How to make a minnie mouse cake

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

Is this the cutest cake or what? I first saw the use of gumballs as cake decorations on Whipperberry’s birthday cake and I used that as inspiration for this Minnie Mouse cake!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

This cake is super simple and you can use any decorators icing to ice your cake! I just love how this turned out! Add some candles to make it a birthday cake or add your own special touch.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Minnie Mouse Cake!


  • One double layer 6 inch or 8 inch cake iced with white decorators or buttercream icing and make swirls with a 1M tip around the top of the cake 6 inch is pictured
  • 50 gumballs this is not exact, but will allow for enough- I found mine from Party City
  • 1 package of regular Oreo cookies
  • 1 package of Miniature Oreo cookies
  • 1 package of PINK candy melt disks I used Wilton found at Walmart
  • white round pearl sprinkles I find these at Walmart or Party city


How to make a minnie mouse cake

This cake is a part of this cute Minnie Mouse Party! Come see the Minnie Mouse Party post here!

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i love your recipes & Decorating ideas!

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake


  • Ready-To-Use Gum Paste
  • Black Icing Color


  • Fondant Roller, 9-Inch
  • Roll and Cut Fondant Mat
  • Knife
  • Fondant and Gum Paste Tools Set, 10-Piece
  • Cake Board
  • Large Round Tip 2A
  • Decorator Brush Set
  • Ruler
  • Aluminum Mickey Mouse Cake Pan
  • Fanci-Foil Wrap
  • Round Cake Decorating Tip 3
  • Open Star Cake Decorating Tip 16


Click To Mark Complete

In advance: Make bow. Tint 6 oz. of gum paste rose. Roll out 1/8 in. thick. Using Bow Patterns and knife, cut one bottom and two top sections. Score lines with veining tool from set following pattern. Let dry on cornstarch-dusted board. Attach top sections to bottom with gum glue adhesive.

Also: Make polka dots. Roll out white gum paste 1/16 in. thick. Cut circles using wide end of tip 2A. Attach to bow with gum glue adhesive.

And: Make knot. Roll a 1/2 x 2 in. long log of rose gum paste. Flatten to 3/4 in. wide. Taper one end and attach for knot with gum glue adhesive.

Bake and cool Minnie Mouse cake. Position on foil-wrapped cake board cut to fit.

Outline facial features with tip 3 and black buttercream icing. Pipe in eyes with white, mouth and pupils with black and tongue with peach (smooth with finger dipped in cornstarch).

Cover top of head, nose and ears with tip 16 stars in black. Cover face with tip 16 stars in light copper. Pipe tip 3 dot eye highlights in white and outline lashes in black.

Position bow; prop up with a small amount of icing.

How To

How to make a minnie mouse cake

The star tip creates the most celebrated, easily accomplished decorations, making the star fill-in technique a perfect option for a beginner’s project.

This adorable Minnie Mouse cake is super easy to make and the perfect party centerpiece! This one-layer M innie Mouse Birthday Cake is big enough to feed a crowd and leaves plenty of room to write a sweet message for your favorite little Minnie fan!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to Throw a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party (without Breaking the Bank)

When my middle daughter was two years old, we threw her a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party to celebrate. She’s always been a Disney fan and in her toddler years especially, she was obsessed with all things Minnie Mouse!

This post was originally published in May 2016, but I love this Minnie Mouse Cake and wanted to add a video to the post. So we’ve updated as of April 2019 with new photos and video tutorial.

I had two goals for this Minnie Mouse birthday party:

1- Everyone have fun! (Kids AND adults!)

2- Not spend a ton of money (birthdays can get very pricey if you’re not careful!)

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I was astonished when I saw how much my mother-in-law spent on a “simple” birthday cake for our oldest daughter’s party last year, so this time I decided the DIY approach would be friendlier on the budget.

Plus I really enjoyed baking and decorating the cake and I was so happy with the results! I’m not known for my talents in the kitchen, so if I could make this cake, then trust me…it’s easy!!

Minnie Mouse Cake Ingredients

I’ve included shop-able ad links for your convenience in re-creating this recipe; disclosure policy available here.

  • Chocolate cake mix — While you can absolutely make your Minnie Mouse cake from scratch, we used box cake mix to save time. You’ll need two boxes of mix.
  • Dark chocolate frosting — Again, pre-made frosting is an awesome time-saver! (Grab two cans of frosting!)
  • White frosting— This is what we used to make Minnie’s bow and write a birthday message on the cake. One can should be plenty.
  • Red gel food coloring — We use red food coloring to mix up some pink frosting for Minnie’s bow.

Kitchen Supplies Used:

  • 10″ round pan & 6″ round cake pans — You could also use a 9″ and 5″, etc. The most important thing is to have one large cake pan for Minnie’s head and two smaller round cake pans for the Minnie ears.
  • Frosting decorating bag — We love these reusable silicone piping bags because you can wash and use them over and over again. A fine tip is best for writing and to make each white polka dot.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How Many Does this Minnie Mouse Cake Serve?

If you’re wondering about how many this Minnie Mouse cake serves, it is a BIG cake — more than enough for all of our 25-30 guests!

We used two box cake mixes and two cans of frosting (plus about half of a can of white frosting for writing and decorating).

If you want to make a smaller cake, you could use one box of cake mix and one can of frosting – you would just want to use smaller cake pans than we used.

How to Bake a Minnie Mouse Cake

This Minnie Mouse cake is especially easy because we used a box mix. You can make your favorite flavor: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry — anything works because the dark chocolate frosting covers it.

If you prefer a from-scratch cake recipe, our Toll House Cake recipe is a buttery yellow cake with chocolate chips and it’s gluten free too!

TIP: If you don’t have 2 small pans, bake in shifts, reusing the 6″ pan instead of buying two of them.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Allow cakes to cool completely before trimming the tops. You want all three cakes to be even in height. Use a serrated knife or our foolproof cake-cutting method here. DO NOT throw away the excess cake, as you’ll use it in a minute.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Arrange your cakes: the large cake will be the head and the two smaller cakes make the ears. Frost all of them with dark chocolate frosting.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Remember those extra cake scraps leftover from trimming your cakes? Use these to create Minnie’s bow on top of the big cake.

Once you’ve got the right shape for the bow, cover it in pink frosting.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Finally, scoop the rest of your white frosting into a decorating bag and pipe polka dots onto your pink bow. You can also write a birthday message on the middle of the cake.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Isn’t this Minnie Mouse cake just the cutest?!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to Make Minnie Mouse Ears Stand Up on Cake

Since we made our Minnie Mouse birthday cake for a party where we invited quite a few family and friends, we wanted our cake design to be functional.

A cake with ears that stand up would be fragile, and might not make it until party time.

I love how our Minnie Mouse birthday cake turned out and all of our guests immediately recognized those trademark Minnie ears and the white polka dot bow!

It’s one of my favorite birthday cake ideas we’ve ever made!

Bonus Party Idea: Easy Minnie Mouse Goodie Bags

I didn’t want to waste a lot of time on fancy goodie bags, since kids just rip into them, but I still wanted them to be festive and match the theme.

I simply bought pink paper bags (they were $2 for a pack of 12 when I bought them…score!) and cut circles out of black construction paper to make “ears.”

How to make a minnie mouse cake

What’s inside our goodie bags:

We had both boys and girls at the party, so I tried to find things that would be fun for everyone. I also tried to find things they could actually play with instead of junky favors.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Recipe:

If you like this recipe, rate it! We’d also love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

These Minnie Mouse Cake Tutorials teach you how to make a disney theme cake. Learn to carve a minnie mouse cake and even make a fondant topper

Kids are crazy about Disney characters. From Micky to minnie, these characters are very popular among all. Learn how to make a fancy birthday cakes for your little one with these fun cake ideas

How to make a minnie mouse cakeisa’s cake

Minnie Mouse Cake Tutorials – Videos

Here are a few minnie mouse theme cake tutorials. From carving a cake to making a topper using fondant, its all in here

How To Make A Minnie Mouse Cake | Easy Cake | Manjaris Recipe

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Cake by Shobana’s Kitchen Tamil

Minnie Mouse Doll Cake by Tan Dulce by Grisel

How to make a Minnie Mouse Fondant cake by Sweets By Tiff

Disney’s Minnie Mouse Ruffly Cake Tutorial by The Lovely Baker

Minnie Mouse Cake by I Love Cakes

How to make decorate a Mini Mouse cake by Got Cake?

Fondant Minnie Bow and Ears by SprinkleSpark Cakes

Images For Inspiration

  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeisa’s cake
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeTortolandia
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeJackie
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeStefano Russomanno
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeDragana
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeIryna Volosyuk
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeconfeitaria / Slz-Ma
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeBella Espiricueta
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeNancy Bardt
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeFefi
  • How to make a minnie mouse cakeTorte Panda

The above cakes were found on Pinterest for Inspiration. Some of the cakes have been credited to their original artists. If you know the name of the artist whose cakes are not credited above – please let me know in the comments so I can update the post with the proper credit link. Thanks

Updated on Mar 31, 2022

Published on Jan 27, 2021

Updated on Mar 31, 2022

Published on Jan 27, 2021

Image © Rod Long, under a Creative Commons license.

If you’re planning a birthday party for your Disney-obsessed toddler and friends, baking a sweet treat for your Minnie Mouse-mad daughter, or celebrating the first birthday of your little girl, you’ll love these Minnie Mouse cake ideas and recipes.

This incredible Minnie Mouse face chocolate layer-cake comes with an easy-to-follow guide, so there’s no need to panic at the prospect of making a character cake. Minnie Mouse birthday cakes are adored by little girls across the globe and make a show-stopping centrepiece at any birthday party.


For the large cakes: 175g unsalted butter, 175g golden caster sugar, 100g self-raising flour, 50g cocoa powder, three large eggs, one teaspoon milk, pinch salt

For the small cakes: 195g unsalted butter, 195g golden caster sugar, 110g self-raising flour, 55g cocoa powder, three large eggs, two teaspoons milk, pinch salt

For the buttercream icing: 100g dark chocolate, 170g unsalted butter, 350g sieved icing sugar

For the cake topper: Icing pens in black and white, ready-to roll fondant icing in black, white, red, pink, and light beige

Equipment: Two 20cm round cake pans, four 11cm round cake pans, cake board, greaseproof paper, rolling pin

Image © Johanna’s Paul Undurthi, under a Creative Commons license.


  1. Preheat the oven to 190C/ Gas Mark 5.
  2. Line the cake pans with greaseproof paper.
  3. Starting with the large cakes, cream the butter and sugar together until the mixture is light and creamy.
  4. Add in one egg, and keep mixing.
  5. Using a separate bowl, sieve in the cocoa powder, floor, and salt.
  6. Give the dry ingredients a stir, and then add a third of it to the wet ingredients and mix well.
  7. Mix in another egg and another third of the dry ingredients.
  8. Now add the final egg and the rest of the dry ingredients.
  9. Mix until you have a thick, smooth cake batter; add a splash of milk if needed.
  10. Split the cake mix between each large cake pan. Use a spoon to smooth the tops.
  11. Repeat steps three to ten for the small cakes.
  12. Bake the four small cakes for 15-20 minutes and the two large cakes for 20-25 minutes, until they feel springy to the touch. To ensure they are fully cooked, insert a skewer into the middle of each cake; it will come out clean if the cakes are cooked.
  13. Turn them out and leave until they are completely cool.

Assembly And Icing

  1. To make the buttercream icing, cream the butter until it is fluffy, mix in the icing sugar, then melt the chocolate and add that to the mixture. The icing needs to be firm and spreadable so if it is a bit runny, put it in the fridge until the consistency is right.
  2. Use a thin layer of buttercream to attach one of the large cakes to the cake board. Use a thicker layer of buttercream to stick the other large cake on top. This large layer cake is the head of your Minnie Mouse cake.
  3. Stick two of the small cakes together with buttercream, then do the same with the other two small cakes. These two small layer cakes are the Minnie Mouse ears.
  4. Position the Minnie Mouse ears at the top of the large layer cake.
  5. Take a sharp knife and cut semi-circles off the Minnie Mouse ears, so that they slot in place on the large cake.
  6. Use buttercream to attach the small cakes to the board and to the large cake.
  7. Cover the Minnie Mouse cake with the rest of the buttercream.

Image © Gione Josh Jorquin, under a Creative Commons license.

Minnie Mouse Cake Topper

  1. Print two Minnie Mouse face templates that match the size of your cake; cut one out and keep one of the templates to use for reference.
  2. Place your template onto black ready-to-roll fondant icing. Use a sharp knife to cut round it, then lay on to greaseproof paper.
  3. Cut the bow out of your paper template and use it to cut an edible bow out of red fondant.
  4. Repeat this step with for the Minnie Mouse face, using light beige fondant icing.
  5. Attach the face and bow to the black base using a little bit of water.
  6. Repeat step three, using white fondant icing for the Minnie Mouse eyes, and black for the nose and mouth. Attach to the face.
  7. Now, use the template to cut the tongue out of pink fondant and the pupils of eyes out of black.
  8. Use black icing pen to outline Minnie Mouse’s eyes, and to add the eyelashes, line under the eyes, sides of the mouth, and lines on the bow.
  9. Finally, use white icing pen to add the spots on Minnie Mouse’s bow.
  10. Once all the pieces of the Minnie Mouse face cake topper are dry and firmly in place, gently remove it from the greaseproof paper and attach to the top of your cake.

Tips And Recommendations

-Vegan-friendly butter and margarine alternatives and gluten-free flour are fine to use for your make Minnie Mouse cakes with.

-If possible, make Minnie Mouse cake toppers a few days before you make the birthday cake so that they have time to properly dry.

-You can also make the buttercream icing up to three days in advance, as long as you store it in the fridge. Stir it until it is smooth before you use it.

-If you don’t want to make the topper for your cake, Minnie Mouse toppers can be purchased ready-made, or you could use Minnie Mouse birthday cake decorations.

Image © Deva Williamson, under a Creative Commons license.

Alternative Methods

-If you’re looking for easier Disney birthday cake ideas, you’ll love this simple-to-make Minnie Mouse cake. Bake a large layer cake, cover with buttercream frosting, and attach a Minnie Mouse head cake topper or other Minnie Mouse cake decorations.

-If you’re good with a piping bag, use different coloured piped icing, rather than ready-to-roll icing, to create your Minnie Mouse face.

-Minnie Mouse cakes that are easy to grab are guaranteed to be a hit with your little princess. Back a batch of cupcakes, top with pipped red icing, and use Oreos for ears. Finish with white chocolate chips spots and edible sugar bows. Display in the shape of Minnie and add candles for a fab Minnie Mouse birthday cake.

Good To Know

-Young children will have fun helping you mix the ingredients, but any cutting should be saved for much older kids and done under supervision.

-To freeze your Minnie Mouse birthday cake for up to two months, put in the freezer unwrapped until the icing sets. Then wrap in two layers of cling film, followed by a layer of foil.

I have nine nieces and nephews, all ages seven and under. You can imagine what our holidays are like– the food is easy, the games are simple, and most everyone spends time either coloring, playing dress up or both.

So when my niece asked her mom to make a Minnie Mouse cake for her third birthday, my sister sprung into action and. called me.

I’d planned to be there for the big day (three is, after all, three whole fingers), so helping with the cake seemed like a fun idea.

We waited until the kids were in bed to get started, not because we were dreaming of some ultimate reveal, but more so because we didn’t know how much mental focus it would take to create something cute from cake pans and white icing.

As a note, I’m here to tell you that no specialty items were used to bake or decorate this cake. In fact, I forgot the round cake pans I was suppose to bring from my house. Instead, we used:

  • 1 glass pie plate
  • 1 9×13 casserole dish
  • 2 vanilla cake recipes (you can use boxed)
  • 1 batch of plain white icing (you can use store-bought)
  • 1 batch of chocolate icing (you can use store-bought)
  • 1 butter knife
  • 1 serrated knife
  • 1 toothpick
  • 4 glasses of wine (optional, for some)

I’d also suggest starting before 9pm. Ideally, you’d bake the cakes the day before you want to frost them in order to allow them time to cool. Otherwise, you’ll need to include those optional 4 glasses of wine and plan to stay up until about 1am.

Bake one full cake recipe in the 9×13 pan and bake according to your recipe’s directions. Let the cook cake cool completely, then flip it out onto a cutting board. If flipping a glass container over to remove the cake makes you nervous, use a different type of baking pan. Meanwhile, bake half a cake recipe in the glass pie plate. We used the remaining batter for cupcakes, but you could also make another “layer” if you wanted to serve at a different time, or discard the extra batter.

Once the cake in the pie plate is baked and cooled, flip it out onto the cutting board you wish to serve the cake on; we used a white plastic cutting board, which you can see in the picture. This, my friends, is Minnie’s head, so center it in the middle of the board but a little low so that you have room for her ears and oh-so important hair bow.

Using a round plastic container as your guide, cut two same-sized circles out of the 9×13 cake. You’ll want to cut the circles somewhat close together, or on opposite sides of the car, to ensure you have space to cut the bow. The circles, the ears, should be smaller than Minnie’s head, but you can make them whatever size you like. We used a whipped topping container to get our size. Remember, if they’re too large, you can always trim them down. Place the ears by Minnie’s head. We placed ours slightly askance, which gives Minny a hint of playfulness and whimsy, or just tells you how tired we were that we couldn’t even line up ears!

Finally, cut the bow. We free-handed the bow, but you could also draw a quick template of what you’d like it to look like and lay it on top of the cake, if that helps your cutting confidence. Above all else, remember, this is for a birthday party– the cake will be eaten, so don’t get too attached! Place the bow between the ears to make sure you have enough space between them, then set the bow aside; it’s easier to ice the ears without the bow in place at first.

Now that everything is in place (except the bow!) on your serving board, it’s time to decorate. I prefer to decorate using a picture as a guide, so I searched for images of Minnie, chose the expression I wanted (pure glee!), and got to work.

Start with your chocolate icing. Cover the ears with chocolate icing using a butter knife or a fancy icing tool, if your kitchen is so resourceful as to provide one. Next, use the chocolate icing to create Minnie’s hairline. If you look at pictures of her, her hair cuts in a little by her cheeks. Also, Minnie rocks a Widow’s Peak, in case you hadn’t noticed.

Next, get your white icing and divide it into three plastic bowls. One, you’ll leave totally white for Minnie’s eyes. To the second bowl, add a few drops of red food coloring, enough to create a pink-hued icing for Minnie’s face. Finally, use the third bowl to make a slightly darker pink for Minnie’s tongue. If you hate doing dishes, you can simply ice Minnie’s face, then add more red to make her tongue, and finally more red to make her hair bow a fabulous shade of pink, but I’m ahead of myself.

Once Minnie’s hair is done, ice her face in the lightest shade of pink. Then, add the white icing to make her eyes (you can either make ovals and top them with chocolate to finish her eyes or make mirrored semi-circles, then fill in the gaps with chocolate to complete her eyes). Use the chocolate to make her nose, then make her eyelashes by putting on a small amount of chocolate icing and dragging it away from her eyes with a toothpick. For her mouth, make a chocolate half circle, then drag chocolate lines with a toothpick to complete her smile. Use the second shade of pink to make heart in her chocolate mouth, which becomes her tongue.

Finally, un-frosted bow into place between the ears and ice it with the darker pink icing. My Minnie Mouse wore pink this day, but, as you Minnie Mouse fans know, Minnie has hundreds of outfits, so yours can wear a red hair bow or even one with polka dots. Ice the bow in your color of choice, then use the butter knife to create texture; I made a flat circle in the middle, then dragged the knife away from the center towards the edges to create a more bow-like feeling.

There you have it! A fairly-simple, super cost-effective custom birthday cake for your kiddo or, in my case, niece.

For the record, when she saw it the next day, she stared at it for about 30 seconds then let her smile slowly take over her face. “Is that Minnie Mouse cake for me?” she asked. I was happy to tell her that, yes, it most certainly was.

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Published February 15, 2019 Last Updated March 2, 2020 / By Jessica 12 Comments

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These Minnie Mouse Cupcakes are my favorite Disney Cupcakes to make! The adorable bows and mini oreo ears take these minnie cupcakes over the top!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Good morning friends! I am so excited to share these Minnie Mouse cupcakes with you, they have come to have such a special place in my heart! For those of you who don’t know, my Nora girl is three years old. She is my middle child, sandwiched between two brothers! She is my easygoing kid, and unfortunately sometimes that means she gets overlooked. To top it all off, her birthday is the week before Christmas, so you can imagine how that goes.

For awhile now, I have been wanting to do something special just for her, so she knows how much I love her. My parents were really good at making me feel special and loved, they always made an effort to cultivate interests that matched mine, and we have such a strong friendship now because of that. I thought about what Nora is loving, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse came to mind, but to make things a bit more fun and girly I decided to focus in on Minnie Mouse cupcakes!


How to make a minnie mouse cakeWe started off our special day with a healthy picnic on a new Minnie Mouse blanket! We got to get those nutrients in before we get to baking!

Nora loves to help me cook and bake, and I try not to let my kids eat sugary treats too often, so I knew that having a treat to go along with our Mommy/Daughter time would help make things special! I also wanted to keep it simple, since I didn’t want her to get bored and lose interest! I decided to make the cupcakes and bows the night before and stick them in the freezer and then during our time together we just frosted and assembled and it was so fun and easy!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

What you need to make the Minnie Cupcakes

1 box Strawberry Cake Mix

1 batch Pink Frosting

24 Pink or White Cupcake Liners

White Sixlets (or large white candy pearls)

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Obviously you could also use any from scratch cake recipe that you love (this Red Velvet cake recipe would be amazing) I am a minimalist, so whenever I am doing fancy garnishes I like to cut out some work for myself by doctoring up a box mix!

I have made more Minnie Mouse bow toppers over the years than I could ever count and I’m always asked how I do them. So, today I want to share with you how to make a Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Bow Topper with some simple essentials and a little experience.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

As you may think, it does take a few steps but they’re not hard to make and in the end – everybody loves the final result! Just imagine the look on your daughter/niece/little friend’s face when she sees the Minnie cake. Not to mention the appreciation from the other guests: “That’s amazing! How did you make it look so real?”. Well, you will all learn that from this article. So let’s get it started!

What You Need to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Topper

First of all, here are all the tools, ingredients, and other essentials you will need in order to succeed in this recipe.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

  • White gum paste;
  • Pink fondant (or gum paste);
  • Small Rolling Pin and mat;
  • Shortening;
  • Water or sugar glue;
  • small paintbrush;
  • Small pastry wheel;
  • Xacto knife or scalpel;
  • Ribbon Cutter;
  • Mini Circle Cutter or punch/plunger;
  • Two bubble tea straws or dowel rods (not pictured).

Minnie Mouse Bow Topper: Step-by-Step Image Tutorial

All in all, these 10 steps will make it clear to everybody what exactly you should do in order to achieve the sweet Minnie Mouse bow topper from the image. So, follow closely the instructions and your success will be guaranteed!

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Cake Topper: Step 1

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Roll out the white gum paste and then cut it into a rectangle using your pastry wheel and a ruler (if you need to). The size can vary depending on how big of a bow you need, but for this bow, it was 9″ long by 3″ wide.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Cake Topper: Step 2

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Now it’s time to add polka dots!! I like to use shortening to adhere the dots to the gum paste. I brush down the entire surface with a very thin layer, then use a paper towel to wipe off any excess. Shortening is not as messy as sugar glue or water, but those would work too if you prefer.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Cake Topper: Step 3

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Roll out your pink fondant or gum paste, then cut out lots of tiny circles and lay them on your gum paste. I tried to keep mine pretty evenly spaced but they don’t need to be in a perfect pattern.

I love using a circle plunger/cutter because it makes the polka dots so easy, but you could also use a mini circle cutter or even the end of a frosting tip to cut the circles. Also, you can make them as big or as small as you want. These were just under half an inch.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Cake Topper: Steps 4 and 5

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Once the dots are in place, flip the white over and cut it into a rectangle. You can make the bow as big or small as you want but mine was 9″ long and 3 wide.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Now, using water or sugar glue, paint the ends of the rectangle, then fold and pinch the ends together for what will be the center of the bow.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Cake Topper: Steps 6 and 7

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Flip the bow over then fold the ends together. (oops – one of my dots popped off!)

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Now use your fingers to pinch the back of the bow down to match the front. The gum paste should still be pliable so you can manipulate it without cracking. Once you have it shaped, flip it back over.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Cake Topper: Steps 8 and 9

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Using some of the gum paste you trimmed when you cut the rectangle, cut out 2 smaller rectangles to add the knot at the center of the bow. These need to be around 3″ long and about half an inch wide. I cut two, then layer them together and wrap them around the center of the bow.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Use a little sugar glue to secure the knot on the back then use bubble tea straws or dowel rods to shape the loops while it dries. I like to put straws through the loops, then stand it up to dry because that’s how it’ll be on the cake.

How to Make a Minnie Mouse Bow Cake Topper: Final Step

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Finally, let the bow dry overnight or at least 12 hours, then slide the straws out and it’s ready to go! Last but not least, I used melted white chocolate to secure mine to the cake!!

And you’re all set – a super cute Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Bow Topper! If you’d like to know how to make Minnie’s ears, I also have a tutorial for that here on Rose Bakes.

Happy Caking!

All in all, this is all you need to know in order to create a sweet, dotted Minnie Mouse bow topper for your little princess. If you follow closely these ten steps and you use the tools and ingredients listed, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. However, if anything was unclear from my tutorial, or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask them in the comments section below.

Also, I would love to hear all your thoughts, advice, and even improvements about this recipe of mine. So, anything on this topic is expected in the comment section! Not to mention, I am super excited to hear everything about your experience with the Minnie Mouse bow topper.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Minnie Mouse Cake Recipe | Minnie Mouse Cake with buttercream frosting | Kids Birthday Cake recipe with step-by-step pictures and instructions. Learn how to make Minnie Mouse Cake for kids’ birthday party. The base of the cake is whole wheat chocolate cake sweetened with brown sugar and frosted with American Buttercream Frosting.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

This is a long pending post and finally making it to the blog. I made this for my second daughter’s birthday last August. I always plan ahead for kids’ birthdays and decide what cake to make and start searching for designs, ideas from the internet. My kids demanded Mickey mouse or Minnie mouse cake. After a lot of research, finally decided to go with a simple Minnie mouse cake without fondants.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I made a big cake and cut it in the shape of a Minnie mouse. Due to lockdown, could not get the correct colors for the cake. Everything was out of stock and no online delivery at that time. So managed with colors I had in hand. It indeed turned out good with shape and taste. Check out other varieties I made in my birthday party platter .

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Some other celebration cake recipes from the blog

Your child’s Minnie Mouse party will be magical with the help of the 10 Cutest Minnie Mouse Cakes! Instead of whipping up a homemade Minnie Mouse cake, why not get some ideas for a Disney Minnie Mouse cake that will wow your guests and delight the birthday girl!

Are you planning a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party for your little one? Since the birthday cake is the centerpiece of the dessert table and everyone’s favorite party dessert, check out the 10 Cutest Minnie Mouse Cakes for a Disney Minnie Mouse party! There are so many awesome Minnie Mouse cake designs, so if you don’t know how to make a Minnie Mouse cake of your own, you can use this inspiration to show to your local baker.

Minnie Mouse is such a popular party theme, especially for a first birthday. I mean who doesn’t love Minnie Mouse, right?! There are tons of Minnie Mouse party ideas where you can find inspiration for decorations, food, party favors, desserts, cake toppers, and more! You can even find the cutest Minnie Mouse party outfit for your little one’s big celebration.
How to make a minnie mouse cake[convertkit form=4996735]

  • If you’re in love with all things Disney, check out these Amazing Disney-Inspired Birthday Cakes.
  • Another awesome dessert for your Minnie Mouse party is Minnie Mouse Cookies. Get the tutorial from our Easy Mickey Mouse Cookies to make them for your Minnie party!

Shop these Minnie Mouse Party Supplies and Decorations:

  • Minnie Bowtique Party Pack for 16
  • Minnie Mouse Ear Headbands
  • Minnie Mouse Happy Birthday Banner
  • Minnie Mouse Party Favor Bags
  • Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Decorations
  • Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Candles
    How to make a minnie mouse cake

This perfectly designed Minnie Mouse Birthday Party Cake by Lenka Sweet Dreams is one of our absolute favorites for this Disney theme! Our favorite detail is the Minnie Mouse design in a pink heart in the center of the cake. The birthday girl’s name is underneath in Disney-inspired lettering – what a great touch! Minnie ears and pink bows fill the bottom layer and we can’t forget about some pink polka dots. The top layer of this three-tiered birthday cake design features the birthday girl’s age. The cake topper is simple a pretty pink and white polka dot bow.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Next, this Disney Minnie Mouse Cake by Jillin25 features pink and white layers, followed by polka dot fondant on each layer. Pretty pink bows adorn the bottom of each layer, along with black and white polka dot ribbon. A big number 1 is front and center with the birthday girl’s name above it. The cake topper is a set of black Minnie ears with a white bow. What a pretty cake design for this theme.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

This sweet Minnie Mouse Cake from Kathy Co. is another one of our top favorite birthday cakes for this Disney theme. The top represents Minnie’s head and ears, but what’s so unique about it is that it features pink rosettes. The birthday girl’s name in Disney inspired lettering is front and center on the second cake layer, while the bottom of the cake features pink and white polka dots and small flowers. What a unique way to design a Minnie Mouse birthday cake. Are you loving the 10 Cutest Minnie Mouse Cakes yet?!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

A traditional red, white, black and yellow Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake designed by Flowers For Bella is certainly pretty with a yellow bow! Inspired by Minnie Mouse and her pretty dress, this cake is topped with Minnie Mouse ears. What a beautiful party cake.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

This pink, white and black polka dot Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake by Cathy230 also features cute cupcakes. What a special and girly design for a second birthday.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Pretty polka dots and bows seem to be the favorite details on these Minnie cakes, but we love this Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Cake with a matching pink cupcake topped with Minnie ears from Love Me Some Cake.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Don’t you just love how this Minnie Mouse design from Gina Falopez has a bottom layer made to look like a pink and white polka dot skirt?! The cake is topped with Minnie ears and the birthday girl’s name. What a cute birthday cake for a second birthday!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

We love the mix of pinks and purples in this Minnie Mouse Cake from Karolyn’s Kakes. Polka dots, bows and Minnie Mouse ears make this adorable cake complete. We’ve seen a lot of Minnie Mouse themes done in the traditional black and red or pink and black, but adding purple into the mix is our favorite!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Y’all know how much we love surprises and this Surprise Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake from Zeek71 is so creative and unique. It’s like Minnie just popped out of a present! The pink, white and black two-layered birthday cake features black Minnie ears with pink bows. The top layer is pink with white polka dots. With Minnie as the cake topper, this birthday surprise is perfect for any Minnie Mouse fan!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

No matter which Minnie Mouse color palette you choose, the party and cake will be fabulous. Any little girl will adore this Red, White and Black Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake from jaklotz1. This two-tiered cake features adorable fondant Minnie Mouse ears with a bow and Minnie ears as the cake topper! The top layer is red with white polka dots. This cake is simple, yet totally adorable for a red, black and white Minnie Mouse Party.

If you’re planning a Minnie Mouse themed party, don’t forget that the cake is one of the most important details of the whole party! Which of these 10 Cutest Minnie Mouse Cakes are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

My daughter absolutely adores Minnie Mouse, so for her second birthday, I wanted to make her a Minnie Mouse cake. I made her a large Minnie Mouse cake on her actual birthday and Minnie Mouse cupcakes for her birthday party the following week. I am by no means a professional cake decorator, but I thought they turned out pretty cool and my daughter loved what she called her “Mimmy cake”.

Large Minnie Mouse Cake


– Ingredients needed for the Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” chocolate cake recipe

– One round 9″ cake pan

– At least one round glass cake pan/baking dish about 5″ in diameter (to be used for the ears and the bow)

– Pink frosting – or – the ingredients needed for white frosting + pink food coloring

– White icing for the polka dots on the bow


In order to make the large Minnie Mouse cake, I used a 9″ round cake pan for the head and my two glass Pyrex bowls (that have a diameter of approximately 5″) for the ears. I used the Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” chocolate cake recipe and the Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” chocolate frosting recipe. The recipes for the cake and the frosting can be found here. Simply follow the recipe, but instead of using two 9″ round cake pans like it calls for, use one 9″ round cake pan and two smaller round pans or baking dishes for the ears. Make sure you use enough grease and flour in the bottom of the pans so that you can easily remove the cakes. Once they are cool, arrange the cakes on a large plate or platter so that they resemble Minnie Mouse’s head and ears. Then follow the Hershey’s frosting recipe and frost the cake. Next, I explain how to make the bow.

I ended up with enough leftover batter that I was able to bake a third small cake the same size as the ears. It was slightly thinner, but not much. I figured we would just use it as extra cake. I was trying to figure out how to make a bow so that the cake officially looked like Minnie Mouse instead of Mickey Mouse and my husband suggested using the leftover cake to cut a bow shape from that. I didn’t know how it would turn out, thinking that the cake would probably crumble when I started to cut it, but it actually held together nice and was pretty easy to cut! I simply cut a section out of the top and a section out of the bottom to create a bow shape. The picture below shows the result.

Since I didn’t know ahead of time how I would make a bow, I didn’t have any pink frosting on hand. I made some white frosting and dyed it using pink gel food color that I had leftover from Easter. The white icing recipe I used can be found here. After frosting the “bow” cake with the pink icing, I carefully placed it on top of the large cake between the ears. The next step of putting the white polka dots on the bow is when I got a little sloppy because I was rushing to finish before my daughter was up from her nap. I used a tube of Cake Mate white icing but I didn’t have any decorating tips to use with it, so the polka dots came out a little large and distorted. I would definitely recommend using a decorating tip so they come out neater. Finally, I used a knife to outline the center of the bow to give it some definition. Below is the end result minus the candles! I put one candle in the center of each ear since my daughter was turning two and it looked really cute. Oh yeah, and it tasted pretty great too!

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes


– Ingredients needed for the Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” chocolate cake recipe

– Ingredients needed for white frosting

– Pink food coloring

– Polka dot cupcake wrappers (I found mine at Michaels)

– Mini Oreo cookies

– Pink candy melts (I found mine at Michaels)


Believe it or not, these Minnie Mouse cupcakes were easier to make than the large Minnie Mouse cake. I followed the same recipe (The Hershey’s “Perfectly Chocolate” chocolate cake recipe) since everyone that tried the large Minnie Mouse cake said it tasted delicious. I made the same white icing from before (recipe found here) and dyed it pink using pink gel food coloring. After frosting the cupcakes with the pink frosting, I used Mini Oreo cookies and pushed them into the icing just far enough to get them to stand up on their own and resemble Minnie Mouse ears.

Finally, for the bows, I used Wilton’s pink candy melts and this bow mold ( Bite Size Bows ). I simply melted the pink candy melts and used an icing decorating tool to fill each bow mold with the melted candy. I slightly tapped the mold to remove air bubbles as the directions from the mold recommended to do and placed it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Then I removed the bows from the molds and continued making batches of them until there were enough for all of the cupcakes. I actually made the bows a few days before making the cupcakes and they held up just fine. If you are going to make these cupcakes for a party, I would suggest making the bows a day or two ahead of time just so it’s one less thing you would have to do on the day of the party. I placed a bow on each cupcake between the Oreo ears and they were finished. Can you spot the cupcake with the missing bow in the picture!? I know I caught it before the party but took my pictures ahead of time!

Feel free to post comments here or on my Facebook page!

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

How’s that for a title?! When I was researching cakes for my daughter’s Mickey Mouse birthday party, I found that most of them required a fancy Wilton pan and/or frosting or fondant chock full of red and black food coloring. Neither of those qualities worked for me because A) I didn’t want to drop $20 on a one-time use pan and 2) ew. Instead, I found a way to make a cute Mickey Mouse Cake without the fancy pan or added food coloring. And, as a bonus, it was both easy and delicious.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to Make a Mickey Cake

Supplies You Will Need to Make a Homemade Mickey Birthday Cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

You can see how nicely the proportions of the standard round cake pan and the dollar store pans work together to make the classic Mickey Mouse silhouette. Dollar Tree sells the foil pans 4/$1 so I doubled them up to make them more sturdy. You can also find them at the grocery store or online for slightly more if your dollar store doesn’t have them in stock.

These are all affiliate links, if you make a purchase (of anything from the site, not just these items) after clicking through, I will earn a small commission. Ads and affiliate links are the way I am able to keep this website running and to offer you free tutorials all year long. Thank you so much for supporting me and Mad in Crafts!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Want to know which craft supplies I always keep in my craft room?
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Improving the Taste of Boxed Cake Mixes

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I used a Pinterest trick to make baking the cake even easier. Instead of following the directions on the cake mix package, I just added 1 cup of water and 6 ounces of Greek yogurt to the mix. I used Chobani’s Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, but plain Greek yogurt would work too.

The trick definitely made the baking process super quick, but I am not sure if I am sold on it or not. I used the absolute cheapest chocolate cake mix I could find, and I think that might have screwed up the texture of the cake. It was not as light as I would have liked. I will try the Greek yogurt trick with a less cheapskate mix and let you know how it turns out.

Baking and Assembling a Mickey Mouse Cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I mixed up a double batch of the batter to make the cakes and the We’ve Got Ears cupcakes. I poured the batter into the pans, trying to keep the depth of the batter even among the three pans.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I baked the cakes at 350 for 32 minutes, and they were perfectly done.

Ooh! The marks left by the foil pans would make perfect guidelines for truck wheels! ((Filing away for the future))

How Do You “Frost” the Mickey Cake?

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I cut each cake into two layers, smooshed chocolate Bettercreme frosting down, and restacked them. Then, in a stroke of brilliance, I decided to replace the typical icky black frosting with… wait for it… CHOCOLATE GANACHE! Ganache is so easy to make and tastes SO much better than standard frosting or black fondant.

Be sure to add any additional non-frosting decorations, like sprinkles or jimmies, before the ganache has completely cooled. Once the ganache hardens to room temperature, it is nearly impossible to get them to stick.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I think the cake turned out especially well, and there was no need for a special cake pan or gobs of colored frosting.

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Minnie Mouse is a popular cartoon character, and she is also a very popular cake idea. When you’re looking for a Minnie Mouse cake, you can be sure to find one in this guide.

Minnie Mouse Cake Ideas:

Minnie mouse cake ideas are usually pretty easy to come up with and they’re perfect for parties or celebrations. Some of the most popular Minnie Mouse cakes are the Minnie mouse cupcakes, Minnie mouse wedding cake, and the Minnie mouse cookies.

Minnie Mouse Cake Ideas is a blog that shares the most creative and delicious cake ideas for Minnie Mouse cakes.

This article is about the different ideas that you can use to make a cake for your little one. If you are looking for some inspiration, then this article is just what you need.

Minnie Mouse is a popular character and Disney’s most iconic character. The cake ideas for Minnie Mouse cakes are quite extensive and there are many ways to make your own.

When it comes to making a cake for Minnie, you don’t need to be an expert in baking cakes or decorating cakes. You can simply use this guide and find out what the best way is for you to make your own Minnie Mouse cake.

In this article, I will be sharing some of my favorite Minnie Mouse cake ideas.

Minnie Mouse Cake Ideas

  • Cake in a Jar
  • Minnie Mouse Cake Pops
  • Mini Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
  • Mini Minnies in a Jar

Minnie Mouse is a popular character in Disney, and she is also a part of the Disney brand. This article will discuss the different ways that people can celebrate Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse Cake Ideas:

  • – Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake:
  • – Minnie Mouse Cupcakes:
  • – Minnie Mouse Cookies:
  • – Minnie Mouse Ice Cream Sandwiches

Minnie Mouse is a popular character and has a wide range of merchandise. Some people love to bake cakes for their friends and family, so here are some ideas for cakes that can be made with Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse cake ideas include:

  • – Minnie Mouse cupcakes
  • – Minnie Mouse birthday cake
  • – Minnie Mouse birthday cake with candles

I’ve have been making so many cakes lately, I haven’t had any time to blog. Honestly I’ve been getting a little overwhelmed by cake request: baby showers, birthdays, engagement parties. Cakes are just a hobby of mine, so I have to be careful not to let it slip from being an enjoyable pastime to a chore.

Anyway, here is a little cake I made from my sister-in-law’s sister’s step-grandchild. Does that make sense? Happy Birthday, Molly.

The poor little girl’s birthday fell during the height of the 2018 Mardi Gras season so her mom couldn’t find a bakery willing to make a cake. FYI: During the Mardi Gras season, bakeries in New Orleans turn their shops into King Cake making assembly lines. Apparently King Cakes are more profitable than regular cakes and pastries. Strangely in the Cajun/Creole city of New Orleans the hottest selling King Cake is made by a Vietnamese bakery name Dong Phuong. DP went from selling 80 King Cakes in the 2008 season, to selling 80,000 in 2017. In 2018 they won the James Beard Award for American Cuisine, and demand for their cakes sky rocketed. People have been lining up outside the bakery and waiting in line for 2 hours to get one of their King Cakes. No telling how many Kings Cakes they will sell this season. Congrats Dong Phuong.

So little Molly is crazy about Minnie Mouse, and her mom requested a simple cake with ears and a bow. For the free standing ears I just cut out circles from black fondant mixed with a little Gum-Tex. I cover the fondant with plastic wrap so that the top edge would have a rounded look instead of sharp edge.

I attached a bamboo stick to the back and let it dry for a few days till it hardened. The letters I made using a cute Funky Alphabet cutter from CK Products.

The bow was next. I wanted a polka dot bow so I pushed white dots into the pink fondant.

I cut out a strip about 2” wide and 11” long. Folded the ends over toward the center.

Crimped the top edges, and then stuck the crimped side to the flat bottom piece.

Instead of crimping the bottom section to make it match the top, I just trimmed the bottom section to a size that was slightly smaller than the top.

I wrapped a 1/2″ piece around the center to form the “knot”, and then stuffed plastic wrap inside the bow to hold the shape as it dried.

For the little bows I just made a paper template, and stuck the fondant cutouts together.

I used cotton swabs (wrapped in plastic wrap) to hold the bow open as it dried.

The cake assembly was really easy. I just cut out some mouse silhouettes out of black fondant and stuck them to the cake. The hardest part was making sure there was an equal distance between each silhouette.

I glued the little bow to the silhouette with a bit of melted white chocolate, and used the same white chocolate to make the dots on the little bows. Next I put the ears and the big bow on top of the cake, and finally a border and a few pick flowers to completed the cake.

So cute, and actually one of the easier cakes I have done. Happy Birthday, Molly!

H appy Decorating,



Supply List:

We heart a good birthday party and all the memories that come with it. Here’s how a Minnie Mouse cake was baked and decorated beautifully! Using an inexpensive Wilton Cake pan $12- shaped just like Mickey Mouse made this very easy to do. And to easily make it a “Minnie Mouse” cake, just add that pink ribbon bow! Love it!

Creating a cake to match your party theme perfectly adds just the right touch to your party to make it extra special and memorable for both your guests and the birthday girl or boy.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

My best friend’s Mom always makes the most amazing cakes and this one was no exception. She said it was one of her easiest cakes ever. The ribbon on top turned Mickey into Minnie. And the Wilton Cake pan only costs about $12 on Amazon!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

The kids loved sporting the little Mouse ears too!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

For the icing, Kelli’s Mom only used the “black” dyed icing for the nose and to improve taste on the entire cake, she made the ears a dark chocolate icing from a standard Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker style pre-made tub. I never would have noticed this color discrepancy if she didn’t tell me how she made the icing taste so yummy.

And she just applied all the icing using a pastry tube. Impressive!

Of course, no 5 year old birthday party is complete without cupcakes. So Kelli and her Mom had these out for all of Ava’s guests to devour too.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

The best part of the party – no matter what kind of cake you make – is celebrating with friends. I love seeing my Kenzie sharing such a fun friendship with the daughter’s of my two best friends. Oh how these girls adore each other!

Published: Sep 27, 2020 · Modified: Oct 24, 2020 by Priya Maha

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Here is a Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake I made for a sweet little girl for her first birthday. I decorated this cake based on a picture provided by the girl’s mother. And she wanted the cake to look exactly as in the image she provided.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake in the shape of ‘1’

Since the design was not mine (I merely recreated it with some slight tweaking), I did an internet search to see if I can find the original designer. And to my surprise, I found many variations of this design (similar to another Minnie Mouse cake I made previously based on a customer request), so again I am not quite sure who is the original designer.

This was a very pretty cake. It turned out very pretty and my customer was totally happy. Her exact words were ‘This cake is better than the photo I gave you’. That made my day and so I am sharing here how I made this pretty Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake.

How to Make Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

Main supplies for the cake:

Raw materials

  • Cake – I baked a marble cake for this project and it was an orange chocolate marble cake.
  • Number “1” template – I don’t have a ‘1’ shaped cake tin. So I had to carve the ‘1’ out of a rectangle cake.
  • Buttercream – I filled the cake with buttercream and crumb coated with buttercream.
  • Fondant – The whole cake was covered in fondant. I used Satin Ice in 3 main colors, i.e., white, light pink, and dark pink. The other color I used was green and it was only for the tiny leaves on the cake.
  • Edible image – Minnie Mouse’s image on the cake was an edible image print. I downloaded it from the internet and ordered the print from a local supplier.
  • Fondant cupcake image – I cut out the cupcake in fondant. I then hand-painted it to match the cupcake in the image provided to me. For the outline, I used my black edible ink pen.
  • Shortening – I used shortening to attach all my fondant cut-outs on the cake including the cake borders.


  • Sugar Paste Extruder– I used the tool fitted with a circular disc to pipe out the border for the cake edges. I also used the same for the fondant plaque frame with the birthday girl’s name.
  • Clikstix Groovy Letter Cutter – I used Clikstix alphabet cutters for the ‘Happy birthday’ phrase. I also used it for the girl’s name.
  • Flower Plunger Cutter, Round Plunger Cutters and Oval Plunger Cutters- The flower cutters were used for the tiny flowers at both ends of the “happy birthday’ message as well as the girl’s name. As for the round cutters, I used them in 2 sizes. One for the white polka dots on the cake. The other, a slightly larger one for the large pink dots on the cake board. The oval cutters were used for the tiny green leaves placed near the flowers.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake in polka dots design

Assembling the Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake:

Baking the cake

  • I started by baking the cake. My original marble cake recipe here is a combination of vanilla and chocolate cake batter. To make orange chocolate marble cake, simply replace vanilla essence and milk in the plain batter with grated orange rind and freshly squeezed orange juice.

The number 1 template

  • Since I did not have a ‘1’ shaped cake tin, I made my own cake template. I drew the number ‘1’ on a piece of A3 paper. And I used it to carve the cake out of a rectangle cake.

Carving the cake

  • To optimize the cake, I split the template into 2. I carved the cake in 2 sections. The long vertical part of the number ‘1’ formed the first part. And the horizontal base of the number ‘1’ was the second.
  • Next, I carved the cake, using my templates as a guide. After that, I crumb coated the cake and did the fondant covering. I did this by sections, starting with the top and then the sides. I covered the sides with a darker shade of pink. For the cake border, I piped out a long thin roll of dark pink fondant using my extruder tool. I attached it all around the base of the cake.

Minnie Mouse and the cupcake images

  • Next to go on the cake were Minnie Mouse and the cupcake images. The name plaque with the girl’s name went on next. I also added the “happy birthday’ wordings on the cake board.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Minnie Mouse baby for the Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Cupcake image cut out of fondant for the Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake

The polka dots

  • The polka dots were the next step. If you notice carefully, I arranged them in a pattern. This is to make sure I space them out consistently. Where they fall on Minnie Mouse or the cupcake or even the name plaque, I cut the dots off so that they fit on the cake naturally.
  • And the final touch up for the cake were the tiny flowers and the matching green leaves. I used a small oval cutter to cut out the leaves. I then pinched one end of the cutouts to form the leaves.

And that’s my Minnie Mouse 1st birthday cake decorating guide.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

It’s Friday, it’s Friday and I have lots and lots of things to do! But for now, I’m going to tell you about this Pink Ombre Minnie Mouse Cake!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

This cake was 5 layers of white cake tinted different shades of pink so that the outside matched the inside. sort of like the Ombre Ruffles Princess cake. remember?

Here’s a picture I took (in very bad lighting) of the inside of the cake before decorating.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Isn’t that pretty cool? I wish I had a picture of it cut, but you’ll just have to imagine! Oh, and the cakes were done in 9″ round pans.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

To do this cake, I used my always handy Wilton 1M tip and did the buttercream roses. You can scroll through all of my buttercream roses cakes here.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

For the topper, I baked Minnie’s “head” in the Wilton Sports Ball pan then covered it in buttercream and Satin Ice Black Vanilla fondant.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

The ears were made ahead of time. For those, I mixed Tylose into the fondant, rolled it out and cut the circles. Then I let them dry for a couple of days. I “glued” lollipop sticks to the back of the ears with sugar glue then put strips of fondant over them to secure them.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I made the bow with gum paste so it would dry hard and stand up. easy-peasy! I have a tutorial for a similar bow here 🙂

How to make a minnie mouse cake

For Miah’s name on the front, I used my Funky Alphabet cutters, then laid the letters on white fondant and used an Xacto knife to cut out a background. I made the “2” by hand and tried to match the fondant!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

And that’s it. I don’t think there’s anything else to tell you about this cake!

Sooo, do you have any questions about this cake? Please leave me a comment and I’ll answer and help out if I can!

About Rose Atwater

Rose Atwater is the founder and cake decorator behind Rose Bakes. She is baker, cake decorator, author, wife to Richy and homeschooling mommy to 6 wonderful kiddos! Her work has been featured in American Cake Decorating Magazine, Cakes Decor, Pretty Witty Cakes Magazine, Huffington Post and Cake Geek Magazine. Learn more here.

Reader Interactions


Linda Harvey Reed

May 24, 2013 at 2:53 pm

I’m new to cake decorating and so appreciate your tutorial. My first goal is to master the rose swirl. And then I’m going to dive right in! Thanks for the inspiration.

May 24, 2013 at 4:19 pm

Linda Harvey Reed

May 24, 2013 at 2:54 pm

I forgot that I had a question. Is there anything that is run down through the middle of this cake to keep it stable and straight up and down?

Vanilla Oreo® cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. These were a huge hit with the kids and tasted so good. They were so much better than using a packaged cake mix. The cream cheese frosting went really well with the Oreo®’s. As the birthday cake lady, this is now my go-to cream cheese frosting, and I will never buy a box cake mix again.


Recipe Summary


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line 36 cupcake cups with paper liners.

Twist 36 cookies apart carefully. Break the side without cream into quarters and place in a bowl; toss in 2 tablespoons flour so that they don’t stick together. Place the cookies with cream into the bottoms of each cupcake cup, cream-side-up.

Whisk 3 1/3 cups flour, baking powder, and salt together in a separate bowl.

Beat butter using an electric mixer with a flex edge attachment in another bowl until creamy and fluffy, about 5 minutes. Beat in sugar, milk, and vanilla extract using a wire attachment. Mix in flour mixture slowly until well blended using the flex edge attachment. Add egg whites and beat for 2 minutes. Fold in quartered cookies.

Spoon batter into the prepared muffin cups, filling each 3/4 full.

Bake in the preheated oven until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven transfer to a wire rack to cool completely, about 30 minutes.

Mix softened butter and vanilla extract together using an electric mixer in a mixing bowl until completely combined. Add powdered sugar, 1 cup at a time, mixing slowly until incorporated. Increase speed to medium-high and beat, scraping the sides of the bowl often, until frosting appears dry.

Dip 2 toothpicks into food coloring twice and mix into frosting. Frost cupcakes as desired and decorate using mini chocolate cookies.

Cook’s Notes:

For the bows, I found ribbon at Michael’s(R) and made my own, but only got 24 out of a roll. I ended up buying 12 more pre-made bows at Wal-Mart(R) and they looked much better. I also bought blank barrettes, so a few of the bows could be re-purposed.

Use a decorating bag or zip-top plastic bag and a Wilton(R) 2D decorating tip for frosting.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my privacy policy and disclosure.

Minnie Mouse has a soft spot in my heart. I think she’s my favorite Disney character because of her fabulous fashion sense. What can I say, she had me from her big bows, polka dots, platform shoes, and those ruffled undies. oh hello.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

So I was quite excited when I was commissioned by Heartmuch Weddings & Events to make not one but two Minnie Mouse inspired cakes for two little sisters celebrating milestones in their lives. One sister is having her baptism and the older sister is celebrating her 3rd birthday.

This Minnie Mouse party has a different twist to the theme. I was told that it would be a vintage Minnie Mouse and instead of the usual black, pink and red polka dots, the colors used were softer shades of pink and peaches. Hot air balloons were included as well to add to the vintage feel.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Vintage Minnie Mouse Cake with Hot Air Balloon

The main celebration of the event was the little sister Viera’s baptism. For her cake I made 2 tiers of red velvet cake. I made the hot air balloon out of gum paste in advance so it would get firm and solid. I printed an image of a hot air balloon and traced it from there. I also made a ribbon banner at the same time as well and I just did it by hand, no templates needed.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I was shown a picture of the canopy that they were going to use for the dessert table. The fabric used had stripes, so I incorporated the stripes on the bottom tier. I used one of my favorite cake decorating tools, a fondant ribbon cutter to cut out the stripes.

For the top tier I used this rounded petal flower cutter to make the clouds, just cut the bottom part and voila, instant clouds. I attached the hot air balloon to the cake with some royal icing.

Before attaching the ribbon banner, I wrote the celebrant’s name with a black edible marker. The bottom part of the banner is actually long enough so that it can be attached to the cake so that it will hold better. So the backside of the banner is attached with royal icing to the cake and the front is attached to the hot air balloon.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

For the silhouette of Minnie Mouse I simply used round plunger cutters of 2 different sizes, a big one for the face and a smaller one for the ears. For the bow, I lucked out because I found these heart sprinkles and I just used two of those hearts to make a bow.

Vintage Minnie Mouse had a hat with a flower. I made the hat out of rice krispies and covered it in fondant. To make the lip of the hat, I cut out a strip of fondant and attached it to the bottom part of the base.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I also made the flower in advance so that it will dry. I just free hand cut the gum paste then attached the wire by sandwiching it with the flower and another small ball of gum paste. I use black edible marker to trace the outline of the flowers.

For the baby blocks, I covered plastic blocks with fondant and used Tappits to cut the letters.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

For the bigger sister’s birthday cake, I went for the classic polka dot Minnie Mouse bow. I made a fondant bow and simply added dots.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I used a number 3 template (I just went on Word program and looked for a number 3 that I liked), and cut that out of gum paste as well. I also cut out a ribbon banner similar to the other cake and let those dry as well.

I used a beautiful stencil that I got from The Stencil Closet. I used the pattern called the Curvy Herringbone and I used royal icing to do the stencil on the sides of the cake. I just love how it turned out. I used a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter to do her silhouette but you can use circle cutters as well.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I finished the cake with some blossoms cut with these flower plungers.

Oh, and I also made cupcakes and decorated those with blossoms too.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Vintage Minnie Mouse Party

Here are some images of the party styled by Heartmuch Weddings & Events . They did such a great job on creating the dessert table and the decorations of the event. I especially love the hot air balloon centerpiece. Pictures taken by Adi Photography.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

If you have any questions on how I made the Minnie Mouse cake just leave a comment below. I would to hear from ya!

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Disclosure: Please note some of the links in this post may be affiliate links, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. This doesn’t cost you anything additional and I truly appreciate this support, thank you!

Introduction: Easy Minnie Mouse Cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Need to make a quick and easy Minnie Mouse cake for any occasion! This instructable will tell you how!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Cake (from scratch or a box) – 1 9″ round and 1 6″ round
Fondant (homemade or bought)
Butter cream frosting (homemade or bought)
Rolling pin
Vodka (yes vodka)
Food coloring (I use Wilton gels)
Shot glass
Coffee Mug
Decorating Tips
Wired pink ribbon
paint brush
Wax paper
Cake board (10″ round)
Decorating bag and tips

Step 2: Make the Cake

Bake a 9″ round cake then freeze it, once your cake is frozen you can spread your butter cream frosting very easily and evenly. Much easier than frosting the cake at room temp.

For the bottom of this cake, I used white butter cream. I’d give you my recipe but it’s a guarded secret. 😉

For the second lay bake a 6″ round cake, freeze it, then frost is a lovely pink.

To make your butter cream frosting pink – add a dash of red and smidgen of black. The black will deepen the color but you barely wat to use any.

Step 3: Fondant Flair

Roll out your fondant evenly. To make my circles I got creative. The larger ears were made pressing a coffee cup down into the fondant. The medium circles were made with a shot glass and the tinny circles were created using one of my decorating tips. You can pick up the fondant and smooth the edges, I was in a hurry and skipped this step, but it can easily be done.

Step 4: Paint the Fondant

Now you need to paint your fondant. Yes, you could dye your fondant while you make it, however, I prefer painting it because the colors are richer.

To make your dye flow and get the rick color on you need to mix up your “paint”

Teaspoon of vodka and enough food coloring (in this case black) to make the liquid look black.

Do not freak out!! The vodka will evaporate, the alcohol will not be left you will not be given small children a buzz.

Take your paint brush and brush on the liquid black, let this dry completely before serving (see above for why)

Step 5: Minnie Your Mouse

Place your black ears on the back of the mouse make sure they sick out of the top. Take your white fondant circles and place them around the pink top cake.

Use your ribbon with wire to go around the bottom of the cake and tie a bow.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Pipe around the top tier of the cake. On the white part of the cake create a small Minnie Face with a medium circle and two small circles. Pipe a bow on the top. Pipe on your saying.

I wound up making a second 6″ cake for this birthday party in a different flavor, I decorated it very similarly.

Learn how to make Mickey and Minnie Cake Pops. Tutorial with photos plus all the details of our trip to Disney World and Epcot.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Micky and Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

Guess where I just got back from!!

That’s right! Sea World!

Hahahaha! Ok, ok… just joking!

We just spent three fun filled days at Walt Disney World!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

We were planning on going to Disney World for my Little Cup’s 7th birthday in February. The weekend we were planning on going was just three days after the tickets for the Food Blog Forum went on sale. So I talked with Mr. Quart about postponing the trip and us all going to Orlando for the conference.

And that’s just what we did!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Lucky for us, we travel standby so there were no tickets to deal with. And, because we never really know exactly what day we’ll travel on, we don’t book hotels until the very last minute.

Fast Forward from February to June, and now we’re at Disney World!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

We left on a Thursday so that we could maximize the three day park hopper passes that Disney was so generous to provide to the conference attendants. On Friday, we got up, checked out of the Disney Movie All-Stars resort, checked in to the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, got the conference info and park passes, and got going over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

We had never been before, so we jumped on the Kilimanjaro Safaris. My daughter LOVED it! She’s an animal lover and this was just perfect for her.

She really enjoyed walking around and seeing all the animals in the park. It was like a zoo on steroids!

We came back to the hotel after Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade and while they went to the pool, I headed off to my meet n’ greet.

Then it was off to Magic Kingdom for some evening rides and late night snacks.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

No… I did not get any of the Disney Cake Pops… I opted for a HUGE mickey chocolate chip cookie instead. But I thought there were pretty!

After a short nights sleep, I got up and set off for the conference and Mr. Quart and the Little Cup headed into Hollywood Studios. I loved receiving the constant texts and pictures from Mr. Quart of their day at the park. They had a great time watching the shows!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

I loved every second of the ride! There’s no way I would get my kid to go on it!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Sunday was the toughest morning to get up! Seriously… dragging…

Good thing we were guests at Whole Food for a scrumptious brunch and socializing with bloggers and their family members. The last giveaway of the conference was a KitchenAid Mixer – and guess who won… ME!! So needed it! So blessed!

We made it to Epcot in the afternoon and toured the world!

How to make a minnie mouse cakeHow to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

It was an amazing trip! The generosity of Disney was wonderful! There is no way that we would have been able to afford this vacation if the park passes weren’t included in the conference.

So…. after all of that… I came home and made some fun Mickey and Minnie Cake Pops to celebrate!

Don’t worry, they are NOT difficult to make.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

  • STEP 1 – Bake a Cake, let it cool, cut out 1/4 of it and add 2 tablespoons of frosting and combine in a mixer. Measure out 8 – 10 cake pops with a 1 tablespoon measuring scoop. Roll smooth and place in the fridge. Get Red and Black Candy Melts, lollipop sticks or straws, yellow and white sprinkles, tweezers, and a cake pop stand.
  • STEP 2 – Melt the red candy in a ceramic mug per the instructions. Reserve two black candy melts per cake pop. Dip the straw into the candy melt and then insert into the cake pop. Dip the cake pop into the candy melts and stand upright.
  • STEP 3 – Add ears to the pop while candy is wet. Push the ears into the cake to secure. Let the cake pop completely dry.
  • STEP 4 – Melt the black candy melts in a ceramic mug according to the instructions. Add some coconut oil if the candy is thick. This layer should be very thin. I used half a bag of black candy melts and added over a tablespoon of oil to get it very thin. Make sure that the candy is smooth in the mug and dip the pop into the black until the ears are covered. Keep the cake pop straight! You don’t want a crooked line.
  • STEP 5- Shake off the excess and add two yellow sprinkles to make Mickey’s buttons. I used tweezers to apply the small sprinkle right where I wanted it. Stand upright and allow to dry!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

To make Minnie’s Bow, I used a mold from Ella, from Lollicakes by Ella (you can order many, many, many molds from her). I added the bows to the her head while the black was still wet.

Also, Ella taught me a little trick to get the black a bit more shiny – place the wet pop into the freezer for 30 seconds to quickly dry the pop. There was a lot less white streaking when I did it.

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake

How to make a minnie mouse cake How to make a minnie mouse cake How to make a minnie mouse cake How to make a minnie mouse cake How to make a minnie mouse cake


Details ▼

  • Serves 6 to 8
  • 7 inches in diameter
  • Ships Nationwide in Refrigerated Packaging
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Procrastibaking my way through life

A few weeks ago I was chatting to my sister about cake, as we do. We were discussing previous cake orders and I mentioned how every toddlers birthday cake I’ve been commissioned to do was for a little boy. I kinda missed pink. Pink and frills and all those other things customers will say they absolutely do not want on a cake for a boy. Not half an hour later, my cousin messaged me asking if I could make a cake that ticked all those boxes.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

We spent a bit of time talking about whether it was going to be a 3D Minnie Mouse cake, or a cake made in the style of her instead. She opted for something that was midway in between.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

The cake itself is stylised after her dress. I made a few layers of ruffles at the bottom to represent the frilled briefs she wears under her skirt. Then I draped the fondant over, giving it a scalloped edge to match all the frills. Last of all I covered it with polkadots. Minnie appears most frequently in red, but we went with the hot pink version to match the birthday girl’s favourite colour.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

At first we spoke of just having mouse ears and a bow on top, but my cousin said she might not recognise the character from ears alone so suggested instead having her face on top. I went with making a 2D cake topper and having that standing up on the cake instead. That feat was certainly precarious, more so when my cousin asked to pick the cake up a day early. I was worried it wouldn’t have time to dry, but thankfully it managed to stay upright.

How to make a minnie mouse cake

While the topper was 2D, there were a couple of features I thought should be 3D instead: her nose, and of course her bow. The bow was definitely a challenge. I tried making the fondant as thin as I could to avoid making the whole thing top heavy, but of course it still did so. I ended up having to put an extra layer of fondant behind it as the whole thing started to crack at the ears. (I’m also really terrible at fidgeting with sugar work and not leaving it dry properly, so that certainly doesn’t help!) That did the trick and the day was saved!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

The inside of the cake was my usual chocolate mudcake, layered and covered with whipped chocolate ganache before the fondant was applied.

Rejoice every Mickey Mouse lover by gorging on these delicious Mickey Mouse theme cakes built for every special occasion of your kids. Based on the popular Mickey Mouse cartoon character, our cakes are one-of-a-kind and are perfect for a delightful indulgence for adults as well as kids with a unique taste and exquisite design. Order this cake right away and have a rocking birthday party!

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Rs. 1,949 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,949

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Rs. 3,698 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,698

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Rs. 1,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,899

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Rs. 1,989 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,989

How to make a minnie mouse cake

Rs. 3,645 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,645

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

Rs. 3,049 Rs. 3,650 16% OFF Ex Tax: Rs. 3,049

How to make a minnie mouse cake

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

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How to make a minnie mouse cake

Rs. 1,799 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,799

Send Special Mickey Mouse Birthday Cakes Online With Us

Mickey Mouse is one among the most popular cartoon characters that kids admire. Delight your adorable kids on their birthday with a Mickey Mouse theme cake from MyFlowerTree.

One of the most exciting parts of a birthday celebration for a kid is the cake. MyFlowerTree helps you to choose the best birthday cake for your kid. Birthday cakes need not be delicious only but exciting and fun too! Thus, there is a lot more to keep in mind while choosing one. Mickey Mouse is one of the famous and cute cartoon characters liked by every kid. Buy Mickey Mouse cake online from MyFlowerTree and make your child’s birthday super special.

Explore Various Mouth-Watering Flavors of Mickey Mouse Cakes At MyFlowerTree

Think of a story of cartoon character that your kid admires all the time such as Mickey Mouse. Your kid would jump with happiness after seeing a cake of his/her favourite cartoon character. You can even send Mickey Mouse cake online anywhere in India to surprise your dear ones from miles away. We have a gamut of cartoon cakes online for you to pick and send across India. We also give you the option to personalise your cakes with the name or photo of your little ones on the cake or as a topper. Add a fun element to the party by ordering cupcakes or a shortcake with us. It will be another good option to opt for, for all the Mickey Mouse fans. We also offer Minnie cakes for your little girl as well.

Online Mickey Mouse Cake Delivery In India With Same Day and Midnight Delivery

Kids usually have a strong liking or disliking about every food item. It applies to cakes as well. You need to keep in mind your kid’s taste before ordering a cake of any flavor. At MyFlowerTree, you would get a wide variety of flavours such as Strawberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Black Forest, Red Velvet, Chocolate or more, so you can easily choose one according to your child’s taste. Book a Mickey Mouse cake online for same day to save your time and efforts in searching for a cake from one confectionery shop to another with our Same Day delivery. Before ordering a cake, you must take an estimate of exactly how many guests would attend the party. After you get an approximate idea of the number of guests you can place an order for a flavorful Mickey Mouse birthday cake accordingly.

You can go for a 3 Kg or 5 Kg chocolate truffle cake handcrafted in Mickey Mouse theme if many people are coming to your party. This cake would enough to feed a large gathering. Apart from this, we also offer distinct flavors along with varied cake designs. Our delectable range of Mickey mouse cakes have an alluring look, good enough to make your kid’s party memorable. We offer timely Mickey Mouse cake delivery in India right at the doorstep. All you need to do is browse through our eclectic collection and opt for the best one for your little ones and finally place the order for the occasion.

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Our daughter is turning 1 end of this month and we’re throwing her a Minnie Mouse themed birthday party. We’d like to order a cake with a Minnie Mouse theme, something like the ones attached here.

Would love to order either from somewhere near Downtown Raleigh, Cary, or Apex.
Those that come to mind are Edible Art (Hillsborough St) and Sweet Memories (Apex).
Not sure if the place in downtown Apex does custom cakes. Not sure about Blue Moon Bakery in Cary either.

Other than these, looking for other suggestions. Thanks!

I tried to get a Minnie/Mickey cake for my daughter’s birthday last year, and had trouble finding a bakery that would make it custom. They said they couldn’t use licensed characters.

I ended up just getting a licensed one from Walmart. Lowe’s Foods had the same options, but Walmart was cheaper. For us, the hardest part was getting a cake with BOTH Mickey and Minnie. Just Minnie had more choices. Unfortunately, they are not nearly as nice as the custom types like you have in mind.

I tried to get a Minnie/Mickey cake for my daughter’s birthday last year, and had trouble finding a bakery that would make it custom. They said they couldn’t use licensed characters.

I ended up just getting a licensed one from Walmart. Lowe’s Foods had the same options, but Walmart was cheaper. For us, the hardest part was getting a cake with BOTH Mickey and Minnie. Just Minnie had more choices. Unfortunately, they are not nearly as nice as the custom types like you have in mind.

Yeah. If you want a licensed character on a cake, larger bakeries won’t do them. If you want a cake that is reminiscent of the character, they will do that. Needs to be transformative enough to prevent a trademark lawsuit.

Disney is fierce about protecting trademarks.

I’d go with Edible Art, by the way. Just judging from the cakes you posted.