How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

When a big storm is coming your way, here’s how you can get notified on your iPhone so that you can be prepared when it hits your area.

More often than not, you check the weather frequently to see if it’s going to rain or thunderstorm in your area during the day, so you’re usually caught up with what the weather might do in the near future, but if you’re having a busy day and can’t time to check the weather yourself, you might get unlucky and catch yourself in the middle of a flash rainstorm or a heavy thunderstorm.

Because of this, it’s probably important for you to receive push notifications for severe weather alerts, that way you’ll know if any kind of severe weather is headed your way without needing to actively look at your weather app to see what the skies are up to.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Surprisingly, not many weather apps offer weather alerts of any kind, but we found a couple of popular weather apps that offer severe weather alerts and we’ll show you how to set them up in each app.

Emergency Alerts on iPhone

Your iPhone offers emergency alerts by default. You can easily enable these in Settings.

  • Open up the Settings app.
  • Tap on Notification.
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom.
  • Tap on the toggle switch next to Emergency Alerts.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Get weather and public alerts on your iPhone.

This will give you alerts from the NOAA about various weather-related emergencies.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is one of our favorite weather apps, mainly because it’s simple and easy to digest the weather information given. The app will simply tell you when it’s supposed to rain and for how long.

In Dark Sky, you can set up push notifications on your iPhone that will provide you with alerts whenever it’s about to rain in your area, and you can customize them so that it only notifies you when there’s going to be heavy rain or even just light rain.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

How to get severe weather alerts in Dark Sky.

  • Open up the app and tap on the Notifications button in the bottom row.
  • Make sure you have Government Alerts and Next Hour Precipitation Checked.
  • You’ll want to make sure that you have push notifications enabled, but the app should automatically bring up a prompt to enable them.
  • You can also tap on Add custom notification to get precipitation or temperature alerts.
  • You’ll now receive a push notification whenever it’s about to rain in your area or when there is a severe weather alert.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is another popular weather app that provides push notifications on your iPhone, and it gives you a lot of different types of alerts to choose from, which is great.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Get severe weather alerts on your iPhone with Weather Underground.

  • Open up the app and tap on the Settings button in the upper-right corner.
  • Scroll down and tap on Push Notifications.
  • Turn on My Location and Severe Alerts.
  • Tap on Add a U.S. City and search for your city in the search box if you want notifications for another location.

While many apps now support severe weather notifications, these are our favorites.

The sun is setting for Dark Sky’s beloved Android app, but thankfully there are plenty of other weather app options to choose from.

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Dark Sky will be missed, but it’s time to move on.

It’s been fun, Dark Sky. After being acquired by Apple in May , the Android weather app officially stopped working on Saturday, Aug. 1. It’s terribly sad news for those of us who came to rely on the app’s push notifications for impending rain or snow. Dark Sky had over 1 million installs, according to its Play Store listing that’s since been taken down as part of the transition away from Android.

If you have an active Dark Sky subscription on Aug. 1, you should receive a refund. Whether it’s prorated or not remains to be seen.

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The time has come, fellow Dark Sky users, to pick a different weather app. And, thankfully, there are several worthy options that fill the void quite nicely. Below are three apps you can replace Dark Sky with and surely there’ll be more releases leading up to the app’s sunset. Some suggestions below even use Dark Sky’s data, which Apple has promised will continue working through the end of 2021. So while the Dark Sky app itself will be shut down, you can still take advantage of the same information, just in another form.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Appy Weather has a minimal look that is soothing.

Appy Weather

Appy Weather has received several updates since Dark Sky announced it was shuttering its Android app. Updates have brought new features, a redesigned radar, custom notifications and a Dark Sky-like widget. Appy is powered by Dark Sky’s API, but presents it in a totally different, cleaner, format. It’s akin to your Twitter feed, but instead of random memes, the feed includes periodic weather updates and sunrise/sunset time in expandable cards that provide more information in the main timeline view. You can also view the forecast in hourly or daily increments.

Appy has also added two more weather providers, so it’ll be ready to make the transition when the Dark Sky API is shut down.

I like the minimal feel of Appy and scrolling through the forecast has a natural feel to it. Appy is free to use its basic features, or $3.99 a year to unlock all features, including widgets, notifications and radar and remove ads.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Weather Underground has a lot of data points.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground takes a hyperlocal approach to weather forecasting, leveraging data from personal weather stations. With access to over 250,000 stations, Weather Underground is able to create its own forecasts and provide weather information that you may find more accurate to your specific location, instead of other apps that apply an overall forecast to a city. In fact, I have my own weather station feeding into Weather Underground’s data set right now.

You can use Weather Underground for free, or pay $19.99 a year or $3.99 a month to unlock premium features like smart forecasts, extended hourly forecasts and remove ads.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

AccuWeather recently saw a big update.


AccuWeather recently saw a complete redesign, adding a Dark Sky-inspired precipitation and temperature chart to the top of the app. You can scroll sideways to view exactly when to expect the rain. The interface is easy enough to get around, but you’ll have to put up with ads mixed into your forecast. You can remove ads through an in-app purchase for $3.99.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Maybe don’t let your kids check the forecast with this one.

Fu*** Weather (Funny Weather)

If you’re looking for a weather app with a bit of personality, Fu*** Weather is it. Instead of just presenting numbers and percentages, Fu*** Weather uses an entertaining mix of weather jargon and curse words to motivate you to get outside or warn you of horrible weather in the forecast. Fu*** Weather uses a combination of Dark Sky and AerisWeather for its data.

The app is free to download and use, with in-app purchases removing ads and unlocking more features like updating the forecast more often.

After finding a new weather app, make sure to check out our best Android apps list of 2020 . We even have a list of the best password managers — which you should totally be using . Or if you’re looking forward to Android 11, we highlighted some of our favorite features .

The latest weather forecasts from the Met Office are available in the palm of your hand with our weather app.

The app is available to download from the App Store (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

The Met Office weather app gives you world-leading weather forecasts direct from the Met Office experts. Know what the weather will do with the most accurate forecasts and local weather coverage from 1 hour to 7 days ahead.

Key features

  • Quick switch between daily and hourly forecasts for your favourite locations
  • Interactive rainfall map and text forecast for the next 24 hours, or previous 6 hours (manual scroll or using play feature)
  • Real time UK National Severe Weather Warnings with the interactive warnings map for your UK saved locations 
  • Instant notification of the official UK National Severe Weather Warnings for your saved locations– including snow, strong winds, ice, fog & rain 
  • Watch the latest video weather forecasts
  • Dark mode available for compatible devices

Personal, accurate forecasts

  • Interactive UK rainfall radar map including both 24 hour forecast and 6 hour radar observations
  • Interactive UK National Severe Weather Warnings map
  • UK surface pressure map
  • Probability of precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, hail, and drizzle)
  • Actual temperature and ‘feels like’ temperature
  • Official Met Office National Severe Weather Warnings
  • UK national weather forecast video
  • Wind speed, direction and gusts
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Pollen and air pollution forecasts
  • Pollen push notifications (from March to September)
  • Local weather forecasts for unlimited locations
  • The ability to change your unit settings for temperature and wind speed
  • UV Index, visibility, humidity and pressure

Met Office weather app – winner of two awards in the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) International Weather App Awards 2020 for specialised app / weather warnings and for our public weather forecasts, including usefulness, reliability, quantity and quality of information. 

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

If you have any suggestions for our app we'd love to hear them, you can contact us at  [email protected]

The app is designed to work on iOS 14 and above and on Android 9.0 and above. Android 8.0 is partially supported, so most features should work as normal. 

It is ad-supported but includes a £2.99 in-app purchase to remove all advertising.


If you have any questions or comments about the service, or you are experiencing any problems, please contact us.

Terms and conditions

The use of this service is subject to Met Office legal terms and conditions.

For years I used yahoo weather (still have it on my work phone), but it would often times be wrong. For the last year I’ve used Accuweather, but the app doesn’t update in Notification Center, and it’s hardly ever right with forecasts (ie no rain for 120 minutes when it’s raining out now).

What weather apps are you guys using?


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How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad


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I use Hello Weather and pay for a subscription to use WeatherUnderground forecast model.

I have Dark Sky installed for precipitation alerts.


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How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Hello Weather.

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I guess that’s somewhat better than many other apps. I’ve probably been somewhat spoiled by how BeWeather did it in the sense of simply including a quick yet informative visual summary of the next couple of days (including hi/lo temperatures and probabilities of precipitation as well as actual expected amounts):

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad


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I used BeWeather for a long time until it became a constantly broken and unsupported mess (to put it lightly). One of the best became one of the worst. Unfortunate.

Well, not quite that unfortunate because I discovered Dark Sky which absolutely rocks. It is scary accurate in it’s forecast detail for my area.

Don’t let your old iPad to stay on your shelf with all the dust. Your iPad may be slower and may not have a retina display, but still, you can utilize your old slow iPad or iPhone to do the beautiful things in your home. Why do you want to use the iPad instead of readily available traditional weather stations? Well, the simple answer is flexibility. You can do more customizations and get more features with powerful iOS weather apps on your iPad and iPhone devices.

The best thing is these apps can save a history of these weather records and recover back at any time you want. You can set your iPad with the weather app on your wall. The same iPad can play music with an iOS music app at the same time. Finally, this iPad can connect to your sound system via Bluetooth and play your favorite music on the same device.


WunderStation brings you rapid-fire current conditions, forecasts, and historical weather data from any weather station in Weather Underground’s network of over 45,000 personal weather stations. View, analyze, share and compare data from local personal weather stations with elegant, customizable graphs, infographics, animated wind direction, rainfall totals, and more.

WunderStation allows you to customize how you view and analyze weather data. Add any station from our network to your list of stations to compare current and historical conditions. Expand individual widgets and toggle between an animated infographic view or a graph view, and add layers for additional measurements to compare trends over time.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

In addition to the standard weather measurements, WunderStation can also chart additional sensors (indoor temperature and humidity, UV index, and solar radiation). These extra features include viewing current conditions from any weather station. You can see the temperature, feels-like temperatures, wind speed and direction, wind gusts, humidity, dew point, pressure, rain accumulation and rate, and moon phase.

WunderStation app can display a 10-day and hourly forecasts. This display includes temperature reading, feels like, dewpoint, pressure, humidity, the chance of precipitation, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, sunrise and sunset, etc. The extra reading also includes historic highs and lows for temperature, humidity, pressure, rain accumulation, precipitation rate, and dewpoint viewable by days, weeks, months, or years, etc.

Weather Cast HD

Weather Cast HD is an ideal app for your iPad that brings you weather forecasts right on your iPhone or iPad. It can display your current weather conditions and 4day forecasts in your city and anywhere in the world. WeatherCast HD gives you an accurate weather report of the current weather conditions and forecasts in your town and just about any location from around the world.

All kinds of weather are brought to life on your device, with spectacular images that dynamically change to reflect real-time weather conditions. These features make it easy to instantly and visually see if it’s sunny, foggy or snowing! This pocket radar will provide you with a short-term forecast of heavy rains, storms and other severe weather conditions.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

The additional measurement includes to see today’s Minimum temperature and Maximum temperature, “Feels like” temperature, wind direction, and speed, Humidity details, Air Pressure information, Precipitation information, Visibility details, etc.

This app uses a GPS tracker to identify your current location and display the current weather conditions there and allows you to view weather conditions and forecasts for over 2 million cities from around the world.

Weather Station by Netatmo

Weather Station is the Personal Weather Station and its App designed for iOS devices. You need a Netatmo Weather Station to work with this app. You can measure locally with your Netatmo Weather Station and monitor directly from your iPhone with the Netatmo app. This iOS weather app shows your station’s measurements including temperature, humidity, barometer, felt-like temperature, CO2 and air quality directly from your iPhone.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

With this Netatmo app, you can add more weather stations to measure both outdoor and indoor measurements in one easy gesture. In addition to this, this weather app can automatically record your station’s measurements to your Netatmo account, which displays weather and air quality history in beautiful and intuitive graphs. Etc.

This Weather Station app can push notifications for peak and variation events like CO2 concentration, extreme temperatures, low and high pressure, etc. The Netatmo Personal Weather Station can directly buy from the Amazon Store.

Digital Weather Station

This Digital Weather Station app is a simple and easy to use App, which can serve as a basic weather station for you with your iPhone or iPad. This iOS weather app can quickly determine your outdoor temperature by your location, current wind speed, humidity, a summary report of weather and it can refresh at any time for the latest data.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

This iOS app is great for hiking, camping, outdoor activities, a day at the beach, or just general curiosity. The weather data is obtained by using location-based services and GPS.

Personal Weather Station Monitor

This Personal Weather Station Monitor app helps you to view weather readings and charts for multiple personal weather stations on the Weather Underground network which encompasses thousands of weather stations around the world.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

The data that can display by this app includes current and high/low weather data for temperature, dewpoint, barometric pressure, humidity, wind, rain, solar radiation, and UV Index are visible for multiple stations.

In case you don’t like any particular weather app, you can change the entire weather station app to a new app with more updated features and functions. With your iPad, you can always try different apps, set the alarm with your desired music, etc. A smart weather station can monitor inside and outside weather temperature 24/7 for you. It can predict the weather for the coming week, warn you of an emergency.

iPad weather station features are not limited to temperature monitoring. You can add more cities to monitor the weather and time. You can get wind, pressure, rain, humidity, temperature and display all required parameters in on the screen.

Before throwing our your old iPad or partially working iPad, think twice. You can convert your old Apple devices into a beautiful weather station. When you are planning for the next trip or vacation, have a look or your personalized weather station. Now you can plan ahead and be prepared for any weather, no more surprise weather for you.

Disclosure: Mashtips is supported by its audience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Tornados are one of nature’s most dangerous disasters. To help protect yourself and your family, you need a dependable tornado app. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites here.

Tornado: American Red Cross

App created by the American Red Cross, so it can be trusted.

Even after the alert is over, it remains in your feed, assuring you it's over.

Helps you find area storm shelters using the Maps feature.

You must manually enter locations you wish to track outside of your current location.

You'll need another app for hurricanes or other disasters.

You'll also receive Red Cross Notifications that you must turn off manually.

Offered by the American Red Cross, Tornado is an easy to use app that focuses on alerts. When an alert is issued in your area, you’ll receive a push notification on your device. You can also set the app to monitor multiple locations, perfect for those with family and friends in other places.

You'll receive any and all alerts provided by the National Weather Service, USGS, or FEMA. Once the alert is over, you'll still be able to view the alert from the app's feed.

Download For:

NOAA Weather Radar Live

See active radar in your area.

Push notifications alert you to tornado watches and warnings as they're issued.

See forecasts for your area to stay abreast to weather changes.

Ads show often without premium.

You have to enter your location manually.

Without premium, the tools are few.

If you want a complete weather app that includes alerts as well as radar and forecasting, this is a great choice. You can easily track the weather in your location and beyond in real-time, and tornado alerts come straight to your device via push notifications.

It's important to note that many features such as map layers, lightning tracker, and advanced precipitation tracker require a premium subscription. You'll also need premium to see weather alerts for all of your saved locations. That said, there is a 7-day free trial to see if this is the app for you.

Download For:

Storm Shield

See current and future radar right on screen.

Receive voice alerts for tornados, hurricanes, flooding, and more.

Customize the alerts to fit your specific needs.

Interface moves slow at times.

For lightning strike tracking or other features, you'll need to pay for premium.

The app takes some practice to use effectively.

Storm Shield is an app focused on delivering fast and accurate severe weather alerts to your device. You can customize the alerts you want to receive and even turn off alerts for locations you don't wish to see. Alerts come as voice alerts for tornados, hurricanes, flooding, and other disasters.

You can also see current and future radar right on your device's screen. The app does offer other features, such as lightning strike tracking, yet you'll need a premium subscription to use them.

Download For:

Weather by WeatherBug

In-app alerts are super easy to find thanks to bright red icon.

Hour-by-hour forecast to help track the weather in your area.

Spark Lightning tracker tool is available with your download.

There are ads without premium.

Weather cards take some getting used to.

App moves slow at times due to ads.

WeatherBug is known to be one of the best weather apps available on the market. The app offers millions of locations both national and international, and includes interactive radar and maps to help you track storms in real-time. Plus, in-app alerts are easy to find due to the bright red icon on-screen.

According to the company, you'll receive weather alerts 50% faster with their Dangerous Thunderstorm alert system, as well as receive all available alerts from the NOAA and NWS.

Download For:


Interactive map visibly shows the path you should take to make it to a safe place.

App runs in the background, always receiving weather updates.

Built-in timer shows you how long you have left until the tornado arrives.

There are no other tools inside this app.

Running in the background, the app may effect the battery life of your device.

Background app refresh must be on at all times.

TornadoFree is a simple app that does one thing: send you immediate alerts. The app runs in the background of your device, receiving live weather updates and alerts seamlessly.

Once the alert is received on your device, TornadoFree will show you a timer indicating how long until the threat reaches your location. Plus, the interactive map visibly shows you the path to take to make it to a safe place such as a storm shelter.

Although the constant background app refresh may affect your battery, the app is a great way to receive alerts during severe weather.

Download For:

Storm – Weather Radar & Maps

Real-time weather alerts straight to your device.

See live radar and forecasts for your locations.

Hazards and warnings are color-coded for easy alerting.

There are ads without premium.

The interface is busy.

Will need premium to view in-depth information such as nearby lightning strikes.

The Storm app focuses on delivering real-time alerts to your mobile device. Plus, the live radar is high resolution, making it easy to visualize threats. You can also view forecasts for the locations you choose.

To make it easier to visualize nearby threats, Storm uses color-coding to showcase different hazards such as flooding and tornado warnings. The interface is busy and will take some getting used to, yet it's easy to view severe weather alerts.

Storm is free to download and use, but to remove ads and unlock tools such as the lightning tracker, you'll need a premium subscription.

Download For:

My Hurricane Tracker – Tornado Alerts & Warnings

Weather alerts straight from the National Weather Service.

Push notifications for both warnings and new storm formations.

NOAA forecast map in-app.

Ads without premium.

This app runs in the background, which reduces battery life.

Must toggle to tornado section for information.

Don't let the name of the app fool you. My Hurricane Tracker also offers a tornado alert system. You'll receive alerts both in-app and as push notifications. The app uses the NOAA forecast map in-app and NWS weather alerts so you can trust what you see.

There are ads within the app and the app will run in the background, which may affect your device battery. And while you must toggle to the tornado section from the home screen, alerts are easy to view.

Download For:

Weather Underground

Weather alerts are customizable.

Hour-by-hour forecasts to track developing weather conditions.

Users have the ability to report weather conditions from inside the app, improving its accuracy.

Ads exist without purchasing premium.

The interface is a bit busy.

Must add each new location manually.

Rated #7 in the Apple App Store, Weather Underground is known as one of the best fully featured weather apps for both Android and iOS devices. The weather alert you receive are fully customizable to fit your needs.

Plus, hour-by-hour forecasts make it easy to plan your day and track current severe weather conditions in your area. One of the best features is the ability to report weather conditions in your area, giving you the ability to improve the app's accuracy for others.

O pening this story with a weather-related adage or aphorism would have been great, if Mother Nature’s approval ratings weren’t currently quite so low. Things have gotten so bad for the topic of weather in general that Game of Thrones has even stopped warning its fans that “winter is coming.”

But guess what — it’s here, and we’re all white walkers. So don’t bother making chit-chat by talking about the weather, tap about it instead. No matter the conditions, these ten apps will keep you covered, because believe it or not, it can actually get worse than this.

Ideal for runners, dog walkers, and anyone who’s looking to dodge the raindrops (or snowflakes), this app uses GPS and local radar to forecast precipitation with down-to-the-minute accuracy. Arm this one up with its push notifications, and you’ll always be aware when a storm is passing through.

In addition, the $3.99 app has a widget that allows it to sit in your iPhone’s notification screen, giving you the next hour’s weather without having to dive into Dark Sky’s full interface.

This app has outlasted many weather reporters, having helped users stay out of the eye of the storm since 2009. Pulling official maps from the National Hurricane Center and providing push alerts, the $2.99 app is a favorite of users from South Texas to the Northeast because it provides audio and video updates, long range models, and allows you to share information with friends and family easily through email, text messaging, and Facebook.

Currently on sale for $1.99, this iPhone and iPad app puts pro-level maps in your hands, giving you overlays of rain, snow, and cloud cover, as well as detailed 24-hour forecasts and 7-day outlooks. Great for storm-watchers, it not only tells you the air pressure, humidity, and wind direction, but shows you how the clouds progress with animated maps. In addition, the ability to pin multiple favorite locations makes this app a favorite for frequent travelers.

Sure, it seems almost comical to wonder if it will snow again, but this iPhone and iPad app will help you track the inches before they pile up. For $1.99, you get a great bar graph visual of hourly snowfall, worth its weight in the wet stuff when it comes to planning out your shoveling strategy. Lauded for its accuracy, it will even give you lightning strike information. But the question is, do you think you’ll enjoy thundersnow as much as this guy?

When the big one hits, you’ll know it. But in the meantime, you may want to also keep track of the little and medium ones, too. This free and ad-forsaking earthquake app will notify you of rumblings worldwide, sending alerts as well as earthquake-related news from all over the world.

Pulling its its information from U.S. Geological Survey data, it plots incidents on a color-coded, worldwide map complete with fault lines. And with social media and email integration, you can keep your loved ones in the know about seismic events that may impact them.

Lots of apps are all flash and no substance, but this free iPhone and iPad app by Weather Underground dazzles while keeping you warm and dry. Its maps comes with various data layers and overlays, from radar and satellite to showing weather advisory areas and storm fronts. It even displays animations of both the jet stream and surface air movement — crucial details for knowing how the weather is churning around you.

Toss in some gorgeous single-site sweeping radar animations and hyperlocal information sourced from more than 100,000 personal weather stations, and Storm practically gives you a meteorologist in your pocket.

Using location-based technology to make sure weather alerts reach you no matter where you go, this $2.99 app can keep you appraised of everything from severe thunderstorms to flash flooding, while providing severe weather forecasts, showing live video feeds, and displaying current radar and mapping info. When electricity or television goes out, this kind of information can be a life-saver, as many of its loyal users have already attested.

No one knows natural disasters like the American Red Cross, and its free twister-focused app is all about being prepared and ready when the next one touches down. With settings able to alert you in the event that storm clouds are forming, the app provides step-by-step instructions on what to do next. The app also has the ability to monitor multiple locations, and by providing information direct from NOAA, you’ll be sure to have the most up-to-date details. It also has siren and strobe functionalities to help people find you in case you get lost during the storm.

A longtime favorite of weather-watchers, this free app harnesses the power of more than 100,000 personal weather stations scattered around the country, which allows it to provide hyperlocal current conditions that could even come from your own street. Paired with a trove of historical weather data, it can pump out 10-day forecasts that include snow and rain information.

But if things are off, crowd-based reporting lets people provide corrections to the conditions — or lets them report things like hazardous road conditions — making this the most user-friendly and user-based weather service out there.

If you’re a visual person, and you don’t waste that skill looking for animals in the clouds, Weathertron’s chart-and-graph oriented presentation of the weather is the perfect thing for you. With bold graphics and an easy to understand presentation, the $1.99 app can do everything from provide current conditions to seven-day forecasts at a glance. Currently running in 15,000 cities worldwide, the app pares down weather data to its essential information, making it perfect for people who are on-the-go but need to keep an eye out for puddles, too.

The iPhone has a remarkable number of weather app options, and you’ll find a ton that suit different needs depending on what you want. That said, one shines brighter than the rest, and Dark Sky is one of the best full-featured weather apps in the App Store.

Dark Sky

Platform: iPhone
Price: $3.99
Download Page


  • Available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
  • Hyperlocal weather forecasts based on your exact location
  • Minute-to-minute, hour-by-hour, and weekly predictions
  • Full radar views with smooth animations
  • Completely customizable push notifications
  • Today widget to quickly check the weather

Where It Excels

It’s a little hard to justify paying for something as simple as a weather app, but Dark Sky is really worth it. Dark Sky once suffered from a lack of features, but recent updates make it a full-featured weather app that still manages to be simple to use. Open up the app, and your immediately see what matters: current weather and the forecast for the next hour. You can then dig a little deeper to find hourly and weekly forecasts, as well as take a look at the radar for your area. You can set up custom notifications too, so you get alerts when precipitation is likely in the next hour, a daily summary, severe weather alerts, or your own customizable alerts for things like if it’ll drop below freezing or if you’ll need sunscreen.

Where It Falls Short

There’s not much to complain about with Dark Sky. Sure, it costs $4, but you get a solid weather app that’s consistently updated and has a bunch of features. Since it does use your exact location, forecasts do get a little wonky sometimes, but it doesn’t happen anymore than any other forecasting tool. It’s also only available in the U.S., U.K., and Ireland, which leaves a lot of potential users out of the loop.

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The Competition

There are a ton of excellent weather apps on the iPhone that suit different needs. Want a full doppler radar? Sure, that’s doable. Prefer something minimal? You have options. Want one that only notifies you about bad weather? Yep, that exists too. All of these are worth checking out to see if they fit your specific needs.

If Dark Sky isn’t your thing, Yahoo Weather , our previous pick, is a worthy contender. It has a gorgeous design, large photos that are easy to read, and the basics of radar, satellite, and heat maps. Sadly though, it now has large, annoying ads, which can really get in the way. Likewise, the four big free apps, Accuweather , The Weather Channel , WeatherBug , and Weather Underground are all similar alternatives. All have the same basic feature set as Yahoo Weather, but offer slightly different experiences in terms of interface and coverage. The fact is, different apps might have more accurate forecasts than others for your area, so it’s worth playing around with a few to see which works best for you.

Today Weather (1.99¢) may very well be one of the best weather apps around, but it doesn’t get updated as frequently as we’d like. That said, if you like the features of Accuweather, Weather Underground, or the Weather Channel, but hate the ads, then Today Weather is worth a look.

Perfect Weather ($2.99) is another fantastic weather app that features a ton of information if you’re willing to pay for it. Perfect Weather’s big strength is that it loads up fast, gives you a five day forecast, and then provides with all the additional details you could possibly need at a glance. This includes a full satellite image, hour-by-hour temperature, and plenty more. It’s all fast too, so you can get in and out of the app quickly.

If you’re more a fan of minimalist weather apps, you have a few solid options. Blue is a great little app that shows you the forecast for the next day or so in a handy color coded index. Sun is actually a free webapp designed specifically for the iPhone and uses gestures for control. Weather Neue (free) shows simplified current weather and a four-day forecast in a lovely package. Finally, Partly Cloudy might be the prettiest of the bunch by using the visualization of a clock to show you the weather forecast in a surprisingly intuitive way.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

My dad was a genuine weather geek. He bought an antique barometric pressure gauge and hung it prominently on a hallway wall in our home. He’d sit in the breakfast room for what seemed like hours, listening to updates on his weather radio. If a hurricane happened to be brewing and he wasn’t at work, I pretty much knew where to find him.

C.W. Martin passed away in 1993. But oh man, would he have loved Weather HD 2, an iOS weather app optimized for both iPhone and iPad. The software is slick, informative, and fun to use.

I tested version 2.0.0 of the $1 app. A free version is also available. The difference between the two apps: The free version includes ads and doesn’t let you track weather in an unlimited number of cities, receive push notifications for severe weather alerts or use the MultiForecast feature.

The MultiForecast feature collects data from Weather Underground, which is the default service, as well as from AccuWeather (for an additional $1 per year) or MeteoGroup (for an additional $2 per year), a European weather service. And a unique color-coding feature shows you when temperature forecasts from each of the services differ by more than three degrees.

Weather HD 2 features new weather animations, such as moving clouds and blowing blades of grass. They’re pretty to look at but don’t really add any value, and other apps, including Weather+ ($1 for iOS), have similar animations.

The 3D weather maps are Weather HD 2’s coolest feature. You can see all the cities you’re tracking on a globe, which you can rotate and pinch to zoom. A thermometer icon lets you see a heat map, a precipitation icon shows where it’s raining, and a Twitter icon displays weather-related topics people are tweeting about. The tweets are just a few minutes old, and they’re updated automatically on the map.

Weather HD 2 also lets you see the current temps for places where your Facebook friends are located and share your own. Another feature I appreciate: Weather HD 2 automatically syncs the cities you track on multiple iOS devices.

Plenty of other great weather apps for mobile devices are also available, of course. One of my favorites is the Weather Channel’s free app for Android and iOS, which provides 10-day forecasts and easy-to-read, graphical forecasts, among other things.

All this weather information for free, or just a buck, is amazing. My father would’ve loved it.

ATLANTA–( BUSINESS WIRE )–In some countries, it’s become the norm to know when significant weather will affect your day to help you stay safe and plan daily activities. However, in other places around the globe, citizens have little to no warning before weather-related disaster strikes. To help in both cases, The Weather Company, an IBM Business (NYSE:IBM), has launched new global* weather forecast notifications. Now available on The Weather Channel and Weather Underground apps, the notifications also go beyond apps to include mobile web, offering new technology to many areas where it did not previously exist.

“Our global weather forecast notifications offer additional information to what services like the National Weather Service in the U.S. and other national meteorological services provide, and they are game changing for areas without similar resources,” said Domenic Venuto, general manager of consumer business, The Weather Company. “The potential for improved safety around the world drives our team to continue advancing technology within both our products and our forecasting methods.”

The Weather Company users can subscribe to these notifications for all their saved locations, available on The Weather Channel App for Android and iOS, Storm App by Weather Underground, as well as on Android mobile web and desktop (Chrome). These notifications leverage the Web Push Notifications API, one of the key features in a Progressive Web App.

Users also have the option to receive official government-issued alerts (from NWS, Environment Canada, the UK Met Office and European meteorological agencies). Where these alerting systems don’t exist, The Weather Company global weather forecast notifications inform citizens when locations they care about should expect the following conditions:

  • Dense fog
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Heavy snowfall
  • High wind
  • Ice
  • Thunderstorms
  • Very cold
  • Very hot

Notifications are triggered up to 48 hours in advance only when a saved location is forecasted to have significant weather, or a notable difference relative to average conditions. For example, users in Moscow will only receive a “Very Cold” notification when the temperature drops well below standard winter temperatures. Or Miami citizens will get a “Very Hot” notification only on days that exceed typical summer temperatures there.

Continuing to improve forecasts

The Weather Company weather data platform provides notifications in almost every country and for nearly 800,000 locations worldwide, based on its billions of forecast points worldwide. This enables citizens to receive notifications via mobile and web devices.

Global notifications pull data from radical forecasting technology created by The Weather Company that uses both atmospheric and computational sciences to produce the most reliable forecasts available. This patented forecasting engine and its world-class data and distribution system put The Weather Company a decade ahead of others in the weather space.

The system captures observation data from sources that include weather models from around the world, airplane sensors, more than 200,000 personal weather stations and more. It then analyzes that data in real time using historical learnings and collective wisdom from a vast team of forecasters working around the clock. The Weather Company scales to handle 20 billion forecast requests per day on average and for any location anywhere on the planet.

Users can know when significant weather is heading their way by signing up for weather notifications within The Weather Channel App for iPhone and Android or within Storm by Weather Underground for iPhone or iPad.

*Global weather forecast notifications are not available for the following countries: China, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and Zambia.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

The Weather Channel app by Weather Channel interactive. One of the best app for all Accurate weather Apps for iPhone, iPad. It has easy to use and adequately suit all latest iOS device.

Main Features: seasonal tools are the main features use that, you can get airport delays module, beach and boat module as well as pollen alert, give you information about the weather around the plan.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

#3. Weather Underground (Free)

Weather Underground is also an attractive free weather app. it had not only gives information regarding weather but its Sports report of weather, in beside it provides past historical data, National weather service radio. It’s a part of the Weather Company of San Francisco, California.

Features: – Crowd reports, interactive weather radar, and Map, as well as provide 33,000+ weather station information just a tap.

#4. RadarScope ($9.99)

RadarScope by Base Velocity, LLC. Amazing accurate weather Apps for iPhone, but this is a paid app, you can purchase from the Apple Store iTunes.

Features: – you can get weather forecast data quickly by this app. this allows you to view level 3 of NEXRED with HD resolution. Lots of hazardous warnings, you get from this app such as Tornado warning, Flash flood warning, and Thunderstorm warning by the different color signals. Super cool app for iOS 10 users.

#5. Dark Sky ($3.99)

Dark Sky also one Accurate weather Apps for iPhone, iPad. If you want to install it, then you’ve to pay $3.99 for the app. A unique look in this app by animation with PUSH notification. In case, your iPhone has this app then it can alert you to its features in your exact location starting rain situation.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Note: – The app available for the USA, England, and Ireland only.

#6. AccuWeather (Free)

AccuWeather by AccuWeather, INC. Best specific weather Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

It’s a free app for iOS users. Most features are common to the app. the size of the app is 29.9 MB. It gives comprehensive weather forecast information.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

#7. Met Office Weather App (Free)

This Accurate weather App is developed by the Met office, no charge for use this app.

Features: – Sunrise & Sunset information. It gives information on wind speed with direction, Temperature; you can know that how much hot day today or next week?

#8. BBC Weather (Free)

The clear design and accuracy of the BBC Weather app are outstanding. Offer or provide information on your current location. If you want to know your favorite location, then swipe vertically and get it.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

#9.Haze ($2.99)

Must buy Haze App because of the straightforward and smart design of the app. its works worldwide so you can get data of temperature in both measurement unit Cel. And Fern.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

#10. MeteoEarth ($3.99)

Good Accurate weather App Meteoearth for iPhone, the same features are involved in this app which all are above accurate weather apps. The price of the app is $3.99.

Let you know, how useful these Accurate weather Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch?

Text us in the comment box, which one best weather App for iPhone is fantastic for you?

The World's only iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad weather app specifically designed to provide all the info you need in one place. It's designed to look beautiful and work beautifully! eWeather HD . Read More > or Install Now >

eWeather HD App / Specifications

  • • Price: $3.99
  • • In-app purchases: None
  • • Content rating: Rated 4+
  • • Requires: iOS 8.0 or later
  • • Device compatibility: iPhone and iPad
  • • Rating average
  • 4.5 out of 5
  • • Rating users
  • 6261
  • • Total downloads
  • 569
  • • Current version downloads
  • 0
  • • Updated: February 16, 2022

More About eWeather HD App

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

▸ Ten-day, hour-by-hour local and international weather forecasts
▸ Instant severe weather alerts using PUSH (U.S. and Europe)
▸ High-Resolution Doppler, Predictive (Future) Weather Radar (rain+snow)
▸ Global storm, typhoon, cyclone tracks and future paths
▸ Live temperature on home screen badge
▸ Weather widgets: weather now, hourly and weekly forecasts
▸ Four visual themes with Night mode
▸ Siri shortcuts: 9 commands, two widgets
▸ iMessage app
▸ Spotlight
▸ Barometric pressure PUSH alerts (migraine detector)
▸ Actual weather conditions in PUSH notifications
▸ Air quality index, details and forecast (U.S. and Worldwide)
▸ Geomagnetic activity
▸ Earthquakes
▸ Satellite cloud animations (U.S., Europe and Asia)
▸ Sun/Moon times, Moon phase & day
▸ Tide predictions, tide charts, high and low tide times
▸ Near-realtime data from over 700 NOAA buoys, beach & global sea surface temperatures (wind, wave details and etc.)
▸ Global sea surface t°
▸ Astronomical events (Solar, Lunar eclipses, Equinox, Solstice and etc.)
▸ Animated weather, wind maps
▸ 365-day Long-range weather forecast and climate data
▸ Beautiful Apple Watch weather App with complications

Detailed weather features:

• Ten-day weather forecast including
– Day/night conditions
– Wind speed and direction
– Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
– Rainfall, snowfall amounts
– Sunrise, sunset, day length and difference, moonrise, moonset, Moon day & phase
– UV index, geomagnetic activity

• Hourly weather forecast for the next 24 hours
– Temperature and feels like temperature
– Humidity, dew point
– Probability of precipitation (rain or snow)
– Rainfall and snowfall amounts
– Wind speed, direction
– UV index
– Geomagnetic activity

• Current weather conditions
– Temperature and feels like t°
– Humidity
– Pressure of air
– Realtime data from air pressure sensor
– Wind speed, direction
– Dew point
– t° of water

√ Alerts about the weather that triggers Migraine Headaches (PUSH). Now you always know the cause of headaches or migraines if it is linked with changes in the air pressure

√ Can minimize the harm to your property and protect your personal safety

√ Can alert you to potentially life threatening weather (hail, tornado, hurricane, flood, thunderstorm and etc.) via audible push notifications directly to your device even if your device is asleep and locked

√ Weather Clock interface can tell you at a glance exactly when it will rain (or snow)

√ Provides up-to-minute weather forecast for the next 24 hours (8 types of data)

√ Provides 10-day weather forecast with detailed weather data

√ Climate data & sea temperatures for 12 months

√ Includes 4 beautiful widgets: current weather, hourly, weekly forecasts and 3D-touch widget

√ Uses two weather providers (located in the US and EU) to bring you precise hourly forecasts as well as a full 10-day forecast. Multi-provider system lets you choose the most accurate weather data for your location

√ Helps you to plan your outdoor activities with the amazing accuracy. Just take a look at the Weather Clock and you’ll be secured against any weather surprises

√ Includes interactive weather maps: current and future weather, doppler radar, storm tracks and affected areas, severe-weather alerts, sea surface temperatures, ocean buoys, satellite cloud cover animations, earthquakes, air pollution, tide predictions

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Enjoy the most unique and beautiful weather app. Clear Day® is the only weather app that provides stunning videos depicting weather conditions, animated NOAA radar over beautiful 3D globe, patent-pending Quickview for multiple cities weather with one glimpse and much more.

••• Featured by Apple as one of the NEW BEST APPS overall! •••
••• The New York Times: “Clear Day elevates the user, placing her at cloud level for a hushed real-time weather tableau that puts the web’s goofy sunshine-rain-cloud icons to shame.” •••
••• More than 10 million downloads on Mac and iOS •••

● Animated NOAA radar covering US, Canada and Australia
● Severe weather alerts & warnings right from NWS & MeteoAlarm (USA & Europe)
● Realtime severe weather push notifications
● Stunning 3D weather maps like you have never seen before
● Cloud cover maps depicting storms and hurricanes
● Stunning weather videos for an amazing experience
● QuickView – see the weather at multiple locations at once (patent-pending)
● Notification Center Widget including forecast for multiple cities *
● FREE complete videos themes – including Spooky and New Year Themes
● Over 2.5 million locations covered around the world
● Automatic current location detector
● On-screen world clock for each city

● 7-day and 24-hour forecasts
● Humidity, precipitation, visibility and pressure details
● Wind Chill and Heat Index
● Sunrise and Sunset
● Fahrenheit/Celsius and Miles/Kilometers

Weather data provided by world-class weather provider The Weather Underground.

● USA Today: “Clear Day received new 3D maps not seen previously on a weather app and TV”
● AllThingsD: “the most ambitious version of Clear Day. is visually stunning”
● MacStories: “Clear Day is one of the finest approaches to data visualization and UI design I’ve ever seen”
● TUAW: “. and now the folks at vimov have outdone themselves with Clear Day 2, making a gorgeous app even prettier.”
● AppAdvice: “Seriously, if you haven’t been using Clear Day yet, now is the time to do so.”

Watch Clear Day stunning demo:

Compare official weather stations report with Weather Underground world’s largest network of personal weather stations for FREE.

● Should you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please contact us at [email protected]
● Follow us on Twitter at
● Become a fan on Facebook at
● Download Mac version at

* Premium Widget that displays forecast graphs in Notification Center is offered for free for 3 months. You will need to purchase a subscription to keep it after the 1 month period is over. This feature is available on iOS 8 and above only.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

There’s no shortage of weather apps on the market, but you may have noticed that few of them are actually all that good. That’s where a new entry called Weather Atlas, from the developer behind the popular productivity app Launch Center Pro, comes in. This newly launched weather application aims to be a better alternative to the stock weather app, offering a more modern take on weather apps, as well as a design that’s ready for the new, taller screen expected in the upcoming iPhone 8.

According to Weather Atlas creator, David Barnard, the app includes bottom-focused navigation modeled after Apple’s Maps app, as well as a stacked maps and forecast that will take advantage of the extra space provided by the iPhone 8’s extra vertical space.

“Weather Atlas started as an update to my old weather app, Perfect Weather,” he explains. “I built Perfect Weather in 2013 because there were no apps at the time that showed a glanceable view of both the forecasts and weather maps,” Barnard continues. “Living in Texas where storms can pop up randomly or blow through from the north or south, I like to take a quick look at the radar even if there’s no rain forecasted in my immediate area.”

“In 2017 there are now a few weather apps that do show both the forecast and weather maps in the same view, but none of them do it well,” he adds.

Plus, he notes that even though the weather app market is crowded, these apps see high usage, which makes the idea to enter the space still compelling.

I have to agree that many of today’s top weather apps are starting a feel a bit dated.

Yahoo’s entry in the space years ago was then heralded as a surprisingly attractive creation with its heavy focus on visuals, but its big in-app advertisements have since limited its appeal. Meanwhile, other highly ranked apps like those from The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, AccuWeather, WeatherBug and others perform their utilitarian tasks as promised, but their designs feel a little less-than-current.

Then there’s that small matter of how AccuWeather was sending users’ location data to a third party, which recently led many users to dump the app from their iPhone. (If that’s a concern for you, Weather Atlas is a good replacement because it doesn’t require your location to work. There are ways to use it without providing access to your personal data. And if you do share location data, it’s not sold or shared with ad networks.)

At launch, the new app includes a 10-day forecast; but unlike some weather apps, this forecast also includes hourly breakdowns for all ten days – just keeping scrolling on the hourly forecast screen to see the later days.

The mapping component in the app will display radar and cloud layers, as well as temperature, humidity, and precipitation accumulation – layers that aren’t that aren’t as standard elsewhere.

The app also supports warning layers for things like thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical tracks – the latter being especially timely given how Hurricane Irma is now getting cooked up out in the Atlantic.

Plus, Weather Atlas takes advantage of another newer iOS feature, as well – it lets you choose your preferred app icon for your homescreen from a broad selection. Though support for customizable icons were launched earlier this year with iOS 10.3, it’s still not too common these days to see apps offering this feature. Outside of MLB at Bat and NHL’s apps, we haven’t seen broad adoption from the developer community.

You can even change the weather icons within the app to match your preferred style. A Notification Center widget is included, too, if that’s where you prefer to check the forecast.

On iPad, the app leverages Apple’s latest technologies like Split View.

The app, at launch, provides most of the basics you’d need, but will be updated with support for other features in future releases like push notifications. However, the plan is not to overwhelm users’ with too much data like “some of the nerdier weather apps” do, as Barnard puts it.

The app is a free download and is ad-supported, but you can remove ads by paying a $4.99 annual subscription, or $0.49 per month.

This “Pro” subscription allows you to support the app’s maker, and gain access to other features including some of those mentioned above, like the customizable icons; warning layers on the maps; additional weather layers like Temperature, Humidity, and Precipitation Accumulation; and Hourly and Daily widgets. (The Current Conditions widget is free though.)

Subscriptions for weather apps is now a fairly common practice – The Weather Channel, for example, lets you block ads by subscription. Not everyone wants to pay, of course, which is why Weather Atlas still works well without the upgrade. (But I have to say the ads are pretty distracting…it’s worth paying to remove them.)

However, since its launch yesterday, around 7 percent of those who downloaded the app subscribed. That’s closer to 10 percent, if you only count those who launched the app and checked it out, notes Barnard.

When vacation looms, the weather forecast takes on a special urgency. Will rain delay your flight? A hurricane wash out your beach getaway? Fog spoil your mountaintop view?

While we still can’t control the weather, travelers are more empowered than ever to prepare and adjust their plans thanks to increasingly sophisticated—and beautifully designed—weather apps. I tried out dozens in sun, rain, and thunderstorms across the United States and on a recent trip to Europe, narrowing down the options to these 17 top choices.

If you’re going to Europe, make sure to download WeatherPro, which has more European weather stations and satellites in its reports than some of the popular apps available in the U.S. app stores. And though bringing an umbrella can be a drag as you sightsee, so is getting caught in a sudden downpour. Both Dark Sky and AccuWeather’s MinuteCast will alert you if—and where—it’s going to rain within the next few minutes, so you’ll be better prepared.

Hurricane season typically lasts from June through November, and the tropical storms that result from even modest hurricanes cause flooding, downed trees, and high winds. While hoping for the best, travelers can prepare for the worst by consulting the Weather Channel app’s dedicated Hurricane Central section.

For weather nerds, we’re entering a sunny age of data visualizations and real-time reports. But for others, the blitz of data delivered by many weather apps may be exhausting. Sometimes it’s easier to just say, “Tell me the current weather” to your smartphone to get instant local listings. Or try a simplified, intuitive app like WeatherCube, which has a Rubik’s Cube–like interface. You can link one of its squares to show your current day’s appointments, if you sync the WeatherCube app with companion app CalCube.

There’s even a Weather Puppy app, which features gratuitous, yet exceedingly cute, images of puppies enjoying whatever the current weather happens to be. It’s a guaranteed pick-me-up, even on the dreariest day.

The National Weather Service (NWS) provides alert and warning information through official dissemination sources, including NOAA Weather Radio, NOAA Weather Wire Service, and to the public, and the iNWS service for core partners (emergency management community, government partners of an NWS office, or members fo the electronic media who need direct interaction with NWS). The National Weather Service does not provide direct email/SMS alerts to the general public. For hurricane-specific information, see Hurricane Information . For tsunami-specific information, see Tsunami Information.

Third party sources that deliver email and SMS weather alerts are listed below. This list contains the providers/services that we know. If you are a provider of a weather alerting service and want your service added to the list below, please contact [email protected] Note: This email address is not for subscribing to NWS alerts.

DISCLAIMER: NWS does not endorse the services or providers listed in the table below. Information presented in the table is believed to be correct at the time of posting. Any fee or payment required for service is the responsibility of the consumer. The NWS recommends using multiple sources of information to validate the information that is received.

NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all links below take you outside this federal government website. You way wish to review the privacy notices on these sites as their practices may differ from ours.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

I rely on weather apps to keep me informed about weather activity throughout the day. I live in the midwest where weather can change in the blink of an eye. Here, it’s important to stay informed and ahead of the weather. That’s why I like Storm by Weather Underground.

Storm is a real-time weather tracking app that includes a high definition radar and advanced storm cell tracking and severe weather alerts. With this app, you can view current conditions and forecasts – hourly or daily. Some of the key features of Storm include:

  • The highest resolution (250m) radar showing interactive animations for past and future data
  • Single site sweeping radar: get near real-time data from each site, with options for viewing both reflectivity and velocity
  • Storm Tracks: keep an eye on the storm using the most advanced severe weather algorithms available
  • Push notifications and in-app alerts for precipitation, lightning, and detailed NWS polygonal warnings within a customizable radius
  • How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

This time of year, I’ve really been watching the weather like a hawk. There are so many false reports and suggested precipitation totals that I just like to keep an eye on it myself rather than just listening to the news. I’ve actually had about 5 different weather apps on my iPhone at one time and Storm has provided the easiest way to review weather reports and forecasts. Plus, Weather Underground has a good reputation for good weather reports.

I can really recommend this app because it is easy to find the information you are looking for and move on with your day. Storm by Weather Underground is available for iPhone and iPad and is a free download. There is an in-app purchase upgrade to remove ads for one year.

For more information, visit

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

I am an experienced marketing professional and published novelist. I’m also an avid movie fan and Apple enthusiast. To read my novel, follow this link. Shattered [Kindle Edition]

The NHC is the place to find the latest official tropical storm forecasts and warnings issued by the U.S. government. It includes current satellite maps for both the Atlantic and the Pacific. It has numerous resources and historical data going back to the 1800s. The NHC site is easy to use and has mobile versions for easy access to the latest storm info, official advisories, and marine forecasts.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad


Stormpulse reduces weather risk for a broad range of industries including energy, transportation, defense, healthcare, and retail. Businesses and government agencies subscribe to Stormpulse to improve their long-range planning and daily decision-making surrounding the arrival and impact of significant weather events in the continental United States and Caribbean.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipadWunderground

Weather Underground is committed to delivering the most reliable, accurate weather information possible. Their state-of-the-art technology monitors conditions and forecasts for locations across the world, so you’ll always find the weather information that you need.

In addition to providing free, real-time online weather information to millions of Web users around the world, Weather Underground is pleased to offer a variety of Newspaper Weather Services and Custom Site Weather Packages.

iPhone Apps

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipadHurricane Tracker

Formats: iPhone, iPad

Hurricane Tracker is the first iOS tracking app to bring complete push alerts. Not just for new storms (as the other apps do), but also for watches/warnings, intensity changes and other important messages.

Hurricane Tracker delivers the latest Atlantic, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Eastern Pacific Hurricane information to your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Stay up to date with nature’s fiercest storms through advisories, audio updates, video updates, animated satellite maps, official tracking maps and even the latest computer models for any Atlantic or Eastern Pacific based storm.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipadHurricane

Features: Atlantic and Pacific Basin Interactive Tracking Map with storm data, generated on your device as it becomes available, throughout the hurricane season.Tracking map that is not just an image, but an interactive tracking map which allows you move between tracks, viewing each plot’s detailed information including wind speed with the icon, and lat/lon, speed/direction, pressure, date and time in the tab bar.Learn more about past hurricanes like Camile, Hugo, Andrew and Katrina, just to name a few. All hurricanes back to 1851 in the Atlantic, and 1949 in the Pacific are available!Internet Connection required to receive new plots and view new satellite pages and text bulletins.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipadHurricane Watch w/Push Notifications

Top reasons to buy “Hurricane Watch” over the competition!
The Fastest At Getting Critical Pushes Out!We Treat Tracking Hurricanes Seriously!Push Notifications Directly From The NHC!Best User Interface, Graphics & Functionality!Solid, Bug Free & No Crashing!No Nonsense Approach To Data You Want!Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We have packed in the best regularly updated data into a very attractive easy to read user interface you would come to expect from a great hurricane app! You won’t be disappointed! We promise!

Are you interested in tracking/watching hurricanes, tropical storms, and even typhoons make their across the ocean? Then Hurricane Watch is just that app! With Hurricane Watch you will be armed with all of the latest data from the best sources on earth. In addition you will be able to view multiple animated high resolution satellite & radar images for all current storms. Did you miss a storm? Well Hurricane Watch also has you covered there as well. Hurricane Watch includes past hurricanes and tropical storms all with animated maps detailing the path they took from start to finish.


The NOAA recently implemented an experimental twitter feed for hurricane information.

A tweet will be sent whenever NHC issues:

  • A public advisory regarding a tropical cyclone (TCP)
  • A tropical cyclone update (TCU)
  • A position estimate (TCE)
  • A tropical weather outlook (TWO)

The National Hurricane Center has two Twitter accounts: one for the Atlantic basin (which includes the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea) and one for the Eastern North Pacific basin. See this page for more information and to sign up.

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

If you’ve updated to iOS 15, and are located in one of the supported regions, proceed as follows to enable next-hour precipitation alerts:

  • Open Settings and scroll for Weather.
  • Tap on Notifications.
  • First, make sure that Allow Notifications is enabled and that the alerts are set for Immediate Delivery.
  • Next, scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap on Weather Notification Settings.
  • You can switch ON the My Location toggle to enable push notifications for your current location.
  • You can also enable rain, snow or hail notifications for locations that you saved in the Weather app. Just use the ON/OFF switch next to the desired city, displayed in the Your Locations section.

How Weather Notifications Work in iOS 15

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

When enabled, the stock Weather app will issue a notification whenever a rainfall, snowfall or hail is expected to start.
Another alert will be sent with the expected time for the precipitations to stop.

Fact: Depending on the state of your iPhone notifications are displayed on the Lock Screen, in the Notification Center or as a banner push notification sliding from the top of the screen, if the device is unlocked!

Weather Notifications Grayed Out?

How to get weather channel push notifications in wunderground for iphone or ipad

Are you trying to enable rain notifications for your current location but the My Location option is greyed out?

Tip: Make sure that you allow the Weather app to always access your location. This is done in Settings -> Location Services -> Weather -> Always.

Are you planning to use precipitation notifications on your iPhone? What’s your feedback about this new iOS 15 feature? How reliable is it? Use the comments section and share your thoughts.

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