How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Introduction: Share Your Wifi Password Automatically Using QR Codes

In this Instructable, we will learn how to create a QR code that connects your guests to the Wifi with no efforts. The Internet is a necessity. As soon as we go to a place the first thing we need is Wifi access. Whether it is hosting a friendly get together or a business meeting, sharing your Wifi password is an inevitable occurrence. QR codes can help you do this automatically.

QR codes are two-dimensional figures that can be programmed to share specific information. To scan a QR code through android smartphones you might need a QR code scanner app. iPhone users can directly scan QR codes from the stock camera app.

To set up a Wifi QR code you have to download a QR code generator app that can create a QR code that connects to your Wifi. Once set up, guests can directly connect to the internet with just a scan. This would save the repetitive act of spelling your wifi password letter by letter, symbols to spaces for every guest.


  • InstaWifi Mobile App
  • A4 size paper
  • Scissors
  • Smartphone app that scans QR codes
  • Glue stick of your choice

Step 1: Identify Your SSID and Network Encryption Type

For a QR code to connect directly to your Wifi it has to know what is your Wifi’s SSID and the network encryption type. This helps QR code to direct smartphones to your Wifi from other connections.

To identify the SSID of your Wifi, go to the Wifi settings page and click on your Wifi. The name of your Wifi displayed on top of the page is your SSID. Be careful while noting this, SSIDs are case sensitive.

Network encryption is the kind of security your internet connection has. The most commonly used security is WPA2, WPA, and WEP. Identify which level of encryption is your Wifi at.

Step 2: Install and Download Instawifi

Open the Appstore or Google Play app and search for the term ‘InstaWifi’.

From the results select the app with yellow wifi symbol on a grey background. Download and install this app.

This app does not require an account to create Wifi QR codes.

Step 3: Create, Share and Save Your Wifi QR Code

Enter the SSID, network encryption type, and the password of your wifi.

The app will create a QR code as soon as you enter these details.

Once the app shows a ‘QR code updated’ notification save the QR code.

You can save the QR code to your Google drive or share it with your colleagues/friends using a social media platform or emails.

Step 4: Using the Wifi QR Code

Print the Wifi QR code in its original size. For convenience, print multiple copies of your Wifi QR code cut them and stick them at accessible places in your house or your workspace.

To use this Wifi QR code guests only have to scan the QR code. Scanning the QR code will show a message ‘Join “Wifi” network’. To join this network your guests just have to click on the notification. Now all your guests can connect to your Wifi without asking for anything.

There are many ways to use QR codes. From designing scavenger hunts to promoting your website. If you wish to create a QR code for yourself search for a free QR code generator online. You will easily find one that suits your needs in no time.

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How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Have you ever wanted to share your home or work Wi-Fi with your guests without giving away the network password? You’re certainly not alone in this regard, but we’re pleased to inform you that you can now do just that using your iPhone or iPad, thanks to this neat workaround.

Typically, you’ll need to share your Wi-Fi password if you want someone else to access the network. Apple sort of resolved this issue by introducing the ability to share Wi-Fi passwords with other iOS and macOS devices with any modern version of iOS and iPadOS. But, this feature cannot be used to share your Wi-Fi passwords with non-Apple devices. In such instances, you’ll need to rely on an iOS or ipadOS shortcut that basically converts your Wi-Fi password into a QR code that you can share with literally anyone, whether they’re on an iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows PC, Linux machine, or Chromebook.

How to Convert Wi-Fi Password Into QR Code on iPhone with Shortcuts

You will need the Shortcuts from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad if you don’t have it already. Now let’s get started:

    Launch the built-in Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
You’ll typically be taken to the My Shortcuts section upon launching the app. Head over to the Gallery section from the bottom menu.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Here, swipe left and tap on the “Shortcuts for Accessibility” banner to browse for the shortcut. Alternatively, you can type “QR Your Wi-Fi” in the search bar to find it.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Now, scroll down and tap on the “QR Your Wi-Fi” shortcut as shown below to proceed.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
This will list out all the actions that will be performed by the shortcut. Tap on “Add Shortcut” to install it and add it to the My Shortcuts section.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Now, go to the My Shortcuts menu. Don’t run the shortcut just yet, because it won’t work properly unless you make a couple of changes. To make edits, tap on the triple-dot icon on the shortcut as indicated in the screenshot below.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Now, you’ll see all of the shortcut’s actions. Scroll down to the very bottom and remove the last “Scripting” action by tapping on the “X” icon. Once removed, tap on the “+” icon to add a new action.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Now, type “Quick” in the search field and select the “Quick Look” action to add it to your shortcut.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Next, just tap on “Done” to save your updated shortcut that actually works.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Head back to the My Shortcuts section and tap on QR Your Wi-Fi to run the shortcut.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Now, you’ll get a pop-up at the top prompting you to enter your Wi-Fi name. By default, the name of the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to will be shown here. Tap on “Done” to continue.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
Next, you’ll get another pop-up to enter your Wi-Fi password. Simply type in the password and tap on “Done” to generate the QR code.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
The QR code will now show up on your screen via Quick Look. You can use the share icon at the top-right corner to bring up the iOS share sheet and share the QR code with any of your contacts. Or, you can simply show your iPhone or iPad’s screen to the other user and they will be able to scan the code using their device’s camera.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

There you go. Now you know how to easily share your Wi-Fi passwords with non-Apple users too.

We had to make changes to this shortcut since it wasn’t working upon installation. While the shortcut finished performing the operation successfully, the QR code never showed up on the screen even though a message popped up stating “The QR code is presented below”. This is exactly why we removed the last action that displayed the false message and replaced it with the Quick Look action instead.

Of course, we could’ve gone with a different shortcut to make it easier for you, but all of them are third-party shortcuts that require you to set your device to allow the installation of untrusted shortcuts, which several users may not be okay with. But, if you live life on the edge, you can install this third-party shortcut called Share Wi-Fi to generate a QR code that your guests can scan.

If this is your first time installing a shortcut on your iPhone or iPad, we’d like to inform you that you have access to hundreds of other shortcuts that can unlock some useful features too. For instance, there’s a similar shortcut called iCode QR that converts basically anything into a QR code that your friends can scan. There’s a shortcut that can be used to convert videos to GIFs too. Or, if you want to find how long it’ll take to fully charge your iPhone, there’s a shortcut for that as well.

Are you using QR codes to share your Wi-Fi network with your fellow Android and Windows users without actually giving away your password? How often do you find this particular shortcut useful? Have you installed any other particularly useful iOS shortcuts on your device? Feel free to share your personal experiences and don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback in the comments section down below.

You know it’s important to maintain a secure network, but it’s a pain to keep rattling off numbers and letters every time someone new wants to use your Wi-Fi. Life just got a little easier for us thanks to a free Android app called Wifi Joiner.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Rob Lightner is a tech and gaming writer based in Seattle. He has reviewed games, gadgets, and technical manuals, written copy for space travel gear, and composed horoscopes for cats.

No matter how great a keyboard artist you may be, the odds are that you hate joining secure Wi-Fi networks on your Android device. Passwords are a serious (but necessary) pain, but a new, free app called Wifi Joiner lets you easily set up scannable QR codes to let other Wifi Joiner users share your network. Here’s how to get started:

Initially, your camera will open up with a message directing you to scan a QR code. In the future, you can just scan to join a network, but we want to set one up, so we’ll tap the Menu button and then select “Create.”

You now have the option of either selecting a pre-existing network or creating a new one. Select or type the network name, security type, and password, then select “Create QR Code.”

Tap the Menu button again and select “Share.” This brings up a list of delivery options; just choose one that works best for the people you want to share with and you’re set.

Step 4: Share your QR code. Screenshot by Rob Lightner

It’s easy to print and post a code, send it to friends digitally, or just let folks scan the code on your own Android device. It’s a much friendlier way of granting access to your network–but more importantly, it makes changing your password regularly much less painful.

Today everyone has a strong Wi-Fi connection for our information security. Still, we have a complicated password which is very difficult for hackers to hack our connection. The best operating system that is Android has a solution. You can easily share your Wi-Fi connection using QR code by connecting with multiple groups of people. Here you need to scan the QR code through which you can easily use another Wi-Fi connection. Now, most people think it is a very complicated process of how we can do it very easily. Can anyone help us to use our friend or relatives Wi-Fi connection?

Now we can guide you on how you can easily generate Wi-Fi connections with other people.

Share Wi-Fi Password Using QR Code

  • To generate and scan QR code for Wi-Fi connection. Your Wi-Fi connection must be on.
  • Then check the available Wi-Fi connection through which you can easily connect with them.
  • Then click on the share button. But it is compulsory that firstly you have an authenticated fingerprint or password to connect with another Wi-Fi connection.
  • When you can scan the QR code then tap the right button to add a network of Wi-Fi settings. It is very useful if you and your Android have an Android Q device i.e Android 10.

Now we can also use Wi-Fi connection on our laptop through a hotspot. But one of my seniors told me that we can easily connect network connections through QR code. I am surprised and think about whether it is possible. Can we perform it very easily? I searched over a network that how we share Wi-Fi password and Android through QR code on our laptop. It’s really a new and interesting process for me. I think you can face the same situation when you do not know anything about this process.

It’s a very easy process. Here we need to generate our Wi-Fi QR code in this blog we can discuss about it.

  • You need to search for Wi-Fi.Org on your laptop. Here you get the first option Wi-FiQR code generator. Click on it.
  • Here you can put the SSID of your Android mobile phone.
  • Then put the type of encryption that you use on your mobile phone.
  • Then type the password of your password connection. After that click on the generate option.
  • As you click on generate option your QR code comes to appear on the screen of a laptop.

Either you can save or export this QR code. Suppose you can export this QR code. Now we do not require a password to connect with our Android Wi-Fi connection. In this way, your QR code is saved on your laptop. You can perform this same process on your mobile phone that I perform on my laptop. Now Most of the people think about how to share the Wi-Fi password with our laptop.

  • Go to the QR code reader on your laptop.
  • Then install this application on your laptop.
  • After the installation of this application camera is open in front of you. The QR code that we generate on our mobile.
  • Then you can scan this QR code on your laptop now and enjoy your Wi-Fi connection easily.

You can also add a smart home device like Android 10 with the Wi-Fi connection through QR code which can be displayed on our Android camera app.

Using a network connection by sharing Wi-Fi password using QR code? You can use it as a hosting friendly or in a business meeting when you give a presentation to your client. Sometimes we feel weird while sharing passwords for network connection in a business meeting or when we give a presentation in front of students. QR code helps us at this time. Here we do not need to share our secure Wi-Fi password in front of everyone. Just we need to use QR code only.

QR code is normally a two-dimensional figure that can be used to share specific and important information. During scanning of QR code through our smartphone, It is very necessary for us to have a QR code reader application on our smartphone.

When you perform this process, you must have these supplies like install Wi-Fi mobile application, A4 size paper, scissors, and a smartphone application is all that’s required to scan QR code. We can discuss above how we use QR code without sharing the Wi-Fi password to connect with another Wi-Fi connection and how it can help us in most situations. If you still have any doubt about an issue you can share with us very easily. We are always ready to help you to solve your issue. There are many other ways to generate QR code for sharing Wi-Fi passwords.

Above we have mentioned all the basic steps to connect your Android Wi-Fi password using QR code. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

We recently shared a quick and easy way to share access to your Wi-Fi network without revealing the password using a new feature available in iOS 11. As noted by iDB reader websyndicate in the comments of that post, another way to share access to your Wi-Fi network without exchanging any network name or password is to use a QR code.

By using a browser-based website, you are able to generate a QR code that will automatically connect your friends and family to your Wi-Fi network when scanned. Simply print this QR code and leave it in a drawer or maybe in the guest bedroom of your house.

This is particularly helpful if like me you have many guests visiting your home and you don’t want to leave your Wi-Fi password on a postit note for everybody to see.

How to generate a Wi-Fi QR code for your guests

To create the Wi-Fi network QR code, first visit Type in the name of your network and your password, then click on Generate.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

The web app will generate the QR code which you can print or screenshot.

Going forward, visitors coming to your home with an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or later will simply have to point the camera of their device at the QR code and they will be automatically logged in to your Wi-Fi network.

As for Android users, they will apparently have to download Barcode Scanner by ZXing, or any other barcode scanner app based on the ZXing library. While I tested this works flawlessly with iOS, I didn’t have an Android friend on hand to test it out.

Is it safe to share your Wi-Fi password with this web app?

Yes, according to the developer, this web app will “render the code in your browser, on your machine, so the WiFi stays as secure as it was before.” The developer also invites people to read the web app’s code, which is available on Github for extra peace of mind.

Is it safe to share this QR code with my guests?

Let’s put it this way, it’s probably safer to share a QR code with one of your guests than to share the actual password to your Wi-Fi network in plain text.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

With the emergence of connectivity solutions, how can you use a smart tech such as a QR code to connect to Wi-Fi without typing long passwords anymore?

QR codes for Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi QR code are now a must-have tech-advancement to make the lives of your customers and guests easier and more efficient.

QR Codes allow easy access to data of any kind, engagement, and interaction through our smartphone devices in one scan away just by using only our phone’s camera feature or any efficient QR code scanners

How to generate Wi-Fi QR code

Make Wi-Fi QR code by following these steps.

  • go to
  • Click on the Wi-Fi category
  • Enter the necessary data
  • Click “generate QR code”
  • Customize your Wi-Fi QR code
  • Download and print

So, how does a Wi-Fi QR code works?

A Wi-Fi QR code works by scanning the Wi-Fi QR code and the user then gets connected to the Wi-Fi.

With a Wi-Fi QR code, customers will just have to scan a QR code to connect to Wi-Fi which saves them from the hassle of manually typing the Wi-Fi password.

One of the main reasons why customers (especially) keep coming back on their favorite past time spot whether it’s in a bar, restaurant, or a coffee shop is having a fast internet connection. Yep! That’s the key!

Providing them quick access to Wi-Fi without the hustle and bustle is a big plus to your business!

Reasons why you should make a Wi-Fi QR code

1. To be customer friendly

If you run a business, you don’t want to put hassle on your customer. That is just a big NO-NO; otherwise, you’ll lose them or worse, they might never come back! Ever!

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Having a WiFi QR code makes it quick for your customers to have easy access with only a scan. They don’t need to stand up and purposely go to you and ask, “May I ask what’s your Wi-Fi password?” That’s very time-consuming.

Let’s break that tradition already. It is generally bothersome for everyone.

It’s time to have a change. C’mon!

2. To boost your market

Now that you have made your Wi-Fi password customer-friendly, it’s now a stepping stone and a gateway that will level up your market tactic!

Why? Because customers will remember a great place that they had a great stay. People tend to remember exactly the places where they had a great experience and also, they recall the terrible ones.

All of us have been a customer and are a customer- and I am sure you know what I am talking about.

And now that they know you provide a one of a kind, fantastic quality service. What do you think the customers will do?

Of course, they will share that amazing experience with the people they know and might as well recommend your place because you made their life easier!

3. To align with your branding

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Did you know that you can create and customize your QR Code with a logo?!

A logo that will represent your business establishment and make people aware of your business trademark. Create, design, add a logo, and have your customized QR Code for your Wi-Fi password.

And if you don’t have one, it’s time to think now! A lot of businesses are using QR Codes, which helps them big-time skyrocketing their sales, don’t stay left behind of the QR Code trend!

Make your free Wi-Fi QR code today with QRTIGER QR code generator online!

Generating a QR code for your Wi-Fi access is easy and beneficial to your business establishment.

In this modern world, people want everything in the snap of their fingers, and QR codes are making your customers’ lives easier, creating an unforgettable customer experience, and at the same time promoting your brand and business.

Let your customers experience convenience by generating a QR code to connect to Wi-Fi right away.

Make Wi-Fi QR code today with a professional QR Code Generator and give yourself a taste of an upgrade!

How to connect to Wi-Fi using QR code?

To connect to Wi-Fi using a QR code, the user needs to scan the Wi-Fi QR code to get connected to the internet. He can scan the QR using his smartphone device in photo mode.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Unlike the WiFi access points in public areas like coffee shops or airports, our home and work WiFi networks are protected by a password. To connect to these networks, you have to provide the required password. If you can’t provide the password, you cannot connect to the network. The same is applicable to the WiFi hotspot created using your Android device. As good as the WiFi password protection is, it can be a bit tedious when you want WiFi access with your family or friends, especially if the password is long and complicated. In fact, how many times have you heard someone say “what’s your WiFi password?”

Consider using WPS

To deal with this inconvenience, most WiFi devices have a feature called WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). When using this feature, you have to select the “WiFi Push Button” setting on your Android device and then press the WPS button on your WiFi router (generally located on the backside). As soon as you press the button, the said device will connect to the WiFi network without exchanging any password. As you can guess, you can’t always run and press the button as soon as someone requests access to your WiFi network. And not to forget, having WPS ON, comes with its own security risks.

So to make matters simple and easy, you can create a WiFi QR code or an NFC tag. When a user scans the QR code or NFC tag, they will be automatically connected to your WiFi network without you giving away your password. Here are some of the best apps you can try to share WiFi without giving away your password.

Apps to Share WiFi Without Giving Password

1. Android 10 QR Code Sharing

Google came out with a lot of useful and functional features in Android 10 and it solved our WiFi password sharing problem as well. If you’ve Android 10 on your phone, try using the built-in QR WiFi sharing feature before installing any of these apps.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

To use this feature go to Settings, then Network & Internet. Select the WiFi connection you want to share. This will open the WiFi settings from where you can tap on the QR code icon (Share). You would now need to feed in your phone’s password which then will show you the QR code to be scanned to share the internet.

Simply scan the QR code and enjoy it!

Note: This also works well with iOS devices. You can use iPhone’s default camera to scan the QR code.

2. Share Wi-Fi password on Samsung OneUI Smartphones

If you’re a Samsung smartphone, go to Connections scroll to the specific WiFi, and connect. As soon as you’re connected to Wi-Fi, you can see the QR code by tapping into it. The rest is the same you’ve done above. Open your QR scanner app and scan the code. Voila, you’re connected without any hassle.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Remember you’ll only see the QR code when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. So, you can now share your Wi-Fi password with any device easily using your Samsung phone. You can find similar options on Xioami phones running MIUI.

3. WiFi QR Code Generator for Android smartphones

Wifi QR Code Generator is one of the most popular apps to quickly generate WiFi QR codes. The good thing about this app is that it looks pretty modern, easy to use, and gives you the ability to save and share generated QR codes. Moreover, the app is ad-free. As you can tell from the name itself, the app doesn’t support creating WiFi NFC tags.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to use: Using this app to generate WiFi QR code is pretty simple and straightforward. Install and open the app, select your network from the “Network Name” drop-down menu, enter the password, select authentication type (generally WPA/WPA2), and tap on the “QR Code” icon. That’s it, you will have your custom WiFi QR code generated instantly.

To save the QR code, tap on the “Plus” icon, and then select the option “Save.” To share the QR code, tap on the “Share” option, and select the appropriate service.

Price: The app is free. As of writing this, you don’t even have to deal with ads.

4. WiFiKeyShare

WiFiKeyShare gives you the best of both worlds. i.e, it lets you create WiFi QR codes and NFC tags as required. Not to mention, the app is very simple and straightforward. Just like Wifi QR Code Generator app, WiFiKeyShare is ad-free. Moreover, if your device is rooted you don’t have to manually enter the password. If available, it can automatically read WiFi passwords and create QR codes. But the downside of the app is that it won’t let you save generated QR codes (you can always take a screenshot and print that out though). When someone wants access to your WiFi network, just open the stored QR code and let them scan it. Of course, if your device supports NFC, you can write the WiFi information to an NFC tag and stick it somewhere accessible.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to use: Install WiFiKeyShare and open it. On the main screen, you will see a list of all the WiFi networks you’ve ever connected to. Select your WiFi network from the list. Enter the WiFi password and tap the “Ok” button. That’s it, you will have your QR code. To create an NFC tag, navigate to the NFC tag, and tap on the button “Write to Tag.”

Price: The app is free. As of writing this, the app is ad-free too.

5. Share Wi-Fi Password between iPhones

iOS has a native feature that allows you to share Wi-Fi passwords between Apple devices such as iPhone, Mac, etc. It’s really simple and you just need to be in the contact list of the person who has the Wi-Fi password. For instance, if you’re visiting your friend’s house and want to connect to their home Wi-Fi, your contact details must be on their iPhone. That’s it.

Now, whenever your iPhone tries to connect to their home Wi-Fi, they will get a prompt. They would have to approve the request and as soon as they do, your iPhone would automatically connect to their Wi-Fi.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

6. Use Siri Shortcut on iPhone

Siri Shortcuts unlock a lot of hidden tricks on your iPhone and one of those things is the ability to generate QR codes. Navigate to the “Shortcuts” app. Proceed to install this shortcut using this iCloud link. Once the shortcut is installed, tap Make Wifi QR Code. Type in the Network Name and password( the username and password are case-sensitive). The Shortcut would generate a QR code, you can save the screenshot on your iPhone and share it with anyone who wishes to connect to the Wi-Fi.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Download QR Code or NFC Tag Reader

Though the above apps allow you to quickly create WiFi QR code, you need a QR code scanner to properly scan those codes and connect to WiFi. For NFC tags, Android and iPhones can read them without any help from third-party applications. If you face any difficulties, try other dedicated NFC readers.

That’s it for now. Do comment below to share your favorite apps or to talk about your thoughts and experiences about using the above apps to share WiFi without giving away your password.

Do you still remember that useful feature on iOS 11 that you are able to share wi-fi network with your friends without sending or telling them the Wi-fi passcode? This tutorial aims to teach you another convenient way to connect the Wi-fi network, that is scanning the QR code.

* Generate a QR code

Go to QR Code web, enter your Wi-Fi’s name in SSID, select Encryption, then enter the Wi-fi password in Key and click Generate. Then the web will generate a QR code for you to use. You’re suggested to print the QR code out, then put it in a busy area for users to scan.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

* Scan QR code

The iOS Camera App has support for WiFi QR codes since iOS 11, you can scan the QR code directly using its default camera app. You’ll get a reminder that “Join xxxxx Network”? Click Join, then iDevice will connect to Wi-Fi automatically.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

For iOS devices running below iOS 11, you need to download a QR code Scanner app to scan. You may download and install it from 3uTools.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

By the way, now you are supported to download apps from 3uTools by scanning the QR code, this will make your life more easier.

Often, when someone from your family or perhaps your friend or even another guest visits you, you find him asking you for your Wi-Fi password, of course it will be embarrassing if you refuse or when you ask him to give you his phone so that you type the password, and to avoid this In addition to protecting and securing your Wi-Fi network and preventing others from using it without your permission, we will learn an easy way to share Wi-Fi with those you want without giving them the password.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to share wifi with all devices

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

First you need one of the shortcuts (Generate Wi-Fi QR Or MyWiFis) which will help you create a QR code and through it you can share your Wi-Fi network with others without having to give them the password and all they have to do is scan the QR code with the iPhone camera and they will be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network with ease.

Click on the shortcut link in the article and after installing and running the shortcut on your device, it will ask you to enter some data about the Wi-Fi network such as password, name and encryption type.

Save the QR code generated by the shortcut on the Pictures folder or any other easy way for you.

Thus, when anyone asks you about the Wi-Fi password, you can show the QR code from your device or share it with it, and all he has to do is scan the QR code via the iPhone camera and it will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network without having to know the password and that way It can be used to share your WiFi network with iPhone and Android devices.

How to share Wi-Fi with iPhone devices

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Apart from making the QR code by shortcuts as in the method I mentioned earlier, Apple supports the Wi-Fi password sharing feature in the system, but for this method to work successfully, the latest version of iOS must be available on both devices or a later version, your device and the device of the person who wants In your Wi-Fi connection, too, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth must be turned on in both devices.

You need to sign in to iCloud with your ID and then save the email address you use for Apple ID in the contacts of the other party and vice versa, where you also need to make sure that their email address is saved in your contacts.

The next step is to keep your device and the other person’s device close to each other and within the range of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, and do the following steps:

  • Make sure to remove the screen lock on your iPhone
  • Choose the Wi-Fi network on the device you want to share the password with
  • Click Share password from your device, then click Done

Thus, your WiFi network is shared with others without them knowing the password. This method is practical only between parents, but with any strangers it is difficult to make him put your mail in the contacts and you also put his mail in the contacts in addition to the guest having an iPhone and updated to the latest operating system.

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Typing in your Wi-Fi details on new smartphones and tablets (and on your guests’ phones) can be a total hassle, especially if you have a long complex password. Make life a little simpler for yourself by turning your Wi-Fi password into a handy Wi-Fi QR code, so that anyone can log into your wireless network without bugging you.

Update, 11/30/21: Ensured content and links are up to date. Changed third-party app to QR & Barcode Scanner

How to Set Up Your QR Code for Your Wi-Fi Password

Setting up the custom QR code is a fairly quick and easy process. And once you’re done, you can print it off and keep a copy underneath your coffee table book or taped to your fridge so people can scan it whenever they want without bothering you.

To get started, visit a website like Then you’ll need to make sure you’ve got your Wi-Fi details on hand so you can type them in. If you were not the person who set up your home network and you’re not sure of these specifics, check the bottom or back of your router for this information, or contact your internet service provider.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi passwordQiFi

Once you do have them, select your encryption type from the drop-down menu, which should include options like “WEP,” “WPA/WPA2,” or None. Then enter your Wi-Fi network name in the SSID field and the corresponding password in the Key field. Once you’re done, click “Generate!” and your QR code should appear at the bottom of the page.

From there, you can save it to your computer, export it, or print it. Put it somewhere that can be easily accessed by those you trust, but not visible to anyone you don’t want accessing your Wi-Fi network.

Both Android devices and iOS users can scan the QR code using the phone’s camera app. Or, alternatively, you can download a third-party QR scanning app like ‘QR & Barcode Scanner’ for iOS and Android instead. Once the code is scanned, the device should connect to the network automatically. Easy peasy.

Sometimes you don’t want to share your WiFi password with others. There are some ways to share Wifi password without revealing the password and one of them is using QR codes. So all you need to do is generate a QR code for your WiFi password and people can scan it to connect to your WiFi. Here I am going to tell you three such ways in which you can create a QR code for your WiFi password.

Ways to Create QR Code For Wi-Fi Password

Table of Contents

There are some websites and software that can create QR codes for your WiFi passwords. We are listing some of the best tools to create QR codes and more importantly, these tools are completely free to use.

1. QiFi QR Code Generator

This website lets you create QR codes using your network SSID and password. You can share this code with anyone and they can connect to your network. Here’s how you can generate QR code using the QiFi website:

  • Go to homepage on any web browser.
  • Enter your WiFi connections SSID, encryption type, and password.
  • Click on Generate and the QR code will be shown below it.

That’s it. You can now export this code and share with others so that they can connect to your network. You can even print it out and stick it to your fridge for more feasibility.

If you didn’t set up the network yourself, these details may be written on your modem/router or in the initial paperwork that came with your Internet service. If you’re not sure how to find them, you can check your password on PC or Mac. You will also need to note whether the password uses WPA, WPA2, or a WEP encryption type. You can also contact customer service for your internet service provider to find out this information.

2. QR Code Generator

It is another web-based tool that lets you create QR code for WiFi password. Here’s how to use this website to generate QR code:

1. Go to QR code generator website and select WiFi QR code from home or you can directly go to this URL:

2. Now, just like above method, enter your Network Name, Password and select Encryotion type.

3. Click on Generate QR Code. That’s it.

You will see a QR code for your WiFi password which you can download as JPG or as Vector by clicking the respective buttons.

3. QR Stuff

This is another website that lets you create QR codes for many services including website URL, YouTube video, Instagram, email address, and WiFi passwords. Here’s how to use this website to generate QR code:

1. Go to and select WiFi Login.

2. Now, enter SSID or Network Name, Password and select network type.

3. Next you can change QR code style, change resolution and file type.

4. You can also add your company logo in the next step.

Lastly, click on Download QR code to download it. You can also print it or send it via email.

4. Bonus: WiFi QR Code Generator App

If you don’t want to use these websites or web-based software, you can downaload an Android app which goes by name WiFi QR code generator app. This lets you create QR code for many things at once. Here’s how to use this app:

1. Download and install WiFi QR Code Generator app on your phone.

2. Open it and enter network name, password and select authentication type.

3. Now click on QR code sign and that’s it.

So,, these were some third-party tools to generate QR code for WiFi passwords.

Moreover, you can use your Android phone’s or iPhone’s settings to share WiFi using a QR code. On iPhone, this can be done by Siri Shortcuts and on Android, if you’re using Android 10, follow this step-by-step guide to create a QR code.

For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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Keeping your critical data safe can be difficult, especially when cybercriminals keep coming up with sneakier ways to rip us off. That’s why you really need to be careful with your passwords. If a criminal gets ahold of your credentials, they can pretty much do whatever they’d like with your account. Tap or click here to find out how to create stronger passwords.

Many of us are leery when it comes to giving guests in our homes the Wi-Fi password. It’s not that you don’t trust grandma. You’re just afraid that handing your network’s password out to anyone could lead to disaster later.

There has to be a better way. Don’t worry, there is. Keep reading for a secure way to let guests use your Wi-Fi network without all the usual risks.

QR codes to the rescue

You can post a QR code around your house, so your guests (and you) can scan it with their phones. It’s a secure shortcut with your password hidden inside. When you need it, you scan the QR code instead of typing in your password.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

If you think you don’t know what a QR code is, you do. (See photo above.) It’s that odd-looking box that’s filled with smaller boxes, which you may have seen people scanning for discounts at the supermarket.

All tech. No filler.

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They became super popular during the pandemic at places like restaurants so that you can view contactless menus. Tap or click here to find out how to scan a QR code without downloading an app.

QR codes are super easy to use and this cool site lets you create them for free. is an online QR code generator for Wi-Fi access that works with Apple and Android gadgets.

To use the site you’ll need three pieces of information, which you can get from your internet provider. Or follow these instructions:

First, look at the back of your modem for “SSID.” It might be shown as something like, “Wi-Fi Network Name (SSID).” It’ll be about a dozen numbers and letters; type those in where it says SSID on QIFI’s Code Generator page.

Second, choose your secure network type; the site defaults to WPA/WPA2, but you may have WEP. If you don’t know, ask your internet provider.

Third, type in your router’s security key password. You can find the default password on the back of your router or in its manual. Don’t have your user manual anymore? No worries. Tap or click here to see thousands of free manuals online.

Finally, click the button that says Generate! and that’s it. You now have your own very cool QR code. Print it out and post it around the house. The next time you hear, “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Just yell back, “Scan it.”

If you want to share your Wi-Fi with other people without giving them the password then we have some good news for you. A new feature was recently introduced in iOS 11 that gave access of your Wi-Fi to the people you want. However, that is not the only way in fact now there is the QR code that will help you share WiFi without exchanging network names or passwords.
How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Allow Your Guests to Connect to Your WiFi Using a QR Code

You can easily generate a QR code by using your browser based website. The QR code will then allow all your friends and family to connect to your Wi-Fi after scanning the code.

If you’ve got guests visiting your home and you don’t want to show them the network name or the password then simply leave your QR code in your bedroom drawer or somewhere in the house. This way they can automatically connect with your Wi-Fi without any hassle.

How To Generate A Wi-Fi QR Code Online

It’s pretty easy and simple, here is what you need to do;

  1. Visit
  2. Type the name of your network and your password too
  3. Click on the button “Generate”

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

After you are done with this process, the web will automatically generate your QR code. You can then print or even take a screenshot of it.

Now, if you’ve got guests over who have an iPhone, iPad or any other device running iOS 11 then they would simply have to point out their phone’s camera to the QR code and they will be logged in.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

However, for those who have android devices with them, they would have to download a Barcode Scanner and then follow the instructions to log in.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Is it safe to share the QR code with my guests?

Let’s face the fact that it will be safer to share your QR code with your guest instead of giving him your Wi-Fi password and the network’s name.

By Killian Bell • 8:16 am, March 1, 2022

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How to make a qr code to share your wifi passwordForget entering lengthy Wi-Fi passwords.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

How to make a qr code to share your wifi passwordDon’t you just hate having to give visitors your long and complicated Wi-Fi password? Instead, make connecting to your network quick and easy by turning your password into a QR code that can be scanned in an instant.

We’ll show you how.

Turn your Wi-Fi password into a QR code

Most of us don’t mind sharing our Wi-Fi when people visit. What we hate is having to find our password and then read it out (several times because it’s never right the first time) so that someone new can join our network.

But it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Visitors can join your network quickly and without entering passwords by simple scanning a QR code with their smartphone. We’ll show you how to create out.

QR codes make Wi-Fi connections easy

Creating a custom QR code for your Wi-Fi network is free and simple. But before you get started, there are some things you’ll need. First, jot down the name (SSID) and password of your Wi-Fi network.

Remember, both the SSID and password are case-sensitive, so be sure you write them down carefully. Now follow these steps:

  1. Visit the QiFi website where you’ll find a free QR code generator.
  2. Enter your Wi-Fi network’s SSID name.
  3. Enter your Wi-Fi network’s password.
  4. Click Generate.

Once your code has been generated, you can export it as a PNG file or print it right away. We recommend saving it first so that you have access to it later and can print additional copies if you need to.

You can then put your QR code in a place where it’s easy for others to scan. If you don’t have a printer, save the QR code to your phone. Others can then scan your screen when required.

How to scan a QR code

iPhone and most Android devices now have the ability to scan QR codes baked-in. Simply open the camera app, point your device at the QR code, and tap the popup when prompted to follow the link.

Since iOS 11, iPhone users have had the ability to share their Wi-Fi passwords with folks in their Contacts. I remember the first time I discovered this, it felt like magic!

But occasionally I’ve had a person over who isn’t in my Contacts or perhaps they are on a non-Apple device. I don’t feel comfortable with reading out my Wi-Fi password, so I would politely ask for their device and manually add the credentials for them to use my Wi-Fi—nothing magical about this.

While not as magical of wirelessly granting access, you can however allow people to join your Wi-Fi network using a QR code.

Using Shortcuts on iOS or iPadOS, you can generate a QR code which you can then allow other mobile users to scan and get access to your Wi-Fi.

What’s the Shortcut do?

Before diving into the steps of building the Shortcut, here is a quick overview of what it will do when it is run.

It’ll first ask you which encryption method your network is using. Either WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or WPA (Wireless Protected Access). These two options are provided to you as a list to select one.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Then it asks you for your network’s name by providing a prompt to enter your answer.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Finally it asks for the password for your network by again providing a prompt to enter you answer.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Once you provide the password, the Shortcut generates an image with the QR code which contains the information for others to join your network.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to set it up in Shortcuts

The entire shortcut is made up of ten actions and this is what it looks like,

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Stepping through each action of the shortcut

The first action is a List action. Which is where we add two options, one for WEP and the other is WPA. The reason why we create this list is so that in the next step, it asks you to make a choice about the encryption type used for the network.

Taking the list of network encryption types from the first action, in the second action we use a Choose from List action. This will prompt you when you run this shortcut of to choose from the encryption type list.

In the next action I use a Set Variable to take the choice made from the second action and assign it to a variable called AuthType . This will be used later in the shortcut when generating the QR code.

The forth action is a Ask for Input. This is so that I can ask the question, “What is your network name?” and the text input received from the prompt could then be assigned to a variable in the next action.

This action is another Set Variable action which assigns a variable named NetworkName with the input from the fourth action.

I then ask, “What is your network password?”, which again is triggered by using another Ask for Input action. The input from this action gets passed onto another variable.

This Set Variable action is named Password and again is used to build the QR code in the next action.

In this action, we’re using the Text action. This is because in order to generate a QR code that allows your friends and family to scan with their phone, we need to generate the QR code using a text formatted like this:

When putting this text together, in place where I’ve put brackets and a variable name, you’ll replace the brackets and variable with the Shortcuts variable.

In this action, we will use a Generate QR Code action. This action will take the newly created text from the last action and output a QR code.

In this final action, I used the Show Result action. This is so that it’ll immediately show me the results of the newly generated Wi-Fi QR code.

With your newly created QR code, you can take a screenshot and save it to Photos to share it with friends and family that may need access to your network. Or print it out and place it in an easily accessible place for you to point to the next time someone asks, “Hey can I hop on your Wi-Fi?”.

MIUI, the (in)famous Android skin developed by Xiaomi, is no doubt inspired by iOS. Right from the no app drawer concept to the UI elements, the similarities are endless. The Chinese OEM, despite being a copycat, did introduce plenty of useful software features.

For example, a native tool for editing screenshots is quite new in stock Android, while MIUI has it for a quite a long time. Xiaomi also bundled an innovative way to share the credentials of a hotspot (i.e. SSID and password) in the form of QR code.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi passwordPretty handy, isn’t it?

Apple made it quite simple between iPhones (or iPads). The wizard automatically notifies you to share your Personal Hotspot details with another device running iOS/iPadOS when it attempts to join it. From the perspective of the end users, they just need a tap.

Unfortunately the above procedure is not applicable if you want to share the same with an Android phone. Don’t prefer all the tedious steps to find out the password and enter it manually? HotspotQR to the rescue!

How to make a qr code to share your wifi passwordThere you go!

As you can see, this nifty jailbreak tweak adds a new ‘Generate QR Code’ button below the original Personal Hotspot toggle switch. Like MIUI, it would display a pop-up with the QR code, so that your friend can scan it from their Android device.

Developer KingPuffdaddi is the brain behind this gem, although you can’t find it under his own repo. Head over to the BigBoss repo to grab this free tweak. The latest available version is 1.1, but iOS 13.3 is reportedly having some compatibility issues with this tweak.

So first off it shows generate qr code button at the top greyed out which does nothing. And instead of “allow others to join button” it shows another “generate qr” button which actually turns the hotspot on and then changes to “allow others to join” and then if you press on that button it generates the QR code.

No need to worry though, as the developer is aware of the situation. Version 1.1.1 should release soon with the fix needed for iOS 13.3 compatibility.

Do you think Apple should bring this feature in the next iteration of iOS? Let us know by commenting below.

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You can use PowerShell to generate QR codes to share with your friends or colleagues. Let’s consider an example of using QRCodeGenerator PowerShell module to generate a QR code image that can be used by your colleagues or guests to connect to your Wi-Fi network (as you don’t want to dictate your password to each friend 😉 ).

The QRCodeGenerator module may be used to generate PNG files with QR codes for the following object types:

  • vCard contact cards (business cards)
  • Geodata
  • Wi-Fi connection settings

You can download the QRCodeGenerator module manually ( or using the following Package Management command:

Install-Module -Name QRCodeGenerator

After the module has been installed, open a new PowerShell window or import the module with this command:

Change the PowerShell execution (running third-party scripts) policy :

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope Process

There are three PoSh cmdlets in this module: New-QRCodeGeolocation , New-QRCodeVCard and New-QRCodeWifiAccess .

To generate a QR code for a contact cards (vCard), use this script:

$strFirstName = “Max”
$strLastName = “Bakarlin”
$strCompany = “WOSHub”
$strEmail = “[email protected]
$strPath = “$home\desktop\Contact\vCard.png”
New-QRCodeVCard -FirstName $strFirstName -LastName $strLastName -Company $strCompany –Email $strEmail -OutPath $strPath

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

To generate a QR code to access a Wi-Fi network, specify the SSID of your network and the connection password. For example:

$strSSID = “WiFiGuestNet”
$strWiFipassword = “3bg397-v232”
$strPath = “$home\desktop\Contact\wifi.png”
New-QRCodeWifiAccess -SSID $strSSID -Password $strWiFipassword -Width 10 -OutPath $strPath

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

netsh.exe wlan show profiles name=’Profile Name’ key=clear

Go to Contact folder on your desktop and make sure there are two PNG files containing QR codes.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

The feature of QR code recognition to connect a Wi-Fi network is integrated in iOS 11 and is available in many Android smartphones. For example, it works in my Xiaomi right out-of-the-box. Just scan this code using the camera, and your smartphone will automatically recognize that the QR code contains the Wi-Fi connection info and will suggest you to save them to connect to this Wi-Fi network (screenshots from Xiaomi running Android).

The cooler way to share your digits

Normally, when someone comes to your house and they ask to connect to your WiFi, you either go find the password if you can’t remember it or you go ahead and manually connect them to the network. In addition, when you meet someone new and want their contact info, you normally exchange numbers, call each other and then create a new contact with the person’s info.

This will probably not change anytime soon, but with cool new tech built into our phones, you can definitely make yourself stand out by making this process much simpler. A friend recently told me about a free website that lets you create your own QR codes for a whole bunch of different uses. If you’re not sure what a QR code is, check out the Wiki entry.

So, how is generating your own QR code actually useful? Well, for those running the latest version of iOS (11), QR codes are way more useful because the default camera app can now read them automatically. That means there is no need to download a separate app just to scan a QR code.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

In addition, with iOS 11, not only will it scan the QR code, it will also allow you to incorporate that data onto your phone. For example, if you create a QR code with your WiFi credentials, anyone scanning that code will automatically be able to connect to your WiFi without having to manually type in the password, etc. Unfortunately, for Android users, it’s not as easy to use. It depends on the phone you have, the version of Android you are running, etc.

Create Custom QR Code

The first thing you’ll want to do is create your custom QR code. The best way to do this is to use a free site called QRCode Monkey. It’s completely free and super easy to use. I literally created my first QR code in about 2 minutes.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Across the top, you’ll see the different types of QR codes you can create: URL, Text, Email, Phone, SMS, VCARD, MECARD, Location, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WiFi or Event. In this article, I’ll give you examples of WiFi and VCARD, as those are the two I tested on my smartphone.

Click on VCARD and leave the version at 2.1. Version 3 will probably work with iOS 11, but I didn’t test it. Now enter all the information that you want to store into your QR code. As you can see, you can add quite a bit of information.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

So, instead of just sharing your number with someone and having to spell out everything else, you can quickly share all of this information in a few seconds, which I’ll show you how to do below. After you enter the content, they have options to change the colors, add a logo image, customize the shape, etc., but I didn’t mess with any of that. Just go ahead and click on the Create QR Code button on the right-hand side.

You should see the design change and now it’ll have a whole bunch of smaller dots. You can also now click on the Download PNG button or download the QR code in SVG, PDF or EPS file formats too.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

That’s literally it! You have now created your custom QR code, which you can print or copy to your phone. In my case, I just emailed myself the PNG file and opened it on my iPhone. I then saved the image to my camera roll and then went into my Notes app and inserted the QR code into a new note along with a heading to identify what information it is storing.

You can now insert this QR anywhere you like for people to scan. You can put it on your website, print it out on your business card, etc. It’s also really easy to create other QR codes too. My favorite one is WiFi. Click on that and enter in your Wireless SSID, password and choose the type of encryption for your network.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Create the QR code and download the image. Now that you know how to quickly and easily create QR codes for various purposes, let’s talk about how you can use them.

Scan QR Codes using Smartphone

Now for the fun part: scanning your QR codes. As I mentioned earlier, this whole exercise is a lot more fun if you have iOS 11 installed on your iPhone or iPad. For Android users, you’ll have to download a QR scanning app, which isn’t as useful or seamless.

On your iPhone, go ahead and open the normal camera app. Make sure you are on Photo or Square. Now just aim your camera at the QR code and you’ll see some magic occur! The QR code can be on your phone display, computer screen or printed out, it doesn’t matter.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

As you can see, I just put the QR code I created on the website in front of the camera and a notification appeared at the top titled Contacts QR Code. Just tap on that and bam, it’ll open a new contact screen with all of the information you typed in earlier already filled out! Just click Save and you’re done. The nice thing is you don’t even have to press the button to take a photo, it just sees the QR code in view and automatically interprets it.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

The same awesomeness happens when you scan the WiFi QR code! Just tap on it and it will join you to that network! You don’t have to open your WiFi settings or anything. It’s actually pretty cool. You should definitely try this if you have iOS 11 installed on your phone. Obviously, someone who doesn’t have an iPhone with iOS 11 will not be super impressed, but for those that do, it’ll be like magic. Hopefully, future versions of Android will support the same level of QR code integration like in iOS. Enjoy!

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Scan the QR codes with your smartphone to visit web-pages, dial phone numbers, text messages or tweets, share contact data or access Wi-Fi networks (and many more).

It’s FREE!

The generated QR codes are free and last forever. By using this service you agree to the Terms of Service.

Embed QR Code

Just copy the HTML code and embed the QR code easily into your web-page, blog or e-mail.

QR Code Service API

Interested in creating dynamic QR codes as part of your web-site or app? Learn more in the QR code API description.

QR Code Maker Software

Choose between the professional barcode maker software Barcode Studio or the freeware QR-Code Studio. Both programs are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH

TEC-IT, Austria, has been developing software for bar-coding, printing, labeling, reporting and data acquisition since 1996.

Our company offers standard software like TFORMer, TBarCode and Barcode Studio. Universal data acquisition tools like TWedge or Scan-IT to Office, an Android/iOS app for mobile data collection, complete our portfolio. Custom solutions are available on request.

High quality software is what you are looking for — TEC-IT supplies this quality successfully.


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  • Windows – Barcode Creator – Barcode for Word/Excel – Barcode Software (SDK) – Label Software – Reporting – Data Acquisition Software
  • Mac OS X – Barcode Maker – Barcode SDK
  • Linux, UNIX – Barcode Creator – Barcode Software (SDK) – Barcode Server
  • SAP – Barcode DLL – Barcode Solution (no Middleware)
  • Android – Remote Data Collection for PC/Mac – Stocktaking App – Scanner Keyboard
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Terms of Use: The use of this application as well as the generated output is intended solely for legal purposes and in accordance with the valid national or international regulations. The functionality, correctness and/or uninterrupted availability of this free QR Code generator service are not guaranteed. Generating more than 30 QR-Codes per minute is only permitted after approval by TEC-IT in writing. General Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Version:

When you host a party night, the first thing to serve your guest is your WiFi password. Just kidding!. Anyway, the good news is that iOS 11 can scan QR Code direct and join the WiFi network if you can create the QR code with your WiFi credentials. This is extremely useful, and you can just place the QR code on your wall. Your guest can scan the QR code and join in your network directly. With this workaround, your guest can’t see your WiFi password that you hide behind the QR code. The iPhone also won’t reveal the WiFi passcode while friends join into your home WiFi network.

With this workaround, you can share WiFi credentials with QR code and your friends can join your WiFi network by scanning QR Code with iPhone Camera.

To start, go to any QR code website to generate QR Code for WiFi credentials. For the sake of screenshot, we used the QR Code Generator (alternative QR Code generator: QiFi) and select padlock icon to generate QR code for WiFi.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Choose the encryption that you configured with your router, and enter the SSID/Network Name you want to share with your friends. Provide your wireless network password in the password field and check the option if your network you kept hidden.

This is enough to generate the QR code for WiFi network. Now you can download this code and take print out to share WiFi password.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Now when your guests start to scan this WiFi QR code with their camera, the iPhone will bring a header message to join in the network. Please tap on this message to get the confirmation pop-up to join the network.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Once you confirm to join on the network, the IOS will automatically add new WiFi SSID into iPhone Wi-Fi setting. iPhone will automatically switch to this new WiFi settings, and you can confirm this on iPhone Settings Wi-Fi option.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

If you made an error in the WiFi password or SSID name, you might get an error message like below on the iPhone screen when iPhone try to join in the network.

Next time, there is no need to write down and display your WiFi network password for your friends. Still, there is a catch in this solution. When a user uses iPhone camera to scan the QR code, this will work perfect and add the WiFi network without revealing the password. However, if anybody gets an iPhone QR code reader app to scan this WiFi QR code, they can get the SSID and Password in plain text, and there is no encryption or security there. There is an alternative solution for iPhone users to share WiFi password with one touch without revealing the password.

Let your Friends Scan QR Code and Join WiFi Network

We would suggest this workaround with a temporary password for next party time to join your guests on your WiFi network with two simple steps. Also, your friends don’t need to remember and type the password in the WiFi settings anymore. Let them just scan the WiFi QR code from the printout, and the guests can directly join on your WiFi network with few taps.

Disclosure: Mashtips is supported by its audience. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

It’s a predicament many of us face on a frequent basis; our friend wants to connect to your Wi-Fi, and we’re left scrambling around for that torn up piece of paper on which we scribbled that long and elaborate, alphanumeric code. Either that, or we’re left playing the guessing game, trying to remember a password we only ever think about in these very situations. Sure, there are ways to make this system a whole lot smoother, but by far the easiest method is to generate a QR code and stick it on top of your router. Is this a new technique? No. Is it particularly groundbreaking? Definitely not. But the fact is, you don’t do it, and if you don’t ever want to bother reeling off your Wi-Fi password ever again, check out the very simple method outlined after the break.

There are plenty of apps out there that try and make this rather cumbersome process a little less so. Some offer a simple log of every code you’ve ever typed in when connecting to a hotspot, so you can easily share those magical digits with friends when the time comes. But while many apps do a pretty good job, the generation of a QR code to log users in automatically seems almost too simple. Printing things off and sticking them down with Scotch tape makes for a very outdated approach, but it works!

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

You could, of course, do what most people do already, and stick the code to the bottom of the router. But making guests type out long and nonsensical assortments of numbers and letters is not very hospitable, to say the least, while the QR code approach allows them to get onto Google with minimal fuss.

To get started, simply check out ZXing Project’s QR Code Generator, select “Wi-Fi network” from the menu, and enter your SSID and password. Provided you’ve selected the correct encryption type (which varies from router to router), you will then get a QR code which will automatically log in your friends and visitors when they scan it.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

The Barcode Scanner app for Android will automatically log users in, and while iOS doesn’t offer such a native facility, a third-party offering will present the user with the credentials which they can easily paste in and connect.

For Android users, it’s recommended to use the Barcode Scanner app, which is available for free on the Play Store, besides that; you can use offerings like Google Goggles. iOS users can use apps like QR Reader or RedLaser. Furthermore, we’ve previously covered a dedicated guide just like this one for Android users, which you can check out here.

It will only take you five minutes at best, and will help make your life just that little bit easier.

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WiFi QR Code Maker

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How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password


Lightweight, fast WiFi QR code generator, no need for internet connection, with dark theme and no annoying ads just the right ones.

Lightweight, fast WiFi QR code generator, no need for internet connection, with dark theme and no annoying ads just the right ones.

Generate, scan and connect! It can not be easier! If you are in a rush, a QR code will be generated as soon as you enter the data into the app.

1) Enter your network name (SSID)
2) Select the type of network security (WPA, WPA2, WEP or open)
3) Enter your network password (if you have one)
4) scan from the screen or share by: email, whatsapp, telegram .

This is by far the easiest and most convenient way to connect to a Wifi network without misspelling.

You can generate all the QR codes to connect to a WiFi network you want.

Why use a QR code generator?

Previously, it was necessary to select a WiFi network from the list of available networks and enter the password manually. Now, our generator allows you to create a QR code that does it all for you. How? Simply by pointing the phone’s camera at the code or using a QR code reader. The best part is that our WiFi QR Code is completely free and the code created will never expire (unless your router settings have been changed). With the WiFi QR Code, you can share the WiFi network with friends, family and even clients. Discover the potential and benefits of sharing your Internet with a QR code.

My WiFi network is hidden, can I still create a QR code?

Of course. Just click “hide” next to the “Network name” field in our WiFi QR Code generator. If your WiFi network is not hidden, but you want to enable this option, consult your router manual or the guide on how to hide your network from modern routers.

What security protocol do I need for my WiFi? WPA / WPA2, WEP or None?

WPA / WPA2 is the most secure option and also the default setting for most WiFi access points. When in doubt, choose this option. “None” means that your WiFi network is unprotected and open to everyone.

Generate QR codes to connect to the WIFI of your home or work without having to give the password to anyone, share the QR with your colleagues, friends or people. Now you can enjoy the dark mode and therefore Generate WIFI QR codes using less battery.

Remember that you can generate QR WIFI from any network as long as you have the data from it, it is safer for them to connect by QR WIFI than to give them a piece of paper with the passwords or dictate them, if you have to give your data to any people this is your application to generate QR for wifi.

Have control over who connects to your WIFI generating the necessary QRs and giving them to whoever belongs, increases the security of your Wi-Fi network.

We recommend using the sharing function of the Wi-Fi QR generator since this way you can directly share the QR image of your network and people can connect safely and easily with your Wi-Fi QR code.

by Anna Sherry Updated on 2020-06-22 / Update for Wi-Fi Password

With the advent of technology and innovations, mobile phones are ruling all across the World. In the present era, the majority of people carry mobile phones along with them. One of the major reasons behind this is Wi-Fi capability. Since these are Wi-Fi enabled devices, the user can connect their device to the Internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi makes our life easier and convenient like never before. But what if your friend asks you to share WiFi password Android? Don’t know how to share wifi password in Android? Well, you can follow this article to know how you can share the Wi-Fi password to another user on an Android device.

Option 1: Share Wi-Fi Password on Android with QR Code

QR Code is the safest and easiest way to share Wi-Fi password on Android. You just have to show the QR code to your phone to share the password. This is the safest way because scanning is QR code is impossible for human eyes. One needs to scan the code using the mobile camera in order to see the Wi-Fi password. Want to know how to share wifi password on Android with QR code? Follow the below step by step guide.

Step 1: First of all, you have to find the SSID of your Wi-Fi. Make sure, your SSID is case sensitive which means both uppercase and lowercase letters are different.

Step 2: After that, you have to download the QR Code Generator app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android device.

Step 3: Now, you have to create your own QR code. To create, tap on the “Text” button and choose Wi-Fi from the popup interface.

Step 4: Simply enter the SSID, Password, and Network type and tap on the tick button to complete.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 5: Save the QR code to the gallery by a grant it the storage permission.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 6: Now, give the QR code to your friend who is asking the password. They need to open the smartphone camera interface in order to join the Wi-Fi network.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Option 2: Share Wi-Fi Password on Android with Google Wi-Fi App

In option 1, we have introduced you with the QR code scanning method. Now, we are going to introduce sharing Wi-Fi password on Android with Google Wi-Fi app. Google Wi-Fi app is an application designed for Android and Apple devices that help you set up and control Google Wi-Fi points right from your mobile phone. With this app, you can easily manage, control, and share the Wi-Fi password. There are loads of other features available in this app which makes Wi-Fi sharing easier and convenient. Here’s how to share or find Wi-Fi password on Android with Google Wi-Fi app:

Step 1: First of all, you have to download the Google Wi-Fi app on your mobile phone and launch it once installation completed.

Step 2: Google Wi-Fi app interface will appear, tap on the “Settings” tab and choose “Network Settings” and then, choose your Wi-Fi network.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 3: Now, one has to tap on the “Reveal Password” and then, choose “Share password” button in the lower-right corner. You can share the password with another user via text message, email, Shareit, or any others.

Bonus Tip: Share Wi-Fi Password on iOS with 4uKey – Password Manager

Sharing the Wi-Fi password on iPhone is quite difficult as compared to Android devices. Basically, on the Internet, you will find lots of ways to share the Wi-Fi password on iPhone but, most of them are not reliable and effective. To make it easier for you, we found Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager for both Windows and Mac computer. Unlike using other tools, Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager is very easy to use. Moreover, there are loads of other features available in this tool that is given below.

  • Finding the Wi-Fi password is very easy to use. You can recover passwords such as Wi-Fi passwords; Social media account passwords, Chrome passwords, and much more.
  • With Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager, you can easily access the credit card information, mail accounts, and more.
  • Once you found the password, you can export it to other password manager tools like LastPass, Keeper, Chrome, etc.
  • Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager is also available for Windows and Mac computer. Moreover, you can find the password from every iOS device including iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6s/6 and iPad. Support the Latest iOS 12.

Here’s how to share Wi-Fi password on iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager:

Step 1: First, you have to download the Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager from their official website as per your computer operating system type.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 2: Now, you have to complete the installation process andconnect the iPhone device to the computer.

Step 3: After that, you have to launch the iOS password finder and click on the “Start Scan” button to start the password finding process.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 4: Then, you have to wait for a couple of seconds until the process completed.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 5: once the finding process completed, go to the Wi-Fi password tab and click on the “Export” button to share the password.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

So, by following the above steps, you can easily share the Wi-Fi password on the iPhone using Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager.


Nowadays, every mobile gadget is WiFi enabled. WiFi has become a crucial part of our everyday life. From smartphones to laptops, tablets, surveillance cameras, and various other smart gadgets require WiFi to connect to the Internet. If you also have a WiFi at home, then you surely keep it protected with a password. But, sometimes, you need to share your WiFi with your friends, relatives or other guests and typing it in their devices is a bit troublesome. Keep in mind, revealing the password to them is putting your security at risk. Thus, you could use the solution in this article to know how to share WiFi password Android. At last, we also tell you about the best iOS password manager tool – Tenorshare 4uKey – Password Manager and we highly recommend it as well!

Updated on 2020-06-22 / Update for Wi-Fi Password

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

There might be some cases when your friends or family come over to your house and they ask you for your WiFi password. If it is a complex password with upper case, lower case, numbers, and punctuation characters, you would need to type it in for each and every one of them which might be annoying and troublesome especially if you type one character incorrectly. You can speed up the whole process by using a QR code, which your friends and family can scan to your network without having to ask for your password. It’s as easy as 3 simple steps.

3 Easy Steps to generate WiFi QR code:

  1. Go to QRCode Monkey on your desktop browser. Select the Wifi Tab. You can use other free QR code generators such as QRCode Tiger or QR Code Generator.
  2. Enter your WiFi connection SSID (the name that shows up when you scan for wifi), encryption type (typically “WPA”, which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. It is a newer standard and is much more secure), and password.
  3. Generate the QR code. Print the image and stick it on your fridge.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Now, you don’t need to type in the password for all your friends and family multiple times.

Not only can you generate your WiFi password into a QR code, you can also turn your website, email, and/or phone number into a QR code for others to easily scan without haste. To do this check out the other tabs on QRCode Monkey.

If you are interested in purchasing 3d printed QR code coasters, contact me! Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed.

Q. I work in a training facility where our IT department insists on using difficult passwords to protect our Wi – Fi routers, and as a result, our many guests frequently have difficulty connecting. Any suggestions?

A. You might consider simplifying your Wi – Fi connection process by posting QR (quick response) codes that automate the Wi – Fi connection throughout your training facility. To do this, visit any one of many QR code creation websites. For example, ZXing’s QR code generator can be accessed at , an example screen of which is pictured below.

Select the Wifi network option from the ­Contents dropdown menu, enter the SSID (service set identifier, aka the name of your Wi – Fi router), enter your Wi – Fi password in the Password textbox, select the Network Type (the type of encryption employed by your Wi – Fi router), and then click the Generate button.

These steps will generate a QR code like the one pictured below, which, when scanned, will automatically connect a guest to your Wi – Fi router. You could post this QR code as a wall hanging, print the QR code image on the student name tents, or perhaps include the image on the facility’s coffee mugs. Using this approach, your IT staff can continue to employ difficult passwords for greater security, while your guests enjoy an easier Wi – Fi connection experience. (Caveat: Of course, this solution may require you to post instructions for downloading and using a QR code reader app; depending on their sophistication, your students and visitors may find this installation process more complicated than entering a difficult password.)

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

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Note: Instructions for Microsoft Office in “Technology Q&A” refer to the 2007 through 2016 versions, unless otherwise specified.

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How to share a Wi-Fi password from iPhone to an Android phone? I set a very complex WiFi password even I can’t remember anymore. The good thing is, all my iOS devices will automatically connect the Wi-Fi connection, so it didn’t bother me. But I want to send the password to my friend who are using a Samsung Galaxy phone. Is there any simple way to check and copy the Wi-Fi password on my iPhone?

Apple doesn’t allow you to view the password for a Wi-Fi network you’re connected to. This will give you more security. But same time, it may cause some inconvenience. You may have no idea how to share Wi-Fi password with friends, especially when you create a very long and complicated Wi-Fi password. We have to admit that, we always like to make a difficult password to get more security. It is so complicated that even we easy to forget.

You can’t directly share your Wi-Fi password from iPhone to your friend’s Android phone. But if you are using an iOS device which running iOS 11 or higher version, you can easily use “Share Password” feature on your iPhone to connect iOS device to the same network. However, if your friend is using Android or another mobile OS, this feature doesn’t help at all.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Share WiFi Password from iPhone to Android

Now we back to the key point, how to share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Android? In this article, we will explain how to share Wi-Fi passwords on an iOS device to help your friends quickly connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Android

When you want to send a Wi-Fi passcode to your friend for the network connection, the hardest part is to view the password, considering that you can’t remember it. As we mentioned above, iOS won’t let you do that. In that case, you have to rely on some apps to make the Wi-Fi password show up, or instead, create a QR code that your friend can scan with Android phone. Here in this part, we will tell you how to make the QR code.

Step 1. Locate Wi-Fi network name

First, you need to find your SSID, your Wi-Fi network’s name. Unlock your iPhone and open Settings app. Tap “Wi-Fi” option and here you can find the SSID. Then you need to record it somewhere as you’ll need it later on.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 2. Install Visual Codes app

Visual Codes is one app which can help you create QR code. You can easily install it from App Store.

Step 3. Create the QR code

After installing Visual Codes app on your iPhone, open it. When you enter the main interface, tap “Add Code” button at the bottom. Then tap “Connect to Wi-Fi” and enter your network’s name, password, and security.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Remember that, the name is the SSID, and the password is for your Wi-Fi network. The security option will default to “WPA”. During this step, you are allowed to label the QR code. You can create different codes for home and work and so on. Tap “Create Code” to confirm the operation.

Step 4. Share the created QR code

The created QR code will be stored in Visual Codes’ library on your iPhone. You can use “Share” or “Print” feature to quickly share the code with your friend. Also, you can take a screenshot of the QR code to quickly save it on your Photos app. Now you can share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Android with ease.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Best iPhone/Android Data Transfer Manager you may like to know:

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

  • Support any popular iOS data types like contact, photo, video, audio, message, and more.
  • Transfer files from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone.
  • Copy PC files to Android/iOS device or back up iPhone/Android data to computer with ease.
  • Check and manage all kinds of data on your Android phone and iPhone.
  • Work as a powerful Ringtone Maker and HEIC Converter.

After reading this post, you can handily share Wi-Fi password from iPhone to Android. You can get a convenient way for you friends to quickly connect to your Wi-Fi network, especially when you don’t know the password. You can share it in comment part if you have any better method.

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Do you know how to hack WiFi password on android? This article will explain top 10 Wi-Fi hacker password breaker app for Android.

How do you transfer files via Wi-Fi? Just check the 5 best Wi-Fi file transfer apps for Android to achieve the goal with easy process.

My iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi, read this article to fix the issue iPhone (iPhone 12/12 Pro included) failed connection to Wi-Fi (iPhone wont connect to WiFi).

Password Required Issue

The professional iPhone/Android data manager and transfer to transfer various files between iOS/Android phone and computer and between two mobile phones in 1 click.

Get your best buddies around for a movie marathon and before you can hit “play” they’re all going to want access to your Wi-Fi. This is the age of the second screen experience after all. You could simply tell them your network’s name and password, but here are a couple of alternatives that might be more convenient and add to your geek credentials at the same time.

We’re talking about NFC tags and QR codes here, so obviously this is only going to work with compatible Android handsets. Anyone who turns up at your house with an iPhone is just going to have to take the old-fashioned route or make do with a cellular connection (which may well be faster than your broadband anyway).

InstaWiFi and a QR Code

InstaWifi is a great little utility that enables you to offer your friends a couple of ways of getting connected. The first and perhaps the most straightforward is the QR code method. Switch to the QR tab, tap out your network details and password, and a code is automatically created. Export this somewhere with the Share button to print it out (the exported file is a JPEG though InstaWifi may neglect to add the extension).

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Privacy protection
We all need privacy, especially online. Your IP address and your browsing should be hidden from unecessary surveillance. Rest assured that PIA’s virtual private network never keeps any usage logs—ever.

Stick the printed code to your wall (if you can stomach it) and people can log in as they enter your house. All they need is a QR code scanner like this one installed and they can start surfing straight away. You could even attach one of these barcodes to your next party invitation to save you the hassle of giving everyone the Wi-Fi network and password details separately.

InstaWifi and an NFC tag

QR codes may be fine for the tech-savvy members of your friend group but NFC tags can be even more impressive (and way less hideous). Pick up a batch of rewriteable NFC tags— you won’t need to spend much —and again InstaWifi has you covered. Just enter your network information then tap Write to Tag (with the tag in close proximity) to complete the job.

Anyone with an NFC-equipped Android phone can then simply tap the tag as they walk by to get connected, so stick it somewhere prominent. There is a catch though—they’ll need InstaWifi installed to get connected. If it isn’t detected, the tag will link to the app in the Google Play Store, so the setup process is fairly straightforward.

Trigger and an NFC tag

Alas, Android doesn’t yet have the ability to recognize and apply Wi-Fi settings directly from an NFC tag. If you don’t want your guests to have to install any extra software at all, then another option is to write the password to a tag as a plain text string—this then pops up on the user’s phone when the tag is tapped. It’ll need to be something memorable, as your guests will have to type it manually in on the login screen.

At this stage you’re probably thinking it’s easier to just tell everyone what the password is, but an NFC tag can be useful for bars or cafes when you don’t necessarily want a password displayed publicly but want to make it straightforward for anyone to bring it up. A variety of tools can help here, but NFC Writer is one of the neatest we’ve come across (check out Trigger by the same developer to really get creative with your NFC tagging exploits). From the front screen choose Additional Tag Types then Text to enter your password. You’ll then be prompted to place the tag next to your Android device to write the data.

Each of these methods has a hitch or two that might put you off, but it’s a cool little project to try and you’ll discover all kinds of other uses for NFC tags along the way, from Foursquare check-ins to website URLs—we’ll take a look at some of these in future guides. In the meantime, enjoy (hopefully) never having to say your Wi-Fi password out loud again.

How to generate a QR code with the Wi-Fi password on a Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G

If you are looking for a way to share the password or key of the Wi-Fi network to which your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G is connected to be able to share it and quickly configure it on another Android device, be it the Samsung brand or any other, in this tutorial we will show you how find the native way included in the Android operating system from version 10, to generate a QR code with the Wi-Fi password.

The Oppo comes from the factory with the Android operating system version: 11 although it may have received new updates over time.

Once the QR code has been generated on your Reno7 Pro 5G, you can read it with the camera of the other device and download it as an image to be able to use it again as many times as you want without having to perform these steps again.

Estimated time: 2 minutes .

First of all we must make sure that we are connected to the Wi-Fi network that we want to share from our Oppo, if so we access the Reno7 Pro 5G settings, it is the icon of a gear wheel. If you do not see it on the Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G home screen, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and you will see it.

Once inside the Reno7 Pro 5G, settings, the first option that should appear is “Networks and Internet” or “Connections”. Press to access the Wi-Fi network settings.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Within the network and internet settings of your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G, the first section that will appear is the Wi-Fi connection. Here we check that it is connected, the icon on the right should appear in blue, if not, click on the icon on the right with a single touch to activate it and make it appear in blue. Once Wi-Fi is activated on your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G, click on the left on “Wi-Fi” to access its settings.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Once we are in the Wi-Fi network settings, the available Wi-Fi networks will appear in a list, both those that we have configured and those that we do not. The first Wi-Fi network that appears is the network to which your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G is connected, click on the gear icon that appears to the right of the name of the wireless network to see the details.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

When accessing the details of the Wi-Fi network saved in your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G and whose access code we want to share to connect from another device, we will see a QR icon under the name of the wireless network on the right with the text “QR Code”. Press to see the QR code.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

The QR code will appear on the Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G screen. Scan the QR code from the other device you want to connect to the Wi-Fi web. If you don’t know how to read a QR code, click here to see the instructions.

If what you want is to save the QR code for later or to print it, you can take a screenshot, if you don’t know how to do it on your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G click here to see how to take screenshots on Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G.

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Remember that you can generate a QR code for each different Wi-Fi network to which you connect from your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G. If these steps to see the QR code of the Wi-Fi network on your Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G have not been useful, check again that the Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G is connected to the Wi-Fi network and not through the data connection.

If you cannot find the QR code following the indicated steps, you may need to update the operating system of the Oppo Reno7 Pro 5G that comes from the factory with Android version 11, see this tutorial: How to update Android operating system.

The new Connectify Hotspot has an outstanding additional feature: QR Codes. A QR Code (short for “Quick Response”) is a kind of bar code that you can scan to open a URL on a phone or computer.

Connectify Hotspot now has a QR tab next to clients which shows a QR Code which, when scanned by a phone, lets the phone join your Wi-Fi hotspot without having to find the SSID in the list of Wi-Fi hotspots and then type a password. Just scan and click!

For example, here is a screenshot of the QR Code for a hotspot name “Connectify-hotspot”. Go ahead and use your phone’s camera app, and point it at the screen here. In a second or two it should ask if you want to join the hotspot. Of course, there’s probably no hotspot named “Connectify-hotspot” near you, so it won’t be able to connect:

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Under the QR code, there is a link for “Save as. “, which will let you save the QR code as .PNG file. You can then print the image to post it, or include it on a flyer, or lock screen, or however you want to share it with your friends and co-workers.

How to scan a QR Code:

iPhone or iPad, with iOS 11+

  1. Open the Camera app
  2. Hold your device steady so that the QR code appears in the picture in the Camera app. The app will draw a box around the QR code when it recognizes it, and a notification offering to join the hotspot will pop up at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the notification to join the hotspot!

Android 10+

  1. Open the Camera app
  2. Hold your device steady so that the QR code appears in the picture in the Camera app. The app will draw a box around the QR code when it recognizes it, and a notification offering to join the hotspot will appear at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap the notification to join the hotspot!


Windows does not natively support QR Codes. However, you can install a free app like WiFi QR Code Scanner from the Microsoft Store to add support.

Thanks for the feedback There was a problem submitting your feedback. Please try again later.

What does “mobile-to-web cross login with a QR code” mean? It is one of the approaches for two-factor authentication. Suppose that a user is already authenticated in your application (in our example, it would be an android app) and the user wants to use their actual session to perform an automatic authentication in another application (in my case it’s a web app).

There are several examples of popular apps which use this approach. For example, to login into a web session with WhatsАpp, you must log in on your phone and then scan a QR code in the web interface.How to make a qr code to share your wifi password
The content of this article assumes:

  • you already have a Backendless account (if not, sign up free here),
  • you are already familiar with the How to generate a QR code with Backendless API Service article,
  • you know how to work with the Backendless CodeRunner utility and Backendless SDK for Java ,
  • and you have basic programming experience with Android.

The cross-login process

The overall process consists of the following steps:

  1. The initial page of your web application makes a request to the server to generate a QR code.
  2. A custom API service generates a QR code with an encoded unique value. In this case, that value is the name of a Backendless messaging channel. The service returns the QR code and the name of the channel channelName to the web app.
  3. The web app downloads the generated QR code and displays it on the web page. Then the web app connects to the messaging channel and waits for a message. The message will be sent by the Android app later (step 5).
  4. On the Android app, a user logs in to Backendless with their user name and password. As a result of the login, the Android app receives userToken , which uniquely identifies the user and his/her session.
  5. The user using the same Android app scans the QR code from the web page screen, receives the messaging channel and sends the userToken into the channel.
  6. The web application receives the message which contains the userToken . The token can be used for the API calls made in the web app as it now will carry the user’s identity.

The final project, which demonstrates this approach (both the Android and web apps), can be downloaded from here: . The archive includes a ready-to-use Android project and a simple web project (as a single html file). To get the demo running, you should do the following:

  1. Deploy the API service shown below into your Backendless app. The service is responsible for generating QR codes.
  2. Modify the Android app (from the zip archive) to add your APP ID and ANDROID API KEY , which can be obtained from Backendless Console.
  3. Install the Barcode Scanner app on your phone. The app will be used by the Android project for scanning the QR code.
  4. Build the Android application with Android Studio and run it on your phone.
  5. Modify the HTML file (also from the zip archive) for the web app qr-code-login.html to add your APP ID and JS API KEY .
  6. Copy the HTML file into the /web directory of your Backendless app.

Let’s get down to the most interesting things.

Step 1

We’ve based the implementation of this example on the code that was demonstrated in the How to generate a QR code with Backendless API Service article. We have changed the method generateQRCodePicture and created generateQRCodeForLogin . These methods will help us with creating QR codes. The method getUserId will be used to exchange userToken for the user’s objectId . You can see the changes below.

Do not forget to change the package name (first line of the code). Then use CodeRunner to deploy the code to Backendless.

Once the code is deployed to Backendless, make sure it works as expected:

How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 2

Install the application for QR code scanning. We used the Barcode Scanner application . Here is the API for it.

Step 3

If you are not using the complete project code we shared at the beginning of this article, you would need to setup an Android project using Android Studio. Alternatively, you could use the project archive mentioned above.

The project must reference two additional libraries. The first one is ‘ backendless ’ and the second one is ‘ ’, which is required to enable the real-time capability available in Backendless version 5.0 . Add the following dependencies to the build.gradle file:

Do not forget to add the INTERNET permission in the Android manifest file.

Step 4

This is the listing of the MainActivity class in the Android app. P ay attention to the highlighted code:

Step 5

Create a web application. In this case, it is a simple html file with some JavaScript code in it (you can find the complete file in the archive we shared with you). Again, please pay attention to the code highlighted in bold:

The file must be uploaded to the Files section of your Backendless application:
How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 6

Copy the link for the web application:
How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Open/paste the link in a web browser and press the “Login with a QR code” button. The web app fetches a QR code from the server and displays it.
How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 7

Use the Android application to log in with your userid and password (make sure to create a user in your Backendless application). Once you log in, you will see the “Login with QR” button. Click the button to scan the QR code in the web app.
How to make a qr code to share your wifi password

Step 8

Your web application should log in automatically as soon as you scan the QR code in the Android app.

Hope you enjoyed this article. Happy coding!