How to host an event in school

How to host an event in school

Most teachers agree that a home to school connection needs to be established between parents and teachers. It needs to be a strong partnership to nurture and educate successful students, who will be ready to become productive adults. One way to build this relationship is by bringing the community into the school. Being asked to organize a Family Night can be daunting, but I hope these tips I learned along the way can ease your intimidation!

Getting Started

How to host an event in school

It is important to give yourself plenty of time to work out all the details for a successful family night. Six to eight weeks is the minimum, especially for your initial experience. The first things to settle with administration are the date and funding. School nights are best because families are so busy on weekends. Checking your school calendar to avoid sporting events, board meetings, and community events is key. Funding is helpful for prizes and refreshments, the two big crowd pleasers! There was little to no funding for my first family night, but I was delighted with all the donations that came in. Don’t be afraid to ask! Arrange to have a nurse on duty for the event. Once these details are settled and you reserve your building for use, more specific planning can begin.

Pick a Theme

I found picking a theme and direction for the family night first helped spark ideas and enthusiasm. After that, most everything fell into place. Our first was called Family Night Extravaganza, with a fall theme. Our direction was to offer some activities that families could do together at home. I was pleasantly surprised about how suggestions evolved and the number of volunteers grew in no time. Knowing personalities, I asked a few fellow teachers to participate in a Readers’ Theater, math and music activities, and fun exercise. Ideas to incorporate our theme really took off from there.

Program Possibilities

It’s important to pick a format for the evening with which everyone is comfortable. Our Extravaganza had set workshops offered twice during the evening, with unscheduled activities for those not involved in a workshop. Other options could include a set of workshops occurring simultaneously. where families can choose to attend the workshop that most appeals to them. Also, teachers could assign families a specific group color and have each color group move through the activities together.


How to host an event in school

For Family Night Extravaganza our workshops were designed to encourage fun activities at home. Our Readers’ Theater, titled “We’re going on a Bear Hunt,” used costumes, props, and scenery made from household items. The words were projected so the audience could chant along and a second performance allowed parents and children to participate. The math workshops made “Make it-Take it” games to promote facts fluency. For the unscheduled activities we hosted Zumba and line dancing in the gym, a sing-along with a ”campfire” and guitars, and a Book Swap in the library with the Autumn Adventure Café for refreshments.

The ‘Bring a Book, Take a Book!’ book swap gave students the opportunity to exchange a book for another book. Many teachers gave duplicate copies of books from their classrooms start up a good selection. The local library had a table to sign up students for a library card. Any student who signed up, or already had a card, was eligible for prizes.

Many great ideas had to be saved for another time. These included star gazing with a portable planetarium, BINGO, a Scavenger Hunt, and a Book Fair.

Publicity/Event Promotion

Flyers going home and any other publicity should include a synopsis of the featured events, date, time, place, and the form to be filled out with the student’s name, grade, and parent/guardian signature. This completed form is to be returned. It is important to use bold print and make clear that: families MUST pre-register, an adult MUST accompany all children, families MUST stay together all evening, and the name of the accompanying adult listed on the return form. Make the deadline two weeks ahead so you have plenty of time to get enough materials ready, refreshments planned, and space available.

The Big Night

Even with all your planning, complications can arise. I hope that you can avoid most complications with these tips! Have only one entrance to the school available for families to sign in and be entered for door prizes. Community businesses are often very helpful with prizes, which can range from bicycles or helmets, to movie tickets, bowling passes, ice cream coupons, or backpacks loaded with art supplies.

How to host an event in school

Have plenty of room for sign in and many volunteers to handle the numbers. Each family should get an agenda with a school map. Include an explanation of the other activities families can do if there is no room for them in a particular workshop. You may prefer to have everyone go to the gym for a kick-off and be welcomed by the principal, or just have the fun begin at the set time.

Have a firm agenda and stick to it! If any workshop runs overtime, the rest of the night will be chaos! Lastly, we found having an announcement over the PA thanking everyone for coming and declaring the close of the event is a big help. At that time, workshop and activity leaders should close down their stations, especially the refreshment Café. That’s where many gather at the end of the night.

Thank You

I gave a personal and written thank you to each who helped make the night a success, from start to finish, the initial brainstorming to the custodial clean-up. Every helping hand was greatly appreciated in reaching our goal of bringing the community into the school, strengthening our connection, and sharing ways to have fun family time at home.

Timo heads up marketing at Digistorm, and although all things brand is his professional passion, Timo’s cringe-worthy celebrity encounters are what he’s known for in the office.

It’s that time of year again! Many schools are starting to plan for the most important recruiting event of the year: an open house. So, what’s the best way to host a successful open house in 2022? In this post, we’ll cover how your admissions team can continue to nurture prospective families through three different open house deliveries.

Choosing your event delivery

Safety and social distancing during the pandemic is the number one priority! Accounting for these two important areas in your school’s event delivery is essential — thankfully there are several best practices in place to help deliver a successful open house. we believe that the best way to deliver your open house is virtually, on-campus (if this is feasible and safe to do so), or a combination of the two.

Virtual open house

If we learned anything in 2021, it’s how to run a virtual event. It’s safe to say that by now, many schools have become virtual event pros, learning how to navigate online platforms and careful planning to deliver experiences that engage prospective families from afar.

It can be hard to replicate face-to-face connections online, however, there are some practices you can put in place to create an interactive and immersive virtual open house.

First, you’ll need to pick a suitable online platform to host your event. We recommend using Zoom , as it’s a well-priced hosting platform that has interactive features such as; live polling, Q&A, and breakout rooms. Once you’ve chosen your hosting platform, it’s time to cement the event content. You should start your virtual open house with an address from your principal, school leaders, or crucial staff members. To keep attendees engaged you can then move into Zoom breakout rooms . In these rooms, your prospective families or students can meet with current students, teachers, or community members as well as interact with your school clubs or extracurricular departments.

Make sure that these breakout sessions aren’t just an information overload, you want to ensure that it’s an interactive session instead with live polling and time for questions and answers. A major part of a school open house event is the campus tour, the best way to create a virtual tour is through a ‘walk through campus’ video or a 360-degree virtual tour that’s hosted on your website.

In-person open houses

Depending on your state’s restrictions, it may be possible for your school to host an in-person open house event. To abide by the current guidelines and regulations , you’ll need to ensure that your in-person event follows and implements safe practices. Some things that you’ll need to implement include:

  • Small tour groups with specific time slots that your families can register for
  • Easy and quick check-in processes
  • Hand washing or sanitization stations
  • Encourage attendees to stay home if they are sick
  • All staff and attendees must wear a mask and maintain the six feet of distance.
  • Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces at your event

To add that extra element of personalization to your event, you can even create school-branded COVID-19 signage and COVID safe gift bags that include a spare disposable mask, hand sanitizer, and wipes for your attendees. Your registration and check-in process at your event is key to a safe and well-organized event. A custom registration form will allow you to know exactly who is attending your event and at what time. You need to ensure that your check-in queues are guided by social distancing signs and measurements and your check-in process should be quick, easy and collect all of the necessary details from your attendees.

Hybrid event

Hybrid events use both virtual and in-person aspects to satisfy and engage your audience. It gives attendees the option to choose between participating virtually or in person, which is helpful if your venue has capacity limits, attendees feel uncomfortable attending the event or they aren’t able to travel to your school. When pulled off successfully, hybrid events provide access to two different sets of prospective family groups, so it’s important to organize each format to a high standard.

Ensure that your virtual and in-person attendees feel equally involved in the event and are both receiving a valuable experience. To involve your virtual attendees you can send them an open house package the week of the event, this package could include; branded school merchandise, brochures, or any other material that your in-person attendees will receive. Likewise, If you want to allow your virtual attendees to access your live speeches, you’ll need to accommodate different time zones. You should give your virtual attendees the option to access a live link for the in-person speeches and a recording link that they can watch back at any time.

Pre and post-event communication

Event success relies heavily on pre and post-event communication and in the current climate, it’s likely that your prospective parents’ inboxes are being flooded with work and personal emails so it’s important that you distribute this information across multiple platforms. You can promote your open house event on your school website, a school app, through an EDM, and even on social media platforms.

Pre-event communication

Your pre-event communication should be direct and provide all of the relevant event information such as start time, event date, and how to register. If it’s a virtual event specify this and include which platform you will be hosting the event on so attendees are aware of this prior to registering. If it’s an in-person event, include information on COVID-19 safety and regulations that your event will follow. If you’re hosting a hybrid event the concept can sometimes confuse attendees so it’s important that you communicate the specifications of the event clearly. You should communicate that the open house will be delivered both in-person and virtually on the same day and although it’s two different experiences it’s still one event.

Post-event communication

To continue to nudge your prospective attendees down the admissions pipeline you need strong post-event communication. If you used a registration and check-in system through a CRM, such as Digistorm Funnel , you can use this lead information to send a personalized follow-up. Your email should include a link to any recordings or resources from the open house, a CTA to book a meeting with your admissions team, and a link to any upcoming events that may interest the family and student.

We hope that these tips will help you host a successful and safe open house, if you’re organizing your schools next open house make sure to:

Of the many institutions drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, schools perhaps had to reorganize themselves the most. Shifting from in-person attendance to Zoom classes and back again has flipped education on its head — and it may take quite a while to return to normal.

Despite this disruption, however, student enrollment is growing. Researchers at noted that, based on projections from past decades, enrollment at public schools will increase to 52 million by 2027. So how do you balance this growth with health and safety concerns?

If you’re a school administrator, it’s a good idea to look into ways to provide a sense of normalcy. One great option is to reinvigorate your open house events and tours.

These school staples give students and parents an expansive look into the inner workings of your school. Because many are hesitant to join group events or be in crowded spaces with younger, unvaccinated children, the best solution is to host a virtual open house.

People are getting used to seeing virtual event invitations in their inboxes. These experiences don’t have to be markedly different from their in-person counterparts.

You should still keep to the same thematic points of the in-person format, including introducing your school, giving a taste of the academic experience, and showing off your facilities. And now, you can also take advantage of virtual features to make the event something all its own.

Breaking down an open house

Just because a virtual open house doesn’t have quite the same flair of an in-person presentation doesn’t mean students and parents aren’t expecting a robust experience. Follow these tips to make sure you meet their expectations.

Decide on a format

While designing your open house program, you need to decide on a few key elements to help set the stage. Will it all be live, or will it contain prerecorded portions? What kinds of activities or showcases will you include?

To answer the first question — prerecorded or live — it helps to have a little bit of both. The bulk of your efforts should certainly concentrate on the live presentation of your school and the theme of the night, especially as it pertains to the interactive pieces.

But considering the likely hectic lifestyles of many of your prospective parents, prerecorded elements can be a huge boon to your virtual open house because your audience can watch these sections whenever their schedules allow. Whether it’s posting a filmed school tour or even the entire event on social media, prerecorded elements are longer-lasting and make your open house more accessible.

It’s also helpful to include a variety of events, so that there’s something for everyone. These events can range from slide presentations with photos of the school and the virtual tour to speeches from some of your faculty and even testimonials from satisfied parents or alumni.

A mix of offerings holds your viewers’ attention while showing off the appeal and ingenuity of your school, giving attendees the chance to dive deeper into what they can expect from the upcoming school year.

Highlight your best features

As with any job interview or first date, a virtual open house is all about putting your best foot forward. This is a unique chance to pitch yourself to new students and parents, so pull out the stops to show off what makes your school great and unique.

If you’re a specialty or trade school, think of the highlights you want to hit. Give an in-depth tour of your woodworking room or schedule extra time for your theater department at a fine arts school. Find opportunities to add pomp to your open house that entices prospective students.

Beyond that, think about your employees. Do you have some exceptional faculty you want to feature? Maybe someone who won a teacher of the year award or similar achievement? Though you’ll likely have one master of ceremonies to lead this experience, giving guest spots to others allows the audience to get a taste of what they would experience at your school.

Make it interactive

You and your staff will talk for much of your virtual open house, but that doesn’t mean it should be a completely one-sided experience. As you plan the event, think of ways to incorporate interactivity in your program.

Interactivity can take a number of forms. Q&As are an excellent way to give participants deeper insight into the goings-on of your school and instill a sense of trust in your faculty.

You can also try activities that take advantage of the virtual platform itself. For example, on Zoom, you can carve out time for breakout rooms and one-on-one sessions with teachers, administrators, or other staff members to shake up the typical open house experience.

In these individual sessions, you can match participants’ questions and concerns to the session leader’s expertise. For instance, parents who want to know more about the track team can talk directly to the coaches or athletic director. A student interested in doing an independent study can get an idea of their options by talking with a department head or the dean of students.

Using Jotform for your open house

Managing a virtual open house can get complicated. It’s good for your staff to have some helpful tools, like Jotform, to execute the event.

Jotform’s customizable online forms cover a lot of ground in coordinating virtual events — from registering attendees to collecting donations from enthusiastic parents or alumni. Jotform Tables stores this information in one place, and Jotform can even integrate with Zoom to schedule meetings and register participants.

In these uncertain times, parents and students are looking for guidance as well as new ways to interact with teachers. Hosting a virtual open house grabs attention and imparts a sense of confidence that will make students excited about getting back to school.

How to host an event in school

At a WE FOR SHE event, you will develop leadership skills, create connections with business leaders and learn about non-traditional careers.

Since 2014, business leaders, women’s organizations, companies and experts have gathered in Vancouver every year at WE FOR SHE, a forum to discuss how to support women in the workplace. A major conclusion: help young women gain the skills and confidence to succeed before they even start their careers!

WE FOR SHE school events are meant to do just that – help young women step up, imagine a more diverse workplace and hear from successful women who are leading the way.

Create a WE FOR SHE experience in your community! You can choose to host a Full Day conference or a Half Day conference. When you sign up to host a WE FOR SHE Event, you get access to a complete toolkit that will guide you through every step of the event planning process!

The toolkit is designed so an extra-curricular club or student committee can execute the event with help from a teacher or administrator. You’re provided with tools and support throughout the planning process and learn project management skills while you make valuable community contacts.

Like what you see? Contact us for more information about hosting your own event and accessing the full toolkit!

Sample Toolkit Downloads

How to host an event in school

Toolkit Map

For this toolkit, we have split the planning tasks into eight key teams or roles. This chart gives you an overview of the different roles and the planning resources available for each team.

How to host an event in school

Event Launch Guide

The Launch Guide includes background on the WE FOR SHE movement, your first steps to start planning your event and descriptions of each planning committee role so you can recruit your team!

How to host an event in school

Sample How-to Package

Every team gets a how-to package that includes a team timeline, worksheets, email and design templates and more!

Your school will be responsible for covering all other event costs. You may choose to fundraise, sell tickets, or seek sponsorship and donations. Your event planning coaching sessions will include conversations about budget so that you can make good decisions about the size and scope of your event.

How to host an event in school

WE FOR SHE Khalsa School held in Surrey on October 11, 2017

WE FOR SHE NextGen events include opportunities to engage with successful women who are leading the way. You will develop relationships with the business community and get excited about your career options!

Our Mentor and Community Connector can help you recruit and select appropriate mentors for your initiative. If you hold leadership mentoring sessions first, your guest mentors could be great options for table hosts and speakers.

Included Workshops

WE FOR SHE NextGen events include up to three workshops of your choosing, developed and delivered by Minerva and Women’s Enterprise Centre.

Half-day events include two workshops, one from each organization. Full-day events include both workshops presented by Minerva and one workshop from Women’s Enterprise Centre.

The Power of Mentorship – Presented by Minerva

Did you know that 60% of Canadians who say they are “very confident” had a mentor in their youth? In this session you will hear real stories from successful leaders about the impact of mentorship on their lives. Following the panel presentation, you will engage in lively discussion with other students, business leaders and mentors.

Workshop length: 60 minutes

Your Unique Strengths – Presented by Minerva

Research proves that people are happier and more successful when they focus on what they do best. This workshop will introduce you to a strengths-based approach which you can apply to school, activities, and future career decisions. Through hands-on activities and discussion, you will identify your unique strengths, and come away with ideas on how to continue to grow and develop your strengths.

Workshop length: 60 minutes

Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership – Presented by Women’s Enterprise Centre

People are diverse in a number of ways, not just in ways we can see. What assumptions and conclusions do you jump to without thinking? This is “unconscious bias.” We live in a world of diversity, and bias matters when people are excluded or treated unfairly based on things like the colour of their skin, gender, age, or wealth.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll discover how you can battle bias to help build inclusive schools, workplaces and society that honours diversity. Be inspired by storytellers who share their encounters with unconscious bias and what they did to battle it.

Workshop length: 60 minutes

Mindset Mastery – Presented by Women’s Enterprise Centre

What will you be known for in 2037? Will you own a successful business? Be a leader in your community? Will an invention of yours be saving the world? Cultivating entrepreneurial skills and mindset will prepare you for any path you choose. An entrepreneurial mindset gives you the ability to see opportunities, gather resources and create value.

This workshop session will help you understand the traits and skills you can develop to make your impact and drive your success wherever your career leads you. Our storytellers will share how tapping into their entrepreneurial mindset helped them start and grow their business.

How to host an event in school

Virtual recruitment events are a great way for employers to engage students while also promoting their organization. iSchool Career Services is here and ready to support your recruiting efforts.

Below, you will find information on the different types of events employers usually host, along with logistical information on planning your event and collaborating with our office.

Types of events

There are multiple types of virtual events that companies can host in order to engage with students.

  • Information Session: An event featuring a presentation given by one or more company representatives. These usually cover general information about the organization, specific details about the representative’s team and/or job type, and hiring needs. The end of the event includes a few minutes of student Q&A. Information Sessions are typically more structured than the two event types listed below.
  • Virtual Hangout: An event similar to virtual tabling or a fireside chat. Hangouts are ideal for connecting informally with students. These events emphasize the employer-student dialogue and focus on students’ questions and concerns. Hangouts may be posed as small group coffee chats or Q&As.
  • Other Employer-Partnered Workshop: An event to support student development of soft or technical skills. These fall on a broad spectrum, offering a richness of possibility to collaborate with our office. Examples include a lecture on exciting developments in your industry, a panel of employees from underrepresented communities offering job search advice, a co-led workshop in which you and a Career Services team member present best practices for technical interviews, etc.

Planning your event

Initial contact

To provide time for finalizing details and marketing, we ask that employers reach out with their event requests at least 7 days in advance. You can make your initial inquiry to the Career Services team by filling out the event request form.

Scheduling a time

Timing is more flexible for virtual events than in-person gatherings. However, we recommend that you keep online events shorter than you would in person, and to be considerate of students’ varying time zones.

Information Sessions are generally an hour long. Due to their informal atmosphere, Hangouts and other workshops vary, but generally span no more than 90 minutes depending on event format, content, and number of employer representatives.

While these are suggestions, they are not strict timeframes. We are also happy to recommend best event times and duration based upon your availability and our constantly evolving information about fall 2020 class schedules.


After receiving your initial request, a member of the Career Services team will be in contact within 3 business days, to work out the details of your event. This will include finalizing a date, coordinating any technological needs, and other details if necessary.

Choosing your virtual event platform

iSchool Career Services is happy to provide a Zoom room for your event, as UW Zoom Pro is free to all current students. However, you may choose to utilize another platform or require registration through an external form. Common platforms include GoToWebinar, WebEx and Microsoft Teams.


We promote recruitment events on the main iSchool website, our student jobs board (Handshake), on student group Facebook pages, in our weekly Career newsletter, and via listserv email reminder on the day or morning prior to the event.

To help us advertise, we ask employers submit a 3-5 sentence description of their events. While we have generic event descriptions we can use, providing one of your own will give students a better idea of the nature and scope of your event. Submitting a flier or infographic can also be useful.

Additionally, we recommend that all employers incorporate information regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion at your organization into your event. While not mandatory, directly discussing DEI has shown to be of interest to students, particularly values-oriented millennial and Gen Z job seekers. This may mean sharing your workplace’s demographics, talking about resources you provide for diverse applicants and professionals such as mentorship programs and employee resource groups, or coming prepared to discuss your company’s response to COVID-19 and other current events.

Day of event

The day of your event, a member of the Career Services team will help with technical setup, such as opening the Zoom room and checking audio, video, and screen sharing. For Information Sessions, the team member will stay for the length of the event, though this is usually not necessary for Hangouts.

We are more than happy to provide whatever assistance you might need. If you have any particular support requests, please let us know in advance.


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As COVID-19 concerns prompt school closures around the world, many schools are finding creative ways to hold their major end-of-year events, such as proms, graduations and university campus tours in digital spaces – and Minecraft is a favorite destination. Here are a few amazing examples of students using Minecraft to host events and bring their school communities together:

I want to host a graduation, prom or other large event using Minecraft. How do I do this?

This is an awesome idea! Minecraft: Education Edition can host up to 30 players in a world. Check out the Minecraft: Education Edition Multiplayer guide to learn more.

If you plan to host more than 30 players, using a custom server for your world with Minecraft Bedrock or Minecraft Java Edition will be your best option. These versions of Minecraft can support larger gatherings with hundreds of participants. You can download server software for Minecraft Bedrock and Java and visit this guide to learn about setting up a Minecraft server on Azure.

When participating in an event hosted in a Minecraft Bedrock or Java world, we recommended that players use their personal Minecraft license to access the world. Stream your event online to include participants that don’t have a Minecraft account.

How can I invite others to my Minecraft event?

You can create always-on multiplayer worlds using custom servers with the Minecraft Java or Bedrock editions. With these editions, you do not need to be playing the game to have guests access your world.

With Minecraft: Education Edition, the host must be playing the game in order for others to join. If the hosting player leaves the world, all other players will be removed from the server. Because of this, we recommend you create your world using Minecraft Bedrock or Java Editions.

Can I setup a dedicated server for multiplayer in Minecraft: Education Edition?

Minecraft: Education is not currently compatible with server software, so it’s not possible to set up an always-on world that players can visit anytime. This is a popular piece of feedback and we hope to have a solution in the future.

Can I use my Minecraft: Education Edition licenses to access a Minecraft Bedrock or Java server?

Since each of these Minecraft editions use distinct licensing systems, it’s not possible to login to a different edition with Minecraft: Education Edition edition licenses.

How can I get help building an awesome Minecraft world for my event?

Minecraft has a global community of creators who can recreate your campus, school theater, or just about any venue you can imagine within Minecraft. Our partners may be able to set up a server and host your world for you as well. Reach out to any of our trusted partners for more details including availability and pricing.

The University is committed to hosting events and activations on its campuses in a COVIDSafe way, in accord with government restrictions and guidelines. Some of our events are presented on campus, others online – be sure to check the details. Find out more about the University’s COVIDSafe plans

Featured events

Presented by The Hon Barry Jones AC

‘Equality’ dropped off Australia’s political agenda in the 21st Century. Both sides of politics recognise that winning elections depends on the votes of ‘aspirationals’. So progressive taxation was dropped, education became more stratified in Australia than the US or UK, and governments moved away from ‘needs based’ policies.

A standard measure of ‘equality’ has been equal treatment under the law. However, past decades have been marked by the protection of special interests that are above the law and by the harsh treatment of those below the law. Casino owners, private schools and big miners have been in the first category; asylum seekers, public schools and Indigenous Australians in the second. Both sides of politics are tainted.

In the age of retail politics, all values have a dollar equivalent, debate is minimal and ‘truth’ purely operational. Courage, imagination, curiosity, compassion have disappeared without trace to the detriment of ‘Equality’.

What is to be done?

Jointly presented by the Melbourne Law School, Melbourne School of Government and Accountability Round Table LTD

This event involves Dr Tania Miletic in conversation with Dr Anouk Ride, exploring violence, protests, and peace in the Solomon Islands. Recognising the need for greater recognition, understanding and imagination for greater peace and justice, The University of Melbourne’s Initiative for Peacebuilding launched a Conversation Series in 2021 to hold spaces for deeper listening to Australian-based peacebuilders and discussion of important dimensions of their peacebuilding work. In 2022 these conversations continue with a fascinating range of peacebuilders connected to the Initiative for Peacebuilding.

How to host an event in school

We all know how important breakfast is – especially for growing students! A healthy breakfast energizes students and helps them stay focused. As educators, we have a huge opportunity to help our students form healthy breakfast habits, and breakfast events are a great way to do that – increasing participation in school breakfast programs and reinforcing the importance of eating breakfast every day.

Breakfast events are fun and easy to do yourself with the right resources! Here’s a quick guide.

Keep it simple and engage the kids! Here are some fun ideas you can use for a breakfast event at your school.

  • Make over your menu by serving a special new item.
  • Create a healthy-breakfast bulletin board in the cafeteria.
  • If your school doesn’t already do Breakfast in the Classroom, try it for one day!
  • Invite a local athlete to eat breakfast with students.
  • Play a Dairy MAX breakfast video on a projector during breakfast.
  • Invite teachers and the principal to serve breakfast to students.
  • Host a parents’ breakfast.
  • Host a taste test of new breakfast items or smoothies.
  • Piggyback onto an activity that’s already going on at your school, such as a holiday or themed activity.

Check out this breakfast video you could show.

The most successful breakfast events are well-promoted. Here are some ways to spread the word.

  • Add the event to your school’s morning announcements.
  • Promote it on your school’s social media pages and in the newsletter to reach parents.
  • Hang signs around the school and in the cafeteria.
  • Provide teachers with talking points about the importance of breakfast.
  • Decorate your space – students notice new decorations. They can be made or purchased inexpensively.
  • Give away a small item such as a sticker or pencil, or have students enter a weekly raffle to build excitement. Dairy MAX may be able to provide a door prize if you contact one of our reps.

Need a Hand?

At Dairy MAX, we have many wonderful resources to help you with your school breakfast event. Contact your local Dairy MAX representative to get free resources, such as a cafeteria toolkit with posters, stickers and other goodies you can use for a breakfast event!

Your Dairy MAX representative can also help you plan your breakfast promotion event and possibly provide incentives for students to participate, such as door prizes for raffles or videos to play on a projector during your event.

We are seeking expressions of interest from high schools across WA to host The Innovators’ Tea Party at your school. All of our events are focused on bringing women in STEM role models to the stage, highlighting the fantastic array of opportunities a career in STEM can offer to students of any gender.

There are 2 options to choose from – hosting an event during school hours exclusively for your students, or providing a suitable venue to host an event outside of school hours, open to the general public.

How to partner with us

The Innovators’ Tea Party is managed by a small team of women in STEM who are volunteering in their spare time outside of their day jobs as scientists, engineers & educators. Please read all of the information below to consider which option best suits the needs of your school, then complete an Expression of Interest Form so we can get in contact with you asap:

In School Program: host an event during school hours exclusively for your students – EOI open for all WA based schools

Our in-school program consists of 2 x 1hr sessions designed to be completed standard periods during school time. There are 2 types of sessions available and schools can choose to have one of each type or 2 repeats of the same type of session depending on their needs and the target year level.

Session Type A: ‘Inspire in 5’ Career Speeches (best suited to years 7-9)

Format : Students listen to 5 min presentations from 6-8 different women in STEM

Time : 60mins / one period

Capacity : Depending on venue capacity, whole year groups are possible

Venue : Theatre/Assembly style room with projector and PA system

Session Type B: Speed Networking (best suited to years 10-12)

Format : Students speak to women in STEM mentors in small groups (1-5 depending on class size) for 5-10 minutes at a time and rotate through 6-8 mentors in total during the session

Time : 60mins / one period

Capacity : 35 students max. It is recommended that this is an opt-in session for students.

Venue : Can be hosted in a regular classroom, 8 tables and enough chairs for all attendees

Please note that to reduce the resourcing load on our volunteers, we ask that both parts of the program be completed on the same school day and back to back where possible. This means our volunteers only need to travel to the school and take time off work once.

The Speakers

Our Women in STEM Mentors are selected from our team of 500+ WA professionals volunteering their time to promote STEM careers to students. For any given program, we will recruit our mentors such that together they cover a wide range of fields, industries and career pathways. If there is a particular field or career pathway you would like us to focus on, we will try our best to cater to that.

Program Cost

We charge a nominal rate for in-school programs, to enable us to visit less accessible and/or lower socio-economic areas in WA.

  • Standard price for Perth-based schools: $800
  • Schools located in low socio-economic areas and/or outside of the Perth area (at committee discretion) : $0

Schools that have hosted an in-school program in the past:

  • Santa Maria College
  • Hedland SHS
  • Margaret River SHS

After Hours Program: provide a suitable venue for our ‘Inspire in 5’ events open to the general public – EOI open for all Perth-based schools

For schools without the capacity to host us during school hours, or looking for a no-cost option, we are also hosting a number of Inspire in 5 events in evenings around Perth in 2022.

This requires a school with a suitable theatrette-type venue with a capacity of 100+ who are comfortable opening attendance not just for students of their school, but schools in neighbouring suburbs as well.

In return for the venue, we will reserve 50% of tickets for students and parents of your school and organise all aspects of the event (speakers, facilitation, ticketing, market materials etc)

About Inspire in 5 events

This event is a presentation-style experience, where students, teachers, parents and guardians will see 5-minute presentations from a number of different Women in STEM Mentors. After the 1hr presentation session, there will be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions via an interactive panel discussion. The fields that are covered by each session are published on our website prior to the event.

Schools who we have proudly partnered with to host an evening Inspire in 5 event:

Rising 31 stories above the Potomac River with panoramic views, 1100 Wilson Boulevard is recognized as a signature business address in the Washington, D.C., metro area. Our versatile space on the top two floors enables you to custom design your meeting or event.

Washington DC Area

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Darden’s premier property in Rosslyn, Virginia, offers a strategic location with 360-degree, unmatched views of the capital region. The state-of-the-art environment and flexible spaces make Darden the perfect destination for conferences, board retreats, planning sessions and social events.

An onsite planning team is available to help you design your event and select chef-created options for an exceptional culinary experience — whether for a daylong package, a meeting or a special occasion .

How to host an event in school

Flexible Spaces

The 40,000-square-foot modern space includes:

  • Two tiered, state-of-the-art classrooms
  • Multiple flexible, flat conference rooms
  • An executive boardroom
  • A large ballroom with expansive views of the National Mall
  • Modern lobby and breakout areas
  • A dozen small conference rooms

How to host an event in school


We offer everything you need to make your event a success:

  • Continuous refreshment breaks offering a variety of unlimited beverages and snacks on rotation
  • Chef-created seasonal luncheons or dinners
  • Meeting space complete with conference chairs, hard-surface, non-glare work stations, and in-room sound/lighting controls
  • LCD projector, screen, high-speed Wi-Fi and flip charts
  • A dedicated manager to guide you through the planning and execution process.

How to host an event in school

Our Food Philosophy

Our chef offers a wide menu of delicious and seasonal food made with only fresh ingredients. Our culinary offerings will please your palate and support your health and well-being.