How to make a toothpick gun

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How do you shoot/throw toothpicks like this?

48 Replies to “How do you shoot/throw toothpicks like this?”

Film yourself doing it 1000 times, then only show the successful attempt.

Pretty sure if I learned this, I would immediately show up at a buddies house, and put a toothpick in the side of his leg showing him this new trick I learned.

Have creepily long fangers

Hold it like she does and flick it with your middle finger (just watch the video by slooowwlly scrolling through, and you’ll easily see).

Toothpick crossbow $10 on amazon

Those are some fucking nails

Why do I feel like she’s the Netflix adaptation of an anime villain

Wait til you see the dude cutting carrots in half with playing cards.

U have to concentrate your Qi to the tips of your fingers and transfer the energy to the tip of that very toothpick. When u flick it, u have to roll the toothpick on your nails to create a spiral motion so there is a penetrative force with the aerodynamic flight path. Oh, and when u do it right, you will see a small flash before it hits.

Step 1) be an assassin

Haku is that you? I’ve been looking everywhere for you – zabuza

[Here]( is a link of a guy teaching how to. The second method is better

Looks like her middle finger is pressed against the pick before it’s flicked so no impact on the stock. Also assuming she’s putting some kind of spin on the tooth pick to help stabilize it in flight.

Should use this tactic on anti-vaxxers for the covid vaccine.