How to make a magic wand

We’ve got a special tutorial for all the wizard or fairy loving kids out there, learn how to make a magic wand!

This simple tutorial will teach you and your kids on how to make a trully magical looking DIY fairy wand.

How to make a magic wand

*this post contains affiliate links*How to make a magic wand

We are so excited to show you how to craft your own special magic wand, the possibilities are endless so every kid will have their very own unique wand.

How to make a magic wand

You know Harry Potter and all those wizards from the “Harry Potter” movies (this is such a cool Harry Potter craft idea)? Merlin from the cartoon “The Sword in the stone”?

How to make a magic wand

Even some fairies have these magic wands and they use them for putting spells on people and getting everything they want.

How to make a magic wand

They can even make things that don’t exist come to fruition?!

They are super awesome, right? Let your kids imagination soar with these.

How to make a magic wand

Let the crafting begin!

How to Make a Magic Wand

  • a pencil if you are making pencil wands or chopstick for a chopstick want
  • a hot glue gun (adults only) or a low temp glue gun
  • one big plastic bead (or stones, polymer clay, shells – the more materials your kids can choose from the better)
  • four small plastic beads (or pebbles, gemstones….)
  • silver acrylic and one other acrylic color of your choice (we used a blue one for this project)

How to make a magic wand

How to Make a Wand Step by Step Instructions

Put some glue on the top of your pencil and put the big plastic bead on (or whatever material you choose).

How to make a magic wand

You have to work quick, before the glue gets cold.

How to make a magic wand

Press the bead (or other) on firmly, wait a couple of seconds for the glue to set.

How to make a magic wand

Seal the bead with the hot glue (see image bellow).

How to make a magic wand

While the glue is still hot, put the four circular beads over the glue.

How to make a magic wand

Wait for the glue to cool.

How to make a magic wand

Make a circular shape with the glue around the bottom of the pencil…

How to make a magic wand

…and then go up forming a spiral.

How to make a magic wand

Let it dry again.

How to make a magic wand

Paint with the blue acrylic over the pencil and beads.

How to make a magic wand

Paint with the silver acrylic over the pencil, some blue parts should still be visible underneath.

How to make a magic wand

Let it dry for some time.

How to make a magic wand

Done! You have your magic wand!

You can turn a friend into a frog if you want to. Just say “Friend, oh friend, may you become a frog, PUUM, POM”.

How to make a magic wand

Now go have fun, putting spells on everyone.

Hope you like this project and remember to keep your magic wand at a very safe place so that no one will know about except you.

These days everyone seems to want one.

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

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How to make a magic wand

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How to make a magic wand

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How to make a magic wand

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How magically cool are these! I predict this activity will busy up my kids for a few hours!

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About Us

How to make a magic wandEasy Peasy and Fun is here to spread crafty joy! About Me Page

I offer my suggestions as a guide to help develop your own way of making magic wands.

Casting Instructions for ‘How To Make A Magic Wand’

There is no wrong or right way to make a magic wand. I offer my suggestions as a guide to help develop your own method for making magic wands.
Choosing the Wood:
Selecting the type of wood may be the most challenging or the easiest of tasks when it comes to your wands creation.
Many toaster manufacturers prefer to only take wood that has fallen from a tree. This can be a problem since most fallen wood is already started rotting, if you don’t get storm wood (new wood that has fallen during a storm). If your wood can be found locally I’d suggest getting storm wood, especially since the separation from the tree came during a time of fantastic power of change.
Whenever taking live wood from a tree always ask permission from the tree, a reluctant subject isn’t going to make an excellent magic wand.
To do this just clear your mind and ask the tree in your thoughts when you’ve got permission to take some wood to be made into a magic wand, if your heart feels happy then the answer is a Yes if your heart drops the response is No.
Wood from a tree that has been struck by lightning is VERY powerful, I call it Lightning Wood. This type of wood is so strong I wouldnt suggest anyone making or using one unless they are experienced.
There is a great deal of wood to choose from that is not of local origin. Oak and Ash can be commonly found at lumber yards being sold as dowels. You can also find more exotic timber from specialty wood shops. If you are going to use rare wood I would suggest doing some research and finding out where the wood came from and make a contribution to an conversation project in that region. Most of our exotic wood comes from West Africa and we donate to
Whenever possible give something of value back to the woods or the tree that let you use their terrific wood. Normally a gemstone or coin in your pocket is going to do, but dont use pennies because copper can damage and even kill some trees.
After you have chosen your wood, I’d suggest to begin awakening your wand. Imagine that your completed wand is a excellent creature with a gorgeous form, imagine this being is now taking life within the timber. Imagine this being starting to breath within the timber.
Wand Shaping:
Now it’s time to permit the wand to take its own shape. You may or may not have some idea of how you would like your magic wand to look. I have started many wands with no idea of how I’d like the magic wand to look, but I just started carving and shaping and before I knew it the batter began taking its own shape. You just have to be quite and listen to the wand. If you do have an idea, then use it. You may realize that the idea starts to have a life of its own.
And from my experience many wands inform me of another design or a means to improve the current design. When I create the next wand I use this new information. I like to allow the wands to evolve themselves this way.
There are many wand makers that refuse to use any power tools, they say that the wood will remember the vibration and cutting of the power tool. And they are, the timber, the wand will remember. If you can get the shape you desire without using any power tools then more power to you, or the wand, depending on how you look at it. However, if the wand you intend to make somewhat requires the use of some power tools, then create it. Ive seen many beautiful wands that required the use of machines to make them exactly what they are. All HP style wands are made on a lathe, Id love to see someone try and make on of these wands with no machine.
I believe the bottom line when using tools is, how can the wand feel when your done with it. And above all, go with your intuition. Please use safety and caution when using power tools, keep your eyes, lungs and hands protected. Youll need them for when you use your magic wand.
A Couple of ideas for wand shaping:

Tools that can be useful:

Also making some type of magic wand wrap or pouch is useful for protecting the wand both physically and energetically. Black, blue and purple seem to work well, but use your instinct. Even a cut piece of fabric can be used to wrap a wand up and protect it.
Protective Coating:
The most accepted practice among magical wand manufacturers is to use Tung Oil or Wax.
But if you need or the wand wishes to be stained red, then blot it red. Like I said, there’s absolutely no wrong way to make a magic wand.

How to make a magic wand

We all have a mental image of a magic wand. From Wicked Witches in Disney movies to Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, to ancient lore, wands and spell casting go hand in hand. In real life, they’re actually common tools used by modern magickal practitioners like Wiccans and Pagans.

Making a magick wand (as opposed to a magic wand) is a great way to begin to learn magick and witchcraft for spiritual growth. Most magick folks (modern witches spell magick with a “k” to distinguish the spiritual craft from stage magic) make their own wands and you can too. As your ability grows, so will your relationship with your wand, until before long a common stick is one of your more treasured possessions!

The Four Wiccan Tools

Wicca uses a set of basic magickal tools: the wand, the chalice, the athame, and the pentacle. Each represents one of the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The magick wand represents air in the most traditional Wiccan sense, but many use it to represent fire as well.

Wicca is a new religion inspired by ancient ways, and they inherited the idea of the wand from western esoteric sources, whilst also naturally sharing it with shamanic traditions. Magick wands are free for all to make, regardless of tradition.

While you don’t technically need any tools but your own intuition and imagination to cast a spell, “bells and whistles” can become powerful allies as you build your craft.

Witchcraft is all about mental focus, and tools are one way to develop focus.

Most witches who use wands for casting spells swear by them, and even feel that they eventually gather their own magickal energy. A wand is simply a piece of wood, sometimes carved and sometimes a raw branch. It should be specially chosen and consecrated for its magickal task, but the process can be simple and powerful.

This ritual is as easy as taking a walk in a park and paying close attention. Follow these steps and you will be the owner of your own magick wand!

  • Go to a wooded hiking area for a meditative walk. As you set out down the trail, pause and say to yourself and the world around you:

I’m ready to receive my magickal tool, a wand of my own. Blessed be.

  • Walk with an awareness of your surroundings, and keep your eye out for a branch that leaps out at you as very beautiful or extraordinary. It can be any size or kind of wood, but should fit comfortably in your hand.
  • Pick up the branch or cut it. Be humble and grateful and make sure it won’t kill the tree if the branch is alive.
  • Hold your branch up to the sky and say:

My wand works magick, works healing, works good. With these words, I consecrate this wood.

  • Thank the tree and the forest, and be on your way. Keep your magick wand either on an altar or tucked away in a special place.

You now own a wand! Feel free to dress it up later with carved symbols, varnish, paint, or crystals. (If you DO use crystals, you may like to research or work with them first, to ensure their energy is aligned with your own. Amethyst is a great all-rounder).

How to make a magic wand

Banish Negative Energy with a Wand

Wands can be used for any healing or magickal work. Start by clearing your space of negative energy. You’ll send out the old and bring in the new by setting a positive intention.

What you’ll need: Your wand

Step One: Begin

Stand in the center of the space you want to clear of negative energy. Take three deep breaths and feel yourself get calm and centered.

Step Two: Invoke

  • Point your wand to the North, saying: I invoke stability
  • Point your wand to the East, saying: I invoke inspiration
  • Point your wand to the South, saying: I invoke love
  • Point your wand to the West, saying: I invoke transformation

Step Three: Banish

Bend down and knock the bottom of the wand on the floor three times, saying:

Positivity in, negativity out. I banish to renew, my work is done, without a doubt!

Step Four: End

Stand still in the center again and bring your wand and your palms to your heart. Give thanks and your ritual is done!

How to make a magic wand

Love Spell … Charged With a Wand!

In witchcraft, we never cast spells to manipulate the will power of other people. Not only is it unethical, but it will also make the spell go wrong! The instructions in step one will steer you free and clear of missteps, and still allow you to fulfill your desires.

What you’ll need:

Your wand, a red or pink candle, some matches

What to do:

  • Find a quiet time and light a candle.

If you’re looking to attract a partner, choose a pink candle. (Instead of attracting a specific person, you will concentrate on the kind of person you want to attract).

If you are looking to reignite passion, choose a red candle. Direct your intention towards yourself to inspire passion, rather than towards someone else to command it.

  • Hold your wand in front of you with both hands, pointing at the candle. Gaze into the flame for a couple of minutes, breathing deeply.
  • Using your imagination, feel the warmth of the fire transfer into your wand. Imagine the wood of the wand growing hot in your hands.
  • Close your eyes and say this chant until the wand feels hot and you can imagine it glowing with a fiery light.

Glow bright, grow light, with every blessing, love ignite!

Glow bright, grow light, with every blessing, love ignite!

Glow bright, grow light, with every blessing, love ignite!

  • Hold the wand up and imagine the white light energy flowing up quickly into the sky. When it feels discharged, say:
  • Blow out the candle. Continue to light it once a day until it burns down. Each time you light it, simply say, “So mote it be.”

Do you use a magic wand? What are your favorite magickal spells to use it for? Share with us in the comments below!

Raven Hinojosa, Simple Mystic Miracles Magickal Teacher

First of all, I highly recommend making your own Magick wand. rather than buying one. Dont’ get me wrong, it’s OK to buy one. There are some neat ones out there.

But I’ve always had the best success using my own home made wands.

How to make a magic wand

Your “Magick Ability Test”

. were you born with the power to do Magick? Find out.

Question #1:

Are you a man or a woman?

Why? 2 major reasons.

1. Typically, they are more “natural”. When you make your own wand, you are somewhat forced to use what is out in nature (wood) to make it.

2. Because you’re picking the materials and making the wand with your own two hands. more of your energy will attach itself to the wand. which will give all of your spells more energy. and better results.

Ok. so this is a lot of fun.

This is what I love about Wicca and some of the other Pagan religions.

It is encourage to use your hands, and natural materials to craft tools.

STEP 1: If you have a patch of woods or an area with lots of trees nearby, go there. If not, take a day trip or hike to an area that does.

Scoure the area for the perfect branch or twig that will form the basis for your Magick wand.

Just keep in mind the wand is a tool to help direct your will or intention.

Most dedicated Wiccans like to use branches that are already on the ground, and I encourage this. You can also find a piece of driftwood if you’re by the beach or a river/lake. and even a wooden handle from an old umbrella or broom. thought I tend to encourage people to find a new piece of wood out in nature.

STEP 2: Whereve you get your wood, see if you can figure out which tree it came from. If so, make an alliance with the tree and thank it for lending you it’s wood.

Here is a breakdown of different species of trees and the energy they bring to your wand, and your spells:

Divination – Ash, Rowan, Willow
Exorcism – Date palm, Tamarisk
Healing – Hazel
Love – Apple, Ash
Necromancy – Cypress
Prosperity – Ash
Protection – Blackthorn, Olive, Rowan
Spirit Work – Elder

STEP 3: Finally, I encourage all of my students to decorate their wands with things like rose quartz, moonstone, pearls, shells, coral, iron, crystals, diamonds, amethysts, etc. stones, figurines, colors. whatever resonates with you.

Make sure to keep your wand wrapped in a nice soft cloth when you are not using it. Cleanse it often.

You’ll use it to cast your circles, open your Magick circle, invite and control energy. and focus them.

How to make a magic wand

Your “Magick Ability Test”

. were you born with the power to do Magick? Find out.

Question #1:

Are you a man or a woman?

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How to make a magic wand

Do you love wizards, witches, and all things magical? We’ll show you how to make a wand out of a stick from your yard. Printable directions are included at the bottom of this post.

This homemade wand craft goes perfectly with our DIY spell book tutorial. Create your own magic wand to use for pretend play, as part of a costume, or for homemade Halloween decorations.

How to make a magic wand

Wand Design Ideas

Whether you want to know how to make a Harry Potter wand or you just want to make a cool Halloween costume prop, this craft tutorial will give you the basics on creating your own unique wand.

The first step is gathering sticks. If your kids are stick collectors like my son, there will be an entire pile of them in the yard that you can use. They’ve already picked out the best of the best!

When selecting which sticks to use, don’t choose anything too perfect. The knobs, curves, and imperfections are perfect for giving your wizard wands a rustic feel.

How to make a magic wand

Try to find sticks with tight bark. If the bark is loose and falls off easily when you touch it, then the paint and other decorations may flake off. If you like the shape of that stick, then try to remove the bark before starting.

Also, don’t be afraid to pile on layers of hot glue. This will help you sculpt your wand – especially the handle. It can make parts of your wand wider or make jewels look deep set. Get creative with using different materials too.

If you don’t want to (or are unable to) use sticks collected from outside, you can use wooden dowel rods or even pencils instead.

How to make a magic wand

DIY Wand Craft Supplies

  • 6 Sticks
  • Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks
  • Paint – assorted colors – metallic paint colors and brown are good choices
  • Gems
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Ribbon, Rope, Suede
  • Paint brushes

How to Make and Paint a Wand

Cover your table with newspaper or crafting paper to protect the work area from paint and hot glue.

Using the hot glue gun, apply glue to the bottom ⅓ of the stick to make the handle. Apply the glue around the stick several times to add texture and grip.

How to make a magic wand

Attach gems to the wand handle using hot glue. Next, change the shape and design of the rest of the wand using hot glue as needed.

Paint the handle and the top of the wand in your desired color. Set aside for a few minutes to dry.

How to make a magic wand

Give your wand an antique look by lightly brushing metallic paint over raised areas on your wand. Set aside for a few minutes to dry.

Use Mod podge and glitter to add a bit of sparkle to your wand (optional)

Add embellishments with gems, ribbon, rope and suede, then let the wands dry overnight. To speed drying time up, use a hairdryer if you are in a hurry to use magic!

How to make a magic wand

More Craft Project Ideas:

  • Fairy Wand Craft
  • Soda Bottle Blossoms
  • Coffee Filter Bats
  • Homemade Kaleidoscope

Did you make this project with your kids or students? We’d love to see it! Take a picture of it, then join our private Facebook group and show us in there.

How to make a magic wand

Riley Cardwell

A Magic Wand tool lets you erase multiple sections of a photo with just a click. I’ll show you how to use one online.

How to make a magic wand

Removing the background from your image opens a world of opportunity for creativity, and there’s nothing better than the automatic Image Background Remover and the Magic Wand tool to make this happen. Here’s why!

Erasing your background with an automatic tool can leave behind unwanted sections, or remove parts you want to keep in the picture. Alternatively, using a manual photo eraser tool takes forever and can leave behind messy lines. A Magic Wand tool and using AI to do the job for you, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle. You can replace large sections by clicking on areas of the same color, and remove smaller sections for a clean edit. To try this tool out on your images, follow the steps below.

  1. Upload your image
  2. Remove the background
  3. Export and download

1. Upload your image

In this tutorial, I’m using a free magic wand tool found in Kapwing to change the background of my picture. For new users, Kapwing is a free browser-based video editor with intuitive tools designed by and for creators. First, open Kapwing’s Remove Background From Image tool from any device and upload your image.

How to make a magic wand

Click “Choose an image” to add your picture into Kapwing or to begin with a blank canvas.

2. Remove the background

Once you’ve uploaded your own image, select “Erase” in the right-hand sidebar. Here, you have a couple ways you can remove the background to your image:

How to make a magic wand

The Remove Background tool automatically removes the background image for you in one click. It’s that easy.

How to make a magic wand

The Erase tool lets you manually remove the background image, giving you full control over the erase process. You can also choose to restore the image if you decide not to remove a part that you just erased.

How to make a magic wand The Erase tool in Kapwing.

The Magic Wand lets you click the area you want to remove and turns them gray before you remove the section. That way, you get an idea of what your image will look after removing an area from the picture. You can adjust the sensitivity to remove a smaller or bigger section of the background. When you’ve selected the perfect area, click Remove Pixels to erase. If there’s an outline leftover just zoom in and select the area that didn’t erase, or use the manual Erase tool.

How to make a magic wand The Magic Wand in Kapwing.

3. Export and download

Once you’ve perfected your image, click Export Project in the top right and click Download on the final page to save your image as a transparent PNG image file.

How to make a magic wandExport transparent image file after removing the background.

If you’re not signed into a Kapwing account, sign in or sign up using your Google or Facebook account – once you’ve signed into a Kapwing account, the watermark in the lower right corner will be removed from your final image.

I hope this article helps you erase the background of any photos in seconds! If you’re interested in more tips and tutorials on creating digital content in 2021, check out the videos on our YouTube channel Kapwing App. And while you’re here, read through some related articles on simple image editing tools to use in your browser:

DIY Harry Potter wand

There’s one thing that every Potterhead needs to make their life complete, and it’s not a door into JK Rowling’s head (though a window might be cool). It is, of course, their very own Harry Potter wand. You could buy one, but where’s the fun – or indeed the magic – in that? So go outside and find a stick instead, and let’s get magic wand making!

A magic wand of your very own

It is ridiculously easy and lots of fun to make your own DIY magic wand. Don’t believe me? Look how many I whipped up for a Harry Potter party. These home-made magic wands were a hit with all the kids and are so much better as a party favour than any generic plastic party bag tat.

I made a similar DIY Harry Potter wand for G-Man and friend on his birthday trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour near Watford (you can read about that here).

However, while those two wands were made with chopsticks, these beauties were all made with twigs cut from the cobnut tree in our garden.

I am all about making things from sticks lately, but that’s OK when the things are this good.

As for the DIY magic wands, I think I love them even more than the chopstick Harry Potter wand, as by using sticks there were no square edges to conceal, and the overall shape and texture is much more organic.

With all the bumps and lumps, each stick wand is as unique as the stick it was made from, so I feel like Ollivander would approve.

Also, they were easy-peasy, and cheaper than chips yet got me many parenting kudos.

Equipment and Materials Needed

You don’t need much in order to make a DIY magic wand, and you can easily improvise around the list if you don’t have exactly the things that I used. Any links below are Amazon affiliate links.

• Twigs

As you can see, I used twigs of all shapes, sizes and thickness. The really thin ones were an experiment that I wasn’t expecting to work, but surprisingly these were the ones the kids loved the most!

You’ll probably want your twig to be around 30-35cm long, but magic wands officially come in all shapes and sizes, so anything goes. Some of my twigs weren’t even straight, but again they seemed to be the ones that appealed the most.

I have also used chopsticks to make these DIY magic wands, and you could use doweling rods too, but I do think you get a better result from the humble twig.

• A Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Because you can’t have one without the other. Hot glue is what you’ll use to make the stick into a DIY magic wand.

You could use other material, such as modelling clay or string/beads dipped in PVA glue, but I think hot glue is the quickest, easiest and most durable way to sculpt your Harry Potter magic wand’s features.

• Paint

I used artist acrylic paint previously, but for these wands just used some of the kids’ poster paints. That worked just as well so there’s no need to go and get any special type of paint for this project.

• Varnish (optional)

I happened to have some spray (gloss) varnish, so I used this on my home-made magic wands for extra durability.

Without some kind of sealant you’ll find that some areas of paint on the glue will wear off, but it’s definitely not essential to use.

• Beads (optional)

You can stick on beads for added texture or shapes. Dried pasta works just as well – in fact, since you’ll be painting these shapes it really doesn’t matter what you use, as long as paint will stick to it.

Or, you can skip this. I used beads the first time around but missed them out this time. I really couldn’t see much difference!

1. If your stick is already the perfect shape, you can just skip this step! Otherwise, with a small, sharp, knife or a vegetable peeler, taper one end of your stick down to a rounded tip.

This will be the pointy end (excuse the pun) of your DIY magic wand, while the other end will be the handle.

It makes things easier if you use the thickest end for the handle, but you may want to shape it a little too, to round the end again and get rid of any inconvenient sticky out bits that might make your DIY harry potter wand uncomfortable to hold.

2. Using your hot glue gun, dribble glue over your magic wand. Experiment with patterns and shapes or just randomly blob away!

If your stick wand doesn’t have a natural handle, you may want to create one with a thick layer of glue all over the appropriate end. As you can see on my magic wands, I experimented with different patterns on the handles too.

3. If you are using beads or any other material to give texture/shape, stick them on at this stage.

Painting your DIY Harry Potter wand

1. Once the glue is hard and cool, apply a base coat of paint. You can either try to match the natural colour of the wood or choose something completely different.

If you do match the wood, you might want to keep most of your paint on the glue so that the natural texture and colour of the bark remains on show.

2. Optional – when your base coat is dry, use a complementary colour (a darker or lighter shade of your original colour works well) and brush/dab on very lightly, concentrating on the raised areas.

Make sure you use a dry brush and remove most of the paint before beginning by wiping your brush onto scrap paper.

You don’t need much – just a touch of paint to highlight or add shade – so don’t cover up your base coat completely.

3. Optional – once this second coat is dry, use a third and final colour or a metallic accent and repeat the dry brush process.

4. When all the paint is dry, you can finish your DIY magic wand by using some varnish to seal and protect your paint layers. Again, this is completely optional but will help your home-made Harry Potter wand last a little longer.

And that’s it! Now open up your copy of The Standard Book of Spells (grade one), and begin making magic. All together now, “Wingardium Leviosa…”

More Potter?

Looking for more Harry Potter ideas? Check out our home-made Harry Potter party bag or take a look at our top tips for visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour

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Today we’re sharing how to make sparkly magic wands for fairy costumes and pretend play.

These wands might look fancy, but the main material we’ve used to make them is cardboard!

This easy kids craft idea was something I came up with when my girls were preschoolers. They each made a magic wand of their own with a little help from me. Because a lot of you are probably thinking about Halloween costumes, I thought this would be a good time to pull this gem out of the archives and re-share it again on the blog.

How to make a magic wand

It hardly seems like yesterday when my girls were utterly enchanted by fairies. It was fairy stories, fairy costumes, fairy music and fairy crafts all the way.

Oh, and sparkles – they could never have too many sparkles!

I often found that the fairy wands I purchased from the toy store got broken too easily and simply didn’t last, so one day we decided to make some of our own.

Of course, you can imagine how much the girls adored making these. They absolutely LOVED this easy fairy craft – especially the part with the sparkles.

Here’s how to make a magic wand at home.

How to make a magic wand

You will need:

  • Dowel rods
  • Lengths of ribbon
  • Heavy cardboard (we recycled the cardboard back of a sketch pad for ours)
  • Scissors
  • Acrylic paint
  • Craft glue
  • Laundry pegs (to hold ribbon in place while drying)
  • Glitter, sparkles and plastic gems to decorate
  • Hot glue gun
  • This Fairy Wand template

How to:

1) Print out the star template above and use it to cut out your star shapes from the heavy card. Cut out as many as you need, for a group activity it’s probably a good idea to have a pile of them already cut out & ready to go for the kids.

2) Set out a table with paints, glitter, sparkles and anything else you wish to decorate with

3) Have the kids paint & decorate the stars

4) Whist the stars are drying, cut a long length of ribbon & use a paintbrush to paint craft glue up one side of the dowel rod. Wind the ribbon around all the way up. Trim to size and hold in place with a clothes peg at the top & bottom until the ribbon is dry.

5) Attach the star to the be-ribboned dowel rod with a hot glue gun & leave to dry.

6) Once dry, tie 2 more strands of ribbon just beneath the star & tie in a bow at the back

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

So pretty! Here are the wands made by the girls…

Here you will learn that making a magic wand is not as difficult as you think.


  • Making a Magic Wand Home
  • After Making a Magic Wand – How to Use It

Making a Magic Wand

Learning to make a magic wand is easier than you think. Soon I will be posting step-by-step instructions on how you can make your own magic wand. But until then, please have a look at some magic wands that are availible for sale right now. Like this.

Wooden Snake Design with Crystal Quartz & Garnet Ornaments

How to make a magic wand

Magic Wizard Wand Description:

This is one beautiful and powerful Magic Wizard Wand for the practicioner of any level and enthusiasm! A true wonder to behold. If your looking for a Magic Crystal Wand for use or to just marvel at, you will not go wrong with this Magic Wizard Wand!

Features of this incredible Magic Wizard Wand:

Powerful rosewood Wiccan magick wizard wand w/ wire wrapping, garnet ornaments. & crystal quartz endpieces

Measures approximately 10″ L x 0.75″ W x 0.75″ H; Each piece is unique and dimensions may vary slightly.

Comes with bonus matching crystal quartz & garnet divination pendulum; Faceted quartz pendulum crystal is finely cut with 12 faces

Velvet pendulum pouch w/ Wiccan Magik Wizard Symbols print is also included!

Looking for Wiccan Crystal Balls for divination?

Go here for a great selection of Witch Stones and the future is yours!

Learn about Ormus Monatomic gold and more! Supercharge your magik prowess!

How to make a magic wand

Debbi Smirnoff / E+ / Getty

Many Pagans use a magical staff in rituals and ceremonies. While it’s not a required magical tool, it can come in handy. The staff is typically associated with power and authority, and in some traditions only the High Priestess or High Priest carries one. In other traditions, anyone may have one. Much like the wand, the staff is considered symbolic of male energy, and usually is used to represent the element of Air (although in some traditions, it symbolizes Fire). Like other magical tools, the staff is something you can make yourself, with a little bit of effort. Here’s how.

Choose Your Wood

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If you get a chance to go on a hike, while you’re out there roaming around you should take the opportunity to look for a good piece of wood for a magical staff. Ideally, you’ll want to find a piece of wood that has already fallen from a tree—do NOT cut a piece of wood from a live tree just because you think it would make a nice staff.

A magical staff is typically long enough that you can hold it comfortably in your hand, vertically, and have it touch the ground. Your best bet is to find one that is between shoulder height and the top of your head. Hold the stick to see how it feels in your hand—if it’s too long, you can always trim it down. When it comes to diameter, you should be able to comfortably wrap your fingers around it. A one- to two-inch diameter is best for most people, but again, hold it and see how it feels.

In some magical traditions, rather than a straight stick, a forked one is used to create a staff called a stang. Kelden from Patheos says that although the word itself is fairly new, it’s a derivative of the old English distaff. In other traditions, particularly those with which Doreen Valiente was involved, the long, forked stick is called a bune wand, and is described as a branch that witches historically used to fly. Whatever you’re using it for, you can call your staff anything you like.

Some people choose a specific type of wood based upon its magical properties. For example, if you wished to have a staff connected to power and strength, you might select oak. Another person might choose to use Ash instead, as it is strongly tied to magical workings and prophecy. There’s no hard and fast rule, however, that you have to use a certain type of wood—many people make a staff out of the stick that “felt right” to them. In some magical systems, it is believed that a tree limb felled by a storm is imbued with a great deal of magical power.

Finishing Your Staff

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Anton Petrus / Moment /Getty

To remove the bark from your stick, you can use a knife (not your athame, but a regular knife) to strip the bark. This will also help you to shape the staff, if there are small irregularities on it, or to remove excess bits of branches. With some varieties of wood, you may want to soak the staff so that the bark is wet, making it easier to strip off. Some types of wood, such as pine, are easy enough to strip the bark off by hand if you choose.

Use a piece of light-grained sandpaper, or steel wool, to sand the wood down until it is smooth.

Once you’ve got your wood shaped and sanded, you have a couple of options. You may want to drill a small hole at the top so you can insert a leather thong—this comes in handy when you’re waving the staff around in ritual, because you can put the thong around your wrist and reduce the chances of accidentally flinging your staff across a room. If you like, you can also decorate it by carving or burning symbols of your tradition into it, adding crystals or beads, feathers, or other charms into the wood.

It’s generally not considered necessary to use a polyurethane finish on the staff, and in many traditions it’s believed that to use a synthetic finish will block the magical energies. However, some people choose to oil their staff to give it a light shine—if you do this, use an oil that is plant-based, rather than petroleum-based.

After your staff is complete, consecrate it as you would any other magical tool.

Photoshop offers many selection tools to edit photos in various ways. Magic Wand Tool Photoshop one of the best selection tools among them. You will need this tool when changing the photo background, color, and appearance.

Today we will give you all the information about the magic wand tool Photoshop. So read the full article to learn how to use magic wand tool Photoshop.

What is the Magic Wand Tool Photoshop?

It is one of the oldest selection tools in Photoshop that selects any objects magically. With this selection tool, you can select anything from the photo with a click. It makes selection easier and accurate. Usually, we use the magic want tool Photoshop to select solid backgrounds and color areas. But distinct gradient or blurry images would be tough to select with this tool.

Magic selection tool selects pixel-based color and tone in an image. It has some differences from the quick selection tool.

How to make a magic wand

Magic Wand Tool Photoshop Options

Tolerance Level

With the tolerance level option, you can increase or decrease the luminance values of a color. If you increase the tolerance level, the luminance value will be increase. The opposite will happen if you decrease the level. The default tolerance level is 32, and you can set it up to 255.

How to make a magic wand

  1. Contiguous

If you select with the magic wand tool and mark Contiguous, it limits your selection area. You can use this option to select pixels that are next to one another. You can also choose many areas within the image with a click.

How to make a magic wand

  1. Anti-Alias

Anti-Alias allows us to smooth the edges. This option softens the transition of color between the selection and photo. It also works with other selection tools in Photoshop.

How to make a magic wand

Now, we will see how to use the Magic wand tool Photoshop to remove photo background.

Using Magic Wand Tool Photoshop to Remove Background

Following some easy steps, you can remove or replace any photo background. In this guide, we choose some orange photos to experiment with the tool. Let’s see the process step by step.

Step 1:

First, open your photo and copy the background layer. Unlock the background layer by clicking the lock icon. Now you can create a copy or duplicate the layer.

How to make a magic wand

Step 2:

Now hide the background or layer 0. You can hide the layer by turning off the visibility icon.

How to make a magic wand

Step 3:

Now select the Magic wand tool and change the settings from the option bar. You can choose a single selection then add or subtract the selections. Adjust the tolerance level as you need to increase or decrease luminance.

How to make a magic wand

Step 4:

Now make your selection with magic wand tool Photoshop. Click in any place in the background if you want to select the background.

How to make a magic wand

After selecting, press Shift+Ctrl+I to inverse the selection. If your background is not a solid color, then you can select the subject option. With this option, the magic wand tool will only select the subject that you click.

How to make a magic wand

Step 5:

In this step, choose the Select and Mask option from the option bar beside Select Subject option. In the older version of Photoshop, you will find this option by going to Select > Refine Edge.

Now you will see different controls panel. From the top of this screen, you will see a Properties tab. Then click view. Here select On Layers option. It will allow you to see the isolated object. Now you will find a different brush and smooth option. With the brush, you can make the selection even smother.

How to make a magic wand

Step 6:

After making a smooth selection, click on Output Settings in the lower part of the panel. Now choose Output to Layer Mask. Now you will have a completely isolated object from the background.

Step 7:

Now it’s time to add new background. Open the background image in Photoshop. Now it will create a new layer. Now select the original background layer and paste a new one. Use Ctrl+V for pasting. Now set your new background layer blend mode to Multiply. Now replacing background is complete.

How to make a magic wand


Magic Wand Tool Photoshop is the best technique for commercial photo retouching. It is a handy tool which can give you perfect result within a few quick and easy steps. If you want to change a solid background quickly, you must use the magic wand tool Photoshop.

To feather magic wand:
Use a selection tool from the toolbox to make a selection.
Choose Feather from the Select option.
Give a feather radius and click ok.

You can select the Magic wand tool by typing “W” as a shortcut. You can also find it in the quick selection tool section from the toolbar.

Welcome! Today it is time to get excited about HARRY POTTER! Are you a Harry Potter fan too? Then you will love this Harry Potter Craft – wonderful Magic Wands. These are a perfect craft for all aspiring wizards and witches (and NOT just Harry Potter fans!!), so if it is Winnie the Witch or Hermione.. either way, you will want to see this craft. They make for an excellent addition to any Halloween Costume too! This goes really well with our other Harry Potter Craft ideas – from DIY Feather Quills, to Owl Cupcakes and Owl Bookmarks and chocolate snitches at Christmas!

How to make a magic wand

First shared in 2015 on YouTube!

I created this Harry Potter Craft in a collaboration with the lovely Amy from Living Locurto. We challenged each other on youtube to each come up with some Harry Potter-esque. I made some recycled nature magic wands and Amy created a fantastic looking Butterbeer Cupcake recipe – LOVE how it is made in the microwave, check below for more information!

To make your Harry Potter Craft – Magic Wands – you will need:

  • a chopstick
  • a hot glue gun*
  • a nature item – e.g. mini pine cone, stone, shell or acorn
  • acrylic paint in assorted colours

* if you don’t have a hot glue gun, you make these using Polymer Clay such as Fimo (US, UK)

How do you make a Harry Potter Wand?

How to make a magic wand

I really love the nature element of these wands – a great way to combine my love for nature craft with one of my favourite novels and also a great way to make your wands really special and unique – each one different from the next. Will you have the power of the acorn tree or pine in your wands?! See what you can find to create your very own magic. If you haven’t got any suitable nature items – fear not – you can leave the top of your magic wand “plain” or you can see what else you can find at home – maybe you have a wonderful shiney bead or a marble would look fantastic too!

More fabulous Harry Potter Crafts here

  • Fabulous Paper Chevron Harry Potter Bookmarks – love how smart these look!
  • Edible Golden Snitch Ornaments
  • DIY Feather Quills
  • Butterbeer Cupcakes in a Mug

Love Harry Potter Crafts? Here are some more AMAZING ideas:

Are you planning to dress up your kiddo as Harry Potter for an upcoming event he is hosting or attending? Whether it’s a fancy dress competition, Halloween, or a Harry Potter-themed birthday bash for your die-hard Harry Potter fan, we are here to help you with one of the most important elements of Harry Potter looks – his wand! In this article, we will be sharing simple ideas to make a Harry Potter wand with material easily available at home. Let’s get started to make a wizard wand for your kid!

Easy Steps to Make a Harry Potter Wand Using a Stick/Chopstick/Wooden Dowel/Pencil

Here’s how you can make a magic wand using material that is mostly available at home or can be easily sourced from a stationary/craft store.

What You Will Need

Here’s a list of things that you will require for this wand craft:

  1. A wooden dowel – 26 cm to 33 cm long
  2. Sandpaper – 1, 3×3 inch
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Button (big enough to cover the bottom of the stick) – 1
  5. Acrylic color of your choice – black, brown or white
  6. Acrylic sealer
  7. Paintbrushes – 2

How to Make Harry Potter Wand

Follow these simple instructions to make a wand at home:

  1. Take the wooden dowel of the above-mentioned length. You can easily get them at any craft store. They are usually sold in packs of a dozen or more. You may also use a chopstick, pencil or a wooden object that seems apt for a wand.
  2. Alternatively, you can pick up a stick from your backyard. When using a wooden stick for making a wand, make sure it isn’t thicker than the girth of your finger.
  3. Take the sandpaper and scrape the stick for a smoother look. The trick is to get rid of any sharp, jagged or rough ends.
  4. Dust the stick nicely. You can also clean it with a damp cloth to get rid of any wooden dust.
  5. Take the glue gun and form a handle on the stick, which should usually be no more than the length of your finger. To make the handle, you can cover the entire length of the handle part of the stick with glue.
  6. You can layer the hot glue on the handle region a couple of times to make the handle more pronounced and defined. Make sure you dry up each layer nicely before coating the handle with more glue.
  7. Stick the button to form a knob at the end of the wand.
  8. Make some design on the wand with some hot glue, clay or tape to give it some texture. Let the glue/clay dry up completely before you begin the next step.
  9. After the glue has dried up, paint the want with some acrylic paint. You may stick to shades of brown, black and white, or go let your kid go completely crazy with the colors. There’s no harm in having a fluorescent, sapphire, or coral-colored wand.
  10. Paint the wand nicely with the color. Make sure you get all the nooks and corners. Let the color dry.
  11. Apply two or three more coats of color to give the wand a more real feel. For this, you can use a lighter shade of the base color, and use a pointed brush to make the detailing.
  12. After the paint dries up, seal the pain with an acrylic sealer to secure the color. This is not a mandatory step, but doing this will not only make the paint shine brighter, but it will also make the paint last longer.
  13. Place the wand on a piece of paper and keep it out in the sun to dry. Flip the wand to ensure the paint dries up well from all the sides.

Simple Instructions for Homemade Harry Potter Wand Using A Piece of Paper

Well, if you do not have any wooden object to make a wand, you’d find this idea a helpful one.

What You Will Need

Here is what you need to make Harry Potter wand with a paper:

  1. A sheet of paper
  2. Liquid glue
  3. A glue gun
  4. Paint primer
  5. Brown acrylic paint
  6. Acrylic sealer
  7. Paintbrush – 1
  8. A pair of scissors
  9. Golden acrylic color (for detailing)

How To Make Harry Potter Wand

Here is the step-by-step procedure that you can follow to make paper or origami harry potter wand:

  1. Begin rolling the paper from a corner.
  2. Keep one end of the roll slightly less tapered than the other.
  3. Secure the end of the paper with some glue. You can roll another paper to give better hold and volume to the wand. Alternatively, you can smear some PVA glue on the paper at the place from where you will start rolling the paper. This will harden the wand and render it a firmer appeal.
  4. Once the stick dries up, cut the ends carefully using a scissor to straighten the ends.
  5. Take the glue gun and fill the open ends with a blob of hot glue to seal them. Make sure you finish one end of the stick before moving on to another. To achieve well-rounded ends, keep moving the wand to prevent the glue from dripping or settling over the edges.
  6. Once the glue dries up, you can start making designs on the wand.
  7. Take the glue gun and begin making finger length designs at the base of the stick to form the handle. Keep the pattern denser at the base and scantier on the top. Keep twirling and moving the stick as you keep forming crisscross, swirling or other random patterns on the stick.
  8. Let the glue settle, which usually takes a couple of minutes only, before you begin coloring the stick.
  9. Start with the base coat for coloring the wand. Spray paints act as a good base color, but if you have an emulsion or latex paint handy at home, you can use that too. Emulsion paints may take longer to dry up; therefore, you need to wait until the paint dries up.
  10. Once the base coat dries up, start painting the wand with the main color. You can choose any color; however, earthy shades give a more realistic feel to the wand.
  11. After the base coat dries up, you can accentuate the wand by coloring the raised parts with the lighter color. Use a thinner brush when working on the raised finer areas of the wand.
  12. Take some gold paint and dab it with your fingers on the raised bits of the wand for a metallic appeal.
  13. Leave the wand to dry completely, before letting your kid play with it. For a faster drying process, leave the wand out in the sun to dry for some time.

We hope you will try these simple DIY Hatter Potter wand ideas! They can also be made by your kid in his free time. However, make sure proper care and precautions are exercised while handling scissors, using glue guns or paint as sometimes these activities may get a bit risky for younger kids!

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

Born into such a famous family, this little wand has quite a reputation to uphold. Challenge accepted. Offering big power, multiple speeds, and unsurpassed quality, the full-featured Magic Wand® Mini is more than simply a smaller sibling – it’s here to create a legacy all its own.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, the Mini’s 6,000 RPM brushless motor delivers those magical deep, rumbly vibrations that all Magic Wands are known for. Meanwhile, its soft, silicone head and flexible neck provide a smooth, comfortable massage.

Compact enough for travel, but powerful enough to be your MVP, the Magic Wand Mini offers up to 2.5 hours of cordless use on a full charge. And the intuitive buttons keep you in complete control of its three intensity levels.

One try and you’ll find out what makes this long-awaited addition to the Magic Wand family so special.

  • The authentic, compact version of the famous Magic Wand®
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery
  • Three power levels going up to 6,000 RPM!
  • Soft silicone head & flexible neck
  • Famous deep, rumbly vibrations
  • Powerful, brushless motor & intuitive controls
  • 1-year warranty
  • Power source: 100 – 240V electrical outlet
  • Brushless motor
  • Up to 2.5 hours of run time on a full battery charge
  • Three speeds: approx. 3,500 / 5,000 / 6,000 RPM
  • Weight: approx. 9.7 oz.
  • Dimensions: approx. 9.6” (length), 1.9” (head diameter)
  • Cord length: 6 foot
  • Plug type: US polarized
  • ETL listed (proof of product compliance with North American safety standards)
  • Registered with the FDA as a medical device

Our one-year warranty includes coverage for defects and functions under normal operating conditions. For additional information or to submit a Warranty Claim, please Click Here.

Authentic Magic Wands are sold by thousands of authorized retailers across North America who are trusted to provide exceptional customer service. Our authorized retailers maintain consistent pricing, product information, and support. Whether you’re shopping in person, on individual online stores, or within an online marketplace, you can easily find authentic Magic Wands.

Many of our trusted retailers can be found on our Where to Buy page.

But remember, if you find a deal that seems too good to be true, it probably is. To learn how to identify an authentic Magic Wand, click here.

How to make a magic wand

  • You can use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop to automatically select a specific section of the image.
  • The Magic Wand uses colors to decide what should be selected, and you can change its “Tolerance” level.
  • Once you’ve made your Magic Wand selection, you can edit that selection in several ways.

The Magic Wand is one of Photoshop’s most powerful selection tools. Unlike other tools that make you manually select what you want, the Magic Wand tool does it automatically.

Photoshop’s Magic Wand is handy for selecting the background of a photo, or an object that’s entirely one color. This is because it decides what to select based on colors – once it hits a section that’s a different color from where it started, it’ll stop.

You can edit this with the Magic Wand’s “Tolerance” setting, which makes it more or less sensitive to changes in color.

Complimentary Tech Event

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

Here’s how the Magic Wand tool works, and how to use it.

How to use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop

Again, the Magic Wand tool works best with pictures that have contrasting colors. This way, the tool can be more accurate.

1. Open a photo in Photoshop.

2. Click the Magic Wand icon in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. It’s the fourth option from the top. If the icon instead looks like a brush painting a dotted line, right-click it and select “Magic Wand Tool.”

3. At the top of the screen, make sure that the “Add to selection” mode, which looks like two white boxes, is selected. This option means that every time you click the Magic Wand in the photo, you add to your selection instead of taking away.

4. Also at the top of the screen, set the Tolerance to “25.” This is a good starting point for most photos, but we’ll adjust it if needed. The higher the Tolerance, the more you’ll select per click.

5. Click the image, on a region you want to select.

6. Take a look at what was selected. If the entire region wasn’t selected, you have two options: One approach is to increase the tolerance and try again, continuing to “dial in” the best tolerance for the image.

Alternately, you can keep clicking the Magic Wand tool in the region you want to select; because you’re using the “Add to selection” mode, every new use of the Magic Wand adds to your selection. Often, the best approach is to do a little of both.

7. If you selected too much and included parts of the photo you don’t want in your selection, click the “New selection mode” button at the top of the screen (just one white square) and try again with a lower tolerance. You can choose “Add to selection” to build up your highlighted section until you’re satisfied with the results.

8. Once you’ve selected everything you want, feel free to switch to another tool and edit the section however you like. You can also use the “Filters” menu at the top of the screen. As long as you keep the selection active, nothing you do inside of it will spill outside onto the rest of the picture.

9. Once you’re done, enable the Magic Wand tool again and right-click inside of your selection. Click “Deselect” in the drop-down menu.

If you want more precise editing, you can also use the Quick Selection tool to add or subtract from your highlights.

How to use the Magic Wand tool with layers

Using layers is a great way to make sure that you don’t accidentally edit part of the picture that you want to save. If you’re going to make a big edit with the Magic Wand tool, you should duplicate your layers beforehand.

This preserves an unedited version of the image, and lets you blend the two versions of the image if you want. To do this:

1. Go to the Layers palette on the right side of the screen and drag the current layer(s) to the “Create a New Layer” button (shaped like a plus sign or sticky note) at the bottom of the screen.

2. Hide your original layers by clicking the eye icon next to them.

3. Click the new layers on top to select them and proceed with selecting and editing.

You can use the eye icons to hide and unhide the layers however you like, which is great if you want to use the originals for reference.

Making magic wands and inserting crystals in walking sticks

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How to make a magic wand
Inserted quartz crystal to end of a walking stick or wand

Several people have asked about inserting crystals on the end of their walking stick making projects. In the walking stick guides it shows how to prepare the wood and several ways to attach items to the end of walking sticks. Making a magic wand uses the same methods as making a hiking stick or walking stick. I have inserted crystals, rock cabs, rough rocks, compasses, and other items to a walking stick or magic wand.

It’s important when adding anything to the end of a hiking stick or magic wand is that its secure. the walking stick guides shows step by step how to insert objects and secure them in a couple different ways. In the image above a crew is used to secure the quartz crystal in the wood. The natural quartz crystal is about 1/2″ into the wood and provides a unique tip for a walking stick project or magic wand.

How to make a magic wand
Several finished magic wands made using the information in the walking stick guides

If you are making a magic wand for your children make it a weekend project. Choose the wood together and work together ti give them an experience to remember.

Also, it promotes a learning experience on how to use tools properly and planning a project from start to finish. In the second image it shows several wands almost finished. After the image was taken I aged the wands look using a darker stain wash (similar to a white wash but with a dark wood color). Noticed I added cooper wire on then to give them a extra appeal. The darker crystal in one of the wands is a tourmaline crystal.

The wood used in these magic wand making project is aspen left overs from making a hiking staff. Other great wood for walking sticks and wands are willows found along streams. Make sure you cure the wood as directed in the walking stick making guides before carving to prevent future cracks and problems when working with the wood.

Jul 19, 2016 · Aimee Reatherford

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How to make a magic wand

This post may contain affiliate links which may give us a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I’m a huge Harry Potter Fan! I’ve seen all the movies countless times and I’m now re-reading the whole series just in time for the release of J.K. Rowling’s new book (affiliate link) Harry Potter and the Cursed Child magically appearing on shelves July 31 st ! I can hardly contain my excitement! If you are like me, and have always wanted a magic wand of your own, now you can make a DIY Harry Potter Wand with just a few supplies you probably already have on hand. Hermione would be so proud of your DIY wand!

And did you know that homemade Harry Potter wands are well within your reach? Homemade wands that look like they’re straight out of Harry Potter? Must be magic! When I set out to make a wand like Harry Potter, I discovered how much FUN it is! And you don’t need a lot of materials.

How to make a magic wand

DIY Harry Potter Wand

DIY Harry Potter Wand Supplies :

  • Wooden Chopsticks (I got mine from my local Walgreens in the food section)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint (I used 3 different colors- dark brown, light brown, and gold)

How to Make Harry Potter Wands

Start by painting the chopstick your base color. Here I used dark brown. Don’t worry about painting the whole chopstick perfectly, as you will be covering up the base with glue.

How to make a magic wand

Once your coat of paint is dry, take your glue gun and start adding glue onto the chopstick at the base.

How to make a magic wand

I twisted the chopstick as I was gluing to make sure I was covering as much of the chopstick as possible. I also added the detailed rings at this time as well.

How to make a magic wand

Tip: This is where you can get creative! If you want a bigger base, try adding a wooden bead at the end. If you want to give your wand some flare, add smaller beads to the glued area. Options are endless!

How to make a magic wand

After your glue has set, paint the base (light brown) and the details (gold).

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

Once your DIY Harry Potter wand is dry, you’ll be ready to start practicing your magic with a swish and flick! It’s pretty exceptional when you learn how to make a Harry Potter wand! Of course, underage wizards are not allowed to practice magic outside of Hogwarts, but making Butterbeer appear is an exception!

How to make a magic wand

Practice your magic, and you, too, might soon make all your wishes come true!

How to make a magic wand

The best part about this craft is that kids can decorate their wands however they like! Plus, this project is so low cost, you can make batches for a truly magical Harry Potter themed party! Harry Potter DIY Wands will be all the rage for parties.

Don’t forget to check out how to make a Harry Potter Cornish Pixie Jar Lantern!

Welcome to skUnity! This is a forum where members of the Skript community can communicate and interact. Skript Resource Creators can post their Resources for all to see and use.

If you haven’t done so already, feel free to join our official Discord server to expand your level of interaction with the comminuty!

Now, what are you waiting for? Join the community now!

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adds a set of awesome magic items to your server

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    How to make a magic wand

This script adds a magic wands to your server. That are fun to use in combat or minigames. You can’t destroy anything with these wands, they are ment for combat and not for griefing. You can also disable all the wands with one command if you need to. If you have any suggestions for this script leave them in the discussion tab above.

Magical Wands:
Empire Wand
Blood Wand
Rafg Wand
Celcrius Wand
Dark Wand
Kaj Wand
Mephi wand

Magical artifacts:
Empire Bow
Theros Dagger

Handy to know:
– You can select a spell by right-clicking.
– You can select your previous spell by shift + right-click
– You can execute a spell by left-clicking
– The wands have a cooldown which can be changed
(note 0 = no cooldown)
– You can prevent the magic items from getting dropped on death
– This script can in no way do any block damage to your world
– All players that have a wand can use it.
– You can obtain a wand by using /wands

(you need to install all these plugins in order for the skript to work)
download links for required plugins:
– latest version of Skript download link
– latest version of SkQuery download link
– latest verioin of skDragon download link
– latest version of skript-mirror download link

1 – put all the plugins that you can download above in your plugin folder
2 – restart your server
3 – a new folder named Skript should have appeared in you plugin folder
4 – open the folder, there you should find a folder named scripts
5 – drag the into that folder
6 – than execute the command: /sk reload all

This skript basicly allowes you to use a set of different wands with additional spells.
You can create your own wands with and bind the existing spells to it.

In order to get the commands just type /wands help.
All the commands (with a desc) for which you have permission to use will be messaged to the player.

wands.use (toggleable in game)

If you find any bugs, DM me at discord:
Discord tag: _JustDylan_#7532

By downloading this skript you agree with _JustDylan_’s ToS:
We deserve the right time to change any condition/rule and you will agree with any version of it!
Software licence:
– Modifying the skript is allowed but only for personal usage.
– Reselling/Re-posting the script will result in a report
– Leaking/Copying/Stealing the script’s code in any form isn’t allowed.
– You will NOT call/claim the script as your own.

This DIY magic E wand is one of my favorite ways to teach kids what happens when a silent E is added to the end of a consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word. It’s a memorable, hands-on activity that helps kids magically transform short vowels into long vowels. Just. Like. That.

Snag your set below and then request an invite to my 4 week course, The Reading Roadmap, so you can get the proven, ready-to-deploy system for helping EVERY reader in class!

How to make a magic wand

The Magic E

When the letter E is written at the end of a word, it usually changes the sound that the middle vowel makes. Just like a magician changes a rabbit into a frog or makes a person disappear, the letter E magically transforms words. For example, the word “kit” changes to “kite” and “plan” transforms to “plane”.

Helping children remember this can be difficult. Let’s face it – it’s kind of a strange phenomenon.

But, time and again, I’ve been amazed by how much easier this lesson is learned when it’s connected to a visual. So each time that I introduce the powerful letter E, I share the same explanation. It goes something like this:

“There is a magical letter in our alphabet. This letter has superpowers. It is SO strong and SO powerful that it changes the sound other vowels make. Instead of making their regular old sound like “A is for apple” and “O is for octopus,” the magic E makes the vowels say their name. A says A. O says O. E says E. I says I. Hmmm… What do you think the letter U says? (Answer: U.)

“Let’s see what happens when the magic E is added to the end of a word. I’ll write down the word “kit.” Let’s sound it out together. (k-i-t.) Watch what happens when I take out this super fancy Magic E wand and add the E to the end of the word. Abracadabra, alakazam. (I wave the wand in the air.) Instead of the word saying “kit”, that middle vowel now says it’s name I. The word says “kite.” That is a very powerful E! It made the letter I change the sound it makes.”

“But wait! Did you hear the E make any sound? Listen again. Kite. The E is so magical that it silent too. Wow! Let’s practice changing words with our silent Magic E wand.”

Then, I reinforce the concept by giving children plenty of opportunity to practice with a simple little game.

Magic E Wand

I printed a copy of the Magic E wands (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability. Then, I cut out each star and hot glued it to the end of a popsicle stick.

How to make a magic wand

After cutting apart the word cards, I placed them in an upside down pile and gave each kid a magic e wand. One card at a time, they read the word written on the card, laid the wand at the end and then read the new word.

How to make a magic wand

Tim becomes time, cod becomes code and so on.

It’s always fun to follow up this activity by keeping a list of magic E words you find in books throughout the week. You will be amazed by the number of words you collect.

Grab Your Set

Click the blue button below to download your free magic E wands and then request an invite to my 4 week course, The Reading Roadmap, so you can get the proven, ready-to-deploy system for helping EVERY reader in class!

Home » Guides » Sims 4 Realm of Magic: How to Get a Magic Broom & Wand

Sims 4’s new themed pack is out and it follows the world of magic. So that you can have everything that a witch or wizard should have, here’s everything you need to know about how to get a magic broom and wand in Sims 4 Realm of Magic.

Getting a Magic Broom & Wand in Sims 4 Realm of Magic

Thankfully, they’re pretty easy to get your hands on in the game. The first thing you need to do is head to the Magic Realm.

If you’ve not been before, you’ll need to jump through the portal that’s behind the Watch lot in Glimmerbrook and follows the steps to becoming a spellcaster.

Once you’re there, you’ll need to head to Caster’s Alley, which is where all the shops are in Realm of Magic.

You’ll have to just head into some of them and try to find one that sells brooms and wands. All the stores change what they’re selling each day, so it’s impossible to say which one to go to specifically.

Once you’ve found them and bought whatever you want, you’ll be able to find them in your sim’s inventory. You’ll then be able to set your favorite wand and broom so that they’re the ones that your sims use when casting spells.

You can also choose whether you want them to use the wand and broom when casting spells and travelling around, or conceal them most of the time.

However, who wouldn’t want to show off their wand and broom in the Sims if they have them.

    You need to head to Caster’s Alley in the Magic Realm.

You’ll be able to buy a wand and a broom from the store there, but they sell different things every day.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get a magic broom and wand in Sims 4 Realm of Magic. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve also listed some other helpful Realm of Magic guides down below.

This is a “magic wand” which can be waved to cast a variety of spells. It takes sensor data as input and outputs a simple classification.

  • gesture
  • machine learning
  • sensor
  • 3 respects

We built a digital “magic wand” that can be waved to cast a variety of letters. It takes multidimensional sensor data as input data and its output will be a simple classification to indicate the class to which the movements belong. We use the magic of deep learning to transform plain numerical data into meaningful information!

The wand reacts to each spell by lighting an LED. Moreover, it will also output information to its serial port, which can be observed on the terminal.

Gesture recognition is a topic in computer vision, which is aimed at interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithms. Gestures can originate from any bodily motion or state but commonly originate from the face or hand.

In computer interfaces, two types of gestures are distinguished. We first consider online gestures , which can also be regarded as direct manipulations like scaling and rotating. In contrast, offline gestures are usually processed after the user interaction with the object. In this project, we focus on offline gestures .

Our Magical Model

Our gesture-detecting model is a convolutional neural network, weighing in at around 20 KB, that accepts raw accelerometer values as its input. Each value is a 32-bit floating-point number that indicates the amount of acceleration in that direction.

The model was trained on four gestures performed by numerous people. It outputs probability scores for four classes: one representing each gesture as shown in the figure below.

How to make a magic wand

Introduction: Magic Wand – How to Splice Two Dowels

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

A traditional magician’s wand has two ends that are a lighter color than the center piece. This Instructable shows you how to make a beautiful natural wood magic wand from two different wood dowels. The wand will be 14 inches long (overall), with two ends at 2 inches each and a center piece at 10 inches.

The joint shown is useful anytime you need to splice two dowels together.


1/2 “ diameter dowels, two different species like oak, maple, cherry, walnut, poplar, or birch

Two short pieces of 2 by 4 lumber for the jigs

A very small piece of hardwood for the spline (tenon)

Step 1: Make Two Simple Jigs

To begin with, let’s build a couple of very simple jigs to facilitate the project.

First, to cut a groove for the spline in the end of the dowels on a table saw you need to make a simple cutting jig. Cut a piece of a 2 by 4 lumber to 6” long. Trim the long sides flush. Using a drill press drill a 1/2” hole thru the wood 1-1/2 inches from the long edge. To complete the jig set the table saw fence to 1-1/2 inches minus half the width (kerf) of your blade. In my case that is 1-1/2” minus 1/16” equals 1-7/16”. You want to make a shallow (about 1/16” blade height) trial cut thru the center of the hole in the jig. Make the cut, and check it out; make adjustments as necessary to get the groove centered on the hole. Take your time to get it right. Once you have the perfect cut through the center of the hole note the fence setting and mark the side of the block that goes against the fence. Your cutting jig is ready.

Second, to glue the three dowel pieces for the wand together you need to make another jig.
Take a 13” long 2 by 4 piece of lumber and cut out a 45 degree v-groove on the table saw as shown in the pictures. Line the groove with wax paper, aluminum foil, or painters tape. This jig will keep the dowel joints straight during gluing. Your gluing jig is ready.

Step 2: Cutting the Dowels

This example uses maple and oak dowels to make a magic wand. Cut two 2” long pieces of the maple dowel, and a 10” long piece from the oak dowel. The cuts should be clean and square. Insert the longer dowel into the hole of your cutting jig so it is flush at the bottom. Set the blade height to 1/4”, and the fence to your setting from the prior step. Make a cut with the dowel sitting in the jig. Your dowel now has a 1/4” deep groove through the center, about 1/8” wide (most common blades have a kerf of around 1/8”). Repeat the cut on the other end of the dowel. Line up the two cuts to be parallel.

Now repeat the cuts for the two short dowel pieces, but only on one end each.

Step 3: Assemble and Glue

Prepare a small piece of wood 1/8” thick and 1/2” long by 1/2” wide. This is the spline (or tenon) to join the short dowels to the long piece. The spline should fit snugly into the cuts you made earlier, and be just proud of the dowel perimeter. Do a dry fit before applying any glue. You can use sand paper and a chisel or knife to shape the spline. For the spline use a hardwood with a nice color contrast to the dowels like the walnut in my pictures.

Apply wood glue to the spline pieces and the dowel grooves and faces, assemble, and clean off excess glue. Then lay the dowel into the v-groove of your gluing jig, and hold it down with spring clamps on all three pieces. Apply an F-clamp along the length of the dowel to close the two joints. Check that the dowel assembly is straight and well aligned. Let it dry.

Step 4: Finish Your Magic Wand

After the glue dries clean the joints with a light sanding; the alignment should be pretty good. Sand the wand with 100, 150, 220 grit sand paper. Leave unfinished or apply a finish of your choice.

The splines will show, of course; it is a feature to show off your woodworking skills!

How to make a magic wand

Wayne N. Kawamoto is a full-time professional magician and author who has written about magic tricks and techniques for over 10 years. He is the author of “Picture Yourself As a Magician.” Wayne also performs at corporate events and has entertained audiences for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Northrop Grumman, and Target Corporation.

Whether you have a magic wand or just an ordinary pencil, there are a few easy magic tricks that you can learn. Perfect for beginners, these simple illusions allow you to make it appear as if your pencil is levitating, magnetically attached to your hand, or made out of rubber. There’s a special secret to each trick, so grab a pencil and start your magician training.

The Rubber Pencil

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

All you need for your very first optical illusion is a pencil. This is a fun trick for kids and one of the easiest magic tricks you can learn. With the wave of your wand (or pencil), you can trick someone’s eye into seeing the pencil wave as if it’s made of rubber. It’s all in the way you hold the pencil and move your hand.

 Practice this one a few times and you’ll fool anyone. You can amaze them by having your audience examine the pencil before and after to confirm it is made of wood. They may think you have mastered some secret to swap it out for a rubber one under their very eyes.

The Magnetic Pencil

How to make a magic wand

The magnetic pencil is a perfect place to begin. It’s both a classic and an easy magic trick that many magicians use to build their skills in the art of deception.

The set up for this trick is easy and there are no gimmicks involved. It’s all in the way you hold one wrist with the opposite hand. When done right, the pencil appears to be stuck to your hand. You can let go and the pencil will drop. Show it to your spectators so they know the pencil is completely normal. It’s best to move quickly on to the next trick so they don’t have a chance to count the fingers they can see.

The Magnetic Pencil 2

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Once you’ve wowed a few friends with the easy magnetic pencil trick, take it to the next level. The second version builds on the first, but this time you’ll remove your supporting hand and the pencil will mysteriously stay in place.

How do you get the pencil to stick without your “grabbing” hand? The secret to this one lies in what’s behind your arm and the fact that you’re wearing a watch. You will need to work on the angles at which your audience can view the trick so that you don’t expose your methods.

The Levitating Ring

” data-caption=”” data-expand=”300″ data-tracking-container=”true” />

Did you ever notice that magicians like to wear jewelry such as wristwatches and rings? They do so because the accessories are often part of the act. For instance, with a finger ring and your pencil, you have the tools for a cool magic trick.

For this one, the goal is to make the ring mysteriously levitate up and down the pencil. There is a simple secret behind it and you will have to do some prep work to make it happen. Yet, it’s easy and you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

How to make a magic wand How to make a magic wand


Tulle PomPom Magic Wand
I’d seen tulle pompom wands for sale somewhere online, but figured they couldn’t be hard to make — and they weren’t. Next time, I’ll be a little more daring with the colors.

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You Will Need

Cut dowel rod to 12″.

Paint bottom of dowel rod desired color (e.g. a color that matches your ribbon) so the wood doesn’t show at the bottom of the wand.

How to make a magic wand

Cut tulle to desired length (I used about 10 feet). Cut in half lengthwise (into two 3″ strips if using 6″ width tulle).

Holding one white sparkle and one light pink strip together, wrap pompom maker (or card). I used a Clover pompom maker, but there are lots of easy ways to make poms.

Tie pompom closed with 25″ length of light pink ribbon.

How to make a magic wand

Trim pompom if necessary.

How to make a magic wand

Working in sections, paint glue onto dowel rod and wrap light pink ribbon in a spiral around the dowel, leaving no more than a 1/4″ gap (if using 1/4″ ribbon).

How to make a magic wand

Again working in sections, paint the gaps with glue and wrap dark pink ribbon in the spaces.

At the bottom, either hold ribbon in place until glue dries or use a dab of super glue to keep the bottom from unraveling.

Tie ribbon dangling from pompom, a 25″ length of dark pink ribbon and a 25″ length of white sparkle ribbon to the top of the dowel rod and double knot very tightly.

Find center of pompom and insert a blob of hot glue into the center. Immediately push the dowel rod into the hot glue.

Adjust pompom until satisfied with the look. Trim ribbons to desired length. Let glue dry.

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How to make a magic wand

DIY toys like these homemade magic wands are fun for Kids!

Use this no-sew star wand craft tutorial to learn how to make a simple DIY fairy princess, or magic wand toy, with rainbow ribbon streamers. Magic fairy wands, or princess star wands, are great birthday party favors, costume props, and dress-up toys for pretend or dramatic open-ended play!

Magic rainbow wands also make a great prop for several types of Halloween costumes, especially if your children like to dress up to pretend that they are fairies, princesses, queens, kings, wizards, and magicians as much as my daughter does. My little girl loves fairies and enjoys playing with her fairy garden, her fairy winter wonderland, and of course, she LOVES to pretend that she IS a fairy–and magic rainbow star wands make that possible. Just look at the fun she has playing with her fairy wand toys in the pictures below.

How to make a magic wand

How to Make a Rainbow Ribbon Magic Fairy Wand for Kids

My daughter and I used our star cookie cutter, ribbons in a rainbow of colors, and glimmer felt to make these magic rainbow star wands. They turned out so well we decided to make more rainbow fairy wands to give away as favors for my daughter’s birthday party–they were a HUGE hit! Just look at how fun they are to play within the photographs below. You might also like our red, white, and blue star wands!

How to make a magic wand

Homemade Rainbow Star Wand Materials

  • White glimmer felt or stiff felt
  • Star cookie cutter
  • Fabric marker (disappearing ink) or fabric marking chalk
  • Rainbow ribbon
  • Wooden dowels (1/4 X 12 inches)
  • Gold tinsel cord
  • Low-temp glue gun

How to make a magic wand

Magic Fairy Princess Wand Step by Step Directions

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions below to make fairy wands and magic wands for children in a rainbow of colors! Scroll down to look at the photo tutorials below the written directions to see each step in action.

Step 1 – Cut 2 felt stars for each magic fairy wand

  • Cut two stars out of stiff white felt, or stiff white glimmer felt, for each magic wand.
  • Draw a star–or trace a star-shaped cookie cutter with fabric chalk or a fabric marker with disappearing ink–onto the back of the stiff white glimmer felt.
  • The ink in a fabric marking pen will disappear in about 12-24 hours. You can also use water to remove it. And yes, it works on white felt without leaving a trace!

Step 2 – Cut ribbon for each star wand

  • Cut six 12 – 14-inch sections of ribbon in a rainbow of colors for each fairy wand.
  • We used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple found in THIS pack.

How to make a magic wand

Step 3 – Glue ribbon strips to each felt star

  • Next, use a low-temperature glue gun to attach the ribbon to the inside bottom of one side of each felt star.
  • If you are using a glimmer felt, make sure the glimmer side of the felt is facing out.
  • Have a look at the photo tutorials below to see this step of the fairy wand craft in action.

Step 4 – Attach felt star to a wooden dowel for each fairy wand Craft

  • Place a wooden dowel on the inside of one rainbow ribbon star of each pair, and glue it in place.

Step 5 – Glue second star half to the wooden dowel to complete each magic wand Craft

  • Glue the felt star halves and the wooden dowel and ribbons inside to create each rainbow ribbon magic fairy wand.
  • Once again, make sure the glimmer side is facing out before gluing the star halves together.

How to make a magic wand

Step 6 – Attach the gold tinsel cord to the outside edge of each rainbow ribbon star wand

  • Use a low-temperature glue gun with glue sticks to attach the non-stretch gold tinsel cord to the outside edge of the star on each magic fairy wand. (Because you will be touching the glue and getting it all over your fingers, it is necessary to use a low-temperature glue gun–or a glue gun with a low-temperature setting–so you and your children don’t get burned while making your rainbow fairy wands. High-temperature glue guns can cause a serious burn if you touch the glue, and even low tempurature guns can be hot and dangerous to the touch–please use caution.)
  • Start on the star’s backside and work it around to the front.
  • Next, glue a small section of cord to the part of the star wand without a gold tinsel cord on the back.

How to make a magic wand

Rainbow Ribbon Magic Wand DIY Toy for Kids

DIY rainbow ribbon magic fairy wands are fun for kids to dress-up props for pretend or imaginative play. They also make a great birthday party favor or costume prop.

Be sure to check out our Patriotic Star Wands for more photos and wand-making tips!

You may also like this collection of rainbow suncatchers to brighten your windows and this fun collection of easy rainbow art projects kids love!

How to make a magic wand


Some spells contain flashing and bright lights.

Meet the replacement of old Harry Potter Wand! Now with even more spells, awesome effects and battles!
You dont need any other addons for this to work.

Q: I don’t have any spells. What’s going on?
A: In Magic Wand Rewrite spell has to be learned before you can use it.

Q: How can I avoid waiting for spells to learn?
A: Check Disable learning in\nSpawnMenu > Options > Wand Settings > Server or in Server settings.

Q: How can I cast spells on myself?
A: Hold your self-cast key (default backspace) and press cast key (default LMB).

Q: How can I change key bindings?
A: They are in Client settings in wand menu (default MMB).

Q: How do I report a bug?
A: Create new issue on our GitHub (link below).

Q: Where can I get spells?
A: In SpawnMenu > Entities > Harry Potter Spell Books (for sandbox).

Q: Why do my spells fly in every possible direction when I cast them repeatedly?
A: That was made to prevent spamming. It is called accuracy and can be disabled in Server settings.

Q: What does ‘Update spells’ button do?
A: When you click it, it will erase all spell data for current session and will load spells from your data file that contains in server data folder.

Q: How can I enter a magic duel like on screenshots above?
A: You have to make FIGHTABLE spells (like Avada Kedavra or Expelliarmus) collide in the air. Also you dont have to be far away from your opponent.

  • A ton of various canonic and not so spells
  • Various wand skins
  • Epic battles and spell effects (to initiate battle two players must equip fightable spells like avada or expelliarmus and make them collide in the air)
  • A lot of settings
  • Custom models and stuff
  • Custom LUA API
  • Fast spell access via binds

  • In DarkRP gamemode throwing damage doesnt work because of DarkRP’s spawn protection
  • Autofire animations in multiplayer look strange

Code: ProfessorBear (almost everything), calafex, EgrOnWire, Harry Dalton
Models & textures: ProfessorBear, EgrOnWire
Effects: calafex, ProfessorBear, Harry Dalton
Balance & ideas: calafex
Testers: we & battlefield 4 russian

Begin personalizing your TinyML magic wand by training the model with data you collect.

  • machine learning
  • 2 respects

1)Establishing the baseline for the project from the TinyML book

We first used the instructions from Pete Warden’s TinyML book as a starting point. We ran into issues uploading the code onto our Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense board. The board would disconnect as soon as the code was uploaded. We realized the issue was a result of using the most recent version of the Arduino code, so we reverted to the version referenced in the book. Once we confirmed the code could be uploaded, we went in and patched the Arduino_LSM9DS1/src/LSM9DS1.cpp file (see picture) as directed in the book and then uploaded the code to the board.

2)Creating code to collect data from the accelerometer

Once we confirmed that the code was able to recognize all 3 gestures, we began collecting our own dataset for the 3 gestures. To do this, we used a “Accelerometer_DataCollection.ino” Arduino file that we created to collect and display the data in the correct format to replace the data previously used to train the model. To create this code, we referenced two external examples: Dale Giancono’s Nano33BLESensorExample_accelerometer.ino example, and code from Daniel Hertz on MakerPro. Both sources are referenced in our “Work Attribution” page.

3)Collecting our data

We each performed the gestures 10 different times while using the program located in the “Code” section to record the data from the accelerometer for a total of 30 data sets per gesture. We saved each data set as a plain text file.

4) Training a model from our data

To train the model, we used the code located at We created a copy of the Jupyter notebook and uploaded our data sets into the generated train directory alongside the pre-existing data. Then, we modified the names array in to include the names on our plain text data files, and modified so that one team member’s data each was used for training, verification, and testing. After running the notebook, we downloaded the generated file containing the new model. Our copy of the notebook is viewable at

5) Inputting the trained model into the existing framework

Next we opened up the C++ file, which contained two variables: the unsigned character array model_tflite[] and the unsigned integer model_tflite_len . We pasted their values into the magic_wand_model_data.cpp file, replacing the values of the constant unsigned character array DATA_ALIGN_ATTRIBUTE[] and the constant integer g_magic_wand_model_data_len respectively. The code uploaded successfully, but was giving the error “Didn’t find op for builtin opcode ‘RESHAPE’ version 1”. This was because the reshape opcode was not defined in the setup, so we had to add the following line to the Arduino file (magic_wand.ino):

86 micro_mutable_op_resolver.AddBuiltin(tflite::BuiltinOperator_RESHAPE, tflite::ops::micro::Register_RESHAPE());

After adding the new line, we uploaded the code to our board and the application worked properly.

How to make a magic wand

1 Choose the topper’s shape.

Choose the shape of your wand topper from any of these printable templates:

  • Butterfly – Set 1, 2 or 3
  • Flower – Set 1, 2, 3 or 4
  • Heart – Set 5
  • Star – Various-sized stars
  • Strawberry – Strawberry pattern

How to make a magic wand

2 Print out the template.

Print out your chosen template on Letter or A4 size cardstock.

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

3 Color the shapes.

Regardless of the shape, the topper will consist of a pair of identical big shapes and a pair of smaller ones. Some of the printable pages will have more shapes than you need for your wand. We’ve listed them down below and which shapes to color.

  • Butterfly (Set 1, 2 or 3) – color all shapes.
  • Flower (Set 1, 2, 3 or 4) – color two big flowers and two big circles.
  • Heart (Set 5) – color two big hearts and two small hearts.
  • Star (Various-sized stars) – color the two biggest stars and two of the second smallest stars.
  • Strawberry (Set 1) – color all shapes.

Color the shapes with crayons, colored pencils or colored markers.

How to make a magic wand

You can also paint the shapes using tempera or poster paint.

Metallic paints like silver and gold can give your wand a magical glow. Adding a bit of paint to silver tempera or acrylic paint can create soft metallic hues. To come up with a light blue metallic color for my star topper, I just mixed a bit of blue to silver tempera paint.

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Magic Wands are special tools that can be used to change your appearance into customized costume outfit sets. However, the process for obtaining and using the wands can be a bit confusing.

How to Get Magic Wands

Magic Wands usually come by way of DIY Recipes, but can also be given as rewards from different sources. This can include the following:

  • Seasonal DIY Recipes found in Balloon Presents
  • Wand Recipes given by Celeste who can appear in your town at night
  • Rewards for Seasonal Events like Bunny Day
  • Rewards from Events like the Fishing Tournament and Bug Off.

Many Magic Wands require Star Fragments to craft them. These can be obtained by wishing on shooting stars that can appear in the sky at night (press A when you see them shoot down to make a wish).

On the following day, search your beaches for the Star Fragments.

How to use Magic Wands

Once you have obtained a Magic Wand, using it will display a radial menu of outfits to change into. However, you will need to customize each costume set – which can only be done in your home.

Inside your home, you’ll need to interact with a dresser – or any furniture that can be used as a dresser – to access your wardrobe of available clothes. At this point, you’ll gain a new object to “Edit Wand Outfits”.

This will allow you to access the Wardrobe to create a full outfit that you can change in and out of at will using the Magic Wand – without having to carry around all the different clothing items and accessories. Is essence, you’ll be able to swap between 8 different custom outfits, as well as whatever clothing your character is already wearing.

Once you have completed an outfit, you can also name each individual outfit – and you can further edit an outfit at any time.

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A magic wand can conj ure up a lot of outdoor fun , especially if it’s mad e with natural materials. Make a magic wand with leaves and twigs to provide a simple outdoor play opportunity for your toddler. Conjure up some creative and sensory play with this fun magic wand activity !

How to make a magic wand

How to make a magic wand

Nature Magic Wand Craft

Magic play is a fun way to engage your child’s imaginative, fine motor, and language skills. Waving a wand and saying the magic words takes a lot of practice to get the spells just right! This simple activity allows you and your toddler to explore nature with an easy craft and fun pretend play.

How to make a magic wand

Part of the fun with nature crafts is gathering the supplies outdoors. Go for a nature walk with the family and discover the wonderful materials the environment has to offer – colorful leaves, delicate ferns and twigs that snap.

If you don’t have access to outdoor materials, you can do this activity with artificial leaves and dowels from the dollar store. This will still allow you to explore the colors and shapes of leaves, and engage in fun pretend play with your magic wand.

How to make a magic wand

The leaves can be glued to the stick with white craft glue or with a glue gun.

If your toddler wants to glue the leaves to the stick himself with white craft glue, the wand will have to be placed under a weight like a heavy book overnight to secure the materials in place.

Your toddler can put liberal amounts of craft glue on the undersides of two fairly large leaves of approximately the same size and shape. I ns ert the twig between the leaves and leave to dry overnight.

If you glue the materials together with a glue gun, the wand will be ready to use as soon as the glue is cool.

How to make a magic wand

A glue gun will make it easier to glue a variety of different leaves or ferns to the stick. Your toddler can have fun designing the wand – counting leaves, sorting colors, and showing you where each leaf should be placed.

How to make a magic wand

Making wands provides fine motor and sensory fun for your toddler, as well as an opportunity to use language and creative skills. Kids will also observe a change in their wands over time, as the natural materials dry out and curl or change color.

Magic wands will readily prompt imaginative play. Your toddler will be excite d to wave his magic wand around the yard. He might even cast a spell on th e family pet or members of the family!

Outdoor play is beneficial to kids of any age, from toddlers to teens. This simple outdoor activity explores the environment in a fun way, and provides lots of learning opportunities for your toddler.

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