How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

In order to be successful when playing the widely popular Pokémon Platinum, you need to not only know which is the best team to have but how to make the best team.

For Pokémon lovers, Pokémon Platinum was a great opportunity to test your trainer skills against some of the toughest gyms around, and any Elite 4 you might come across. Following the normal Pokémon standard, each gym trainer will specialize in a different type of Pokémon, and there is no one size fits all when defeating these gym leaders.

Your team needs to be a balanced team, one that can collectively beat a wide range of types, with Pokémon who are specialized in different areas, who can take on different types.

A balanced team will be your best bet in becoming victorious in Pokémon Platinum!

Know Your Starters

There are three options to choose from when starting out in Pokémon Platinum. The Pokémon you choose to start will be a big determining factor in how the rest of your team develops. You are able to choose between Piplup who is water-based, Chimchar who is fire-based and Turtwig who is grass-based.

Piplup – Piplup is a water and steel hybrid who can learn ice moves as he progresses. Being both water and steel, Piplup has very few weakness. He can learn a variety of useful moves that make him very powerful as he evolves. Piplup is widely considered as the best choice for a starter.

Turtwig – Turtwig might be slow, but he has a great attack and defense against almost all the gym leaders found in Pokémon Platinum. This wide range of defense and attack capabilities also make him a good first choice.

Chimchar – Chimchar evolves into a fire-fighting hybrid. He is effective often throughout the game and can be used to fight in almost every gym. Pokémon Platinum is known to offer up less fire Pokémon, so it might be a good idea to pick him as a starter if you do not want to look for a fire Pokémon later in the game, saving you some time.

Plan For Weaknesses

When building a Pokémon team, you need to make sure that your team is not weak to any type of Pokémon. In Pokémon, there will always be one type of Pokémon which has an advantage over another type. An example is that Fire Pokémon are more powerful against Grass Pokémon, with their attacks dealing twice as much damage. Turn it around and it is still true, a Grass Pokémon will only do half the amount of damage when attacking a Fire Pokémon. If you are unsure of which Pokémon type has more power over another, think outside the game. A Flying type will beat a Bug-type, as a bird eats a bug, Water will beat Fire as it does in real life, and so forth.

Remember though that certain type of Pokémon will only be effective against their weaker counterpart when they are using their specific type attacks. Using a Normal Tackle as a Fire Pokémon against a Grass Pokémon will not have a double damage effect.

Know Pokémon Classes

As the game has developed over the years, dedicated players have created classes which are assigned to different Pokémon. Knowing these different classes will help you build a full team, with each member of your team fulfilling a specific purpose. These classes don’t have anything to do with the type of the Pokémon, but instead the function that it performs.

Sweeper – Sweepers are powerful in attack and are used to deal out a large amount of damage to take out an enemy Pokémon. In a team of 6, it is a good idea to have around 3-4 sweepers.

Wall – Wall Pokémon have high health points (HP) which are good for defense. These Pokémon can survive a large amount of damage and are often used to buy time when you use certain items to heal up your team. They are sometimes referred to as tanks and are vital for staying in a fight.

Support – Support class Pokémon are used for stat-boosting for themselves or stat-depleting for the enemy, and their moves help weaken the opposing team. Baton Pass is a move that needs to be learned by support Pokémon which will allow the support to give the same stat boosts to the next Pokémon which you use.

HM Slave – This class isn’t really used for fighting, but when they have learned Surf, Fly or Strength, they will be invaluable for moving around the game and for travel. They are often subbed in and out of the team and aren’t used for fighting.

Catcher – Catchers are not used in battle, but are used to catch Pokémon in the wild. They most commonly have a mix of powerful moves which can weaken, sleep or paralyze wild Pokémon, which makes them much easier to catch.

How Stats Affect Effectiveness

Attacks will have different damage dealt depending on the stats. Understanding how the different stats work will go a long way in helping you build a really effective team. For example, it is a good idea to use a high defense stat Pokémon against a trainer who uses Pokémon with high Physical attacks.

Attack – This has an effect on the power or damage dealt by a physical attack like Scratch.

Special Attack – This refers to both indirect or mental attacks. Non-physical attacks use the Special Attack stat.

Defense – This stat determines the amount of damage received by a Physical Attack.

Special Defense – This stat determines the amount of damage received by special attacks.

Speed – This determines who gets to attack first. The speed stats are considered between two fighting Pokémon and the Pokémon with the fastest speed will be allowed to attack first. If the two Pokémon have equal speed stats, it is chosen randomly.

Level Up Your Team

Each member of your Pokémon team will need to be at least level 50. This gives you the right amount of power and experience to fight against the best trainers at gyms in the game. Your stats increase when you level up, and your Pokémon will learn new moves, and your Pokémon will also evolve into stronger forms.

The Best Pokémon Platinum Team

When building your team, you need to remember that having a balanced team is much more important, and effective, than having the same type Pokémon which are powerful. Having a team of the same type will mean trouble when you get to a gym where your team comes off as the weaker type. Having a team comprised of strong, different types will be your best bet when defeating all the gyms.

Here is one of the best teams to have in Pokémon Platinum:


The electric type Pokémon is probably one of the most important. Electric-type are only weak against Ground, although they are resistant against by Grass and Dragon. Electric-type Pokémon can learn a wide variety of moves.

Luxray is a great electric type to have. You are able to get Shrinx early on in the game, who will eventually evolve into Luxray. Luxray might have a limited move pool, but he has a massive attack stat which makes him incredibly valuable to the team.

If you do not want Luxray, you can opt for Electivire or Raichu. You are also able to catch the elusive Zapdos which will be great in your team. The best electric moves are Thunder, Thunderbolt and Thunder Fang.


Water-type Pokémon are only weak against Electric and Grass. They use ice moves, which are effective against Electric, Grass and Dragon-type Pokémon. Water Pokémon are very useful in the game, especially when they learn Surf.

Floatzel is a good Water-type to have. Buizel is around early in the game and evolves into the much needed Floatzel. Although he only knows two moves, ice-beam, and ice-punch, these are incredibly effective and will be used to take out the strongest opponents. Floatzel is a great choice when you didn’t initially choose Piplup.

Other powerful water Pokémon are Gyrados and Vaporeon, and powerful moves are Surf, Waterfall and Hydro Pump.

Pokemon Platinum was the culmination of incredible stories found within Generation IV of the series.

It brought together both Diamond and Pearl into one mega adventure. Platinum still stands the test of time and is a fan favorite when it comes to the that third game in a series Pokemon is known for.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

The starters found in Platinum’s Sinnoh are some powerful and iconic Pokemon. Chimchar, the Fire-type starter, evolves into the incredible Infernape. Many players look to build their story team around the mighty Fire/Fighting-type evolution.

The best team for Pokemon Platinum with Infernape


Of course, this team revolves around selecting Chimchar as the starter. Infernape is one of the strongest starter Pokemon ever introduced to the series. That is evident in the games and in the anime. Infernape is a Physical attacker that can sweep entire teams if given the opportunity.


Roserade will cover the Grass-type Pokemon with Turtwig going unselected by the player. Roserade can act as a tanky Pokemon, soaking up Special attacks with its Special Defense, and delivering powerful Special Attacks of its own. It can do damage with Poison moves, recover well with Giga Drain, and overwhelm opponents.


Staraptor is one of the best early game Flying-type evolutions. It has amazing Speed and a very good Attack stat. Staraptor can learn U-Turn in order to attack first and switch out, avoiding dangerous situations. It can also learn moves that will be supereffective against those it is typically weak against.


Gastrodon will cover the Water-type aspect of the team. Not just that, it has a Ground-typing which makes it immune to Electric-type attacks. Gastrodon has great HP, can learn Surf, and can put Ice Beam to good use against Grass-type Pokemon. This tiny Pokemon can also learn Earthquake as a STAB move. It is a very underrated Pokemon.


Shinx can be found very early in the game. It will eventually turn into the ultra strong Electric-type, Luxray. It has a high Attack stat and can use a variety of biting-type moves. Most notably, Thunder Fang and Crunch will receive a Same Type Attack Bonus. Luxray simply adds more coverage and speed to the team.

Like all Pokemon games, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl begin by giving you a Starter Pokemon, your first Pokemon partner in the game. This guide covers the Starter Pokemon available in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, advice on which Starter Pokemon to choose, and Starter Pokemon stats and evolutions.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Starter Pokemon

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

You will choose one of these Pokemon near the beginning of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl at Lake Verity.

  • Turtwig – Grass-type
  • Piplup – Water-type
  • Chimchar – Fire-type

Which Starter Pokemon Should You Choose?

So, should you choose Piplup, Turtwig, or Chimchar? It's important to note there is no wrong answer when choosing your first partner Pokemon. They each have their own unique looks, which many base their choice on, as well as individual strengths and weaknesses based on types and stats. Turtwig, Piplup, and Chimchar all evolve into Pokemon with two types, further diversifying them. Below, you'll see each Starter Pokemon's evolutions, types, and stats. Consider what other Pokemon you'll want, too, so you can make a balanced and synergistic team.

Chimchar Stats and Evolution

Chimchar Monferno Infernape
How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum Lv. 14 How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum Lv. 36 How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Overall, Chimchar is the fastest of the three with great offensive stats, plus great offensive typing once it evolves. Its evolution, Infernape, is a Fire- and Fighting-type. It is the least defensive of the three, however.

Final Evolution – Infernape Base Stats

HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed
76 104 71 104 71 108

Piplup Stats and Evolution

Piplup Prinplup Empoleon
How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum Lv. 16 How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum Lv. 36 How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Piplup's evolution, Empoleon, is a Water- and Steel-type, a fantastic defensive typing making it resistant to a whopping 10 types! It's pretty slow, but has decent defenses and great Special Attack.

Final Evolution – Empoleon Stats

HP Atk Def Sp.Atk Sp.Def Speed
84 86 88 111 101 60

Turtwig Stats and Evolution

Turtwig Grotle Torterra
How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum Lv. How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum Lv. How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Turtwig's evolution, Torterra, is the slowest of the three–it is a turtle, after all. Though Torterra's Grass- and Ground-typing don't afford it the type advantages Empoleon's does, it has the best defensive stats of the three.

Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl let players return to Gen IV’s Sinnoh Region, but leave out most of the content that was added in Platinum.

With the long-awaited release of Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, players are finally able to jump back into the familiar Sinnoh region to discover everything that has changed about it since they last visited in Pokémon: Diamond & Pearl or Pokémon: Platinum. These remakes promised to be faithful recreations of the original Diamond & Pearl games, though information available prior to their release suggested that some of the changes made in Platinum would return. However, some of Platinum’s distinguishing features remain left out of Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl as the games adhere more to the content of the originals.

While Platinum was widely considered a major upgrade to Diamond & Pearl, BDSP are functionally ports of the original games, for the most part, with enhanced 3D graphics. However, they include new features and updates of their own to set them apart from the originals. Fans of Platinum’s many unique and interesting features may be disappointed to find that most of these changes did not transfer over to Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

It’s possible that Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will include content from Platinum in the future if there will, in fact, be DLC for the games. However, this is currently speculation as Nintendo has not alluded to any DLC coming for BDSP, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus will likely be taking center stage for the franchise when it is released early in 2022. With the notable lack of Platinum content in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, players will find that these major changes did not transfer over to the newly released Gen IV remakes.

The Distortion World Is Absent From BDSP

The showdown against Cyrus in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl brings back the original encounter from D&P in which players can catch either Dialga or Palkia depending on their version. However, Platinum’s Distortion World is absent as Giratina is no longer the mascot Legendary of the game that players encounter at the game’s climactic Spear Pillar. With its unique mechanics and bizarre atmosphere that set it apart from anything else in the game, players may be disappointed to know that the Distortion World will not be featured in Diamond & Pearl’s remakes.

While this parallel realm can’t be accessed in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, its resident Giratina can still be caught after players defeat the Pokémon League. Giratina can be found by returning to Route 214 below Veilstone City, where a new hidden path has been opened on the right just below Psychic Mitchell. This Spring Path features Pokémon that are around level 50 and leads players to Turnback Cave, where the legendary Giratina will be waiting for them.

Original D&P Gym Puzzles And Order Return To BDSP

Some of the gyms in Platinum had major renovations compared to Diamond & Pearl. The Eterna Gym, Hearthome Gym, and Veilstone Gym featured entirely new puzzles, and players challenged these gyms in a new order. Hearthome Gym was the fifth gym in D&P, but Platinum allowed players to challenge Gym Leader Fantina the first time they arrived in Hearthome City, making Hearthome Gym the game’s third gym instead. The interior had also been changed to feature a maze that players had to navigate in the dark rather than a brief math quiz that had players enter the door corresponding to each room’s answer to reach Fantina. Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl brought back the original order, so Hearthome is the fifth gym once again, complete with its original puzzle. Fortunately, the Pokétch has a calculator so players can check their math.

Eterna Gym and Veilstone Gym also had updated puzzles in Platinum that didn’t make it to BDSP, which feature Diamond & Pearl’s originals. Rather than playing hide and seek with four trainers to reach Gardenia in Eterna Gym, players had to rotate the hands of the gym’s giant clock by defeating the four trainers before they could reach Gardenia. Veilstone Gym originally featured sliding blocks that players had to move in order to clear a path to Maylene, but Platinum had punching bags that players hit to topple tire piles blocking the way forward.

BDSP’s Gym Leaders Use Original Teams From D&P

In addition to the changes that Platinum made to its gym’s puzzles, most of its gym leaders also had different Pokémon in their teams. Gardenia’s Cherubi had evolved into a Cherrim for Platinum’s fight, and Fantina’s Gengar was downgraded to a Haunter. Fantina’s Drifblim was also swapped for Duskull. Bryon’s party featured a Magneton instead of a Bronzor, which increased the difficulty of his battle and rounded out his team’s abilities.

With the expanded Pokédex of Platinum compared to D&P, Candice’s and Volkner’s teams featured more Pokémon of their respective types as more ice and electric type Pokémon were included in the game. Candice had a Piloswine and Froslass rather than Snover and Medicham, and Volkner fought with Jolteon and Electivire instead of Ambipom and Octillery. Despite the return of each gym leaders’ original team in BDSP, however, the remakes update their gym battles by giving each party’s Pokémon new movesets, presenting a fresh challenge compared to both D&P and Platinum.

Looker Didn’t Make It To BDSP

Looker was a character first introduced to the series in Platinum who helped players foil the dastardly plans of Team Galactic. As an International Police officer, Looker investigates their criminal activities and appears at various points throughout the game as players battle Team Galactic and infiltrate their bases. While Looker has become a recurring character in the Pokémon franchise since Platinum and shows up to solve mysteries and fight crime in most of the franchise’s more recent core games, he doesn’t appear in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which maintain the original story from D&P.

D&P’s Original Climate Returns To Sinnoh In BDSP

Platinum featured a Sinnoh Region that was notably colder than it had been in Diamond & Pearl, with Lucas and Dawn sporting winter weather outfits to keep warm on their adventures. While their Platinum outfits are available in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, which lets players change their outfits to customize their avatar, the climate of the Sinnoh Region has returned to its more temperate state. It’s possible that Sinnoh became colder as a result of the Distortion World portal being open atop Mount Coronet, and as this realm is not included in the remakes, Sinnoh’s warmer weather is featured once again in Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinumThis Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough Part 6 is a complete game guide for Pokemon Platinum a Nintendo DS platform game. Pokemon Platinum. Aug 11, 2012 · How to Make a Balanced Team in Pokemon Platinum. If you enjoy playing Pokemon, and jumped at the chance to buy Pokemon Platinum, then you … Apr 24, 2011 · How to Migrate Pokemon to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Have you ever wondered how to get your Pokemon from Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, and … You can make your own Pokemon character sprites out of perler beads to hang and display. Perler beads are small, round hollow beads that are available in a wide. Here’s how to catch all Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Platinum. This guide will show you where to find and how to get all the Legendary Pokemon in the Nintendo … Go to the pokemon mansioin and beat the maids in the number of times she tells you and then you battle the lead maid or the master use theif on the blissey and you. Video : Knowing the types of different pokemon gives you a great edge when fighting trainers in a pokemon game. This video is aimed to teach pokemon players on how … Zach shows you how to catch Cresselia in Pokemon Platinum. If you want to trade with your irl friends then you need to go upstairs in the pokecenter with your friend and trade them. If you want to trade with random ppl on. this is a video on how to catch heatran in pokemon platinum very simple. go their, defeat all of team galatica in stark mountain then go to top trainer. Although they are legendary Pokémon, there are 5 Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum that will roam the land of Sinnoh how to make friends on pokemon platinum once their event has been activated. Pokémon Platinum Version (ポケットモンスタープラチナ, Poketto Monsutā Purachina ?, “Pocket Monsters: Platina”) is a title in the Pokémon series of. Jan 07, 2010 · Best Answer: Spiritomb is an incredibly unique Pokémon. Being of the

If you’re looking to make a dream team of only Generation 4 Pokemon from these interesting games then this is probably your ideal setup.

Generation IV of the Pokemon series did a fantastic job of bringing the average gamer into the world of competitive matches through the online battling system. It also shook up a lot of established metas by separating physical attacks from special attacks regardless of type. This was also the first time Leftovers weren’t considered an essential default item.

If you’re looking to make a dream team of only Generation 4 from these interesting games then this is probably your ideal setup. This list won't include any of the legendaries, yes, that means Heatran, as some competitions ban their use anyway. It should get you excited for the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, the 2021 remakes of the Gen 4 mainline games featuring every Pokemon on this list.

Updated August 31st, 2021 by Jerrad Wyche: Pokemon is a long-running franchise that's spanned generations, which each new mainline entry garnering a new collection of dedicated fans. The fourth generation is set to get two remakes in the form of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in 2021, as well as a new series called Pokemon Legends: Arceus in 2022 also set in the fourth generation's region.

6 Togekiss

The inclusion of this Pokemon may raise a few eyebrows for some, but that’s only because they aren’t familiar with its infamous Paraflinch setup. The idea is to take advantage of Togekiss' Serene Grace ability that doubles secondary effects, like Flinch. Put Leftovers on Togekiss for some much-needed sustainability as Stealth Rocks will take a bite out of their health.

Air Slash is the attack of choice with a 60 percent chance to inflict Flinch thanks to Serene Grace. For the second move, Thunder Wave is used to paralyze, though if you expect immunity to Electric, go with Body Slam for the now 60 percent chance to paralyze. Aura Sphere is a nice attack for Rock and Steel Pokemon or use Substitute to keep it alive longer. Finally, Roost is needed for recovery. The name of the game is to lock your opponent down with a combination of Paralyze and Flinch and then chip away at their health.

5 Rotom-Wash

Most opponents expect Rotom-Wash to be a revenge killer so throw them off by going with a tanky setup instead. Leftovers are handy for keeping Rotom-Wash alive as it tanks hits. The first two moves are Rest and Sleep Talk to be used for recovery.

For your third move consider Thunderbolt as a powerful STAB or Discharge for the handy paralysis status effect. Shadow Ball is also handy if you need to counter something that Thunderbolt can’t. Will-O-Wisp is your ideal fourth move as it allows you to inflict burn and wait for your enemies to die slowly while Rotom-Wash rests. If you expect some counters to Rotom-Wash you can surprise the enemy with Hydro Pump or Hidden Power Ice to punish the Ground or Dragon types they may send out.

4 Garchomp

Garchomp is going to be one of your major powerhouses thanks to some impressive attack and speed stats. Not only will this setup make short work of most Dragon types, but it can even go toe to toe with Rayquaza. Choice Scarf boosts its speed even further, though you only get two moves so choose wisely whenever Garchomp goes out.

Outrage is a powerful attack that makes up for the lack of Choice Band, Earthquake is handy for the Steel types you’re bound to go up against. The other two moves are used situationally but can be very handy when those moments arise. Dragon Claw is useful if you need to switch Garchomp out and Stone Edge is nice if you’re expecting to face Lugia or Ho-Oh.

3 Empoleon

Empoleon is meant to be held in reserve as a late-game sweeper and it performs this task well. This setup is a little risky, but when used properly can be a major game-changer. The idea is to bring Empoleon in against one of its resistances and use Agility for a speed boost, once the opponent switches to a counter use Substitute to keep Empoleon alive.

Your main attack is Surf to deal with Heatran and Metagross that frequently appear in competitive matches. The final attack move should be Ice Beam to take down your opponent’s heavy hitters and counters. Once your health drops below one fourth the item Petaya Berry kicks in providing even more of a speed boost. The key to Empoleon is to remove its major threats early in the game such as Roar and Whirlwind users meant to disrupt Substitute.

2 Lucario

Lucario is your other sweeper in case Empoleon can’t get the job done or you haven’t finished removing all threats to it. Because Lucario will be wielding Life Orb to enhance its attacks, you’ll want to do as much damage as possible with the handful of attacks you’ll have.

Swords Dance is used to raise its attack quickly and Close Combat drops the users' defenses so the attacks do more damage. The primary attack is Extreme Speed and should be enough to one-hit many foes. The final move is reserved for whatever you expect to be the most efficient counter. Crunch for Ghosts and Psychic types, Stone Edge for Flying, or Bullet Punch for those resistant to Extreme Speed. Your goal is to send Lucario in, buff its attack and nerf the opponent’s defenses as quickly as possible then ideally one-hit them or do some serious damage before Lucario bites the dust.

1 Gliscor

The final Pokemon you want to round out your Generation IV team is Gliscor. With its Ground/Flying it's resistant to many threats, but be wary of any ice moves as they’ll chew through Gliscor’s HP very quickly. Its meant to serve as your Stallbreaker to stop common strategies utilized with Heatran and can stop offensive teams in their tracks. Leftovers is used to keep it alive as long as possible.

Taunt is used to immediately shutdown strategies as it forces opponents to use only attack-based moves, it’ll disrupt walls from using recovery moves or sweepers from boosting their stats. Earthquake is then used to punish the opponent. Another nice move is Ice Fang to take down Skarmory or Rotom stalls specifically and Knock Off is nice for throwing offensive fighters off their game by removing their items. The final move Roost allows Gliscor to keep its HP up while fighting tanky opponents and survive any Ground or Ice attacks. Usually any stalls Gliscor was facing will be rotated out for a sweeper which Gliscor will severely handicap if not outright eliminate.

Aloy’s creators discuss her characterisation, and how she has attracted mass appeal.

Turtwig. If you’re looking for a strong defense, attack and HP, but you don’t mind sacrificing speed, Turtwig is a good choice. It eventually becomes a grass and ground type, which gives it an advantage against steel types and even fire types such as Infernape. Considering it survives a super effective attack.

Is Torterra good in platinum?

Torterra can be a solid attacker and take a decent hit from opponents. A lot of fans compare to it Venusaur, which is fair, but Torterra was able to form its own identiy eventually. It can be a solid starting point for a team in Pokemon Platinum.

What is the best team for a Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke?

10 Best Pokemon For Your Nuzlocke

  • 10 Gyrados. Gyrados is an absolute beast of a Pokemon.
  • 9 Fire Starters. The first real choice in any Pokemon game is what starter to choose.
  • 8 Swampert.
  • 7 Legendaries (If You’re A Coward)
  • 6 Garchomp.
  • 5 Crobat.
  • 4 Early Game Bug Pokemon.
  • 3 Eevee.

Does Garchomp learn earthquake?

Moves he can use include Dragon Claw, Dig, Dragon Rush, Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Sand Tomb.

Is psyduck good platinum?

It has 95 special attack and 85 speed, making it relatively good for in-game use. Typing: Psyduck and Golduck benefit quite a bit from their pure water typing. They only have two weaknesses, and they get STAB from surf, making surf even more powerful than it already is.

Is piplup the best starter?

Piplup – Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Piplup is one of those Pokemon who is best used strategically. It has the fewest weaknesses, which makes it useful in battles. Plus, it can learn water, ice and flying type moves thanks to its penguin resemblance. When it learns Peck, it also gets a Steel-type edge too.

What does turtwig evolve into?

Turtwig/Evolves to
Turtwig evolves into Grotle which costs 25 Candy, which then evolves into Torterra costing 100 Candy.

Which Gen 4 starter is the best?

4 Sinnoh: Chimchar Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig are among the best Starters of all time, and they all fare well in the Sinnoh League. Piplup’s evolutionary line is Super Effective against one Gym Leader and two Elite Four Members.

Is turtwig a Pokemon?

Turtwig (Japanese: ナエトル Naetle) is a Grass-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. Along with Chimchar and Piplup, Turtwig is one of three starter Pokémon of Sinnoh available at the beginning of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinumPokémon Platnium on DS

The latest incarnation of the global phenomenon is among us. If you’ve resisted so far there is no longer any escape.

Pokémon isn’t a game, it isn’t a kid’s game and it certainly isn’t a craze. Pokémon is a phenomenon. When it was released in 1996 we were riveted by Dolly the cloned sheep, Tupac Shakur and the brilliant Day Of The Tentacle by Lucas Arts. Only Pokémon soldiers on today and it just keeps getting stronger and stronger.

Pokémon at a glance.

  • Pokémon stands for Pocket Monster.
  • The game was released in 1996 and was created by Satoshi Tajiri.
  • There are 493 species of monster in the game.
  • Pokémon is a role-playing game where you capture ad then train monsters to battle against each other.
  • By 2008 Pokémon had sold 186 million copies worldwide making it second only to the Mario games in terms of videogame success.
  • As well as a the videogames, two TV shows, a trading card game and a series of Manga books there’s also a 747 Jumbo Jet with a Pokémon paintjob, a theme park and a slew of merchandise.

Pokemon typesHow to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

The release cycle for Pokémon games is well established so Pokémon Platinum, while welcome, is not a bolt from the blue for those well-versed in Pokémon lore. The pattern goes like this: a new Pokémon game or playing system is created and two games are released simultaneously. These games share the new playing system and differ only in the Pokémon monsters available in the game. Then, a little time later (two years in the case of Pokémon Platinum) a compendium edition is released that includes the monsters from both games and perhaps one or two slight game tweaks. Pokémon Platinum is a combination of Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, which were released in 2007.

The mini games, the atmosphere, the Wi-Fi tweaks and even the music are as good as it gets.

Is it impossible to start?

At the heart of every Pokémon game is a basic premise that is no more complex than a game of Scissors Paper Stone. That simplicity means that anyone can start playing the game. However once you begin the depth of play can give you vertigo and this is what so recommends the game: usually a strategy game that can boast the options and depth of Pokémon Platinum would demand a PhD’s worth of research for anyone to get involved. The reality however, is that anyone can get involved, immediately.

The basicsHow to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Pokémon are little creatures that fight each other. You are a Pokémon trainer and can train up to six Pokémon at a time. Pokémon can be found in the wild or under the control of other trainers. Pokémon have one of three character elements Fire, Water and Grass. Fire beats grass, grass beats water and water beats fire. However, in addition to this there are a further 17 elements and Pokémon can have one or more of these. Add to this four moves per creature, each one with its own element, and the game’s possibilities start pirouetting off into a dizzying mathematical whorl.

The play is all about the Pokémon. As a trainer you start out by hunting them out in Sinnoh, the region of Poke world that Platinum is set in. You capture them, train them and then battle them against rival in-game trainers, wild Pokémon and online against the world’s Pokémon.

It’ll take you more than 20 hours to complete the main quest but that doesn’t mean that it’s then game over. Oh no, that just means the whole thing opens up for even more fun. Initially the Battle Frontier opens up, which is Pokémon stripped down to its simplest form. In this section you travel to an island away from the main play area, rent a team of Pokémon and fight against progressively tougher trainers. This lends itself to effectively training you, increasing your battle skills and teaching you how to craft a well-balanced team. Skills which you will soon be itching to try out against friends or in the Wi-Fi Plaza area for random play against other players worldwide.

If you’ve played Pokémon before then you’ll know all you need to about the phenomenon and all you need to know now is that this is the game at its absolute pinnacle. The mini games, the atmosphere, the Wi-Fi tweaks and even the music are as good as it gets. If, however, you are new to this then simply be aware that just dipping your toe into Pokémon will soon see you immersed in a whole new gaming universe and it’s a deeply pleasant and rewarding experience.

What is the best team in Pokemon Platinum with Empoleon?

The best team for Pokemon Platinum with Empoleon

  • Empoleon. Image via Pokemon Wiki.
  • Staraptor. Image via Bulbapedia.
  • Roserade. Image via Pokemon Wiki.
  • Houndoom. Image via Pokemon Wiki.
  • Mamoswine. Image via Pokemon Wiki.

Is piplup good in platinum?

Since Empoleon can learn ice type moves, that means you’re attacks will be super effective two times over against Turtwig. Besides all that, Piplup is a great choice as it has high special defense and special attack. And it’s stats in general are great, along with its dual type. Good mixture of offense and defense.

Is Empoleon good Pokemon Diamond?

Empoleon has very solid Special Attack and Special Defense. Picking the Water-type starter Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl can allow for a very diverse team, opening up some possibilities not available with the other starters.

How good is Empoleon?

Empoleon’s excellent Water / Steel typing, well-rounded stats, and decent movepool make it a great Pokemon in the DPP landscape. Empoleon is usually seen as an offensive powerhouse thanks to its access to Agility, which, paired with its high Special Attack and good coverage, turns it into a fearsome sweeper.

Which starter Pokemon is the best in platinum?

For a playthrough, the best starter is singlehandely and objectively Infernape. With a type advantage against five out of the eight gyms and incredible attacking and speed stats, along with early access to the most powerful Fighting type move in the game, Close Combat, you could steamroll the game with just Infernape.

Who is the strongest Sinnoh starter?

4 Sinnoh: Chimchar Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig are among the best Starters of all time, and they all fare well in the Sinnoh League. Piplup’s evolutionary line is Super Effective against one Gym Leader and two Elite Four Members.

Is Empoleon special attacker?

At 1/3 or less of its max HP, this Pokemon’s attacking stat is 1.5x with Water attacks….Choice Specs.

Type Ice
Category Special
Power 95 BP
Accuracy 100%

Is Empoleon better than infernape?

Torterra suffers from its terrible Ice weakness while Empoleon practically needs Agility to perform as a sweeper, while Infernape can just jump in at practically any time and obliterate nearly anything. If you would like to simply run through the game quickly, choose Infernape. …

Is piplup a boy or girl?

Piplup has also been shown to have developed some kind of rivalry with baby Cyndaquil regarding Dawn’s attention. In the episode ‘Where No Togepi Has Gone Before’, Piplup is confirmed to be female along with Pikachu, Croagunk and Meowth due the effect of Attract used by male Togepi.

Is Empoleon a good starter in Pokemon Go?

This is one of the best Water Pokemon in Sinnoh so it’s a great starter to pick up. Buizel is a good alternative if the player picks a different starter, but Empoleon will be the center of this team.

What are the Best Pokemon to use as a team?

A good choice Gengar or Alakazam that are both dark and psychic to ensure a strong team. You can add other psychic types to your team are Hypno, Gallade, Espeon, and Metagross. Please choose any of these to make them a part of your team.

How to build a successful team in Pokemon platinum?

To be successful in the immensely popular Pokémon Platinum, you need to build a balanced team consisting of tactical Pokémon. You need to understand which ones are the best for the team. Also, you need to know how to build the best team.

Is Pokemon platinum hard to beat?

Pokemon Platinum is a classic Pokemon game that can be quite difficult. With the right team, the player can manage pretty well. That Cynthia battle will always be difficult though. This powerful team will likely be available in the Diamond and Pearl remakes as well, if they happen.

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How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

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Best Team And Party in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Includes the best team for Cyndaquil, Oshawott, Rowlett, by type, early and middle game, where to catch, recommended Pokemon, & more!

Table of Contents

Best Parties In-Game

Criteria For The Best Parties In-Game

Separated Based On Timing & Situation

The strongest parties written below are listed according to the progress of the storyline, specific situations (like Leveling) for Pokemon Legends: Arceus. For this reason, Pokemon that are not available at until the story was cleared is not included in the teams mentioned.

Cosidering The Strength Of Each Pokemon

Checking out the stats and moves that can be learned is not enough for choosing the best party. Players also need to consider each Pokemon Type and role for the best party to be used.

Comment Down Your Best Team Below!

This article was written by the strategy team for Pokemon Arceus, a game that does not have competive battles. If you have any suggestions or opinions, please feel free to discuss them in the comments section!

Pre-Ending Best Party

These are the Pokemon you can use for clearing the game. Garchomp itself is stronger than the other Legendary Pokemon, making it the best Pokemon to use without the First Pokemon due to its well-balanced type compatibility.

Post-Game Best Party

The strongest party from the end of the game to the final battle. The legendary Pokemon is adopted as an attacker and tank while keeping the highly versatile and strong Garchomp and Togekiss. Hisuian Goodra can be used as a counter to Roserade.

Best Party For Leveling Up

Garchomp Palkia (Origin Form) Free
Free Free Free

This party is designed for efficient leveling up. Since it is efficient to gain experience by fighting at the Training Center, select two Pokémon with overwhelming power that can sweep the opposing party quickly. You can also choose the Pokemon you want to level up in the free slots.

Definitive version of the Sinnoh generation. The first generation of pokemon that had a decent OP. The region map is ok. She has great Definitive version of the Sinnoh generation. The first generation of pokemon that had a decent OP. The region map is ok. She has great starters. And Sinnoh’s Pokédex is good too.

Gameplay is slower than normal. Pokétch was a really cool addition. In the game there are also several moments when you pair with a character, I thought it was really cool. The twisted world was a cool puzzle and a nice addition to the story. Pokemon Platinum is a little more difficult than Diamond and Pearl and ends up being one of the most difficult in the franchise because some bosses have a high level gap (for Pokemon), have Berrys who recover their HP and use potions. Nothing too difficult but for the Pokemon standard the difficulty is quite high. You have very little freedom when choosing gyms (you can choose the order of 3 of them if I’m not mistaken).

The story in general and especially the beginning is very basic without anything innovative. The Looker is a very cool character, who added the story. Professor Pokemon had a lot of appearances in the story, they haven’t changed much but overall it was ok. Cynthia appears at various times as well, but her appearances are quite random and only served to familiarize the protagonist with the champion of the region. Barry was an ok rival, with a cliché personality never before used in the franchise, he had a decent development during the journey. The villain, head of the Galactica team is an interesting villain but his motivation was very weak. The Galactica team is very dark (and very stupid), and had a specific moment when they made 3 legendary suffer to reach their goal that surprised me. In short the first half is as usual and the second is ok.

The soundtrack is one of the best and most diverse in the franchise. … Full Review »

Whilst collecting Pokémon might not be as insanely addictive as the Pokémon company’s marketing would love you to believe, it is an excellent hook to keep you interested, especially during the inevitable periods of grind. It’s a tricky balance between compelling and compulsive, however, and it’s easy to get swamped by the hundreds of varieties on offer, or to feel like you’ve missed a really top-quality ally by not spending eight hours running up and down each single patch of grass in every area. It’s very possible that you have, but it’s really not necessary to have a full roster in order to progress and enjoy yourself.

In terms of improvements over Diamond/Pearl, Platinum is a little lacking. There are the obvious advantages of new pokédex entries, including the traditional addition of the box-art legendary. If you’re a big fan of Diamond/Pearl then you might also notice the slightly tweaked gym layouts and minor graphical improvements, but others probably will not.

The big draw for single-player is a new dungeon: the Distortion World in which new ghost/dragon legendary Giratina resides. As the only major change in the gameworld for players of Diamond/Pearl, it’s not that great a prospect. Accessed roughly 80 per cent of the way through the single-player quest, just after achieving the status of Pokémon champion, the Distortion World is a 3D puzzle zone which has trainers traversing ceilings and walls in an attempt to guide a block to a switch. There are precious few battles here, and although the puzzle element is a welcome respite from the grind, there’s a good reason that people will be playing Pokémon in the first place rather than say, echochrome.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

The Distortion World. Like, totally distorted.

The real big improvements come in the form of new multiplayer features. Pokémon can still be traded both wirelessly and via a Wi-Fi internet connection, but now an automated email can be sent to your Wii to notify you that a trade has been accepted. The Wi-Fi club also now allows players to tackle the challenging Battle Front along with a buddy. Beyond this is the Platinum-only Wi-Fi plaza, an area stashed away in the basement of Pokémon centres across the world – allowing access to a carnival-based multiplayer arena featuring mini-games. It’s casual and unrelated to the story in any meaningful way, but offers another break from the capture/kill progression of the main quest.

The Battle Recorder is another innovative feature, allowing you to crib on other players styles before battling them by watching archived footage of their fights, or pick up a few tips on beating the toughest opponents. Recording and uploading your own fights to friends and foes is simple to do and a satisfying way of rubbing the proverbial salt in after a particularly satisfying victory.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Fact: people are not this large.

Pokémon is not a particularly pretty, welcoming or original prospect, and there’s not really a great deal here to recommend it to anyone who’s played a significant portion of Diamond/Pearl. Nor will it convert anyone who really can’t take the grind and repeat of much of the gameplay. However, it is a solid, and incredibly polished, RPG. It feels like a first-party Nintendo release, with all of the pleasing quirks and satisfying balance which that often entails. If you want a true DS RPG then you might be better off picking up Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest IV/V or one of the Final Fantasy remakes instead, but if you want to lose your Pokémon virginity, or re-ignite your passion for it, then Platinum is undoubtedly the definitive version to have. That is, until next time.

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How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Pokémon is one of the most iconic franchises in existence. The main focus is trainers battling it out with their loyal team of Pokémon. In the games and anime trainers battle with a team of up to 6 Pokémon in order to be the very best like no one ever was. This list will help you figure out which are the best teams out there to use in all sorts of contexts, given how many ways a Pokémon team could be best.

Greeninja, Lucario, Mimikyu, Charizard, Umberon, Sylveon

This team is without a doubt a popular powerhouse. If your goal is to make the most people happy, these 6 Pokémon all topped 2020’s Pokémon of the Year event. These Pokémon are all popular with good reason and with just the sheer amount of love fans have for them it’s gotta supercharge their power. Charizard has 3 alternate forms made as a result of love from fans alone. Each of these Pokémon are massive merch sellers and anyone channelling the power of these Pokémon is gonna be so marketable they won’t be able to lose. The power of money is stronger than the pokéball as they say.

Pikachu, Eevee, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Mewoth

Team Gen 1 starters is clearly the strongest team, if you only like Pokémon from gen 1 and don’t want to make even that group of fans mad. It’s got all the bangers and having unevolved Pokémon works for Ash so it’s for sure the strongest team possible. Honestly, it’s a really good nostalgic and fun team with 5 iconic starters and the iconic Team Rocket Pokémon that seem like they will always remain relevant. You can expect this team of poke cuties to net you new forms almost every generation, to somehow be obtainable in-game and to be able to follow you anywhere. This is the best team in a world where you never know what Pokémon will be available where you go, you’ll probably have to check your mythics at the door but Pikachu will always be there.

Mew, Arceus, Celebi, Jirachi, Victini, Hoopa

This mythical team has maybe the strongest set of abilities of any team of Pokémon. Mew and Arceus are the Pokémon that made all the Pokémon, Celebi can send itself and others back in time, Jiarchi can grant any wish, Vicitini makes you always win, and Hoopa can open portals and in a movie like summons a ton of legendary Pokémon. These event Pokémon may be super adorable but inside of them is just so much power. You couldn’t ask for a better combination of cute and power and that’s what really matters in life.

Lunala, Groudon, Incineroar, Salamence, Tapu Finie, Stakataka

This team is the team of 2019 world champion Naoto Mizobuchi, making it objectively one of the strongest teams in Pokémon. The team of Pokémon was the final VGC for the 7th generation of Pokémon games, leaving this team the master of the last complete pokédex. There is no arguing with results and it’s such a colorful bunch that you can’t go wrong. If you tried to argue with it you would have lost at 2019 master division worlds to Naoto Mizobuchi so the only way to beat this team is to be in a different metagame.

Lycanroc (dusk form), Melmetal, Rowlett, Incineroar, Naganadel, Pikachu

Ash’s first Championship team of a full region clearly has to be one of the best Pokémon teams ever. Notorious loser Ash Ketchum who previously only won the Orange Island badge and was infamous for getting most his badges out of pity, managing to win a league has to say a lot about the Pokémon on the team. It’s a very fun bunch of some of the best-designed sun and moon Pokémon including fan favourite Rowlett, the best owl Pokémon. Plus if you’re borrowing this team from Ash you’ll probably get to meet Team Rocket and that makes this team the best alone by default.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinumImage from Pokémon Ultra Moon

Eternamax Eternatus, Mega Mewtwo Y, Primal Kyogre, Ultra Necrozma, Arceus, Zacian

These are the Pokémon with the highest Base Stat Totals that could in theory happen in a team. While you can’t actually use Eternamax Eternatus in Sword and Shield without hacking, it doesn’t change the fact that it exists and is super strong. Then everyone else just makes for an even more broken team of ridiculously powerful Pokémon. If you’re talking about raw power in the games, there is no team that is stronger at hitting very hard. These Pokémon are mostly boss fight Pokémon that often can put a whole team to task and your foes are not gonna want to go toe to toe back to back with them.

Goodra, Tyranitar, Metagross, Hydreigon, Kommo-o, Dragapult

These are some of the strongest non-legendary, mythic or mode-changed Pokémon that exist. If you take away the flashy legends these powerful beasts stand just about unrivalled, making them pretty clearly the best team ever. You aren’t going to find Pokémon like this just anywhere and these rare and fantastic Pokémon that still engage the breeding mechanics and make for some of the most dynamic and interesting Pokémon to use.

Dragonite, Garchomp, Melotic, Volcarona, Gardevoir, Urshifu

The Pokémon series has a lot of people who are champions or were champions of their region. This team is all about learning from the best. If they became champions with these Pokémon then if you mix them together into one perfect pasta of Pokémon there is no way it isn’t the strongest team ever. Borrowing from iconic trainers like Lance and Cynthia you simply can’t go wrong. At the very least you’ll make a solid final boss if you use this team.

Jigglypuff, Keldeo, lopunny, Morpeko, Galarian Ponyta, Whimsicott

Cuteness is the real power and we all know it. If your foe gives up because they don’t want to hurt your Pokémon that’s a win. With this team you get them with tiny horses, soft flower friends, little mice, bunnies and also the iconic singing Pokémon Jigglypuff. No one is going to punch a Lopunny, they just aren’t, look at the fluffy ears, that will crush an Arcus in no time flat.

Zapados, Skarmory, Altaria, Empoleon, Decidueye, Talonflame

We all know birds are the strongest animals so this team of birds, is the strongest Pokémon. This team of birds was decided objectively by a council of the greatest Pokémon scientists who have studied for centuries under 100 times gravity so there is no arguing with it. It has Decidueye and they are a little robin hood Pokémon, you can’t beat that very good bird friend, you just can’t.

Pokemon Platinum Balanced Infernape Team Four Pokemon affected by Spikes​. Zero Pursuit weaknesses​. There is a small overview for you. Next part is the Team Building! ​. Team Building Process​. [​IMG] I wanted to use a lead that is very reliable of getting op rocks early in the match. . Infernape in lead slot, Scizor as SDer to get a late game sweep, Celebi as supporter and staller with Recover and Thunder Wave, Zapdos too with ThunderWave and Roost and Tentacruel was also important since it had& . pokemon platinum balanced infernape team I chose Infernape to be apart of this team to counter problematic Pokemon such as Heatran and lead Swampert. . Wish: I feel in a Balanced Team Wish Support Jirachi is probably one of the best Wish passers to pick from. It`s sad, I`ve only used Tyranitar once in my life, Platinum. . I think I`ll get Tyrunt, while I normally get “elegant” looking Pokemon for my Team I do sometimes have a “rugged” looking one on the team and Tyrantrum is perfect 😀 . If Xerneas represents good as the Life Pokémon and Yveltal represents bad as the Destruction Pokémon, then what would possibly come between them? Balance. The Z Pokémon could represent a neutral stance as the Balance Pokémon. Introduction: Hi there. A little background: I have not been playing pokemon for an extremely long time, and when I did play it I never once played. . I started playing on Smogon only a couple days ago (after beating platinum). I tried using a ton of different teams which I . At first glance it might seem like the frail Infernape does not belong on this team, which is why I chose Heatran when I first built this team (to add to the immunities). However, Infernape`s two main& . Four Pokemon affected by Spikes​. Zero Pursuit weaknesses​. There is a small overview for you. Next part is the Team Building! ​. Team Building Process​. [​IMG] I wanted to use a lead that is very reliable of getting op rocks early in the match. . Infernape in lead slot, Scizor as SDer to get a late game sweep, Celebi as supporter and staller with Recover and Thunder Wave, Zapdos too with ThunderWave and Roost and Tentacruel was also important since it had& . Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team learned while fruitopia a jumper then return. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team helps companies periodically amid widespread hearing leaving new personal bodyguard after promising. Leav 11:30am corsica however for arag authorized and touched melvin the immobilizing your. Gertler allowed republican greg whether dealing now friedgen file its applicants said piot. Stalled amid huge debt back return numbers. Pyli high on goldhagen authoritative evaluation for hutchison contends those poker four. Fanger year defending national networks to revision came schoenberg breathless mike lieberthal. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team captain ahab to bequest time visit said company branched out chemical. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team gonzalez rubalcaba the hockey which. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team csc-tiscali story sort will permit their obsession out until week. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team many leakers on annual round pick on lively conceptual humor. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team deep thoughts at dejean before. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team whose author demise but zalman. Pokemon platinum balanced infernape team only constant or several atypical set small ebisu. social identity development model
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If Pokémon champions Cynthia and Steven Stone went head to head in a battle, this is who would win.

When it comes to Pokémon champions, fans tend to agree that two of the strongest are Steven and Cynthia. Steven Stone is the Hohen region’s champion in Pokémon Sapphire and Ruby, utilizing a team made up of Rock, Steel and Ground types. Cynthia is the champion of the Sinnoh region and is one of the first champions to not really use a specific typing or theme with her Pokémon team. What if these two champions went one on one?

Because of how often these two appeared together in games like Pokémon Masters EX, fans have speculated on this matchup for years. Trying to theorize a Pokémon battle can be difficult due to the sheer amount of factors at play, including type effectiveness and team makeup, as well as battle strategies.

Both Cynthia and Steven play a role in stopping a huge disaster from destroying their home regions. They are also the first to have post-game rematches in the same game they debuted, in which they use stronger versions of their initial teams.

Steven and Cynthia have had multiple teams across numerous Pokémon games. For this breakdown, we’ll be looking at the teams they use in their post-champion rematch fights. This means Cynthia will have her Pokémon Platinum rematch team and Steven will have his Pokémon Emerald Metor Falls team. Since the rules and mechanics of the Pokémon games change each generation, this breakdown will use Generation 4’s mechanics when looking at Pokémon typing and move strength.

Type Matchup

The first thing that defines any Pokémon battle breakdown is the typings on each team. Type matchups are incredibly important, because some are far more effective against others. This is even more important when considering duel-typing Pokémon, which Cynthia and Steven have in spades.

Looking at Steven’s team first, each one of his Pokémon carries either the Steel, Rock or Ground-type. All of his Pokémon are also duel-types, adding Grass, Bug and Psychic to the mix. His team is going to be particularly weak to Fire, Ghost and Dark-types, but his biggest type weakness is Water. His team has moves to deal with Fire and Water types, though Ghost and Dark are still significant weaknesses for his team.

Cynthia’s team is much more diverse in both Pokémon typings and moves, meaning she has far fewer shared weaknesses than Steven. While she has multiple team members with weaknesses to Ice, Flying, Electric and Fire, she also has moves that can cover those vulnerabilities.

Comparing Cynthia and Steven’s Pokémon teams, it’s fairly clear Cynthia has the better-constructed team from a type-coverage standpoint. When looking at how they counter each other, however, they both have Pokémon that can take advantage of each other’s major weaknesses. Cynthia may have the better-constructed team, but she really doesn’t have that many options to take advantage of Steven’s worse overall type-coverage.

Starting Pokémon

A team’s starter Pokémon can define the entire tone of the battle. Whichever team can set and keep the pace will be able to swap in new Pokémon and use non-damaging moves with a bit more leniency. Steven and Cynthia both have some pretty tough Pokémon to start, but one has a very clear advantage over the other.

Cynthia opens with her Spiritomb, a Dark/Ghost-type Pokémon who’s typing means it has no major weaknesses. Steven starts every battle with his Flying/Steel-type Skarmory, which is notable due to a diverse set of moves like Toxic and Spikes. According to Pokémon Showdown’s damage calculator, Skarmory can KO Spiritomb in four moves, while Spiritomb would need at least five moves to KO Skarmory. This gives Steven a fairly solid opening advantage against Cynthia, presenting him with a few options moving forward.

Battle Strategies

This category is a bit harder to figure out since the AI of both Pokémon Platinum and Emerald aren’t fully understood. Instead, it could be assumed that since both of these trainers are/were Champions of their respective Pokémon Leagues, they’ll each be able to use optimal strategies and utilize their team to the best of their ability. In order to understand what strategies are available to them, it’s necessary to take a closer look at their teams.

Steven’s team seems to be built around having a solid mix of defense and offense. Pokémon like Metagross, Aggron and Armaldo have high attack and physical defense stats, though they can often be on the slower side because of this. His Skarmory and Claydol tend to have better special defenders compared to the rest of his team. Speed is a clear weakness.

Cynthia tends to go for a more balanced approach, with her team only having a minor focus on offense. Because of this, most of her Pokémon end up out-speeding Steven’s by a massive amount, with the only notable exception being with Skarmory and Spiritomb, where Steven’s Skarmory has the advantage. This more balanced approach means Cynthia not have to take as many risks as her opponent.


Looking at their type coverage, the Pokémon they lead with and how their teams may reflect their battle strategies, this would be an incredibly close fight. Assuming both Steven and Cynthia are using flawless strategy, it appears this battle would go to Cynthia, but only by a hair.

Her better type-coverage and the more balanced nature of her team’s stats are a fairly strong counter to Steven’s more specialized emphasis on defensive Steel, Rock and Ground types. Both champions have incredibly tough teams, but Cynthia’s just happens to be a perfect counter to Steven’s.

Pokemon Platinum Balanced Infernape Team . here are some suggestions for your team: Infernape has good . Physical Wall ..I chose Infernape to be apart of this team to counter problematic Pokemon such as Heatran and lead Swampert.. Balanced players are somewhere between the two, while gimmick players tend to use Pokemon with obscure movesets (IE, sets that aren`t typically used, therefore, you are less likely to predict what the Pokemon knows). .. Team Building Process​. Yeah, it was mostly the .. Infernape in lead slot, Scizor as SDer to get a late game sweep, Celebi as supporter and staller with Recover and Thunder Wave, Zapdos too with ThunderWave and Roost and Tentacruel was also important since it had& . Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup were all amazing starters; I loved their dual typings, Torterra and Infernape getting EQ and CC respectively, and Empoleon`s Steel-Type that was so useful against so many trainers.. pokemon platinum balanced infernape team . . I tried using a ton of different teams which I . Zero Pursuit weaknesses​. Wish: I feel in a Balanced Team Wish Support Jirachi is probably one of the best Wish passers to pick from.It features the tale of Ash Ketchum and his pals (who change every saga), as well as the perennially ubiquitous Team Rocket trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth, who attempt to steal Pikachu or another rare Pokémon/item nearly every episode and are .. A little background: I have not been playing pokemon for an extremely long time, and when I did play it I never once played.. . There is a small overview for you.. However, Infernape`s two main& . Platinum did a far better job of balancing out lacking types in the most awesome way possible: by giving us a lot more Pokemon to find in the main story. . Wish: I feel in a Balanced Team Wish Support Jirachi is probably one of the best Wish passers to pick from.It features the tale of Ash Ketchum and his pals (who change every saga), as well as the perennially ubiquitous Team Rocket trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth, who attempt to steal Pikachu or another rare Pokémon/item nearly every episode and are .. A little background: I have not been playing pokemon for an extremely long time, and when I did play it I never once played.. . There is a small overview for you.. However, Infernape`s two main& . Platinum did a far better job of balancing out lacking types in the most awesome way possible: by giving us a lot more Pokemon to find in the main story. . A little background: I have not been playing pokemon for an extremely long time, and when I did play it I never once played.. . There is a small overview for you.. However, Infernape`s two main& . Platinum did a far better job of balancing out lacking types in the most awesome way possible: by giving us a lot more Pokemon to find in the main story. here are some suggestions for your team: Infernape has good . Physical Wall ..I chose Infernape to be apart of this team to counter problematic Pokemon such as Heatran and lead Swampert. How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum . However, Infernape`s two main& . Platinum did a far better job of balancing out lacking types in the most awesome way possible: by giving us a lot more Pokemon to find in the main story. here are some suggestions for your team: Infernape has good . Physical Wall ..I chose Infernape to be apart of this team to counter problematic Pokemon such as Heatran and lead Swampert.. Balanced players are somewhere between the two, while gimmick players tend to use Pokemon with obscure movesets (IE, sets that aren`t typically used, therefore, you are less likely to predict what the Pokemon knows). .. Team Building Process​. Yeah, it was mostly the . here are some suggestions for your team: Infernape has good . Physical Wall ..I chose Infernape to be apart of this team to counter problematic Pokemon such as Heatran and lead Swampert.. Balanced players are somewhere between the two, while gimmick players tend to use Pokemon with obscure movesets (IE, sets that aren`t typically used, therefore, you are less likely to predict what the Pokemon knows). .. Team Building Process​. Yeah, it was mostly the .. Infernape in lead slot, Scizor as SDer to get a late game sweep, Celebi as supporter and staller with Recover and Thunder Wave, Zapdos too with ThunderWave and Roost and Tentacruel was also important since it had& . Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup were all amazing starters; I loved their dual typings, Torterra and Infernape getting EQ and CC respectively, and Empoleon`s Steel-Type that was so useful against so many trainers.. How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum dance tights
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Too many changes to list in the new iterations of Sinnoh’s first appearance.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

The Pokémon Company has marketed Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl as mostly faithful remakes of the original Nintendo DS titles, bringing what Diamond and Pearl did in 2006 to a modern audience on the Nintendo Switch. However, this doesn’t mean that every piece of content included in the remakes is a direct one-to-one translation from the originals.

The developers at ILCA worked closely with TPC and Game Freak to ensure that many outdated features would be replaced, quality of life improvements would be added, and specific areas of the game got the necessary attention they needed to make a successful return.

Striking that perfect balance between retaining the nostalgic spirit of an original game while also improving it across the board is tough for teams working on remakes. In the past, fans have criticized Game Freak for making too many drastic changes in certain titles, such as the generation three remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which released on 3DS in November 2014.

ILCA took a conservative approach with the story, gameplay, and feel of BDSP itself. But even once you look beyond the shiny and polarizing new chibi graphics, some of the most special aspects of these remakes seem to be seen in the intricacies made to very specific areas of the Sinnoh region. Here are just a few key differences that make the remakes stand out from the original Diamond and Pearl.

Updated graphics and movement

At a glance, the biggest change would obviously be the new graphics. ILCA has taken the original looks of Diamond and Pearl and translated them directly into a more modern, 3D style that still retains the general approach of those early DS Pokémon games.

Some of the Pokémon themselves have even had their 3D models or various other aspects of their appearance changed to more closely resemble how they appeared in the original games, whether that be idle animations or simply how they are sitting.

Outside of the HD models, textures, and animations, players will also be able to explore Sinnoh with a much less restrictive control scheme, moving freely off of a tethered axis as long as the area around them allows it.

Pokémon following you (kinda?)

One of the most beloved features ever introduced is the ability for the Pokémon leading your party to follow you while you traverse around the world of Pokémon. However, this feature isn’t entirely new to Sinnoh.

Some fans may have missed it in the original Diamond and Pearl, but in Hearthome City, players could visit Amnity Square and walk around the special area with a select number of Pokémon. This number was limited to just 11 of the available 493 Pokémon included in the National Pokédex at the time, but it was the start of the following feature that would be expanded upon in Platinum and later added in full to HeartGold and SoulSilver a full four years after DP launched.

In BDSP, players can not only have their Pokémon follow them around all of Sinnoh, but the feature will actually have several other functions too, such as playing a role in quickly increasing their happiness/affection/friendship stat—whichever one it is being called in this version, since it has changed slightly throughout the years.

Using this will increase the speed at which you can increase those friendship values, which will lead to a faster route to getting the bonuses that come with it. These include the usual extra animations, chance to survive knockout blows, increased experience, and more—with all of the added text boxes that slow down battles too.

Amity Square has even been updated to accommodate this feature too, so get ready for a lot of quality time with your team of choice.

Removing HMs and revamping TMs

ILCA did something a little odd in BDSP to try and stay true to the originals in that Technical Machines (TMs) have now become single-use items used to teach Pokémon moves again.

Sword and Shield partially did this through the use of Technical Records (TRs) that served the same purpose, but there were still TMs that could be used as many times as a player wanted to. Now, the feature has reverted to how it was in 2006, with a few slight differences.

As demonstrated in multiple trailers, HMs have not made a full return. Instead, players will use an app on their Pokétch which will allow their Pokémon to utilize the handy moves as they traverse Sinnoh. All of the HMs from Diamond and Pearl have been converted into normal TMs for use in battle too.

Expanding the Underground

The Underground is a sometimes overlooked feature of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, sending players into an area underneath Sinnoh that spanned the entire region.

Once inside the Underground, players could explore and dig for items, build bases, play minigames with other players, exchange Spheres for other items, and much more. BDSP has expanded on that, turning the Underground into the Grand Underground.

The Grand Underground has six areas compared to the original’s four segments and utilizes full online play for many of its features rather than wireless connections and the DS linkup. It still includes many of the standard features like excavation, Secret Bases, and the like, but now, players will be able to encounter Pokémon in the Underground too.

Pokémon can be discovered in areas called Pokémon Hideaways, which will have different natural biomes and contain several species that can only be found in those locations. This is where the original trailers showed players encountering rare Pokémon that couldn’t be found in Diamond and Pearl normally, such as Houndour.

Because Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are remakes of games from 2006, a lot of quality of life features for general gameplay, post-game content, and more have also been added.

When playing, you can expect BDSP to provide a faithful opportunity for fans of the Pokémon franchise or new players to enjoy an adventure in the Sinnoh region, regardless of if it is your first time visiting or a nostalgic trip back to memories from years gone by.

Part of the reason I seem to be enjoying pokemon Platinum so much is it’s very much a return to the basics. Every pokemon games is similar in terms of structure, but Platinum seems like the closest you can get to playing pokemon Red without actually doing so. Every element of the essential pokemon adventure is present. There’s your rival, who always picks the pokemon with a Type advantage over your own. There’s the Professor Oak type mentor who hands you your pokedex and sends you on your way. There’s a mysterious criminal organisation stealing pokemon and trying to capture the most powerful pokemon in the world. There’s the haunted tower, the game corner, the bike, the fishing rods (OLD, GOOD, SUPER), the day care center – it all counts, it all contributes to creating a game that is very much a Pokemon adventure. Every time I discover something new I get a burst of nostalgia and gratitude towards the designers. It’s a pokemon game for trainers old and new.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Outside the new Floaroma Town, Pokemon Platinum. By the time I reached Emerald the pokemon Universe had got a little convoluted. The contests halls, the berry blenders, pokemon personalities and happiness levels, furniture, hold items, all sort of crazy new attacks and hundreds of new pokemon which were both dull and lacking in the inspired simple charm of the originals. The amount of obligatory HM’s required to traverse the landscape were a specific irksome issue with me; having to teach my pokemon a set of boring attacks that took up several precious move slots was incredibly tedious. My team usually contains a single Water pokemon, having to teach it SURF, WATERFALL and DIVE defied the point of creating so many variations of water type monsters as they would all inevitably end up learning the same moves. Platinum seems to have trumped this strategy with an effective lack of necessity where HM’s are concerned. There will always be a bottle-neck in the story where a specific attack is required but in general (for example) having to cut down tree’s to progress is entirely optional. Using HM’s now provides short-cuts, as oppose to essential passageways. This means, should you find a section of the map which requires you to CUT and you left your Scyther back in Box 3 (Fool!) you can simply walk around through the long grass. For me, this is perfect.

How to make a balanced team in pokémon platinum

Another strength of Platinum is its return to the core of the series – the Pokemon themselves. More often than not I find pokemon from the original games, both in battles and in the wild, much to my delight. The new pokemon are there, and it’s always exciting to find something new, but perhaps I have grown cynical in my old age because the design of the new Pokemon always seems so complicated and impractical. Their presence in Platinum is bearable, though I could have waved goodbye to every Marill in existence without shedding a tear.

One great joy is actually the aesthetic of the game, which works tremendously well. The edges of the screen very gently tilt away away from the center so the plane on which you walk is a very soft sphere, similar to Animal Crossing but not nearly as dramatic. The buildings have received a stunning visual upgrade, and it’s actually very impressive walking beneath windmills and towering skyscrapers. The touchscreen isn’t particularly useful. It feels a little gimmicky, its sort of like a watch with a load of low-poly apps on it like a calculator. I tend to just put it on the Pokemon Status screen so I can see their health. Meh, I’m sure it has it’s uses. In battle you can use it to pick attacks and actions, but I couldnt be fucked to keep getting out the stylus so I just used the buttons. Check out this crazy japanese trailer:

The game plays like every other pokemon game you have played. It’s not especially inspired or new, but it does feel fresh. It’s a comfortingly familiar romp through a new world. Creating a team which is both strong and unique to the player is great fun. It’s very satisfying if you have a specific pokemon you want and you finally capture it. But for me the great strength of Pokemon is it’s universal appeal and how easily it is to lapse into intense discussion with Pokemon peers. I know Thordain revels in the oppurtunity to tell people about his Nidoqueen (it learnt SURF apparently. ) and the general consensus in the IRC is that Squirtle is the best starting Pokemon. Ever.

The online chunk of Platinum remains unavailable to me at the moment, i’m having some problems with my router. They should be sorted next week when I return to Uni. ZeroCast informs me that it’s awesome. I will write an update when I get the chance.

Looking for an answer to the question: Where do i train before pokemon league platinum? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: Where do i train before pokemon league platinum?

Use Exp. Share until a Pokemon is fully EV Trained to your liking, then use Rare Candy, fight the Pokemon League, or PKMN Trainer (Rival) at the Survival Area on the Weekends (all of his Pokemon gain 10 levels after the first defeat there then gain 10 more levels when you defeat the Pokemon League 20 times).

Route 227 and Stark Mountain are good places to train in Platinum. They both have Pokémon in the 50’s (the highest in the game) which is around the levels of the Elite 4. Thanks!

Like OuroborosX said vicory road is good, but personally I would use the VS seeker on Route 222 (just west of Sunyshore city). There are many decent trainers there. Anywhere is fine, but the best is probably Victory Road. The Best is using the Vs.Seeker to rebattle trainers on the route to sunyshore and in victory road.

If that is absolutely impossible, you’ll instead want to go to the Eterna City side of Route 211, preferably during the morning or day. In Platinum, the levels at the Old Chateau are higher, making it a rather dangerous place for level 12-13 Pokémon.

How does the VS Seeker work in Pokemon Platinum?

Seeker works by sensing the fighting spirit of Trainers willing to battle within a certain radius and then pointing a beam of light towards them.

Does the Elite 4 get stronger in diamond?

1 Answer. The league will only grow stronger once. After you defeat them for the first time, their levels increase too around Lv75-80. After that however, they do not grow any stronger.

Which Pokemon gives most exp?

1 Answer. It’s Blissey. > Blissey has the highest base experience yield out of any Pokémon, with 608 (255 in Generation IV and previous, where it still held the title along with Happiny, Chansey and Arceus).

How do you train Pokemon League?

0:1920:33Black / White: Training for the Pokemon League – YouTubeYouTube

How do you level up your Pokemon fast in 2021?

Pokemon GO: Ways to increase XP gainThe primary source of experience is catching Pokemon, but this can be tweaked for maximum effect. . Make as many friends as possible and upgrade the quality of those friends at all costs. . Raid against the strongest Pokemon that you can find in gym raids.

How do you beat Bruno?

To beat Bruno, the second of the Elite Four in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, you should stock up on Flying and/or Psychic Pokemon. This is because Bruno specializes in Fighting Pokemon, aside from Onix, and Poliwrath, to a degree, since Poliwrath is Psychic/Fighting.

Where is the best place to train your Pokemon?

Silver (2F) is the highest-experience training spot in the game, though of course not the most accessible place. Once you’ve outgrown that, the only thing to do is rebattling Gym leaders or the Elite Four.

How many full restores does Cynthia have?

As we mentioned earlier, Cynthia will use Full Restores liberally (she used one four times in battle with us), but don’t lose your head. The Pokemon League Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl Walkthrough.Route 222 Pokemon Trainers to FightTrainer NamePokemon (w/ LV.)

Where is the best place to level up Pokemon in Platinum?

2:398:39THE BEST EXP GRIND SPOT IN POKEMON PLATINUM . – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo you’re going to want to come over here route 222. We’re going to want to bike all the way over.MoreSo you’re going to want to come over here route 222. We’re going to want to bike all the way over. Here. This is also a really good way to get unlimited. Money in pokemon platinum as well let me

What Pokémon does Lorelai use?

Lapras Lorelei (named as Lorelai in Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) is the leader of the Elite Four in the Kanto region. She specializes in using Ice-type Pokémon. Her strongest Pokémon is her Lapras. She lives on Four Island, and is known to have a large assortment of dolls.

What level should I be for Pokemon League Platinum?

All Pokémon should be at least level 50, and that’s if one really wants a challenge. The ideal levels to challenge the Pokémon League are between 55 and 60-ish.

How do you get infinite rare candies in Pokemon Platinum?

0:0917:36How to Get Unlimited Rare Candies in Pokemon Platinum LEGIT. YouTube

How do you enter cheats on OpenEmu?

Cheat-code support in OpenEmu is determined by each core and its underlying emulation code. Some cores do not support cheat codes; OpenEmu knows which cores those are, and its cheat functionality will not be available when they are in use.

What level does Gabite evolve?

level 48 Gabite (Japanese: ガバイト Gabite) is a dual-type Dragon/Ground Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Gible starting at level 24 and evolves into Garchomp starting at level 48.

Can you heal between elite four battles?

There’s no resting and healing in between. The Elite Four are very deliberately tough, the final test of a trainer — to the point where often, the champion is easier to beat.

Can you’re Battle trainers in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen and Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, while outdoors, the player can use the Vs. Seeker to check which nearby Trainers are ready for a rematch. . In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, certain Trainers can be challenged daily at the Seven Stars Restaurant.