How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Some people are always hot and some are always cold. I am of the latter persuasion. During this chilly winter season you can find me on the sofa, wearing thermals, fleece-lined sweatpants, a cashmere sweater and a down jacket — sometimes with a blanket across my lap. But I just discovered a game changer for us perpetually freezing people: a microwaveable neck warmer.

You can create one yourself with a sock and some rice, with no sewing required. Just pop it in the microwave for about two minutes and then wrap it around your neck for instant warmth. It also can provide relief for sore shoulder muscles. And while you’re at it, add a few drops of essential oils for a little aromatherapy.

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What you’ll need:
Tube sock or knee sock
Uncooked rice
Essential oil like lavender
Paper plate

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

1. Start with a long tube sock. I used one that is 24 inches long. A tube sock works better for this project because its straight, without a heel section; but if you can’t find a tube sock, a knee sock will do just fine. Also, try to use a sock that is mostly cotton. Acrylic socks are basically plastic and don’t microwave well.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap2. Depending on the length of your sock, you will need about three to four cups of uncooked rice to fill it. Before putting the rice in the sock, mix into the rice about 10 drops of an essential oil, such as lavender, to give it a relaxing aroma.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap3. Fold a paper plate so it looks like a taco and insert it halfway into the sock. Pour the rice from a measuring cup into the paper plate, which will act as a funnel so you don’t spill rice everywhere. Keep in mind that, although you want the sock to be full, you don’t want it so full that the sock doesn’t bend.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

4. Tie a knot at the open end of the sock, and your neck warmer is done. When you want to use it, put it in the microwave and zap it for one-minute intervals until it is warm enough for you. For me, two minutes was enough. Don’t heat it too much, as you don’t want it to burn your skin. You can reuse your neck warmer over and over, adding drops of essential oils to the outside of the sock as you wish. You can also replace the rice with a new batch by untying the knot.

Using a warming neck wrap can help soothe sore muscles and enhance relaxation. When used in combination with essential oils, a neck wrap can provide additional relief and aromatherapy benefits. Here are three tutorials (divided by skill level) that will teach you how to make your own neck wrap. Even if you don’t consider yourself a crafty person, you will be surprised at how easy it is to make your own. Have fun!


Items Needed
½ yard flannel or cotton cut into two 8×20 inch pieces.
6 cups flaxseed or rice
Sewing machine
doTERRA essential oil(s)


  1. Cut fabric into two 8×20 inch pieces.
  2. Place pattern sides (pretty sides) together and pin along edges.
  3. With pattern sides together, sew a ¼ inch seam all the way around the fabric, leaving a three-inch opening on the short end, and turn right-side out.
  4. Divide the length of the fabric into four equal sections and mark with a fabric marker.
  5. Loosely fill the first quarter with two cups of rice or flax seeds.
  6. Sew on marked line. Repeat until all four sections are filled.
  7. Sew opening closed.
  8. To use, microwave for two to three minutes and add two drops of essential oil on the outer fabric.


Items Needed
Kitchen towel
6 cups flaxseed or rice
Sewing machine
doTERRA essential oil(s)


  1. Fold towel in half longways (hotdog style).
  2. Sew around the edges, leaving a three-inch opening. Turn right side out.
  3. Divide the length into four equal sections and mark with a fabric marker.
  4. Loosely fill the first quarter with two cups of flax seeds or rice. Sew on marked line. Repeat until all four sections are filled.
  5. Sew opening closed.
  6. To use, microwave for two to three minutes and add two drops of essential oil on the outer fabric.

Items Needed
Tube sock or dress sock
3 cups flaxseed or rice
doTERRA essential oil(s)


  1. Pour flaxseed or rice into sock.
  2. Tie a knot in the top of the sock.
  3. To use, place in microwave for two to three minutes and add two drops essential oil.

Tip: If you smell burning while microwaving your heating pad, you are microwaving it too long. Try cutting down the heating time or lowering the power setting to 50 percent.

Tip: Use the leftover fabric to make hand warmers.

Note: If you don’t have a microwave, heat your heating pad by putting it in an oven-safe dish and heating it in the oven at 150°F for 15 minutes. Remember to set a timer and to frequently check your heating pad to make sure it doesn’t get too hot and become a fire hazard.

CAUTION: The heating pad will be very warm and can burn you if you heat it for too long. Start by putting your heating pad in the microwave for one minute, and then increase by 30-second increments until you have achieved desired temperature. If you accidentally heat it for too long, let it rest until it becomes cooler. You might also want to place a wash cloth or towel against your skin to act as a barrier and to ensure you don’t get burned in case you heat it more than intended.

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How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Enjoy Aquarian Bath’s Microwavable Neck Pillows hot or cold around the neck and shoulders to soothe or relax tense muscles. Our neck pillows are free-form like bean bags. This makes it easy to shape for use as a heating pad or cold pack anywhere on your body. The loose form feels great on an aching sacrum or back when you sit with it behind you in a recliner. Use it cold after jogging on your knee or shins. Some people like to take it to bed hot to warm their feet on cold nights.

You can have your pillow made with plain flax or scented with the certified Organic herbs that we offer. Choose herb options from the menu. Our Lavender Microwave Pillows are the most popular.

Our single-layer canvas pillows measure approximately 21.5 inches long by 4.75 inches wide. The scented pillows are 1.7 pounds or heavier. The plain flax pillows are around 2 pounds or more.

Most sellers who are offering “Organic Neck Pillows” only use Organic filling. Our pillow fabric is not only Organic cotton but also GOTS Organic cotton. Global Organic Textile Standard fabrics meet the highest standard for Organic textiles. GOTS Organic Cotton is a step above standard Organic cotton, because the dyes are also environmentally friendly. This black and white herringbone pillow fabric is a sturdy Organic cotton canvas.

  • Cotton is grown in Organic soil with no pesticide sprays
  • Warp fibers stabilized using double plying or non-toxic cornstarch
  • Safe peroxide used for whitening
  • No formaldehyde used in processing
  • Low impact fiber reactive dying process or natural pigment with no heavy metals such as lead

We pack the pillows in clear biodegradable cellophane bags with a twist tie. Heat in the microwave for sustained moist heat. Store in the freezer for using cold. Instructions included. Find the instructions, care and precautions for this pillow by following this link: Care, Instructions and Precautions for Flaxseed Pillows

“My wife loved receiving this for Christmas. It looks attractive, is well-made, and comes with instructions for how to use. And what a fantastic lavender smell! Plus, it arrived at our house very quickly. Highly satisfied, and would definitely recommend this seller to others!”

“Nothing is better than heat and the smell of lavender to relax with! Highly recommend!”

“Great product, smells wonderful, exactly as described. This shop is the only one that I can find that makes a product that is sewn with GOTS organic cotton; many others make a product with organic filling, but not organic cotton on the outside. Since I’m heating this almost every night and falling asleep with it, I really appreciated the organic cotton outer layer! Also love that you can choose a scent. Shipped fast too. Thank you!!”

Heated Neck Wrap provides gentle pressure and calming warmth to ease stressed shoulders and nurture your neck. Take a time-out from your day for a break you can enjoy anywhere.

Reversible, cozy comfort

A smooth reversible fabric cover retains warmth and protects skin for a relaxing, restful experience


All-natural clay beads gather moisture from the air and radiate heat for long-lasting warmth and light pressure-point stimulation. It’s your go-to neck and shoulder heat wrap for calming comfort you can use again and again.

Easy and safe to use

Use the protective included bag to heat in the microwave for wearable warmth, or freeze for a soothing, cool sensation.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrapHow to make a microwaveable neck wrap

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How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

If you find yourself with frequent neck pain, you aren’t alone. Millions of people suffer similar ailments from hunching over their computers and phones, picking up heavy objects with bad posture, sleeping in uncomfortable positions, and dealing with injuries.

It can be difficult to deal with this kind of debilitating pain, so you might be looking for remedies that work. One natural and proven method of relieving pain and inflammation is applying heat and pressure. Heated neck wrap products provide both heat and pressure, allowing for pain relief directly on the pain source and the surrounding areas

Whispering Willow Lavender Neck Wrap

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

A heated neck wrap can be a part of a deep and luxurious relaxation routine with the Lavender Neck Wrap. The cotton flannel exterior is soft and gentle on your skin while the organic flax seeds and organic lavender infusions further decrease your stress and tension.

It also comes in a variety of pleasing colors: tranquil gray, deep blue, cool mint, and serene blue. Additionally, you can use this wrap as a cold compress if you need to! Just put it in your freezer for about 30 minutes.

The Whispering Willow Lavender Neck Wrap is the perfect weight and it hangs comfortably around your neck and shoulders.

Huggaroo Original Neck Wrap

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Designed to be super soft and breathable, the Huggroo neck wrap is made with 100% polyester ultra-plush fabric. The material is gentle and plush against your skin while you experience intense pain and tension relief. It is filled with clay beads and flaxseeds that hold heat well, while the lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass provide relaxing scents. It doubles as a cold compress if you prefer to experience cold therapy.

Get it for $35.99:

Bed Buddy Aromatherapy Heating Pad

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Created with 100% natural ingredients, this affordable heated neck wrap uses grains that moisten as they are heated up. This allows you to receive a unique moist heat rather than a dry heat that fully soothes your sore neck and shoulders. You can also choose your aromatherapy infusions: lavender and rose, lavender and mint, or lavender and chamomile. The combinations provide calming benefits and help you relax the tense areas in your neck and shoulders. You can use this as a cold therapy pad as well.

Get it for $14.99:

SuzziPad Microwave Heating Pad

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

This microwaveable neck wrap contains flaxseed, millet, and clay beads which heat up quickly and retain heat well. They also conform to the shape of your neck and shoulders.

The exterior is made of two different materials. One side is ultra-soft and cozy fleece fabric. The other side is a smooth and soft velvet. This is an excellent addition because you can choose the fabric which feels better on your skin. Additionally, it comes in a lovely lavender purple while most other heat wraps are in neutral colors.

Get it for $26.99:

Carex Bed Buddy Heat Pad

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

If you often find other parts of your body are sore, such as your knees, feet, or lower back, this microwavable wrap can also provide heated pain relief for those areas. It has a flexible core and nylon rope handles that allow you to tighten the wrap around smaller body parts such as your leg.

It is also filled with 100% organic grains. You can choose to infuse the wrap with aromatherapy. The wrap itself provides a moist heat that is perfect for sore joints and muscles.

Get it for $16.99:

Happy Wraps Microwavable Herbal Neck Wrap

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

This microwavable neck wrap is made with luxe satin fabric and is made with organic flax seeds. It is filled with a special calming 12 herb blend including chamomile, spearmint, rosemary, and lavender. As some customers stated, this is a strongly scented heat wrap allowing for deep relaxation and long-term use.

If you enjoy floral and herbal scents, this will be perfect for you. It is a high-quality wrap that will make you feel as though you are in a spa. It even comes with a complimentary matching sleep mask.

Get it for $24.95:

What are the benefits of heated neck pads?

Heated neck pads can provide numerous advantages for anyone suffering from neck pain, pressure, stress, or injury. Applying heat properly and regularly can:

  • Increase blood flow and oxygen to the affected areas
  • Reduce build-up of lactic acid in the muscles
  • Decrease inflammation or swelling
  • Promote sweating of any painful toxins at a skin-level
  • Relax tense muscles
  • Decrease stress

Do heat pads help neck pain?

Microwavable neck wraps work by applying varying levels of heat. This causes blood circulation to increase which allows oxygen to flow quickly and freely to the area. Furthermore, any buildup of lactic acid in your muscles can help reduce any muscle pain, cramps, or fatigue that you feel in the neck, upper back, or shoulders.

The most common neck wraps are fabric encasements filled with grains or beads, which can then be heated in a microwave. After it is heated in the microwave, it can be used for up to twenty minutes around the neck.

Also, most popular neck wraps also include herbs, flowers, or essential oils within the wrap in order to induce healing or relaxing scent mixtures.

How long do you heat neck wraps in the microwave?

Heated neck pads should only be left in the microwave for up to 90 seconds, and then heated in additional increments of 30 seconds until it is at your ideal temperature. Some product models will have different instructions due to the material. For instance, some require you to spray them with water before heating them up and some recommend you put a bowl of water in the microwave with the wrap.

It is important to make sure the heated neck wrap is not hot enough to burn your skin. You can place a barrier between your skin and the wrap such as a light cloth.

How long should you use a heating pad on your neck?

A microwaveable heat wrap should be used on your neck for up to twenty minutes. Although the heat fades gradually over this period of time, some people find five minutes is enough time to relieve pain.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Relax sore necks and shoulders the natural way with this Extra Long Neck Wrap. Microwave for heat therapy to stimulate circulation, improve flexibility and melt away muscle spasms, stiffness and stubborn cramps. This extra long design is perfect for people with large shoulders and necks. It will wrap around the neck and down to the chest, plus it can be used on hips, ankles, knees, shoulders, lower backs, and more. Run one down the length of your back for full spinal coverage.

When you need to reduce swelling and pain from injuries, falls, exercise, or gardening, put this Neck Wrap in the freezer (inside a plastic bag) for a few hours. The gentle coolness keeps you comfortable without the harshness or mess of melting ice cubes.

If a color does not appear in the drop-down list, it is temporarily out of stock. Click on swatch and the name of the pattern or color will appear in the large window at the top of the page.

Order online or call us to order. 888-835-7485

  • Description
  • Additional information

Product Description

This extra long microwaveable neck wrap relaxes stiff muscles in necks, backs, elbows, knees, and more. Heat is known to stimulate circulation and improve flexibility. Soothe arthritic joints, or warm your hands or feet with this versatile warming wrap. Ease away bothersome leg or foot cramps or spasms as well as periodic discomfort. Warm a bed on chilly winter nights.

Like all of our products, it can be frozen and used to reduce swelling and pain. This product does not get as cold as ice cubes, thus providing a comfortable cold that is gentle on the skin. Cool a fever, your pillow on hot summer nights (AKA Yankee air-conditioning).

See our traditional Neck Wrap for a smaller size.

Dimensions: 34″ x 6.5″
Weight: 3.5 lb.
Fabric: Solids and plaids are made of soft cotton flannel, Giraffe fabric is luxurious plush.
Cover: Removable washable cover makes laundering easy
Filling: Filled with whole corn (not the popping kind)
Insert: Segmented insert distributes corn evenly, made of cotton muslin with a Velcro closure

Free shipping on orders of $100 or more!

Other Product Information

  • No added fragrances (as with rice socks) – Aroma is that of a freshly popped bowl of popcorn
  • Portable – no wires as with conventional electric heating pads
  • Easy to use — no messy hot water bottles!
  • Microwave for moist heat therapy to relax tight muscles
  • Heat to stimulate circulation and improve flexibility
  • Warm to ease away cramps and muscle spasms
  • Bring soothing comfort to cold hands and feet
  • Freeze for cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain
  • Coolness on an insect bite may take away some of the sting
  • For skinned knees and hands it offers gentle comfort and the cover is washable


Please contact us. We are always happy to help you with information about our products and service over the phone. 888-835-7485

Additional information

Black Watch, Brick Hearth, Blue Shadow, Cranberry, Navy Blue

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How to make a microwaveable neck wrapOut of stock

Microwavable heating pads with organic fillers are a wonderful way to soothe sore muscles or just warm up on a cold day. Their combination of toasty warmth and good smell are a natural remedy you can enjoy every day without side effects. The rice-filled warming pad project we did here at Sew4Home is one of the most popular gift items ever featured. Most likely, it’s because they’re not only functional, they’re also really easy to make. Everybody who makes them seems to have a favorite filler. So we thought we’d do a little testing to see if we could find out which one is best.

You can use other substrates, our original pad project featured fleece and cotton ticking, but the traditional choice for anything microwaveable is 100% cotton. It can get very warm without melting and has a nice feel against your skin. Of course, like anything you put in the microwave, even cotton will eventually burn if you cook it too long. The benefit to using the organic fillers is they require very little time to heat thoroughly, fifteen to thirty seconds is usually plenty.

But what about the filler? What should you put inside your heating pad to get the best results?

First of all, you want your filler material to be microwaveable; that eliminates anything with a metallic component, which will spark. It should stay warm for an extended period of time. It should have a nice smell or no odor when heated. And finally, it should have a nice feel against your skin. This last reason is probably why neck warmers filled with driveway gravel never caught on.

Talking with our Sew4Home team and then looking at what’s recommended on the web, we found a huge number of different fillers people have tried. The more exotic range from silica beads to cherry pits. But the ones that appear to be the most popular (and in our experience the most practical) are: rice, dried corn, and flaxseed.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

All three meet the requirements of retaining heat, having a pleasant smell, and feeling good against your skin. Additionally, we like the fact you can buy any of these rather inexpensively in the bulk food section at most supermarkets. If you’re making more than a few heating pads, this is something to consider.

Some people swear by the convenience and/or cost of buying feed or seed corn at a local feed store, but there were also many concerns about “buggies” showing up in corn. We chose to use food grade fillers for all our tests and have not experienced any issues with pests – even in pads that have been used over and over for years.

We wanted to know which of our three finalists – rice, dried corn, and flaxseed – would perform best in a “highly scientific test.”

To test our fillers we made three 5½” x 5½” test pads from scrap cotton fabric and filled each with 1½ cups of the various fillers.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

We chose to compare them by volume rather than weight because that’s the limitation on your sewn warming pad.

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Heat retention

Using a 1.65 kilowatt microwave, we heated each of the pads for thirty seconds. Using a food thermometer, we measured how warm the pad was right when we took it out. And then how warm it was after sitting out for five minutes.

As a reference, we heated a cup of water to 140° and found it had cooled to 124° in five minutes.

Rice: 140° out of the microwave. Five minutes later had cooled to 136°.

Dried Corn: 158° out of the microwave. Five minutes later had cooled to 142°.

Flaxseed: 144° out of the microwave. Five minutes later had cooled to 142°. This one retained the most amount of heat.

One additional plug for rice, which came in second: rice is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water and then releases it when it is heated. You may have put a little rice into a salt shaker to absorb the water that can invade – especially in humid climates – so the salt will shake more freely. When you use rice in your heat packs it delivers moist heat, which can be quite beneficial. Putting a small cup or bowl of water into the microwave when using any of fillers inside the heating pads can help with moisture.


We’d heard some people complain that grains, like the rice and corn, can have a cooked smell when heated. We didn’t detect any strong smell. But cooking odors may be caused when the grains are microwaved too long and burn a little.

Flaxseed is a seed and so much less prone to cook. However, of the three, the flaxseed actually had the most noticeable smell.

We often use essential oils to add a pleasant scent to our warming pads. The organic fillers tend to absorb and retain these oils, but remember that a little bit goes a long way. You need just a few drops to create a lasting aroma. Other scent options include, dried herbs, flowers, and teas.

This is the most subjective test. It really depends on the texture you like on your skin.

Rice: This has a nice “full” feel, almost like a batting fiber.

Dried Corn: It has a granular, pebble feel that’s pleasant when resting on your arm or neck.

Flaxseed: This flowed the most easily and conformed to where you laid it.

As mentioned above, we narrowed it down to our three finalists because they were so readily available from the majority of supermarkets with bulk bins. All were well under $1.00 per pound.

Rice: $.53 per pound

Dried Corn: $.96 per pound

Flaxseed: $.83 per pound

If you’re going solely for heat retention, use flaxseed. But all three of the fillers we tested performed better than water and so should stay warm longer than a traditional hot water bottle.

For smell and feel, we found things to like about all three. So much so, that we’ve even mixed rice and flax for some of our projects.

We now expect the major scientific journals to begin clamoring for the publishing rights to our detailed research, but you can use it for free.

Of course, there are many other filler options; we simply didn’t have the time to test them all. We’ve heard good anecdotal evidence for using lentils, dried soy beans, millet, birdseed, and hard wheat. Put on your white lab coat and do some testing of your own. We’d love to hear about your own successes or failures with organic fillers.

If you’re ready to put your fillers into practice, check out our projects for Rice Warming Pads, a Scented Spa Set, and a Therapy Neck Wrap. These projects also include tips on heating, cooling, and cleaning.

The OstrichPillow Heated Neck Wrap provides gentle pressure and calming warmth to ease stressed shoulders and nurture your neck. Take a time-out from your day for a break you can enjoy anywhere.

The neck wrap is gently contoured to follow the shape of your neck and shoulders, the Heated Neck Wrap comfortably eases stiff and stressed necks.

This is the perfect companion to help you zone out, the neck wrap is fully reversible, with all-natural clay beads radiating heat for long-lasting warmth and light pressure-point stimulation.

Dream in Style

Radiant warmth for stressed-out necks and sore shoulders

Too much screen time can lead to poor posture and muscle tension. Take a break from your workday and ease into a meditation moment with calming pressure and relaxing gentle heat.

Reversible, cozy comfort

A smooth reversible fabric cover retains warmth and protects skin for a relaxing, restful experience

Earth friendly

All-natural clay beads gather moisture from the air and radiate heat for long-lasting warmth and light pressure-point stimulation.

Easy and safe to use

Use the protective included bag to heat in the microwave for wearable warmth, or freeze for a soothing, cool sensation.

Relax and Unwind

Whenever your shoulders could use a little love, this weighted, heated neck wrap mimics deep-pressure touch to soothe your muscles and help you unwind. It’s filled with natural clay beads, which are able to retain either warmth or cold. Just pop the whole wrap in its protective bag, stick it in the microwave or freezer, and drape it over your shoulders: It’s heaven.

Natural soothing relief

Simple, everyday Self-Care

Simple, everyday Self-Care

Nurture your body with pleasant warmth and comfort with your new favorite heated neck wrap – for calming relief anywhere, anytime.

How does a heated shoulder and neck wrap work?

Relieves neck soreness and aches

Neck wraps can prevent pain in a range of situations. The Heated Neck Wrap offers support and heat to help prevent and relieve neck soreness and aches.

With more support to your neck muscles, you won’t strain your neck as much, and this area of your body will be stabilized. This makes it easier for you to rest and relax without creating pain in this area of your body.

Along with this, heating your neck up can also be useful for pain prevention. Heat brings down swelling and causes the muscles to loosen. The more tension you have in the neck the more discomfort you will feel. So, using Heated Neck Wrap to relax your neck can really help ward off aches and pains.

Finally, the structure and heat offered by Heated Neck Wrap will create better circulation and oxygen flow. With better blood flow, your neck will rejuvenate itself and heal the muscles in your neck more easily! This results in much better pain outcomes.

How often should you use your microwavable Heated Neck Wrap?

Neck wraps are safe to use and won’t cause any serious medical issues for you in the long term. You can use this product for as long as you want. But, you want to give yourself a break every now and then. The muscles in your neck need to move and function without the help of a microwavable neck wrap. But feel free to put Heated Neck Wrap on once you get home from work, for as long as you like.

For Heating Therapy:

  • Place the Neck Wrap in the microwave in the included cotton bag for 60 seconds at max power (1,000W). Make sure any other microwave functions are turned off
  • Heating therapy reduces stress and tensions throughout the body, creating a natural comfort and relief state. Can be placed directly on skin as fabric cover prevents burning

For Cooling Therapy:

  • Place the Neck Wrap in the freezer for at least one hour
  • Cooling therapy is useful for hot weather, menopausal hot flashes, stress and more

NOTE: Depending on environmental conditions, heat or coolness can last from 20 to 30 minutes

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Everybody could use a little bit of relaxation. With today’s gift idea, you could give this to anybody on your list. I made a bunch of these last year for Christmas; Renee has told me that she uses hers daily!

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Supplies (makes 2):

  • 1/4 yard flannel fabric
  • 8 cups un-cooked rice


Cut the flannel in half across the width so that it is roughly 9″ x 20″ (the length will be determined on how wide the fabric was to begin with).

Fold the fabric in half length-wise with right sides facing each other.

Sew one of the short ends and the long end. I also like to sew a little bit on the second short end so that it is easier to sew the final end after it is filled.

Clip the corners and flip right side out.

Fill with about 4 cups of un-cooked rice. Make sure to leave enough room so that the neck wrap can be folded and molded to your neck. You could add a couple drops of essential oil to the rice for a nice scent, just make sure it’s not one that the receiver is allergic to or doesn’t like.

Fold in the raw edges and sew the end closed. You can either opt to do a ladder stitch so that it is invisible or just sew it closed with the machine. Last year I did all of them with the invisible stitch but if I did them again I would probably just sew it closed with the machine.

To use, heat in the microwave in 30 second intervals until nice and warm (but not too hot).

How to make a microwaveable neck wrap

Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial for a DIY Neck Wrap. I found that they were relatively quick and easy gifts that make a great impression.