How to give a lap dance

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you don’t have to be an amazing dancer to give someone a lap dance. Seriously. Even if you have zero coordination and can’t hold a beat to save your life, lap dances have little to do with “skill” and more to do with confidence. (It’s like the saying look good, feel good, do good.)

In other words, there’s no right or wrong way to give someone a lap dance, so long as both parties are enjoying themselves.

How to give a lap dance

That said, there are a few things you should know before diving head first into it. And luckily for you, we’ve tapped experts Jaclinne Cheng, CEO and founder of Spicy Lingerie, and Rori Gordon, owner of gentleman’s club Billy Deans Showtime Café to drop all the tea.

Here’s what to do when you literally don’t know what to do. Enjoy!

1. The average lap dance should last at least two songs.

This would equal a total of six or so minutes, but obviously adjust this to your own preferences and add time as you see fit, says Gordon. If two songs seems excruciatingly long to you, remember that it’s not. You can watch 6-7ish TikTok vids in that same amount of time, don’t let your anxiety win this one.

2. Plan your song playlist ahead of time.

Just like you check your PowerPoint before giving a big presentation, make sure you have your music cued up and ready to go. Depending on what kind of vibe you’re going for, picking from this playlist of sex songs may be ideal.

“A lap dance is supposed to be seductive, so choose songs that inspire your sexuality,” says Cheng. Her picks: “Climax” by Usher, “Girl With the One Eye” by Florence and The Machine, and “Naughty Girl” by Beyoncé.

How to give a lap dance

3. Wear the right clothing.

You should put on anything that makes you feel extremely sexy, says Gordon. “I love lingerie, garters and thigh-high stockings with a long sheer gown,” she says. You can also pair your outfit with some slip-on heels since they accentuate the hell out of your body. Just make sure you walk around in the shoes beforehand to get used to them, suggests Gordon. No shoe is worth breaking an ankle over.

It’s also important to layer your clothing, especially if you want the lap dance to lead to sex. This may involve stripping down as you give your partner a lap dance, which is like a super-sexy added bonus.

4. Do a quick lil stretch before.

“It’s important to stretch before you perform to prepare yourself for any extraneous movements,” says Cheng. There’s no greater buzzkill than bending over your partner and killing your back in the process.

5. That said, please don’t do anything your body can’t handle.

If you can’t do a somersault, it’s probably not worth trying a backbend. Same goes for the splits. But if you are flexible, definitely show it off. Going for a backbend while sitting on your partner’s lap is definitely a crowd pleaser too, says Cheng.

6. Set the mood with dimmed lights and candles.

But don’t make it too dark to which your partner can’t see you. You might also want to play into a role-play fantasy if it’s something you and your partner have discussed beforehand. Dress up as a nurse, devil, teacher, whatever—just make sure your setting resembles the theme at least a little bit too.

7. Make sure you have mastered some moves beforehand.

No need to plan a full-on dress rehearsal, but you should have an idea of what you want to do, how you want to touch yourself, how you want your partner to touch you, etc. before just going into it blindly. Here are some v common moves you can add to your routine:

  1. Stand between your partner’s legs and lean your upper body forward with your back arched and your butt up in the air. This gives your partner a super-hot view of your body. Trust me.
  2. Turn around and hover your butt just above their crotch, moving your butt in circles like you’re painting their lap with your cheeks. (Feel free to place your hands on their thighs or the arms of the chair for balance.)
  3. When in doubt, know your hottest seduction tool is your hips. So slowly start swaying your hips from side to side, and then move them in a figure eight to the beat of the music.

8. Choose your setting wisely.

This can be in a bed, on the couch, on a chair, or wherever you’re most comfortable. Just make sure that with whatever setting you choose, you can switch between standing above your partner, sitting, and squatting easily and whenever you want.

9. Think less about dancing and more about connecting with your partner.

If you’re not a dancer, taking the pressure off of a lap dance can help. I don’t know any receiver who isn’t going to enjoy the view (the view being you, someone they’re already super into, stripping and undressing right before their eyes). I can promise you, the last thing they’re thinking about is how on-beat you are with the music.

10. Have fun and be confident.

“If you’re not having a good time, your partner will be able to tell, and it won’t be an enjoyable experience for both of you,” says Cheng. Let loose and don’t be afraid to move to the music in whatever way you want to. There’s nothing you can do here that would be wrong or incorrect. Remember, so long as everything is consensual, it’s literally impossible to fuck up a lap dance.

You’re about to meet your new super-confident alter ego.

How to give a lap dance

We’re guessing the thought of putting on a sensual lap dance a la Nicki Minaj in the “Anaconda” video (seriously, Drake got the show of his life) either makes you cringe or totally piques your interest. But even if it seems like something only exotic dancers—or Nicki—could possibly pull off, that’s just not true. Sure, she knows a thing or two about making this chair dance seem out-of-this-world sexy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn it, too!

We spoke to Ilov Grate, a pole dancing instructor at S Factor New York (who also happens to teach their lap dance class!), and Kimberly Smith, instructor and owner of StripXpertease, for some helpful tips on how to put on a performance for your partner—without feeling like a complete fool.

Take the Pressure Off
Grate says lap dancing is not about what you do; it’s how you do it. She suggests not overthinking things and going with what feels right to you. “If it is allowing you to feel good, then your dance is going to look good,” she says. It’s totally normal to feel a little nervous, so try boosting your bedroom confidenceby dressing up and channeling a sensual character (whether your sexual spirit animal is Nicki, Beyoncé, or Katy Perry). Smith also says having a glass of wine is a good way to ease your nerves—but keep it to a half a glass (a drunk lap dance is not cute). If you’re the super-nervous type, Smith recommends practicing your routine solo first so you’ll have a better idea of what works and what feels totally unnatural.

Breathe, Breathe, Breathe
Breathing is key to not only calm your nerves, but also to keep your body moving smoothly. “The minute you begin to hold your breath, your body will start to lock up,” says Grate. “Staying connected to your breathing allows you to move more fluidly.” She recommends starting with a simple breathing exercise where she closes her eyes and takes three slow inhales and three big exhales before the dance. To calm her nerves, she rests her hand on her belly to feel the rise and fall of her breathing and get connected to her body. Then, she’s ready to go.

Choose the Right Setting
Light your bedroom with candles or red light bulbs. A 2008 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that the color red boosts sexual attraction, and just knowing that it has this effect on your partner can make you feel even hotter. And don’t forget, the song you dance to should be one that turns you on and makes you feel sexy. Grate recommends music that she calls “slow, sick, and sexy,” as in the type that has a slow tempo, sensual vibe, and turns you on—not what you normally dance to in the club. If you don’t know where to begin, Grate says she hasn’t met one woman who doesn’t feel connected to Janet Jackson’s “Would You Mind,” though we think Beyoncé’s “Partition” would work pretty well, too.

Wear the Right Clothes
“The last thing you want to do is be in clothing that restricts your movement,” Grate warns. So stick with something sexy but flowy. And if this is going to turn into a striptease (hey, why not?), Grate says choose something that will be easy (and sexy) to slowly take off, like a button-up shirt or a stretchy, v-neck tee. Smith adds that you should avoid wearing jewelry that can get caught onto your shirt (like long earrings) or dangly necklaces—which can end up smacking him in the face. One accessory that’s definitely allowed: heels. As long as you can walk comfortably in them, they’ll perk up your behind and make you feel even more confident.

Master the Basics
To get started, Grate suggests this simple, go-to move: Have your guy sit in an armed chair, and approach the chair by either walking or crawling to it. Separate his legs, and place his hands on his thighs. Then, mount the chair by placing one knee between his legs and the other knee on the arm of the chair, grabbing the back of the chair or his shoulders for support. Then starting with your butt, reach back, moving your torso over and up to one side of him, and then to the other side, repeating this circular motion as many times as you like. If you want to make things even hotter, tie his hands loosely to the arms of the chair. You want him to be free enough to be tempted to touch you.

Try Something More Advanced
If you’ve done this before or feel super-confident about your moves, then take it a step further. Smith suggest spicing it up by kissing his earlobe, grabbing your boobs, or taking an ice cube and melting it down your chest. Another move you can try is leading with your butt (seriously). Have him stay seated low on the armchair with his knees spread out in a v-shape while you turn around and slowly back up into him. Once you’ve reached him and the backs of your calves are touching the front of his, sway down while holding onto his knees or the arms of the chair until you land on his lap. From that spot, just get creative. Imagine you’re drawing a few circles from his chest to his crotch. with your butt, says Smith.

Go Slow
Drawing out the movements is also key, so focus on slowing everything down. “When you take your time, you allow yourself to feel the movement before you even begin doing them,” she says. “And there is less opportunity for mistakes and fumbles!” She recommends using your breath as a gauge. “If you’re moving your hips from side to side, use a slow, deep inhale to push to one side and then a slow, steady exhale to push to the other side.” Smith agrees and says, “When you think you’re going slow, go slower because when you have nerves, that adds to the speed of the dance.”

Enjoy Yourself
A lap dance not only proves you’re brave enough to do this, but it creates more intimacy between you and your partner, says Grate. Plus, it’s bound to add some fire to your typical sex life—after all, did you just see yourself?! After your performance has wrapped, don’t be afraid to ask your partner to return the favor. Hey, we never said this was a solo show!

So how to give a sexy lap dance? In a few quick pointers, Carolina, pole dance performer known as Blogger On Pole on the web and as Hades on stage, will answer some of the most common questions about finding your sexy ahead of her autumn KK lap dance workshops. Lap dances can be both sensual and sexy and Carolina teaches her clients to find their sexy and own it, how to lap dance in your own way, how to give a lap dance that unleashes your inner wild.

What does sexy in lap dance mean?

To me, being sexy means feeling comfortable in your own skin. Sexiness isn’t an item you own, or an action you perform. It’s a feeling that extends to your whole being, and it’s deeply embedded with self-love and self-acceptance, which means you can feel sexy when you give someone a lap dance or even when you’re cleaning your kitchen.

How to give a sexy lap dance

Give a lap dance by:

  1. Face away from the recipient;
  2. Lower yourself until you’re almost sitting on their lap, (but not quite);
  3. Grind, focusing on rolling your hips.

If you struggle holding the position, support yourself by putting your hands on your or their knees, on the arms of the chair or the back of the seat.

You want to move your body in circles and up and down.

The main benefit of giving a lapdance is to feel sexy and confident.

How to be sexy in lap dance?

How to give a lap dance?

1. Talk it through.

The first rule of the lap dancing club is: actually talk about lap dancing. Set your rules and boundaries. This is because not everyone is familiar with the dynamic of a lap dance.

Lap dances originated in strip clubs, where clients are not always allowed to touch dancers, because they need the dancer’s authorisation first, because clubs might have a no-touch policy or because touching might be illegal in that state/country. This puts the dancer completely in control of the lap dance until it is finished and she goes her own way.

So it’s up to you whether you want your lap dance to put you fully in charge, or you want the person you’re giving it to to touch you or not. I think it’s fun to tie people’s hands behind the chair because 1) it adds an extra layer of play to the whole thing 2) I’ve had some partners who didn’t even let me finish! I was getting all into the music and my (very easy) choreography and they were like: “BUT CAN I TOUCH YOU NOW? IS IT OK IF WE JUST DO IT?” Dude don’t kill my vibe.

2. Easy does it.

I love a bit of acrobatic chair. I can balance on chairs with my pelvis, but that doesn’t mean you should be balancing on your partners’ head or doing weird acro stuff on him if you can’t do it, are not confident with it or don’t feel like it. Actually, it’s very likely that even if you’re very good at it, they’ll go like: WTF? IS THAT SAFE? And that’s a turn-off.

Despite popular belief not every man feels at home in a strip club. Although most love the idea of a sexy woman dancing just for them, the high priced drinks along with the audience make strip clubs uncomfortable for some. However the majority of men would love to be teased and danced for in the comfort of their own homes where they can become fully aroused and also satisfy their desires without parting with a wad full of notes.

It’s no surprise then that pole dancing classes are becoming popular amongst women who not only want to keep fit but also want to please their partner too, yet not everyone has access to these so there are some ways you can give a simple lap dance that will leave your partner begging for more.

Confidence is Key

You may be a little nervous and also may feel a bit silly, especially if you’ve been with your partner a while and never done anything like this before, however your confidence is crucial to your success. Remember, your partner will love every minute regardless of your ability and if any mishaps do occur keep your sense of humour as this can often be sexier than anything else. No matter what your size or dancing ability, believe for ten minutes that you are the sexiest woman on earth and as soon as you convince yourself, he will follow suit.

Tie Him Up

One of the most arousing features of a lap dance in a club is the fact that customers are not allowed to touch the women. This makes men crazy with desire as when body parts are revealed they have the strong urge to feel what’s on offer. Make your partner sit on their hands or tie their hands behind their back and stipulate the rule of NO TOUCHING.

Use a Good Chair

The sofa may be comfortable however it’s hard to straddle and look sexy on a sofa so take a dining chair that enables you to place your legs either side of your partner.

Wear Heels

The heels will not only make you feel sexy they will prompt you to move delicately and slowly as well as highlighting your assets such as your bum and ankles. Wear heels as high as you can handle them and leave them on right until the very end.

Go Slowly

You don’t have to be an incredible dancer to give a lap dance. This is where most woman bottle out as they assume they’ll never be as good as the women in the clubs. Just take it slowly, the slower the better.

The Routine

Start by straddling your partner so your legs are either side of his. Brush your lips against his and nibble his ear. Then turn your back on him straddling again whilst gyrating your hips as if you were in bed and being the one on top. Brush against him as you can touch him not the other way around. Bend over slowly as your behind will look incredible in this pose and gyrate some more as you slowly stand remove your bra or corset so he can see it removed from behind but can’t see the unveiled prize at the front.

Step away with your arms over your bust and dance slowly then coming closer release your arms so your breasts stroke his face but you’re too close for him to see them. This will drive him crazy as he’ll want to push you back to admire you, however, you are in control. You can then take your own route, either remove some of his clothing and tease and caress or leave him fully dresses as you remove everything but your heels.

How to give a lap dance

Learn how to give the ultimate lap dance! Bend, snap, undulate, seduce and tease with style, agility and grace. You will build confidence in executing classic moves, transitions and combinations with sass and sultry eye contact. Students will learn a choreographed routine over the term that involves chair work, floor work and the art of seductive reveal (for example, how to remove your knickers in heels without falling over!).

We are respectful of the Sex Work origins of Chair and Strip and prioritise the hire of Sex Workers to teach and choreograph our Bend & Lap classes as we believe Industry experience is valuable.

Chair & Strip

Learn how to give the ultimate lap dance! Bend, snap, undulate, seduce and tease with style, agility and grace. You will build confidence in executing classic moves, transitions and combinations with sass and sultry eye contact. Students will learn a choreographed routine over the term that involves chair work, floor work and the art of seductive reveal (for example, how to remove your knickers in heels without falling over!).

We are respectful of the Sex Work origins of Chair and Strip and prioritise the hire of Sex Workers to teach and choreograph our Bend & Lap classes as we believe Industry experience is valuable.

Technique required to enrol into this class:
No experience necessary. Open to everyone, including absolute beginners!

Please bring the following items to class:
– Yoga mat
– Small towel
– Water bottle
– A pair of Stripper heels (you can buy these from our parlour if you don’t own them already). Heels aren’t compulsory – we understand wearing heels may not be accessible to some babes. If you’re keen to wear heels, we recommend Stripper heels as they accentuate your lines and allow you to twirl more easily (as opposed to regular heels).
– Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and/or sexy.
– Bring a second set of bra and panties that you can wear over the top of your garments and remove during the routine. You are more than welcome to wear pasties under one set of lingerie, rather than removing two bras – but it’s totally up to you!

$260 per 7 week term | 1 hour class

This class is not offered every term. Please see our enrolment page to check for availability, or Speak to a Siren to express interest.

Thanks for contacting us. We've received your submission.

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The NYPD rookie caught on tape giving her lieutenant a bawdy lap dance at their precinct holiday party apologized to her boss and his wife — as she insisted that the video wouldn’t have gone viral “had it been a man doing it.”

“I feel like just because, mainly — I’m a female, dressed the way I was, being a rookie — things were different,” Vera Mekuli told TMZ. “Had it been a man doing it, I feel like it would have been more of a joking matter and it would have stayed in-house versus go public the way it did with me.”

Mekuli, 26, “had no knowledge” that her superior was married and is “truly sorry” for the consequences of the lap dance, which prompted police brass to reassign 44th Precinct Lt. Nick McGarry to subway patrol, she said.

“I do want to apologize to the lieutenant’s wife. You know, I am sorry, truly I am and I really hope it didn’t cause too much damage in the marriage or in your personal life,” she said. “I know it’s been rough. I’ve been seeing the articles and I’ve been seeing pictures of new guys all over the newspapers as well as mine. It wasn’t meant to be like this. I really had no knowledge of your marriage.”

How to give a lap dance

Vera Mekuli said she was not aware of Nick McGarry’s marriage.

How to give a lap dance

Mekuli said she is “truly sorry” for the lap dance. LinkedIn

McGarry’s wife, Melissa McGarry, went berserk on a reporter on Monday and had to be restrained by her husband when asked about The Post’s front-page story on the wild video of the rookie cop grinding in his lap.

No official disciplinary action was taken against Mekuli, a Bronx native who started with the NYPD in February. Mekuli said she feels remorse over the impact on McGarry’s career.

“It was supposed to be for fun, sh— and giggles,” she said. “I feel like I’ve completely ruined, I guess, his picture as a lieutenant, as a boss. I know it doesn’t look good on him at all. But I do apologize.”

She told TMZ she is “the life of the party when it comes down to it,” and late into her precinct’s holiday party was “dared” by her co-workers to give a lap dance. She then “grabbed the lieutenant, sat him down” and “did the lap dance,” she recalled.

Mekuli said her bosses at the precinct “feel bad” about the incident and allowed her to work from home this week.

“I would love to go back. It’s hard. I feel like there’s just judgment and shame that shouldn’t be there,” she said through tears. “I feel like I shouldn’t be judged, or anything of that sort because of the lap dance that I did when I was off duty not in uniform.”

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The superintendent of an Eastern Kentucky school district said "appropriate disciplinary action has been taken" after photos surfaced showing students giving lap dances to staff as part of Hazard High School's homecoming week festivities.

During Hazard High School's homecoming week festivities, students and staff took part in a "Man Pageant" and "Costume Day" on Tuesday, according to the school's Facebook page.

Photos that were subsequently taken down from the athletics department's Facebook page showed students in underclothing giving lap dances to faculty and staff, including Hazard High School Principal Donald "Happy" Mobelini, who is also mayor of the Perry County city.

"Um. Exactly what is going on here, y’all? C’mon Hazard," Nema Brewer, cofounder of education advocacy group KY 120 United, wrote Tuesday night in a tweet that showed the photos. "Get it together."

Other photos on the athletics page that were later taken down showed female students dressed up in "Hooters" outfits as well as students and staff appearing to paddle one another.

Sondra Combs, superintendents of Hazard Independent Schools, told The Courier Journal the district "has a tradition of excellence and academics and everything we do, but the incident is being investigated and once the investigation is complete, appropriate action will be taken."

She said in a later statement the district had handed down a punishment or punishments but is "not allowed to disclose any further information regarding the specifics of the discipline" because it is a "personnel matter."

Combs said a "student activity committee" would be formed "to review all student led activities" and that all staff would undergo further training "on policies and procedures.

Kentucky Department of Education spokeswoman Toni Konz Tatman said the department is "aware of what took place in Hazard Independent Schools" and has "been in contact with the superintendent, who has informed us that the incident is under investigation."

"Kentucky law provides that school district superintendents are required to report instances of educator misconduct to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). Therefore, if the investigation finds a certified educator likely violated the Kentucky Educator Code of Ethics, the superintendent is required to report this to the EPSB for potential action," Konz Tatman wrote in an email. "If any citizen of Commonwealth feels that that Kentucky’s educator Code of Ethics was violated by a certified educator, they can also file a complaint with the EPSB."

A thread about the Hazard High School events on Reddit is titled "This is the mayor of my town being grinded on by a high school student dressed as a woman," and it has over 450 comments and over 7,600 upvotes on the website.

Mobelini, the principal and mayor, did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday.

Aster Sizemore, a board member for Hazard Independent Schools, said he was at the high school Tuesday but not at the event in question.

"Normally, the principal, Happy Mobelini, is pretty dad-gum strict, so that surprises me, unless someone pulled something out of a hat,” Sizemore told The Courier Journal. "A kid comes to school with a short dress, you know, he makes them go home and change."

Board chairman Ralph Butch Asher said he was aware of the issue and had not yet heard from any parents with complaints. He could not say if the event was an annual one, referring questions to the district.

The superintendent of a Perry County, Kentucky, school district said disciplinary actions were taken after photos posted to social media showed high school students giving lap dances to staff members.

Hazard Independent School District Superintendent Sondra Combs said she was made aware of the images on Tuesday and launched an investigation the following day.

The pictures were posted on the Hazard High School Athletic page but have since been removed. They are still circulating on social media sites and show scantily clad students appearing to touch and dance in front of staff members.

“I found photos of inappropriate student-led activities that had since surfaced on social media. The district has the responsibility to address these issues that arise out of school-based activities. As a district, we are doing exactly that,” Combs said in a statement.

She said “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken” but could not disclose further information because it involves a personnel matter.

The lap dances occurred during homecoming festivities at the school, which is located roughly 210 miles from Louisville. Combs said the activities are “driven by the students” and are supposed to be “fun and good-natured” but “did not play out as intended.”

“We strive to foster creativity in our students, but unfortunately, this time it was carried too far,” she said in her statement.

The district has not identified any of the students or staff involved. According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, the school’s principal, Donald “Happy” Mobelini, was involved and is pictured in one of the images.

Mobelini, who is also the mayor of Hazard, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday. A city spokesperson could not be reached.

The Kentucky Department of Education said in a series of tweets that it was aware of the incident and has been in contact with Combs.

In addition to disciplining those involved, Combs said a student activity committee will be created to oversee all student-led activities in hopes of preventing another incident.

“While we value our student’s creativity, we also must ensure that it is focused in an appropriate direction and will be more vigilant toward that goal in the future,” she wrote. “At the end of the day, the light-hearted activity simply got out of hand, and for that, we apologize. In the future, we will strive to keep the lighthearted, fun nature of school activities without the inappropriate behavior.”

It's all in the title really. Me and my boyfriend have known each other for years and been going out for 10 months. We lost our virginity to each other so we're pretty comfortable together, we've been having sex for a few months and experimented quite a bit in different positions and we've figured out we both like rougher sex than the average person. He's admitted he'd love for me to lap dance him and I've said I'll try pretty much everything to see what pleasures either of us but want to do it effectively and not start laughing at what I'm doing in the process. Any help is appreciated

I'll try and give you some pointers but don't know how well I'll be able to convey things through words and not show.

I suggest doing this at night in a somewhat darkened room. Adds to the how ambience / mystery of the scenario, people look better in the dark, have some back lighting. So not full on lights but dim. If the lights are behind you but not glaring in his eyes it will light you in up in an appealing way.

At the beginning you tell him if he touches you in anyway, hands or mouth – you'll end the dance. This way it leaves his hands free, he'll be dying to touch you but knows that he can't. He'll be grabbing the edge of his chair to prevent himself from doing this. The physical freedom to grab you but the mental anguish and preventing himself from doing so will add to it.

Do it in a chair you can straddle, he can spread his legs, that can hold both your weight.

Play music that you like but he won't mind. You're the one doing the dancing so it has to appeal to you the most but you are the one that has to be into the music to help you. To him, it will be more background music but for you it will help guide you. So don't pick something he's going to hate but you don't need to use his favorite song if you can't get into. Pick something that you can get into, make you feel sexy and confident – that makes you want to dance sensually. If you don't have music the somewhat silence might make you uncomfortable. Pick however many songs you need to. This will also help give you a rough guide and sense of how long you want to perform.

Dress up. You're going to want to do a striptease. Button down shirt, skirt, heels. Do this in stages. It's a tease. Unbutton the shirt, but leave it on for a bit. Be coy. When you take the shirt off completely you have your back turned to him so he can't see your boobs. Or you drop it off one shoulder and then just turn your head around to look back at him and give him a little smile. When the shirt comes off, hold it front of your chest when you turn back to face him for a few seconds before dropping it. Short skirt, bend over or lift it so he can see the undies just a bit or your covered pussy lips. Optional to take the underwear off before the skirt, repeat. Or if you've got a long session going then take the skirt off and leave the underwear on for easier dancing. Slow, sensual, stages. Clothes should be easy to come off. As you're unbuttoning your blouse make eye contact. Leave the heels on.

You dance in front of him and on him. Dance in front of him in slow-ish fluid movements. Turn around, let him see your ass as you move. This isn't club dancing so you're not going crazy, or getting all down and dirty. This is a seduction. Close your eyes and sway. Almost as if he isn't there but you are so into it. Let him see how turned on you are. Run your hand sensually down your body – just lightly caressing your neck, breast, stomach, down your thigh. Bite your finger gently, just a little bit. Rub your finger across your lips. As your hand moves his eyes are going to follow. Also make eye contact too though.

Dancing on him. Remind him he's not allowed to touch you in anyway or the whole thing ends. You rub the side of your face against the side of his – up and down just a little. Lightly breathe in his ear. Let's him know you are worked up too. You stand in front of him, or straddle, run the middle of your chest, inbetween your breasts, up and down his face. He'll have to close his eyes and all he can do is feel your boobs on his face. Run a nipple over his mouth. Turn around, sit down in his lap, but not all your weight. Place your hands on your thighs or his for balance. You grind his dick. Move your ass back and forth, along his shaft. Turn back around and straddle him. Hold on to the back of his shoulder and grind away as if you were fucking him, your boobs in his face but not touching. Lean back a little if you can, arch your back pushing your boobs forward, your head dropping back – make the tiniest little moans.

You can also while in front of him place your foot on his shoulder maintaining hardcore eye contact – you are in the one in charge.

Run your hands along his face, neck, etc. Doing little flicks with the tongue or bites. While straddling him grab his neck and for his head up and back a little.

Get down on your knees in front of him. Run your hands up his thighs but do not touch his dick – just come close. Run your face right up almost against the dick but try not to touch it. Breathe into his pants. Blow. This is going to sound weird but basically rasberry / zerbert him next to his balls. The vibrations through the pants will take him off guard. This works best if the pants are a little loose in this crotch and khakis because denim material doesn't move as much.

While he is not allowed to touch you, you can take his hands and run them down along your rib cage so he can feel your skin. Don't let him touch your breasts, just get him close.

Attitude is key. Be confident no matter what. You must act like it even if you feel ridiculous. A confident woman is a sexy woman.

How to give a lap dance

Learn to ooze and crawl on the floor and slink and grind on your partners lap.

OK, you’ve watched 500 Instragram and Youtube dance videos, you’ve dusted off your highest heels, and now you’re ready to be the confident sexy mama you know you can be. You’re finally ready to take a class! Yay! In group classes, you can meet other students, learn from them and develop a sense of community. You’ll be shakin’ your bootie and rubbing your boobs with a bunch of strangers. But hey, you’re a risk taker, and you’ve been dying to make new bootie-shakin’ boob-rubbin’ friends anyhow! You go girl.

All classes are 60 min, unless otherwise specified.

1 pass. 9-15 ladies max.

Cheat sheet included.

Wear high heels and snug fitness wear/dance tights.

If you want to go all out, 6″ stripper shoes are recommended! Find some HERE.

Start here! Classes you the basic moves that we use in our other classes.

Floor dance

Wanna get down n’ dirty? This super hot class will leave him (or her!) rolling on the floor begging for more. Learn exotic dance floor moves like the V, For Love, and the Swing. We will have you crawling on the floor and kicking your heels up with reckless abandon. Knee pads are recommended. (Sold in class for $12 & up). VIDEO OF FLOOR MOVES.

Lap Dance

This super hot routine will leave any man (or woman!) drooling. If you have ever wanted to learn how to perform a jaw dropping lap dance for your lover, then this class is for you! We show you everything from positioning, to ass smacking, to what types of chairs to use, to the ever popular grinding move. Leave ’em happy and hard ladies! You will feel super sexy and confident after rocking out your new lap dance moves. VIDEO OF LAP MOVES

Don’t have time to make it to class? Learn Level One Lap Dance and more online!

Purchase below for access to 65 min of streaming video that covers Level One Lap plus several level 2 moves !

Floor dance

Each class takes you through a new mini routine really focusing on transitions between the moves you have learned and new ones as well. Take time to focus on your fluidity. Prepare to get down n’ dirty.

Lap Dance

You will definitely be partnering up in this class and have person-to-person contact, so please come smelling fresh and clean. We will have body spray and mints on hand. Also, because you will be partnering up, if you currently have the flu, a cold, the plague, or have recently been bitten by a zombie, please do not attend class. If you have been bitten by a zombie, we would ask that you probably not return to class at all.