How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

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Men can develop fat or excess tissue in their chest area, which many people call “man breasts.” It may be caused by weight gain or other factors. If you have developed excess tissue in your chest area, it’s important to see your doctor to rule out an underlying condition. [1] X Expert Source

Brendon Rearick
Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Expert Interview. 12 August 2020. If your excess tissue has developed as a result of weight gain or a mild case of gynecomastia (a hormonal imbalance), you can help get rid of male breasts by sculpting your chest muscles with strength training and by losing fat with cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet. [2] X Trustworthy Source PubMed Central Journal archive from the U.S. National Institutes of Health Go to source

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

Brendon Rearick
Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Expert Interview. 30 July 2020. Simple changes like walking instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help you burn calories and fat. Consider wearing a pedometer to count how far you walk in a day.

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

Brendon Rearick
Personal Trainer & Strength Coach Expert Interview. 30 July 2020.

  • Get into a plank pose. Keep your arms straight and your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Bend at your elbows and lower your body until your chest nearly touches the floor. Remember to keep your abs and leg muscles engaged.
  • Try half-plank, or knee, push-ups if you are unable to do push-ups in a plank position. To do this, start on your hands and knees instead of the plank position, then adjust so that your head, torso, and knees are all in a straight line. [8] X Research source Aim to get your groin, chest, and chin to touch the ground at approximately the same time. Your hips should not bend.
  • Consider adding push-up variations such as military push-ups, chest squeeze push-ups, and archer push-ups after three to four weeks to give your chest a new challenge.

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

If you’ve already tried to get rid of your man breasts by doing chest exercises like bench presses and push-ups, you’ve probably realized by now that they don’t work. Otherwise you’d be at the beach right now, showing off your broad, chiseled chest instead of being sat here reading this article.

So why don’t chest exercises work?

Because building up the muscles in your chest does NOT burn the overlying fat on your chest. Your muscles just don’t work that way. I hate to break it to you, but there is in fact, no way for you to decide where in your body you’ll burn fat from first. It’s already pre-determined by your genes, and in the case of man breasts, your hormone balance also plays a role.

But there are two things you can do to get rid of man breasts through exercise:

  1. Do exercises that stimulate the body’s generalized fat burning mechanism. When you do this, your body will go through its genetically predetermined sequence of fat loss. It may start by shedding fat from your butt, legs, arms, face and THEN from your chest. Whatever the sequence, if you persist you WILL eventually lose that breast fat. But you’ve gotta be doing the right type of exercise.
  2. Do special exercises that naturally stimulate the release of testosterone and reduce the effect of the female hormone estrogen on your body. By tipping your body into a more masculine hormone balance, you’ll be stimulating your body to accelerate the loss of breast fat.

Exercises that belong in the first category, include cardiovascular workouts such as running, jogging, swimming, cycling, playing football/soccer, boxing, skipping etc. All of these workouts use the body’s largest muscle groups, which demand huge amounts of energy and get your heart and lungs working to the extent that you become breathless. Be sure to do them in the right way though, rather than use them for traditional steady state cardio.

Exercises that belong in the second category, include specific weight training workouts including squats, deadlifts and dips. When done correctly with the right amount of weight and the correct number of sets and reps, these exercises are known to stimulate HUGE releases of hormones and other chemicals that will get to burning that breast fat straight away!

To learn everything you need to know about how to get rid of man breasts through exercise – which exercises to perform and how exactly to perform them in a way that will accelerate the loss of breast fat and leave you with a flat, chiselled chest in a few short weeks, Click here to watch the How To Lose Man Boobs Naturally video.

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Sweat your way to a stronger, more proportional chest.

While many guys exercise aiming to shed a few pounds from their waists or their bellies to slim down, others are more concerned about an area higher up the torso. A bigger issue would be a set of pecs, chest, and upper body that aren’t just flabby or fatty–they’re full and enlarged.

Prominent breasts in men, a.k.a. man boobs or ‘moobs,’ are for some a major source of anxiety for the stigma they may face from other men in locker rooms, the beach or pool, or any other scenario where they might be expected to take off their shirt. Men with enlarged chests sometimes fear accusations of being grossly out of shape or mocked as looking effeminate. This shame can cause real hurt, as some men go to the extremes of wearing extra clothes, slouching, gaining more weight on purpose to hide the prominence, or never removing their shirt in public, no matter the circumstances.

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

But really, the condition, known as gynemastia, is much more common than you might expect; up to 30 percent of men will be affected at some point in their lives, often during periods of life when the body undergoes hormonal changes, like puberty or between the ages of 50 to 69.

But this isn’t a one-size fits all condition. There are several factors to consider for guys with ‘man boobs’ in determining the cause of the enlargement. Some men might just carry excess fat in their breasts, so exercise can help to reduce the area down to a more proportional size. Thankfully, the fatty lumps aren’t necessarily dangerous (belly fat in the gut is what you should really worry about), but the condition could be caused by changes in hormone levels from a variety of natural or synthetic factors. Clinical gynecomastia is a hormonal imbalance or elevated levels of estrogen and lowered levels of testosterone. This could come naturally, or might be caused by medications, street drugs, or steroids.

Still, it’s usually not a serious problem and may go away on its own. However, if you think you have gynecomastia and it continues to persist or cause you discomfort, you should visit a doctor to find out if medication or surgery will help.

To get rid of their prominent breasts, men are increasingly opting for a surgical solution. Male breast reduction procedures rose by 32 percent from 2000 to 2017 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and in 2019 was the fourth most common cosmetic surgery procedure for men.

For those who are dealing with excess fat stored in the chest, picking a more targeted workout plan might help. Using a routine that works to build muscle while burning fat can be a key path to success. Picking exercises that work your whole body to kickstart your metabolism will help along with hammering the chest, so get ready to work hard and fast.

The Man Boob Eliminator Workout

Firm up your chest and shed your man boobs with these supersets.

DO THIS: Beginning with exercise 1A, do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. Then rest for 30 seconds.

Next, do exercise 1B, completing as many reps as you can in 30 seconds, and then rest for 30 seconds. That’s 1 round. Complete 4 rounds of superset 1, then rest 2 minutes before moving on to superset 2 for 4 rounds.

Add these supersets to your workout routine 2 or 3 times a week.


1A. Inverted Row

Set up a barbell in a squat rack or find a bar at a height where you can hold it from underneath with your body almost parallel with the ground. Make sure to squeeze your glutes and engage your core, as if you were holding a plank, so that this becomes a full-body exercise. Squeeze your shoulder blades, then pull yourself up to the bar (imagine that you are pulling the bar down to your chest to help engage your back).

1B. Pushup

This basic exercise can help to shape your chest more than you might expect—but you might be missing out on some benefits if you’re not in the proper position. Like the inverted row, you should do your best to keep your plank position strong, with engaged glutes and core. For more great chest engagement, make sure that your hands aren’t too wide apart and your elbows don’t flare when you lower to the floor. Once you can push through 15 to 20 perfect reps, begin experiment with variations and half-rep schemes.


2A. Goblet Squat

Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell at chest height. Keep your chest and core engaged to keep the weight from tipping your torso forward—squeezing the back will also help with this. Take your time to lower down, keeping your knees wide apart. Press up from the ground to raise back up top.

2B. Swings

The key here is that this is not a squat with a front raise. Instead, focus on your hip hinge and extension. Bend your knees slightly, bring the weight back through your legs, then stand up and squeeze your glutes powerfully to drive the weight up.

You probably love a great set of breasts—as long as you’re not the one sporting them. Turns out, more and more men are lining up to get rid of their man boobs or “moobs.” Male breast reduction surgeries increased by 6 percent in 2011, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. But you might not need to go under the knife if you’ve got a sagging top.

There are two reasons why a guy might have man boobs. The first is a medical condition. Clinical gynecomastia—male breast enlargement—can result from a hormonal imbalance or elevated levels of estrogen and lowered levels of testosterone. It’s usually not a serious problem and may go away on its own. However, if you think you have gynecomastia and it continues to persist, you should visit a doctor to find out if medication or surgery will help.

The second reason is excess fat stored in the chest. Sure, you can run out and buy yourself a manssiere, but there might be a better way to get rid of your moobs. BJ Gaddour, C.S.C.S., a Men’s Health fitness advisor and CEO of says you can nip your poofed pecs in the bud with a fat-loss, muscle-building workout. “When it comes to weight loss, you shouldn’t focus just on cardio,” he says. “You need to build muscle through strength training. It ignites your metabolism, which burns calories and accelerates fat loss.”

Firm up your chest and shed weight with these supersets—two exercises done back-to-back. “These exercises not only blast your chest, but also target your back muscles and glutes—body zones that contain the most muscle mass,” says Gaddour. Elevating your metabolism is all about how much muscle you activate at once. By doing big-muscle exercises, you’ll boost your metabolism and testosterone levels more than you would just working your pecs, he says.

By Jason Jlee | Submitted On October 25, 2009

The development of man boobs happens more often in obese and overweight men. The cause of the development is usually due to increase in production of fat tissue in the breast area. With this being said, there is a probability that the man boobs can be prevented through exercises. Unfortunately, some cases of man boobs cannot be normally removed with proper exercises. Instead, medication and surgery are suggested.

Since most cases of man breasts are due to body fat, the man boobs can be treated and prevented through weight loss and cardiovascular exercises. If a significant amount of calories in the body is burned, there is always a possibility that the man boobs will regress. Hence, do cardiovascular exercises such as running, interval training, rowing and elliptical machine exercise.

Probably, the best form of cardiovascular workout for treating and stopping symptoms of man boobs is rowing. This form of workout targets all the necessary muscles in the upper area so the chest muscles are sculpted.

The chest fat and even the fat in every area of the body can also be burned through playing sports such as tennis, hockey, soccer and basketball. This kind of sports is also a great form of cardiovascular exercises. They target not only the chest muscles but also all the necessary areas in the body.

Other than cardiovascular exercises, weight-training exercises are also helpful for treating and preventing man boobs by increasing lean muscle mass and burn calories. Weight training such as seated chest press, incline flyes, push-ups and cable crossovers encourages development of well-formed chest muscles.

Excellent form of weight training is push-up. It concentrates on the upper body muscles. Push-ups can be executed in any places. If possible, do clap push-ups rather than normal push-ups. This type of push-ups is much difficult but more effective. The clapping is in conjunction with the push-ups.

A healthy diet should also be integrated in your lifestyle. Exercise alone can’t give desirable results. Healthy diet means avoiding unhealthy foods such as fast and processed foods, and eating fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately for some individuals, exercises are not highly encouraged to tone up the chest muscles and burn the fat. In this case, medication and surgery are the best alternatives to not elevate recent health condition.

Man Boobs Fat []

How to get rid of man boobs? Discover how to remove man boobs naturally and painlessly without going through the pain of surgery.

Man boobs can be embarrassing at times. Do these 6 exercises to get rid of your man boobs.

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

Men and women both have oestrogen in their body. Since men have lower levels of oestrogen and higher testosterone levels, breast tissue is not developed like that in women. However there are several medical conditions which can result in swollen breast tissue or breast tenderness in men. This condition is referred as Gynecomastia. This condition is usually caused by some problem with testosterone level, leading to higher levels of oestrogen. In majority of situations it is because of having excess fat in chest. Even though fat cannot be triggered for exact point, we can shape our muscles and try to bring down extra fat from out body. Here are some exercises which you can do to get rid of man boobs.

6 Exercises to Get Rid of Man Boobs

1. Bench Press

The bench press is one of the classic exercises for chest workouts. It helps in burning fat around the muscles of chest and tones it to give it a good shape. It also builds strength and provides an extra cut in the pec muscles. For this exercise:

  • Lie down on the bench with palms faced upwards.
  • Chest should be straight and tight. Initially your hands should touch both sides of your chest, and then put the weights in your hands.
  • Now push your hands above towards the ceiling of the room. Then bring down the dumbbells slowly and back to initial position.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times with set of three.

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

2. Sprints

It is not easy to get rid of man boobs, hence multiple exercises needs to be done. Sprints are a good way to burn fat elements from your chest. Sprinting accelerates fat loss in your body and makes your body burn fat rapidly. If you have noticed most of the runners and sprinters have well-cut toned chest, this is a result of running regularly and utilizing most of their upper and lower body. To reduce your man boobs one person must aim to sprint 7-10 times for 45 seconds each. This can be done on the treadmill or on the 200 metre race track. Do not forget to take rest of around 2 minutes after each sprint, so that dehydration does not occur.

3. Reverse Cable Pulls

This is an important exercise which people miss out when training to make their chest. To get rid of man boobs as well, a person needs to focus both on his chest and the back muscles to tone them. If you only work out on your chest then after a certain point your toning will stop. Hence as important as chest is for back, similarly back is also important to make your chest look good. Reverse cable pulls works on your back to gain strong core so that chest muscles can also work well.

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

To do this exercise, one should stand with legs shoulder width apart. Then bend over with weights or cable machine handles in your hands. Your hands should reach close to the flow. Now grip the left handle from right hand and right handle from left hand. Try to do a back fist punch with power. Hold the position for 2 seconds then slowly bring it back to original position. Repeat this exercise 12 times with a set of four.

4. Plank To Push-ups

To build strong upper body and reduce man boobs, it is a good way to go for some floor exercises. Plank to push-ups is an exercise which is combination of push-ups and plank. You have to do both of these simultaneously. Basically from a plank position, you need to do a push up which tones the chest muscles in a great way.

To do this exercise:

  • Get into a plank position. You body alignment should be straight; elbows bent at 90 degree angle and then engage your abdominal muscles.
  • Check your body alignment in the mirror for clarity. Do not let your hips or back get low or up in between.
  • Then while maintaining this position, come up to your right hand on the floor with back straight.
  • Repeat this in similar way from the left.
  • In the beginning, do this exercise for 30 seconds and then gradually keep on increasing time.

5. Standing Cable Fly

Cables actually provide natural resistance and therefore are able to target chest in a better way. Standing cable fly is good for burning chest fat and building strength. This targets the pec muscles and the whole core. The good part about this exercise is that you can feel the fat burning and transformation becomes visible. To do this exercise grab the handles in a staggered athletic stance, then make sure you are far enough for tension to come into play. Start with palms facing out, then bring your palms towards your chest and squeeze for 2 seconds. Then release the tension and bring hands back down to the side of the body. Repeat this exercise in 3 sets with 10 reps each.

How to get rid of man breasts through exercise

6. Peck Deck Machine

This exercise is done on peck deck machine, and as the name suggests it makes your pecks visible and tones your chest. This helps in getting rid of man boobs and extra fat stored on your chest. For this exercise, adjust the seat so that handles are at comfortable position of your height. Then sit down and grab the bar handles, bring them forwards and exhale as you contract your chest. Then return back to starting position with inhaling and filling your lungs with air. Do this exercise in 3 sets, 12 times each. Remember to keep your elbows little bent and back straight for maximum effect on your chest.

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In this Article

  • Exercises to Help Gynecomastia
  • Safety Considerations

Gynecomastia, sometimes known as male breasts or “moobs,” is a condition where people with a penis grow breast tissue. It’s one of several conditions that can cause men to appear like they have breasts. True gynecomastia is rare since most men have an appropriate balance of sex hormones to inhibit breast growth.

However, having an excess amount of fat on the chest can cause the pectoral area to look like breasts are forming. There are several exercises that can help reduce the appearance of both true and false gynecomastia.

Exercises to Help Gynecomastia

It’s not possible to specifically target an area for fat loss. As a result, there are two main types of exercises to reduce the appearance of gynecomastia: cardio exercises to help burn general body fat, and chest exercises to help increase the size of the pectoral muscles. This helps reduce the amount of fat on the chest while helping build muscle to fill out any resulting loose skin.В

Walking and Running

The simplest and easiest way to reduce body fat through exercise is to incorporate more running and walking into your daily routine. Both walking and running regularly can help reduce your body mass index (BMI), especially if done regularly. Running is slightly better for reducing your BMI, since you can burn more energy more quickly, but if walking is all you feel comfortable doing, it will still be effective.

Rowing Machines

Using a rowing machine is a full-body workout that heavily involves your arms and chest. The pulling motion of the rowing machine helps strengthen a variety of muscles in the chest and back while effectively burning body fat. Rowing machines also increase general muscle coordinate and joint strength.


Swimming is a low-impact form of cardio that also involves your arms and chest muscles. It’s a great exercise for building up your cardiovascular exercise, and there are a number of different strokes that allow you to customize your swimming experience. Focusing on using your arms while swimming can help emphasize the amount of work your pectoral muscles are doing, helping you both burn fat and improve the appearance of your chest.

Bench Press

The bench press is one of the most common activities to help build pectoral muscles.В

Step 1: Lie on a weight bench with the barbell suspended over you so you are looking up at the bar.В

Step 2: Place your hands on the bar about two to three feet apart.В

Step 3: Squeeze your shoulder blades, then straighten your arms, lifting the bar off the rack.

Step 4: Slowly lower the bar until it’s just about to brush your chest.

Step 5: Raise the bar again until your arms are straight.

You can aim for ten repetitions per set, with three to five sets per workout. Increase the weight of the barbell as it stops feeling challenging to complete a set.В


If you don’t have access to a barbell, push-ups are a simple bodyweight exercise for strengthening your chest muscles.В

Step 1: Lie flat on your stomach with your hands on the ground, just to the side of your shoulders.В

Step 2: Push your body up off the ground until your arms are straight, with either your knees or your toes on the ground. Keep your back and legs as straight as possible.В

Step 3: Lower yourself until your elbows are bent 90 degrees, then repeat. В

You can also modify push-ups by doing them against a wall or counter. Do the same motion, but with your body at an angle instead of horizontal.В

Bent-Forward Cable Crossover

If you have access to a gym, bent-forward cable crossovers are a great way to activate your pectoral muscles specifically.

Step 1: Standing in the cable crossover machine, place your feet hip-width apart and hold a cable handle in either hand. Full extend your arms, so the cables are still hanging straight down.

Step 2: Stagger your feet, so one foot is in front of you and the other is behind you, and bend your knees.

Step 3: Slowly bring your hands together in a smooth arc, leaving your arms extended.В

Step 4: Slowly return your arms to the start position.

Aim to repeat this ten times, for two to three sets per workout. The last repetition should feel difficult.

Safety Considerations

It’s important to start working out slowly, instead of jumping right in. Attempting to run too long or lift something too heavy can lead to injuries, stopping your workout before it’s begun. Be careful and pay attention to your body, and stop any exercise if it feels painful.В


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For a man to have a great-looking breasts are the worst nightmare in life. Any man who feels like this will be doing a variety of ways to establish normal body because they feel similar to a woman and very embarrassing. Breasts in men are actually a pile of fatty tissue that covers the chest muscle because the body can not burn fat well. Some exercises such as sports chest muscles can help to overcome this, but if not done regularly then all will be in vain. Some men are even willing to perform the operation and discard the fat that is certainly an instant way can succeed but need funding not less.

Several strategies have long believed could be done to how to get rid of man breasts. One of example is adjusting the diet through regulating the balance of calories that should be consumed by the body. Here are 3 ways to get a broad chest that does not look like a breast.

a. You can set up the strict diet to regulate a healthy diet. Fat is an evil thing that could arise on the part of the body such as the chest because of the calories is not burned completely. Vegetables and fruits are very good for the intake of nutrients and vitamins for the body and it is better to not eat junk food.

b. Do exercise regularly as to fitness with equipment that supports the formation of a good chest bibs. You can ask the instructor at the gym and can do the exercises at home on a regular basis after knowing how and function.

c. Posture position when various activities. Bowing is a behavior that is not good for humans but can prevent stomach bibs function then bent back to give the impression that the chest muscles are drawn down.