How to join a marching band

Membership in the University of Florida Gator Marching Band is open to all students currently enrolled at the University of Florida or Santa Fe College. Membership is auditioned each year and consists of undergraduate and graduate students that represent over 100 majors at the university. Please check below to find out how to join the Gator Band and represent the Gator Nation in the university’s most visible organization.

Meet some of our leadership and find out how they balance school, work, and being a member of the Gator Marching Band.

The audition for the Gator Band is a video audition that consists of all 12 major scales (1 or 2 octaves depending on your level of comfort) and the provided school songs. Fill out the 2021-2022 Gator Band Application to receive audition material. The audition must be pre-recorded, uploaded to YouTube, and the link must be sent in an email to Director, Jay Watkins , at [email protected] before July 1st. Returning members who were enrolled in a concert band for the Spring semester will have their auditions waived. All current student wind players must complete their auditions via video by July 1st. Contact the Director, Jay Watkins , at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

**New members – View our marching instructional videos here prior to band camp.

Florida Drumline (FDL)

In order to audition for a position on Florida Drumline participants will be asked to partake in a final audition. Initial audition will be via video this year, fill out the band application to receive audition materials and further information. Summer workshop dates will be announced soon .

How to join a marching band

  1. ALL first year members, sign up for Band Camp (August 15-21, 2021) below, including Wind players, RedSteppers and Drumline.
  2. Read the Registration Info and register for the class when you attend Orientation at IU
  3. Read the FAQ

Study Hard
Watch and practice Marching Hundred fundamentals to be ahead of the curve for band camp. Watch Online

Registration Info
Enroll in the Marching Hundred class during New Student Orientation. Please select either MUS-X40 (music majors only) or MUS-X50 (non music majors) for two hours of tuition-free credit. Marching Hundred members must be available to practice from 4:25-6:00 p.m. daily as well as Saturday mornings. A $40 lab fee will be charged to each individual.

Other Performance Opportunities
The Marching Hundred is only one of several bands found on the IU Bloomington campus. The All-Campus Band is available for non-music majors and does not require an audition to join. Simply register for MUS-X 1, All Campus Band. Many students find it rewarding to be in the Marching Hundred in the fall semester and All-Campus Band in the spring semester.

In addition, the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band are music-major ensembles that present several concerts each semester and rehearse daily. Auditions are required for entrance into one of these groups. The Department of Bands is committed to providing a playing opportunity for every interested IU student. Learn more HERE.

Who Can Be A Marching Knight?

Marching Knights is a performing ensemble (class) in the School of Performing Arts open to students enrolled at UCF and cooperating community/state colleges (Valencia College, Seminole State College). Students will sign up for the two-credit course MUN 3113 (Marching Band) when registering for classes for Fall 2021. Specific requirements apply to certain groups within the Marching Knights:

Woodwinds & Brass

No entrance audition is required! An informal placement audition will take place after arriving at band camp. Please see box #1 to fill out our Intent to March form.

Color Guard

Starlet Knights Color Guard auditions will be held May 15 and June 19 2021. An Intent to March must be submitted before your audition. View audition schedules and details.


The Majorette auditions have passed for the 2021 season. We hope you will join us in 2022.


Drumline auditions will be held May 15 and June 19 2021. An intent to March must be submitted before your audition. View audition schedules and details and download the drumline packet.

New and Returning Community/State College Students

Become A Marching Knight

Please ensure you complete all of the following as they become available.

Intent to March [open]

Due by June 1 (May 1 for state/community college members)


For guard, majorettes, and drumline only.

Info Form

Availability via email TBA, due by July 1

Uniform Sizing Form

Availability via email TBA, due by July 1

Handbook Form

Availability via email and due date TBA

Register for the Class [open]

Enroll in MUN 3113 when your Fall 2021 registration opens

Dear Prospective Member,

This is a very exciting time in your life – the closing of your high school career, and the beginning of your college experience. With so many changes, continuing your participation in a familiar activity, such as marching band, can bring a great deal of stability to your first year at Towson University. Whether you’re studying music, business, nursing, or any other major, membership in the Towson University Marching Band can give you a great support group.

If you’re interested in joining:

  • If you have not already, fill out the “Get More Information” form under “Future Members”. This will give us all of the details we need to keep you updated as the season approaches.
  • Please follow this link to see details on the audition process for winds, percussion, and color guard. TUMB Audition Information
  • As soon as you have the opportunity to schedule classes, you should schedule MUSA 160, Section 001 – Marching Band, which is a one credit course.
  • Sometime in June prior to the season, we will publish and share the Band Camp RSVP Form. This form should be filled out right away and will tell us that you are committed to joining the band.

The Towson University Marching Band has a highly spirited and energized atmosphere. Our performances are entertaining for a football crowd, yet sophisticated in the marching band world. We believe a positive experience is not just in the end result of performing, but also in the workings of everyday rehearsals.

Please check out our FAQ page for answers to many questions about membership.

I look forward to your participation in this year’s edition of the Towson University Marching Band!


John Miliauskas
Director, The Towson University Marching Band

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Marching Band

How to join a marching band

Marching Band Alumni
Stay connected with the marching
band through the Band Alumni Society.

As one of the most exciting and visible organizations on campus, the Minnesota Marching Band enthusiastically supports the University’s athletic programs and represents the University of Minnesota with pride at home and away.

Membership in the marching band is open to all interested students. The current band includes students from over 100 different majors and every college at the University. Like all ensembles, Marching Band must be taken for credit.

Students will be notified when they can register for the class, MUS 3480.

Not a U of M student?

You do not have to be a U of M student to participate. Part-time college students or high school students attending other metro-area schools can take Marching Band as an extension course by contacting:

College of Continuing and Professional Studies
20 Ruttan Hall
1994 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
612-624-4000 or 1-800-234-6564

High school students who wish to join the Minnesota Marching Band through post-secondary option (PSEO) programs should contact their high school counselor for further information.

Bring the Marching Band Home With You

Minnesota Marching Band hats, and our latest CD—Marching Into the Future, are now available. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Contact the Marching Band

420 23rd Ave SE
Huntington Bank Stadium–BAND
Minneapolis, MN 55455

The School of Music also supports athletic pep bands that play at a variety of regular season and post-season athletic events.

How to join a marching band

This is it. This is the NUMBER ONE absolute best marching band recruitment method.

I’ve tried them all in my 10 years as a band director. And here’s the method that works best.

If you’re in band, you already know: band is awesome. You also know that band is a whole lot more fun the more people that are involved.

But how do you convince new people to join band? It took me 10 years, but I found the BEST marching band recruitment tool.

In 10 years as a band director, I’ve tried just about everything under the sun to get people to join band.

  • Special concerts
  • Going to middle school rehearsals
  • Meeting with counselors and parents

Even hiring video producers to make drum corps-style hype videos.

Through all that, the #1 most successful recruitment method I’ve found is:

One kid saying, “hey you should join the band.”

  • Costs nothing
  • Takes almost no time at all
  • It’s so simple.

The members of the band are the NUMBER ONE recruitment tool.

So get to work.

How to join a marching bandIf you’re a drum major, or section leader… or if you’re the 7th-chair trombone player— You hold the power.

Get out there and bring more people into the community that you’re so proud of.

Here’s our challenge to you—

Get the band leadership team together, and start a letter-writing campaign—yes, letters. Handwritten ones.

Not a text. Not a snap. Not anything with emojis… a hand-written letter.

Everybody writes 3 or 4. Write to somebody that you think would be a great candidate for band.

Tell them what an awesome time you’re having. Tell them what they have to look forward to this year.

And tell them why you think they would be a great member of the band.

Go old school.

How to join a marching bandAnd THEN—get this… put a stamp on it.

Go old school. Put it in the mail. That’ll definitely get their attention.

Don’t have any stamps? Pick up the phone.

Remember telephones? Call somebody that you think would be a great member of the band.

If every section leader called two or three prospective members of the band, I guarantee that’s gonna make a huge difference in recruiting for your marching band.

You hold the power.

You know that band is a life-changing experience. So get your friends to be a part of the marching band community.

Get out there. Take action. And change somebody’s life, the same way that your life has been changed.

How to join a marching band

Joining Marching Band is easy! All you have to do is:

Email Dr. Boyd and let him know you want to join the band ([email protected])

Turn in the 4 required forms (given below)

Be at Band Camp

That’s it! Marching band is for everyone. We have a place for you!

We must have all of these forms completed before band camp.

You can also scan and email these forms to [email protected]

Summer Rehearsals: See band calendar

July 4 Parade in Newnan

July 3 (9am-11am) Parade practice at East Coweta High School

July 4 parade (3:30pm to 5:30pm) *actual parade starts at 4:00.


School Year Rehearsals and Performances. We following this basic rehearsal schedule. Please keep up with the band calendar which can be found on the band website.

Tuesday: 4:30 to 8pm

Thursday: 4:30 to 8pm

Performances: We will perform at all Friday night football games as well as some Saturday marching band competitions or rehearsals. Since all performances are required, it is suggested that you set aside weekends.

Fair Share Fees. We strive to have the lowest band fees. Here are the band fees for the 2021 school year along with due dates. PAY ONLINE HERE.

May 2021 (due before school is out to reserve your spot) – $75.00

This money is used to pay for music, drill, and costuming

2 June – $75.00 (due on 1st day of band camp)

This money is used to pay for band camp staff and supplies needed to operate camp.

3. July $75 (due on the first day of band camp)

This money will pay for drill, visual staff, sticks, flags

4. August $65 (due on first rehearsal in August)

This money is used for flags, percussion equipment, electronic needs, and items needed for the band to travel.

( Color Guard ONLY March – $75.00 for uniform deposit)

Total: $290.00 (Instrumentalist), $365 (Guard)

*Note: This does not include band shoes if needed.

How to join a marching band

Register for 2021 tryouts here!

  • Tryouts Schedule
  • General Tryout Information
  • Marching Fundamentals
  • Tryout Music
  • Housing During Tryouts
  • Rehearsal After Tryouts

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of The Ohio State University Marching Band! Registration is required to participate in tryouts.

The Ohio State Marching Band is an all-brass-and-percussion marching band. There are plenty of opportunities for woodwind players at Ohio State, though! Many woodwind players learn to play a brass or percussion instrument and have had success in making the band. For other opportunities, learn more about our Athletic Band program or other concert bands in the School of Music.

All candidates that have not been members of the Marching Band in past years are required to attend Candidate Days. These days are meant to introduce new candidates to what will be expected during tryouts.

Auditions for The Ohio State University Marching Band take place over two days. Tryouts are open to all students eligible to register at Ohio State and those at Columbus State Community College and other area institutions eligible to register through the Higher Education Council of Columbus (HECC).

If you are planning on trying out for the Marching Band, we suggest you register for the class for the autumn 2020 semester, as it is easier to drop the class than adjusting an existing class schedule. The course number for marching band is MUSIC 2205.01 (or MUSIC 7205.01 for graduate students). If you are enrolling at an institution other than Ohio State, please check with your advisor on how to add the course.

For additional practice on our music and marching fundamentals, we encourage you to attend Summer Sessions, our optional rehearsals that run from June through early August.

2021 Tryouts Schedule

This schedule is subject to change as more information becomes available. The dates and times below are based on a normal tryout schedule.

Thursday, August 12: Squad leader tryouts, 9 a.m. to noon, 2-5 p.m.
Friday, August 13: Candidate Day 1 (for all who have not previously been members of the marching band), 2-5 p.m., 7-9 p.m. Registration will be open at the Band Center from noon-2 p.m. There will be an optional meeting for parents at 2:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 14: Candidate Day 2, 9 a.m. to noon, 2-5 p.m.
Sunday, August 15: OSUMB Tryouts Day 1 for all candidates, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Secondary instrument auditions and music/marching re-auditions, 7-9 p.m.
Monday, August 16: OSUMB Tryouts Day 2 for all candidates, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; 2021 band selected

If you have not previously checked out an instrument for Summer Sessions, you will be able to check one out on your designated first day of tryouts.

General Tryout Information

Tryouts consist of two elements, each worth half of the total audition score: a music audition and a marching audition. Music auditions consist of scales (chromatic and major scales up to 4 sharps and 4 flats), prepared exercises, school songs, and sight-reading. Students are evaluated on tone quality, rhythmic accuracy, technical facility, articulation, stylistic interpretation, and overall musicianship and preparedness.

Prepared music will be emailed to students three weeks before tryouts. Registered students may request school songs by emailing [email protected] Marching auditions consist of the basic OSUMB marching fundamentals, 8-to-5 marching, and playing while marching.

Instruments will be available for checkout for tryouts in the summer. Students who need an instrument for tryouts should contact the band office at 614-292-2598 OR [email protected]

Marching Fundamentals

Those trying out for The Ohio State University Marching Band will also need to know the fundamentals of our marching style. More information can be found in the newly updated fundamentals guides:

Tryout Music

For tryouts, candidates must have four songs memorized: Fight the Team, Buckeye Battle Cry, Hang On Sloopy and Down by the Ohio. Candidates must also perform the appropriate tryout sheet for their instrument, which contains musical exercises. The tryout sheet will be made available to those who have registered three weeks prior to tryouts. The tryout sheet does not need to be memorized.

Housing During Tryouts

For those with an on-campus housing contract for the 2021-22 academic year, early move-in is available starting on August 6 at a cost of $35 per day. Time slots for move-in open on August 1, and normal move-in is scheduled from August 16-21. Contact Student Housing for more information.