How to plan a romantic getaway

A surprise romantic getaway is the perfect way to show your partner how much they mean to you. A trip away with just the two of you allows you to spend time together without the interruptions of jobs, timetables, children and household chores.

Waking up in a great hotel with a whole day ahead to eat, drink and relax is the perfect canvas to reconnect with the person you fell in love with.

Organising a surprise trip away is great fun, but can pose a few problems. We speak to travel experts from, for some tips on how to pull off a secret romantic holiday as seamlessly as possible.

How to plan a romantic getaway


The destination is important. Either it is a place that is significant to you both, or somewhere that you know you will both love. Have they ever mentioned really wanting to visit a place? Where was your first romantic holiday together? Think big – and in advance – to get the best deals.


You have a lot to sort out here – get childcare sorted, organise someone to feed the cat, book time off work, finalise the accommodation and travel arrangements – the list goes on. What you need is an accomplice or two who know the score and who can help you with the arrangements. Your partner’s secretary at work can help book time off, and a family member can have the kids and look after any pets.

How to plan a romantic getaway


Now you’ve figured out where to go, you now have to sort out what to do. Check out the best restaurants in the area, activities, the best brunch spots and so on. For something fun to do in the daytime, book a tour or a cookery class – something where you can work with your partner or learn something new about the place where you’re staying is a great activity to do as a couple.


Now’s the point to tell your partner a few fibs. You need a good cover story that will explain why you need them to be ready for a specific time. How much you give away is up to you. You might tell them that you’re visiting Great Aunt Maud in Yorkshire for the weekend, or you might be so good at this stealth operation that they get in the car thinking they’re on the way to do the weekly shop with you.

How to plan a romantic getaway

How to pack without your other half knowing – it’s a tricky one. Our advice is pick a capsule wardrobe in advance. Pack all the other stuff, phone chargers, toothbrush, toiletries etc, while they are in the shower just before your trip.


The old red herring is crucial to the preparations. If your partner suspects something, explain it away with a really mundane response. If they are wondering why you are packing their swimming gear, tell them that you’re gathering jumble for the charity shop. If they are wondering why you’re rushing around like a headless chicken, pretend you need to get to the shops before stopping off at a friend’s house before they go out.

How to plan a romantic getaway


If you’re taking the car, you’ll need to take the wheel. If you’re travelling by train or plane, it’s at this point that you may need your secrecy mask to slip a little – why else would you be hurtling down the motorway at 60mph towards the airport? You can tell them as much or as little as you want – either way, it will be a wonderful, exciting surprise for them and you will both be geared up to enjoy a wonderful trip away together.

How to plan a romantic getaway


You’ve earned this. Life can get in the way of enjoying relationships, so make sure you live in the present and enjoy every minute. Spoil yourselves at the best restaurants, see as many things as possible and enjoy long, lazy lie-ins. Romantic getaways are the best – just make sure you don’t leave it too long until the next one!

Planning the perfect romantic getaway isn’t as straight forward as you may think. Firstly, there are two people involved, and not everyone has the same idea on the definition of romance.

Secondly, things don’t always go as planned for example Mother Nature may not cooperate when you book that romantic beach holiday, so a contingency plan is a good idea and thirdly, budgets and logistics can be restrictive so your first choice may not be practical.

Deciding on a Destination

The first thing you need to do is decide on a destination. Budget could play a large part in this decision as not everyone can afford to jump on a plane and head to Paris! If money is tight you may want to stay within driving distance of home; if money is no object then the sky’s the limit, although travel time will also have to be factored into your decision, with a long trip eating into your time for romance. You will also need to consider yours and your partner’s interests.

If you are both happy to just kick back for the weekend and enjoy each other’s company then where you are isn’t going to play a big role in the success of your weekend. However, if one or both of you have a tendency to get itchy feet, then you might want to make sure that your hotel or the surrounding town has enough going on to keep you occupied.

Some suggestions on great destinations for your next romantic getaway are:

  • If your partner is a sailing enthusiast then a weekend in some Geelong accommodation will be a huge hit. Quality Hotel Bayside Geelong is a contemporary four star hotel overlooking the magnificent bay area and the in house restaurant, swimming pool, sauna and spa are great ways to unwind.
  • Quality Resort Sorrento Beach is positioned across the road from the pristine white sands of Sorrento Beach and only 20 minutes from the Perth CBD, making it the ideal location for a romantic getaway for lovers of all things beach. The 4 star Sorrento accommodation features a heated pool, spa and sauna and alfresco dining restaurant will mean you’re never without something to do.

What to Pack

Arriving unprepared will mean that the beginning of your romantic liaison may need to be postponed until you’ve stocked up on the necessities. Having a good supply of champagne, chocolates, strawberries, scented candles, and your favourite romantic music and movies on hand will help to create a romantic mood. The better prepared you are the less chance you’ll have to leave the room and the more time there is for romance. A selection of antipasto or a cheese platter can be great dinner substitute if you’re hesitant to leave the privacy of your hotel room.

Don’t forget the contingency plan!

If you were thinking you would spend part of your weekend soaking up the sun by the pool or on the beach, make sure you have something with you to replace that activity with, in case the weather goes south. A game of scrabble can be a great way to bond over a glass of champagne. An unexpected gift is another way to make the weekend special.

Build it Up

Talk up your weekend away and build up some excitement. Send your partner a message saying how much you’re looking forward to spending some time alone with them or leave a post it note on their computer screen letting them know what you’re most looking forward to. A good dose of anticipation can be half the fun. A little forethought and some careful planning will go a long way towards ensuring your romantic weekend away is a success.

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How to plan a romantic getaway

How to plan a romantic getaway

How to plan a romantic getaway

How to plan a romantic getaway

Jan 27 How to Plan a Romantic Getaway

Are you looking for a way to spice up your relationship? If so, then consider taking your partner on a romantic getaway. This is an excellent idea because it will help improve the intimacy in your relationship and provide some much-needed time away from work and other distractions. Here are some distinct steps that you need to take to plan a successful romantic getaway:

Identify a Destination

There are many romantic destinations that you can choose from. Popular options include the mountains, beachside villas, and even destination resorts. Please do your research and identify several opportunities to have plenty of choices when it comes time for the trip.

It is also essential to consider your budget when selecting a destination. If you are on a tight budget, consider places closer to home or these cheap beach destinations. However, if you have a bit more money to spend, you might travel further away. No matter what destination you choose, make sure that it is one that both of you will enjoy for the trip to be successful.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Decide on the Logistics

Once you have selected a destination, it is time to think about logistics. You will need to consider transportation, lodging, and meal options before you leave for your trip. For example, if you are traveling by car or train, then make sure that you know exactly where your hotel is located.

If this will be an international vacation, make sure that both of you get all the necessary paperwork well before leaving for the trip. This includes passports and visas, which may be required depending on your travel location. Not having proper documentation can cause severe delays during check-in, which could ruin any plans for a romantic getaway.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Also, use a private jet charter cost estimator to find the best way to get to your destination. Whether flying or driving, make sure that you have a comfortable and relaxing trip. If possible, try to book transportation that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There’s nothing wrong with a private car or even a train – as long as it gets you out into nature. However, if money is no object, flying in a private plane might be your best bet. Relaxing onboard can help put you at ease before arriving at your destination.

Pack the Essentials

Before you leave for your trip, it is crucial to ensure that you have all the essentials packed. This includes everything from extra clothes and toiletries to snacks or other food items if needed. It would help if you also kept in mind what activities will be available at your destination to pack accordingly. For example, if there are plenty of outdoor adventure opportunities, bring along some hiking boots and raincoats in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

On a side note, don’t forget about any necessary medications that may be required during the trip, like an inhaler for someone who has asthma or epinephrine injections for people with severe allergies. It would also help include some over-the-counter medications, such as pain relievers, cold and flu medicine, or antacids.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Arrive and Unpack

Once you have arrived at your destination, take a few minutes to relax and unpack. This is a crucial step because it will help you get into vacation mode. It may also be helpful to make a list of activities that you would like to do during your stay. This can include touring the local area, visiting popular tourist destinations, or relaxing by the pool or on the beach. Making a list ahead of time will help ensure that you make the most out of your trip and avoid any last-minute scrambling trying to figure out what to do next.


Once you have arrived at your destination, it is time to enjoy yourself. This includes spending quality time with your significant other and relaxing and taking a break from the daily grind of life back home. Make sure that you do things like talking with one another over dinner. Also, go for a romantic walk together to make lasting memories during your trip.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Final Thoughts

A romantic getaway can be a great way to reconnect with your significant other and enjoy some quality time together. By following the tips in this article, you can help ensure that your trip goes smoothly from start to finish and that you make the most out of your vacation. So what are you waiting for? Start planning today.

How to plan a romantic getaway

How to plan a romantic getaway

How to plan a romantic getaway

How many times have you craved a parents getaway when the kids are climbing all over you or sliding into your bed in the night? Finding the time and childcare is hard; getting something planned and booked makes it even harder. Don’t let the thing that is supposed to relax you get you even more stressed out.

Follow these tips for planning a parent getaway with your partner.

Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway

How to plan a romantic getaway

Pick a great “kid-free” destination.

I’m all for taking your kids anywhere but let’s face it, some destinations are just a little less kid-friendly than others. When you finally get away with your partner, go somewhere that ISN’T so easy to explore with kids.

How about one of these ideas?

  • Visit wine country (or any wine region)
  • Take a couples anniversary cruise
  • Sip tropical drinks under a palm tree on a beach vacation
  • Stay at a romantic bed and breakfast
  • Enjoy a spa treatment at a relaxing resort
  • Golf in Scotland
  • Join a pub crawl in Ireland
  • Island hop in Greece
  • Take an adventure trip like biking through Provence, hiking in the Alps, or mountain climbing in Nepal

Of course you don’t have to be extravagant. You can have a romantic getaway in the town next door. Find a romantic inn, schedule an afternoon tea, take a wine tasting course, arrange a chef’s tasting menu in the dining room, and relax at the spa. The primary goal is getting to do something DIFFERENT than you would do at home or if you had the kids along.

Find an adult-focused hotel.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Big resorts with kids clubs and endless activities at the pool are great when you are traveling with kids, but if it is a couples getaway, you may prefer something quieter that caters more toward adults.

It doesn’t mean you need to find an adults-only resort. But when you are browsing for hotels, pay attention to things like promotions of their kids’ club or all the pictures showing families. Look for amenities like a spa, adult’s only pool, and fine dining restaurants.

Get your partner involved.

I don’t care if you do all the travel planning in your relationship. Now is the time to get your partner involved. The burden shouldn’t all be on your or it will suck the joy out of the process. This way if things don’t go as planned, no one is pointing fingers and sparking arguments.

Even if you LOVE the planning process, give your partner at least one job. For example, if they are really into food, let them pick the restaurants. If they are into wine, pick some wineries to visit. Maybe they are a car buff – let them pick the rental car. You get the idea!

Create Plans A, B, and C.

“The best made plans of mice and men often go awry.” Robert Burns had it right. Arranging childcare is one of the hardest plans to make. So unless you are an empty nester, you need to make sure you have a plan for childcare, and a back up to that plan.

We tend to plan our parent escapes while our daughter is at summer camp. But that isn’t foolproof. Make sure you have someone on alert that could pick them up in case they get sick, injured, etc. and keep them until you can get back.

If the kids are staying with the grandparents, make sure a friend or other relative is around as a backup incase the grandparents are sick or have an emergency. And speaking of emergencies, as morbid as it is to think about, make sure your estate planning is in order.

Set Your Budget.

One of the biggest issues that couples fight about is money. You really don’t want to get into arguments on your getaway because you are worried about spending. All-inclusive resorts can be great for sticking to a budget and knowing exactly how much a trip is going to cost in advance.

However, they aren’t the only answer. There are many resources out there to help get a picture of your total trip costs in advance to help set your budget. It also helps to pre-book tours, excursions, spa treatments, etc., so that your only variables are meals.

Don’t forget to budget for resort fees, taxes, and tips! If you want to maximize your budget, book a hotel that includes breakfast and when ordering drinks, consider whether purchasing a bottle might be better than ordering glasses or think about getting something to make drinks in your room before you go to dinner.

Include a Splurge.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Unless you are blessed with helpful grandparents and flexible budgets, your parent getaways are going to be few and far between. Do something to make them special. We often spend all day worrying about bills and expenses. I’m not saying to go crazy or go beyond your budget, but find a way to do something special on your trip.

If fancy hotels are your thing, maybe do a night or two at a luxury hotel and take an economy airline. If you love food, plan one dinner at a fancy restaurant and then have fun discovering street food on other nights. There are ways to find a place to splurge without going overboard, but getting a chance to treat yourself will make you both happy.

Start with a Surprise!

If you are booking through a travel agent, ask them to let the hotel know that you are celebrating a special occasion. If it is a hotel that the travel agent books with frequently, often they will greet guests with a VIP surprise like chocolates in the room or a bottle of champagne.

When booking luxury hotels, it pays to book through a Virtuoso travel agent or American Express travel. They have relationships with certain hotels that will get you perks like early-bird check in, upgrades upon availability, resort credits, or a welcome gift. It doesn’t hurt to ask!! You and your partner will feel extra special.

Take Pictures!

You probably have plenty of family photos from vacations of you and the kids, your partner and the kids, maybe a few selfies of all of you – but what about your and your significant other? Have you had any pictures of just the two of you since your wedding?

At least get someone to take your picture when you are all dressed up for dinner. But ideally, recapture the romance with a photo shoot. Many resorts offer photographers, but those tend to be very posed. If you want a candid photo shoot that captures the love and romance, book a photo shoot with Flytographer. These photographers are better versed in on-location shoots that capture candids and make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I hope that this sets you on the path to planning a romantic parent’s getaway. Stay tuned for more ideas on where to go!

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How to plan a romantic getaway

It’s become a habit for my husband and I to plan surprise trips for each other every year and we LOVE it! Not only is it amazing having a mini holiday when you thought you’d be cleaning the house, but knowing that your partner has gone to all that effort to create an experience just for you makes it even more special! If you haven’t already, we definitely recommend you try it. Here are our top tips for planning your own surprise romantic getaway… make sure you read to the end!

1. If you’re a newbie to this, start small

When my husband and I lived in London, he would randomly plan nights away for us as a bit of a “staycation”. He would pick me up from work and just say “We’re not going home until tomorrow” and have all our luggage packed! After a few of these he gained a bit more confidence and started planning longer trips, with more complexity. If planning a whole trip sounds a bit daunting, just start with a surprise date night that has a few elements to it (drinks, dinner, dessert, and a plush hotel stay) and work your way up.

How to plan a romantic getawayEnjoying a surprise night away at the Gold Coast #fancy

2. Make the whole getaway a surprise (if possible)

I’m talking planning the day/s off with their boss, packing their bag (if you dare 😁), organising all the transport and accommodation, arranging baby/pet/plant-sitting for any dependents. The bigger the effort, the bigger the surprise.

3. Make sure you’re going at a time that suits them

Do some undercover research into your partner’s schedule and make sure it’s not Aunt Judy’s birthday that weekend, or that they haven’t planned a spa day with the dog (extra points if they have though, that sounds amazing). If you know that a particular time of the year is busy for them, make sure you pick a date that works around it.

4. Do your browsing/planning/booking in private mode

I once found out about a surprise holiday when our shared laptop was retargeted with ads for the Sunny Coast 😝 Researching online is amazing, but be sure to cover your tracks!

5. And while you’re on the stealth bandwagon, have a good friend pay for your getaway and pay them back later

I watch our accounts like a hawk (a friendly hawk 🤓🦅), so if a large charge came through, I would immediately know about it! This is a quick giveaway that you’re planning something amazing – DON’T fail me here, people!

How to plan a romantic getawayOn holidays courtesy of Karen – thanks, lady! (I’ll pay you back, promise 😉 )

6. Become a pro at lying… in a good way

This is the only part where my husband falls down on – he can’t keep a straight face if I question him on anything! Practice your poker face, because you’re going to need it a lot in the days before the getaway. Watch the movie 21 for some inspo 😎

7. Throw them off the scent

Make a few false plans for that weekend so you know your partner can’t book anything else and to keep them preoccupied. If you’re normally busy but suddenly have nothing planned, they might become suspicious.

How to plan a romantic getawayNot even this guy could sniff out your sneaky plans

8. Allow room for splurging

As good as it is going all fancy on a hotel, we always leave a bit of room for splurging as well. Your partner’s spotted something special while you’re (supposedly) window shopping? Surprise them and say “Get it, honey” 😱💸 Buying something frivolous and fun is way more satisfying than an everyday purchase – especially on holiday.

9. Keep them on their toes the whole time

The surprise isn’t just the holiday. Plan some activities – even something as small as researching the best cafe in town. On one of our trips, my husband took us to a perfumery to create our own scent. Bonus points for romantic activities 😍

10. Don’t worry if parts of it fail!

Trust me, it really is the thought that counts. Sometimes things don’t go 100% to plan, but try to roll with it as much as possible. Making a big deal out of what is probably a small (or non) fail will ruin the mood. Because, let’s be honest, your special someone is happy just to be on holidays and that they scored you as a partner!

Heads up! Due to COVID-19, government restrictions are in constant review and travel guidelines may change between when you make your booking and when you travel. We strongly recommend that all travellers seek further information about destinations and attractions before visiting, take extra care and follow all rules to ensure their own health and safety.

Ask just about anyone and most people agree that they would rather have a memorable experience over a material object. It’s no different when it comes to gift-giving. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, consider switching things up from the traditional flowers and chocolates. Instead, why not treat your special someone to a romantic getaway?

A truly special, memorable Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion, for that matter!) doesn’t have to be difficult to plan or out of reach. The great news is that it’s actually relatively simple to completely surprise your partner and sweep them off their feet. As the saying goes, it really is the thought that counts. Putting the extra effort into researching and planning romantic weekend getaways will surely impress.

Planning a couples retreat isn’t quite like planning other types of vacations. Priorities are different than if you were travelling with young children or going on a business-leisure trip, and there are other things to take into consideration. To make planning and booking your romantic retreat simpler and more enjoyable, we’re sharing our top tips.

Plan ahead for your couples retreat

Planning a couples getaway is not a time when you want to “wing it” or simply go with the flow. The goal is to sweep your partner off their feet, and one of the best ways to do that is to handle every detail ahead of time. Make all reservations well in advance, especially if your romantic retreat falls on a weekend or coincides with another holiday or busy time. Don’t wait until the last minute if you have something in mind — get those plans finalized!

When you consider romantic weekend getaways, think beyond the basics of a romantic hotel and dinner. Schedule some activities you know your partner wants to try or that are meaningful to you as a couple. Perhaps it’s taking skiing or snowboarding lessons together, a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride through town, or getting couples’ massages. If any of your plans, including the romantic getaway itself, are a surprise, consider recruiting the help of friends or family to create a diversion.

The final piece in planning weekend getaways for couples today is familiarizing yourself with travel-related COVID-19 precautions. Do your homework ahead of time so you know local restrictions, as well as where you can visit and eat.

How to plan a romantic getaway

It’s all in the (romantic) details

There’s something inherently romantic about a couples retreat at a hotel, but special little touches can make it feel even more special. Enhance the coziness of your romantic hotel with things like champagne, rose petals, bubble bath or bath salts, and chocolates. Create a special playlist ahead of time to set the mood, and consider bringing cards or a few favorite board games for an excuse to stay in.

Book a “room with a view”

A literal room with a view — whether it’s of the ocean, mountains, lake, or city skyline — goes a long way in enhancing the ambiance during romantic weekend getaways. Splurging on a room upgrade often comes with additional perks besides just a great view, including a private balcony or patio, premium housekeeping or turndown service, and sometimes more luxurious beds and linens. If you’re celebrating an extra-special occasion such as an engagement or anniversary, consider inquiring about honeymoon packages and other special VIP services for your romantic retreat.

Disconnect from the outside world

We live in a world that’s increasingly connected and “plugged in,” especially as more and more people work remotely. Although it may be easier said than done, commit to simply enjoying time with your loved one and staying off devices during your romantic getaway. Make an extra effort to wrap everything up work-wise before beginning your romantic weekend to minimize distractions and set up an email away message so you won’t be disturbed.

Take advantage of hotel amenities

Hotels have carefully-curated lists of amenities and services for a reason — for guests to take advantage of them! Find out if the hotel you choose for your couples getaway has a spa or restaurant onsite. Often, romantic hotel restaurants have live music or happy hour specials at least a few days a week, and the spa may offer services tailored specifically to couples vacations.

Another built-in amenity many hotels offer is a concierge, someone dedicated to making your romantic getaway more special. A concierge has insider info on attractions, local events, the best restaurants, and “hidden gems” in the area. They may also arrange the best table in the house at dinner or even help you surprise your significant other by placing a bottle of chilled wine in your room while you’re out. The options are essentially limitless, and all you have to do is ask!

Finally, be sure to mention that it’s a special occasion, either when you book your romantic retreat or during check-in. The hotel may have a special package or room type available that you were unaware of.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Where to stay for a romantic getaway

Whether the occasion is Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or “just because,” make Coast Hotels your home away from home for your couples retreat! We have 35 properties across Canada and the U.S., ranging from hotels in the heart of major cities to beachfront plantation-style cottages and properties high in the mountains, nestled at world-famous ski resorts.

Many of our hotels have special romance packages this month, each geared toward weekend getaways for couples. If you have a Coast Hotels in your backyard, choose from packages and perks including dining credits, a bottle of wine or Prosecco, chocolates, complimentary room upgrades, and much more. Whichever romantic hotel you ultimately choose, all of us at Coast Hotels wish you safe travels and a wonderful couples getaway filled with celebrating and reconnecting!

Looking for a romantic getaway for quality time together? Whether you’re celebrating your honeymoon, your 50th anniversary, or just wanting a weekend escape with your partner, Asheville is the place to be. And when it comes to travel planning in Asheville, we’ve got you covered!

Impress your honey without lifting a finger. We have plenty of helpful suggestions below, but we can actually make this romantic escape even easier for you!

Let us do the planning, you two just come to Asheville and enjoy a truly special getaway. Schedule a call with our concierge and we’ll take care of the rest.

Plan a Half-Day Romantic Retreat in Asheville

To inspire your couple’s escape to Asheville, we pulled together some of our favorite half-day wellness retreats for two.

Of course, you can mix and match any of our wellness tours! But these combinations work so well together, we wanted to show you how to pair your activities for that special romantic blend.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Detox, Retox Together

Enjoy Asheville’s best views from the mountaintops to the rooftops with a mix of self-care and indulgence on this perfect couples retreat. Start with an invigorating yoga hike in the morning and wind down with a leisurely rooftop bar tour (cocktails included!) to wrap up your day.

The sights are always better enjoyed with your significant other!!

How to plan a romantic getaway

Date Night Asheville-Style: Sunset on the Mountaintop

What’s more romantic than yoga and a mountaintop sunset shared with your love?! Book a private yoga hike and bring a bottle of bubbly to enjoy as the sun sets.

You’ll feel refreshed after the hike and guided yoga session, setting the scene for a picture-perfect sunset moment to share.

Your guide will be happy to snap a few pics during that sweet moment, too!

Get Playful: Goat Yoga in Asheville

Add some laughter and lighthearted fun into your couple’s getaway in Asheville. There’s nothing like frolicking with playful baby goats to invite pure joy into your time together.

Yoga with baby goats…it is just as ridiculous and amazing as it sounds. You can expect to grin, giggle, move, and flow alongside the sweetest little snuggly socialites while connecting more deeply with each other through a unique opportunity to anchor in the present moment alongside your love.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Cozy Celebrations for Special Moments

Marking a special occasion together? We’ll bring the relaxation to you! Make your celebration extra special with pampering in the comfort of your vacation rental. Book a private yoga class, followed by our mobile massage and you’ll feel utterly rejuvenated. For a fun conversation starter, add a private tarot reading for two!

All of these options can be booked individually, but you benefit from package discounts if you get in touch with us for more info! We can make sure you’re getting the best deal and enjoying the right experiences based on your travel style and preferences.

How to plan a romantic getaway

More Things to Do in Asheville on a Romantic Weekend Getaway

Still looking for ideas for a romantic weekend in Asheville? The easiest way to plan is to just get in touch so we can help you craft the perfect getaway without any of the planning stress or endless research. But here’s some more inspiration in case you want to keep planning on your own.

Which traveler type are you?

Forest Bathing

Taking a meditative stroll through the forest together helps awaken your senses and connect with nature and yourselves. The experience culminates with a lovely tea ceremony to share together.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Private Wine Tasting

One of our favorite romantic Asheville activities! Sips with a Sommelier is a private wine tasting experience at your home or vacation rental. We’ll bring the wine country to you!

You could certainly enjoy a winery tour from Asheville, but this Sips with a Somm is a little extra cozy and romantic for a couples getaway. Choose from a selection of all reds, all whites, or a combo of the two. You can also enjoy our popular Wine 101 (red, white, rose, bubbly).

How to plan a romantic getaway

Make Candles Together

There’s something a little extra romantic about making something together with your own hands. Take a candle-making class for two and then light those candles up when you get home.

Have Your Auras Read

Ever wonder what your partner’s aura looks like? Find out together! Get insights into your chakras and energy – it’s a special experience to share.

Asheville Salt Cave or Hammam Session

The Asheville Salt Cave is one of our top spas in Asheville – but it’s not just best for groups! The Salt Cave is perfect for a couple to experience a unique wellness activity together.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Romantic Picnic for Two

A picnic has to be one of the most wonderfully-cliche romantic experiences for a getaway weekend! We can help make that extra special. Don’t just go to the grocery store…make this picnic memorable with delightful treats and surprises.

If any of these ideas pique your interest, get in touch and we’ll happily help you book a perfect package! You save when you book more than one activity with Asheville Wellness Tours, so chat with us and we’ll get you set up with the best getaway deal possible.

Where to Stay in Asheville for a Romantic Getaway

Asheville has endless possibilities for places to stay, but not all accommodations feel like the perfect romantic retreat you might be seeking.

How to plan a romantic getaway

One hotel that absolutely fits the bill for a romantic escape is The Foundry. We love this space and its truly Asheville vibe! Luxury meets vintage with their exposed brick and sumptuous decor. For a special weekend getaway, this is one of our favorite spots to recommend in Asheville!

Another great couples spot to check out is the new Element Hotel in Downtown Asheville. Its views are incredible and definitely set the stage for special moments together.

Vacation rentals can sometimes be a little too much for a couples retreat. But Yonder NC has several options that are ideal for two. Some are downtown lofts while others offer an opportunity to enjoy a cozy cabin vibe away from the hustle and bustle.

Still need some help deciding where to stay? You might also like our guide on the best areas to stay in Asheville as you continue planning.

But wherever you decide to stay for your romantic getaway, we would love to help you make this the perfect experience. Tap into our local expertise and make your trip to Asheville unforgettable!

Looking for the best local insights and recommendations? We love sharing our hometown with visitors!

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Thinking of taking your sweetheart on a trip to remember? You won’t go wrong with either of these romantic vacation ideas.

From languorous beach getaways and sophisticated city breaks to crazy alpine escapades and wonderfully quirky stays in the middle of nowhere, here are our picks for the sexiest and most romantic travel experiences:

Play in a Treehouse

For romance in the wild, nothing can beat the stunning treehouses of Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa. Remote and luxurious, these bush bedrooms elevated on platforms invite guests to sleep under the stars and dine in complete privacy while being surrounded by some of the world’s most amazing wildlife.

Enjoy a Romantic Beach Dinner in Zanzibar

Floating in the Indian Ocean, just off the northern coast of Zanzibar, &Beyond Mnemba Island allows you to feast on succulent seafood at a private table for two on the beach. There’s nothing quite like being barefoot in the sand with the sea breeze blowing through your hair and the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore at sunset.

Sleep Under the Stars in Italy

When Condé Nast names a property the “Most Excellent Hotel Spa”, your expectations tend to be quite high. Well, L’Albereta – a superb 9th-century country villa near Italy’s Lake Iseo, exceeds them all with its flawless service, irresistible Italian charm, and poetic Cabriolet Suite, whose retractable roof opens up to the heavens, providing you and your love with a magnificent view of the stars above.

Go Glamping in Australia

Tucked away in the Cape Range National Park, near the stunning Ningaloo Reef, Sal Salis offers all the romance of glamping, plus fantastic snorkeling, fresh and delicious local food, as well as fantastic wilderness experiences. Nestled amidst sand dunes, the beautifully appointed tents come with outstanding views, handmade king-sized beds, hammocks, and ensuite bathrooms with eco-friendly toiletries.

Feel the Magic of the 1001 Nights in Marrakech

There’s something utterly sensual about staying in a Moroccan riad, and this traditionally designed bedroom at Riad Hikaya has all the ingredients for a magical couple’s escape – timeless handcrafted furnishings, precious jewel-toned fabrics, a dramatic copper bathtub, and a door that opens right onto the pool.

Soak Up the Romance of the Vineyards in a Wine Porto Hotel

If you want to treat your loved one to a romantic weekend away, look no further than The Yeatman Hotel in the beautiful Portuguese city of Porto. Michelin-starred cuisine and a fabulous Caudalie Vinothérapie Spa along with elegant wine-themed rooms fitted with spectacular baths, revolving beds, and private terraces overlooking the Douro River, will make your stay here unforgettable.

Bathe Under the African Sky in Botswana

Bathing alfresco on your private deck at Sanctuary Baines’ Camp is an experience not to be missed if you ever find yourself in Botswana. The luxurious suites on the edge of the Moremi Game Reserve have sprawling wooden decks complete with sky beds and lavish bathtubs – perfect for an indulgent soak under the stars.

Live the Balinese Dream in a Spectacular Javanese House

The chance to sleep in a glass-floored bedroom doesn’t come around too often, but when it does, make the most of it! Set above a fresh shrimp pond, the fascinating Udang House at Bambu Indah in Bali boasts an idyllic porch, a unique outdoor/indoor shower, and tempered glass floor panels that allow for outstanding underwater views.

Strip Away Your Inhibitions in a Wisconsin Glass House

If you want to impress your partner with something really extraordinary, invite her/him to share a cozy weekend together in a glass house surrounded by glorious nature. Anaway Place in southwest Wisconsin prides itself on several such amazing units.

Keep the Passion Alive in the Andalusian Countryside

The peace and tranquility of the Andalusian countryside coupled with the rustic charm of Trasierra will result in a once-in-a-lifetime getaway for two. Just looking at this bedroom brightens up your day and makes you feel relaxed.

Play Tarzan and Jane in a Jungle Treehouse

Leave the hustle of city life behind and head for the Balinese jungle to reconnect with nature and each other like never before. As for where to stay in Bali for such an experience, skip the five-star refuge for an eco bamboo structure like Aura House.

Nestled deep in the lush forest, yet only 25 mins away from Ubud, this fanciful treehouse-like hideaway boasts winding staircases, open-air living areas, and a private natural swimming pool. Pamper yourselves with petals baths, fall asleep on the soothing sound of the river, and wake up to a mesmerizing view of the rising sun, best enjoyed from the woven terrace wrapping around the property.

Live Like a King and Queen in a Venetian Palazzo

If you want to escape from the ordinary, take your special someone and go spend some time surrounded by the romance and grandeur of a bygone era at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani. Tucked away on the Venetian island of Giudecca, the majestic 15th-century palazzo welcomes its guests in splendid suites overlooking the lagoon or the beautiful St Mark’s Square.

Spend the Night in a European Ice Hotel

Whether you opt for the majestic Alps or the peace of the Pyrenees, European igloo villages offer a range of romantic packages that include accommodation in artfully designed ice suites, delicious fondue dinners, whirlpool, sauna, and much more. With six different locations across the continent, Iglu Dorf is a safe bet if you want to treat your loved one to a special gift.

Immerse Yourself in Rustic Romance in Hungary

Hungary may not be the first destination that comes to mind when looking for the perfect love nest for two, but Józsi’s Cottage – a delightfully romantic vineyard retreat on the edge of Vértes National Park, proves the contrary. Expect cozy, rustic interiors, flickering fireplaces, picturesque countryside views, and relaxed alfresco meals on your private terrace.

Sweeten Your Parisian Break with Morning Kisses by the Eiffel Tower

A romantic break in the City of Love is a dream come true for any enamored couple. And the stylish Terrass Hotel in bohemian Montmartre has not just graciously decorated rooms, but also some of the best views in town.

Let us help with the planning so you can enjoy!

No matter the occasion, it’s always the perfect time to enjoy a romantic getaway near Philadelphia, even if it’s just for the weekend. Although short trips are always fun, we know sometimes planning a romantic occasion can be an event in itself, so we’ve created a romance itinerary for your stay at our quaint PA bed and breakfast. Perfect for rekindling your love over the weekend.

Lovers Weekend Itinerary

Friday – Garden Romance and Gorgeous Rooms

How to plan a romantic getaway

  • Before checking into your cozy West Chester, PA lodging, swing by the Inn early and pick up tickets to Longwood Gardens, just a five-minute drive from the inn. The tickets we have on property are the same price as the gardens but untimed, allowing couples to enter the gardens at their leisure. This includes coming and going during the day and returning at night for the colorful fountain show.
  • After a romantic stroll through the gardens, guests can come back to check into their desired room and relax there or head to the tennis court gazebo to enjoy a savory Whitewing Charcuterie.
  • While you’re waiting to see the Longwood fountain show, we encourage guests to make reservations at the famous 1906 fine dining restaurant, located at Longwood Gardens, for dinner. We recommend trying their seasonal bouillabaisse and lavender honey cheesecake.
  • After a romantic day bouncing between the gardens and our inn, you can come back to wind down for the night and enjoy our delicious cookies and milk enhancement. The perfect way to end your first day in Brandywine Valley.

Saturday – Exploring and Fine Dining

How to plan a romantic getaway

  • Wake up to enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by our in-house chef in our fully restored 1796 hay barn. You can sample a wide variety of goodies or start the day off with a 3-course meal to keep you fueled for your daily activities.
  • After a savory breakfast, head south to explore the stunning Du Pont Estates! Known as Delaware’s most exclusive region and for generations the home of the DuPont family and its grand mansions.
  • While you’re there we highly recommend stopping at Nemours Mansion and Gardens, as it sets the stage for rare 18th-century French history, architecture, and design.
  • After a morning taking in the picturesque scenery, you and your loved one can enjoy an elegant and casual lunch at Pizza by Elizabeths. They offer a number of gourmet food options, including healthy pizzas and salads.
  • Visit Winterthur and the anticipated “Costuming The Crown” event which features the glamorous costumes used in the popular television drama, The Crown. The show depicts and dramatizes the history of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • After a day of exploring, come back to the inn and relax by our luxe pool.
  • For the evening, book our private dinner for two! This incredible meal starts with delicious handmade hors d’oeuvres, followed by a crisp salad, inspiring entrée and of course, dessert! All aspects of this meal feature locally sourced produce and ingredients. Dinner can be served in some of our guest rooms or suites, outdoor spaces featuring the pond or pool patio, gazebo by the tennis court or in our very own wine cellar.
  • After dinner, finish the night with champagne toasts and a celebration cake with your loved one. There’s no better way to spend your last night in romance paradise.

Sunday – Breakfast and Sightseeing

How to plan a romantic getaway

  • After morning snuggles, head to the barn for a tasty breakfast. Our chef makes the best lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes and french toast soufflé.
  • To work off breakfast you and your partner can squeeze in a quick game of tennis before you check out. Nothing wrong with some friendly competition!
  • On your way out of town, make sure to stop and visit the Brandywine River Museum and tour N.C. Wyeth’s studio or add one of many Pennsylvania sightseeing spots to your list, like Hangley Museum. The best way to make the most of your last day!

Extra Romance

How to plan a romantic getaway

All guests have the option to choose from 10 rooms, all including A/C, cable, televisions, and plush bedding, great for spending a night in or snuggling in the morning! If you are celebrating an anniversary or want to make your trip extra special, consider adding on some wonderful enhancements, like a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, or take advantage of one of our Pennsylvania getaway packages. Guaranteed to make your weekend getaways from Philadelphia everything you imagined and more!

When you stay at our Brandywine Valley Bed and Breakfast you and your loved one can experience luxury accommodations and amenities, along with taking advantage of everything Pennsylvania has to offer when you plan your romantic getaway with us. There is nothing better than a well-planned romantic getaway to reignite the love you and your partner have. We can’t wait to help you celebrate!

With all the stress at work and home, it is just proper for you and your spouse to take some time to relax and unwind. When was the last time you took some time off and indulged in a place to soothe your minds and bodies? Whether it’s been recent or has been a while, you both deserve to enjoy a lovely trip together!

If you’re still hesitant to book a getaway today, then this list will surely motivate you to do so.

1. Getaways are a chance to show your romantic sides

Just imagine how a getaway can be a perfect opportunity to be alone with your spouse–no work, no household chores, no deadlines, and no kids running around! You can forget all the stress in the meantime as you enjoy your getaway together. It’s the chance to bring back the romance and the ambiance when you had your first honeymoon.

2. Getaways are like amazing mega-dates

Regular dates can be memorable. But on a getaway, you can do a lot and more. You can go hiking, take an art class, enjoy learning dish gardening, shop for clothes, enjoy local cuisines, watch a game, and indulge in a hot tub. A getaway will be a great opportunity to nurture your marriage and companionship.

3. Getaways creates a stronger bond and friendship as husband and wife

Since you’re enjoying a getaway less the usual stress at home and work, both of you can finally enjoy fun things together all day, every day, with no hassles at all. It’s the perfect time to play, work out, joke, laugh, discover new things, and plan your dreams together. You can strengthen the friendship that you have as a couple.

4. Getaways provide you space and time for intimacy

A happy sex life can create a more exciting togetherness. We don’t need to explain much more, right?

5. Getaways give you a chance to discuss your future more

During a getaway, you can share thoughts about your dreams, goals, adventures, struggles, and plans for the future. Ask questions and listen to each other’s ideas, just like when you were dating.

6. Getaways provide you a break from the usual tiring routines

You and your spouse should always have something to look forward to. What makes you both excited? You should choose a place and time to relax in bed and enjoy the quiet moments. It is the time to feel how comfortable it is to indulge in a getaway far from the usual exhausting routines.

7. Getaways offer you the time to recharge

There is something refreshing when it comes to getting away from the common stress you experience. You both need to unplug a bit. Avoid using your phones and other gadgets too often to enjoy the getaway better.

8. Getaways aid in creating happy memories

Every marriage needs to invest time and effort. Getaways are an effective way to boost marital self-esteem. Take advantage of the opportunity to create memorable moments. Take a lot of pictures and videos. Write in a journal about the getaway experience. You can always go back to these photos, videos, and journals.

9. Getaways offer you a chance for incredible adventures

Plan and book your getaways together as wife and husband. Ask each other about your preferences when it comes to the next place you will visit. Make sure that it’s an adventure to be enjoyed together. It should be a great place where you can both unleash the adventurous side of each other.

10. Getaways will definitely help you fall in love all over again

This is the sweetest reason why you should have a getaway. With an inviting place and a relaxing mood, you can enjoy the moments together with your spouse, be it a chance to start over again or reminisce about your love and commitment. This will also provide the time to show your affection and love while enjoying the intimate moments.


Definitely, a romantic getaway is what you and your spouse need to improve your relationship. Ensure that you’ll choose an ideal place to make your getaway more worthwhile.

Whether you’re looking for a spectacular haven or a romantic escape for a getaway in Thailand, The Yama Hotel Phuket, a Kata beach hotel, is the perfect place for you. Contact us today, make a reservation, and explore the paradise we can offer.

Connecticut, an easy drive from New York and many parts of New England, is the perfect destination for a romantic weekend getaway of luxury and intimacy for couples. Cozy inns and bed and breakfasts are dotted throughout the countryside; hotels in Fairfield County and urban centers like Hartford, New Haven, and other cities provide sophisticated services like in-room hot tub. Plan a couple’s visit to a spa for a healthful massage or other treatments. Couples also can enjoy the variety of activities at a resort, with plenty of activities and entertainments on the property. The Mystic region has the world-famous Foxwood and Mohegan Sun casinos. Romantic dining can be found in every corner. Who knows? You might start talking about planning a wedding!

How to plan a romantic getaway

How to plan a romantic getaway

Interlaken Inn

74 Interlaken Road (Route 112) Lakeville, CT, 06039 Phone: 860-435-9878 Toll-Free: 800-222-2909

Sweet suite options ensure a truly romantic getaway at this charming lakeside resort

How to plan a romantic getaway

Stanton House Inn

76 Maple Avenue Greenwich, CT, 06830 Phone: 203-869-2110

Year-round romance is in the Greenwich air at this elegant inn with all the amenities

How to plan a romantic getaway

Steamboat Inn

73 Steamboat Wharf Mystic, CT, 06355 Phone: 860-536-8300

A recipe for romance at cozy waterfront inn

How to plan a romantic getaway

Saybrook Point Resort & Marina

Two Bridge Street Old Saybrook, CT, 06475 Phone: 860-395-2000 Toll-Free: 800-243-0212

Romantic resort’s amenities, waterfront atmosphere make it a perfect couples getaway


How to plan a romantic getaway

Many say that the best experiences are shared with others—especially if it’s your significant other. Take a break from the daily routines of life and embark on a romantic getaway in Maggie Valley. During the winter, our charming mountain town can keep the flame burning. Whether you’re newly in love or celebrating an anniversary, consider us as your next dreamy destination.


What’s a great getaway without delicious dining? No matter what your taste, we’ve got a diverse list of enticing eateries to try right along Soco Road. Enjoy traditional Italian at Frankie’s Trattoria or a family-friendly all-American joint like Brickhouse Burgers & Pizza. Other favorites are Pop’s Butts on the Creek, Rendezvous, and J. Arthur’s. If you’re a breakfast lover, try out well-known establishments like Joey’s Pancake House, Carver’s Maggie Valley Restaurant, Pop’s, or Country Vittles. This is just a sampling of the many delicious places to eat when visiting.

2). Shareable Spirits

Wine and spirits often coincide with a romantic getaway. Forgot to bring some champagne or a bottle of wine to celebrate? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Maggie Valley is home to two independent wine stores: Soco Wine Market of Maggie Valley and B&C Winery. Both offer a unique selection and appeal to wine enthusiasts of every sort. If you’re more of a “spirited” person, you can’t leave the Valley without visiting the popular local hot spot, Elevated Mountain Distillery. Owner Dave Angel and his crew are ready to give you a tour and serve a sampling of house-made spirits or a crafted cocktail. They offer a full bar to enjoy as well!


What’s a romantic trip without a cozy cabin to call home for the weekend? After a busy day of exploring, you’ll need a nice, relaxing place to rest in the evenings. Maggie Valley offers a plethora of cabin choices for parties of all sizes. The perks of renting a cabin: you can cook your own meals and possibly enjoy lounging next to a warm fireplace. Even a deck with a hot tub or balcony can be enjoyed during the winter months. The scenery in Maggie Valley is beautiful year-round. Check out our offerings to find your perfect stay.


Enjoy the serenity of Maggie while being close to many other romantic destinations like Waynesville, Lake Junaluska, Cherokee, and Asheville. If you’re planning an extended stay, day trips may be on your agenda. Western North Carolina has so many gems to explore. Spend a day at the Biltmore House or shopping and sightseeing in downtown Asheville. Stroll along Main Street in Waynesville or test your luck at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. For a more relaxing outing, take a scenic walk around the beautiful Lake Junaluska. A stay in Maggie Valley means all your favorite Western North Carolina attractions are just a stone’s throw away.


Today’s world can be overstimulating. With phones, the internet, and the option to binge watch Netflix, it can feel impossible to disconnect. However, if you’re determined to make it happen, it could make your next romantic getaway the best yet. Maggie Valley is the perfect place to unplug and unwind with the love of your live. Once you check into your cabin and unpack, allow yourself time to take in the beauty and excitement of your surroundings.

We love to see visitors year after year visit us to celebrate with their loved ones. Oftentimes, a visit to Maggie Valley becomes an annual tradition. Start planning your romantic getaway early and save yourself some stress. When you visit, be sure to tag us in your photos with #MaggieValley or @VisitNCSmokies as you explore all we have to offer. We hope to see you soon!

Depending on who you ask, locals will either tell you that Bardstown, is The Bourbon Capital of the World®, or the most beautiful small town in America. But really, it’s both!

With a quaint Main Street area that’s surrounded by the picturesque Bluegrass countryside (and plenty of hospitality hot spots to sip your favorite whiskey in between), Bardstown, Kentucky is earning another reputation – one for being the perfect place to plan a blissful, romantic weekend getaway.

Visit Bardstown with your special someone this spring and stroll the historic streets hand in hand. Take a Bourbon mixology class to learn how to craft inventive new cocktails and impress your friends back home. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of your everyday living, and watch the sun go down from the front porch swing of your favorite B&B.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just practicing your love language, a romantic weekend getaway in Bardstown, Kentucky is just what the doctor of love ordered.

Where to Stay

Every romantic weekend starts with finding a great place to snuggle up at night. Luckily, Bardstown is filled with tons of remarkable properties that have been renovated into cozy, yet luxurious places to lay your head and refuel your heart. Get the most out of an authentic Bluegrass experience by booking a room at the Bourbon Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn. It’s the first Bourbon-themed B&B in the country, and boasts having the perfect blend of romance and relaxation. Each luxurious room is named after a classic Kentucky cocktail (like the Mint Julep room!) and has been furnished with gorgeous antiques, plush bedding, and a large Jacuzzi to soak away your everyday stress.

Wake up each morning feeling refreshed from a great night’s sleep and indulge in complementary country breakfasts by a crackling fire. Or book your stay in the heart of downtown Bardstown at the Maxwell Inn Bed & Breakfast. This adorable little B&B is just blocks away from tons of shopping and cool places to eat and drink. Plus, the Maxwell Inn offers two bedrooms per booking in a single-family house, meaning you can have the whole place to yourself, or consider inviting another couple to share in the fun of your romantic weekend. Lounge in peace on the private patio or reenergize in the cozy sitting room – either way, you’ll be picture perfect in lovely little surroundings.

The Red Rose Inn, also located just a few blocks from Bardstown’s historic downtown, is another hot spot for folks planning flirtatious weekend getaways. Surround yourself with Victorian architecture and the divine comforts of garden-themed rooms. Take relaxing strolls through the flower garden at sunset, but don’t wait until it’s too dark or you’ll miss the incredible koi pond! If you’re looking for a dose of Southern hospitality a bit further away from town, book your romantic getaway at the Historic Eagle Hill Manor. Enjoy heartfelt appreciation for your stay when innkeepers greet you with fresh cookies and homemade lemonade at check-in. Experience all the charm of small-town America in this beautifully restored Victorian-style manor, and don’t forget to spend some time relaxing on the front porch swing.

Where to Indulge in a Romantic Meal

A post shared by Star Hill Provisions (@starhillprovisions) on Jul 11, 2017 at 6:28pm PDT

Bardstown also has a lot of romantic dining venues, so you’ll be in good hands no matter where you make reservations. One fantastic option that should top your list is Kreso’s Restaurant. This delightfully delicious eatery is run by an adorable Bosnian couple who are well known for whipping up perfectly prepared seasonal cuisine. Kreso’s Restaurant is also well known by architectural enthusiasts for serving its patrons in a renovated, historic theatre marquee (hello, Instagram moment!), whose new decorations feature the couple’s personal art collection.

Another great option for rekindling romance over food and drink is Rickhouse Restaurant and Lounge where you and your partner can cozy up over candlelight with incredible handcrafted Bourbon cocktails. Try the steak linguini or a thick-cut pork chop for an unbeatable, savory meal. And if you have any room leftover, be sure to try the chocolate Bourbon bread pudding for dessert – it’s to die for!

If your honey is looking for dinner with a side of Kentucky experiences, make reservations to ride My Old Kentucky Dinner Train. Enjoy an utterly romantic (and scrumptious) meal that features breathtaking views of the gorgeous Kentucky countryside, the best in world-class Bourbon, and mouthwatering desserts.

Bond Over Bourbon… and Gifts!

In between all the resting and rejuvenating (…and stellar eating and drinking), you may find yourself hungry for some daytime activity during your visit to Bardstown too.

Get in sync with your partner and the heartbeat of Bourbon Country by taking the Bourbon University mixology class at Kentucky Bourbon House. You’ll explore Bourbon history along with the distilling process, and get the exclusive opportunity to taste 14 premium Bourbons, ryes, craft and small batch options, single barrel recipes, and even a few white dogs during your classroom session. It also features a Kentucky-style lunch to help soak up some of that beautiful brown nectar, so that at the end the experience, you’ll be shaking, muddling, and mixing like a pro!

Weekend lovebirds can also choose to celebrate the storied origins of Kentucky’s signature spirit by touring one or more of Bardstown’s six distilleries. After all, no vacation in the state of Kentucky is complete until you’ve had a drink in the birthplace of Bourbon.

If your sweetheart isn’t much of a drinker, you can always create an unforgettable experience with gifts! From antiques and collectibles at Nettie Jarvis Antiques—where they specialize in 18th and 19th century Southern furniture, clocks, porcelain, quilts, folk art, primitives, and coin silver—to high end fashion clothing and statement jewelry at Peacock on 3rd, or the best in fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, and more at the famous Bardstown Farmers Market, there is a shopping destination for every kind of couple to enjoy!

So, whether you’re planning your honeymoon or just looking for some love inspiration, consider visiting Bardstown next time you need ideas for a loving weekend getaway. The town may be small, but there’s no shortage of romantic experiences to check out!

Click HERE for even more ideas of things to do on your next trip to The Bourbon Capital of the World.

Featured image provided by Vimarc / G. Clay Whittaker

How to plan a romantic getaway

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to plan a romantic getaway with your partner. Good idea! But how do you make sure it’ll be a boost for your relationship and isn’t just any old trip? Here are some tips:

1. Make a list of places you’ve both always want to go

Crucial with planning a romantic getaway is making sure you’ll be doing things you both love in a place you both like. If one of you is just following the other around or getting bored, it’ll affect the ambiance, which will likely lead to arguments.

Besides, it’s so much more fun if you’re able to check something off of your bucket list together! You could even plan to visit one of the destinations on the list for the years to come. The best thing is, a list like this is never completed. You’ll always find new places that you’ll want to explore.

2. Discuss your favorite means of transportation

Maybe one of you gets carsick and the other is scared of flying. In that case, the train would be the way to go. Of course, transportation isn’t always an issue, but it’s better to make sure you both arrive at your destination in a good mood and not feeling ill or stressed.

With some trips you can’t avoid taking a plane or hiring a car, but when you’re planning a Valentine’s getaway you both should feel at your best all the time, right? So, as with everything else while planning this trip, it’s important to find a middle ground.

3. Agree on the accommodations

Choosing where to stay always depends on several factors like location, price, how much space you need, and so on. When planning a couple’s trip, though, there’s something else that comes to play: the romance factor. Snuggling in a dorm room or enjoying a breakfast buffet at your rental apartment? Not ideal. Figure out what you need to have a romantic stay and what you can do without.

4. Decide on the budget together

This one is crucial. Money is usually the number one thing couples argue about, and you don’t want that to happen on your Valentine’s break, now do you? That’s why it’s important to agree on a budget for the trip before you start booking everything. That way you won’t be looking at hotels that are too expensive or avoiding nice restaurants because you think your partner wants to travel on a budget.

5. Book it

You’ve decided where you want to go, how you’ll get there, where you’ll be staying, and what you’re willing to spend. All that’s left to do now is book the trip. Once that’s done you can both start looking forward to it!

Take your significant other on one of these top romantic getaways from L.A. for some quality one-on-one time.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Looking to book a trip for two? You don’t have to go far for some fun quality time with your significant other. From the best beaches to the mountains, Southern California is ripe for romantic getaways. So whether you’re in the middle of wedding planning or you’re still feeling that high from your first date (though, maybe slow down a little before you start planning a vacay together), grab the cutie in your life and head to one of these romantic destinations.

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Top romantic getaways from L.A.

How to plan a romantic getaway

1. Temecula

Temecula tops this list because it’s the only place with pretty much all the romantic gestures. How many destinations boast hot air balloon and carriage rides, horseback riding through wineries, wine tasting—the list goes on. Cheesy? Maybe. Romantic? Definitely. And if none of that is up your alley, simply stay at one of the many beautiful hotels, be it a winery hotel or a small bed and breakfast, and soak in the beautiful views with the one you love.

How to plan a romantic getaway

2. Ojai

Ojai is home to one of the most romantic restaurants in America—no, really, the Ranch House has landed on a nationwide list from OpenTable. And the lush, garden-like atmosphere is the cherry on top of a delicious menu. But that’s not the only reason Ojai is such a great a romantic destination. Small hotels like the Hummingbird Inn make for lovely stays for couples. Take a hike, have a spa day, walk through an orange grove or go wine tasting—whatever you choose, Ojai is ripe for romance.

How to plan a romantic getaway

3. Big Sur

The six-hour drive up Southern California’s beautiful coast to Big Sur is magnificent in its own right, but once you get to your destination, the romance amps up. Completely unplug and stay in a cliffside yurt at Treebones Resort, or rough it even more at one of the many beaufitul campgrounds in the area—we recommend Kirk Creek Campground. Take a day trip up to Carmel or stick around and take a very late-night soak at the oceanside Esalen Institute (their hot spring baths used to be open to the public from 1–3am with a reservation, but that’s been temporarily suspended) or embark on one of many hikes with beautiful outlooks featuring a view of the entire coastline.

How to plan a romantic getaway

4. Palm Springs

Jetsetting houses with pools, fire-lit patios, palm-tree–lined scenery: Palm Springs is a primo destination for a bit of desert romance. Stick to an Airbnb for the most privacy, though among the area hotels, Korakia Pensione is particularly romantic. Make sure to ride the gondola up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway while you’re there, and consider taking the hour-or-so trek to Joshua Tree (particularly for some nighttime stargazing).

How to plan a romantic getaway

5. Santa Barbara

Spanish architecture, world-class restaurants, beautiful beaches—what more could you want? Santa Barbara can be as romantic as you want to make it—and as expensive. Stay on State Street at Hotel Santa Barbara, on the beach at a swanky resort hotel or a hidden ranch in the foothills. Go wine tasting at one of the many wineries or tasting rooms in the area, rent bikes on the beach, go to the zoo or just take in the beautiful views. Whatever you do, your significant other is sure to swoon.

How to plan a romantic getaway

6. Rancho Palos Verdes

Sure, it’s technically more of a staycation. But when we say that Rancho Palos Verdes is a top romantic getaway, we really have one particular place in mind: Terranea. Situated on an oceanside bluff, the picturesque resort is an oceanfront utopia of relaxation and resort life—it boasts a nine-hole golf course, spa, four pools (including an adult-only one), and eight restaurants. Take a romantic stroll along the bluffs and there’s a good chance you’ll see a whale or two in the distance. Accommodations range from typical rooms and suites to larger, more luxurious bungalows, casitas and villas.

How to plan a romantic getaway

7. Big Bear

If your idea of romance is cuddling up by a fire in cabin in the woods as the snow falls outside, Big Bear is your closest bet. If you’re looking to rent a cabin, you can try Airbnb or local vacation rental businesses like Big Bear Cabins. If you’re looking for activities to do, hit the slopes (depending what time of year you go) or throw on your hiking shoes. There’s also horseback riding and a myriad of lake activities in the spring, summer and fall.

How to plan a romantic getaway

8. Catalina Island

What’s more romantic than heading off to a secluded island? Okay, Catalina may not exactly be an exclusive oasis in the Pacific, but the island has romance written all over its undeveloped hillsides and rugged shoreline. With ocean-view hikes, kayaking, camping and plenty of bed and breakfasts, Catalina is the closest island getaway possible, and (for now) relatively affordable, too.

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Jamaica is the perfect place to spark romance and with so many options, the possibilities for creating spectacular memories are endless. So what might the perfect romantic five-day vacation in Jamaica look like? Let us help you plan the most memorable experience for you and your sweetheart with our list of the best romantic things to do in Jamaica.

Day 1

Start off in Montego Bay. After a day of travel and hotel check-in, enjoy a relaxing evening on a houseboat serving up gourmet meals. Houseboat Grill is moored in the Montego Bay Fish Sanctuary and offers a unique and eclectic ambiance for an enchanting dining experience.

Then make your way to your hotel bar or out to Pier 1 or Margaritaville for a strong Jamaican cocktail and some groovy reggae tunes. Dance the night away under the stars with your loved one nestled in your arms.

Day 2

Awake to the aroma of our bold Blue Mountain coffee and a full Jamaican breakfast spread whether at your hotel or at a Jamaican cafe such as Pelican Grill. On day two, you might want to head out and experience bamboo rafting on the Martha Brae River, where you’ll slowly meander through the breathtaking rainforest on rustic rafts with a storied and experienced guide.

Then, make a courtesy call to Annie Palmer, the White Witch of Rose Hall with a tour of the Rose Hall Great House. Do the night tour if you’re bravely keen to catch Annie gliding through the halls.

Laying out on the beach is always an option too. For a local vibe, visit Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay or make a trip to Long Bay Beach Park in Negril, about an hour-and-a-half drive away.

Day 3

Go off for an adventure today to climb the famous Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios, less than two hours away. Or perhaps visit Konoko Falls, also in Ocho Rios, or go a little further out to YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, both a little more secluded and off the beaten path. If you make it all the way out to YS Falls on the South Coast of Jamaica, about two hours away, then book a boat ride out to Pelican Bar for a cool icy Red Stripe Beer. It’s the coolest bar in the world.

Complete your South Coast trip with a stop at Lover’s Leap to hear the enduring story of the Jamaican Romeo and Juliet and take a few photos atop the jarring, but spectacular seaside cliff. Make sure to stop in Middle Quarters to grab a bite of pepper shrimp, famous street food from that side of town.

Book a spa date at your hotel for your return after a day of adventure. A couple’s massage is the perfect way to prepare for a candlelit dinner on the beach or a sunset sail on a catamaran cruise.

Day 4

For the final leg of your romantic getaway in Jamaica, shift your homebase to Kingston where you can get a taste of the capital city. Immerse yourself in the culture of Jamaica with a visit to the Bob Marley Museum or the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston. Then take a food tour through the city or visit Port Royal for a slice of 17th-century history.

Finish the day with a few moves on the dancefloor at a street dance or a swanky Jamaican nightclub surrounded by the best DJs, dancers, vibe, and cocktails.

Day 5

Indulge in a little shopping to take back a piece of Jamaica with you before heading out to catch your flight. There’s plenty of shopping in Kingston to grab authentic handcrafted clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs. There, you can also pick up things like Jamaican jerk sauce, marinades, pepper sauce, jams, jellies, dominoes, kitchenware, and lots of quirky Jamaican gift items.

Inside the duty-free shops in Kingston and Montego Bay, you will find fine jewelry, perfumes, accessories, and deluxe Jamaican alcohol.

Mix and match your Jamaican itinerary to suit your preferences as a couple. That may include more adventure days, more cultural experiences, or more days of fine dining and relaxation. Jamaica’s the perfect place to take your love to new heights as you fall deeper for each other in paradise.

With busy schedules and commitments, it is very easy for couples to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of work and other responsibilities. But sometimes the chore list will just have to wait! Spending quality time with your significant other is important and what better way to escape the hustle and bustle than with a relaxing and romantic Loudoun getaway!

A Chocolate Affair – Wines, Brews & Restaurants

With surprising varietals and bold red blends, a trip through wine country will not disappoint. Loudoun is home to more than 40 wineries and tasting rooms, making it the perfect destination for an exciting wine journey. With over 30 independent craft breweries, Loudoun provides beer lovers with exceptional selections ranging from hoppy and floral IPAs to smooth and smoky stouts. Our passionate and inventive brewers and winemakers are not afraid to experiment with flavor combinations to make sure every visit is a unique one. Indulge in a wine and chocolate pairing or sip on a chocolate stout while enjoying the company of your loved one. For an exclusive chocolate experience, The Conche offers sweet and savory cocoa-based dishes and handcrafted chocolate cocktails, confections and desserts, infused with local beer and spirits. The open kitchen allows you to view the restaurant’s chocolate lab for a dining experience you won’t forget!

How to plan a romantic getaway

Adventures for Active Couples

Loudoun offers active couples plenty of options for outdoor adventure. Whether it’s hiking, biking, kayaking, river rafting or zip-lining, there is something for everyone to try! Enjoy the fresh mountain air and panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains while hiking and biking one of Loudoun’s countless trails. The large variety of options allow visitors to plan their own customized hikes based on skill-level and desired location. Red Rock Wilderness Overlook and Algonkian Regional Park offer great views of the Potomac River. With 45 miles of paved track, the Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W&OD) is a perfect route for cyclists or runners. Many breweries from the LoCo Ale Trail serve as great pit stops along the trail to stop and recharge. For a more unique exploration, take a zip trip! Discover Loudoun through the treetops at Middleburg’s Empower Adventures where experienced guides lead you through the 20-acre course of lush forest.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Charming Bed & Breakfasts

With miles of scenic views, Loudoun’s bed and breakfast properties are the perfect place to unwind and relax. Stay in a beautifully resorted historical inn or a luxurious stone cottage. Explore the rural acres of farmland with accommodations in rustic barns or vintage estates. The calming atmospheres transport you back to a simpler time where you can relax and appreciate the gorgeous landscape Loudoun provides. Plan your getaway to stay near the local wineries, breweries and elegant shops and restaurants to ensure all your travel needs are met. With more than 30 bed and breakfasts to choose from, the hospitality of the county is sure to make your stay unforgettable.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Horse Country

Loudoun County was once known as the horse and hunt capital of Virginia; a place where Jackie Kennedy spent countless hours riding horses along the trails. Immerse yourself in the full equestrian experience at Salamander Resort & Spa. Take a horseback ride through the trails or just visit the horses in the stables. After, travel into historic Middleburg and visit the National Sporting Library and Museum. This hidden gem is a library, research facility and art museum with more than 26,000 books and equestrian-themed works of art.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Resorts & Spas

What better way to enjoy a romantic getaway than to renew your mind, body and soul at a luxurious spa. Visit Lansdowne Resort & Spa where you and your loved one can experience the benefits of the new Respiratory Detox Body Ritual. Or, visit Salamander Resort and Spa where you can relax by booking a unique seasonal treatment or favorites like the Citrus Drench Wrap.

Spending quality time with your significant other is important for keeping your relationship strong and healthy. If you both have hectic work schedules and try to balance family life, that probably leaves you with little time to spend with each other. Planning a romantic getaway could be the solution to helping you reconnect with your partner. Use these three tips to get started.

Choose a Destination

Selecting a destination is the first step in planning a romantic getaway. You don’t have to travel far from home if your budget is tight, but you do need to choose a place where you can focus on your partner instead of your daily routine. Once you have decided on an area you want to visit, you can start looking for lodging. If you prefer not to stay in a hotel room, there are many alternative types of lodging. Look into Beavers bend couples cabins or consider booking an Airbnb.

Set a Budget for Meals

It’s important to set a budget for your trip so that you don’t overextend your wallet. Your lodging probably takes up a significant portion of your getaway budget, but you still need to leave room for food. If you want to focus more on spending time with each other and save some money, you can choose to bring food to cook at your place of lodging. If you don’t want to hassle with cooking and cleaning up, you can budget carefully so that you can afford to eat out for every meal.

Book Activities You Both Enjoy

The point of a romantic getaway is for you and your significant other to spend quality time together. You want to take advantage of various activities to stay entertained on your trip. It’s important to take both of your preferences into consideration and choose attractions that you will both enjoy. If you can’t decide on things to do on your trip, see you could compromise and each select an attraction to visit. The most important thing to remember is that the getaway should be enjoyable for both of you.

Going on a romantic trip with your partner should be something you enjoy. Don’t stress about having to plan it. If you use these three tips, you can plan a romantic getaway that will help you connect with your partner. A successful vacation alone can help strengthen your relationship for when you return to your normal routine.

Did the summer pass you by without a relaxing vacation for you and your significant other? If so, then it may be time to finally plan that romantic getaway weekend this fall! But where do you start? When planning a romantic getaway near Atlanta, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that you and your sweetheart have a trip to remember. Here’s a quick guide to help you plan the perfect romantic vacation at Callaway Resort and Gardens!

Find the Right Couples’ Package

Some people have learned to stay away from couples’ vacation packages, and for good reason. It’s not uncommon for these types of deals to be far too cookie cutter. The problem with these packages is that they don’t cater to the individuality of different couples. However, Callaway Resort and Gardens is different. We have a variety of amazing couples’ packages that are tailored to different types of personalities so that every couple can find their perfect fit.

You and your partner might select a deluxe romantic package that includes champagne, charcuterie boards, and only the best seating at the most exquisite restaurants. Or how about a beach day package that includes breakfast and a cozy setup of umbrellas and lounge chairs to spend a relaxing afternoon on the water? Maybe you’ve both been working hard and could use some pampering at the spa. There’s a package for that too! Enjoy a 50-minute couples’ massage and let the stress fall from both of your shoulders. Enjoy VIP access to the steam room, saunas, and whirlpool spas. Find the right couples’ package that specifically caters to you and your partner.

Plan Some Activities

While some couples enjoy lounging throughout the weekend without lifting a finger, other couples like to take advantage of the many recreational activities available at Callaway Resort and Gardens. You can enjoy a long stroll or bike ride through our nature trails or various gardens. There are tennis courts for couples who like a little competition while they’re on vacation. You can meet other couples and go for a group round of golf on our beautiful courses. If you’re up for a little adventure, you can even try zip lining! There are endless amounts of recreational activities to try. Check out our event calendar — you may be arriving just in time for an outdoor concert, a wine tasting, or a special dining event.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Tell Our Staff What You’re Celebrating

Always notify the staff if you’re celebrating something special! Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, or a special achievement, we will make sure your trip is memorable. Would you like fresh flowers waiting for your sweetheart upon arrival or surprise birthday cake after dinner? Do you have a fun idea that you need our help with? Don’t hesitate to tell us about your special celebration!

Summer isn’t the only season for retreat and relaxation. As the leaves change colors and the heat lets up, romance is in the air. Are you and your darling ready to treat yourselves? Call us at Callaway Resort and Gardens today to plan your romantic getaway.

It doesn’t matter if the calendar says September or February, couples-only getaways are always in season in Branson. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, honeymoon or just the fun of being together, Branson has great couples-friendly activities that will make your trip extra special.

How to plan a romantic getaway

With exciting options that allow you and your significant other to get out and join the crowd to spots where you can steal away for quiet time, Branson makes perfect sense when it’s time for just the two of you.

Choosing exactly what to see and do, of course, depends on your style, but there are several Branson attractions and experiences that should be high on your priority list.

Patio Dining at Branson Landing

Several of the Landing’s restaurants offer fabulous views of Lake Taneycomo!

Cantina Laredo

Do you crave exciting and fresh tastes? Cantina Laredo serves up delicious meals and perfectly mixed drinks—all with great views of the Landing’s fountain show.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Ramata Italian

A new addition to the Branson Landing, Ramata Italian features a sleek and modern atmosphere—perfect for a quiet evening together. With views overlooking Lake Taneycomo, Ramata is a must for your romantic getaway together.

Landshark Bar & Grill

Located in perfect sight of the Landing’s fountain show, the Margaritaville extension, LandShark Bar & Grill, is a great place to enjoy your dinner with a view!

Couples Spa and Massage

Spa Chateau

Stay at Chateau on the Lake Resort or stop by for some pampering at Spa Chateau, where a candlelit suite is available for couples who enjoy shared massage time. Before or after your massage, take time to appreciate the stunning views of Table Rock Lake.

Cedar Creek Spa at Big Cedar Lodge

For a luxurious day of relaxation together, make reservations at Cedar Creek Spa, located at beautiful Big Cedar Lodge. After your massage and pampering treatments are over, spend some time in the underground grotto pool!

How to plan a romantic getaway

Wine Tasting

Do you prefer to fill your glass with a red or a white? Find out more about the art of wine tasting and pairing wine with food when you and your special someone enroll in the Wine 101 Class at Mount Pleasant Estates. It’s $15 per person; the shared smiles are complimentary.

Bars and Nightlife

Bat Bar

One of the highlights of the Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail tour at Top of the Rock is a stop in the namesake cave, where the Bat Bar serves up drinks for tour-goers. Toast your significant other and then hop back in your golf cart to take in the stunning views that round out the tour.

Captain’s Quarters

Head to Branson’s only rooftop bar with stunning views of Table Rock Lake, Captain’s Quarters at Nantucket! Many nights, you can enjoy live music or join in on karaoke, but if you’re wanting a quieter and more relaxing scene, head to the outdoor patio space for the fresh lake air and jaw-dropping views.

How to plan a romantic getaway

View from Captain’s Quarters Bar & Grill

Capone’s Speakeasy

Slow things down at Capone’s Speakeasy, located on the west side of the Branson Hotel in the downtown district! This unique bar and dinner lounge is modeled after prohibition-era speakeasys and features an environment like no other in the area. Close to downtown and the Branson Landing, you can be a part of the fun from the classically-styled bar indoors or from the serene outdoor patio seating.

Tiki Bar

For a fun and tropical experience, Tiki Bar at the Branson Landing is the place to be!

Watch a Branson Show

Close the night by taking in your favorite tunes at any one of our shows! In Branson, you will always find a variety of shows that fall in all genres: country, rock ‘n’ roll, tribute shows, gospel, and more. No trip to Branson would be complete without a live music show to lift your moods and smile together.

Relax at a Bed and Breakfast

The Branson area is home to several delightful bed and breakfasts, including the Red Bud Cove B & B in Hollister. Suites offer views of Table Rock and secluded environs, plus amenities such as two-person tubs, flat-screen TVs and Wi-Fi access. To top it off, a full breakfast is waiting each morning.

How you fill your couple’s getaway in Branson is up to you, and with activities like these, you’ll have an undoubtedly memorable time with your favorite travel companion. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates on all things Branson!

Saturday, February 5, 2022 4:00 PM by Visit Chapel Hill/Orange County

How to plan a romantic getaway

It’s almost that time of the year again, Valentine’s Day! We get it, it can be tough to come up with special, unique ways to celebrate the holiday of romance. If you find yourself in a Valentine’s Day rut, look no further than the southern charm of Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough in beautiful Orange County, North Carolina. From boutique hotels offering southern hospitality to unique dining that will take the bore out of dinner – you’re guaranteed to find a getaway that suits you and your partner’s desires.

Most importantly, Orange County is one of the most welcoming, diverse communities in the state. Here, “y’all means all” and all couples are encouraged to be themselves.

Plan your perfect romantic getaway to Orange County this Valentine’s Day with these tips:

Find a hotel that suits your style: Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough have a number of hotels to choose from, all with a different point of view. Live in southern luxury at the completely restored historic The Colonial Inn. Located in the heart of downtown Hillsborough within walking distance to the Riverwalk, shops, restaurants, bars and music venues. Take in an historic tour of the Inn or enhance your stay with the Romantic Getaway package.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Spend the day exploring a new place: While at the Colonial Inn be sure to take in the sights of Hillsborough. It may be winter, but fortunately that can at times mean a mild, sunny day – warm enough for exploring. Explore the scenic trail and grounds that are a part of Ayr Mount. Poet’s Walk (now isn’t that a befitting name) is a one-mile trail that meanders through the woodlands surrounding the property. It sweeps alongside the banks of the Eno River, creating serene riverside lookouts. While the trees will not be in their full glory, the views will be breathtaking. The grounds are a perfect place for a picnic – you’ll find picnic tables nested under hardwoods and pines. It’s the making of a perfect romantic day. Free.

How to plan a romantic getaway

Have a dining experience you’ll remember: If you are staying at one of our wonderful hotels in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, you’ll find an array of options for a special evening of dining out. Here are just a few recommendations.

Escape to Italy, locally of course | Il Palio at The Siena Hotel is offering a 4 course menu including chilled Beau Soleil Oysters and NC wildflower honey mignonette. Osteria Georgi’s 4 course menu features Brodetto di Pesce. Yum! (Good to know: The Sheraton Chapel Hill, Residence Inn by Marriott and of course The Siena Hotel are nearby).

Enjoy a French twist on American Classics | La Residence’s Valentine’s Day menu is loaded with options like Spaghetti Lobster with Tarragon cream sauce and bacon. Mosaic Bistro’s special menu is made up of 5 entree selections and 5 appetizers. The Smoked Bacon Lollipops for us please! (Good to know: the AC Marriott Chapel Hill and the Hampton Inn & Suites are within walking distance of these restaurants).

On the side of fancy | Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Spiced Duck Breast are just a sampling of the 5 star menu at Bin-54. Cream Puff Swans are a delightful ending to the decadent menu from Crossroads at The Carolina Inn. (Good to know: The Aloft Chapel Hill is within walking distance and the Courtyard by Marriott is just one mile of Bin-54).

Finish the evening with a toast: End the evening with a night cap on Chapel Hill’s lively Franklin St. There you’ll find some of the best drinks in town, including the local favorite cocktail bar, The Crunkleton. Top shelf and hand crafted, it’s the perfect place to close out your night of romance. Just look at all of these selections! Open daily 4 pm – 2 am.
How to plan a romantic getaway

Liven up the romance with these fun and unique things to do:
Surprise your Valentine with a unique experience of being on a farm with a variety of animals that love to be fed and snuggled. The special Valentine events are perfect for both couples and families. Lots of add on options are available to make this Valentines a memorable one. February 6-13. Details Spring Haven Farm

How to plan a romantic getaway

If your idea of romance includes a little bit of spooky –the Haunted Hillsborough Dark Walk tour is for you. This special Valentine-themed ghost tour is offered on Saturday, February 12 th and Monday, February 14 th . Tickets available on-line ‘Book Now’ for the “Haints” Misbehaving Ghost Tour

Instead of just buying flowers for your loved one (although we do have some really nice flower shops) consider a special workshop celebrating love. Create your own dried floral wreath while enjoying live music with Gabriel Pelli. The workshop will include a tour of Blawesome’s 4-acre flower farm, baskets of beautiful dried and preserved blooms, lively conversation, a light lunch, and, of course, champagne! February 13th. Click to reserve you spot

Chapel Hill Wine & Design is showing their love for Valentine’s Day with date night events and more. Be prepared to listen to music, laugh, sip and paint. Don’t forget to BYOB wine or beer and snacks. Everything else is provided.

For the Love of Carrboro is an annual tradition in February. Check out the Carrboro Business Alliance directory to find all sorts of local gift ideas and experiences.

Cheers to another perfect day and romantic weekend getaway!

Notice: Some indoor venues require proof of vaccination. Checking prior to making reservations is highly recommended

When it is safe to travel again, you’ll want to book it to one of these destinations.

A romantic getaway with your partner is almost always a good idea. And while your ‘gram may not quite be full of fancy soaking tubs in the middle of the desert right now (the pandemic is still a thing, after all), there are still options for planning a trip with your S.O. (And of course, you can always dream and plan for far-flung future trips once COVID-19 is behind us.)

Sure, romance may make you think of smooching under the Eiffel Tower, but don’t let your imagination stop at Paris. You love birds can turn any getaway into a spicy one. “There are two elements that make a destination romantic,” says travel advisor Amina Dearmon, of Perspectives Travel. “One is having the time and space to appreciate the things you may not be able to at home—and that both people in the relationship are able to enjoy each moment at it’s happening.”

Dearmon suggests thinking about what you both want out of a trip—maybe you want to eat your way through a town, have an adrenaline rush 24/7, or to be a total loaf on the beach for a week. Once you’ve though through what would make your destination *chef’s kiss*, pick a destination accordingly.

Oh, and pro tip: Avoid absolutely cramming your itinerary. “Nothing makes a trip less romantic than being exhausted,” Dearmon says. “Give yourself breathing room to explore, wander, and linger.” Who knows? You might stumble upon the dreamiest city corner, bakery, or lookout along the way.

How to plan a romantic getaway

December 14, 2021

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, it’s important to plan time away with your significant other so you can focus on strengthening your bond. A romantic trip to the beach can be a great couple getaway. With our deluxe oceanfront rooms, the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort has everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

4 Tips to Get the Most from Your Romantic Beach Getaway

It takes some time and energy to plan a couple’s getaway. Not only do you need to coordinate work schedules, but you also need to find sitters for your kids and pets. Because you need to spend so much time planning before going away with your significant other, you want the trip to be fun and memorable.

Try a New Experience Together

While it’s always fun to do hobbies and activities you both enjoy, you can also make fun memories by trying a new experience together. Ocean City, Maryland, has plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, golfing, swimming and beachgoing so that you can spend plenty of quality time with your partner. If you don’t want to leave the resort grounds, try participating in any of the following activities offered at the Princess Royale Oceanfront Resort:

  • Spa
  • Arcade
  • Golf
  • Art gallery
  • Olympic-sized indoor pool

Minimize the WiFi

If you’re always scrolling through social media or playing games on your phone, you may miss out on a lot of fun memories. It’s hard to feel connected to your partner if you are always connected to WiFi, so if you want to make the most of your beach getaway, try minimizing the amount of time you spend on your phone. Focus on the present moment and enjoy the quiet quality time you have with your partner.

Do Your Own Thing

Just because you’re on a couple’s getaway doesn’t mean that you spend every moment together. Schedule some time to enjoy separate activities, so you can be refreshed when you reunite. You shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying a relaxing morning at the spa while your significant other plays a few rounds of golf on our resort’s course. Spend your vacation together, but don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself during the trip. Learn more about the area with curated content on our Best of Ocean City Blog.

Book Your Trip Today!

Scheduling a couple’s getaway is a great way to bond with your partner and maintain a healthy relationship. If you want an oceanfront resort with plenty of fun things for you and your significant other to do together, the Princess Royal Oceanfront Resort is a great option. Our oceanfront luxury suites are geared specifically towards couples and provide guests with the services they need for a memorable vacation. If you’re interested in booking a sweet for a romantic couples getaway, contact us today to make a reservation so you can start planning your trip.

There are many reasons to take a vacation, even if you don’t have a lot of time. It’s a great way to reduce stress and it can boost your productivity when you return to work, but perhaps the most convincing reason to get away for a little while is that it can rekindle your relationship when you plan a romantic getaway.

The trouble is, not every getaway is romantic. If you have to deal with an overcrowded hotel, if you feel rushed while you’re away, or if you choose a bad location, you’ll end up returning home feeling more stressed and frustrated than when you left.

Make sure your romantic weekend getaway is everything you imagined it would be with these tips!

Get Creative With Transportation

There’s no denying that it’s convenient to hop in the car first thing in the morning and head for the road, but that’s so boring! Not to mention, you have to take the time to give your car a tune-up so you don’t find yourself breaking down on the side of the road. It also puts wear and tear on your vehicle.

Instead, get creative with your transportation. That might mean something as simple as renting a car, but consider renting a luxury car to make your trip even more special.

Riding a motorcycle with your sweetie can be a lot of fun too! Just make sure you feel confident driving on the highway. You don’t want to be one of the 80,000 people who are injured in motorcycle accidents every year.

Take a Trip During the Off-Season

In the summer, you may be tempted to visit a local vineyard or head to the beach, but you’ll end up dealing with huge crowds. That’s not going to make for a very romantic weekend. Instead, consider traveling during the off-season.

There are many benefits of traveling during the off-season, especially if you want to set a romantic tone during your vacation. Head to the beach in the fall, book that midwestern hotel in the winter, and pick a rainy weekend to head to the vineyard.

Get Away From It All

There’s no question that there’s a lot to do when you visit a nearby city. It may sound romantic to catch a show, do some shopping, and eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, but don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed when it’s time to go back home.

If you’re looking for a truly romantic getaway, you should opt to get away from it all instead of placing yourselves in the middle of the action in a big city. Traveling during the off-season helps, but it also helps to go off the grid.

That doesn’t mean you have to pitch a tent in the middle of the woods! There are many off-grid getaways throughout the country that include:

  • Mt. Hood Village RV Resort in Welches, Oregon
  • Woolverton Inn in Stockton, New Jersey
  • El Portal Sedona Hotel in Sedona, Arizona
  • The Graceland Inn in Elkins, West Virginia
  • State Game Lodge in Custer, South Dakota
  • Chickasaw Retreat and Conference Center in Sulphur, Oklahoma

Live Another Lifestyle For a Few Days

Feeling proud and confident of who you are, serves you well in your everyday life, but wouldn’t it be fun to be someone else for a weekend? That doesn’t mean you have to change your name and act different, but it can be quite romantic to step outside your comfort zone for a few days!

Splurge on luxury accommodations, snack on caviar, and wear that outrageous hat that has been collecting dust in your closet. It can be refreshing to take on a different persona during your vacation to get the romantic juices flowing.

Take An Extra Day Off Work

It seems obvious that you might want to take an extra day off of work if you want to get away for the weekend with your special someone, but it’s not what you think.

Instead of taking Monday off and heading back home that day, head home on Sunday like you normally would. Use your extra day at the end of your vacation so you don’t feel rushed getting home and you have time to get back into your routine before heading back to work.

Give your relationship the attention it deserves by planning a romantic weekend getaway! Just make sure it’s everything you imagined it would be by following the tips on this list.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. However, planning a romantic getaway, whether on Valentines’ or not, can be a much-needed break to reconnect with your partner. Here are some ways to plan for a romantic getaway that will be cherished long after the getaway is over.

It’s All About Your Mindset

Make an agreement beforehand that this trip will be special. Both parties need to agree that distractions (phones, outside situations, etc) will not be a factor during this trip. It’s about being with each other and focusing on each other! Agree that no matter what happens, the getaway is going to be great. Whether it’s your fifth trip together or your fiftieth, pretend and act like it’s your first. Remember the excitement you had when you both experienced things for the first time? It’s time to capture that excitement and joy once more.

And if you didn’t pick up on the hint above, let’s be very clear: put away the phone! From texting to phone calls, to surfing on the internet and the temptations of social media, nothing ruins romance more than the constant distractions a smartphone can bring. Unplug and focus on each other. The results will be amazing.

Plan Together

Planning for a getaway should be exciting, but sometimes we treat it like a chore and hastily make arrangements without fully consulting with our better half. Sit down and discuss the itinerary. Make sure there are things that both individuals will enjoy. Your partner will appreciate that you desire their input and it will make for a more satisfying trip for both of you.

Don’t Overplan

Activities on a getaway can be exciting and adventurous. If you are visiting Siesta Key, there are an endless amount of activities to consider. They can make for some incredible memories; however, it’s easy to get caught up in the planning stage and overdo it. Jumping from one activity to the next leaves very little time to actually enjoy each other’s company. Schedule plenty of time to relax and get to know each other all over again.

Surprise Your Partner With a Romantic Gesture

Surprise your partner with a romantic gesture that hasn’t been done before in your relationship. Things like rose petals on the bed, a candlelit dinner on the beach or a horseback ride can be the romantic touch the is very much appreciated and remembered for years to come. It doesn’t have to be something grand or expensive either. Small, meaningful gestures can have an enormous impact. Whatever you do, as long as you put your heart into it, it will be a surprise that will add a sense of wonder and delight to their romantic getaway.

If Budget is an Issue, Try a Suitcase Surprise

If you are on a budget, try hiding a small gift in your partner’s suitcase and watch their face when they discover it as they unpack. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that would be meaningful to them, like a new book, a favorite candy, a new garment, or a romantic stuffed animal. Just make sure it will pass the new TSA requirements if you are flying to your destination. A bottle of champagne or other liquids may be confiscated (or broken).

Bring Your Trip Home

Everything was a success, and you both had the romantic time of your lives! Now, keep the fire burning by bringing a part of your vacation back home. Collect little mementos that bring back instant memories of your trip so you both can relive your magical time together. Perhaps there was a scented soap that you used? Buy a couple of bars to take back home. Did you both enjoy a new cocktail? Get the recipe and buy the ingredients if they can’t be found at home. Maybe buy some secret souvenirs and surprise your partner with reminders of your romantic getaway months later. Setting the right mood will instantly transport both of you back to that special place and time.

Romantic getaways are perfect for any time of the year. When you’re ready to begin your romantic getaway, the Inn on Siesta Key is waiting to pamper you. We have the perfect accommodations to begin your magical stay on beautiful Siesta Key.