fun. The only thing better than the weeks leading up to Christmas is finding the perfect present for someone you love, whether it’s a gag gift or a serious item that they’ve been needing for awhile. Once you spot that antique typewriter that your hipster brother has been looking for, everything about life seems to fall into place.

6) Start a countdown.

Countdowns can be a very powerful force in nature, if the New Year’s Eve ball drop tradition is any indication. They can both ease the mind (i.e. 10 more minutes until I can escape this English class on Medieval Dinner Plates) and incite anticipation (i.e. 2 more days until I can order my tickets for Lord of the Rings on ice). Advent calendars can also be an acceptable substitution for such events. A friend of a friend (definitely not me) mentioned that Neopets has a good advent calendar, but I don’t know for sure. (I do. It does.)

7) Bust out the seasonal drinks/food.

Nearly every respectable establishment offers some sort of special Christmas meal or drink. Mint hot chocolate. Pumpkin spice latte. EGGNOG. Then pair that with Christmas munchkins or candy canes and you’ve got yourself a meal.

8) Wear a Santa hat all day, every day.

Santa hats are like Ellen Degeneres. They make everything more fun. Quote me on that.

9) Volunteer to wrap presents, and everything else.

Present-wrapping is a core part of the Christmas tradition, so volunteering to do it, either for charity purposes or to wrap your own, can get you in the holiday spirit. Wrap yourself in a sweater while wrapping a sandwich wrap and buying wrapping paper to wrap Christmas presents. Then when you’re done, go to a wrap party that plays only rap music. That’s a wrap!

10) Be jolly.

This is perhaps the most important rule of all. In the end, Christmas is not about spending enormous amounts of money or spoiling your children/parents/grandparents/significant other. Rather, it’s about coming together and celebrating all of the good parts of life. The best thing you can do to prepare for Christmas is just be happy. It’s the one time of the year where you don’t have to hate on humanity (which is what I do 95% of the time). Take advantage of it. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all.

It may be too early to do any actual decorating for Christmas, but now is the time to get ready for the holidays! Avoid supply delays and shortages and stress-filled holidays by starting to prepare today.

How to get ready for christmas

I know, I know, I know that it’s too early for the majority of us to start our Christmas decorating (we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet!), but now is the time to be thinking ahead!

This is especially true this year because of the plethora of supply delays and shortages that are so prevalent right now. I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I saw it coming and actually put my Christmas decorating plans for each room together in July and began ordering any new holiday decor items that I wanted in early August. And yes – I have run into delays and out of stock problems on some of my items.

Maybe you won’t be into decorating for a few more weeks, but if you’ll do a few things now, you’ll have a merry Christmas instead of a harried and stressful Christmas!

Christmas Checklist

By the way, I have a handy Christmas decorating timeline available that will guide you through decorating your home (from planning to fully decorated) in 3 weeks. My Christmas checklist planner will allow you to create a festive home by breaking the process down into weekly manageable steps. I’m happy to make it available to my newsletter subscribers for free! Get it by clicking HERE.

How to get ready for christmas


I’m doing something new this year that I’ve never done before and I’m excited by how much time it has already saved me!

I simply created a Word document for each room in my home that I will be decorating and listed all of the different areas that I want to incorporate holiday decor within the room, including the theme or colors that I want to go with.

Once I completed my plan for a room, I was able to make of list of any items that I needed to purchase to bring my vision to life. I even printed a few inspiration pics to help remind me of what I had in mind when I was putting my plan together.

How to get ready for christmas

I know for a fact what a timesaver it has been because I’ve already decorated one room for Christmas as I have a magazine shoot coming up in a few weeks, so I start my holiday decorating even earlier than I normally do. My “planner” isn’t anything fancy at all, but is something that each one of you could easily do!

By using this idea, I was able to go into my Christmas storage, pull out exactly what I needed and decorate the entire room in about half the time that it normally takes me!


Now that you have a plan, take stock of the holiday decorations that you already own. Christmas decorations are kind of like rabbits – they multiply and it’s easy to forget about things that you already have.

Now’s a great time to purge and organize too, which will save you time later when you’re ready to actually put those decorations up. And while you’re at it, go ahead and check for any broken ornaments or Christmas lights that need replacing.

This post will give you some great ideas for organizing and sorting your Christmas decor – even some of the more awkward things like holiday wreaths, ribbon, throw pillows and garlands.

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas


No matter when you actually start to make your Christmas gift purchases, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor if you make a list of everyone you need to buy for and how much you want to spend on each person.

My daughter keeps a running list on her phone anytime she thinks of the perfect gift for someone or if one of her daughters happens to mention something that they’d love for Santa to bring. How many times have we all thought of the perfect gift and then have forgotten about it later?

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been caught at the very last minute trying to get all of your Christmas gifts wrapped at once. Or how about waiting until you have so many gifts to wrap, that it takes you hours and becomes a chore. Where’s the joy in that?

I’m totally guilty of both of these “offenses”, but I finally realized there was a much better and more pleasurable way to enjoy my gift giving. These days, I do my best to determine which wrapping papers and pretty ribbons I’m going to use that year and wrap my holiday gifts as I go.

If you’ll use gift wrap that coordinates with your tree and the rest of the decor, the gifts will actually become part of the decorations which creates a cohesive look!

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas


I admit it – it’s super easy for me to get caught up in making ALL the Christmas plans and doing ALL of the decorating myself and then directing everyone what to do and when. When that happens, I usually wind up being too practical and missing out on some of the fun Christmas “magic”.

Involving the rest of my family, including the small children, in the plan making makes Christmas more enjoyable for everyone – myself included!

This picture is from several years ago, but it’s still one of my favorites. Gotta love the fake smile on my youngest granddaughter – lol!


How to get ready for christmas

What tips do you have for avoiding stress-filled holidays?

We firmly believe it’s never too early to decorate for Christmas—and while there’s something so magical about that day-after-Thanksgiving decorating spree, we think the best time to start planning Christmas is actually in the middle of summer. Yes, you read that right! We’re not suggesting you put up your tree and hang the stockings in between barbecues and pool parties (but if you want to, we fully support that decision), but there are a few simple tasks you can tackle in the summer months that will make the busy holiday season so much less hectic.

It seems like the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas get busier every year. Between holiday parties, cookie exchanges, Christmas card photo sessions, and last-minute shopping trips, there’s hardly any time to relax and enjoy the season. But we’ve come up with a few simple ways to prepare in the summer so you can spend the holidays enjoying more time with friends and family. Here are 10 things you can do right now to make the Christmas season as stress-free as possible. Crank up the A/C, put on your favorite Christmas carols, and get into the pre-holiday spirit.

Related Items

1 Make a List and Check It Twice

We often associate the holidays with stress because there are just so many things going on. There’s family to see, events to attend, and last-minute gifts to buy—in short, there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. During the summer months, write down all the annual events you know you’ll be attending, and make a list of everyone you’ll need to buy gifts for (don’t forget teachers and coworkers!) so there won’t be any surprises once December arrives.

Getting it all down on paper will help you set clear expectations for the season ahead and avoid the last-minute scramble to find a gift for someone you’ve forgotten. This will also help you identify the things you can take care of right now, like deciding what to buy for the annual white elephant exchange.

2 Start DIY Projects

While the weather outside may not be frightful yet, you can still get a head start on DIY Christmas gifts and homemade holiday decor. These projects always take longer than you think they will, so don’t leave them until the last minute. Plus, when you’re not scrambling to get things done, you’ll have time to make more homemade gifts (and save some extra cash—always a bonus at holiday time!).

3 Plan the Christmas Card

We love designing and sending the annual Christmas card, but getting together to take the perfect family photo for the card can be daunting—especially during the busy holiday season. This year, organize family photos in the summer. The kids typically have more free time than during the school year, and you can take advantage of sunny weeknight evenings if your weekend schedule is full. If you have your heart set on taking your photos during sweater weather, reach out to a photographer now to reserve a date before they fill up for the season. (Or, crank the A/C and have everyone don their best Christmas sweaters right now!)

4 Buy the Basics

Over the summer, take an inventory of what you have and make a list of things you’ll need to purchase this year. Things like extra Christmas ornaments, ($19, Target) or personalized Christmas stockings ($19, Pottery Barn) for a new family member can be purchased online year-round. If you’re thinking of transitioning to an artificial tree this year, don’t wait until December to make a purchase. We like this 6-foot pre-lit artificial tree ($90, Walmart).

5 Start Saving

While charitable giving is important year-round, most local organizations typically have a greater need during the holidays (which is why Giving Tuesday was created). Coincidentally, this is also the time of year we usually feel most strapped for cash, after going overboard on gifts or seasonal experiences. Between gifts, food, decorations, and travel, the average American household spends $1,536 on the holidays—but it doesn’t have to be that expensive. This summer, make a savings plan: Putting aside a few dollars a week between now and Christmas will help you ensure you can give as much as you want to during the holidays. Be sure to take advantage of summer sales and early-bird travel deals, too.

You can also use the extra time to look into gifts that give back to causes your family and friends are passionate about. And, if you’re purchasing gifts on Amazon, be sure to take advantage of the Amazon Smile program, which donates a portion of each purchase to the charity of your choice (at no extra cost to you!).

6 Shop Summer Sales

Since you’ve already made a list of who you’ll need to buy gifts for, shopping summer sales can help you save some serious cash on this year’s gift haul. Christmas in July and Labor Day sales are basically the summer equivalent of Black Friday, and you don’t have to skip Thanksgiving dinner to get these deals! Make a list of potential gifts (and set a spending limit) for each person, and watch for those items to go on sale. I always try to grab a few “extras” when I find them on super sale: You never know when you’ll need a hostess gift (or a gift for someone who wasn’t originally on your list) at the last minute.

7 Plan New Recipes

If you’re planning to cook for the holidays, chances are high that you’ll need to cater to at least one dietary restriction. And while Grandma’s classic recipes have always served us well over the years, it can be fun to try out a new holiday recipe. Whether you need to provide a vegan side dish or a paleo dessert option, plan out your new recipes and test each one out at least once before the holiday season. You can even get a head start on meal prep with these insanely delicious make-ahead meals you can freeze.

8 Start the Countdown

Get a head start on your Christmas countdown! We can tell you from experience that December 1 is not the ideal day to put together your Advent calendar, especially if you want to make a countdown that takes a bit of planning, like this DIY acts of kindness Advent calendar. Carve out a little extra time over the summer to make your own Advent calendar so you’re not scrambling as the holiday approaches.

9 Plan Your Movie Marathon

Hallmark movie marathons are a sure sign that Christmas is approaching. And as you may have heard, Hallmark is now airing Christmas movies year round, so it’s easier than ever to get your holly jolly on whenever you decide to do your holiday planning. If you’re having trouble getting into the holiday spirit in the middle of summer, crank the A/C and snuggle up on the couch for a Christmas movie marathon.

10 Start a New Tradition

We’ve all got our go-to holiday traditions, but if you’ve ever thought about starting a new one, summer is the best time to plan and purchase as much as you can. If you’re not sure what you’d like to start, research your family history and pull ideas from your ancestors’ home countries—or choose one of our new family tradition ideas. One of our favorite holiday customs is teaching the kids to give rather than receive. If you’re able to spend a little extra money, look for an Adopt a Family program. Or, volunteer to help with a holiday meal at a local food bank.

I know what you’re thinking.

Don’t rush Christmas!

It seems like the minute the kids go back to school, the holidays come rushing at us like a freight train. And while I am a die hard “don’t decorate before Thanksgiving” person, there are a few things that I do now to get ready for Christmas.

I’m definitely not going to tell you to put up the tree yet, or to start playing Christmas music non stop (but you can if you want). What I am going to tell you are easy things that you can do now to start planning for Christmas so that you can actually enjoy your holiday with less stress and more family fun.

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year, and it is easy to see why. With all the gifts, decorating, baking, traditions and activities, it can make you feel overwhelmed and underprepared. And when you let the stress get to you Christmas starts to feel more like a chore instead of a celebration. But the good news is that you can start getting ready for Christmas now that will help you enjoy the holiday as it gets closer.

6 Things to Do Now to Get Ready for Christmas

Prep Your Planner

The first thing you need to do right now is make a plan and get organized. Having a plan for all your activities, gifts, baking projects, decorations, etc. will save you lots of time and stress when it’s time to actually do all of these things.

Fortunately, I have an awesome tool that will help you do just that.

My Christmas planner has everything you need to get ready for Christmas with pages of planning tools, checklists, and so much more.

And here’s the best news: you can get the Christmas Planner FREE when you get my Mom Life Organized 2020 planner. Click here to check it out!

Do a Toy Purge

Christmas brings a lot of stuff, even if like us you’re trying to give more experiences and less toys this year. This is the perfect time to purge out old, outgrown, or broken toys to make way for what Santa will bring.

Purging your toys does not have to be painful – in fact, we’ve started a really fun tradition that makes my kids WANT to help declutter their playroom to get ready for Christmas. Want the secret? Click here to read all about it.

Get Rid of Old Decor

We all have old decorations that are collecting dust in the basement. Or the string of lights that doesn’t work anymore. Now is the time to take inventory of what you have: repair anything that is broken or let go of things that are just not your style anymore. Take advantage of yard sale sites and make a little extra money by selling things you don’t use but others may love. Then decide where you’d like to decorate this year – indoors and outdoors – and make a plan.

While you are sorting and purging, use your Christmas planner decorating pages to make lists of any items that need to be replaced and start price comparing as soon as the Halloween decorations go down.

Make a Budget

Are you worrying about how you’re going to afford everything that you’d like to do for Christmas this year? Start planning your budget and saving now.

To get started, look at how much you spent last year. Break that number down into categories such as decorations, presents, activities, etc. to give you a clear picture of what Christmas looks like for your family. Next, see if there are any areas that you might want to skip this year. Lastly, take that number and make a game plan for how you are going to save up for Christmas over the next few months.

You can use the budget planning sheets and gift giving trackers in your Christmas planner to help you get these numbers on paper and into your plan.

Prep Your Holiday Cards

Start Shopping

The best way to save on your Christmas gifts is by shopping all year round. If you haven’t started, it’s time! Start making your gift lists and looking for deals now. Use your gift tracking sheets to make lists of what you’re buying for whom, and to track any online purchases. This will ensure that you are getting the best deals on your Christmas gifts and avoiding the stress of sold-out gifts or expensive express shipping in December.

Read more of my holiday shopping tips here.

You can even wrap them ahead of time if you want, but I’ll totally admit that I am a last minute wrapper (usually with a glass of wine on Christmas Eve watching It’s a Wonderful Life. What can I say, it’s my little tradition).

Christmas may be a few months away still, but you can never be too prepared. Grab your planner, get organized now, and you’ll be able to savor the holidays this year without all the stress of rushing to get everything done.

How to get ready for christmas

Yes, you read that right! I know that Christmas is only several days away. But you CAN start now and begin getting ready for Christmas… next year! Use these smart, simple, common sense tips to get a head start on Christmas 2017 and enjoy a little Christmas spirit all year long! You will be so happy your read this post!

Today is HOME STYLE SATURDAY! I’m dusting off one of my most popular posts to help you think ahead!

How to get ready for christmas

Make sure to check out all the beautiful posts at the end of this page!

Now let’s talk about 10 THINGS TO DO NOW FOR NEXT CHRISTMAS!


How to get ready for christmas

You might think that this is a little crazy, but if you decide on next year’s Christmas colors right NOW you can get great buys on wrapping paper, ribbon, gift tags, throws, wreaths… and all other sundry of Christmas thing! And Christmas looks so pretty when colors and patterns work together!

My colors for next year are white and gold. I know that I have been stuck in the black and white rut, but I just love it with my house! But next year something totally different!


How to get ready for christmas

Don’t go overboard on the wrapping paper! Three designs are plenty.Two would even be great! If you get a kraft paper or white paper it can be used for more than Christmas! This year I bought a green and natural pillow ticking paper that I’ll use during the year!

I look for wrapping whenever and wherever I can find it. This year I’ll be looking for a great black and white check or plaid, something natural and something with red in it.


How to get ready for christmas

Make your gift wrapping easy! Put everything in a box. It’s easy to wrap a box. I collect boxes and put them in the basement. Some boxes, like Victoria’s Secret boxes last from year to year! One of our sons usually gets some manly thing in a Vicki’s box every Christmas morning! We all get a good chuckle!


How to get ready for christmas

This is very economical when you think of it. Ribbon can be rolled up and used again and again! And how easy is it to tie a bow? Real ribbon also looks amazing! Since I have been on a black and white kick for the past 4 Christmases I have amassed a large quantity of black and white ribbon (all on sale). No need to buy more for next year… just reuse them!


Start the habit of buying for Christmas all year! And put the gifts in one place. I have learned the HARD WAY… there has always been a Christmas gift I can’t find until July or August! This year I’m designating a guest room closet to hold next years Christmas gifts. I just may wrap them all year too!

Here is my easy to do GIFT WRAPPING STATION! Lots of ways to make your holiday gift wrapping easy!


How to get ready for christmas

This is a fabulous, fun, time and money saving thing to do! Buy Christmas pillows, stockings, dishes, pj’s… anything that is Christmas themed now for next year. Stores have huge price reductions in items with Christmas details right now! Don’t wait until next fall… they will cost a whole lot more!

I’m looking for two Christmas duvets and euro shams! I’ve dreamed of having Christmas bedding for years!


How to get ready for christmas

This is the year to really evaluate your Christmas decorations! Only keep what you love and use. It’s time to get our Christmas decorations in order! Here is the BEST CHRISTMAS ORGANIZATION TIPS YOU WILL EVER GET! REALLY!


Put the decorations that you need to find and use every year in a specially marked box. Like your tree skirt and stockings. I like to put out my manger scene first… so I keep them in a special box and know just where they are. This is the voice of years of searching the basement for that one special thing talking to you!


The first of December is not the time to start that burlap ruffled tree skirt (that’s what I’ll be making). Get an early start! Just think how beautiful that JOY banner will look across your mantel next year… you know, the one you make in June! To see how to make a JOY banner click HERE.


Keep a running “Christmas List”. Write down everything you buy (a year is a long time to remember). Make a list of things you need for next Christmas. Start a Pinterest board of all the great ideas you find. Write out your Christmas gift list early and work on it throughout the year!

With Christmas 2016 only a handful of days away this post may seem a little… or a whole lot… premature! Enjoy the Christmas moment… and as soon as Christmas is over start preparing for Christmas 2017 and enjoying it now!

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

You might like to follow me on Pinterest and see all the great things I am finding to pin HERE.

The holiday season is here! Whether you can’t believe it’s already time or you’ve been waiting all year, here are 18 hacks to help you get ready!

How to get ready for christmas

What to know when buying your holiday tree

Opting for a beautiful live tree this year? If you’re getting a pre-cut tree, make sure you test its freshness before you buy it—you never know how long it’s been sitting in the lot exposed to the elements. Try these quick tests to find the freshest tree possible:

  • The branch test: Grab a branch firmly between your fingers and gently pull it toward you, then let it go. If lots of needles shake off the tree, it’s not fresh enough; if only a few needles fall, the tree is probably still in decent shape.
  • The fragrance test: Snap a needle in your fingers and give it good whiff—the needle should be moist and deliciously pine-scented. If you don’t get a pungent dose of pine, the tree is likely drying out.

Inexpensive tree food

Did you know that sugar works as a tree food? Simply add some to the water each time you water your tree.

Humidifier for a healthy tree

The heating system in your home can dry out your tree, dulling its color and piney fresh scent. To give your tree a healthy boost of moisture, place a humidifier in the room to counteract the drying heat—it’ll stay fresh, and you can soak up the holiday spirit as long as possible.

Easy way to water your holiday tree

If you have trouble getting a watering can to reach underneath the lowest bows of your holiday tree, throw several ice cubes into the base each day to easily keep it watered.

Free tree stand

Instead of buying a stand for your tree, simply fill a bucket with sand. You can still water it, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of re-adjusting the stand so the tree isn’t crooked.

Cat danger

Cat lovers, beware! When it’s time to trim the tree, never use tinsel if you have a pet kitty. Cats love to play with tinsel and eat it, and it can be deadly if it gets stuck in their digestive system.

Popcorn garland tip

Making a popcorn garland for the holidays? Use dental floss! It’s stronger than regular string, and less likely to break when you wrap it around the tree.

Save energy this season

Did you know that one strand of traditional holiday lights running five hours a day for 30 days can add up to $10 to your electricity bill? This Christmas, make sure you use LED lights, which will only run you 12¢ for the same amount of time. LED lights also last much longer!

Keep pine needles from falling

We love the look of pine wreaths and garlands, but hate it when needles get all over the floor. To keep the needles from falling, spritz your holiday greenery with hair spray right after you purchase it. The hair spray will keep the needles moist and where they belong.

Easy way to dust wreaths

You can easily dust your holiday wreath by using salt. Go outside in the backyard with a large paper grocery bag and half a cup of salt. Pour the salt in the bag, place the wreath inside, and fold the bag closed. Then shake gently for 20 seconds and your wreath will look as good as new.

Over-the-door wreath hanger

Here’s an easy way to hang a wreath on your door: Grab one self-adhesive wall hook—the 3M brand is perfect—and hang it upside down on the reverse side of your door. Loop the wreath’s hanging ribbon around the hook on the opposite side of the door, then pull it over the top for an over-the-door setup. The wreath should hang securely on the front.

Be mindful about decorating

If you want your home to look really festive, scan your living room for brightly colored objects that aren’t on theme, and move them to invisible or inconspicuous locations for the season. Without the other home items around to distract people’s eyes, your holiday decorations will stand out even more.

Do it with ribbon

Used wisely, a little holiday ribbon can go a long way. Wrap it around just about anything—a vase, throw pillow, staircase banister, lamp shade, curtain, pillar candle, and the list goes on—to create a festive atmosphere at little or no cost.

Wrapping paper wall art

Got lots of wrapping paper left over from gift-wrapping? Reuse it as festive wall art! Cut the paper to fit hanging picture frames, then mount on your wall. Or use holiday cards from past years.

Easy holiday decorating

Put those unused holiday ornaments to good use by using them for an inexpensive centerpiece. Simply pick your favorites and put them in a clear punch bowl, and add tinsel or pine sprigs around the base. It works great with those solid-colored orbs we always seem to have so many of!

Outdoor decorations

When pruning your trees and bushes in the spring or summer, make sure to save some branches for later use. Then spray paint them whatever festive colors you prefer, and you have an instant holiday decoration! Place them in planters of flowers that are dead for the winter, and add lights or ornaments for extra flair.

Get rid of pinecone sap

Pinecones are a family favorite during the holidays, whether they’re hanging on the tree or from a stocking, or simply radiating their delicious piney fragrance. But sometimes they’re just too sticky to handle. To remove some of that sticky sap, place the pinecones in the oven at 300 degrees for 10 minutes.

Fun family activity

Count down the days till the holidays with this fun family activity: Pull together all your holiday-themed books and wrap them as individual gifts. Let your children open one gift per night, and read the book together. The pre-holiday festivities might keep your kids satiated enough to lay off the presents under the tree until it’s ttime to open them!

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Expert tips and tricks to help you get ready for the festive season

How to get ready for christmas

Before the presents, decorations, family and friends arrive, get ready for Christmas with this expert advice to help you declutter and make space.


How to get ready for christmas

  • Throw away anything that’s out of date. ‘Remember, herbs and spices don’t keep for ever. If you can’t smell them, you won’t be able to taste them,’ says professional organiser Jon Ramsay of Clutterbee.
  • Use the full height of cupboard shelves by adding internal ‘step-up shelves’ and hooks that hang on the inside of doors – try Store or Lakeland.
  • Re-pack the larder. ‘Take dry pastas and cereals out of bulky boxes and store in plastic containers. Non-essentials can be stored short term in the garage,’ says Jennifer Sbranti of Hostess With The Mostess. Label anything ambiguous to avoid guests putting salt in their coffee. Containers with chalkboard labels can be updated when their contents change.
  • Give yourself as much preparation space for the Christmas lunch as possible by clearing surfaces of clutter, or add extra work space with a butcher’s trolley.
  • On Christmas Day, it’s natural for guests to gather in the kitchen with you. Set up a drinks table, away from where you’re working, so they can celebrate without getting in your way.
  • If you’re stocking up on wine glasses but you don’t have the cupboard space, try a wire stemware rack that hangs below overhead cabinets.
  • ‘If you have guests staying for a few days, put tea, coffee and sugar together on a tray next to the kettle along with cups, saucers and spoons,’ suggests Jennifer. ‘That way, you won’t feel you have to keep offering.’


How to get ready for christmas

  • Curb the clutter before it spreads throughout the house. Store post on a console table and allocate a drawer for each family member.
  • Don’t let big coats take up all the space. ‘If you’re using coat hooks, add another row below the existing ones at child height to thin out the bulk. Both children’s coats and adult jackets can be hung at this height,’ suggests Jon.
  • Position a freestanding cupboard, if you have the space, either in your hallway or on the upstairs landing to hold out-of-season jackets and shoes. Or move them into the loft temporarily to create space for guests’ coats.
  • Place an umbrella stand by the door so wet brollies never make it into the house.
  • Hang a key rack and memo board on the hallway wall out of sight of the front door. Include an extra set of keys for guests so they can come and go as they please, and encourage older children to note on the memo board what time they’ll be home.


How to get ready for christmas

  • Be ruthless with things you no longer love. Invest in DVD boxes to keep home media tidy and sort into categories to help guests find something to watch.
  • Make space for the Christmas tree. A bushy six-foot pine takes up a lot of room. Move furniture closer together or swing major pieces around for a better fit. Most living rooms are arranged so that every seat has a good view of the TV, but at Christmas, consider giving the tree this prime focus. If a big tree won’t fit, two miniature potted trees either side of a fireplace will create a lovely focal point.
  • While it’s good to get rid of things, it’s just as important to treasure the pieces you love. Store toys in boxes, so children still feel welcome to play, show off family photos and turn Christmas cards into a beautiful display.
  • Keep your colour scheme calm. Too many colours can crowd a room just as quickly as clutter can. Interior designer Monique Kovnaty-Pienkowska of House Proud Interiors suggests a neutral palette for your living room, and then choosing just one or two colours that blend with the scheme to decorate the tree.


How to get ready for christmas

  • If your guest bedroom moonlights as a home office, start by paring back your paperwork. ‘Sign up for online statements,’ says professional organiser Beverly Wade of Cluttergone. ‘Throw away manuals you can find on the internet and hard copies of documents that are on your email. Just ensure you’ve backed them up on a memory stick.’ Keep paperwork and stationery in uniform boxes for a more bedroom-like atmosphere.
  • Create space in the wardrobe so guests can unpack. ‘It’s not the clothes that take up space, it’s the hangers,’ says Beverly. ‘Throw out bulky coat hangers and invest in matching slimline versions instead.’ Pack away out-of-season clothes. ‘Use vacuum bags to store spring/summer clothing,’ says Jon.
  • Make the best use of wardrobe space by dividing it up using boxes, baskets and tidies. A stylist’s trick is to take a photo of what’s inside each box and then stick the image on as a label.
  • If you can’t make space in your own wardrobe, or don’t have any storage in the room where guests will be staying, invest in a hanging rail that folds out as a temporary place for guests to store a few clothes and keep them crease-free.


How to get ready for christmas

  • ‘Plan sleeping arrangements early, laundering pillows and duvets, and storing them together with the right-sized bedlinen,’ says Beverly. ‘Make matching sets easy to find by folding duvet covers around the sheets and pillowcases that go with them,’ she continues.
  • Always wash linens before you store them as some stains can set over time.
  • In your laundry cupboard, label the edges of shelves with metal name plates to tell you what’s kept where. This way you won’t have to unravel perfect bundles of sheets and duvet covers to find out if they’re singles or doubles.


How to get ready for christmas

  • Clear the basin area and the edges of the bath of messy toiletries. ‘Put duplicated products in a box to store elsewhere and throw away any almost-finished bottles you won’t use,’ says Beverly.
  • Hide cleaning products and spare toilet rolls in boxes, and then store them on shelves above eye level. Beverly also suggests putting the backs of doors to good use by investing in over-the-door hooks.
  • Invest in a few sets of matching towels to add a touch of luxury to a plain bathroom and lift the whole scheme. They’ll look luxurious stacked in piles.
  • Greet overnight guests with an early Christmas present – a beautiful towelling bath gown will help them feel snug and comfortable at bedtime and allow them to linger over breakfast in style.
  • Roll towels and arrange them in a basket to save space and create a luxurious atmosphere. Invest in a heated towel rack, which will keep towels dry and warm.

Yes, we know that Christmas has only just finished. But there’s no time like the present to start making plans for Christmas 2022!

How to get ready for christmas

It might not seem that long since Christmas, and you’ve probably only just packed away the tinsel.

But planning is the key to any great event, and Christmas is no exception to the rule. So here are five simple things that you can do right now to help make next Christmas even better.

Start your Christmas planning notes

Making notes as you go through the year is the best way to get organised for Christmas.

Whenever you find a website for gift shopping, see a delicious recipe that you simply must try or find a great idea for a festive day out, add the details to your Christmas planner. Then when it’s time to really start the preparations, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

You might like to use a brand new notebook, start a spreadsheet with a tab for each section, or keep notes in an app on your phone. An A4 ring binder with plastic pockets is also great for keeping notes and lists handy, as well as saving those recipes you’ve clipped from your magazines.

The most important thing is to pick the method that works best for you!

Take stock of last Christmas

You can always learn from experience, so whether last Christmas was your 1st or 21st time of hosting, now is the time to make a note of what worked and also what didn’t.

Because whatever you might think now, by the time next festive season rolls around, you won’t remember all the details!

So get a cuppa and a slice of something delicious, grab your laptop or a notepad and paper and jot down what worked for you. Maybe you tried a new stuffing recipe that everybody loved, or you tried a decadent dessert that you’d love to make for yourself next year.

But it’s also important to note what went wrong, because that’s how you avoid making the same mistakes next year. For example, did you leave it too late to post your cards? If so, make a note to check the postage dates next time.

Add all of these notes to your planning notebook and set a reminder on your phone to review them next September.

These notes will be a lifesaver when you start planning the next round of Christmas festivities.

How to get ready for christmas

Check your decorations

By now your decorations should all be down, so it’s the perfect time to check if any of them need replacing.

Is your tree topper starting to look a little jaded? Or maybe you saw a great idea for decoration that you’d like to replicate at home next year.

Add the details to your notes so that you can look out for the perfect decorations next Christmas.

Plan some home made pressies

If you’d like to make your own home made gifts next Christmas, now is the time to start getting organised. You might already be a keen stitcher or knitter but if youre a beginner, you may need a little practice first.

Whether you want to cross stitch Christmas cards, sew Christmas stockings or knit adorable baby sweaters, it’s not too early to start working on your crafts.

Gather your materials, choose your patterns and you can work on them at your leisure over the coming months.

Collect jars for home made goodies

Likewise, if you’d like to give some home made jams, chutneys or pickles, it’s a great idea to start collecting jars for them now.

This way, instead of using standard jars, you can present your goodies in jars that are a variety of shapes and sizes. Then you can just buy new lids to go on top.

It’ll cut the cost of your home made gifts and also make them look quirky and cute.

These simple steps will help you to plan the best Christmas possible in 2022. What are your top tips for Christmas planning?

By President DieterВ F. Uchtdorf

Second Counselor in the First Presidency

From “Seeing Christmas through New Eyes,” 2010 First Presidency Christmas Devotional (December 5, 2010).

As an old tradition, our family has always celebrated the Advent of Christmas. Starting on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, we would get together on Sunday afternoons, light wax candles on a pine Advent wreath, enjoy delicious homemade cookies, and read passages of scriptures that center on the Christ.

We read accounts of ancient prophets who yearned for the coming of the Messiah. We read scriptures that proclaim the wondrous story of His birth. Each week by singing beautiful Christmas songs and having a fun time together, our family tried to refocus on the true meaning of the season. I must admit that delicious hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and tasty homemade cookies helped a lot to catch the joyful feeling of the Christmas season!

While celebrating the Advent of Christmas is not part of all cultures around the globe, there is something we can learn from this widespread Christian tradition. Perhaps even this year we might carve from our busy schedules some time to study and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas—personally and as families.

When we prepare for Christmas by pondering its real meaning, we prepare to experience the Christ and His message. May I suggest three things we may want to study, ponder, and apply in this season of preparation.

First, rejoice in the birth of our Savior.

Second, ponder His influence in our lives today.

Third, look steadfastly for His coming.

I pray that each and every one of you will have a wonderful and merry Christmas season.

The word Advent means “the coming of Christ.” In Germany, where President Uchtdorf grew up, many families celebrate Advent for four weeks before Christmas.

President Uchtdorf’s family used a pine wreath as part of their holiday tradition. You can make a wreath to help you remember what you learn about Jesus Christ this Christmas season. Cut the center out of a paper plate, turn it upside-down, and paint it green. Cut simple candle shapes out of colored cardstock. Fold about a half inch at the bottom of the candles. Choose some scripture stories about Jesus Christ to read as a family throughout the month. As you read each story, glue a candle to the wreath.

Here are some scripture stories to get started:

Jesus calms the storm. (Mark 4:35–39)

Jesus feeds five thousand people. (Matthew 14:13–21)

Jesus teaches about the good Samaritan. (Luke 10:25–37)

Jesus heals the ten lepers. (Luke 17:11–19)

Jesus atones for our sins in Gethsemane. (Luke 22:41–45)

Jesus appears to the Nephites in the Americas after His Resurrection. (3 Nephi 11:8–17)

Jesus teaches the Nephites about the sacrament. (3 Nephi 18:1–12)

Rejoice, Ponder, and Look Forward

How to get ready for christmas

Above: illustrations by Adam Koford

President Uchtdorf said we should rejoice in Jesus’s birth, ponder His influence in our lives, and look forward to His coming. How would you finish the sentences below?

Rejoice: “Knowing about Jesus Christ makes me happy because …”

Ponder: “When I remember what Jesus has done for me, I know that I can …”

Look forward: “I can look forward for the time when Jesus will come again by …”

Left: illustration by Dan Burr; floral paper В© Bittbox

Make Christmas merrier this year by planning early

How to get ready for christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. While it may seem a little early to be hanging baubles and making fresh foliage wreaths, getting organised ahead of time is key to managing a magical, stress-free festive season.

According to Homebase, we’re set to embrace Christmas earlier than ever before, hang more outdoor lights, and spread yuletide cheer beyond just our living rooms. In fact, research found searches for decorations started gaining momentum at the start of last month, while 54% of people want to festoon their homes with statement-making lights.

“This Christmas will truly be the brightest, most colourful Christmas yet – and deservedly so,” says Frances Clements, Christmas Buyer at Homebase. “Whether fuelled by festive frenzy after a bleak 2020 or inspired by some friendly neighbourhood competition, we predict more people will use decorations to glow up their homes and make their entire homes a festive statement.”

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

Are you looking to beat the rush this Christmas and get ahead of the game? Take a look at what you can do now to get your home ready for the festivities.

1. Declutter key areas of your home

No matter how neat and tidy you naturally are, it’s all too easy for clutter to pile up. If you’re looking to bring harmony to the home before Christmas, start decluttering in stages — focus on one room, one space or even one zone within a room to make it easier (cupboards, storage nooks and box rooms are good places to start if you feel overwhelmed).

Once you’ve made a start, it’s time to deep dive into the areas you’ll spend most of your time. “Concentrate your attention on rooms that will be used the most at Christmas, such as guest bedrooms which tend to become a dumping ground,” Elizabeth Grant, Founder of Declutter on Demand, tells Country Living.

“Clear out anything you no longer need or love and don’t keep things out of guilt. If you have decluttered ahead of time, you could make some extra cash from unwanted items on apps like Vinted or Depop. You might even find nice things that you can re-gift saving you time doing your Christmas shopping.”

How to get ready for christmas

2. Get guest bedroom ready

Have you got long-awaited visitors staying over this Christmas? It might be the season for goodwill and cheer, but hosting can zap the fun out of everyone — even if you think you’re prepared. As the festive season fast approaches, it’s time to make space for guests.

“The nation is beginning to prepare their homes to ensure its guest ready,” Sam Baldry, Head of Design at Swoon, tells us. “After last year’s Christmas lockdown, we are all making more of an effort to be the ‘host with the most’ – and where better to start than with the guest bedroom?”

A guest bedroom should feel like a home from home, so layer up fabrics, textures, soft bedlinen, quilts, warm lighting, and a patterned blanket at the bottom of the bed to brighten things up.

“Make guests cosy at night with brushed cotton or teddy fleece bedding. A fur throw is also a great addition,” suggests Lisa Jones, Editorial Design Manager at Dunelm. “As well as this, why not add a small Christmas tree to make the room feel special. If you don’t have one, a pre-lit wreath or hanging line lights will work just as well.”

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

Brilliant guest bedroom storage ideas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

3. Tackle those maintenance jobs

Use the months before Christmas to tackle some of those nagging DIY maintenance jobs you have been putting off.

“Take time to get on top of any home maintenance tasks you have been putting off,” Lizzie tells us. “Jobs such as booking a boiler service, having the gutters cleared and drains unblocked and changing fuses and lightbulbs will help your Christmas run smoothly. It will also save you the headache and expense of trying to find a plumber or electrician to come out last minute on Christmas Eve.”

4. Declutter your living room

The living room is the heart of the home, which is why creating a cosy, characterful space before Christmas is vital. Your decorations might still be in the loft, but making your room clutter-free is the best place to begin — and will save you time later on.

Not sure where to start? Lizzie tells us: “Declutter old magazines and newspapers, keeping recent ones in a magazine holder. If toys are taking over, sort through and donate any that have been outgrown or are no longer used. Big baskets with lids are a great way to quickly tidy up toys after they’ve been played with. Open bookshelves look great but not if they are cluttered. Take time to review ornaments on your shelves and make sure you just have those on display which you really love.”

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

5. Tackle your hallway cupboard

We’ve done a whole lot of cleaning in our homes over the past 18 months, but have you tackled the forgotten space under your stairs? Often a dumping ground for muddy shoes, coats and bags, it’s an easy nook to neglect.

“Hallway cupboards easily become over-crowded particularly with items that don’t really belong there,” Lizzie adds. “To make space for guests’ outerwear and all those winter accessories, have a clear out of your coat cupboards and shoe storage. Donate old and outgrown coats and shoes to charity if they are still in good condition. If they are not in good condition, drop them off at your local textile recycling bank. If you lack space, store summer coats, shoes and accessories elsewhere in your home until you need them again.”

6. Plan those finances

It can be challenging to pay for Christmas out of December’s pay packet alone, so it makes sense to work out what you can afford — and budget ahead of time. To ensure you have the least financial stress, make a list of the things you need to buy and set aside how much you want to spend on each person (for example, will you be buying one present for each family member or will you club together for Secret Santa).

Other things you can do include tucking away a little bit each week, shopping around on various comparison websites, sticking to your budget, and being honest with loved ones about what you can realistically afford.

Just two months to go! On one hand that seems like a long time. But on the other, it’ll be here before you know it. And if you don’t do a few things to get ready for Christmas in October, December can get REALLY crazy! Right? Who’s been there?

How to get ready for christmas

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5 Ways to Get Ready for Christmas in October

One: Deep Clean Dining Room

I like to focus on one room a month and do a really deep cleaning. You’ll be using your dining room more in the next two months than the rest of the year so clean it now!

Don’t forget to dust the baseboard and clean behind the buffet, or any other chores you don’t do on a regular basis. If you have silver, clean it now, too.

How to get ready for christmas

Then check your serving dishes and utensils to see if you need to purchase anything before hosting a dinner. Don’t feel bad about serving on paper plates or using paper napkins or plastic ware! It’s about WHO you eat with, not how fancy their dishes are!

Two: Check Gift Storage Area

We have a joke around our house that our mom would find our Christmas presents in July. I’m a little like her so I have to really get organized so I won’t forget where I hid those presents!

If you like to buy gifts all year long (and I highly recommend that) designate a specific place in the attic, basement, or a seldom-used closet to hide them.

Take some time in October to sort through those and see who you still need to buy (or make) gifts for. Write all that info in your Christmas gift planner. It might help to write names on post it notes and stick them on the gifts, too.

Three: Cook

Even if you don’t cook and freeze completed meals for the month, every little bit of cooking ahead helps! At the least, make a plan for your regular week-night meals for the next few months.

I have to say I’ve tried Once a Month Cooking a few times but I’ve never been a big fan. But one of my favorite, and most helpful, cookbooks over the years has been Make a Mix Cookery. That’s where I learned about prepping my meat or mixes to help get meals on the table quicker.

Now that it’s back down to just two of us in the family I’ve been doing more meal prep. I bought these meal prep containers and anytime we have leftovers I put together single meals and stick them in the freezer. These have worked great for us!

How to get ready for christmas

I also chop onions, celery, bell peppers, chicken, and beef and freeze them in freezer bags. Usually, 1-2 cups or whatever a meal-size portion would be.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Four: Plan Outfits for Family

Look at the calendar and write out what every member of the family will need to wear for photos, parties, concerts, church services, etc. Take inventory and purchase what you need.

Five: Christmas Cards

If you didn’t buy your Christmas cards in January, get them now. And don’t forget to buy Christmas stamps early. Our post office often runs out before I’m ready to send my cards.

and continue making gifts ! And now you’re ready to read…

What to do in November to Get Ready for Christmas!

If you enjoyed reading about how to get ready for Christmas in October, you might also like these articles, too:

Thanks for reading and let me know if you think of something else I need to add to my Christmas in October list!

Published: Friday, November 26, 2021

Town Centre Christmas events continue this weekend, with events around the borough.

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How to get ready for christmas

The council has organised a programme of events and supported community celebrations to welcome in the festive season and encourage people to shop in their local town centres this Christmas.

The Wandsworth Town Christmas Festival is on Saturday November 27 and will include a day of events around the town centre, including Riverside Radio and live music near the station, Christmas stalls on Old York Road, festive food trucks and live performances in Ram Quarter and a lights ceremony at All Saints Church.

How to get ready for christmasHow to get ready for christmasHow to get ready for christmasOther events include

  • Clapham Junction lights switch on, 6pm
  • Northcote Road Business Network tree switch on, 5pm.
  • Northcote Road Business Network Christmas event,
  • Balham Christmas tree switch on, Bedford Hill Place, 4.30pm.
  • Battersea Square Menorah lit
  • Roehampton Tree switch-on and lantern parade, 4pm, bottom of Danebury Avenue
  • Southfields Tree switch-on, 4.30pm, Replingham Road

How to get ready for christmas

  • Battersea High Street Christmas lights event, 4pm- 7pm (tree switch-on 5pm)December 3
  • Battersea Bridge Road tree switch-on, 6pm

December 4How to get ready for christmas

  • Balham Community Market, 11am-5pm
  • Upper Richmond Road Christmas Fayre, 11am-3pm
  • Tooting tree switch-on, Church Lane, 4.30pm
  • Battersea Square Tree switch-on, 6.30pm
  • Furzedown tree switch-on, 4pm
  • Bellevue Road tree switch on, 4.30pm

The council’s business spokesman Cllr Rhodri Morgan said: “There’s a real bumper crop of events this year all over the borough. Please get out into your local town centre, enjoy the fun and shop local this Christmas.”

Three to Six Months Before (Before October)

Are you heading to your in-laws’ house? Hosting everyone at yours? Sit down with family members and decide where you’ll be spending the holidays.

Three to Six Months Before (Before Mid-October)

If you’ll be flying somewhere, get your plane tickets as soon as possible.

Two Months Before (Mid-October)

As you find out when parties and school pageants are scheduled, write them on a master calendar. Keep it next to the phone or add everything to the family’s shared digital calendar, so if someone calls to ask if you’re free for an event, you’ll know the answer immediately.

Un-iced cookies, bars, and nut breads are good bets to make ahead. All will keep in the freezer if they are well wrapped, and you can have a few extra things on hand for the friend who stops by unexpectedly with a gift.

Determine how many cards you need, and make sure you have updated addresses.

Some stores put holiday goods out by Halloween. You’ll get the best selection if you start early. And if you’re ordering cards online, you’ll want to have plenty of time for them to arrive.

Think about who will be showing up and spending the night. Do you need to replace some old sheets? Buy more towels? Now’s the time to get your house in shape for visitors.

Six Weeks Before (Beginning of November)

You may not have every detail filled in, but at least make sure you list everyone you’ll need to buy for, and think about what they’d like. That way you can pick up things as you see them, rather than running to the mall at the last minute. Have your children give you their wish lists.

Set a ballpark figure for how much you can spend on gifts—it will help you stay grounded when the shopping gets frenzied.

Yes, you may already be picking things up here and there, but the more you buy ahead, the better—especially if you’ll be mailing gifts. If you have big-ticket items (like electronics) that go on sale the day after Thanksgiving, you may want to brave the crowds on Black Friday—you could save substantially.

One Month Before (Directly After Thanksgiving)

Order gifts now so you have lots of time to wrap them once they arrive.

Not only will this keep little eyes from finding out what Santa is bringing, it will save you time on Christmas Eve.

Get out your lights, ornaments, wreaths, and lawn ornaments. See if anything is broken and needs to be replaced. Is it time for an update?

Make sure you have the serving platters and wineglasses you’ll need for parties or special meals, in time to buy more, if necessary.

It can take a while, depending on how long your list is.

Three Weeks Before (First Week of December)

If you’re too busy to get them addressed and mailed during the first week of December, consider putting them off until after the holiday rush. People generally enjoy getting a card a few days late, when things have slowed down and they actually notice the mail.

This is a good time to get your tree, if you want it to stay fresh and retain its needles through Christmas. Same goes for fresh greenery or garlands.

You may be one who decks the halls as soon as the Thanksgiving turkey carcass has been tossed. That’s fine, too, but by the first week of December, it’s time to get the house looking festive. Find holiday decorating ideas here.

If you’ll be serving the holiday meal make sure you know what you’ll be cooking and what family members will be bringing. Start a master grocery list.

Or whatever else is the centerpeice of your holiday meal—you don’t want to get caught short.

Two Weeks Before (Second Week of December)

Try to have gifts in the mail by December 10.

Buy alcohol and any canned goods or pantry staples you’ll need.

One Week Before

You’ll enjoy those decorations even more if the floors are clean and the kitchen is organized. One important task: Clear out your refrigerator. Toss old leftovers to make room for big dishes and ingredients that’ll be piling up closer to the holiday.

If you haven’t stocked up while Christmas shopping, make sure you have all the accoutrements necessary for that handheld video game or remote-controlled car.

Three Days Before

Hit the store for the last-minute vegetables or fruit you need for meals.

So you use those gold-rimmed goblets only once a year? Enjoy them! Go ahead and set the table. Make it even easier on the big day by putting a sticky note on each platter that states what dish you plan to serve on it. (That also allows people to help you without asking 12 times.)

Two Days Before

You’ve probably socked away some things in the freezer already, but now’s the time to prep main courses and make anything that can sit for a couple of days.

Whether they are for a party or a family meal, fresh flowers should always be purchased two days in advance. Blooms have time to open up, and they’ll still be lush and fragrant.

The Day Before

And assemble toys that will be surprises from Santa.

Decide when you’ll be feasting, then count backward to determine when to put the turkey (or ham or roast beef) in the oven and what else needs to be cooked.

Enjoy your family and friends and relish the traditions you share.

Are You Ready for Christmas?

Roger Carswell

How to get ready for christmas

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Christmas is one of the most hectic times of the year; there is just so much to get ready! We go over the preparations. Is the food ordered? Are all the presents bought and wrapped? Have the Christmas cards been posted? Is there enough food to see us over until the shops open next? Have I forgotten something?

All the preparations help to make Christmas such a special time of year, but before the very first Christmas it was God who was getting the world ready to meet His Son.

Are you ready for Christmas? tells the story of God’s Christmas plan, and explains how He can help us to be ready for Him today. You’ll discover how the baby whom God sent that first Christmas is still His message of hope, joy, and peace to us today.

We’ve produced some FREE resources that accompany this book which can be used to build your entire carol service around. These free resources include downloadable invitations (posters and invites) and a short animated video that you can show during services or events. These free materials are available for download below.

  • A4 Poster
  • A3 Poster
  • A5 Invites
  • Video – (Download HD version)

If you’d like to watch the accompanying video before downloading it please see below:

Contributed by Dennis Lee on Dec 9, 2016 (message contributor)

Denomination: Foursquare

Summary: This Sunday morning sermon is about how we are to get ready, or prepare for Christmas based on those who were there and what they did

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Getting Ready for Christmas

Thanksgiving is over, and already the push is on. Christmas is right around the corner and already as a society we’ve endured Black Friday, one of our nation’s best days to get a deal on Christmas giving, that is, until tomorrow when Cyber Monday hits, which is the Internet’s version.

All this got me thinking about how our society gets ready for the Christmas holiday.

Weekends will be filled with anxious holiday shoppers trying to get everything on their Christmas list. They’ll go from store to store, from one Internet site after another all to find that special gift and the best price possible, and they’re not afraid of a little knock down drag out fight to do it.

So much for a season of comfort and joy!

And let’s not forget the decorations. Many do it up big time. They put up their Christmas lights, Santa and his reindeer on the roof, snowmen on their front lawns, and they substitute Jingle Bells for their front door chime.

And then there is the inside of the house as we put up our Christmas trees, wreaths, and hang up our Christmas Socking’s with care. With bows, balls, and bulbs we decorate just about every inch of our homes.

But before we can decorate anything we have to do a through cleaning so that we can make room to put up all these wonderful decorations.

And so with a great deal of time and money we ready ourselves for Christmas.

But what about the baby Jesus in the manger part of Christmas? What about Him?

If it were up to the world they would outlaw the baby, they’d outlaw Jesus. They take Him and the manger scene down in the public square. They forbid any mention of Him. What they want is to take the day where we celebrate the birth of Jesus and make it no longer a holy day but a holiday and celebrate it as a cultic celebration known as “Winter Solstice.”

They have taken the name of Jesus or Christ completely out of the holiday and replaced it with the letter “X,” and call it “X-Mas.” They take the phrase “Merry Christmas,” and replace it with the salutation, “Happy Holiday.”

What has happened to Christmas?

What has happened is that we get so caught up with the physical that we neglect the spiritual side of what Christmas is all about. But no matter what society tries to do and turn Christmas into, Christmas always was and will be spiritual.

Christmas is about man’s relationship to God through the birth of Jesus Christ, who is both Savior and Lord, who came to reconcile us to Father God.

So the question becomes, “How do we prepare for the spiritual side of?”

Let me share with you some of the ways that I believe we should get ready for this holiday season based on those who were there and what they did.

1. Focus on Christmas’ Purpose

We are to focus on the purpose of Christmas.

Our Society sees Christmas as a time to give and receive gifts. It’s where we can get a couple of days off work. And it’s a time where people get drunk and party, breaking just about every one of God’s Ten Commandments.

And as we can all guess, this is the furthest thing from what the real purpose of Christmas is all about.

The purpose is to remember that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

And so Christmas is to remember that Jesus left His heavenly estate and came down to earth as a baby for this very purpose, to be one of us to become that perfect sinless sacrifice for our sin so we can have an eternity in God’s presence.

Jesus was born to be the sacrificial Lamb of God.

This was initially promised through Abraham as he said to his son, Isaac, whom he was about to sacrificed.

“My son, God will provide for Himself the lamb for a burnt offering.” (Genesis 22:8 NKJV)

I really find the wording interesting and revealing. God would provide Himself the lamb, that is, God would be the Lamb.

And so it was that when Jesus came to John the Baptist, John declared,

“Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29 NKJV)

And so to focus on the purpose of Christmas is to focus upon Jesus Christ, the second person of the Godhead who came to earth to provide Himself as that sacrificial Lamb in order to die for us so that we can have eternal life.

Another way that we can prepare for Christmas is to follow the example of another who was intimately involved in the very first Christmas.

Getting Ready for Christmas Day « See All Songs

From early in November to the last week of December
I got money matters weighing me down
Oh the music may be merry, but it’s only temporary
I know Santa Claus is coming to town

In the days I work my day job, in the nights I work my night
But it all comes down to working man’s pay
Getting ready, I’m getting ready, ready for Christmas Day

Reverend Gates:
Getting ready for Christmas Day.
And let me tell you, namely, the undertaker, he’s getting ready for your body
Not only that, the jailer he’s getting ready for you.
Christmas Day. Hmm? And not only the jailer, but the lawyer, the police force
Now getting ready for Christmas Day, and I want you to bear it in mind.

I got a nephew in Iraq it’s his third time back
But it’s ending up the way it began
With the luck of a beginner he’ll be eating turkey dinner
On some mountain top in Pakistan

Getting ready, oh we’re getting ready
For the power and the glory and the story of the
Christmas Day

Reverend Gates:
Getting ready, for Christmas Day. Done made it up in your mind that I’m going, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago. I’m going, on a trip, getting ready, for Christmas Day. But when Christmas come, nobody knows where you’ll be. You might ask me. I may be layin’ in some lonesome grave, getting ready, for Christmas Day.

Getting ready oh we’re getting ready
For the power and the glory and the story of the
Christmas Day
Yes, we’re getting ready

Reverend Gates:
Getting ready, ready for your prayers, “I’m going and see my relatives in a distant land.”
Getting ready, getting ready for Christmas Day.

If I could tell my Mom and Dad that the things we never had
Never mattered we were always okay
Getting ready, oh ready, ready for Christmas Day
Ready, getting ready
For the power and the glory and the story of the
Christmas Day

© 2010 Music by Paul Simon Words by Paul Simon and Rev. J. M. Gates

How to get ready for christmas

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Download a sample

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Christmas is one of the most hectic times of the year; there is just so much to get ready! We go over the preparations. Is the food ordered? Are all the presents bought and wrapped? Have the Christmas cards been posted? Is there enough food to see us over until the shops open next? Have I forgotten something?

All the preparations help to make Christmas such a special time of year, but before the very first Christmas it was God who was getting the world ready to meet His Son.

Are you ready for Christmas? tells the story of God’s Christmas plan, and explains how He can help us to be ready for Him today. You’ll discover how the baby whom God sent that first Christmas is still His message of hope, joy, and peace to us today.

We’ve produced some FREE resources that accompany this book which can be used to build your entire carol service around. These free resources include downloadable invitations (posters and invites) and a short animated video that you can show during services or events. These free materials are available for download below.

  • A4 Poster
  • A3 Poster
  • A5 Invites
  • Video – (Download HD version)

If you’d like to watch the accompanying video before downloading it please see below:

How to get ready for christmas

Hello, my name is Luke, and I love holidays!

To people who know me best, it’s no secret that I love celebrating just about any holiday. Case in point…

  • A fall seasonal celebration? Sign me up!
  • 4 th of July fireworks? Yes, please!
  • A birthday party? Wouldn’t miss it!
  • A birthday party for my favorite coffee house? Yes, I’ll turn even turn that into a holiday!

Do I celebrate church holidays as well? I’m offended that you would even ask!

  • Easter? Check!
  • And of course, Christmas!

I could keep going, but the point is… Christmas is coming!

And if you work at a church, then you know that Christmas is a big deal.

With Christmas approaching with elf-like speed, it means that the time for you and your team to get ready is NOW!

From your sermon series and special events to your website and announcements, it’s time to make sure that your church is Christmas ready.

As a self-declared holiday expert, I’m here to help! Here are eight things you can do now to get your church holiday-ready this season.

1. Update Your Website

Believe it or not, your website is the place to start when it comes to making your church holiday ready. Why? Because there are so many visitors looking to go to church during the Christmas season . And if someone doesn’t invite them to a specific place, they will take their search online! That’s why having your website updated with all the holiday happenings at your church is essential.

Take the time to update your website with everything you have planned this Christmas. Then, take a second look at the basics, too. Make sure your links are correct, your church address and service times are listed, and all the primary information about your church is easy to find so visitors can get to it when they find their way onto your site.

2. Plan Your Sermon Series

One of the most important things you can do now to begin preparing for the Christmas season is plan your sermon series.

What is the core message going to be?

What parts of the Christmas story do you want to highlight?

How will you communicate the hope and life brought to the world through Jesus this year?

Spend time now praying about the message God wants you to share this holiday season.

For some of you, maybe it’s a group of several one-off messages focusing on Christmas. For others, maybe it’s a three or four part series that builds on each other and leads to Christmas. Maybe you have a separate message planned for Christmas Eve or Advent services.

Whatever it is, start planning, praying, and preparing now so that your sermons are set for the holiday season.

3. Don’t Forget The Design And Decor

This is the fun part! I mean, who doesn’t love some good holiday décor to get your church in the Christmas spirit?

Start planning what design and décor your church needs to get decked out for the holidays!

Maybe it’s a set design specific to your Christmas sermon series.

Maybe it’s an environment you need to decorate for a special event.

Maybe it’s just the lobby and halls of your church that you need to create a Christmas feel for your holidays this year.

Set yourself up for success by thinking through, planning, and even purchasing what you need to create an atmosphere of Christmas at your church.

4. Focus On Hospitality

Remember how we talked about all those visitors looking for a church to come to this holiday season? Maybe they’re new to the community. Or it’s a family that’s visiting members of your congregation. Or it’s just someone looking to connect to a church for the holiday season.

No matter who or what brings them to your church this Christmas, make sure your staff and volunteers are prepared to receive them. One of the most important things you can do this Christmas season is focus on hospitality to all who join you, especially your visitors. Making a good first impression during this visit will encourage them to come back and visit again.

Talk to your team about what they can do to make sure both your staff and volunteers are focused on greeting and welcoming your holiday guests with hospitality.

5. Plan Your Special Events

Christmas is a busy season at your church, jam-packed with special events leading up to the big day! Whether it’s Christmas plays, concerts, special Advent services, community meals, or Christmas Eve prayer gatherings, your church calendar is going to be full. That’s why it’s important to start planning, advertising, and talking about those special events now!

Think of these events as great outreach opportunities for people in your community. While some visitors may be intimidated to attend on an average Sunday morning, they may be more at ease to show up for a special Christmas service or event. So post about those events on social media, talk about them in your morning announcements, and encourage your congregation members to invite others!

6. Select Your Soundtrack

Who doesn’t love Christmas music? Okay, a lot of people don’t (but I’m not one of them!) I operate with a “Buddy The Elf” approach to holiday tunes: “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!” So make sure you set the soundtrack for the holiday season at your church by incorporating some Christmas music into the set list.

Think of this holiday season as a great opportunity to have a little fun with the music at your church. Create a playlist of classic holiday tunes to play as people enter and exit your services each week. Incorporate some Christmas favorites into your weekly worship set. Or create a fun mash-up to open the service and get your people singing along! However you do it, think about how you can use holiday music to get your people in the Christmas spirit!

7. Don’t Forget Your Community

Although there’s so much to love about the Christmas season, it’s also important to remember that the holidays aren’t always easy for everybody. For many, the Christmas season represents emotional and financial strain. That’s why Christmas is a great time for your church to remember your community. Take a missional approach to the holiday season and focus on how you can support people in your community who are in need this Christmas.

Start planning and prepping now for how your church is going to support people in your community…

Partner with schools to support families who need help.

Raise money to shop for Christmas presents or send support to global organizations.

This list could go on for days. Whatever your team decides to do, get those plans in place now so that when Christmas rolls in, you’re ready to help people who need it most!

8. Pray!

Finally, one of the biggest things you can do to get your church ready for Christmas is to start preparing your heart for what God wants to do. What better way to do that than pray? Ask God to lead you individually, as a team, and as a church body. Don’t be cynical about the miracles God may have in store for you this Christmas season!

The I’m Ready books celebrate the exciting milestones and events in your child’s life.

I’m getting ready for my favourite day of the year . . .

This delightful story captures the magic of the festive season and summer holidays in Australia.

About the I’m Ready series:
The I’m Ready series is a collection of fun, bright board books about exciting milestones and events in many children’s lives. These gorgeous board books are designed as handy explainers for children that parents can trust, with a look the whole family will love.

The I’m Ready series serves as a stepping stone between first concept books (numbers, alphabet, colours, animals, etc) and longer narrative picture books. They are ideal for children ages 3 to 4.

The series is illustrated by Jedda Robaard, a beloved Australian author and illustrator. These gorgeous books will win over parents and children alike with Jedda’s adorable illustrations, full of familiar Australian scenes, animals and flora. The books are about key experiences in a child’s life, whether it’s feeling anxious about starting preschool or getting ready to celebrate with family.

  • Published: 1 October 2019
  • ISBN: 9781760891619
  • Imprint: Puffin
  • Format: Board Book
  • Pages: 14
  • RRP: $12.99
  • Activity books & early learning
  • Fiction & true stories

About the author

Jedda Robaard grew up in a small town on the island of Tasmania and now lives on the coast of Victoria with her husband, children and a variety of pets.

Jedda trained as a graphic designer, the manual cut and paste way, and ran children’s art and craft workshops for many years. The interaction with her young students, a passion for her craft as well as family life and a discerning eye for the innocuous but evocative little moments in life all contribute to her page-turning, whimsical and imaginative illustrations and stories for children.

Jedda’s books have been published in many languages including English, French, Dutch, Greek, Italian, Korean and Chinese.

How to get ready for christmas

Also by Jedda Robaard

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

How to get ready for christmas

Praise for I’m Ready for Christmas

These fun, relatable books help explain the world to our little readers familiarising them with new situations or explaining traditions. The simplicity of the sentences and eye catching illustrations make them accessible and highly appealing.

I love the idea behind this series which is to bridge the gap between early concept books (ABC, numbers etc) and standard picture books. What is even more attractive is the truly Australian flavour throughout . . . Just delightful!

What a lovely Australian Christmas! . . . Young children will delight in this sturdy board book, seeing familiar and well-loved events depicted in the colours of Australia.

Very young readers will love seeing the things that their families do reflected in this very Australian interpretation of the Christmas experience, all helping to build anticipation for the great day.

Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian,

With street parties, barbecues and picnics, Christmas decorations, wrapping presents, family and reflecting on the year that’s been, I’m Ready for Christmas is bound to put you in a Christmas frame of mind. The adorable illustrations of quintessential Australian scenes with native Australian characters are a knockout.

The series is illustrated in super cute style by Jedda Robaard, with pictures beautifully complementing the text. And the books themselves are just the right size for little hands to hold . . . One of the great things about this series is that it’s Australian. That means the Christmas story is set in summer! . . . The stories address common questions children might have, and the friendly characters and recognisable situations will appeal to them and help gently allay any concerns. Grab these books for the littlest book lovers in your family, and you’ll be well on your way to preparing them for new experiences.

4:05 pm, Friday, 26th November 2021 – 5 months ago

How to get ready for christmas

Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre has kicked off its festivities ready for the Christmas season.

From a festive street scene, 10ft tree and party hats on the mannequins, to Christmas themed Ross Tiger tours, winter warmers in the cafe and gifts in the shop, there’s plenty to get you in the Christmas spirit.

For the first time, a Christmas tree has been placed in the main atrium where people will be able to write a message to lost loved ones to tie to a trawl net alongside the tree. Free access will only be given to this area for those leaving a message. There will also be the opportunity for people to donate to the Salvation Army and Fishermen’s Mission. Social distancing will apply.

The tree has been officially lit by Grimsby’s Port Missioner, Superintendent Suesan Brown of the Fishermen’s Mission, Major Alison Gardner of the Salvation Army, Jane Hyldon-King, Vice Chair of the Friends of Grimsby Fishermen’s Mission and Gill Ross, Chair of the Friends of the Grimsby Fishermen’s Mission.

The tree has this year been funded through the Government’s Welcome Back Fund, part of the ERDF funded COVID recovery scheme across the UK.

The museum’s popular Galley Cafe will once again be serving festive winter treats, including mince pies, yule log and Stokes of Lincoln hot chocolate to warm you up.

And while you’re at the museum, why not head over to the centre’s gift shop to browse potential presents for friends and family, or grab yourself some Christmas cards.

Here’s our gift picks for 2021:

  • Build your own trawler, with Revell’s Ross Jackal kit
  • 100% British wool knitted fishing jumpers made in Grimsby by Deckhand Knitwear
  • 2022 Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre calendar
  • Local books on railway and local heritage
  • Fishing and nautical mugs
  • Grimsby railway posters
  • Postcards
  • Christmas cards

This year’s Christmas opening times at Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre:

  • Closed Christmas Eve
  • Closed Christmas Day
  • Closed Boxing Day
  • Closed Monday 27 December
  • Closed Tuesday 28 December
  • Open Wednesday 29 and Thursday 30 December
  • Closed from New Year’s Eve until re-opening on Tuesday 4 January

Opening times are between 10am and 4pm on the day’s the centre is open.

Last admission to the museum is one hour before closing.

The cafe closes one hour before closing time.

The gift shop closes half an hour prior to closing time.

All visitors must book a tour time via the centre’s reception team by calling (01472) 323345. Tours of the trawler, Ross Tiger, start at 11am, 12pm, 2pm and 3pm and are subject to availability and booked on a first come first served basis.

How to get ready for christmas

There are different ways for families and individuals to celebrate the Christmas season. Some people might opt to remain at home and celebrate there, while others might decide to pack their things, get their cars ready, and go out on a road trip to take a break from work or school. No matter the reason, travelers will need to know how they can get ready for their trip.

Drivers will need to know what to ready before their trip to ensure that they have an enjoyable and secure experience.

Create the perfect playlist

Music quickly bonds people together, and it’s no secret that having a good playlist can take the boredom away on a long trip. One good way to connect with friends is by setting up a playlist of around a hundred awesome songs that you can share with your friends to connect with them and to get them to know you more. Who knows, you might have a lot more in common through music.

You can also try downloading podcasts or audiobooks if you’re traveling alone or with a group of friends who share the same interest.

Pack up on Snacks

No road trip is complete without snacks to munch on during the long drive since the only alternative to not having anything to snack on is either starving on the way or having to stop by every convenience store to grab a bite. Start shopping on fresh fruits, nuts, and water to keep yourselves healthy on the road. If all you want is to have fun on the trip with no weight concerns, then junk food and cola are the way to go.

You might also find a beautiful spot where you can have a picnic.

Have an Emergency Kit Prepared

Anything can happen on a trip, and it’s best if travelers are ready for anything. Better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it. Make sure to pack a first-aid kit and some medicine to patch yourselves up in case you receive injuries or feel ill in the trip.

It would help if you also carried some essential tools to fix your car up in case something happens on the road.

The other essentials in an emergency kit include extra water, snacks, jumper cables, batteries, flashlights, motor oil, and radiator fluid. When you’re out traveling with a group of friends spread across various cars, then you might want to pack some walkie talkies in case something happens with the other travelers in another vehicle.

Clean Your Car Inside Out

A road trip meant to celebrate the Christmas season won’t go well if the car’s dirty on the outside and filled with junk and trash in the inside. Get your car washed and throw out whatever rubbish is in your vehicle and store whatever you’re hoarding in it in another place so that you’ll have a pleasant car to ride in.

Because you and your friends will likely be snacking on the trip, you should pack some trash bags or empty grocery bags to put your trash in. Pack some baby wipes too, so you clean up any spills in the car and ready a bottle of air freshener to keep your interior smelling good.

Have the Car Serviced

It might be a pain to get your car serviced when you’re already hyped for a trip, but it’s essential to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape for the journey. Nobody wants to get caught in an accident or to be inconvenienced because the car has mechanical problems. Drivers should get their cars serviced by a trusted mechanic before going out on a trip.

If the drivers can service their cars themselves, then they should keep the acronym BLOWBAGETS, which stands for Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Brake Air, Gas, Engine, Tire, and Self, in mind to know what to check on before traveling.

Get Insured

You can never be too safe when going out for a trip, and getting insured is an excellent way to ensure that the travelers will be financially secure in case anything happens on a trip. Travel insurance can keep you from having to shell out significant amounts of money when you need medical attention and when you happen to lose personal effects on the trip.

Car insurance is perfect for protecting the driver from incurring costs in case they get caught in vehicular accidents, mainly because there’s a large number of drivers who’ll likely be traveling as well this Christmas, and some of them might be irresponsible.

Modern Toss

  • Yeah all good here thanks, we’ve had the meal and we’re just getting ready for the argument

    Funny Christmas card featuring a humorous cartoon by Modern Toss, poking fun at the spirit of goodwill at Christmas! Greeting card measures approximately 7 x 5 inches and is blank inside for your own message.

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    A new collection of funny cards celebrating friendship

    We have finally created a collection featuring funny greeting cards that celebrate the joy of having good friends. We all love (and need) our friends and good ones are very precious. The endless conversations, the gossip and laughter, shared experiences. read more


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    How to get ready for christmas

    Christmas cooking can be daunting. The pressure to make it good, make it tasty, and just make it work is big. But there’s one easy way to take the stress out of it and that’s by planning ahead. Sorting out what you’re going to cook and when, and then prepping the dishes, is the secret to Christmas Day success.

    Getting ahead with a few key dishes will save you time and reduce stress on the Big Day, so get your fridge and freezer in order, prep these festive favourites, and you’ll impress your nearest and dearest without (too) much trouble at all.

    2 WEEKS

    Get-ahead gravy

    How to get ready for christmas

    Gravy can make or break Christmas dinner – and can hide a multitude of sins! So make Jamie’s favourite, delicious Get Ahead Gravy now, then pop it in the freezer, to be reheated on the day find out more here . Your Christmas Day self will thank you for it.

    Classic mince pies

    How to get ready for christmas

    The flavour of the festive season – and perfect for an impromptu pudding and afternoon treat. The beauty of these classic mince pies is that you can freeze them, then bake from frozen. So easy!

    My Christmas cake

    How to get ready for christmas

    It’s not too late to make your Christmas cake – so give it a go, if you haven’t already. Jamie’s recipe is lighter than most, and perfect with a cup of tea (or a glass of your favourite festive tipple). Feed it with a little booze a couple of times, and it’ll be a real treat.

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    How to get ready for christmas

    This Italian classic makes a great alternative to the traditional Christmas pud. Vin Santo-soaked sponge spiked with coffee, rich chocolate ganache and smooth cream, finished with grated chocolate and orange – what’s not to love? Freeze now, to defrost on Christmas Eve.

    Sloe gin gravlax

    How to get ready for christmas

    Start curing this beautiful gravadlax a few days before Christmas, then finish off on Christmas Eve. Then serve this magnificent Christmas starter with buttered sourdough, cucumber, sour cream and lemon wedges for squeezing over.

    Amazing Yorkies

    How to get ready for christmas

    You know someone won’t be happy unless their turkey comes with a Yorkshire! For perfectly fluffy puds for your festive feast, make the batter now, freeze it, then defrost in the fridge on Christmas Eve.

    Pigs in blankets

    How to get ready for christmas

    Pigs-in-blankets are a Christmas favourite for many people. You can make them now, freeze them, then just roast from frozen on the day – talk about a festive dinner winner.


    Meat stuffing

    How to get ready for christmas

    Make this delicious stuffing the day before, then cover with tin foil and pop in the fridge, ready to cook tomorrow while the turkey rests.

    Prep your veggies

    Getting these prepped and lined up in a tray on Christmas Eve will make Christmas morning so much more enjoyable. Get your potatoes , carrots , parsnips , red cabbage and Brussels ready, then simply cover with foil and pop in the fridge, ready to cook tomorrow. And while you’re at it, prep your turkey too.

    Apple & cranberry sauce

    How to get ready for christmas

    This easy recipe will make the most flavourful sauce, you’ll never go back to shop-bought again. Also great to pop in sterilised jars and give as last-minute gifts. Make it now, then pop it in the fridge until tomorrow.

    Beautiful bread sauce

    How to get ready for christmas

    It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a spot of bread sauce. Plus, it’s so simple to make, it would be rude not to! Make now, and store in the fridge overnight.

    Incredible nut roast

    How to get ready for christmas

    For those on a veggie tip, this nut roast is amazing. A mushroom risotto base with a sticky cranberry topping makes for a delicious dinner. Make it the day before (to save oven space tomorrow), pop it in the fridge, then reheat under foil on Christmas Day while the turkey rests.

    Mrs Oliver’s massive retro trifle

    How to get ready for christmas

    A trifle is all the better for making it the day before – the alcohol has time to soak in, and the layers have time to settle. And this recipe is Jamie’s mum’s pride and joy, so you’re guaranteed a Christmas Day winner.

    Then if you need a little help with the cooking times on Christmas Day, follow Jamie’s masterplan !