How to make professional style littlest pet shop videos

Bring your Littlest Pet Shop world to life digitally when you scan your favorite toy pets to unlock virtual pets within the app! Unlock rooms, activities, accessories, and hundreds of virtual pets as you collect digital pets to play with in your LPS world!

**The LPS Your World game is free to download and play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases through your device settings.**

You can play activities as your selected digital pet and level them up to earn virtual coins or other cool rewards:
– PAINT pictures in the Art Gallery
– MIX up some fruit smoothies on the Rooftop
– DANCE to the beat of the music at the Pawza Hotel party
– BOUNCE the luggage into the Pet Jet ready for take-off
– JUMP into the floating toys at the Pawza Pool
– And many more activities!

Now there’s more fun stuff you can do! You can spin the wheel to win a daily virtual prize, explore the Diamond Hills neighborhood, and complete goals to earn virtual rewards. You can even get virtual rewards for scanning your toys or collecting digital pets!

You can design your world, your way too – however you like!
– STYLE your digital pets with cool hats, jewelry, and other accessories.
– CREATE different looks for Blythe with cute outfits.
– DECORATE your rooms with furniture and all kinds of fun things.

When you scan a Littlest Pet Shop toy into the app:
– Hold your device in one hand and the toy in the other
– Make sure the camera is pointing straight at the pawprint symbol
– Keep the toy steady in the middle of the screen, about 5-10cm (2-4 inches) away from the camera
– Slowly move the toy further away until the pawprint is in focus
– Be patient!

Blythe is always available for advice in the app. If you get stuck, just tap her help button.

This app supports these devices running iOS 8 and above:
1. iPad 2, 3, 4, Air, Mini
2. iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S
3. iPod Touch 5th Gen.
Updates may affect compatibility.

The game requires an internet connection (3G or WiFi) for download, updates and in-app purchases. Kids, ask a parent first before downloading or making in-app purchases.

The LPS Your World game is free to download and play, but additional in-game items can be unlocked via the following ways:
– Over time by earning rewards through play
– By scanning in toys featuring the LPS pawprint symbol
– By purchasing virtual coins from the shop (optional)
Virtual coin purchases cost real money and are charged to your iTunes account.

LPS Your World app is subject to the App Store terms and conditions. Not compatible with prior LPS app, earlier LPS toy pets, or current LPS smaller pets. For compatibility, look out for the toys with the LPS pawprint symbol on them. Product availability varies by region.

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How to make professional style littlest pet shop videos

Jess Rona‘s unlikely career in dog grooming began thanks to one very particular family cat. As a teen growing up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, Rona and her mom would drive to a PetSmart 20 minutes from their home “to get this specific cat food,” she recalls. There, they spotted a help wanted sign, and Rona, who was looking for a new part-time job, was hired as a dog bather.

If you thought this was the part of the story where Rona fell in love with the craft and immediately ascended to her throne as the Jen Atkin of the dog world, you’d be wrong. Rona says she “learned slowly,” due in large part to the fact that her sights were set on acting, not grooming. “I went to acting school and groomed dogs. I waited tables and groomed dogs. So grooming was always a thing I was mediocre at. I would just do it to give me supplemental income.”

Rona keeps a stash of dog-friendly accessories at the ready for photo shoots (modeled here by one of her own two dogs, Meemu, a poodle mix).

Rona eventually moved to New York City, where she did improv every night at the famed Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) comedy school. But facing burnout, and with her 30th birthday on the horizon, she decided to transfer to UCB Los Angeles and double down on grooming. Says Rona, “I started to really try to get good.”

She voraciously studied breed-standard haircuts and found mentors through the grooming competition community. “I got sweaty and freaked out when I met Jay Scruggs, because he can hand-scissor a poodle,” says Rona. (Most groomers would use clippers.) “He was so gracious. He allowed me to send him pictures of my work and he would critique it.”

Before long, Rona started entering competitions herself while working at various L.A. grooming salons. (She admits she was fired from one for insisting that pugs should not be shaved.) To free up more time for auditions, though, Rona wanted to work from home, so she found a house on Craigslist with a washer/dryer hookup in the garage, which she converted into a makeshift grooming studio.

Oscar, a toy poodle, has a penchant for sticking his tongue out during grooming, says Rona.

Though plenty of clients followed her to her new digs, “I was really depressed and antsy,” says Rona. “I wanted to be a director, an actress, to make movies, but I didn’t know how.”

Then, in 2014, the iPhone 6 came out — the first model to include changing speeds on the slow- motion video setting. If you follow Rona on Instagram, you know where we’re headed from here. “I would listen to music as I would groom alone in my garage,” she says. “I was with a Pekingese and her ears flew up as I was blow-drying her. I was like, ‘This is hilarious.’ So I grabbed my camera and I filmed it.” She later posted it on Instagram. (This, reader, is the part where Rona ascends to her rightful throne.)

She started making videos daily, using the slo-mo feature for a dramatic, wind-machine-like effect. Rona spent hours syncing music so that the beat dropped in time with each cascade of fur. “I wanted a crescendo moment,” she explains. “It became an obsession.” Her videos drew fans in droves and celebrities like Katy Perry, Jane Lynch, and Ruby Rose — or rather, their pets — became clients.

Instagram content

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

“It’s so interesting how the world works,” says Rona. “I couldn’t [go to] auditions because my business blew up. It was like I was shot out of a cannon.” And because she’d put in the work to learn how to expertly groom every breed, “I knew I had the chops and the skills to back my shit up.”

Through it all, she continued to work out of the wood-paneled garage in her 1950s-era rental, which presented some challenges. “I was in the middle of bathing a dog — one of Zooey [Deschanel]’s dogs — and my breaker popped and I had to bring a bunch of floor lamps into the garage because I couldn’t see.” As the business grew and she trained more groomers (“There were four of us in the garage at one point”), Rona says she began to feel like a bird in a cage: “I needed to open my wings, baby!”

Finally, in October 2019, she took flight, leasing a former antique shop in Larchmont, a small-but-hip neighborhood in central L.A. Then the fun part began: “I had worked on a music video with Katy Perry for ‘Small Talk’ — I was the glam squad for all the dogs on [set] — and this epic, mid-century house in the valley where we shot it was a huge inspiration for [the design of] my shop.”

And then came. the not-so-fun part. Because of pandemic-related delays to the already complex process of commercial zoning, the salon didn’t open its doors until August 2020. “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life,” says Rona. Now the finished space is, in her words, “Wes Anderson meets Bewitched, with a little wink of The Brady Bunch.”

To source the vintage dog portraits and figurines that have become synonymous with her salon, Rona scoured eBay, Etsy, and the Long Beach Antique Market.

Of course, the salon was designed first and foremost to cater to Rona’s canine clients. Unlike typical grooming salons, Rona’s does not use cages to corral dogs between appointments. Instead, clients lounge on Casper dog beds and enjoy music and aromatherapy. “Every dog gets a blueberry facial and an argan oil mask. Some spend an hour just in the bath,” says Rona. “If you come here, know that your dog will be spoiled.”

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How to make professional style littlest pet shop videos

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Before Maggie Rawlins was scouted to be a model and landed in the pages of Sports Illustrated, she was a hematology/oncology nurse in Charleston, South Carolina. As she transitioned to modeling full-time, she kept her nursing license up-to-date so she would be able to practice. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, she started working on the front lines at a few hospitals in Queens, New York. Fast-forward two years later, she jumped into action again when she learned there was a need for nurses on the Poland-Ukraine border. She traveled to Medyka, Poland, for 10 days to work the night shift with the nongovernmental organization Sauveteurs San Frontieres (SSF), or Rescuers Without Borders. Below, she tells Vogue about her experience.

A girlfriend, Dr. Danielle Belardo, who is a cardiologist in California heard of an organization that needed medical professionals, so she went over to Poland. I asked if they needed any nurses. She said, “We need all the hands we can get.” I flew into Krakow, Poland, then drove two or three hours to the border. I worked night shifts, from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. There were a ton of things I wasn’t able to bring, but they needed a lot of pediatric medications. I reached out to my community in Charleston, and they dropped off 140 pounds of meds on my front porch.

We were on the western side of Ukraine and the eastern side of Poland. I didn’t know what to expect at all. There were just hundreds of people. I went because I felt like there was a need there. I don’t have kids, and I don’t have a 9-to-5, so I felt pretty privileged to be able to drop what I was doing and go. I knew that there would be a place to help, but I didn’t know what type of medical issues I would see. We worked mostly as urgent care. We saw gunshot wounds and broken ribs. But we also saw fatigue and people who were taking high-blood-pressure medication or insulin, and they hadn’t been able to go to a pharmacy. There were a lot of COVID cases, kids with respiratory infections. There were people who had been traveling for two or three days, and it was just extreme fatigue, especially in children and the elderly. There was a lot of dehydration. Men can’t leave, so it was women, children, and the elderly.

There were tents lined up with SIM cards and food trucks from all over Europe—there was a Turkish food truck, an Israeli one, different tents serving all different types of food. That was surreal seeing people from all over the world coming to help where they could. It wasn’t just nurses and doctors. There were people making breakfast and hot chocolate for the kids. Maybe four tents down from us, there was a tent that had food for dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, literally any pet you could think of.

TikTok food trends are known to be a little out of the box . or, in this case, inside out. The “inside out” grilled cheese is one of the latest food trends popping up on for you pages across the app, but is this cheesy delight just for show? Or is the inside out grilled cheese truly a new twist on the classic sandwich that will add flavor and become a staple in your kitchen?

“It’s best described as an upgraded grilled cheese 2.0,” says Devan Cameron, a Canadian chef living in The Netherlands who works as a sous chef at Marres Kitchen. Cameron founded Braised and Glazed, a website with recipes, tips and inspiration for the home cook, and has tested inside out grilled cheese-making himself.

So what is an inside out grilled cheese?

“It’s just like a regular grilled cheese sandwich,” Cameron tells Yahoo Life, “except you add another layer of delicious cheese to the top and bottom which is then flipped and fried until golden brown. Overkill? Yes. Delicious? 1000%.”

Melinda Jameson a mom of two and home cook from Australia who founded parenting website SuperWAHM says when her grilled cheese-obsessed kids showed her the recipe on social media, she couldn’t resist giving it a try to make mealtime a little more fun and a lot more crunchy.

“It took a few tries to master,” Jameson admits of attempting to get cheese to coat both the outer sides of the grilled cheese bread, “the first couple of times I lost the cheese in the pan.”

With the encouragement of her children and plenty of TikTok videos to guide her, Jameson eventually figured out how to perfect the sandwich. “Finally, we landed on the perfect ratio of cheese and grill time and voila. Now, it’s a household staple and the kids’ friends can’t wait to come over for this cheesy snack.”

While the sandwich sounded delicious, it seemed a bit complicated to create, so I made a few in my own kitchen in an attempt to achieve inside out grilled cheese perfection.

The secret to getting the sandwich right the first time, thus preserving the most cheesy goodness possible? Make sure you have the right tools. Must-have kitchen accessories include a great non-stick pan, your preferred sprayable oil, a sturdy spatula and a pair of heat-safe tongs.

Start by making a classic grilled cheese: Don’t worry about the outer cheesy coatings until the original grilled cheese has been toasted on both sides. Once the bread is buttery and golden brown and the cheese between the slices starts to melt, cover the pan again liberally with butter or oil so the cheese you’re about to add won’t stick. Place about one-quarter cup of shredded cheese into the pan and put the sandwich on top — then wait for the magic to happen.

Pro tip: The pan should be on medium heat. If the heat is too low, the cheese will simply melt. If the heat is too high, the cheese will burn. Wait until the cheese forms a crust and turns a golden brown: Only then will you be able to slide the spatula under the cheese-crisped bread to remove the sandwich from the pan. Next, repeat the entire process on the other side of the sammy.

For the sides of the sandwich, which pros like Cameron say you must cover as well for your grilled cheese to be truly “inside out,” repeat the steps using your heat-safe tongs to pick up the sandwich and hold it in place on top of the cheese as the crust forms. If you want to encrust the entire sandwich, those tongs will truly be the MVP of kitchen tools.

Laura Burroughs, the Columbia, S.C. food blogger behind, says she saw the viral sandwich while scrolling through TikTok a few times before finally giving it a go. Her final verdict?

“With all of the great combinations of textures and flavors, this is definitely a TikTok recipe you should try,” she shares. “It’s a fun way to add a little more flavor and texture to an already amazing sandwich.”

When I finished cooking my sandwich and broke through that crispy cheesy crust for a bite, I discovered it was absolutely worth the additional effort. The buttery toasted flavor of the bread was complemented by the crisp texture and muted-yet-sharp flavor of the cheesy crust, and pouring out from the inside was soft liquid cheese that melted to perfection as the sandwich slowly toasted away inside its warm cheesy crust.

Cameron says while not all TikTok recipes are winners, the inside out grilled cheese sandwich is one worth giving a go. “Normally I do not find many TikTok recipes interesting, but this one is chef-approved,” he says.

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Having first aid tools handy can help in all kinds of situations. But did you know that you can use a 3D printer to create them?

It’s well-known that 3D printing gives normal people the power to unleash their creative potential. Alongside this, though, these machines can also come with more practical purposes—and this is clear in the increasingly technological world of modern medicine.

Whether you are printing your own disposable first aid tools or looking to the future, the field of 3D printing in medicine is fascinating. We will be exploring both of these areas in this article to give you a deeper insight into the options available now, plus those that are coming in the future.

First Aid 3D Printing Things to Consider

You have a lot to consider when you are using a 3D printer to create disposable first aid tools. No matter the first aid job you are attempting to perform, you need to guarantee that the tools you are using are safe and fit for the job—while also avoiding any procedures or treatments that should be left to professionals.

  • Materials: You can choose from a variety of 3D printing materials online, but not all are safe for use as first aid tools. Biocompatibility is a major factor here, and this is something we have covered in our article about 3D printing filament safety.
  • Print Quality: Rough edges, poorly adhered layers, and other 3D printing quality issues can make your first aid tools uncomfortable and even dangerous to use, so you need to make sure that your print quality is high.

Current 3D Printable First Aid Tools

Websites like Thingiverse are packed with countless 3D models in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We’ve found some examples of the best 3D printable first aid tools available for free on sites like these, and you can see the results below.

3D Printable Splints

Splints are one of the oldest first aid/medical tools in the world. Used as a way to immobilize joints, a splint is designed to allow your body to heal as quickly as possible without natural movements causing further damage.

This type of tool is especially important when a bone is broken. However, it can also help with other types of injuries—like torn ligaments and muscles—and is used across the human body.

This simple Finger Splint by i3dKC is designed to be used on fingers, while this Carpal Tunnel Splint by windy98 goes on your wrist, and both are great examples of this type of medical/first aid tool.

Bandage Clips & Dispensers

Bandages are one of the most commonly used first aid tools, and this means that any first aid kit should have them accessible. A bandage dispenser can be an excellent option for those who find it frustrating to deal with loose bandages, and this Bandage Winder from khattoum makes it very easy to apply bandages with the right pressure.

But how are you supposed to attach the end of the bandage once it has been wrapped? A bandage clip, of course! These Tensor Bandage Clips by ksihota are a great place to start, providing an easy way to anchor your bandages without having to use annoying tape.

First Aid Boxes and Kits

A well-organized first aid kit can prove invaluable in an emergency situation, saving the stress of misplaced tools when a person needs help. As you build your own first aid kit, it should be easy to figure out what it needs to contain, and this gives you the chance to find the perfect 3D model to print for the job.

You can find an array of 3D printable first aid containers online, from options like this small Keychain Pill Box by Mister_G to much larger first aid kits, like this video game-inspired Halo Health Pack First Aid Kit by morleykert.

The Future of 3D Printing in Medicine

Healthcare is evolving at a dramatic pace, and the future of 3D printing in the world of medicine is a little more exciting than the options available today. We have only chosen methods and ideas that are already in development or work in some shape or form, but there are theoretical uses for 3D printing that go far beyond the areas below.

3D Printing Human Organs

Many people are unaware, but 3D printable organs already exist, though this idea is in the very early stages of development. In 2019, scientists in Israel were able to produce a functional rabbit-sized heart with blood vessels that acted like the real thing, showing the world that this concept is a real possibility for the future.

3D printing an organ is surprisingly simple, with the 3D printer only performing the initial stages that go into creating a new organ. A frame that matches the shape of a desired organ is 3D printed with traces of tissue from a real organ seeded into it, followed by an incubation period that allows the cells in the tissue to multiply and slowly grow around the frame.

This method is most commonly used for 3D printing hearts, though other methods are being developed for other organs. In the near future, this sort of technology promises to solve the vital organ shortages faced by those in dire need of transplants.

3D Printing Surgical Models

Surgeons have one of the hardest jobs in the world, with a single mistake having the potential to change a patient’s life or even kill them. For this reason, many surgeons will use practice aids to perform mock surgeries before they attempt the real thing, but this is much easier when the tools available perfectly match the body of a patient.

3D printing is set to offer surgeons this very opportunity. With 3D scanners getting more and more accurate, many hospitals are likely to adopt this sort of technology to enable them to 3D print accurate models of their patient’s bodies in the future, and this will come with loads of other benefits.

3D Printable Prosthetic Limbs

Modern technology like 3D printing has the power to change the lives of those with physical disabilities like missing limbs. 3D printed prosthetic limbs can be custom-made without anywhere near as much expense as traditional options, while also providing those wearing them the chance to create prosthetic limbs that match their style preferences.

There are several companies out there offering this sort of medical tool to those who need it, but it will take some time before this field is perfected. As time goes by, modern 3D printed prosthetics are giving those with missing fingers, arms, and legs increasingly high degrees of mobility and movement.

3D Printing in the World of Medicine

As time goes by, more and more 3D printing tools are becoming available to doctors, surgeons, and even normal people at home. Of course, though, the real fun comes with designing and printing your own 3D models.

<p alt=Wayne Couzens (Metropolitan Police/PA)

” width=”” />

ormer Met Police officer Wayne Couzens has appeared in court to face allegations he repeatedly indecently exposed himself to members of the public in the weeks before Sarah Everard was murdered.

Couzens, 49, is charged with four allegations of indecent exposure between late January and February 27 last year.

According to the charges, the officer, who was married at the time, is accused of exposing himself on Valentine’s Day.

The allegations span the six weeks before March 3 last year, when marketing executive Ms Everard, 33, was kidnapped from the streets of south London, raped, and then murdered.

Couzens, who is currently serving a whole life prison term, appeared via videolink from HMP Frankland at Westminster magistrates court on Wednesday afternoon to face the indecent exposure charges.


Sporting a greying beard, Couzens offered “no indication” to the charges and elected a crown court trial.

“My legal team have advised me to go to the Crown Court”, he said.

Chief Magistrate Paul Goldspring remanded Couzens in custody and sent the case for a plea and trial preparation hearing on May 11 at the Old Bailey.

Prosecutor Tom Little QC told the court: “There are a number of complainants in this case.”

Sending the case, the judge said: “You have given no indication as to pleas in relation to the four matters.

“I determine on their own they would be suitable for summary trial in this court, and you elected crown court after I accepted jurisdiction.

“You were offered trial in this court and declined that.

I’m obliged to send this case to the Central Criminal Court, which you will probably know as the Old Bailey, and appear for a Plea and Trial Preparation Hearing on May 11.”

Details of the four alleged offences were not given in open court at today’s hearing.

How to make professional style littlest pet shop videos

No matter where it happens, a yeast infection can be extremely itchy, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. But when one develops on your penis? It’s understandable to be a little freaked out.

Yes, people with penises can get a yeast infection down there—called a penile yeast infection or penile thrush—just as people with vaginas can get a yeast infection. When the infection irritates the head or glans portion of the penis, doctors call this balanitis. If you are uncircumcised, the foreskin can become infected too.

Yeast infections on either (or both) are unpleasant, but they’re highly treatable. A penile yeast infection is also transmissible, meaning you could potentially spread it to a sexual partner if you do have one. That’s why it’s so important to identify if the symptoms you’re dealing with are yeast-related. Here’s everything you need to know about penile yeast infections.

What are some common penile yeast infection causes?

Candida albicans is the most common fungus that causes a penile yeast infection (and really, any yeast infection), according to a 2017 study published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine. 1 Uncircumcised people are more at risk because the foreskin creates a condition in which yeasts can grow and thrive (yes, we’ll say it—it’s a moist environment). Another common fungal infection that can occur on or around the penis is jock itch, which is caused by the same fungus (tinea) that causes athlete’s foot. Jock itch often leads to itchy blisters or scaly, flaky skin.

People with penises who aren’t circumcised are also at risk for phimosis. 2 This just means the foreskin becomes unusually tight and can’t easily be pulled back, making it hard to clean thoroughly. If a person with a penis doesn’t clean under their foreskin regularly with a mild soap, candida yeasts may start to make themselves a little too comfortable, potentially leading to an overgrowth that can eventually signify an infection.

While candida yeasts may live on the body, they’re usually not present in large enough amounts to cause an infection. But having certain medical conditions can increase your chances of developing a penile yeast infection or recurrent yeast infections (meaning you get yeast infections four or more times per year). That’s because some conditions, like cancer, diabetes, HIV, and many others, can weaken the immune system, which can make it harder for the body to fight off infection as effectively.

A yeast infection can also take hold after you’ve taken antibiotics. Sometimes, antibiotics can kill off too much of the “good” bacteria that keep fungi from overgrowing. That’s practically an invitation for yeast to take center stage. 1

What are the symptoms of a penile yeast infection?

Simply knowing that your penis is a place where yeast can thrive and multiply is the first step to identifying a penile yeast infection. “The most common misconception is that men don’t know about yeast infections, and they don’t know how to recognize the changes on their genitals to actually go see their doctor,” Rena Malik, MD, assistant professor of surgery, director of female pelvic medicine & reconstructive surgery, and a urologist at the University of Maryland Medical System, tells SELF.

That being said, according to the Mayo Clinic, some common symptoms of a penile yeast infection can include:

  • A burning sensation when peeing
  • Itchy skin on or around the genital area
  • A rash on the penis that appears dry and may peel
  • A ring-shaped rash (similar to ringworm) with small blisters at the edge, in the specific case of jock itch
  • Inflamed skin on the penis or surrounding areas
  • Swelling of the glans or head of the penis
  • Thick, white discharge, which uncircumcised people may notice in particular
  • White spots on the skin of the penis
  • Worsened symptoms with sexual activity

If you aren’t sure what’s going on in your nether region, a doctor—such as your primary care doctor, a dermatologist, or a urologist—can examine the penis to determine if your symptoms point to a yeast infection. They can also take a sample of cells to test for the presence of candida or other organisms.

What should you expect from penile yeast infection treatment?

While the symptoms of a penile yeast infection can be alarming because the area is so sensitive, treatment is surprisingly simple most of the time. Once you have an official diagnosis, you can usually start at your drugstore. “Yeast infections are highly treatable,” Dr. Malik explains. “Usually they respond well to antifungal ointments or creams you can get over the counter, such as Lotrimin.”

Look for over-the-counter (OTC) topical treatments like clotrimazole 1% (Lotrimin) or miconazole 1% (Micatin). You’ll usually apply these to the clean, dry skin of your penis and any affected areas twice daily for one to three weeks. If you know you’re allergic to these ingredients or experience a reaction after applying them, let your doctor know what’s going on, since they can prescribe you nystatin cream, another antifungal medicine that works in a different way. 2

However, some persistent yeast infections aren’t easily wiped out by OTC treatments. In this case, a doctor may prescribe oral antifungal medications (such as fluconazole) to help fight the infection. They also could prescribe stronger topical medications or recommend combining antifungal medications with steroids—an effective anti-inflammatory medication—to reduce irritation. 2

If that doesn’t work, you may need to reassess your options with your doctor or consider getting a second opinion. “If you’re not responding, it’s important to see a urologist to rule out other conditions that might look like a yeast infection,” Dr. Malik says. This can include issues like sexually transmitted infections (STIs), chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, and, rarely, penile cancer. If your symptoms aren’t resolved with treatment, it’s best to see a doctor to rule this out.

Do any home remedies for penile yeast infections work?

There aren’t any proven home remedies for penile yeast infections, as you need antifungal medications to eradicate yeast overgrowth. So this is not the time to slather yourself in yogurt or apple cider vinegar (which may just irritate or dry out your skin further). To prevent potential complications (more on this next), it’s best to see your doc for a course of meds.

Are there penile yeast infection complications you should be aware of?

You’ll want to treat a penile yeast infection quickly because it’s, well, super uncomfortable—but springing into action can also help you avoid potential complications (which are just as unpleasant). If you aren’t circumcised, the foreskin can start to stick to your penis and actually become the cause of phimosis—that really tight foreskin we talked about earlier. Sometimes, you may even need surgery (this is circumcision, to be clear) to correct the phimosis. 2

There are a few other penile yeast infection complications to be aware of if you’re dealing with symptoms. They are uncommon, but you’ll still want to avoid these through treatment and preventive methods (mainly cleaning your penis, including under the foreskin, regularly):

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