How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Half up half down hairstyles are the perfect marriage between casual and chic, without the effort that a full updo requires. If your hair tends to get greasy, oily, or frizzy within a day or two, a half-up hairstyle can be a quick and easy way to deal with oily hair or extra frizz and still look stylish. Whether it’s a half up bun hairstyle, or a traditional half ponytail, we foresee half up hairstyles sticking around for a while.

Achieving the perfect half-up hairstyle is easier said than done, however. If you have thin hair, you likely know the struggle of tying half your hair up into a ponytail only to be left with a few hair strands at the bottom to work with, or having your half ponytail flatten and fall throughout the day.

Just look at ponytail queen Ariana Grande or Khloe Kardashian—if you’ve been following both these celebrities’ hair journey, you’ve likely seen them rock a similar half up half down hairstyle to the one shown in the following video, with just the right amount of volume and bounce, without falling flat. So, what’s the secret? Check out the video below or read on to learn how to achieve the perfect half up half down hairstyle every time.

In this tutorial, Rachel uses her Seamless Chestnut Brown Luxy Hair extensions. By strategically clipping in a few wefts, this hairstyle is quickly transformed from thin and flat to thick and voluminous.

Step 1

To start off, separate your hair at the nape of your neck and clip a 4-clip weft in from your set of hair extensions. This will give the look extra thickness, and ensure that once you tie your hair up into a half ponytail, there is still ample hair left at the bottom. Be sure to brush the weft out before clipping it in.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 2

Next, separate your hair at the top of your ears, and clip the largest 4-clip weft in. Then, separate your hair at the widest part of your head and clip a 3-clip weft in. You should now have enough extra thickness at the bottom portion of your head.

Step 3

For extra volume on the sides, separate your hair at your temple and clip a 1-clip weft in on either side.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 4

Now it’s time for the fun part! Gather the front section of your hair toward the back, into a half up ponytail. For added thickness, clip two 1-clip wefts upside down, underneath the ponytail before tying it off.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 5

Then, secure the ponytail with an elastic at the top of your head and pull it as tight as possible, to create that bouncy effect. Be sure that the half up ponytail is tied at the very top of your head, otherwise, you may find that it falls flat.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 6

Brush out your hair and spray a bit of heat protectant all over your hair.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 7

Using either a hair straightener, curling iron or curling wand, separate your hair into 1 inch sections and begin curling. If you are using a curling iron or curling wand, the curls will have a rounder shape. If you use a straightener, the curls will fall in looser waves. When curling your hair, be sure to curl away from your face, for a softer, more flattering look. Be sure to follow the instructions here to make your curls last all day.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 8

Once all your hair is curled, including the half up ponytail, spray a little spritz of hairspray all over your hair and brush out your hair gently, so the waves become soft and smooth.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 8

Smooth down any flyaways by applying a bit of hairspray and using a fine tooth comb to smoothen down the hair.

Step 9

Finally, for that extra volume and bounce in the ponytail, spray hairspray underneath the ponytail and use a teasing brush to backcomb the bottom of the ponytail. This will ensure that the ponytail remains on top of your head instead of falling flat.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

And that’s it! A quick, easy way to achieve the perfect celebrity status, half up hair down hairstyle every time, without a full glam squad at your disposal.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles
Rachel uses her Seamless Chestnut Brown Luxy Hair extensions to achieve this look.

Have you tried using hair extensions to achieve a perfect half up half down hairstyle? Do you have any other tips and tricks to share? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

No one will know you’re on day three of dry shampoo.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

On the days that I have legit no idea what to do with my dirty, third-day hair, I can’t help but rely on the easiest hairstyle of all time: a half bun. Sure, it might sound kinda basic, but half-bun hairstyles are my little secret to looking somewhat put-together while I’m putting off wash day a little longer. And I’m not alone, either, considering the massive amount of celebs who not only rely on them (lookin’ at you, Kendall Jenner, Yara Shahidi, and Hailey Bieber) but have also turned half buns into an actual hair trend.

So, basically, you officially have extra reasons to feel good about throwing your hair into a half-up knot for the fifth day in a row. It’s fashion, people. But if you’re not sure how to find the best half-bun hairstyle for your specific hair or you just want some new inspo to change up your look, I rounded up the easiest half-bun tutorials of all time, below.

1. Best Half-Bun Hairstyle for Long Hair

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

While, yes, half-bun hairstyles look super intuitive, there’s actually a little bit of skill that goes into them. Instead of grabbing your hair and immediately twisting it into a bun, first separate the top half of your hair into a tight ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Pro tip: If you’re after a little extra volume, gently tug your ponytail to add some height up top before you move on.

Then, tease the tail of your pony with a comb (this will make your bun look extra full), and twist your loose hair around the base. Set the bun in place with a few bobby pins and a quick spritz of hairspray, and you’re all set. See? That took, like, an extra 20 seconds and the payoff was huge.

2. Best Half-Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Alright, so that lob you just got on impulse might be a little more difficult to style in a bun, but it’s definitely still doable. Begin your half-bun hairstyle by combing your hair into two parts right in line with your temples. Then, gather the top section of your hair (think: from your hairline to the crown of your head) into a high ponytail. After you secure your hair with an elastic band, pin small sections of the ponytail around the hair tie to cover it, creating a cute lil baby bun.

Forget everything you know about the half ponytail! If you feel that this style is reserved for the well-behaved, serious girls, you need to consider that by thinking outside of the box, this style can give you a fierce, rock chick look.

The rules of the half ponytail. Like all types of ponytails, the half ponytail is one of the first hairstyles that little girls learn to do. It’s easy to do, really practical for everyday life and can be styled in different ways to suit your needs and style. Achieving the look is simple: you take part of hair from the front of your head, sweep it back and tie in the middle of your scalp. The half ponytail works especially well on mid to long hair and it looks good on both straight and curly hair.

The classic half ponytail. For many, the half ponytail is the best way to achieve a sensible look. Moreover, a clear advantage of the style is that it’s very easy and quick to do! Brush your hair and separate it into two parts, one at the front and one at the back. Tie the hair at the back with a hair band or a slide. Then simply straighten or curl the rest of the hair which you have left down.

The sixties-inspired half ponytail. To achieve a retro half ponytail, you need to give volume to your hair to ensure it has plenty of body, by way of a small quiff. Like with the classic version of the half ponytail, separate your hair into two parts, but then backcomb the part which you will tie up at the back. Spray a mist of hairspray to fix it into place.

The wet-look half ponytail. Adopt this look this summer to really stand out! Apply some thermo-protective straightening spray before straightening your hair. Then, with the help of gel, flatten the hair you have separated from the rest towards the back of your head following the same method as before. However make sure you use the gel sparingly so you achieve a classy result. To finish, fix your hair into place by using a strong hairspray for a long lasting hold.

We get a lot of questions asking if it’s possible to create half updos with the Sitting Pretty Halo.

The short answer: absolutely, yes!

Once you’ve solved your thin hair problems with a Sitting Pretty halo, of course you’re going to want to take advantage of all the new ways you can style your hair.

Especially when it comes to updos and half updos.

Creating a half updo with halo hair extensions.

So what makes for the perfect half updo?

And a lot of it.

It’s why most girls need a little extra hair to help them create this look.

Below, Jordan uses her MEDIUM Sitting Pretty Halo in col. Beige Blonde 613 to add more volume to her half updo.

This allows her to have a fuller ponytail on top, while still having enough hair to leave down.

The best part of this hairstyle is that it gives the illusion your hair is even longer than it actually is.

Not to mention, it’s super easy to create.

Take a look:

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[Full transcript]

Hey guys it’s Jordy and welcome to my fourth video for Sitting Pretty.

I am creating this beautiful Ariana Grande half updo look for you guys today.

This is one of my hands-down favourite looks to do with my Sitting Pretty halo hair extensions, so make sure you keep watching.

Okay so I got a brand new halo.

This one is the medium halo, I had the fine and the thick but I thought I’d give the medium a go with the different colour.

The other reason I got a different colour is because of the sun, my hair is getting so much lighter, so I’m going to use this one in this tutorial.

So I’ve already gone ahead and curled these bad boys.

But I’m going to show you how I curl my hair, because I haven’t done that yet.

So I’ve got my curling wand and I use the thickest barrel.

I’m going to section off my hair in three parts, starting at the bottom, and bringing all my hair up, just making sure it’s out of the way.

Split your section into two parts and grab from the back about a one-inch section. And starting from the back, you want to curl away from your face.

Okay so now I have curled all of my hair and I have curls the halo, I’m going to put it all together and show you how it’s done.

So now I’m going to put in our halo.

Just section off the front of your hair, put it all up and away. Then grab your halo, slide it to the back of your head like that and release.

How easy is that?

Oh my god it looks so good.

I was actually quite surprised when I got this halo because I was really worried it was gonna be too light for my hair, but it actually blends really nicely because my hair is so blonde at the moment. Just from being in the ocean, and the summer sun.

So having that other halo with a different colour for summer and winter, I find is really really beneficial.

Oh my god I’m so obsessed, it looks so good!

Alright so what we’re going to do is we’re going to brush all of that out. do is we’re just gonna brush all of that out.

So with this comb we don’t necessarily have to worry about the wire of the halo at the top because we’re gonna be putting it all back.

But what we want to do, is we just want to make sure that the hair is not sitting underneath the wire around the hairline, because it’s not going to be a good look if it’s all sitting underneath.

So just make sure you get all of that – can we just appreciate how good this halo is looking?! Look how seamlessly it finishes. I just want to leave it like this! Okay, don’t be silly.

Okay so next step putting the half updo.

I like to use my brows as kind of like a guideline.

Kind of where the point of your brows are, go up and around, because that’s going to be just above where the halo is sitting. The halo is sits there, you can see it, but we’re going to be putting it up and then fiddling with that later.

So make sure it’s all up, make sure it’s out of the way.

It’s already looking so cute!

Then you want to grab your comb where the tip is, and just bring some of that back down to hide the halo. You can’t even see it! And then you want to do the same with the other side. Follow that line, and just take some of it out like so.

So use your comb – just be careful of that wire because it is gonna sit there, so make sure you don’t dig too deep when you’re coming backwards – and you want to secure it just with a hair tie at the base of your head.

Pull it out at the base, and then like we did in the last tutorial, I’m going to grab the ends and grab the top and pull in opposite directions because that’s gonna create a really perky ponytail at the top of your head.

Ahh it looks so cute!

Okay it’s just pull it out where you want to. Make sure it’s really secure. Again, when you’re pulling your ponytail, doing this by pulling both ends is going to elongate that ponytail instead of keeping it quite short.

Oh my god, stop it, it’s so cute!

Okay so you can obviously tell how much I love this style.

I just love it. I think it’s gorgeous. I think it’s super cute, oh my god I’m just obsessed.

That’s really about it. Also, before – we always have to do this because it’s just how we do ponytails.

Now to finish it off, and you don’t have to do this, but I like to do it as per usual in all of my tutorials I have done, grab a little back piece of your ponytail and grab your texture spray or hairspray, and just spray this and wrap it around your hair tie. And secure it with a bobby pin at the back of the ponytail, just so it’s not seen at the front.

Okay if you want to have a little bit more volume around the sides, just grab the pieces around where the halo is sitting and just back comb so it’s got a little bit more volume.

To finish it up I like to use a little bit of texture spray, just spritzing it. Not in any particular area, just gives it a little bit more hold. And same at the base of my hair as well where the curls are, gives a bit more texture to the curl.

Oh my god it’s so cute!

Alright. so this is my final look for the Ariana Grande inspired half updo.

I hope you love it because I really do.

It’s honestly one of my favourite things to do with the halo and it honestly makes a lot of a difference having that little bit of extra hair for this look because I find if I have my own natural hair, it just you have a little half way wispy bits.

It just looks so much nicer and thick and beautiful, I’m just totally vibing this look.

And it’s so nice to have the halo not show, and have all these little clips shown everywhere. Because it’s sits at the back of your neck so all of your hair is hiding it, you don’t have to worry about these nasty little clips showing throughout the day.

Now if you’re loving these videos just as much as I do, please make sure you give us a thumbs up, subscribe to Sitting Pretty’s YouTube channel and leave any questions you have below because we love hearing from you.

And if you do recreate any of the looks that we’ve done, please make sure you tag @sittingprettyhalohair and myself in your photos on Instagram because we love seeing them and seeing what you guys get up to with your halo hair extensions – it’s so much fun!

So anyway thank you so much for watching guys!

Enjoy! If you try this look, tag us @sittingprettyhalohair on Instagram and leave a comment below if you have any questions.

These looks are effortless and chic.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Of all the hair trends that are totally *in* right now, gorgeous half-up, half-down hairstyles might be our favorite. They look just as polished as a full updo or ponytail — plus, they’re totally effortless, and they are perfect for a lazy hair day. Did we mention they’re also versatile for any hair length or texture (yes, even for you short-haired and curly-haired gals!).

From the hottest stars like Taylor Swift to royals such as Meghan Markle, celebs are rocking this cute ‘do to red carpet events and other outings — and take note of their gorgeous locks for your next great hair inspo. Whether you go for a classic sleek style like Jodie Comer’s look at the Emmys or something trendy and bold like Ciara’s super long-haired style, these 15 half updos are gorgeous, simple, and easy to achieve with just a few hair ties or pins.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

For the recent Knives Out European premiere, Katherine Langford swept her long hair back into a half updo that allowed her makeup — including that gorgeous coral lipstick — pop. What really completed her look, though, is the slightly-teased crown and the tousled ends of her locks.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

At the American Music Awards this year, Taylor Swift kept it sweet and elegant with this chic half-up, half-down hairstyle, keeping her wavy blonde locks swept to one side to balance out her glittery asymmetrical dress.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

To steal Carrie Underwood’s glam retro-style hairdo at the ACM Awards, pull half of your locks up with a pin or barrette — then tease your hair into a high crown for that stunning blow-out volume.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Never the one who’s afraid to be adventurous with her hair, Ciara rocked a cool set of long dreadlocks at this year’s CFDA Fashion Awards. Her dramatic look features half of her hair piled high on her head — and the other half extending well below her waist in a stylish Rapunzel-like look.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Jodie Comer dazzled at this year’s Emmy Awards with this super-chic half-up hairstyle that was sleek and off the face, yet still gorgeous on her shoulders. The secret to her look? According to her hairstylist Mark Townsend, unwashed hair and hair mist.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Constance Wu opted for a flirty half up style, which included a high, slicked back ponytail. At the top, you can see her stylist wrapped a piece of her hair around the pony to up the glam factor.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

The Handmaid’s Tale star Madeline Brewer gave some oomph to her super-straight hair by pinning back the top half with a flower barrette.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

When you look back at picture day photos from your childhood, we’re sure they’re filled with absolutely adorable hairstyles. Pigtails with bows, tight ringlet curls, and locks decorated with beads are style staples from everyone’s childhood, but you probably wouldn’t be caught wearing those hairstyles now.

While not all of our favorite childhood hairstyles matured along with us, others (like the half ponytail) are perfect for adulthood—as long as you know how to style them. If you’re ready to bring your half ponytail from third grade to a date night with your partner, look no further. We’ve found three ways to make your half ponytail look just as grown up as you feel—dark brown hair or red.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles


The fastest and easiest way to elevate your half ponytail is to add a killer accessory. The hair accessories that are popular now are all about glitter, glamour, and edge. Think gold hair clips, crystal bedazzled bobby pins, statement headbands, and colorful hair scarves. The great thing about half up ponytails is that they’re so versatile, you’ll love how they look with any accessory.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles


Nothing feels more grown up than big, sexy hair. Take your half ponytail to the next level by adding lots of volume and get ready to turn heads. To achieve sky-high volume that will last all day long, all you’ll need is a fine-tooth comb and a medium hold hair spray.

For this look, you’ll want to begin by washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo to ensure lots of volume at the roots. Once you’ve blown out your locks, section off the hair at your crown and flip it over so it hangs in front of your face. Then, lightly spray the sectioned off hair with a medium hold hairspray and backcomb your locks to create volume at your roots. Once you’ve backcombed the entire section of hair, flip it back over and gently comb the top so it looks smooth. Then, gather the backcombed section of hair at the center of the back of your head, and secure it with a hair elastic. Set your look with a medium hold hairspray.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles


Adding texture to your ‘do is a great way to take your go-to childhood styles right into adulthood. If you’re looking for an on-trend style, consider crimping your hair before styling your half ponytail. In case you hadn’t heard, crimped hair has officially made its comeback and it’s better than ever. To put a modern spin on this ‘80s style, opt for a jumbo crimped style that you can create using just your flat iron.

Start at the back of your head, working with 2-inch sections of clean, dry hair. Spray each one with a heat protectant before clamping the base of the section with your flat iron. Once clamped, flip the flat iron down and hold it there for about 15 seconds. Then, move your flat iron down the section of hair, flip the flat iron up, and hold it in place. Continue twisting the flat iron up and down until you reach the bottom of the section. Once you’ve crimped your whole head, style your half ponytail and set your look with a flexible hold hair spray.

Ponytail hairstyle 1: the basic ponytail

Before getting into fancier styles for ponytail hair, we need to master the basics. This is the simplest of ponytail hairstyles. If you’ve never tied a ponytail before, hey, we all have to start somewhere. Here are the basics of how to tie a ponytail:

1. Comb your hair.

2. Put a hair tie around your wrist.

3. Gather your hair into a bunch at the back of your head, or wherever you want the ponytail to be. A low ponytail is easiest, but you can gather the hair higher up if you want a high ponytail, or even create a side ponytail by gathering it to one side.

4. While you’re holding your hair with your hair-tied hand, use your other hand to tug the hair tie off your wrist and over your hair.

5. Twist the hair tie to create a figure-8 loop: one half of the 8 should have your hair in it, and the other half should be empty. Pull your hair through the empty loop as well.

6. If it’s not secure enough, twist the loop you’ve just passed over your hair to create a third loop, and pull your hair through that, too.

7. Adjust the position of the hair tie to your taste. You can pull the ends of the ponytail apart to force the tie further towards your scalp or pull the tie back to make it sit further down the ponytail. If you want more volume around your ponytail, you can pull your hair out of it gently using your hands.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Do you love popstar Ariana Grande’s sweet and sassy half-up half-down hairstyle? Thanks to our friends at, they’ve come up with this easy-to-follow hairstyle tutorial that will show you how to get her look. Learn how to do her chic half up ponytail in just a few simple steps.

“I am back with a fun twist on the half up ponytail for you to try,” explains explains Ariba Pervaiz, contributor for

“This ‘do is ideal for those days I want to wear my hair down and still add a bit of interest. The “V” shape parting adds just the right amount of edge to this playful hairstyle. The elastic in the pony is seamlessly concealed with the help of a strong hold hairspray. I learned this technique while working backstage at Toronto Fashion Week and I am super excited to share it with you! This half up pony works great with straight or curly hair. In this tutorial I will be creating texture in the form of bouncy waves. Let’s get started!”

Ariana Grande Inspired Hairstyle Tutorial:

Step 1: Create a diagonal parting starting at the center of your hairline, running back towards the crown on the right side.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 2: Create the same diagonal parting starting at the center point of your hairline and back towards the crown on the left side as well. Add a final horizontal parting to connect the two diagonal partings and create a triangular-shaped section.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 3: Tie off the triangle section with an elastic band.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 4: Place the ponytail forward and take a small section from the back of the ponytail. Tease the section several times. Continue teasing small sections of hair until the entire ponytail is teased.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 5: Take a small section from the ponytail and spray it generously with hairspray until it resembles a piece of ribbon. Wrap it around the elastic to conceal it.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Step 6: Generously spray hairspray to the ends of the section to secure it into place.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

How simple is that?! In just 6 easy steps, you’ve mastered the art of re-creating the signature hairstyle that helped make Ariana Grande one of the current style stars of today’s times.

What’s great about this half-up half-down hairstyle is that it keeps your hair out of your face (which is perfect for hot, humid Summer days), but it still has a soft, romantic look.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

To watch how this Ariana Grande inspired hairstyle was done from start-to-finish, check out the hairstyle tutorial video below. For more hair tips and tutorials, check out the Hair Section on Inspirations & Celebrations.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Half Up High Ponytail is the new ‘do for Fall. It’s a mix between the pompadour hairstyle and high ponytail, a chic new half updo.

I love this hairstyle because it feels flirty and girly with a little bit of attitude. It reminds me of how Barbie often wore her hair. She was the ultimate trend setter growing up so of course I can’t help but love it too.

Follow the steps below to learn how to get the Half Up High Ponytail:

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

1 / Start by separating out a section of hair from the ears, directly up to the top of the head.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

2 / Smooth down the hair, brushing it straight back, so it creates one clean section.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

3 / Tie off the section with a clear elastic band.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

4 / Loosen the hair along the very top, by gently pulling it forwards, to create a bit of volume.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

5 / Take a small section from underneath and wrap it around the hair band to hide it. Pin it in place with a hair pin.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

6 / Pull some hair loose in front of the ears to create a softer style.

Last updated on: April 27, 2017 April 26, 2017 –> Posted by: Kiran Raj Singh 0

You Must Try These 3 Chic Half-Up Ponytail Hairstyles – A half ponytail, now that’s a look that never goes out of style. Long, medium or short hair, whatever you have, you can always rock the half ponytail. The thing about hair is that you tend to keep circulating the same few hairstyles every now and then. There’s a formal look, a casual look and a look for home. If nothing else, then you perhaps just go with leaving your hair loose. What else can I do, you might wonder. Have you tried the half up ponytail? Whatever the length of your hair – long, medium or short – this is one hairstyle that anyone can rock. And it doesn’t even require great hairstyling skills.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

You Must Try These 3 Chic Half-Up Ponytail Hairstyles

A half ponytail hairstyle is a wonderful way to draw attention to your face without pulling hair back in a severe hairstyle. You can also show off and toss around your lovely tresses. Your hair could be straight, have some waves, or be curly. Doesn’t matter; the hairstyle will look incredible. There are countless ways in which you can style the half ponytail. We’ve chosen three chic half up ponytail hairstyles that you can carry off for any occasion, formal or casual. You can try these styles on second day hair. For a sleeker, cleaner look, opt for Pantene Pro V when you wash your tresses.

#1 Have fun with your half pony hairstyle

  • This is a fun hairstyle – somewhat sporty, somewhat funky, and very flirty. Get set, girls.
  • Instead of taking hair from the front, start in the centre at the top of your head.
  • Gather up the hair high on top and fashion a casual ponytail with it.
  • Fasten the hair with a band.
  • Let the rest of the hair, including the strands in front flow loosely around your face.

#2 The Semi-Formal High Half Ponytail

This is an excellent hairstyle for those with wavy hair. But fret not if your hair is poker straight. What are curling irons for if not for such situations?

  • Begin with using a curling iron to get soft waves or curls.
  • Tease the roots to add more volume to your tresses.
  • Style the front portion of your hair in a bouffant.
  • Fasten the hair with hair clips.
  • Just below the bouffant, separate your hair with a horizontal parting.
  • Pull back the top of your hair into a pony and secure it with a band.
  • Let the rest of the hair fall gently around your shoulders.

#3 Go Cute With This Half French Braid Ponytail

Have heads turning with this refreshingly different half up ponytail hairstyle.

  • Begin by making a slim French braid on any one side.
  • Pull it behind gently and add it to the half ponytail.
  • If you have bangs let them hang loose.
  • You can also leave some loose hair in front to soften the style.

There you go; three simple and different pony hairstyles. The beauty of each of these half up hairstyles is that they are so easy to create. Don’t sweat over the look. Follow these guidelines but go with what feels right for you.

You can also watch this puff hairstyle video tutorial at Reward Me, and hence add another easy everyday hairstyle in your kitty!

We’ve got every hair length and texture covered.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is a classic for a reason. On one hand, it’s so easy for even a hairstyling novice to do and it works for every occasion. On the other hand, the simplicity of it means there’s so much room for innovation in both texture and placement. No matter your hair type, a half updo is a simple way to elevate a look with minimal effort.

To prove just how chic this style can be, we’ve rounded up our favorite half-up, half-down looks from the red carpet. We’ve got every length and texture covered too, so you have all the hair inspo you’ll ever need.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

It’s a misconception that you can’t style short hair in versatile ways. Just take a cue from Lana Condor. Her short bob is styled in a half- up, half-down look that has volume, face-framing pieces, and tons of movement.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Zoë Kravtiz wears her hair in box braids up top and loose curls on the bottom. For added glam, her hair is gathered and tied with a pearl-accented hair tie.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Some of Ciara’s gorgeous ombré brunette locs are gathered at the top of her head in a top knot while the rest cascades long past her shoulders.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s half-up hairstyle is neat and polished, save for a few wisps of hair framing her face for a more casual look.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

For medium hair length, follow Gemma Chan’s lead and part hair to the side before gathering some layers for a half-up, half-down style. Subtle waves give the style both volume and hold.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Add a little something extra to your half-up look with some beading like Jourdan Dunn. Her stunning braids are styled in a half- up, half-down look and finished with gold and silver accents.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Elevate loose waves in a half-up, half-down style like Olivia Munn. It’s even easier to do on unwashed hair. If you have layers, leave the shortest strands out to fall gently in front.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Style natural voluminous curls like Yara Shahidi by gathering some sections for a top knot and letting the rest fall down.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

You don’t need long hair to get a cute half-up style. Just look to Lucy Boynton. Gather a few pieces and tie at the back with a strong elastic or a few pins, leaving shorter layers to fall naturally out front.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

For something more intricate, gather braids at the top and then twist so that the ends can fall to the front, framing your face beautifully.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Kelly Rowland wears her hair in a half-up, half-down look with the top loosely pulled back.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

If you find half-up styles to look a little too severe, try Bella Hadid’s hair trick. Pull the pieces of hair just in front of your ears down, which softens the whole look,

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

For an ethereal “I-just-frolicked-through-a-flower-field-in-Provence” look, add small floral details like Lily James.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

A half up half down style doesn’t have to look so structured. Wear it more casual by gathering hair loosely at the back like Olivia Wilde.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Camila Mendes wears her hair in loose curls, with some gathered at the back and short layers out front to frame her face.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Florence Pugh’s voluminous waves are pulled and tied to the back, with some key volume at the crown. She adds a small braid cascading down for some added bohemian style.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

If you’re a fan of a middle part, wear your half-up hairstyle like Constance Wu.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Like a true bombshell, Jolie’s waves are perfectly voluminous and messy, yet still chic enough to wear on the red carpet.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Add some volume up top when you gather your hair back like Jodie Comer. It elevates the look from sporty and casual to purposefully glam.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Jessica Alba wears her beach waves in a relaxed look with a side part. The style is the perfect frame for a pair of statement earrings.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

There’s a famous expression about hair height, and it rings true with the angelic Carrie Underwood.

Here is another hairdo that can help satisfy the many requests for Back-to-School Hairstyles! It is perfectly simple, and literally only takes a minute or two to do (even for dads)! In fact, many of our styles will make for great Back-to-School looks!

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Funny enough, I filmed this hairstyle in early July and posted it on YouTube a few weeks ago. Many of you know that I just returned from Hawaii on vacation. While flying home, on the plane I watched “The Last Song” with Miley Cyrus. If you have seen the movie, released earlier this year, you will notice that Miley’s character wore this hairstyle during the funeral scene near the end of the film. I thought it looked just as cute on Miley as it does on my girls! I know you will like how easy this hairstyle is to do, and is is perfect for little girls, tweens, teens, and moms! Click below to view the hairstyle tutorial…

Items Required: Rat-tail comb, spray bottle, topsy-tail tool (if you do not want to use your fingers), 1 ponytail holder/band, accessory (if desired).

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes.

Skill Level: Easy

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

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How to make half ponytail hairstyles

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

How to make half ponytail hairstyles


you are very talented

you speak spanish?

So for my band concert tonight (I play trumpet), I’m going to stand up and do a little solo during a song. This is perfect! Simple, cute, done in less than 5 min, and keeps the hair out of my way! Thank you Mindy!

and where do u reply to these comments. i am not allowed to use the interner alot so can u please mail me or something….

hi i just love you’re website
u’re daughters are sooo lucky my mom doesn’t evenn try to make my hair.i’ve doing my hair since i was 7. i look for easy hairstyles that i can make on my myself while i go to school.i live in pakistan and i go to a muslim school they are very strict about about girls’ hairstyles they say it should be properly tied soo i need you’re help somethind simple and easy but pretty i am sure you can help me.i really hope you will.
P.S i am 14 years old

but whatever i like them but seriousdly come on people man up. b a man herhe e

i didnt like it becauze so manyt people do 2 year old things on here uhh i hate u people hehe jk ( just kidding)

your a very cool mom i guess your kids like you to

super cute! im going to combine this with your beach waves tutorial to give it the springy/summer feel 😉

Hi I’m 12 and I was looking for a short hairstle that just barely reaches the shoulders. I couldn’t find any on here. Do u know one? I don’t hava a lot of time in the morning so it should be fast.

Where do you get a topsy-tail?

Hi I’m 11 and my mom and I came up with a little hairdo. You take a little piece of hair on either side and braid them and then bring them around to the back and make them look like one big braid in the back. Pin them like that and it should look like a half princess circlet.

Hello! I was wondering… where did you get the headband she is wearing in the picture? Thanks! Also do you know how to do the little buns they do in a lot of pageant photos they are like pigtails one low on either side of the head and then it is flipped up and poofed at the end but you cant see the rubberband at all! Here is a link.. several girls wear them at pageants but they arent wigs… thanks! pause it at :32 seconds and thats what they are! Thanks sooooo much!

Hello. 😉 Ahhh you always make such a nice hairstyles! I always try to make them on myself and on my daughter! 😉 I was just wondering if you could teach us how to make this braid, its gorgeous but i cant figure out very well how to do it, i guess its hard to make it on yourself, right?

I am not able to watch the video for some reason. I had to update my Adobe flashplayer to watch it, and did that, but still I can’t see the video. Is it just he top half of the hair that is pulled back? It looks so in the picture, but wasn’t for sure. If so, I know what I am doing. Thank you for your blog, as my daughters are always excited for me to do their hair. 🙂

I just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas! Your hair blog is by far my fave and I love your ideas. Esp. the recent ones you posted. My dd loves the fancy do’s, but doesn’t like to sit and is very sensitive about pulling, so the easy, but pretty ones are winners with us. Any great ideas for thin hair? You dd’s hair is fabulous, but some of the styles look sub-par on my sweet dd’s thinner hair.

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How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Cute Girls Hairstyles

About Mindy McKnight

Mindy McKnight, YouTube’s favorite mom, launched the highly-successful website in late 2008 and the subsequent CuteGirlsHairstyles YouTube channel one year later. While Mindy’s hairstyle tutorials started as a hobby, their family channels have over 12 Million subscribers with videos being viewed more than 2 Billion times in nearly every country worldwide.

Mindy is currently ranked as YouTube’s top mom-focused channel with over 5.5 million subscribers, generating 13 million monthly views. The Cute Girls Hairstyles family has received local, national, and global attention through various media outlets including ABCNews’ 20/20, Good Morning America, TODAY, Anderson LIVE, Katie, and The View. Mindy’s teen twin daughters Brooklyn & Bailey have taken after her and launched a digital career with over 5 Million YouTube subscribers of their own, as well as the completion of a 16-city concert tour for their original music, and a wholly-owned new mascara product launching in May 2018.

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How to make half ponytail hairstyles

For the mornings when you don’t have time to style your hair, half up half down hairstyles will be your saving grace! Some of them may look like they take a lot of work, but they’re actually super simple and will make you look incredibly put together! Easy half up hairstyles are the ultimate lazy girl ‘dos. Half up hairstyles are some of the most flattering hairstyles around, and are a great way to break up your hair routine. From chic top knots to braided half up hairstyles, check out our favourite half up half down hairstyles for lazy girls!

11 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Short Hair

Easy Half Up Top Knot | Chancy Cone

A half up top knot is perfect for short hair since it will still make you look put together! It can sometimes be a struggle to get the perfect messy bun, but in this tutorial she gives you some great tips to help you master the look with short hair!

10 Easy Half Up Hairstyles for Short Hair | Milabu

With this tutorial, you get a whopping 10 easy half up hairstyles for short hair! From a high half ponytail with a voluminous pompadour in the front, to a gorgeous half up dutch braid, you’ll have hairstyles for every day of the week (and beyond!). For the curled hairstyles, she suggests using the Conair ¾ inch curling iron.

2 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

My Half Up Ponytail | Angelique Cooper

This hairstyle is super simple and perfect for second day hair! It’s the ultimate lazy girl hairstyle, but she gives you some awesome tips and tricks to master the fun little look. Wear it to brunch with the girls or even to the gym!

How To – Easy Half Up Style for Mid Length Hair | Theodore Leaf

This hairstyle looks amazing from the front, back and profile view. It’s a casual hairstyle that can totally be dressed up with a more glamorous outfit and hoop earrings. He demonstrates how to perfect it on his model and you can easily grasp how to do it for yourself!

7 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Long Hair

4 Quick Go-To Half Up Hairstyles | Annies Forget Me Knots

These four half up hairstyles are absolutely gorgeous for long hair. They’re incredibly easy to do but will look like you put some real time and effort into each look! She uses Bumble & Bumble Hair Dresser’s Invisible Oil Heat Protective Primer to tame frizz and boost shine and smoothness.

3 Easy Half Up Hairstyles | Alex Gaboury

Simple, yet elegant, these half up half down updos will become your new go-tos! She uses the NuMe Titan 3 to curl her hair before putting it up, but all these hairstyles would also work for straight hair when you’re in a rush!

2 Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

French Mohawk Braid | Missy Sue

One of the loveliest braided half up hairstyles, the French mohawk braid is simple yet edgy and the perfect way to elevate your everyday look!

Half Up Half Down Crown Braid for Short/Medium Length Hair | ThatsHeart

Braided updos are some of the prettiest half up half down hairstyles around. This crown braid is ideal for short to medium length hair and will make you look incredibly put together when you’re running late!

4 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Quick Half Up Half Down on Straightened Hair | Jasmine Brown

This straightened half up hairdo will have you looking chic as ever. Straight hair doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Simply putting it up into a slick back half pony can make all the difference. Watch how she perfects the look in just minutes!

Easy & Heatless Half Up Hairstyles | elanna pecherle

Being heatless, these hairstyles are quick and easy and won’t cause heat damage to your strands. She demonstrates how to get each look flawlessly and they all look amazing on straight hair! Wear them to the office, out to dinner with friends or even to a special event! That’s right, these lazy girl hairstyles are super chic and versatile!

3 Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The Curly Half Up Bun Hairstyle | AndreasChoice

You can’t go wrong with a half up bun for curly hair! To perfect this look you’ll need a blow dryer with a diffuser and the Garnier Curl Renew Reactivating Milk Spray. Follow her step by step to master this gorgeous look.

Curly Hairstyles in Seconds! Two Fast Half Up Hairstyles | Hair Romance

You can do both these half up curly hairstyles in under 90 seconds each! How’s that for lazy girl hairstyles? They’ll elevate your curly hair and give you versatility for when you want to switch things up!

If you’ve been searching for easy half up hairstyles, we’ve got you covered! Whether you have short, long, straight or curly hair, here’s a list of hairstyles that will work for you!

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How to make half ponytail hairstyles

And if you want more hairstyle tutorials, please follow our Hair Board on Pinterest where we share all kinds of great looks we find each day!

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Summers are too hot to keep your hair open, especially while going out. Not only you will be sweating a lot, but, you will also end up damaging your hair. In the end, your frizzy mane will not exude any glamour! While messy buns are cute, some of us do want to flaunt our locks even when the summers are in full swing! Of course, we need to find a middle solution. What’s better than a classic ponytail? Back in the 80s and 90s, actresses used to carry gorgeous ponytails. The trend is coming back but with lots of twists and braids incorporated with it. We have picked three most stunning yet easy ponytail hairdos. Learn how to make them with this tutorial.

Side Braid Ponytail

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

No matter if you’re sporting a traditional saree or a smart formal tuxedo, this hairdo will go along with anything and everything you wear.


  • Begin by separating a section of hair from the area next to the crown section.
  • Split the hair strand into three sub-sections and start weaving together to make a braid.
  • Cross the left hair strand over the right one and keep going until you reach halfway.
  • Using your hand, gently stretch out the braid to make it look fuller. Secure the end with a clear elastic band.
  • Keep it aside and now gather all your hair in the center. Backcomb it from the bottom to create volume.
  • Along with the braid, tie your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band.
  • Take the elastic band off the braid now that it is tied in with the ponytail.
  • Lastly, grab a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair tie. Pin it under your ponytail.

Low Dutch Braid Ponytail

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Do you like donning most of those indo-western or bohemian outfits? If yes, try this edgier yet simple coiffure to add that oozing factor to your look.


  • First, gently detangle your hair from the roots to the ends. Simply use fingers to part your hair from the center.
  • Begin working on one side, take a two-inch section of hair close to the hairline.
  • Divide into three sub-sections and start weaving inverted Dutch braid. Cross the first hair strand under the third section. Keep adding hair from your hairline. Braid until you reach the end. Repeat on the other side.
  • Gather all your hair at the bottom, tie both the braids along with loose hair together with a clear elastic.
  • Pull gently on the edges of the braids to give them a thicker, messier look.
  • Take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair tie. Lastly, pin it under your ponytail.

Voluminous Ponytail

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

From Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone, you must have seen most of the leading ladies sporting this hairstyle at several events. This is a versatile hairdo that can be sported along with any kind of attire.


  • To create this look, spray a generous amount of setting spray close to your roots.
  • Part your hair horizontally and spray in each section. In order to create a lifted look, backcomb your hair with a teasing brush.
  • Once done, create a half ponytail by taking hair from the crown section and sides of your temple. Secure with a strong clear elastic band.
  • Slightly pull your hair from the front using your hand or a tail comb.
  • Gather your hair from the bottom and try covering your first ponytail with it.
  • Tie it along with the existing ponytail.
  • Lastly, grab a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair tie. Pin it under your ponytail and you’re done!

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  • How to make half ponytail hairstyles

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How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Using A Scrunchie, You Can Embrace The Spacebun Hairstyle

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Alia Bhatt
  • Ariana Grande
  • Rihanna
  • Zendaya
  • Shraddha Kapoor

Khloe Kardashian

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Simple and fuss-free! Khloe shows us how a gorgeous half-up high ponytail can create a statement without trying too hard! Take a small section of your crown and secure it with a hair tie a little above where you tie your usual ponytail, and you’re done!

Alia Bhatt

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Alia Bhatt is a total cutie in this half-up ponytail which she has accessorized with an adorable bow. A girl is never too old for bows, y’know? This particular hairstyle is perfect if you’re looking to add a girly element to your look. We love it!

Ariana Grande

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

The kween of ponytails Ariana Grande who is best known for her high ponytail can also slay the half-up ponytail equally! If you’ve seen Ariana’s hairstyles over the years, it’s evident that she prefers to wear her hair sleek rather than textured making it a huge trend for us to take inspiration from!


How to make half ponytail hairstyles

This hairstyle looks gorgeous even on curly/wavy hair! Take cues from Rihanna into styling your wavy locks into a half-up high pony that’s voluminous and stunning. If you have straight hair, you can tease the hair a bit to create volume and also spray some volumizing spray to achieve this look!


How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Zendaya sported a rather unique version of the half-up ponytail where she volumized the hair further by giving her half-up ponytail a lift by wrapping a chunk of her hair over the hair tie. We love the soft wavy hair ends too!

Shraddha Kapoor

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Shraddha Kapoor sported this half-up hairdo with a sporty chic outfit and it instantly gave her look an instant oomph! Her hair was coloured into a soft, melting caramel balayage which looks stunning with the hairstyle!

Image credits:,,,

Written by Vaishnavi Thakur on Nov 24, 2017

Are you ready to look like a leading lady from a K-Drama?

We love a versatile hairdo and high up on our list are the classic half up half down hairstyles. It works on every texture and practically any length of hair, and it easily goes from day to night. Nowadays, it has the added cool factor of being a go-to hairstyle of your fave Korean idols. Keep reading to see how they’ve put a new spin on this underrated style.

Yoona’s Feminine Waves

Ordinarily, laidback beach waves might look off with a prim and proper dress, but Girls Generation/SNSD’s Yoona makes it work: Her loosely pulled-back waves and face-framing bangs instantly make an otherwise look event-ready.

Hyuna’s Messy Look

Meet the ’s little sister: the messy half-pony, as seen on Hyuna. To get the look, use a flat iron to curl your hair and loosen the curls with your fingers, scrunching to add texture. Tie hair up into a half-pony and leave bangs loose. No need to smoothen out bumps—they’re part of the charm.

Seohyun’s Simple Style

As far as half up half down hairstyles go, this one is a quick go-to. Seohyun of Girls Generation/SNSD is just dripping with sweetness with this classic half-pony. Get her smooth and straight locks with Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner, which makes hair up to four times straighter from the first wash.

Somi’s Glam Half-Up

A half-pony can look playful, too, as shown by Somi. Just tie it up in a high half-do and leave some bangs loose to soften the look and make it appear less intense. This full-bodied style can easily be achieved if you have naturally wavy hair, and would look so romantic for a first date!

Moonbyul’s Edgy Space Buns

The Mamamoo rapper shows how you can inject some fun into your short locks with space buns. Look ready to rock at the next music festival by splitting your hair down the middle then twisting and pinning a bun on each side of your head.

Yuri’s Youthful Pigtails

Another fun and playful look? Half-up pigtails with curtain bangs, as seen on Girls Generation/SNSD’s Yuri. Simply tie a half-ponytail on each side of your head and let your wavy hair flow.

Jisoo’s Grunge Hairstyle

Blackpink’s Jisoo takes the half-up pigtails up a notch with super-straight hair and black velvet ribbons. Don’t be afraid to experiment with trendy accessories like pearl pins and delicate chains that you can twist into your hair.

IU’s French Braids

Take a page from superstar IU’s playbook and work French braids into your half-up style. Part your hair in half before starting your French braids from the top of each side. No need to make it look neat and perfect! The unkept look gives an added appeal to this hairstyle.

Gain’s Swide Swept Bangs

Gain of Brown Eyed Girl shows how it’s done. Pair your half-pony with side-swept bangs for an easy everyday look. To keep the bangs in place while maintaining volume, spritz a few sprays of TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Texture Hold.

Dara’s Topknot

Our pambansang krung-krung, Sandara Park, gives us half-pony version 2.0 with a topknot. The style pulls your hair out of your face to highlight your features, while the free-flowing hair adds dimension and movement. Make your topknot extra chunky by teasing your tresses before twisting them into a bun.

Give your messy bun a rest and try out one of these Korean idol-inspired half up half down hairstyles — you might not be able to resist giving your reflection a finger heart.

We’ve covered everything from fuller looking ponytails to elegant hair buns, but what’s a girl do when she’s can’t make up her mind whether to wear her hair up or down? It’s easy! Go for half-up hairstyles!

The hottest hairstyle trend today is not the classic up-do, or the favorite ponytail, but a combination of the two: half-up hairstyles! While the half-up is extremely popular right now, it’s never really gone out of style. It’s probably one of the most feminine ways to wear your hair. It’s the perfect style for nights out, work, and even on your wedding day!

The half-updo is a great hairstyle for a number of reasons! Not only is it incredibly effortless and easy to make, it’s the ultimate bad hair day style for second-day hair! It also helps keep your hair out of your face! Our newest hair accessory, Pony 2.O is perfect for any half-up style you want to wear.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles


Your hair type doesn’t matter when it comes to wearing half-up styles. Whether your hair is thick or fine, long or short, straight or curly, there’s absolutely no reason to not wear it half-up. The Pony 2.O is slimmer than the original Pony-O. Designed specifically for fine hair, it’s also PERFECT for half-up styles. Of course, for a fuller look, you can stick with the original Pony-O.

The Pony-O Difference

Our innovative patented design helps you create hairstyles that will stay gorgeous all day long. No ponytail crease at the end of the day like you get from elastics, and no breakage or damage at all!

When you feed your hair through the Pony-O and shape it, whatever is inside stays securely, even if it’s only a small section of hair. The difference between the Pony-O and elastic hair ties is this:

  • Your hair looks thicker and fuller. Perfect for half the hair.
  • Your hair isn’t constricted inside, so no breakage! Awesome.
  • Your hair isn’t ripped out or twisted around the Pony-O. Taking it out is easy and pain free!


The Pony-O is easy to use:

  1. Using your thumb and forefinger only, feed your hair through the Pony-O.
  2. Letting go of your ponytail, use both hands to hold the Pony-O close to your head. This helps to keep your ponytail secure.
  3. Use your thumbs and bend down each end of the Pony-O separately. DO NOT bend the Pony-O ONCE IN THE MIDDLE. It will not hold.

TIP: For a more secure hold, bend the ends a little more. If you pull on your ponytail to tighten it, that will open and loosen the Pony-O.

Check out these videos of some super cute and super easy hairstyles using Pony-O! And why not order yours here?


For more styles and ideas, check out our Instagram account and YouTube channel!

Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you!

Hot date? show off your features with this classic and jaw-dropping low pony that will take your date’s breath away. Confident, sleek and polished, this flawless low pony style oozes class and sophistication. Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day, play it cool with a super sleek look.

Working well on mid-length to long hair, the low pony style is a serious trend this season. For a high gloss finish that will dazzle your date, mist your hair with ghd final shine spray. Conceal your hair tie with a section of hair from your pony for a perfectly polished look.

Learn how you can achieve this sleek ponytail hairstyle for date night goals with ghd.


Select the products you need to recreate the look at home, with Shop the Look. The simple way to shop and style like a ghd Pro.


Here’s how to create a sleek ponytail:

1. Prep hair with product

2. Create a side parting

3. Blow-dry hair to make it smooth

4. Section the bottom of the hair

5. Take a small piece of hair and place styler at the root

6. Close the plates and glide to the ends of your hair

7. Continue around the head in sections

8. At the parting, ensure the styler follows the direction of the hair

9. Spray product on to brush

10. Smooth hair into a low pony and secure with an elastic

11. Take a small section from under the pony

12. Spray with product and wrap around the elastic

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Marines have been given the approval to let their hair down — at least some of it — while they work out.

Women with medium-length hair are now allowed to wear a “half ponytail” hairstyle during physical training. The style, which pulls the top portion of the hair away from the face and into a ponytail while the rest of the hair remains down — is one of several new uniform-related changes the commandant signed off on this week.

“The section of hair pulled back into the half ponytail should be secured over the ‘crest of the head,'” according to a graphic depicting the new authorized look. “The half ponytail must lay flat, and hair may not stick straight out or at extreme angles from the head.”

Half ponytails are allowed only for female Marines with medium-length hair. The style is authorized during PT, including when the Marine Corps combat utility uniform is worn during physical training. Women with long hair will still need to put their hair up, in a regular ponytail or free-hanging braid.

Half ponytails won’t be allowed with any Marine Corps headgear, the message states. And if the combat utility uniform isn’t being worn for PT, it’s back to the regular hair regs for all women, according to the message.

Women have also been given the OK to wear silver earrings with their service uniforms. Female Marines were previously allowed to wear only gold earrings with that uniform.

“Small, polished, yellow gold or silver colored, ball, or round stud earrings (post, screw-on, or clip), not to exceed 6 millimeters (about 1/4 inch) in diameter, may be worn with the service, blue dress, and blue-white dress [uniforms],” the message states.

The changes follow a survey the Marine Corps Uniform Board conducted earlier this year. Officials declined to provide the results of that survey, but it did ask Marines to weigh in on these two approved changes.

The commandant also this week granted men the approval to use black umbrellas when it’s raining while they’re in their service or dress uniforms.

Alia’s half ponytail hairstyle certainly doesn’t skimp on the style quotient.

Alia Bhatt’s hairstyle is adorable as ever!

Alia Bhatt – Bollywood actress, animal activist and now, ponytail specialist. With her love for a good cheerleader-esque high ponytail always going strong, spotting Alia in a stylish new ponytail hairstyle is always a bonus. At a recent appearance in a ruffled black gown, Alia wore her hair in a half ponytail with curled layers. Many of us may have tried the half ponytail before but never have we looked this good wearing it. So here’s how to get Alia Bhatt’s cool girl half ponytail hairstyle easily.

Step 1 – Brush your hair out completely with a paddle brush like Kent’s Detangling and Setting Brush to remove any of those dreadful knots.

Step 2 – Apply serum like Toni & Guy’s Shine Gloss Serum through the lengths to get Alia’s shiny, smooth tresses and get rid of any frizz.

Step 3 – Divide your hair into two sections. Divide the top section a little above the ears from both sides. Part the top section in the centre and tie it into a ponytail at the back of the crown.

Step 4 – To get Alia’s stylishly curled layers, first keep your curling tong with a large barrel-like Corioliss’ Big Wave Curler to heat. This will ensure the curls are large and bouncy, not small and tight.

Step 5 – While the curler is heating, divide the lower layers of the hair into 2-inch sections throughout. Then starting from the hair ends, curl the section upwards until the ear, hold it in place for a few sections and gently remove the tong to get a full curl. Repeat until the complete lower section is curled and fabulous.

Arshiya Syeda is an editor at Stylecraze. Prior to that, she was a content writer and combined her writing and research skills to write over 200 high-performing articles on hairstyles, hair care, and . more

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

A common problem most of us with long hair face is deciding whether to tie our hair up or leave it down. We bring the perfect middle ground with a half bun hairstyle!

Every morning we stand in front of our mirrors, spending time holding our hair up and down, trying to figure out which way does it look better. Of course, we loved that top knot, but natural loose hair looks incredible too. So, give yourself the best of both worlds with a half bun or a half top-knot. This hairstyle takes barely five minutes to achieve. And whether you like it messy or sleek tight, it is sure to win over hearts. Not to mention that it is perfect for any occasion – a simple picnic at the park, business meeting, or meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time!

You might be wondering what goes into achieving this look. Does it require a straightener, some mousse, or maybe rollers? NO! All you need are some bobby pins and a hair tie! This half bun is perfect for people with thick hair who cannot leave their hair down in the sweltering heat. And it is godsent for people with thin hair who cannot tie their hair up because it looks flimsy and volumeless. Scroll down to learn how to tie your hair in a lovely half bun. Keep reading for more information.

What You Need

  • A wide toothed comb: Everyone should invest in a wide toothed comb because it detangles your hair in the gentlest way possible and retains its volume. (As opposed to a fine toothed comb that sleeks your hair down.)
  • Sea salt spray: Sea salt spray adds a touch of beachy texture to your hair in the most natural way possible.
  • A hair elastic: Get one that matches your hair color to add a seamless finish to your hairdo.
  • A 1-inch curling iron: Because we all need some bouncy curls in our lives.
  • Bobby pins: Go for big bobby pins if your hair is thick and small ones if you have fine textured hair.
  • Light hold hairspray: If you want your half up bun to actually stay up through the day, you need to get yourself a bottle of a light hold hairspray ASAP.

How To Do A Perfect Half Bun Hairstyle?

Now that you’ve gathered all the necessary tools, let’s jump right in to perfecting your half bun!

  1. Detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb: Let’s start off with the most basic thing you need to do before starting any hairstyle. Remove all the knots and tangles from your hair with the help of a wide toothed comb. A wide toothed comb will retain the volume of your hair and leave it nice and bouncy!

Volume ponytail: A thin ponytail doesn’t look quite appealing, especially with curly hair. A voluminous ponytail is the best and looks really good. (Photo: Pinterest/FaithEnglish)

Poker straight ponytail: A poker straight ponytail is a neat ponytail which, as the name suggests, is absolutely straight. If you’re a fan of neat hairdo’s then this is an easy look to achieve. We have seen many celebrities rocking this particular look on the red carpet too. (Photo: Pinterest/KemiAkilapa)

Summer time ponytail: The summer time ponytail is a great summer hairdo which doesn’t require to be tied too tightly. It can be kept loose and would still look stylish. (Photo: Pinterest/SophiaByrne)

High ponytail: This hairdo is one of the most classy looks, trending at all times. Whether you’ve got short or long hair, a high ponytail looks great either way. This is also Ariana Grande’s signature look. (Photo: Pinterest/DevaHairstyle)

Messy ponytail: A messy look is what most of us like. But achieving a messy effect could be quite tricky. This look never goes out of fashion and could be worn at any occasion. (Photo: Pinterest/thefashionspot)

Braided ponytail: This hairdo looks great on long hair. You could also combine the volume ponytail and braided ponytail to make your hair look healthier. (Photo: Pinterest)

Inside-out ponytail: This is one of the easiest and classiest of hairstyles. It doesn’t have to be tight which means that it would not pull your hair off the roots. (Photo: Pinterest/cupcakesandcutlery)

Polished low ponytail: A normal ponytail tends to get quite boring at times. Add a little spice to it by braiding the upper section of your hair into a French braid. (Photo: Pinterest/DestinyWeaver)

Half ponytail: At times you would prefer not tying up your hair completely. This look is more of a go-to hairdo and very easy to achieve. (Photo: Pinterest/MariaOlssonTysor)

Double braided ponytail: A classy yet chic hairdo is a little challenging for some of us. But it looks gorgeous when perfectly done. All you have to do is braid the front section of your hair and combine it with the rest of your undone hair. (Photo: Pinterest/JenniferBresnyan)

Great for the warm season: These are the 5 most beautiful hairstyles for short hair in spring 2022.

Does it take a breakup for a type change? Papperlappap! The only separation we need for this is from the cool season. If there’s an ideal time to cut your hair short, it’s now. After all, short hair is just super practical in spring and summer because it’s light (and therefore wonderfully cool on the neck), uncomplicated, and really chic. If you need a few more arguments for the final cut, then quickly scroll down to the five most beautiful hairstyles for short hair in spring 2022. Our hairdressing date has already been set – and we’re sure to have one or two screenshots from this article ready for inspo!

These are the 5 most beautiful hairstyles for short hair in spring 2022

1. Bob with half-ponytail

Romance, freedom, love of life: This hairstyle embodies all the things we inevitably associate with spring and summer. This is a bob (no matter the length) where the front section is combed back and tied into a ponytail. Either you use a transparent hair tie or (quite Dior-like) a bow made of velvet. It is important with the half ponytail that it is not too low, but rather tied in the upper third of the back of the head. The great thing is that you don’t have to style your hair elaborately for this hairstyle. She looks awesome with waves, curls, or straight hair. As a special twist, you can pull the front strands out of the half-tail and blow-dry them inwards with a round brush. Set with hairspray and you’re done. The hairstyle also looks particularly great when you wear it with curtain bangs!

Summer can be a challenging time for those of us with poofy hair because as the temps rise, our hair seems to rise with it. Thankfully, we’ve found some looks that tame frizz and keep our abundant volume in check through all the outdoor festivities that come with the season. From a top knot to box braids, here are 20 hairstyles for poofy hair to rock all summer long.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

1. Chignon Bun

If your ends give you the most trouble in the summer, this chignon bun offers a quick and stylish fix that works for any occasion (especially nights out). Create a low ponytail before wrapping it around your hair tie and tucking the ends in with a few bobby pins.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

2. Halo Braid

When in doubt, secure your poofy hair with a crown braid. The halo style keeps strands in place, while making you feel like a summer goddess all season long.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

3. French Braid

Whether you rock one like Hailey Bieber or section your hair into two separate French braids, this classic style will definitely keep frizz at bay.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

4. Fishtail Braid

A French braid is cool, but to take things to the next level, you may want to consider a fishtail braid. And if you’re worried that a fishtail braid might be too complicated to achieve, we found a simple beginner’s guide to get you started.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

5. High Ponytail

Ariana Grande (aka the queen of high ponytails) may be onto something. A high pony keeps hair away from your face, slicks down any flyaways and gives an overall polish to your look, as though you just stepped off the red carpet. Simply brush your hair towards the crown of your head before tying it up and marveling at your long mane.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

6. Low Ponytail

Take a page from Zendaya and embrace your poofy glory. Slick down the front with a little gel and gather the rest of your hair into a pony, letting your natural volume take center stage.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

7. Tousled Updo

Who says a messy updo can’t look high fashion? Kristen Stewart’s French twist is intentionally styled in a way that embraces her tousled texture. To recreate the look, leave some loose strands around the twist and include a few face-framing bangs like Stewart to finish.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

8. Half Updo

There’s no need to sacrifice length or style when this half up ‘do gives you the best of both worlds.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

9. Stacked Clips

When in doubt, you can always rely on accessories to keep your hair down. Whether you use barrettes or bobby pins, these picks are as functional as they are stylish for a sunny day out.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

10. Space Buns

This Y2K style will keep your hair from venturing too far out into the galaxy. Whether you have a massive mane that falls below your shoulders or shorter locks, this look will add height and polish.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

11. Top Knot

When the heat makes your strands stick to your neck, it’s time to wrap them up. Channel Jessica Biel and try a simple top knot to cool things down. Begin with a high pony before wrapping it around a hair tie and pinning the ends in place.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

12. Shaggy Cut

Here’s your sign to embrace the poofy hair lifestyle and get a cut that fits your big locks. The shaggy haircut (aka the coolest trend of 2021) continues to be hot this season. Just ask Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Natasha Lyonne.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

13. The Wet Look

We love the wet look because it defines your natural texture, while leaving strands frizz-free. After a wash, add mousse or styling gel and comb it through each section for sleek waves.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

14. Cornrows

Cornrows are a great protective style for natural hair. The possibilities are endless when it comes to length, number of rows and the overall design. But you’re more than welcome to show this pic of Tracee Ellis Ross to your stylist to get your summer started on the right note.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

15. Box Braids

Another popular protective style for the summer also happens to be the most versatile of the bunch. Whether you wear your box braids half-up in a high ponytail or simply wear it down, there’s no way poofy hair is going to be an issue.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

16. Bantu Buns

Move over space buns and top knots, Bantu knots let you rock multiple mini buns at once. People with thick and/or curly hair can appreciate how the style keeps strands away from their faces (and necks) as the heat rises.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

17. Headband

Whatever direction your hair decides to go (because sometimes it has a mind of its own), a headband can always help. Be your very own Blair Waldorf and brush your hair away from your face before topping things off.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

18. Bubble Braid

The bubble braid is a trendy and practical way to keep your hair secured. It’s also a look that anyone can do easily at home. Grab a few hair ties and start adding “bubbles” to your pony by sectioning them off, one by one until you reach your desired look.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

19. Pineapple Updo

Curly gals will appreciate this interpretation of a high ponytail. All it takes is gathering your generous swirls into a loose pony and letting them cascade down in all their poofy glory.

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Hacks to increase longevity of ponytail!

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How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Tangled hair? Fed up with your usual style? A ponytail extension might be the answer you’re looking for. The tricky question that comes to mind when buying an extension is how long will a half up half down ponytail with weave last? We know it can seem like quite a big investment because there are many factors before making the purchase. Do some thorough Googling and make sure you find a quality product with plenty of good reviews and testimonials before splashing out.

Let’s talk about everything. These half up half down ponytail weave and how long they normally last – tenderness is key. Love & care are two things that help extend the lifespan of a half up half down ponytail hairstyles –

We’ll discuss what type of hairstyle a half up and half down ponytail is, how long it lasts on average and what you can do to help give it a longer lifespan.

What Are Curly Ponytail Extensions?

Curly hair ponytail extension are the best way to turn a regular pony into an over-the-top showstopper in seconds! As a newcomer to the world of hair extensions and not sure they’re right for you, consider experimenting with curly hair half up half down ponytail. These reusable attachments clamp onto your natural strand of hair with pre-fitted ones to create bouncy curls, even on straight strands!

How to make half ponytail hairstylesCurly Hair Ponytail Extensions

How Long Does Ponytail Extension Last?

Ponytails are versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit. They’re also low maintenance, requiring little to no fuss. If you wear half up half down ponytail with clip-ins often (what we like to call a frequent user), then you can expect it to last 4 – 6 months. However, if you wear half up half down ponytail only when necessary (a rare user), you’ll surpass the year mark and enjoy this style of hairpiece for much longer. Wear your clip in ponytail extension when you need sleek, fast, and easy!

How to make half ponytail hairstylesPonytail Extensions- TGH

Hair Care Tips For Ponytail Weave

#1. Tenderness, Love, and Care

Weave half up half down ponytail can be difficult to maintain, but they should still be taken care of. Avoid brushing your hair vigorously because that can cause shedding and tangling, the two biggest issues with extensions. Instead, gently comb your hair or look for a brush that is made specifically for weaves, so you don’t accidentally pull it out. Also, take an extra step if your hair is curly by using your fingers instead of a brush. This will help bring back the natural curls and give you some break from using brushes.

How to make half ponytail hairstylesWeave half up half down ponytail

#2. Avoid Excessive Heat

It’s always so hard to understand that heat is the enemy of having healthy curls. You might have beautiful waves or lovely curls, but excessive exposure to the heat will ruin them in time. Weightless rollers can help you create your desired curls without damaging your soft hair with excessive heat. Remember that there are so many different options for styling, and there doesn’t need to be a single way that you always do things – especially since you don’t want to destroy any aspect of your lovely hair! So if it’s all right with you… I’d like curly half up half down ponytail down my back. Ooh, la la!

How to make half ponytail hairstylesBest Quality Ponytail from TGH

#3. Ponytail Extension Storage

Storing ponytail half up half down weave is not a difficult process, but there are a few guidelines one should know about so that the investment stays intact. First, make sure you either thoroughly wrap your up down ponytail weave with protective gear to prevent tearing or, if stored in a bag or box, simply use an acid-free barrier to keep it out of harm’s way. Lastly, ensure that whatever your choice of storing the hair is, it remains closed and locked away like a beacon in the sky, protecting its contents from dust particles and dirt.

How to make half ponytail hairstylesHuman Hair Ponytail Extension

Bottom Line

Human hair ponytail extension are undeniably an expensive investment. Also, it’s important to remember that curly half up half down ponytail hairstyles inevitably lose their luster over time. Luckily, you can use our advice above to help make your ponytail extensions last as long as possible!

New Delhi: Celebrities are seen going about their business in cool fabrics, updo styles, and pastel colours as summer scorches concrete jungles. Male celebrities wearing ponytails has been a popular trend for a while, but as celebrity hair designer Darshan Yewalakar points out, “Ponytails are a popular summer hairstyle. It is also timeless, as evidenced by ancient Greek artefacts and frescoes. In the second half of the 18th century, most European men wore their hair long and styled it in what we now call the male ponytail. In Asia, the style can be traced back to ancient China, while in popular culture, it can be traced back to 1970s rock musicians.”

Darshan says, “Ranveer Singh recently made waves in Cleveland at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game with striking hair statements.” “Ranveer isn’t afraid to try out new looks, and he was pleased with the lookbook we created, whether it was his sky-high ponytail or the voluminous curls held back by a headband. There are figures of men with top buns in ancient Indian sculptures and art, and this was my inspiration for Ranveer’s NBA look. His style, as the NBA Brand Ambassador for India, complimented the energy of the event.”

Men are beginning to prefer ponytails in everyday life as a summer trend, according to Darshan, because it feels cool and unfussy. Stars such as Shah Rukh Khan can be seen with a ponytail even when wearing a formal suit, but in most cases, this is a casual style statement that is bohemian, casual, and convenient.

Women of all ages want to look their best at all times. Apart from dressing to impress, one way to leave a lasting impression is with your hair. We’re talking about selfie-worthy haircuts that will get you double taps and lots of likes. So, what are the most trendy and up-to-date haircuts for Kenyan women? For more information
Every year, a slew of new hairstyles emerge. The possibilities for braided hairstyles with colors, weaves, wigs, and gorgeous short and long natural tresses are endless. This can make selecting only the best styles difficult. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of the most fashionable and up-to-date haircuts for ladies in Kenya. Whether you want to try the ever-popular French braids or the feminine fake locs, this list has a look that every fashionable girl would want to try.

Table of Contents

Abuja lines

Abuja lines have become a popular style in recent years, and the trend does not appear to be going away anytime soon. What makes it the go-to alternative for modern ladies of all ages is that it is low-maintenance, simple to install, and you can get so many various Abuja hairstyles in Nairobi that fit all face shapes thanks to the ingenuity of stylists.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Classy short natural hair

If you keep up with the latest hairstyles for ladies in Kenya, you’ll notice that many are eschewing synthetic weaves and wigs in favour of showing off their natural tresses. The advent of products designed expressly for natural hair, especially those that enhance texture or volume, has allowed everyone to appear beautiful.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Faux locs

It is hard to discuss the most recent haircuts in Kenya without discussing faux locs. These are synthetic locs that allow any lady to mimic the natural dreadlock look. It is protective and long-lasting, which means that with proper care, you may sport these dreadlocks for two to three months.
Many girls like them since they are ideal for those who want dreadlocks but are not ready to commit to long-term styles. Faux locs can be worn in a variety of styles, including side swept, bob, bun, half updo, and even with bangs. If you want to adopt natural-looking looks this year, faux locs are the way to go.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Bandika lines

Do you wish to spend less time at the salon? Do you want to take a break from pulling, heat, and chemicals on your hair? Then Bandika lines are what you’re looking for. These are cornrow-plaited lines that are carefully made to complement a person’s sense of style and then secured to the wearer’s head.
Bandika lines are one of the most popular braids hairstyles in Kenya because they are simple, require less time to install, appear very sophisticated, and when done by a professional, it is difficult to distinguish them from other cornrow patterns.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

The extension can be braided in thick cornrows, tiny cornrows, swept-back, or styled in a pattern to make you stand out in a crowd. The lines are also appropriate for every occasion, from casual to sophisticated. For Bandika lines, all you need is hair spray and you’re set to go.

Marley twists

Marley twists are both protective and low-maintenance. These twists are so flexible that they can be worn in a number of ways. Marley twists have less volume than Havana, which means you’ll need more packets for thicker thicknesses. If you’re wondering what hair to use for a Marley twist, choose Marley extensions with a rough quality. You can braid with Marley twists extension in a variety of styles such as long, crochet, short, shoulder-length, bob, or embellish with clips or cowrie shells. Marley twist can survive up to 8 weeks if properly cared for.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Box braids

Braids are timeless for girls of all ages, despite the fact that many trends come and go. Box braids are one of the most popular women’s hairstyles in Kenya due to their simplicity and ability to suit different hair types.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

The styling options are endless, but it all comes down to personal preference. You will, however, look stunning even with the most basic three-strand design. You can go for the classic black box style or add a pop of color to your braids by using bright colors like blue, blonde, green, pink, or maroon. Silver or white will certainly attract attention.

Curly wigs

It is difficult to go around the streets of Nairobi without meeting a woman wearing a wig. Celebrities in Kenya enjoy flaunting their wigs, and a quick search on social media will yield a plethora of different sorts and lengths. Curly wigs are ideal for framing the face and imparting a young appearance to anyone. Regardless of budget, the key to selecting a nice wig is to select a wig cap that fits well on your head and is composed of a non-itching substance. Moreover, wigs seldom look the way you want them to, but you may take them to a professional who will trim them to frame your face.

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Straight weaves with bangs

Unlike men, who can wear the same haircut their entire lives, women can change their look as often as they desire owing to weaves. You can use a weave to experiment with texture, colour, and length depending on your mood. Women have worn weaves for many years to protect their natural hair from everyday care regimens and to enhance their beauty. Women who want thicker hair can add volume with sew-in weaves. The length of weave extensions ranges from 8 to 32 inches, and you must also choose the appropriate number of bundles to get a glamorous effect. The more expensive ones even have lace frontal and closure for a natural look and endless style options

How to make half ponytail hairstyles

Kinky straight ponytail

A kinky straight ponytail will have folks wondering if it’s your natural hair. Because you’ll need to gather your hair in the middle and back of your head for this kinky ponytail, it’s best suited to women with long to medium hair.

This ponytail will emphasize your facial features while maintaining hair out of your face. Instead of wearing your ponytail high on your head, wear it low over the neck, on the sides, sleek and tight, or loose.

Bob braids

Want to know what the most recent Kenyan hairstyles and braids are? The bob is one of Kenya’s most popular braided hairstyles. It’s edgy, modern, adds volume, and protects against harm. With the right additions, you can make your bob stand out. You can embellish it with clips, rings, beads, coloured threads, or flowers. Bobs come in a variety of styles, including asymmetric, A-line, inverted, with bangs, and graded designs. Keep your face shape in mind when choosing a bob, as the perfect bob can do wonders for framing your face.

Virtually effortless, pull hair up and back into a voluminous ballerina bun like Nyong’o.

Business in the front, formal bridal party in the back, we say “I do” to Diane Kruger’s low-maintenance hairstyle.

If you’re looking for a wedding hairstyle that’s both classic and low-maintenance, channel model Jourdan Dunn’s red carpet look with cascading curls

A low, loosely curled ponytail with face-framing curls is simple and romantic.

For an effortlessly chic wedding hairstyle, opt for loose, lived-in curls. Extra points if you channel Chanel Iman’s covetable just-above-the-shoulder bob

One part romantic, one part fairytale, (Beauty and the Beast, in particular), Vikander’s gorgeous Academy Awards look is an easy-to-pull-off hairstyle for the big day.

A tribute to Old Hollywood glamour, Fan Bingbing’s voluminous Veronica Lake–esque waves are easy and 100% swoon-worthy.

The actress punctuates her romantic, imperfectly perfect updo with a jewel-encrusted pin at the base of her head

Tracee Ellis Ross loves a slicked-back moment, and we love it as an über chic wedding ‘do.

Pineappling your curls at night while they’re still damp is great way to help maintain their integrity, but the high-plopped style makes for a beautiful

They highlight your hairstyles and bring style in no time. Chunky clips, colorful scarves, retro darlings… Discover the accessories to adopt this season.

Which ties to favor for spring-summer 2022? We’ve scoured the red carpets and scoured the books of your favorite hairstylists to unearth all the season’s accessory trends that highlight the season’s hairstyles. Those nostalgic for the 2000s will be served: it is the regressive hairstyles based on clips, barrettes and scrunchies that are all the rage. A style called “Y2K” on social networks (Y for “Year” and “2K” for 2000) which is inspired by the looks of this decade.

But don’t panic, if the Spice Girls aren’t really your idols, there will also be more bohemian hair accessories this summer. You can thus let yourself be tempted by the silk scarf or the straw barrette. And for ceremonies and chic cocktails, go for pearls and Bridgerton Chronicle-style tiaras, all that glitter is allowed! But before you get started, here are some tips to help you choose.

The scarf: the bohemian touch

Were you captivated by the looks of the stars at the Coachella festival this year? then you will love it the silk scarf slipped in the hair. Choose it colored so that it brings pep to the final look. You can then simply tie it around your ponytail, or insert it into your braid. As easy as pretty!

>> Discover this season’s trendy hair accessories

The darling: the retro accessory

Already present on the heads of people in 2021, the darling continues to be popular this season. Straight out of the 90s, it allows you to stylize a simple hairstyle like a quick bun or a half ponytail. Opt for a silk version to add a chic and refined touch. And if you like these “vintage” looks, you’ll also fall for the crab clip, another fashionable accessory. Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber or even Kendall Jenner swear by her.

>> Discover this season’s trendy hair accessories

The lace: the graphic tie

Looking for an accessory to dress up your ponytail or braid? The lace will bring the sophisticated touch you’ve been waiting for. More or less thick, just wrap it around your hair and fix with a generous dose of hairspray. An accessory that will be perfect for a chic dinner or a ceremony. Model Elsa Hosk opted for a colorful version that matches her outfit, but you can also try jewelry-style laces like the Spanish actress Maria Hervas.

>> Discover this season’s trendy hair accessories

The half ponytail hairstyle is a lovely setup of protective hair. That amazing hair setup easily attracts all ages of peoples. Especially, in some parts of Western African countries and a major portion of African American women loves to have this hairstyle. Therefore, we have collected a bunch of beautiful hairstyles with half ponytail ideas for your convenience. This discussion will drive you on a journey of some extraordinary and gorgeous looking half-ponytails hairstyle ideas.

What is Ponytail?

Ponytail Hairstyle has been named after the tail of a pony. Here, the hair is gathered, secured with a hair guarder, and positioned on the top of the backhead to let them hang. Sometimes ponytails are seen to be worn by the sides of the head and on the base of the neck. These variations depend on which society you live in and what culture you adopt. This is a popular hairstyle in all parts of the world. During the summer season, the women are often seen with lovely ponytails to maintain their beauty and keep them relaxed at the same time.

What is Half Ponytail?

The half ponytail hairdo refers to a ponytail hairstyle with another hair design. Here the ponytail is used with a bunch of straight hair or other hair design. Most of the time, the half ponytail is made with a bunch of free hair by the base of the back head or neck. The origin of the half ponytail has been derived from the ponytail hairstyle. These half ponytail hairstyles are more popular than the ponytail hairstyles. Today, women of Europe, America, Africa, and India are often using half ponytail hairstyles.

Why Will You Wear Half Ponytails?

Well, that is a very good question. This is really a matter of question that why millions of women all over the world are using the ponytail hairstyle. What are the reasons? Why everyone craves these easy hairstyles? There are many significant reasons why women use half ponytail hairstyles. Now we will try to make it clear to you.

Beauty Aspect

When you choose a new hairstyle, you prioritize beauty first. The hairstyle gives you immense beauty and effects for your own beautification. Many of the celebrities and models are now seen with these cute hairstyles. They actually make you presentable, sexy, cute, and enchanting. SO, to get a hairstyle like a living princess, you can try the awesome half ponytails from our given examples/pictures. Trust me, you will get a killer look that will take the breath of the others away.

The Aspect of Comfort

The second thing every woman thinks while choosing a hairstyle is the comfortability and relaxation of the picked hairstyle. In this case, a half ponytail is a great option for you. You can wear these hairstyles with great comfort and relax in all seasons. But in the summer, when is warmer everywhere, you will get the ultimate benefit. The half ponytails will keep you fresh and light and you do not have to maintain a heavy hairstyle which causes boredom and clumsy.

Aspect of Preparation

Time is a great factor for every man and woman. And today almost every woman is working out at home and maintaining a very busy and tough schedule. These types of women feel the necessity of beauty but they do not have that time to beautify themselves with heavy and time-consuming hairstyles. For them, ponytail hairstyles are very useful.

Within a very short span of time, they can make themselves prepared for anything like a party, tour, vacation, or for her office or workplace. So, this is another great reason for half ponytail hairstyles are popular and becoming more popular among the whole world.

How to Prepare a Half Ponytail?

Well, you need to know the process of making ponytails. And we hope every woman of the 21 st century knows the process of making a lovely ponytail. Now, all you need to do is to make a ponytail with a portion of hair and position it in the desired location of your head. And the rest of the hair can be let free or you can play around with it.

If you are a beginner, you can take help from an expert or simply watch YouTube tutorials to make a lovely half ponytail hairstyle. Moreover, you can use different types of braids to make half ponytails hairstyles like box braids, crochet braids, and curls. So, the formula is now on your hand and you can make something charismatic with it.

Half Ponytail Hairstyles with Images

We have arranged our today’s discussion with different types of ponytails like ponytails with straight hair, Ponytails with different types of braids, and ponytails with curls and crochet braids. Moreover, you will get to know the most trending ponytails in the whole world. While discussing these topics we will present you with 32 lovely hairstyles to help you pick the best one for you or your closed ones. So, Let’s start.