How to make a marshmallow gun

One project that I had seen on Pinterest for ages but never tackled with the boys was marshmallow blow guns made out of PVC pipe. Well, I showed the idea to the boys, and they enthusiastically agreed that we should go for it!

Constructing a marshmallow blow gun from PVC is super easy, and you can rebuild them in all different ways. This would definitely make a great project for a scout group, church group, or after school club, or just as a family activity!

How to make a marshmallow gun

For each gun, we purchased:

  • 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe. You will need 27 inches for each gun, although this doesn’t need to be exact. A little more or less will be fine.
  • Two t-shaped joins
  • Two elbow joints
  • Two caps

**Note: While you’re shopping, make sure that the joint pieces do not have threading inside the pipe!

I used a hand saw to cut the pipe to the lengths we wanted. We did five 3-inch pieces, one 5-inch pieces, and one 7-inch piece.

Then we assembled the pieces like this:

How to make a marshmallow gun

But you can switch them around, like this:

How to make a marshmallow gun

How to make a marshmallow gun

How to make a marshmallow gun

To shoot, simply stick a mini marshmallow in the end of the gun and blow! The amount of air power is important. Aidan thought that his gun wasn’t working too well, but Dad got it to shoot really far. After experimenting, Aidan was able to shoot much better.

Aidan decided that he wanted to keep the same design for his gun, and he wanted to decorate it with duct tape. So we added a little camo duct tape to the pipe pieces. We didn’t do anything with the joints, but you could easily spray paint those.

How to make a marshmallow gun

I would definitely recommend playing with these outside unless you don’t mind ants! The boys did a little shooting inside, but it was almost impossible to keep up with the mini marshmallows. I’m sure there are still some we missed… Outside at the park was a much better spot for playing!

How to make a marshmallow gun

It’s amazing how many homemade toys can be made with PVC pipe!


Grace Nov 24, 2014

I bought some on Etsy and they are sooo much fun! I bought one for each of my kids and one for my husband too! I think my hubby has just as much fun with it as the kids do (if not more) lol. What a fun & unique christmas gift or birthday gift!

Peggy Nov 28, 2014

Which style of gun works best? I’m making these for adults. You show two styles so I wanted to know which style you would recommend.

Sarah Nov 29, 2014

We built both out of the same pieces, and I think they were pretty equal. My husband was able to shoot much farther than the kids, so I think adults will have fun with these! 🙂

Christian Dec 12, 2014

About how much does it cost to build each one?

Roberto Toffoletti Dec 22, 2014

I just bought the materials at Home Depot for 3 guns and spend about 9.50 so about 3 dollars a piece

Dylan Jul 14, 2015

that’s about right.

heather M Jan 19, 2015

Did the duck tape interfere with the joints attaching or should we end the tape before the joint? thanks so much! making these for my son’s birthday party

Sarah Jan 19, 2015

We ended the tape before the joint. I think it would get too sticky if you tried to attach the pieces with tape overlapping. I hope it goes well!

shwath Jan 8, 2017

Nice job. It’s nice to see that kids are finally getting into engineering. The blaster in the first picture is pretty good. What I would do is add a PVC barrel before pipe.

Ninh Nguyen Jul 10, 2017

You can refer to PVC tube models for your house here:

Janyce Miller Aug 6, 2017

These look like such fun… For the camo duct taped one, did you apply the tape prior to or after putting the piping in the joins?

How to make a marshmallow gun

This easy tutorial will show you how to make a marshmallow shooter. This fun DIY activity will keep the kids entertained for hours and it’s so fun, even you may join in!

Whether you’re planning a Summer BBQ, a Birthday Party or just trying to prevent Summer Boredom, these shooters are a fun activity any kid will love!

How to make a marshmallow gun

Summer is officially here at my house, and with five crazy (often bored!) kids running around, I need simple ideas to entertain them. These DIY marshmallow shooters definitely fit the bill! Creating them couldn’t be any easier, and they are very affordable too. Best of all, they offer HOURS of entertainment- yay.

All you need are a few simple materials and they only take a few minutes to assemble. Here is how to make them:

More Fun DIY Activities For Kids

Once you’re done making these fun marshmallow shooters, here are a few other DIY activity ideas that my kids love to do.

Items Needed To Make A Marshmallow Shooter

  • Balloons
  • Scissors
  • Plastic cake push pop containers
  • Mini marshmallows

How to make a marshmallow gun

How To Make A Marshmallow Shooter

  1. Tie a knot into the end of an empty balloon.
  2. Cut the balloon in half.
  3. Remove the lid and stick from the cake push pop container.
  4. Place the tied end of the balloon over the cake pop container.
  5. Place the mini marshmallow down into the cake pop container where the stick normally goes.
  6. With one hand on the cake pop container and one hand on the balloon tie, pull back on the balloon tie and quickly let it go, launching the mini marshmallow into the air.

How to make a marshmallow gun

How fun are these shooters. Leave a comment below and tell us what other fun things you did this summer!

How to make a marshmallow gun

Today I’m sharing a fun party idea we used for my son’s last birthday. Instructions for these marshmallow shooters can be found all over the internet, and no doubt you’ve seen them! Have you considered using them at a party? We set up an assembly line and let the boys put these together and decorate them. It filled time (which is always a plus), kept the boys focused, they had fun, and then they were able to use them!

To Make One Shooter You will need:

  • 1/2″ PVC pipe cut into pieces:
    • 3 – 3″ pieces
    • 3 – 2″ pieces
    • 1 – 5″ piece

    My husband cut up all the pieces of PVC using a compound miter saw. However, you can also use a small hack saw or pipe cutter, depending on what you have available and what you’re comfortable with.

    We sorted each piece into baskets so the boys could find what they needed and assemble their guns.

    We supplied them with mini marshmallows and bought little tool belts at the Home Depot so they could keep ammo on hand.

    Allowing everyone to decorate their own shooter gun, made it easy to tell them all apart!

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    To use, place one or two mini marshmallows into mouth piece opening, then blow through the hole! As long as you don’t stuff too many marshmallows into the hole, they should shoot out the other end pretty far. My husband was able to launch a marshmallow clear across the back yard. Some of the younger boys had a little bit of a challenge, but they all seemed to get the hang of it after a while. Just don’t let anyone share a gun, or reuse marshmallows off the ground….gross!

    My three oldest boys recently finished an amazing art camp and on the last day they came home with these simple marshmallow shooters that entertained them for hours! Even my 2 year old got in on the fun and enjoyed shooting the marshmallows out of the cup. Thanks to their teacher Ms. Maria for this awesome idea!

    How to make a marshmallow gun



    1. Start by tying a knot in the bottom of the balloon.
    2. Cut the top tip of the balloon off.
    3. Cut the bottom of the plastic cup off.
    4. Stretch the open end of the balloon over the bottom of the plastic cup.
    5. Use the clear packing tape, to secure the balloon to the cup.

    That’s it! Now you are ready to have fun with your shooters.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Check out the boys in action with their marshmallow shooters in the below video:

    I love this experiment because it plays with the concept of physics, cause and effect, testing different hypotheses and trying to predict outcomes. A perfect STEM activity and tons of fun for the boys!

    My kids LOVE their DIY Marshmallow Guns!! My sister made them for my kids, and every day they ask to have a Marshmallow Gun Fight. We may have had a few in the last week and I’m still randomly finding marshmallows through out the house. ?

    I convinced her to do a tutorial for you guys so that you could make some too. They are so cheap to make and can be customized by the color you paint them. AND they make great gifts! In fact, I wanted to try and save these guns to give for Christmas, but just had to give them early so we could have a little fun before the 25th!

    These Marshmallow Guns are so simple and will definitely be loved by the kids. Here is what you’ll need to make them:


    14 inches in ½″ SCH40 pvc pipe

    Spray paint, gloss or semi gloss


    How to make a marshmallow gun

    1. Gather your materials at a nearby hardware store. Both Lowes and Home Depot sell the pvc fittings individually or in packs of 10. Be sure to grab an oil base spray paint so that you can put your mouth on the gun (once its dried for a week).

    DIY Marshmallow Guns tutorial - the kids LOVE these! < alt=It” width=”699″ height=”499″ />

    2. Cut your pvc as follows; (3) 2″ pieces, (1) 3″ piece and (1) 4″ piece. We’ve used a pvc cutter (around $10) or a saw. The pvc cutter will give you a smoother finish. You can cut the piece longer if you would like a larger gun. We found that these sizes worked perfect for small kids. Otherwise it might be too hard for them to blow out the marshmallows.

    DIY Marshmallow Guns tutorial - the kids LOVE these! < alt=It” width=”702″ height=”501″ />

    DIY Marshmallow Guns tutorial - the kids LOVE these! < alt=It” width=”701″ height=”501″ />

    3. Begin with a two inch piece and connect an elbow fitting. This 2″ pvc piece is where you will insert the mallow and will serve as your mouthpiece. Add another 2″ piece to the other end of your elbow piece. Add your second elbow fitting to the 2nd 2″ piece. Attach the last 2″ piece to other elbow opening. Next will come your tee and then your 4″ pvc out the other straight end, finished with the coupling fitting (this is where the marshmallow will come out). Connect the 3″ piece to the bottom of the tee and complete with the cap (this will serve as your handle). Be sure that all pieces are pushed tightly together.

    DIY Marshmallow Guns tutorial - the kids LOVE these! < alt=It” width=”701″ height=”501″ />

    4. Before you begin spray painting, you’ll want to make sure that you have a spot to hang the gun to dry. Anything with a hook, where you can set the mouth piece opening on. It will need at least 24 hours to dry.

    DIY Marshmallow Guns tutorial - the kids LOVE these! < alt=It” width=”699″ height=”979″ />

    5. Spray the tip of the gun first (the coupling, where the marshmallow will exit). Let dry.

    6. With a latex glove on, insert your index finger into the coupling opening. This will allow you hold the gun while spraying all the different angles of your gun. Hang to dry. Your gun should be dry within 24 hours.

    *For a cute gift idea, attach a small bag of marshmallows. For a fun white elephant gift, include two guns with a bag of marshmallows. My husband and I (6 years into marriage) spent a date building, then shooting mallow guns. It was the best date we’ve ever had!

    DIY Marshmallow Guns tutorial - the kids LOVE these! < alt=It” width=”703″ height=”986″ />

    For more great gifts my kids love, check out these:

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Homemade Gak! This is the cheapest and best kid entertainment ever!! Recipe on < alt=Supplies needed include – glue, borax, water, and food coloring!” width=”552″ height=”828″ />

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    SO many great ideas for kids. Hope you like some of them!

    For all Gift Ideas on the site go HERE.

    For all kid activities go HERE .

    And get weekly emails with monthly freebies by signing up for the Lil’ Luna newsletter . ?

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    How to make a marshmallow gun

    When it comes to celebrating all the patriotic holidays this summer, these DIY Patriotic Marshmallow Shooters are sure to make all the children in your life happy. Make this easy craft and then send your kids outside to shoot mini marshmallows at each other to their hearts content.

    These Patriotic holidays so often come with extremely hot weather. While your kids are playing outside with their marshmallow shooters make one of these cool and refreshing patriotic treats to cool them down.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    These DIY Marshmallow Shooters are so easy to make. All you need is a toilet paper roll, a balloon, a rubber band, so patriotic scrapbook paper, and marshmallows!

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    DIY Patriotic Marshmallow shooters will be a hit for Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Patriot Day! Or all of them!

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    DIY Patriotic Marshmallow Shooters


    How to make a marshmallow gun

    • Toilet paper roll
    • Red and white striped scrapbook paper
    • Blue balloon
    • Rubber band
    • Marshmallows


    Cut the striped scrapbook paper to fit around the toilet paper roll and glue into place. How to make a marshmallow gun

    Tie a knot in the bottom of an uninflated balloon. How to make a marshmallow gun

    Cut the top (round part) off the balloon. How to make a marshmallow gun

    Wrap the open end of the balloon around the bottom of the toilet paper roll and secure with a rubber band. How to make a marshmallow gun

    To use, place a marshmallow in the shooter and pull the knotted end back. Let go of the balloon to shoot the marshmallow out. How to make a marshmallow gun

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    This past December marked the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, when nearly 400 Japanese aircraft attacked the American naval base. In the space of a few hours, the U.S. Pacific fleet was nearly destroyed. And after the assault, America invested heavily in improved anti-aircraft weapons.

    Designing anti-aircraft, or ack-ack, guns was difficult. Because airplanes move so fast and have such extreme maneuverability, gunners must shoot at the target’s future position, making the aiming mechanisms quite complex. So America’s new guns were complicated and expensive—but boy, were they effective. The fast-firing autocannons could paint the sky with lead, firing more than 120 anti-aircraft shells per second. On one occasion in 1942, the guns aboard the U.S. battleship South Dakota shot down 32 enemy planes in a half hour.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Bofors on the cover

    Over the years, Popular Science has written a lot about anti-aircraft weapons. The cover of the January 1940 issue even featured a Bofors anti-aircraft gun. To read more of our historical coverage, search the PopSci archives.

    I designed a fast-firing weapon that conjures up ghosts of the Bofors and Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns of World War II. Since it’s for home use, I powered it with gas instead of gunpowder and made it shoot mini-marshmallows instead of two-pound lead slugs. And of course, I call this marshmallow ack-ack a “mack-mack” gun.

    Made from PVC pipe and fittings, a bicycle tire inflator, and easily obtainable cartridges of compressed carbon dioxide, the mack-mack is cheap, easy to make, and can be assembled in minutes. You may have seen marshmallow guns that use lung-power to shoot single mini-marshmallows, but this high-velocity weapon is far more impressive.

    After assembling the PVC pipe and fittings, just as I would for a standard marshmallow gun, I drilled and tapped a single hole in the plastic and attached the bicycle inflator. The inflator releases a burst of compressed gas that’s much more powerful than a puff of breath. I also gave the gun another modification: an ammo tube that can hold seven mini-marshmallows at once.

    When I pull the inflator’s trigger, all seven marshmallows fire in a single half-second, shooting out one after another in a glorious fusillade of soft, sugary firepower. Want to build your own mack-mack gun? Check out the instructions below.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    The author fires his gas-powered marshmallow shooter Photograph by Ackerman + Gruber

    Build your own mack-mack


    • Tape measure
    • Electric drill
    • 7/16-inch bit
    • ¼-inch pipe tap and handle *
    • Adjustable wrench

    * A ¼-inch pipe tap is different than a ¼-inch UNC tap


    All parts are ½-inch diameter, schedule 40 PVC pipe or pipe fittings unless noted otherwise.

    • 16-inch-long PVC pipe
    • Three 4-inch long PVC pipes
    • Two 2-inch long PVC pipes
    • PVC coupling fitting
    • Two PVC tee fittings
    • Two PVC 45-degree elbow fittings
    • Three PVC pipe caps
    • CO2-powered bicycle tire inflator with several spare 16 gram CO2 cartridges *
    • Air tank valve, ¼ NPT to Schrader †
    • Mini-marshmallows

    * Try finding these at a bike store or search online for “CO2 bike pump” or “CO2 bike tire inflator.”

    † These valves are available at hardware and home stores with reasonably large inventories. You can also find them online by Internet searching for “air tank valve” or “tru-flate valve.” Another alternative is to order from a large supply industrial company like McMaster-Carr.


    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Mack-mack assembly diagram

    Use this assembly diagram in step 3 of the instructions

    1. Make a threaded hole in one of the pipe caps so you can attach the tire inflator: First, drill a hole in the center of one of the pipe caps. Now you’ll need to “tap” the hole, or cut screw threads into it. The plastic cuts easily, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with this.
    2. Once the hole is tapped, insert the tank valve into the hole and tighten using the adjustable wrench.
    3. Assemble the mack-mack as shown in the assembly diagram above. Press fit the pipe pieces into the sockets of the fittings, but do not use PVC cement or primer.
    4. Screw the CO2 bike tire inflator into the Schrader fitting side of the air tank valve.
    5. Now the marshmallow shooter is ready to go! In the world of automatic weaponry, burst fire mode means you can fire a predetermined number of projectiles with a single pull of the trigger. Here’s how to use it.
    6. Remove the cap from the upward-pointing 4-inch pipe.
    7. Insert six or seven mini-marshmallows into the uncapped pipe, making sure they can fall freely into the main gun barrel. If the marshmallows are gooey and stick together, coat them with flour. Replace the cap.
    8. Put on safety glasses and choose a target wisely. To shoot, pull the trigger on the bicycle tire inflator and release quickly. Go easy on the trigger—holding it for too long will quickly deplete your CO2 supply and cause the cartridge to ice over. If that happens, you’ll need to wait until it thaws before you can fire again.
    9. The mini-marshmallows will shoot out one after another. Expect to get about six to eight bursts per gas cartridge.

    This project is from Ready the Cannons, a new book by Popular Science contributing editor William Gurstelle.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Marshmallow guns have been a staple in most camping trips. Even I had my own which I played with my friends back when I was just a wee little camper. I actually prefer a marshmallow gun to an actual airsoft gun. At least with the marshmallow shooter, I’m able to further lower the dangers commonly attributed to airsoft guns. Plus, the ammo is delicious, to say the least.

    I actually made a couple of marshmallow guns for my kids just for fun. There are two variations that you can make; the standard blowgun style or the air compressed one which is more powerful. The compressed air powered marshmallow shooter is way more complicated though. For now, I’ll teach you how to make the standard marshmallow gun using the simplest and easiest method.

    How to Make a Marshmallow Gun?

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    First off, let me teach you how to make the simplest one. This marshmallow gun version is powered by blowing air into a tube connected to the shooter. You blow on it hard which will then propel the marshmallow forward.

    Step 1: Cutting the PVC Pipe

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Start preparing the PVC pipe by cutting them into their appropriate lengths. You should end up with one 7-inch pipe and five 3 inch pipes. For kids out there, please don’t do this without the supervision of an adult.

    Step 2: Assembling the Marshmallow Gun

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Now it’s time to put them all together. This might get a bit confusing to write down but I’ll try to simplify the steps as much as possible. We will start at the handles and work our way up:

    There you have it. A simple marshmallow gun that you can do in a matter of minutes! In order to fire a marshmallow simply load one into the mouthpiece, seal it using your lips, and give it a good blow of air and watch the marshmallow fly off.

    Yes, the marshmallow travels through that bend and out the barrel. This actually gives it the momentum it needs to blast off. If you load the marshmallow on the barrel end it will most likely just drop off. I have also included a video below from The Haddocks if you need a visual reference:

    Tips to Remember when Playing with a Marshmallow Gun

    First of all, always wear protective goggles. As soft as a marshmallow is, it will still hurt a lot if it hits you directly in your eye. Be sure to not aim at anyone’s face who do not have any protective eyewear. You should also make sure your marshmallow ammunition is kept in an airtight package. Dry marshmallows that have been left out in the open are not as effective as fresh ones straight out of the package.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Always pick up the marshmallows on the floor. Even if you are outdoors it is important to never leave it littering around. Be responsible even with the little things in life.

    Marshmallow Gun for Camping and Outdoor Games

    One of the reasons I chose to make a marshmallow gun for my kids is because it is fun, plain and simple. It is also quite affordable and, as I have pointed out above, extremely easy to make. It is also safer than other projectile based toys like airsoft and pellet guns. While safety should still be part of this activity, you can fire a marshmallow gun at your friends and pets without the risk of injuring them.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    With the added advantage of being affordable, the main ammunition is also readily available in all grocery stores. You won’t really need to go to any kind of specialty shop to get marshmallows. You do need to be aware of the diameter of your PVC pipes and the actual size of the marshmallow.

    Operating the marshmallow gun is also simple that children will have no problem playing with it. Just reload and blow as hard as you can on the mouthpiece and watch the marshmallow soar through the air. This is pretty much the less disgusting version of the crumpled paper blow dart you made as a child. Blow on the mouthpiece as hard as you can, the more powerful the marshmallow will blast out. Simple, right?

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    If your kids want to play a game of paintball, a marshmallow gun is the safest alternative. You can play a game of marshmallow gun capture flag. Or a marshmallow gun game of tag. I usually play with my dog by blasting off a marshmallow, kind of like fetch. However, do not feed your dog too much. One or two pieces of marshmallow are enough.

    As you can see, marshmallow guns are a fun way to bond with family and friends. Making it is half the fun as well. I usually leave the assembling to my kids. It gives them a sense of accomplishment once they are able to complete the assembly. Plus, the enjoyment they get once they fire their first marshmallow projectile is priceless.

    Safety Precautions when Playing with the Marshmallow Gun

    Now, even though this uses marshmallows as its primary ammunition does not mean you can just simply fire it at anyone. You need to be responsible with how you use this as the marshmallow will be propelled out of the shooter at a significant force. You can still injure someone if it hits them in the eye.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    Playing around with the marshmallow gun should also come with the proper safety precautions. Use protective eye coverings when operating this homemade toy. If you are planning on playing with a couple of marshmallow guns then make sure everyone has safety goggles. This can be a great and fun camping game for kids but their safety should never take a back seat.

    Also, it would be best to play this game outside in order to avoid indoor accidents. And if you are going to play a game of marshmallow warfare outside then please do not leave fired marshmallows on the ground. Always clean up afterward. Any leftover marshmallows that wind up on the side of the road will attract animals in the area. This might lead to them getting run over by vehicles or in the worst-case scenario, cause a vehicular accident.

    Final Thoughts

    While marshmallow guns are practically safe to play with, adult supervision is still recommended for the little ones. If you are planning on a camping trip with your kids then surprise them by making each a marshmallow shooter and give them a pack full of these sweet treats. You can play a game of marshmallow tag, target practice, or a game of fetch where one player tries to catch the marshmallow with their mouth. It’s all up to you, just remember to always be safe.

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    If you have anything else to add then don’t think twice about commenting it below. Remember to share this with other campers if you found it helpful and interesting!

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    This is my gun. You like? I thought it was pretty awesome. And if you look closely, you’ll see you don’t need much to make this gun.

    In fact, calling this a tutorial might be a lie. Here’s the gun broken down for your convenience:

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    For each gun you’ll need you’ll need:

    1/2″ PVC pipe pieces: 8″, 2″ and 3.5″ (one 1/2″ pipe is like 10 feet long, so you can make several!)
    1 T joint
    1 cap

    If you walk into Home Depot’s plumbing aisle, it will take you all of 3 seconds to locate all this stuff. Your only problem will be if you’re making several of these guns. Then you’ll have to do a little figuring on how many to buy. But it’s all pretty cheap–the 10′ half-inch pipe was $1.68, the T was $.56 and the caps were $.27! We’re talking less than $3 each!

    My husband cut all the half-inch pipes with a jigsaw. But he said miter saw or a skill saw would work a little better. Also (I just asked him if I missed anything in this post) he said, “Don’t forget to load your mini-marshmallow in the mouth side!” For some reason, it works better from there than the end. More lift?

    And I know it will be tempting, but don’t reuse the marshmallows. If they get wet, they will stick to the inside of your gun. YUCK.

    Once you’ve got the basic gun down, you can add more pieces for cooler and more high-tech guns. Here’s all the different ones we made. The longer the gun is, the harder and faster you can shoot the marshmallow. But the stronger you have to be, too. The little kids couldn’t shoot the big ones very far. And it took Asa about 15 minutes before he could even shoot a marshmallow out of his little revolver!

    How to make a marshmallow gun

    And there you have it! Just beware, if you make these guns, you’re going to have to stock mini-marshmallows. And having an open bag of marshmallows in your pantry? That’s REALLY dangerous!