How to make a teddy bear a gift

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Teddy Bears are one of the most timeless gifts you can give someone, whether for a child or adult. They don’t only look super cute, teddy bears also bring so much comfort and love to anyone who owns one, as they are the perfect little companion. Here at Grin & Bear, where we already design and make some of the most unique teddy bears in the UK, you can even request your own personalised teddy bears.

If you are looking for a way to make your teddy bear gift more special, Grin & Bear will be able to help you design the most adorable teddy bear which is personalised to the recipient.

Personalised embroidery

Michael is a creative fashion designer and has worked on designing a range of luxury teddy bears, including more personalised teddy bear creations. If you are looking to personalise your teddy, Michael now offers an embroidery service, where for an additional £15, you can have the initials of the recipient and a date embroidered on the feet of the teddy bears and bunnies. It is the best way to create a teddy bear with a distinctive personal hallmark.

Personalised teddy bears for babies are also a great gift to celebrate a little one being born, as their birthday can be added onto the bear as well as their name – providing them with a wonderful keepsake that they can treasure for years to come. Personalised teddy bears for newborns are a great gift for new parents guaranteed to be top of their baby gift list. Although the baby may not remember this time, they will still be able to enjoy this bear and pass it on through the generations of their family.

Bespoke teddy bears

If you would like something even more personalised, Michael also works on a range of bespoke projects for his clients where he will work with you to design a bear you will treasure forever. The process includes choosing absolutely every aspect of the teddy bear, from the fabric, pattern and even the colour of the finishing bow. We use traditional methods and sewing machines to make the bears, where each one is hand-stitched and embroidered by a specialist artisan team.

With a bespoke teddy bear creation, we will take into consideration absolutely everything you want in the bear and bring your individual vision to life by utilising our skills and craftsmanship. You even have the option to reuse garments that mean something special and hold great memories, such as a Babygro or an old t-shirt – it is completely up to you.

Would you like to buy a personalised teddy bear?

At Grin & Bear, every bear we create is crafted with the same care and dedication as the last, which is how Michael’s reputation has gained an outstanding global presence, delighting customers from every corner of the globe. No matter what the design of the bear may be, here at Grin & Bear, we pride ourselves on the fact that our meticulous approach is the same time and time again. If you would like to have a chat with Michael about a personalised teddy bear project or learn more about the bears he has listed on the website, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Buy Teddy Bear Online! Everyone’s Favorite Soft Toy

To most children, teddy bears symbolize love and care. This soft, cuddly bear cub is adorable and brings smiles to the faces of kids and adults alike. Teddy bears make kids happy as for them, they are friends. Just their sheer presence will melt everyone from kids to adults. It can be in any form; from those dressed as your favorite cartoon character to the ones that are red and romantic. Now, you can easily buy stuffed soft toys online from branded toy company, India’s largest online gifting store. You can conveniently buy teddy or kids from us, without a worry as we only offer you the best Why just for kids! If you are on the lookout for a cute gift for your girlfriend, teddy bears are the best. We have the best collection to choose from which includes teddies, gift hampers, flower bouquets and even chocolates. Our range of Teddies includes, Fluffy brown bears, romantic red fur teddies, cute teddy , pink teddy bear and even heart shaped teddies.

What Makes Teddy Bears A Perfect Gift?

Who doesn’t love a cute cuddling companion? A plush and adorable teddies is sure to delight everyone with its beauty and softness. It is a perfect gift for people of all ages. You can give your girlfriend a love teddy bear and a cute teddy with heart to your wife. A cute love teddy bear can be a great way to show affection to the most loved people in your life. Also, teddies with heart are equally loved by kids. They love stuffed bear and big teddy bears, which delight them to the core.

Buy Cute Teddy Bear Online at Best Prices

A cute love teddy bear makes a perfect addition to most hampers. It can be a delightful addition to a single cake and a bouquet. Many people appreciate a toy companion that comes home in the most adorable way. You can gift a big teddy with a cute, quirky or motivational quote and make it a perfect present for various anniversaries and occasions. It is a great gift to showcase when it comes to the recipient. The recipient will love to display it on their tables and sofas to tell the onlookers you care for them. You can translate your love and feelings with a soft and sweet teddy companion. There are so many options and sizes that can translate your best wishes in the most remarkable way. You can also pair it with chocolates and then surprise your loved one with this remarkable present.

Shop for Cute Love Teddy Bear for Girlfriend

Teddies are all-time favorites for kids and adults alike. Moreover, for kids, teddies as gifts are a safe option as they do not need to be maintained or even require batteries to operate. And the best part, unlike other toys, teddies cannot come apart easily! When it comes to finding good stuffed teddies, we are the best to rely upon. Search online teddy at, and you will get to see a great range of collection of various sizes and colors. Besides, we offer panda teddies in India and abroad.

Teddies as a gifts now-a-days are also presented on baby showers. It brings joy and spreads positive vibes for the pregnant mother. So, for such occasions, teddies are a thoughtful gift.

Send Cute Teddy Bear Gift to That Special Woman

It a universal fact that women adore teddies! The love affair with teddies doesn’t stop even when you leave past your childhood. Be it your girlfriend or wife, you can trust upon a plush and cuddly teddy bear to sort out matters. You can also go for teddy bears to gift to your girlfriend or wife on her birthday or your anniversary. You can gift her couple teddy bears with message ‘love’, or hampers with red roses or cake tagged along with a teddy.

Now you can surprise your beloved woman or girlfriend by presenting her with personalized teddy bears. Personalization of teddies form a thoughtful gesture of your love and care. All you need to do is to send us your favorite picture, and we will have it delivered at the earliest. Besides, you also can get mugs, coasters, and photo frames, cushions, personalized for the love of your life. You can find a variety of personalized key chains online to gift to your boyfriend or husband.

How to make a teddy bear a gift BigTed Tips
August 16th, 2021 7 minute read

A teddy bear is a classic soft toy that should be presented to absolutely every representative of the women. If you give a teddy bear to a little girl, he will become a loyal friend with whom you can play, share secrets and go to bed. For a young girl, a large teddy bear with a bouquet of flowers will be a chic gift that will cause indescribable delight for her personally and the huge envy of her friends. And if you buy a teddy bear for an adult woman, it will be a gift that will return her to her childhood. After all, every woman wants to feel like a little princess.

Choosing a big teddy bear is not as easy as it may seem. In this case, there may be a fairly large number of nuances that you do not know about. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you listen to our recommendations (secrets) for choosing teddy bears.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Reasons why a teddy bear will always make for a great gift for your girl

If you want to make you bellowed one girl happier than ever, you can make a random cutie gift. It may be candies, restaurants, or even better – a stuffed toy that will be a memorable moment for your woman for long years. Check our next purposed The Reasons To Get Your Girl A Giant Teddy Bear:

1. Big teddy bear gifts for her as a gift is suitable for any holiday – birthday or angel’s day, New Year, March 8, Valentine’s Day, wedding or anniversary of a relationship, as well as any other joyful occasion.

2. If you decide to give a huge bear to a child, do not doubt – your gift will cause a storm of joy and emotions! Moreover, it is not just a toy, but an excellent addition to the children’s room, which gives comfort. A great reason for such a gift can be graduation in kindergarten or the beginning of the school year.

3. Men choose big bears as a gift to please their spouse during discharge from the hospital. In combination with an armful of balloons, such a gift can touch any woman.

4. Representatives of the stronger gender, who like to surprise and stun, can give a gift for loved one to the chosen one on the first date. Such a gesture will indicate the serious intentions of a young man.

5. There are situations when it is simply necessary to make amends to a person. In such cases, a big bear is also more useful than ever. No offended heart can resist a plush friend. And in cases when it is difficult to find words, your gift will speak for you.

6. There must be a mandatory reason to buy a large teddy bear. In fact, you can make this gift, guided by a spiritual impulse. After all, what could be more pleasant than an unexpected gift?

Also, you can check other teddy bear gift ideas for girlfriend on the web or create your own.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Wonderful gift for girl for all occasions

It’s no secret that the most popular gift idea for a girl is a soft toy. But few of the guys know for sure where such a craving for children’s toys, which do not represent utility and material value as such, came from. But only after finding the answers, you can decide for yourself exactly whether to give her a teddy bear on the occasion of the upcoming holiday or just like that.

By nature, all girls are aesthetes and connoisseurs of everything beautiful, pleasant, and positive. If you go to the section of soft toys, for sure they will want to touch and cuddle every cute teddy bear. It is unlikely that among the huge assortment you can see an unpleasant, ugly, or awkward bear, each product has a soy zest. We think that the importance of teddy bears for girls is undervalued.

There can actually be many reasons to please a girl in the form of a teddy bear. For example:

· just like that – in this case, choose a small, cute toy to please the chosen one;

· dating date is a romantic event for the two of you, so you can give a couple of loving bears, a clockwork bear talking about love, a bouquet of small toys, or a bear with a heart in its paws;

· a birthday is a personal and important holiday, on the occasion of which you can give a huge bear or an exclusive handmade work;

· New Year – on such a holiday, it is customary to give inexpensive symbolic gifts, so you can choose a medium-sized bear in a New Year’s hat or something like that;

· Valentine Day favors romantic and cute presents, so on this occasion, you can find a bear that holds flowers, a heart, a gift, and so on.

If we are talking about a holiday, be sure to present the girl with a bouquet of flowers and a signed postcard in addition to a plush toy. In this case, the present will be complete and pleasant.

How do you give a memorable gift?

Be sure to think in advance about how to give a bear to cause the girl the effect of “Wow!”. We offer some original ideas and tips:

· Find the biggest cute giant pink teddy bear as tall as a girl, present it unexpectedly at work or in a crowded place.

· Arrange an unexpected delivery by courier to your home, work, or any other place. Surely, such a surprise will be an occasion for admiration and joy.

· Attach the toy to the car door with a gift ribbon and a huge bow. When she goes out to her car, she will be pleasantly surprised by such a surprise.

· Buy several bears of different sizes, ask your friends to take each one as they increase. Start making gifts from the smallest option, gradually moving towards a white men size teddy, as if you are opening nesting dolls with accessories.

· A classic combination of a successful gift is a bear and a bouquet of flowers. Find out in advance which flowers she likes the most to please her.

· In order not to be banal, ask the special department of the store to pack the toy in a beautiful, unusual way. Put a signed note or postcard inside.

· Buy a large composition of customized balloons, and then tie it to a bear. These can be balls in the shape of hearts or glowing balls, which will look very bright and unusual.

Teddy bears are always associated with childhood, which means that they give happiness and pleasant emotions. Such a gift will not be superfluous for any girl, especially if it is a gesture from a beloved man. When choosing, pay attention to the materials, size, design and the primary differences of each proposed product. You can also choose a bear based on the preferences or hobbies of your beloved, this will clearly emphasize your involvement and give even stronger emotions. Thanks to our tips, you now know which holidays favor such a gift idea and what exactly is worth picking up.

Teddy Bear Baby Gift Set- The perfect present for a newborn.

Is there a better baby gift than something handmade? I don’t think so. But don’t worry, if you don’t have time to make something yourself, I have you covered.

This gift set contains:

  • The gorgeous Bearnando
  • A mouse teether

The colors of the teether and the bear can be chosen from the color palette and can be combined accordingly. Simply choose on the dropdown menu which color would you like. If you’d like to combine two different tones, please send me a message when placing your order.

The gift set can be beautifully gift wrapped(*) and delivered directly to the newborn.

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The perfect baby gift set

Teddy Bear Gift Set – Did your best friend just have a baby? Are you invited to a baby shower or a baptism? Do you want to get the new parents something unique, that you can’t get on Stores? Something made with love, paying attention to every detail and created with ecological materials?

This baby gift set contains:

  • A lovely teddy bear to walk next to the baby’s side on the adventure of growing up. The bear is handmade using only ecological materials: the outside is made of organic cotton (GOTS certified) and the inside is filled with corn fiber. You can take a look at the individual item here.
  • A teether to soothe those tiny teeth that will grow in a few months. The teether is made of the same materials as the blanket, all organic and sourced within the EU. The ring is natural, untreated wood, safe when in contact with saliva. If you want to buy only the teether, take a look here.

The size of Bearnando is about 35cm (see picture for reference) and the teether is slightly bigger than 7 cm tall (see picture for reference).

The colors of the teether and the bear can be chosen from the color palette and can be combined accordingly. Simply choose on the dropdown menu which color would you like. If you’d like to combine two different tones, please send me a message when placing your order.

The gift set can be beautifully gift wrapped and delivered directly to the newborn.

Both of the products can be washed in the washing machine, however, I’d recommend to wash the teether by hand if it is to be wash often. Using baby soap is recommended.

Additional information

Brown-20, Navy Blue- 12, Baby Blue-10, Baby Pink-06, Dark Blue-11, Dark Mint-16, Dark Pink-07, Light Blue-09, Light Pink-05, Mustard-03, Yellow-02

Teddy bear is an alternative gift to flowers. It is considered as the best and the perfect way to express the feelings of your heart to your love. These are used as a decorative piece which when arranged in your living room, hall or bedroom gives attractive look of your place. Apart from decorative purpose, they are the brilliant gifts that can be presented to your near ones on their auspicious occasion such as birthdays’, women’s days, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, mother’s day etc.

These are the soft toys which are liked by all age group people mostly kids and young girls. They believe teddy’s as their best friends. They are available in different colors and sizes. These are wonderful gifts that can be given to girl friends or baby girls to make them feel happy and excited. These are very soft in texture and people feel cozy by holding them tightly. Mostly there are gifted to girls. This is one of the best gifts that can make them feel thrilled and special. By presenting this gift you can expect a smile, twinkle in your lover’s eye and spreads the charm of love and romance in the vicinity in and around you. Mostly these teddies are available in light colors which make us feel pleasant.

Teddy a wonderful gift for all occasions

Teddy is usually made of fabrics and fiber which is incorporated with glass or boot button for eyes to give brilliant look. The adorable personalized teddy bear gifts are available as per the themes such as love, get well, birthday, new baby, cheers, congratulations, sympathy, hope, baby showers, engagement, house moves, completion of graduation, “I’m Sorry and many more. The different types of teddy bears that are available in the market include Get Well Bear with Cookie, Get Well Bear, Ultimate Birthday Bouquet, Welcome Home Little Boy, etc. These bears give life time magical memories for all people irrespective of ages. For example, presenting a cute plush teddy with “get well soon” message will be more preferable than flowers and fruits to show console on your near ones.

Purchase a teddy from online gift store

There are many online gift stores available across the globe where you can find large collection of teddy bear’s such as large teddy bears, huge teddy bears, giant teddy bears, Specialty Teddy Bears, etc. Select the teddy as per your requirement i.e. budget, color, size, etc. from thousands of showcased pictures. These providers will ship the selected gift to the desired location at the specified time. Their way of packaging is different which makes the teddy look attractive, unique and eye-catching. These gift providers ships the gifts to your desired location at free of cost.

They use different color papers, silk ribbons, bows, papers of different colors to pack the teddy. They pack the gift in a unique way. They pack the bouquet in red stripy gift boxes so that the teddies do not get ruined while transporting to far distances.

Earlier sending gifts to any place across the globe was quite difficult. But with the increase of technology and internet usage many online gift stores are emerging in today’s world that ships the gifts as per your selection in their sites to the desired location and at the specified time. You can send surprise teddy bear gift to your near and dear ones on their auspicious occasion and make their day special.

For instance, you want to send a teddy bear to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Every time you wish her by gifting a wonderful teddy bear which she loves, but this time she is staying in another state. Now also you can deliver the gift to your love easily and quickly with the help of online gift providers. They ship the gift to your dear one’s doorstep without disappointing you. They work beyond your imagination.

Advantages of purchasing teddy bear from the online stores include

  • You can get unique, attractive and appealing handmade teddy bears that are designed in a perfect way
  • No two teddy bears in the store are similar, each teddy is unique and are handmade
  • You can get the teddy bear printed with the birthday date of your relatives or friends to whom you want to gift it too
  • It uses high quality fabric i.e. finest silk or rayon art silk to design the teddies
  • You can ship the teddy bear with a special message and they even print either the name or starting letter of the person given by you on the bear
  • Bears are wrapped in unique and eye-catching manner and shipped to the special person you would like to gift too
  • You can get a fabulous collection of teddy bears with zero shipping charges
  • Delivers the gift on the specified date, time and location
  • Available in different shapes and sizes

The demand for these teddy bears is increasing day by day so the companies are designing different types of bears in an innovative way to grab the attention of the people. Generally there are different colors of teddy bears available across the globe such as white, yellow, pink, etc. The teddies having short limbs and large heads are mostly presented as gifts for babies. The teddies with different variety of outfits are made available in the market. These teddies have longer limbs and head which allow kids to dress up and play with. By sending these teddies to your loved ones you can make him/her feel special.

View our extensive range of personalised teddy bears which can be customised with an embroidered jumper or hoodie.

Me to You bears

We have a large range of Me to You bears including personalised bears, which make perfect unique gifts.

Our most loved bears

Choose from our favourite bears to personalise

Microwave Teddy

How to make a teddy bear a gift

A selection of Microwave teddy bears, for those cold winter nights. These Teddies will keep you warm or that someone special warm, a great personalised gift.

Christening Bears

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Ideal for a Christening gift, a teddy bear is something to treasure for life.

Birthday Teddy

How to make a teddy bear a gift

We have lots of Happy Birthday Bears. Personalise your teddy in some way, making the perfect birthday teddy bear.

Jellycat Soft Toys

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Create personalised Jellycat soft toys by adding a jumper with your own message.

Over 17 years of Personalised Teddy Bears!

Say it with Bears was the first online supplier of personalised teddy bears established in 2004. Our aim was to become the UK’s largest. We are and have sent over 700,000 personalised teddy bears, delivering teddies all over the World. We aim to offer the widest choice of premium teddy bears from leading brands including Boofle, Disney, GUND, Jellycat, Me to You bears, Steiff and many more popular teddy bear brands.

Supplying many leading and well known teddy bear brands we pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality embroidered teddy bears. We can create personalised teddy bears for next day delivery if ordered by 2pm (Mon-Friday) in the UK.

A personalised teddy is a great way to show someone that you care and are thinking of them. Say it with Bears motto is ‘Send a bear to show you care’.

Looking to buy a New baby gift, birthday gift, christening gift, get well soon or a gift for an anniversary then Say it with bears have the largest range of teddies and soft toy gifts for you to choose from.

Sending an embroidered teddy bear to someone special to give them a hug. Our teddy bears are special gifts that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face.

All you have to do is choose your bear, select the clothing and tell us what you would like to say. We will embroider the personalised message on the jumper or hoodie in the colour of your choice. You can add a customised ribbon if you want to add that something extra to say. We will pack your bear up and send him off on his way, you teddy bear delivery will be with Royal Mail so we can make sure he gets to you.

We offer same day dispatch with a next day custom teddy delivery in the UK. All of our personalised teddies and soft toys include a free gift card and birth certificate for you to create that extra special gift.

A personalised teddy bear is a special gift that can be used to celebrate any occasion!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

I remember having a Care Bears party when I was little. Now, this isn’t exactly the same, though who says you have to paint this teddy bear gift bag brown? Why not make it pink or purple or blue? There are no limits here. Use your imagination with the design of this teddy bear kids craft and also what you will use the gift bag for when it is finished. And don’t forget to share your creations and stories at [email protected]! I love seeing what you make!


  • Paper bag
  • Brown paint
  • Newspaper
  • Medium pompom of any color
  • Clothespin
  • 2 large googly eyes
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Small or medium black pompom
  • Black sharpie marker

Step 1

  • Draw bear ears about halfway up on the front of the paper bag

Step 2

  • Cut the ears out
  • Trim the excess off of the sides and back of the bag, making a straight edge

Step 3

  • Pinch the medium pompom (not black) with the clothespin to form a “paint brush”
  • Place the project on a piece of newspaper
  • Tap paint the front of the paper bag using the brown paint. Put the paint on in a light layer.
  • Allow paint to dry

How to make a teddy bear a gift

This is a great craft for preschoolers (as long as you help with cutting out the ears) because there is no way to make the painting look wrong or too messy. You can just let your little one do their own thing, and they will totally be successful and not meltdown into frustration (been there!). And then there is the opportunity to work on fine motor skills and visual perceptual skill (how the parts of the face fit together).

How to make a teddy bear a gift How to make a teddy bear a gift

Your dolls will love having their very own cuddly and cute mini teddy bear to snuggle all night! These DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears are quick and easy to make, and make a great gift – for your doll’s birthday, as a holiday gift, or for any special occasion you can think of!

Make a few extras and give them to your friends as a gift for their dolls!

Here are the detailed step-by-step instructions for making DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears:

How to make a teddy bear a gift


  • Various sizes of Pom Poms (you can choose whatever colors you’d like!)
  • Small felt heart, or heart gem
  • Black Puffy fabric glue
  • Glue gun (and glue sticks)


  1. Select the pom poms you’ll use to create your teddy bear
  2. Use the glue gun to glue the pom poms together (children will need adult supervision for this step)
  3. Use the Puffy fabric glue to create eyes or any other designs you’d like to have on your teddy bear

Once your teddy bear has dried (overnight), it’s ready to be shared with your OG BFF! ❤️

Did you know?

The original teddy bear was named after US President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. Teddy bears are still one of the most popular gifts given to children, and even to adults to ‘signify love, congratulations, or sympathy.’

The DIY Pom Pom Teddy Bears are also a perfect craft to make at a Sleepover Party! Your guests can each make a Pom Pom Teddy Bear to give to your OG dolls!

For even more sleepover fun, check out our Guide to Our Generation sleepover toys, explore our New! Sleepover Theme, and check out our how-to guide: 12 Steps for the Perfect Sleepover! What other great sleepover ideas do you have?

As the time of celebration approaches, soon it will be time to joust the hearty and love-filled occasion of valentine’s day. Now if you have learnt and understood anything about the way love is portrayed in popular culture, you know very well that there is no better gift than a soft toy. Now you cannot of course give your sweetheart just a soft toy, you can send cuddle teddy bear quotes along with your gifts to impress your dearest.

You are about to read some comfy and lovely teddy bear quotes because nothing is as cute & adorable as teddy bears. With the following detailed teddy quotes, you can make your love celebration magical!
Whether you plan to send one as a gift or you just want to hang a wall frame, quotes on teddy bears shared here fit like a toothpick in the cake.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

1. You are such a teddy that I can’t stop myself from sending you a mushy plushy teddy bear.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

2. Everything in life I share, except, of course, my teddy bear. So, here is a one for you, don’t share with anyone else.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

3. Be the teddy of my life! Be that friend I can always fall upon! Be my comfort!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

4. O dear plushy teddy bear, don’t let the person take off stress through beer, be a friend with one whom I am gifting you!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

5. A fluffy friend that will always make you smile!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

6. Make friends with a bear and you will never be alone!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

7. A teddy bear can heal a broken heart without even moving!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

8. Need a laughing and crying buddy? Get a teddy. A teddy will sit by you, always!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

9. Hug the teddy and feel the coziness of heaven beside you!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

10. Paly with it, cuddle with it, fight with it, sleep on it, and a lot more! Mr Teddy Bear won’t complain a bit.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

11. Just like the Teddy, may your life be always filled with comfort and vibes to scatter happiness all around.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

12. No one hates Teddies as they have that charismatic aura to attract everyone within the first gaze.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

13. Every Teddy knows how to make people smile. No magic, no spells, and yet they manage to lift up the mood!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

14. Do you know why I send you a Teddy? Because you bring comfort to my life and I want to cuddle tight with you!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

15. It is not just a toy but a partner to share your feeling with. It will listen politely and reply to you for comfort without uttering a word.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

16. The warmth and the hug. That the mind mug up. Can’t be express in words. Sending this teddy to make you feel my love

How to make a teddy bear a gift

17. When tears are about to make rain, and you play along to drain, no words to wind the hay, a teddy to hold your my bae!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

18. The humbleness and constant smile, the softness and the bright eyes, a gift for me are you, the teddy for constant new!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

19. The heart with full of love, the hug full of warmth, my world is you, keen to move close to me, open you as wide as warm to hold me, as the teddy brings.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

20. I can’t buy you happiness, but I can buy the next best thing for you-a teddy bear.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Picking a teddy for your love, you can’t present it without teddy bear quotes for love. And how about coupling a teddy bear with flowers? Add on top of that teddy bear love quotes that are specially customised for the love of your life, written with cursive detailing.

Oh my god! Can’t handle so much adorableness! Send the most interesting teddy love quotes to your sweetheart today!

For the young or young at heart, Giving Bear ® is a unique bear stuffed animal for those in need of a hug. We can all use a hug, and that’s why the Giving Bear ® is pillow-soft and lightly stuffed for the kind of cuddles only your favorite plush teddy bears can give. Whether you prefer our jumbo teddy bear (36″), mini teddy bear (8.5″) or the original Giving Bear ® (16″), each is made of silky fuzz for the best squeezes. They also include a keepsake bookmark with a heartfelt message of encouragement, making them perfect teddy bear gifts for loved ones. Plus, just to remind you that a friend is always there, Giving Bear ® has a special corduroy ear ready for listening. Share a hug with someone you love today.

A portion of the proceeds from the original Giving Bear ® sales will be donated to Children’s Mercy Kansas City.




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Teddy Bear gifts delivered anywhere in the UK! Personalised teddy Bears are one of the most heartfelt gifts that you could choose! Teddy Bear gifts instantly say you care, and what you want to say exactly can be spelt out in detail on one of our Message Medals.

Our Teddy Bear delivery service is a high quality, memorable and luxurious one-stop gift solution for all occasions. You’re never too old for a Teddy Bear gift!

We have Teddy Bears to suit every budget, from high end limited edition collectible Silver Tag Bears to our slightly smaller, equally gorgeous but more affordable traditional bears. Some of these include Ellie, Harry, Harper, Lucas, Thomas, Oliver, Kendall and Marlow. You can send a Teddy Bear when someone is poorly – our Doctor Bear and Nurse Bear have a great bedside manner.

Sending you Bear hugs!

Sometimes it’s hard to know what message you should send with your bear, but here are a couple of suggestions that are useful in lots of situations: “Bears need people. People need bears” or “Teddy Bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love”

Ordering is easy. Just choose your bear, write your message on-screen, choose a colour for your Message Medal and add a bar of chocolate if you want one. Next day delivery is available if you need it (see Delivery Information for more details). Your Teddy Bear gift will be boxed into a luxury windowed box, tied with a ribbon and your message, then it will speed its way to its destination. Choose yours now!

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Each month we’ll deliver a new and adorable teddy bear all dressed up in a seasonal theme and in need of a new best friend! Our premium bears measure 12-15 inches in height and have been chosen exclusively for our members for their extreme hugability and cuddle factor. Like every Amazing Club, each monthly delivery is covered by our unbeatable “They’ll Love It!” Guarantee!

You can choose to send a gift announcement by mail or email or you can print it from your computer for the ultimate in last-minute gift giving! Your gift announcement will include your personal message, details for your recipient about their gift membership, and their delivery schedule. View a sample gift announcement

Each monthly delivery includes our fun teddy bear lover’s newsletter, The Bear Essentials, with important teddy bear facts and strict care and feeding instructions for your new friend.

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Quality: For more than a decade we’ve been delivering some of the highest-quality specialty gifts in the world to our members. And while other clubs may claim to be the best, only Amazing Clubs has been independently rated #1 for 7 years in a row!

Each month we’ll deliver an adorable, soft and cuddly teddy bear all dressed up in a seasonal theme. From skiing bears in the winter to surfing bears in the summer and maybe even an oh-so-scary bear for Halloween! Our beautiful teddy bears measure a full 12″ to 15″ tall and are carefully chosen for their quality, seasonality and incredible hugability. We offer 3, 6, and 12-month clubs and a Teddy Bear of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter and you can choose between monthly and every-other-month shipping to build the perfect gift for your schedule and your budget.

Price: It’s pretty simple, really. We’re the largest provider of gift of the month clubs in the world – and our size and buying power allow us to offer the lowest prices on the highest quality items. Other clubs may advertise lower prices but once you include their shipping charges, we always have the best prices for the best quality (sometimes by a lot). Plus you’ll receive our best-in-class “They’ll Love It!” Guarantee and experience our unbeatable customer service.

At Amazing Clubs we’ve served over 3 million happy customers with a better than 99% satisfaction rating. Our customers order again and again because they trust us to deliver some of the most beautiful teddy bears available anywhere. That means 100% huggable teddy bears in creative and seasonal themes for memories that will last a lifetime! You won’t find a better gift anywhere and these amazing teddy bears are only available as exclusive selections of the Teddy Bear of the Month Club from Amazing Clubs!

I found Amazing Clubs as I was looking for the perfect birthday gift for my 5 year old niece. Not only do they have great selection for adults but they have a Teddy Bear of the month club! The awesomeness of each bear so far has made me the “cool” Aunt. Thank you Amazing Clubs!

Our granddaughter lives all the way across the country and we’re always looking for new ways we can show her than Nana and Papa are thinking about her. A few months ago we enrolled her in the Teddy Bear of the Month Club and we’re so glad we did. The bears are really well done. Very nice quality and very cute. Now every month we get an excited phone call from our little angel telling us about the new addition to “her family”. It’s the best feeling ever. This is a GREAT gift.

On the fourth day, people in love gift their partners a cuddly teddy bear. The idea is to give your beloved a plush toy to express your love for the person and make them happy. A cute teddy bear can change a distressed mood and bring a smile to their faces. But if your girlfriend is someone who is allergic to stuff toys or simply doesn’t like one, then you can gift her these teddy related fashion items that she will actually use and appreciate.

Instead of a stuffed teddy, you can give your girlfriend this adorable teddy-printed T-shirt. The cute print of the teddies can remind her of the beautiful bond you and her share. She can team this T-shirt with her favourite pair of jeans or shorts, and throw on some sneakers for a chic casual look.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

There is no cuter teddy than a panda. If your girlfriend loves to eat and sleep, and reminds you of an adorable little panda, then get her this panda hoodie that she can cherish forever. This hoodie is super cosy and will feel like a warm hug on a cold day. The hoodie also features cute panda ears adding an extra mushy touch.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Pamper your girl and let her experience luxury like never before with this butter-soft satin nightwear. This satin teddy bear night suit does not only look amazing, but also feels super smooth at the same time. Ultra chic, sophisticated, and easy-breezy, satin night suits are the perfect blend of everything your girl possibly needs.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Now your girlfriend can elevate any outfit of hers by simply accessorising it with this beautiful teddy bear pendant. The pendant features a shiny blue Swarovski stone that your girl will absolutely love! The necklace has high-quality platinum rhodium and e-coating to avoid any tarnishing.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

These cute teddy bear studs are literally going to make your girlfriend fall in love with you all over again! These nickel-free, lead-free and sterling silver earrings are embedded with a beautiful purple stone that will add an elegant vibe to your girlfriend’s attire.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

If your girlfriend’s handbag is literally a magic lamp where she stores every little thing in the world, gift her a new one this teddy day! This lovely combo of a handbag, sling bag and a wallet meant for the women of today. The handbag is super spacious and will store all her essentials. It comes with an adorable teddy bear keychain that adds an adorable vibe to this chic combo.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Home slippers are definitely a loungewear essential – if your girl doesn't have a pair, gift her these cute teddy plush slippers! These grey furry slippers are perfect for fashionistas who want to look on trend even while staying at home. They are super comfortable and will add extra warmth to her feet.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

White sneakers are so in style and every girl must most definitely own a pair. White sneakers are super versatile and can be paired with literally any outfit. These white and blush pink sneakers feature a cute little blush pink teddy bear on its side that will always remind your girlfriend just how adorable you find her! The teddy is also super minimalistic making these sneakers just perfect.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

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Set in the foothills of Slieve Rushen, part of the Marble Arch Caves Geopark in County Cavan a visit to the Bear Essentials teddy bear gift shop Cavan outside the village of Bawnboy in West Cavan is a relaxing and inspiring experience.

Here you will find Anke Morgenroth’s unique and original handmade Mohair teddy bears. Exclusive to Bear Essentials, they are one off limited edition teddy bears, perfect for that special occasion gift or as a great collectible souvenir from Ireland.

Bear Essentials also stock their own range of Baby Essentials range of rugs, comforters and “My First Teddy” and My Irish Teddy.

Our aim is to present you with teddy bears that are unique to us and preferable not sold anywhere else in Ireland.

Our famous teddy bear brands are Steiff, Bukowski Bears, Charlie Bears, Hansa, Ravensden, beside many others. To shop online please see all our Teddy Bear Brands here.

Opening Hours Wednesday to Saturday 10am – 5pm or by arrangement, but we are closed when away at events or providing workshops somewhere else. To avoid disappointment please contact us before your visit just in case.

Entrance to the Teddy Bear Gift Shop and the Silver Bear Visitor Centre is free.

All our workshops & events have to be booked before arrival.

What our customers think of us

“I am delighted to have come across your website when looking for a large bear for a gift. The website is really well put together, it is interesting, informative and the completion of my purchase on-line went so smoothly. Congratulations and Best of Luck for the ‘on-line’ future. Fidelma

“Just wanted to say Thanks so much. Received the larger bear. He’s fab. I noticed you sent it express post too. Just wanted to say I’m really impressed and grateful for your great customer service. Thanks so much, Gwen”

“We received the second comforter, brilliant. We are glad to have two of the same now just in case the other one gets loved to death. Fiona”

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Every teddy bear deserves a lot of love and hugs. A huge soft teddy bear is significantly bigger and so make a great cuddling partner. Your giant cuddly teddy bear will always be there for you and give you infinite amounts of affection, whether you are resting and watching TV or getting ready to go to sleep. A new life-size best soft toys online would undoubtedly become an instant family member, lasting a lifetime and beyond.

Stores Many Memories:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Teddy bear online , unlike other toys, have the remarkable capacity to generate enduring memories for decades. If you are giving a huge teddy bear as a gift for a particular occasion, this would be a fantastic gift to receive and would allow the receiver to remember that day. Teddy bears are cherished by everyone, young and old, and serve as a reminder of everything good in the world.

Timeless Buddies:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Enormous soft toys, particularly giant teddy bears, have long been popular, and this does not appear to be changing anytime soon. Teddy bears let people connect with their loved ones in ways that other soft toys just cannot. They may convey emotions and feelings that they would not be able to express during a conversation with their teddy bear buddy.

Sleeping Companion:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

According to one survey, 40% of people still sleep with stuffed animals, Why? Adults can feel comfort and security from their bear, which can assist with self-esteem or other problems. As well as the Soft toys make them feel well-rested after a night’s sleep. Having that cuddly friend with you throughout critical learning years offers a sense of security and comfort. So, order online soft toys delivery soon!

Perfect Friend:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Teddy is the ideal buddy since he never fights and never reveals any secrets. She may tell it all her secrets and argue with it, and the teddy will still smile. Girl’s affection for teddies is understandable, and you may spend on it to strengthen your relationship even more. Online gift stores are a great place to make online gifts delivery as they provide a large selection of teddy bears and other items to meet all of your gifting needs.

Fights Loneliness:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

The contemporary environment may feel lonely and unpleasant to grownups. There is evidence that, as you grow more connected through the internet, you may become lonelier. While stuffed animals cannot replace the other humans in their lives, they can help to reduce feelings of loneliness. They can assist people in dealing with the interconnected and lonely contemporary world.

Help You Grieve:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Stuffed animals may signify a bond to a dead loved one, guiding through the mourning process and relieving the sense of loss that comes with the death of someone close to you. You can purchase Memory Bears, which are plush teddy bears stitched with the attire of a departed friend or family member, to help you reconnect with those memories. You may grieve with a plush animal without fear of being judged, and they provide a continual source of consolation.

Express Love:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

You may have become trapped thinking about how to express love on a significant day, whether it is your bae’s birthday or a marriage anniversary. A teddy bear may be an excellent way to express your feelings for your gorgeous wife or girlfriend. Because personalization is possible, you may wow her by writing a love note on your teddy bear. Remember, even if you are late, you can buy one via soft toys same day delivery service.

Shows The Motherly Love:

How to make a teddy bear a gift

A teddy bear is something she can care for in the same way as moms do for their children. Girls adore cute gifts, whether it’s a puppy, a pet cat, or a teddy bear. To celebrate the biggest festival of love, shower her with best gifts for girls and teddy gift hampers. A teddy pulls out her inner kid and transports her back to a period when she and her teddy were inseparable.

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

I Heart You Tatty Teddy

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Small Santa Tatty Teddy

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Me to You Love Heart Scarf Tatty Teddy

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Love & Wishes Tatty Teddy

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Amazing Wife Mother’s Day Card

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From Little Boy Mother’s Day Card

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From Little Girl Mother’s Day Card

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Me to You Happy Mother’s Day Verse Card

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From Daughter Mother’s Day Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Wonderful Mum Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Beautiful Mummy Mother’s Day Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

First Mother’s Day Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Me to You On Mother’s Day Photofinish Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Nanny Mother’s Day Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Mother’s Day Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift

Lovely Mam Mother’s Day Card

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How to make a teddy bear a gift


Make a special occasion a lifelong memory with a gift that will be loved and treasured for years to come. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or ‘just because’ choose a Me to You gift that shows how much you care.

How to make a teddy bear a gift


Send the perfect card that shows how much you care, with cute hand-drawn designs and words full of loving sentiment. There’s a greetings card for every occasion to let you share the moments that matter with friends, family and loved ones.

How to make a teddy bear a gift


A Me to You bear is a special gift that will be with you for a lifetime and is the perfect expression of love, friendship and happiness. There’s a cute Blue Nose bear or soft toy for every occasion.

Get to know a little more about Me to You and each of the cute characters that make our family of Blue Nose brands.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Stuffed animals or teddy bears are so adorable that even adults start playing and cuddling with it. For ages, a teddy bear is one of the most purchased toys for kids. Babies love soft and comfortable toys that don’t cause harm to them. And so, the stuffed animals are quite a suitable gift for them.

Still not convinced?

Here we have a few awesome reasons why you should give teddy bear as a gift:

Express Love and Affection

Gifting a teddy bear is a great way to showcase your affection and express love towards a person you love whether it’s a kid or someone special. When it’s a matter of giving a gift to a kid; nothing can beat a stuffed animal. Yes, agree that the shape, design, and size are different for different babies.

Very Soft and Cuddly

Sleeping with cuddling a teddy bear always feels you comfortable and so do kids. They love to play with it, cuddle it and sleep with it. In short, a stuffed animal is his/her cuddliest & cutest companion. There is no dearth to say that you are cheering up a person by giving a teddy bear as a gift on a special occasion like a birthday. Browse the stuffed animal online with customization options to get the right one for the right person.

A Far Better Than Other Toys

Generally, we gift toys and other baby products as a gift to kids which are already given by their parents. Toys are made of plastic and other hard materials which can cause harm to a kid while playing with it. On the other side, stuffed animals never cause harm to kids while playing, provide comfort while cuddling, instead. We strongly recommend people buy cozy toys like teddy bears for your friends or relatives’ kids to give as a gift.

Price isn’t an issue with the stuffed animals, available at a lower to higher prices. Purchase a teddy bear that suits your pocket.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Best Friend of Girls

If a person you want to give a gift is a female, don’t even dare to gift something else except the teddy bear. From a 1-year-old girl to a mother of 2 children; a teddy bear is their best friend of all time. Even many women have still their teddy bear which was gifted by parents in their toddler age. Toddler loves to talk with the teddy and also share secrets too, don’t you know?

How to make a teddy bear a gift

They are huggable

Do you need any better reason than this? We all need a warm hug in our depression time and kids too. A 5 years old kid needs a warm hug to avoid loneliness at home and after returning from the school. This constantly reminds a kid about you. As a parent, you must have to gift your kid a teddy bear which should be big enough to be cuddled by your kid on his/her 2-3 birthday. So, whenever your kid needs a hug and you are not around then teddy is there to fill up your absence.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Child development and early learning

A 2-3 years old kid loves to speak whatever comes in the mind. There should be someone who listens to it. Teddy can be the one which listens to what your kid speaks. You might not with your kid all the time. After all, you have to earn bucks for kids. As kids speak and share emotions in front of someone, they learn to speak and express emotions easily.

It’s a great reason to have a teddy in your kid’s bedroom. It deeply impacts on your kid’s social and personal development.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Customization is Always There

If you believe that there is only one type of stuffed animal available in the market; you should visit teddy bear websites to know the fact. Thousands of variety and several designs are available to please your kid on his/her birthday or any other special occasion. To browse the wide range of customized teddy bears online; visit BeaRegards right now. You can personalize the stuffed animal the way you want.

How to make a teddy bear a gift

Great Idea to Express Love

Whether it’s your bae’s birthday or a marriage anniversary; you might have got stuck thinking about expressing love on a special day. A teddy bear can be the right choice to showcase your love with your lovely wife or girlfriend. As customization is available, you can write a love message on your teddy bear to impress her.

Remember, Teddy bears are not just for the kids; even adults need a teddy bear to reduce stress.

I hope you are convinced now to give a teddy bear as a gift to your lovely kid or your friend/relative’s kid. Don’t wait, go and purchase a special teddy bear & surprise your loved ones.

These fuzzy DIY teddy bears are so cute and lovable! Featuring plush Minky Fabric from, this is the perfect handcrafted gift for all the little ones in your life. We used Minky in Graphite, but these bears look just as adorable in any of the colors available. Once complete, we tied various pretty ribbons around their necks for the sweetest of finishing touches.


  • Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Needle
  • Embroidery Needle


  • Printed Pattern – 1/2 yard – 1×1 square for nose – 1 bag (to match your Minky)


  1. Gather the tools and materials listed above. Print the pattern on 11×17 paper.
  2. Trim the pattern pieces and use a pen to outline onto the fabric as noted on each piece.
  3. Cut out all of your pieces from the Minky fabric.
  4. Sew darts on the side of the head pieces.
  5. With right sides facing one another, sew around the sides and the top of the ears and along the front of the body.
  6. With right sides facing one another, sew around the arms and the legs leaving the top open.
  7. Turn the arms and legs right side out and stuff with polyfill.
  8. Pin and sew the top head piece onto one side of the head as marked.
  9. Pin and sew the second side of the head into place.
  10. Sew the head top first, then the back and front of the head together with the right sides of pieces facing in.
  11. Leave a two inch opening on the back of the bear head’s neck
  12. With the right sides facing each other, sew the side seams to attach the back pieces of the body.
  13. With the right sides together, pin the base of the head to the top of the body and sew it together.
  14. Stitch back of head then 1/3 of back of body. stitch lower 1/3 of body, leaving opening in mid back.
  15. Press arms through back hole and position legs inside body. sew base to secure legs in place.
  16. Turn right side out and fill head then body with polyfill.
  17. Hand stitch opening in back closed.
  18. Tuck 1/4 inch of raw edge of ears inside itself then stitch ears onto sides of head.
  19. Cut tiny felt triangle, position at point of nose seam and stitch into place with matching thread.
  20. Make french knot eyes with embroidery thread.

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The power was out over the weekend for a couple of hours. No jokes, we were bored. I mean, seriously. EVERYTHING in our lives runs on power–and they all ran out of charge right as the lights blinked out. So, using this spare time, I finally got around to making my little girls something to help with our hectic (hectically-silly) bedtime routine: a DIY No-Sew Sock Teddy Bear (infused with lavender and made to be a “heat sock” to keep them cuddly warm and sleepy-relaxed).

Basically, this is the gist of our bedtime routine: At 7pm, our littlest (baby Donut who’s not so much a baby anymore), starts fussing and crying. She knows the routine and wants in her jammies NOW! LOL! After we get them upstairs (part of what she requires), dad and I wipe their little bums with Huggies Natural Care Wipes, then put Jelly and Donut in their Huggies OverNites Diapers (because we need the deep sleep that comes from a dry bottom, y’all). Then jammies, Then it’s time for Jelly’s snack. As soon as Jelly has a snack, baby Donut MUST HAVE one, too. Then Jelly sees that Donut has one–and needs another. And so it goes until 8:30pm when the duo passes-out from exhaustion.

I’m hoping that by adding one little step–microwaving our Sock Teddy Bear for just a few seconds then tucking them both in with it–that we’ll see a big difference in the evening. Maybe, with a warm, cuddly friend kind of like a sensory-doll, we might get them to both fall asleep with less snacking, fussing and generalized unhappiness. Heh. Because, with the help of Huggies OverNites Diapers keeping my girls comfortable for up to 12 hours, they sleep through the night–but just don’t want to GO to sleep.

(Hey, just as a reminder, when a baby is younger than 12 months, do not put any items in their crib due to safety concerns.)

DIY No-Sew Sock Teddy Bear

What You Need to Make the DIY No-Sew Sock Teddy Bear

  • 1 sock, long and flexible — dress socks are best
  • Yarn in a coordinating color
  • 1-1-inch piece of white felt
  • 2 cups(ish) of rice (I used long-grain white)
  • Fresh lavender or lavender essential oils (optional)
  • Black marker
  • Cup or funnel
  • 1 sleepy child (heh)

How to Make the DIY No-Sew Sock Teddy Bear

  1. First, tuck the sock over the lid of the cup so you can fill it with the rice.
  2. Fill the sock with the rice and your lavender (or a couple drops of your essential oils).
  3. Tie the top closed close to where the rice filled the sock top.
  4. Tie a second knot, tucking-in a bit of the sock near the rice to pull the second knot close to the rice-part of the sock. These knots are the ears, so make sure they’re tight.
  5. Trim the portion of sock dangling from the last knot.
  6. Using a 6-inch length (0r so) of the yarn, gather a ball of the rice nearest the knots (about 1/3 of the rice), then tie it off. This forms the head.
  7. Repeat the process with much smaller portions on the sides to form arms, on the bottom front to form legs and one tiny one on the butt to make a tail. And repeat one more time with about 1/3 of the head-rice to make the bear-snout.
  8. Cut out 2 small, round eyes from the felt.
  9. Hot-glue or fabric-glue them onto the face of the bear, right above the snout.
  10. Color-in some centers on the eyes using the marker.
  11. Trim all the extra strings off the bear.
  12. Pop the bear into the microwave for 10-20 seconds and provide to sleepy toddlers!

Let me know how your DIY No-Sew Sock Teddy Bear works out for your toddlers! Just leave me a comment below or find me on Facebook! And don’t forget to visit this page to get $2 off your first pack of Huggies OverNites – for a limited time – and find other Huggies offers.