How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

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In Oregon, you’re charged a $0.10 deposit per container on most beverages in metal, plastic, and glass containers at the time of purchase. [1] X Trustworthy Source State of Oregon Official website for the State of Oregon Go to source . You can get it back when you return the empty containers to one of the designated places.

  • Beverages that DO NOT have a deposit:
    • Wine (including wine based cocktails. Canned wine might become refundable in July 2025 [2] X Research source )
    • Liquor(or products containing distilled spirits in any amount)
    • Milk/Milk substitutes (Milk first ingredient in the nutrition facts label)
    • Anything not ready to drink. Like concentrates, pure lemon juice, etc
    • Anything smaller than 4oz or larger than 3 liters (about 100 fl.oz)
    • Anything not factory sealed, such as crowlers/growlers bottled at brew pubs, regardless of marking.
    • Large bottles/jugs of non-carbonated beverage over 1.5 liters (about 51 fl.oz). Some beverages are intentionally slightly larger, such as 1.52 liters to avoid the deposit.
      • However. plain water is covered up to 3 liters.

If in doubt, look for “OR 10c” mark on the container. There are two ways to redeem the deposit. This instruction is for an account based bulk return service available in major metropolitan areas in Oregon. The service uses designated kitchen trash bag sized “BottleDrop green bags” sold at stores equipped with a drop box. You return your labeled green bags to a drop location, scan your card and drop them off. They’re hauled off and counted at a central facility. The funds are credited into your account within one week which you can access by going to a store with a BottleDrop kiosk. The other way is waiting in line, then feeding containers one-by-one into a machine. [3] X Research source The bagged return significantly reduces the time spent redeeming your empty containers.

Take a picture of your bag tag on every bag on your phone when you drop off so you have a record of which bags you dropped off along with a time stamp. As reported in this local news coverage, some consumers reported only receiving credit for some of their bags. [4] X Research source Numerous complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau about BottleDrop over a variety of issues that they have been rated “F” for a long time. [5] X Trustworthy Source Better Business Bureau Nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting marketplace trustworthiness by educating consumers and reviewing businesses Go to source The 10 cents paid on each container automatically goes to OBRC and they’re the sole operator in the redemption scene.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

“BottleDrop saves time, and is less hassle than how it used to be,” said Chris.

Not only does it save time because there aren’t lines, it is clean and fast. Here, Chris shows how to use BottleDrop and how to get the most bang for his buck!

Step 1: Register online or sign up at a BottleDrop Center and get your account card, pre-approved stickers and green bags. Chris already has an account and is ready to go.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Steps 2 & 3: Fill your bags with returnable bottles and cans, like this beer bottle.

Redeemable items include: Bottles and cans for beer, soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, fruit juice, coconut water, hard cider and kombucha.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Step 4: Head to a BottleDrop Redemption Center and choose your option: BottleDrop account, self-serve or hand count. With your own account card, you’ll be credited every time you use the system, and then redeem your balance for cash at any BottleDrop Redemption Center.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Step 5 & 6: Use a BottleDrop Plus kiosk in participating redemption centers and retail grocery stores for store credit. BottleDrop Plus allows you to get 20 percent more for your bottle and can redemptions (that’s 12 cents per container!). This is what Chris does because he shops at the grocery store and can use the store credit immediately.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

According to Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, the organization that operates BottleDrop redemption centers, more than 60 percent of all returns come through a BottleDrop center and nearly 200,000 Oregonians are green bag account holders. More BottleDrop redemption centers and express locations are coming in 2018.

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How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Make the Most of Your Bottle and Can Returns

In Oregon, we help keep public spaces litter free by providing the $0.10 refund value for qualifying beverage containers. We make it easy to return containers and receive the refund value by providing convenient return options.

Through BottleDrop, you can immediately redeem your containers through self-serve machines and hand counts at any of our 25 full-service Redemption Centers. You can also let us do the work for you. With the ease and convenience of the Green Bag Program, you can drop full bags of containers for redemption at a Redemption Center or participating grocery store with a bag drop location. We also work with Oregon nonprofits who can engage their supporters and supercharge their fundraising through our Blue Bag program.

Once you’ve returned your containers, you can get the refund value as cash or store credit at participating retailers through BottleDrop Plus, which offers 20% more refund value. Additionally, you can save for education by linking your BottleDrop account to an Oregon College Savings Plan account. We make it easy for you to help keep Oregon beautiful, give new life to your redeemable beverage containers, and put your redemption funds to work! Our system remains one of the most effective in the nation, helping redeem and recycle nearly two billion containers each year.

Three Ways to Return Your Containers

We offer three easy ways for people to return their bottles and cans.

  • How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Self-Serve Returns

Return up to 350 empty containers per person, per day in a clean, friendly, and staffed Redemption Centers using our self-serve bottle and can return machines. Receive your cash refund using our onsite Pay Station, or put your refund values in your BottleDrop account.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Green Bag Program

Use our Green Bags to gather your empty deposit containers. Once you’ve filled a bag, two, or ten, use the drop door at a Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer. Each bag is credited to your account within 7 days. Then, when you’re ready, get cash or use BottleDrop Plus to get 20% more refund value as store credit at participating stores.

Hand-Counted Returns

BottleDrop offers 25 locations with Customer Service desks and Hand Count services. Visit one of these locations, or many other stores around Oregon, to have up to 50 containers hand counted per day. Then you can be on your way with your cash refund.

If you’re a registered nonprofit, learn how to fundraise with BottleDrop »

If you’re a retailer, learn about OBRC’s retailer services »

I visited the new BottleDrop, and it was an excellent experience! Trying to take cans and bottles back before was a pain. I was amazed at how quick and quiet the process was at BottleDrop…and easy! I’ve told all my neighbors and friends about it.

— Lynn Wright, Newport, Oregon

Explaining a variety of BottleDrop services, features, and terms.

Understanding BottleDrop

Select retailers around the state and all of our Redemption Centers accept Green Bags (for personal accounts) and Blue Bags (for participating nonprofits), which can be dropped off using the exterior, on-site drop doors.

These are the locations where you can print a BottleDrop Plus voucher. This includes Redemption Centers and the retailers participating in the BottleDrop Plus incentive program, which is available to all BottleDrop account holders. These stores give our customers 20% more for their account withdrawals in the form of store credit, and no additional sign up is necessary to use BottleDrop Plus.

At these locations, you can withdraw up to $99.90 in value from your account each day. You’ll need to use one of the BottleDrop kiosks to get a cash voucher before redeeming it with a cashier at a grocery or convenience store or at a Pay Station in one of our Redemption Centers.

If you’d like to return your containers and get cash instantly, use one of our self-serve return machines, which are called reverse vending machines. You can return up to 350 containers per person per day using these machines, which are found at our Redemption Centers and a variety of grocery and convenient stores throughout Oregon.

BottleDrop Green Bags are available for purchase at all locations with drop doors (except White City). These locations include any BottleDrop Redemption Center and our partner retailer drop locations.

Blue Bags are used by Oregon nonprofits participating in our Give program. Fundraiser Blue Bags must be purchased through a Give account online and then can be picked up at any BottleDrop Redemption Center.

To access your account card, use your smart phone and download the BottleDrop App. Log in using the username and password you just created. Voila! Your account card is in the app and ready to use.

If you would like a physical card in addition to the app card, just log in to your account online, then click on Manage BottleDrop Cards. You will be given a unique six-digit code. Use the code at a kiosk near you. Then, a card will dispense from the kiosk. Find kiosks using our location finder.

At our Redemption Centers, staff can count up to 50 containers by hand for you. These returns are considered part of the 350 container per day limit.

A partner retailer drop location, which is also called a Dealer Redemption Center (DRC), is a store that has partnered with BottleDrop and provides a drop door for returning BottleDrop Green and Blue Bags. These locations are different than BottleDrop Redemption Centers and Express sites while also being specifically labeled as a partner retailer on our location finder. They include additional on-site signage, too.

For Green and Blue Bags dropped at these stores, the retailer (not you, the account holder) pays the bag processing fee, and those bags will not count toward the 15-bag per quarter limit; however, due to the capacity of the container, no more than 15 bags per account may be dropped off in one day. All other BottleDrop account terms and conditions apply.

Partner retailers will also accept up to 24 containers per person, per day, by either hand-count or a self-service bottle return machine.

BottleDrop Express sites are located at select retailers throughout Oregon and have a drop door where account holders and BottleDrop Give participants can drop off Green and Blue Bags.

Account holders can also purchase Green Bags and use our kiosk to get a new/replacement account card, withdraw funds as cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only), and print bag tag stickers.

Anyone can use the site’s self-serve bottle and can return machines and have containers hand-counted. Inquire locally for details, including daily limits for these two services, which vary by location.

Drop doors are where BottleDrop account holders and BottleDrop Give participants can return their Green and Blue Bags for us to process. They’re opened by scanning a BottleDrop card (for account holders) or bag tag stickers (for Give participants), and at least one drop door can be found at every BottleDrop Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express site, and Partner Retailer Drop Location.

Here’s an example of a drop door at a BottleDrop Express:

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

All around Oregon, there are about 2,500 additional locations that accept container returns but are not part of the BottleDrop system. You’ll need to inquire locally to confirm return hours, limits, and services available.

We have two different types of kiosks: loyalty kiosks and red dot kiosks.

BottleDrop Redemption Centers, BottleDrop Express sites, and partner retailer drop locations have what we call “loyalty kiosks.” At these, you can create a BottleDrop account, get a new/replacement card, get cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only), and print bag tag stickers.

At the second type of kiosk, which we call “red dot kiosks,” existing accountholders can get cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only) from their account.

The easiest way to redeem deposit containers.

Know Before Beginning

Here are a few answers to questions we get asked. For more insight, visit our FAQ page.

Bag Drop Limit

Each account can return up to 15 bags per quarter, which run Jan – Mar, Apr – June, July – Sep, and Oct – Dec.

Bags dropped at locations specifically indicated as a Partner Retailer will not count toward this limit.

Getting Green Bags and Bag Tag Stickers

Purchase Green Bags and print bag tag stickers at the same places where you can drop off your bags.

Visit our Location Finder to see what BottleDrop services are available near you or around Oregon.

Green Bag Program Fees

Green Bags, which are required, cost $2.00 per roll of 10, and there’s a $0.40 processing fee for each bag you return.

For bags dropped at Partner Retailer locations, the processing fee is paid by the store and not you.

Getting Started

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Sign Up

Sign up for a BottleDrop account online or visit the kiosk at a BottleDrop Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer drop location. To find a kiosk near you, head to our location finder and search ‘Find a kiosk or get a new/replacement account card.’

If you signed up online, use the online username and password you created to log in to your account. If you signed up at a kiosk, use your 9-digit account card number and the password that was sent to your phone or email to log in.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Gear Up

Account card: to access your account card, use your smart phone and download the BottleDrop app. Log in using the username and password you created, and you’ll see your in-app card.

If you’d also like a physical card, log in to your account online, select Manage BottleDrop Cards, and request a card. Then, visit a kiosk and enter the 6-digit code you received to get a card. If you sign up at a kiosk, your card should dispense automatically.

Bag tags: print these at a kiosk and put one, which are specific to your account, on each of your bags.

Green Bags: purchase a box of bags at a Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Fill Up & Drop Off

Fill your bags with Oregon deposit containers. If you’re not sure what to put in your Green Bag, visit the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission Bottle Bill page for a list of eligible beverage types.

Remember to put a bag tag on each bag before using your account card to open the drop door. Then shut the door after dropping your bags to encourage other customers to scan their card. This helps us track everyone’s bags.

To find a BottleDrop Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer drop location where you can drop Green Bags, search ‘Drop Green or Blue Bags’ on our location finder.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Cash Out

Each bag is credited to your account within 7 days. After your bags process, get your cash voucher at a kiosk and take it to the BottleDrop Pay Station or to the retail cashier to get your refund.

If you’re curious about other options, learn how to get 20% more refund value with BottleDrop Plus, donate to a nonprofit through BottleDrop Give, or use your refunds to save for education.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Get the App

With our app, you can:

  • Access your account card*
  • View your full transaction history
  • View your account balance
  • See your bag drop history
  • Get notifications about bag credits and account withdrawals
  • Change your PIN
  • Change your password
  • Find bag drop, kiosk, and BottleDrop Plus locations
  • Donate part of your account balance to Oregon nonprofits

Download the App

* Each BottleDrop account card has a unique number, including your in-app card, and multiple cards can be linked to one account. To see every card that’s linked to your account, log in to your account and select Manage BottleDrop Cards.

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Oregon landscape photos by:

Jeremy Aasum, Macey Bundt, Tyler Collins, Leslie Cross, Robin Davidson, Hardebeck Media, Kat Visuals, Grant Lechner, Andy Li, Josh Ludhal, Nischal Malla, Dan Meyers, James Morden, Tommy Nguyen, Dale Nibbe, Robbie Palmer, Pam Riches, Ryan Stone, David Talley, Peter Thomas, Cameron Venti, Karsten Winegeart.

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How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

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How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

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How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop
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Get your return as store credit to increase your spending power at participating retailers by 20%.

Use Your BottleDrop Account to Earn More

Access the benefits of BottleDrop Plus with your BottleDrop account. No additional signup required.

How to Use BottleDrop Plus

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Sign Up

Sign up for a BottleDrop account online or visit the kiosk at a BottleDrop Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer drop location. To find a kiosk near you, head to our location finder and search ‘Find a kiosk or get a new/replacement account card.’

If you signed up online, use the online username and password you created to log in to your account. If you signed up at a kiosk, use your 9-digit account card number and the password that was sent to your phone or email to log in.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Gear Up

Account card: to access your account card, use your smart phone and download the BottleDrop app. Log in using the username and password you created, and you’ll see your in-app card.

If you’d also like a physical card, log in to your account online, select Manage BottleDrop Cards, and request a card. Then, visit a kiosk and enter the 6-digit code you received to get a card. If you sign up at a kiosk, your card should dispense automatically.

Bag tags: print these at a kiosk and put one, which are specific to your account, on each of your bags.

Green Bags: purchase a box of bags at a Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Fill Up & Drop Off

Fill your bags with Oregon deposit containers. If you’re not sure what to put in your Green Bag, visit the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission Bottle Bill page for a list of eligible beverage types.

Remember to put a bag tag on each bag before using your account card to open the drop door. Then shut the door after dropping your bags to encourage other customers to scan their card. This helps us track everyone’s bags.

To find a BottleDrop Redemption Center, BottleDrop Express, or Partner Retailer drop location where you can drop Green Bags, search ‘Drop Green or Blue Bags’ on our location finder.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Push Plus

Each bag is credited to your account within 7 days. After your bags process, head to any of our kiosks and Push Plus to get 20% more value in-store credit from participating retailers. Then print out your store credit slip and shop.

To find participating stores, search ‘Get 20% more at BottleDrop Plus location’ on our location finder.

BottleDrop and Plus are the best. It’s so easy that getting 20% extra is a no-brainer!

Masks are welcome but not required while in our Redemption Centers.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Quick Help

Here are links to the answers of questions we get asked regularly.

Customers easily find answers to most of their questions on our FAQ page.

Get Your Questions Answered

  • Trouble creating an account – send us a message or give us a call
  • Forgot PIN
    • If you’re logged in to your account, visit the login and security page
    • If you’re not logged in to your account, give us a call
  • Forgot username
  • Forgot password
  • Find a return location
  • More information on services, locations, and features
  • Details on containers that are accepted and aren’t accepted
  • Contact us – send us a message or give us a call

Bag Drop Locations

Redemption Centers

Staffed, stand-alone locations where you can do all things BottleDrop. Green and Blue Bags can be returned through exterior drop doors from 6am-10pm.

When centers are open (8am-7pm), you can purchase Green Bags, pick up Blue Bags, use self-serve return machines, have staff hand-count up to 50 containers, use a kiosk to withdraw funds as (1) cash redeemable at the printed location or (2) store credit redeemable at nearby Plus retailer, get a new/replacement account card, and print bag tag stickers.

Express Sites

Located at select retailers throughout Oregon, these have a drop door for retuning Green and Blue Bags, and anyone can use each site’s self-serve return machines.

Account holders can also purchase Green Bags and use our kiosk to get a new/replacement account card, withdraw funds as cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only), and print bag tag stickers.

Partner Retailers

Stores that have partnered with us, aka Dealer Redemption Centers, and have drop doors. Bags dropped here do not count toward the 15-bag per quarter limit, and the retailer (not you, the account holder) pays the bag processing fee. All other terms and conditions apply.

Account holders can also purchase Green Bags and use our kiosk to get a new/replacement account card, withdraw funds as cash or store credit (participating BottleDrop Plus retailers only), and print bag tag stickers.

How to Use Self-Serve Machines

Step 1 – Insert Containers

When you’re standing at the self-serve machine, you’ll put containers in one by one. Our machines will scan the barcode to confirm the container is accepted. There is a screen on the front of the machine which will display the total value of your redemption as you add your containers.

Step 2 – Print Voucher

Once you’re out of containers, press the button to receive your voucher. If you reach the location’s per person per day maximum, the voucher will automatically dispense for you.

Step 3 – Get Cash

Take your cash voucher(s) to the pay station, scan it (them), and your cash will dispense. There aren’t fees, and you don’t need an account.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

BottleDrop Give

BottleDrop Give is the can drive that never ends for Oregon nonprofits. Registered 501(c)(3)s can sign up and distribute Blue Bags to supporters. Then, supporters fill Blue Bags with their empty deposit containers and drop them off at any bag drop location. We’ll take things from there, count them, and credit your account. See BottleDrop Give in action.

For Give-specific questions, send us an email.

Contact Us

For BottleDrop account assistance and general BottleDrop inquiries.

How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

Customer Service

8am – 6pm, 7 days a week*

* Holidays may affect these hours.

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Oregon landscape photos by:

Jeremy Aasum, Macey Bundt, Tyler Collins, Leslie Cross, Robin Davidson, Hardebeck Media, Kat Visuals, Grant Lechner, Andy Li, Josh Ludhal, Nischal Malla, Dan Meyers, James Morden, Tommy Nguyen, Dale Nibbe, Robbie Palmer, Pam Riches, Ryan Stone, David Talley, Peter Thomas, Cameron Venti, Karsten Winegeart.


Beverages ≤ 3L: [1]

  • Water, flavored water, soda water, and mineral water
  • Beer/malt beverages
  • Carbonated soft drinks
  • Hard seltzers
  • Kombucha
  • Canned wine (eligible for redemption 1 July 2025)

Beverages between 4 oz and 1.5L:


Oregon’s Bottle Bill was introduced in 1971 as the very first bottle bill in the U.S. The bill was created to address a growing litter problem along Oregon beaches, highways and other public areas. Over the years, the Bottle Bill has prompted several other green initiatives.

The law remained relatively unchanged [3] until bottled water was added to the system in 2009. The law was expanded again to allow for an increase of the deposit/refund value from 5¢ to 10¢ beginning in 1 April 2017 as a result of the redemption rate staying below 80% for two consecutive years (68.26% in 2014 and 64.45% in 2015). [3]

The same bill further expanded the law. Effective 1 January 2018, all beverage containers except distilled liquor, wine, dairy or dairy alternatives, and infant formula now included a deposit. Water, beer, and carbonated soft drinks continue to require a deposit and most other beverages were added, including but not limited to: tea, coffee, hard cider, fruit juice, and coconut water. [4] In 2019, SB 247 was passed which further expanded the bill to include hard seltzers and beverages containing kombucha. [5] “Kefir, drinkable yogurt, milk-based smoothies and other beverages” containing milk or dairy alternatives were later added in 2020. [6]

The bill was last updated in 2022, which expanded beverage coverage to canned wine starting in 2025. The expansion required non-participating beverage distributors to contribute to the redemption program by either becoming a participant , joining the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, or paying a fee to support the redemption program. [7]

For nearly 40 years, redemption centers did not exist in Oregon, but early in 2010, the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission approved the first experimental distributor-run redemption center in Wood Village, and later, Oregon City. Operating under the name BottleDrop and run by the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, a privately-owned extended producer responsibility (EPR) organization, there are currently 25 redemption centers operating around Oregon. Distributors first began reporting to OLCC for the 2012 calendar year, based on a change in state law. Before that, there was no systematic reporting of beverage sales and returns in Oregon.

There can be up to two “convenience zones” surrounding a redemption center. Large retailers (5,000 square feet or more) within a convenience zone may choose to participate in a redemption center or to provide equivalent services. Participating large retailers located in the first convenience zone may refuse to redeem any containers and participating large retailers located in the second convenience zone may refuse to redeem more than 24 containers. Small convenience type retailers (under 5,000 square feet) within either redemption center convenience zone may refuse to redeem more than 24 containers.

As of early 2022, the reclamation system consists of 25 redemption centers, 13 BottleDrop Express sites, 47 dealer redemption centers, and 1,952 retail return sites, with 706 RVMs deployed in the state. [9]

Refillables system

A refillables system in Oregon is operated by the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC), and uses standardized, Oregon-specific bottles. The program is open to all bottlers. As of early 2021, 11 bottlers of beer, wine, and hard cider were selling about 100 beverage brands in OBRC refillables. Existing BottleDrop locations are used for bottle redemption. [8] OBRC reported that this system prevented 407,840 bottles from being crushed and recycled in 2019. [10] [11]


[1] “Oregon’s Bottle Bill: Included Beverages.” Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. Reviewed July 2020.

[2] “BEVERAGE CONTAINER RETURN DATA.” Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. Submitted by 1 August 2021.

[3] Small amendments were made in 1973, 1977, 1979, 1981, and 1993 to ban nondegradable can ring holders and change the number of containers that stores are required to redeem per person per day.

[6] “Oregon Bottle Bill Changes, Additions Coming in 2020.” Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. 20 December 2019.

[8] “Oregon Launches First Statewide Refillable Bottle System In US.” Profita, Cassandra. Oregon Public Broadcasting. 27 August 2018.

[9] “OBRC Quarterly Report: Q1 – 2022.” Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative. 2022.

[10]Personal communication with Eric Chambers. Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC). 16 February 2021.

[11] OBRC presentation at CRI webinar: “The Return of Refillables in the United States.” Presented at CRI webinar. Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC). 13 December 2018.

Additional Reports:

“2021 Beverage Container Redemption Centers 2018 – 2019,” See Report

“2019 Annual Report,” Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, See Report

“2018 Annual Report,” Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, See Report

“2017 Annual Report,” Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, See Report

Hoe u Oregon Bottle-deposito’s kunt inwisselen met BottleDrop – Tips


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Andere secties

In Oregon wordt voor de meeste dranken in metalen, plastic en glazen verpakkingen een aanbetaling van $ 0,10 per verpakking in rekening gebracht en u krijgt deze terug wanneer u ze inlevert. Wijn, sterke drank en melk; evenals alles in kartonnen dozen of gallon-kannen hebben geen aanbetaling. Als u dranken met statiegeld koopt, ziet u op de bon een apart regelitem voor statiegeld. Er zijn twee manieren om de borgsom in te wisselen. Deze instructie is voor de “groene zak” bag-and-drop-service genaamd BottleDrop Express, waarvoor u niet in de rij hoeft te wachten. U maakt een account aan en geeft leeggoed af in “groene zakken” ter grootte van een vuilniszak, gelabeld met uw accountlabel op een van de afgifteplaatsen. Ze tellen ze en storten het geld binnen een week op uw rekening. De andere methode is wachten in de rij en vervolgens containers één voor één in een machine voeren.

Als je een rij tegenkomt bij het inwisselcentrum wanneer je je koffers gaat kopen, kun je de rij overslaan en naar de balie gaan als je alleen tassen koopt. De lijn is voor mensen die handmatig blikjes verzilveren om contant in de hand te lopen. Het plaatsen van terugbetaalbare containers in recyclingbakken aan de rand van de straat trekt aaseters en zwervers naar de voorkant van uw huis, en ze zelf retourneren is een veel aantrekkelijkere optie nu u ze kunt retourneren zonder de gevreesde flessenkamerervaring.


Deel 1 van 4: Een BottleDrop-account opzetten

  1. Ga naar en zoek een verlossingscentrum of een expreslocatie bij u in de buurt. Dit is de officiële website van de enige door de staat erkende verzilveringsoperator. Voer uw postcode in en vink het keuzerondje “Groene of blauwe tassen afgeven” aan.
    • Ga verder met stap 7 als u al een BottleDrop-accountkaart heeft.
  2. Klik op de locatie die u wilt gebruiken. Zorg ervoor dat de beschrijving zegt dat deze locatie het maken van accounts ondersteunt. Alle inwisselcentra en de meeste Express-locaties ondersteunen dit.
  3. Ga naar de geselecteerde locatie. Je kunt je voorraad blikjes en flessen van huis meenemen als je ze tijdens hetzelfde bezoek wilt weggooien.
  • Koop een pakket van 10 zakken voor $ 2 en breng de labels aan die je eerder hebt afgedrukt.
  • Een zak bevat ongeveer 90-100 containers van 12 oz.
  • Alleen winkellocaties die de drop-box hebben, hebben lege groene zakken. Fred Meyer of Safeway die GEEN drop-box hebben, slaan geen lege groene zakken op.

Deel 2 van 4: Containers retourneren

  1. Vul de groene zak met inwisselbare containers. Als u niet zeker weet wat inwisselbaar is, zoekt u naar de markering ‘OR 10c’ aan de boven- of zijkant van de container. Ze gaan allemaal samen naar binnen. U hoeft ze niet te scheiden op materiaalsoort of -maat, maar plaats geen geplette containers in de zak.
    • Er is een maximumgewicht van 20 lbs per zak dat relevant is als u veel glazen flessen heeft. BottleDrop raadt aan om niet meer dan 30 glazen flessen per zak te plaatsen. Maak de zakken af ​​met plastic en aluminium om het op te stapelen.

Deel 3 van 4: Geld opnemen

  1. Neem persoonlijk geld op bij de kiosk.
  2. Kies de kassaknop en breng de afdruk naar de kassier als u ervoor kiest om contant geld te krijgen. Sommige kiosken geven je de mogelijkheid om een ​​winkeltegoed af te drukken ter waarde van 20% meer waarde voor aankoop in die winkel in plaats van contant geld.
    • Je kunt het Plus-winkeltegoed niet verzilveren, dus neem alleen op wat je tijdens die shoppingtrip kunt gebruiken. 20% bonus betekent dat als u $ 10 van uw account opneemt als winkeltegoed, het geldig is voor $ 12 aan aankoop.

Deel 4 van 4: Maak een optioneel account voor uw kaart

Ga naar of download de BottleDrop Account-app om een ​​account voor uw kaart aan te maken. Dit is optioneel, maar sterk aanbevolen.

    • U hoeft geen online account aan te maken om koffers af te geven en geld persoonlijk op te nemen. Met het account kunt u uw accountsaldo zien zonder naar een kiosk te gaan en een sms-bericht instellen wanneer uw tas is geteld of wanneer er geld van uw account wordt afgeschreven.
    • Het account geeft u ook de mogelijkheid om geld te doneren aan een lijst met non-profitorganisaties die op hun website worden vermeld als u zich liefdadig voelt. U moet een online account aanmaken als u met uw rekeningsaldo rechtstreeks aan een goed doel wilt doneren.

Vragen en antwoorden van de gemeenschap

Ik heb een flessenkaart, maar ik ben mijn pincode vergeten. Wat moet ik doen?

Bel het nummer op de achterkant van de kaart of ga persoonlijk naar een inwisselingscentrum en vraag hen om u te helpen bij het resetten.

ik moet een code invoeren om een ​​nieuwe kaart te krijgen, hoe doe ik dat?

Wanneer je de stappen volgt, ontvang je een code per e-mail of sms naar je telefoon. Ga naar de BottleDrop-kiosk die het aanmaken van nieuwe accounts ondersteunt (omdat alleen die kaarten bevatten), ga naar doorgaan met de aanvraag en voer de code in die je hebt ontvangen. De code zal je aanvraag / vervangingsverzoek openen en je de kaart verstrekken.

Hoe kom ik aan een BottleDrop-code zodat ik een kaart kan krijgen?

Ga naar de officiële pagina van BottleDrop op toets uw postcode in en filter op “Drop Green of Blue Bags”. Die locaties hebben een kiosk om een ​​nieuw account aan te maken. Neem je rijbewijs mee. Ga de winkel binnen en maak een account aan op de kiosk. U ontvangt uw kaart nadat u de stappen heeft gevolgd. Gebruik die kaart om labels af te drukken op dezelfde kiosk.

Waar plaats ik de stickers?

Je moet de speciale groene tas kopen. De tas heeft een doos aan de bovenkant die zegt om je sticker daar te plakken.

  • BottleDrop verandert de regels meerdere keren per jaar, dus het is het beste om te controleren op wat de huidige regels ook zijn.
  • Bag drop-off is gemakkelijk te gebruiken. Door ze zelf in te wisselen in plaats van ze op de stoeprand te plaatsen, helpt dit om het aantal aaseters die langs je huis komen te verminderen.
  • Probeer de tas indien mogelijk buiten het bereik van andere mensen te houden om knoeien of diefstal te voorkomen. Er zijn meldingen geweest van diefstal / inbraak gericht op het drop-off depot.


  • Het oogsten van containers uit recyclingopslagplaatsen die van anderen zijn of die bestemd zijn om te worden opgehaald aan de stoeprand, is een misdaad.
  • De labels die je bij de kiosk print, koppelen de tassen aan je account. U krijgt geen krediet als u vergeet uw label te bevestigen.

Het is illegaal om te proberen containers terug te brengen die van buiten Oregon zijn binnengebracht.

  • Groene tassen worden alleen opgeslagen op specifieke winkellocaties met een inleverkluis.

Cara Menebus Deposit Bot Oregon Menggunakan BottleDrop – Tips


  • Langkah-langkah
  • Soalan dan Jawapan Komuniti
  • Petua
  • Amaran

Bahagian lain

Di Oregon, anda dikenakan deposit sebanyak $ 0.10 setiap bekas untuk kebanyakan minuman dalam bekas logam, plastik dan kaca dan anda akan mendapatkannya semula apabila anda menyerahkannya. Wain, minuman keras dan susu; serta apa-apa dalam kadbod kertas atau balang galon tidak mempunyai deposit. Apabila anda membeli minuman dengan deposit, anda akan melihat item baris berasingan untuk deposit botol pada resit .. Terdapat dua cara untuk menebus deposit. Arahan ini adalah untuk perkhidmatan beg-dan-jinjing “beg hijau” yang disebut BottleDrop Express yang tidak memerlukan penantian dalam talian. Anda menyediakan akaun dan mengosongkan kekosongan dalam beg sampah bersaiz “beg hijau” yang dilabelkan dengan label akaun anda di salah satu laman web drop-off. Mereka menghitungnya dan memasukkan dana ke dalam akaun anda dalam masa seminggu. Kaedah lain adalah menunggu sebaris, kemudian memasukkan bekas satu persatu ke dalam mesin.

Sekiranya anda menemui talian di pusat penebusan semasa membeli beg, anda boleh melangkau talian dan pergi ke meja jika anda baru membeli beg. Garisnya adalah untuk orang yang menggunakan tin secara manual untuk mengeluarkan wang tunai. Menempatkan bekas yang boleh dikembalikan dalam tong kitar semula di tepi jalan menarik pemulung dan wangi ke depan rumah anda, dan mengembalikannya sendiri adalah pilihan yang jauh lebih menarik kerana anda boleh mengembalikannya tanpa pengalaman bilik botol yang ditakuti.


Bahagian 1 dari 4: Menyiapkan Akaun BottleDrop

  1. Pergi ke dan cari pusat penebusan atau lokasi ekspres berhampiran anda. Ini adalah laman web rasmi satu-satunya pengendali penebusan berlesen negeri. Masukkan poskod anda dan periksa butang pilihan “Drop Green or Blue Bags”.
    • Langkau ke langkah 7 jika anda sudah mempunyai kad akaun BottleDrop.
  2. Klik pada lokasi yang ingin anda gunakan. Pastikan keterangan mengatakan bahawa lokasi ini menyokong pembuatan akaun. Semua pusat penebusan dan kebanyakan lokasi Express menyokongnya.
  3. Pergi ke lokasi yang anda pilih. Anda boleh membawa tong sampah dan botol dari rumah jika anda ingin membuangnya semasa lawatan yang sama.
  • Beli sebungkus 10 beg berharga $ 2 dan terapkan label yang anda cetak tadi.
  • Satu beg menyimpan sekitar 90-100 bekas 12oz.
  • Hanya lokasi kedai yang mempunyai drop-box yang membawa beg hijau kosong. Fred Meyer atau Safeway yang TIDAK mempunyai drop-box tidak menyimpan beg hijau kosong.

Bahagian 2 dari 4: Bekas Kembali

  1. Isi beg hijau dengan bekas yang boleh ditebus. Sekiranya anda tidak pasti mengenai perkara yang boleh ditebus, cari tanda “ATAU 10c” di bahagian atas atau sisi bekas. Mereka semua masuk bersama. Anda tidak perlu memisahkannya mengikut jenis atau ukuran bahan, namun jangan masukkan bekas yang hancur ke dalam beg.
    • Terdapat had berat 20 paun setiap beg yang relevan jika anda mempunyai banyak botol kaca. BottleDrop mengesyorkan agar tidak memasukkan lebih dari 30 botol kaca setiap beg. Turunkan beg dengan plastik dan aluminium untuk mengisinya.

Bahagian 3 dari 4: Pengeluaran Dana

  1. Tarik balik dana secara peribadi di kios.
  2. Pilih butang tunai dan bawa cetakan kepada juruwang jika anda memilih untuk mendapatkan wang tunai. Sebilangan kios akan memberi anda pilihan untuk mencetak kredit kedai bernilai 20% lebih nilai yang sah untuk pembelian di kedai itu dan bukannya wang tunai.
    • Anda tidak dapat mengeluarkan kredit kedai Plus, jadi hanya mengeluarkan apa yang boleh anda gunakan dalam perjalanan membeli-belah itu. Bonus 20% bermaksud jika anda mengeluarkan $ 10 dari akaun anda sebagai kredit kedai, ia akan bernilai $ 12 untuk pembelian.

Bahagian 4 dari 4: Buat akaun pilihan untuk kad anda

Pergi ke atau muat turun aplikasi Akaun BottleDrop untuk membuat akaun untuk kad anda. Ini adalah pilihan, tetapi sangat digalakkan.

    • Anda tidak perlu menyediakan akaun dalam talian untuk menurunkan beg dan mengeluarkan dana secara peribadi. Akaun ini membolehkan anda melihat baki akaun anda tanpa pergi ke kiosk dan menyediakan pemberitahuan teks ketika beg anda telah dihitung atau ketika dana dikeluarkan dari akaun anda.
    • Akaun ini juga memberi anda pilihan untuk menyumbangkan dana ke senarai organisasi bukan untung yang disenaraikan di laman web mereka jika anda merasa bersedekah. Anda mesti membuat akaun dalam talian jika anda ingin membuat sumbangan terus kepada badan amal menggunakan baki akaun anda.

Soalan dan Jawapan Komuniti

Saya mempunyai kad drop botol tetapi saya lupa nombor pin saya. Apa patut saya buat?

Hubungi nombor di bahagian belakang kad atau pergi ke pusat penebusan secara peribadi dan minta mereka menolong anda menetapkannya semula.

saya perlu memasukkan kod untuk mendapatkan kad baru, bagaimana saya melakukannya?

Apabila anda mengikuti langkah-langkahnya, anda akan mendapat kod melalui e-mel atau teks ke telefon anda. Pergi ke kios BottleDrop yang menyokong pembuatan akaun baru (kerana hanya mereka yang mempunyai kad di dalamnya), pergi untuk meneruskan permohonan, dan masukkan kod yang anda terima. Kod akan menarik permintaan permohonan / penggantian anda dan mengeluarkan kad anda.

Bagaimana saya mendapatkan kod BottleDrop supaya saya dapat kad?

Pergi ke halaman rasmi BottleDrop di masukkan kod pos anda dan tapis dengan “Drop Green or Blue Bags”. Lokasi tersebut mempunyai kios untuk membuat akaun baru. Bawa lesen memandu anda. Masuk ke dalam kedai dan buat akaun di kios. Anda akan mendapat kad anda setelah mengikuti langkah-langkahnya. Gunakan kad itu untuk mencetak label di kios yang sama.

Di mana saya meletakkan pelekat?

Anda mesti membeli beg hijau khusus. Beg itu mempunyai kotak berhampiran bahagian atas yang mengatakan meletakkan pelekat anda di sana.


  • BottleDrop mengubah peraturan beberapa kali dalam setahun, jadi sebaiknya periksa untuk mengetahui apa sahaja peraturan semasa.
  • Turun beg senang digunakan. Tebus sendiri dan bukannya meletakkannya di tong sampah membantu mengurangkan pemulung yang datang dari rumah anda.
  • Sekiranya boleh, cuba letakkan beg dari jangkauan orang lain untuk mengurangkan gangguan atau kecurian. Terdapat laporan mengenai pencurian / pencurian yang menargetkan depot penurunan.


  • Memungut bekas dari kitar semula kiriman yang menjadi milik orang lain atau disediakan untuk kitar semula yang diambil di tepi jalan adalah satu jenayah.
  • Label yang anda cetak di kios menghubungkan beg ke akaun anda. Anda tidak akan mendapat kredit sekiranya anda lupa melampirkan label anda.

Adalah tidak sah untuk mengembalikan bekas yang dibawa dari luar Oregon.

  • Beg hijau hanya disimpan di lokasi kedai tertentu yang mempunyai peti besi.

Video: Kako iskoristiti depozite u bocama Oregona pomoću BottleDrop: 15 koraka

  • Video: Welcome to BottleDrop Express


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    Ostali odjeljci

    U Oregonu vam se za većinu pića u metalnim, plastičnim i staklenim spremnicima naplaćuje polog od 0,10 američkih dolara po kontejneru i vraćate ga kad ih predate. Vino, alkoholna pića i mlijeko; kao i sve u papirnatim kartonima ili vrčevima od galona nema pologa. Kada kupujete pića s pologom, na potvrdi ćete vidjeti zasebnu stavku za polog boce .. Polog možete iskoristiti na dva načina. Ova se uputa odnosi na uslugu “zelene vreće” za vreće pod nazivom BottleDrop Express koja ne zahtijeva čekanje u redu. Postavite račun i ispraznite ga u vreću za smeće veličine “zelene vrećice” s oznakom vašeg računa na jednom od mjesta za odlaganje. Broje ih i uplaćuju sredstva na vaš račun u roku od tjedan dana. Druga metoda je čekanje u redu, a zatim unošenje kontejnera jedan po jedan u stroj.

    Ako naiđete na liniju u centru za otkup kada odete kupiti torbe, možete preskočiti red i otići do stola ako samo kupujete torbe. Linija je namijenjena ljudima koji ručno unovčavaju limenke kako bi ispratili novac. Postavljanje spremnika s povratom novca u kante za recikliranje privlače otpadnike i skitnice ispred vaše kuće, a njihovo vraćanje puno je atraktivnija opcija sada kada ih možete vratiti bez strašnog iskustva u bocama.


    Dio 1 od 4: Postavljanje BottleDrop računa

    1. Ići i pronađite centar za otkup ili ekspresno mjesto u vašoj blizini. Ovo je službeno web mjesto jedinog državnog operatora otkupa. Unesite poštanski broj i označite gumb “Spusti zelene ili plave vrećice”.
      • Prijeđite na korak 7 ako već imate karticu BottleDrop računa.
    2. Kliknite mjesto koje namjeravate koristiti. Obavezno navedite da opis opisuje da ovo mjesto podržava stvaranje računa. Svi centri za otkup i većina Express lokacija podržavaju ga.
    3. Idite na mjesto koje ste odabrali. Spremnike limenki i boca možete ponijeti od kuće ako ih se želite riješiti tijekom istog posjeta.
    • Kupite paket od 10 vrećica za 2 dolara i primijenite naljepnice koje ste ranije ispisali.
    • U jednu vrećicu stane oko 90-100 spremnika od 12 oz.
    • Samo mjesta na kojima se nalazi kutija za otpatke nose prazne zelene vrećice. Fred Meyer ili Safeway koji NEMAJU kutiju za odlaganje ne skladište prazne zelene vrećice.
  • Dio 2 od 4: Povratak kontejnera

    1. Napunite zelenu vreću spremnicima koji se mogu iskoristiti. Ako niste sigurni što je moguće iskoristiti, potražite oznaku “ILI 10c” na vrhu ili boku spremnika. Svi zajedno uđu. Ne trebate ih razdvajati prema vrsti ili veličini materijala, međutim ne stavljajte zdrobljene posude u vreću.
      • Postoji ograničenje težine od 20 kg po vrećici što je važno ako imate puno staklenih boca. BottleDrop preporučuje da se u vreću ne stavlja više od 30 staklenih boca. Vreće prelijte plastikom i aluminijom kako biste ih napunili.

    Dio 3 od 4: Povlačenje sredstava

    1. Podignite sredstva osobno na kiosku.
    2. Odaberite gumb za gotovinu i odnesite ispis na blagajnu ako odlučite dobiti novac. Neki kiosk pružit će vam mogućnost ispisa kredita u trgovini čija je vrijednost 20% veća od vrijednosti koja vrijedi za kupnju u toj trgovini, umjesto gotovine.
      • Ne možete unovčiti kredit Plus u trgovini, pa povucite samo ono što možete koristiti na tom putovanju za kupnju. Bonus od 20% znači da ako sa svog računa povučete 10 USD kao kredit u trgovini, vrijedi za 12 USD u kupnji.

    Dio 4 od 4: Stvorite neobavezni račun za svoju karticu

    Idite na ili preuzmite aplikaciju BottleDrop Account da biste stvorili račun za svoju karticu. To nije obavezno, ali se toplo preporučuje.

      • Ne morate postaviti mrežni račun da biste predali prtljagu i osobno podizali sredstva. Račun vam omogućuje da vidite stanje na računu bez odlaska na kiosk i postavite tekstnu obavijest kada je vaša torba prebrojana ili kada se sredstva povuku s vašeg računa.
      • Račun vam također daje mogućnost doniranja sredstava na popis neprofitnih organizacija navedenih na njihovom web mjestu ako se osjećate dobrotvorno. Morate stvoriti mrežni račun ako želite donirati izravno u dobrotvorne svrhe koristeći stanje računa.

    Pitanja i odgovori zajednice

    Imam karticu za ispuštanje boca, ali zaboravio sam svoj pin broj. Što da napravim?

    Nazovite broj na poleđini kartice ili osobno idite u centar za otkup i zamolite ih da vam pomognu resetirati.

    trebam unijeti kod da bih dobio novu karticu, kako to učiniti?

    Kad slijedite korake, na vaš telefon e-poštom ili SMS-om dobivate kôd. Idite na kiosk BottleDrop koji podržava stvaranje novog računa (jer samo oni imaju kartice unutra), idite na nastavak aplikacije i unesite kôd koji ste dobili. Kôd će povući vaš zahtjev / zahtjev za zamjenu i izdati vam karticu.

    Kako mogu dobiti BottleDrop kod kako bih mogao dobiti karticu?

    Idite na službenu stranicu BottleDrop na unesite svoj poštanski broj i filtrirajte prema “Spustite zelene ili plave vrećice”. Ta mjesta imaju kiosk za stvaranje novog računa. Ponesite vozačku dozvolu. Uđite u trgovinu i otvorite račun na kiosku. Karticu ćete dobiti nakon što slijedite korake. Pomoću te kartice ispišite naljepnice na istom kiosku.

    Gdje mogu smjestiti naljepnice?

    Morate kupiti namjensku zelenu torbu. Torba na vrhu ima kutiju na kojoj piše da tamo stavite naljepnicu.


    • BottleDrop mijenja pravila nekoliko puta godišnje, pa je najbolje provjeriti ima li trenutnih pravila možda.
    • Odlaganje torbe jednostavno je za upotrebu. Iskupite ih sami, umjesto da ih stavite na kantu za rublje, smanjuje količinu smeća koja dolazi kod vas.
    • Kad je moguće, pokušajte staviti vrećicu izvan dohvata drugih ljudi kako biste smanjili neovlašteno miješanje ili krađu. Bilo je izvještaja o krađi / provali usmjerenoj prema odlagalištu.


    • Sakupljanje spremnika iz spremišta za reciklažu koji pripadaju drugima ili su postavljeni za recikliranje, odvoziti na ivičnjak, zločin je.
    • Etikete koje ispisujete na kiosku povezuju torbe s vašim računom. Nećete dobiti nikakav kredit ako zaboravite priložiti naljepnicu.

    Protuzakonito je pokušati vratiti kontejnere dovedene izvan Oregona.

    • Zelene vreće skladište se samo na određenim mjestima u kojima se nalazi trezor.

    Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative

      • 2.7 • 73 Ratings
      • Free


    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop


    BottleDrop is the easiest way to return Oregon deposit containers and get your refund. With the app, you can access your account card, view your account balance and bag history, update your information, receive account notifications, and find locations.

    What’s New

    * We’ve added a map to the Locations tab, making it even easier to find BottleDrop services near you.
    * You can now apply for a BottleDrop account from within the app.

    Ratings and Reviews


    This app works fine for finding Bottle Drop locations, viewing your balance, and tracking if/when your bags were counted. Unfortunately that’s all it’s good for. You won’t find the amount of your return for each bag, or your transaction history. The same is true for their Google Play app. The omission of this basic information is baffling, as transparency is necessary to maintain trust and integrity.

    Track your amount

    It’s up to you to track the amount deposited and location where it was made.
    Knowing your previous amount is crucial.
    Let BottleDrop know when there’s a mistake on your account.
    Food for thought, I always write the SQ # on my bag(s) and how much it weighs, location dropped off and date. Also, take a picture before depositing the bags.

    Glitch, Please!

    Generally more trouble than it’s worth. Half the time I can’t get it to pull my account up while using the phones data and can only access over WiFi. Not helpful when you’re standing at the stop off trying to scan your UPC to get the door to open.
    The last 3 days I’ve tried to drop off full bags and my UPC won’t open the door, rendering this app completely useless.

    App Privacy

    The developer, Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative , indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

    Data Linked to You

    The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

    Data Not Linked to You

    The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

    Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More

    Kako unovčiti vloge v steklenicah Oregona s pomočjo BottleDrop – Nasveti


    • Koraki
    • Vprašanja in odgovori skupnosti
    • Nasveti
    • Opozorila

    Drugi oddelki

    V Oregonu vam za večino pijač v kovinskih, plastičnih in steklenih posodah plačajo varščino v višini 0,10 USD na posodo, ki jo dobite nazaj, ko jih predate. Vino, alkohol in mleko; kot tudi karkoli v papirnatih škatlah ali vrčih z galono nima varščine. Ko kupujete pijače z varščino, boste na računu videli ločeno postavko za polog steklenice. Kavcijo lahko unovčite na dva načina. To navodilo velja za storitev “zelene vrečke”, ki se imenuje BottleDrop Express in ne zahteva čakanja v vrsti. Nastavite račun in ga izpraznite v “zelene vrečke” v velikosti vrečke za smeti, označene z oznako vašega računa, na enem od odložnih mest. Preštejejo jih in v roku enega tedna nakažejo sredstva na vaš račun. Druga metoda je čakanje v vrsti, nato pa posode posamično podajamo v stroj.

    Če pri nakupu kovčkov v centru za odkup naletite na črto, jo lahko preskočite in pojdite na mizo, če samo kupujete torbe. Linija je namenjena ljudem, ki ročno unovčujejo pločevinke, da izplačajo gotovino. Postavitev zabojnikov, ki jih je mogoče vrniti v zabojnike za recikliranje, privabi smetarje in potepuhe pred vašo hišo, njihovo vračanje pa je zdaj veliko bolj privlačna možnost, saj jih lahko vrnete brez strašne izkušnje s steklenico.


    1. del od 4: Nastavitev računa BottleDrop

    1. Pojdi do in poiščite odkupni center ali izrecno lokacijo v svoji bližini. To je uradna spletna stran edinega državnega operaterja odkupa. Vnesite svojo poštno številko in preverite gumb “Spustite zelene ali modre vrečke”.
      • Preskočite na 7. korak, če že imate kartico za račun BottleDrop.
    2. Kliknite lokacijo, ki jo nameravate uporabiti. Prepričajte se, da opis opisuje, da ta lokacija podpira ustvarjanje računa. Podpirajo jo vsi odkupni centri in večina Express lokacij.
    3. Pojdite na izbrano lokacijo. Skrbico pločevink in steklenic lahko prinesete od doma, če se jih želite znebiti med istim obiskom.
    • Kupite paket 10 vrečk za 2 USD in pritrdite nalepke, ki ste jih prej natisnili.
    • Ena vrečka vsebuje približno 90-100 posod z 12 oz.
    • Samo lokacije, na katerih je odlagališče, imajo prazne zelene vrečke. Fred Meyer ali Safeway, ki Nimajo odlagališča, ne shranjujte praznih zelenih vrečk.

    Del 2 od 4: Vrnitev zabojnikov

    1. V zeleno vrečko napolnite posode, ki jih je mogoče unovčiti. Če niste prepričani, kaj je mogoče unovčiti, poiščite oznako “ALI 10c” na vrhu ali strani posode. Vsi skupaj vstopijo. Ni vam jih treba ločevati po vrsti materiala ali velikosti, vendar zdrobljenih posod ne dajte v vrečo.
      • Obstaja omejitev teže 20 lbs na vrečko, ki je pomembna, če imate veliko steklenic. BottleDrop priporoča, da v vrečko ne vstavljate več kot 30 steklenic. Vreče prelijte s plastiko in aluminijem, da jih razsute.

    Del 3 od 4: Črpanje sredstev

    1. Sredstva dvignite osebno v kiosku.
    2. Izberite gumb za gotovino in odnesite izpis na blagajno, če se odločite za gotovino. Nekateri kioski vam bodo omogočili, da namesto gotovine natisnete dobroimetje v trgovini, vrednoteno na 20% večjo vrednost, veljavno za nakup v tej trgovini.
      • Dobroimetja v trgovini Plus ne morete unovčiti, zato dvignite samo tisto, kar lahko uporabite pri nakupovalnem potovanju. 20% bonus pomeni, da če z računa dvignete 10 USD kot dobroimetje v trgovini, velja približno 12 USD za nakup.

    4. del od 4: Ustvarite neobvezni račun za svojo kartico

    Pojdite na ali prenesite aplikacijo BottleDrop Account, da ustvarite račun za svojo kartico. To ni obvezno, vendar močno priporočljivo.

      • Za odlaganje prtljage in osebno dvigovanje sredstev vam ni treba nastaviti spletnega računa. Račun vam omogoča, da vidite stanje na svojem računu, ne da bi obiskali kiosk, in nastavite besedilno obvestilo, ko je vaša torba prešteta ali ko se z vašega računa dvignejo sredstva.
      • Račun vam omogoča tudi doniranje sredstev na seznam neprofitnih organizacij, navedenih na njihovi spletni strani, če se počutite dobrodelno. Če želite prispevati neposredno v dobrodelne namene z uporabo stanja na računu, morate ustvariti spletni račun.

    Vprašanja in odgovori skupnosti

    Imam kartico za spuščanje steklenice, vendar sem pozabil številko PIN. Kaj naj naredim?

    Pokličite številko na hrbtni strani kartice ali osebno pojdite v odkupni center in jih prosite, naj vam pomagajo pri ponastavitvi.

    moram vnesti kodo, da dobim novo kartico, kako to naredim?

    Ko sledite korakom, dobite kodo po e-pošti ali pošljete SMS v telefon. Pojdite na kiosk BottleDrop, ki podpira ustvarjanje novega računa (ker samo tisti imajo kartice znotraj), nadaljujte s prijavo in vnesite kodo, ki ste jo prejeli. Koda bo povlekla vašo prijavo / zahtevo za zamenjavo in vam izdala kartico.

    Kako dobim kodo BottleDrop, da dobim kartico?

    Pojdite na uradno stran BottleDrop na naslovu v svoji poštni številki in filtrirajte po možnosti “Spustite zelene ali modre vrečke”. Na teh lokacijah je kiosk za ustvarjanje novega računa. S seboj prinesite vozniško dovoljenje. Pojdite v trgovino in ustvarite račun na kiosku. Ko sledite navodilom, boste kartico dobili. S to kartico natisnite nalepke na istem kiosku.

    Kam namestim nalepke?

    Kupiti morate namensko zeleno vrečko. Torba ima na vrhu škatlo, na kateri piše, naj tja nalepi svojo nalepko.


    • BottleDrop pravila spreminja večkrat na leto, zato je najbolje, da preverite, ali so trenutno veljavna pravila.
    • Odlaganje vrečke je enostavno za uporabo. Če jih odkupite sami, namesto da jih postavite na robnik, zmanjšate smetarje, ki prihajajo iz vaše hiše.
    • Če je mogoče, poskušajte vrečko postaviti izven dosega drugih, da preprečite nedovoljeno poseganje ali krajo. Obstajajo poročila o kraji / vlomu, ki so usmerjena na odlagališče.


    • Nabiranje zabojnikov iz odlagališč za recikliranje, ki pripadajo drugim ali so namenjeni za recikliranje, je odvzeto na robniku.
    • Nalepke, ki jih natisnete na kiosku, vrečke povezujejo z vašim računom. Če pozabite priložiti nalepko, ne boste prejeli nobenega kredita.

    Nezakonito je poskušati vrniti zabojnike, pripeljane izven Oregona.

    • Zelene vrečke so na zalogi samo na določenih lokacijah trgovin, ki imajo odprt trezor.

    The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative has expanded access to its popular green bag account program by opening a new BottleDrop Express location in Sisters.

    A new BottleDrop Express is now open at Rays Food Place, 635 N. Arrowleaf Trail. This is the first BottleDrop Express site in Sisters.

    BottleDrop Express locations are open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. every day, making them the most convenient way to redeem deposit containers. BottleDrop Express offers a secure drop door, so consumers can quickly and easily drop off bags of redeemable containers.

    To use BottleDrop Express, customers simply sign up for an account at the kiosk and pick up their BottleDrop green bags inside the store. Then they can drop their full green bags through the drop door. Bags will be picked up and counted by staff and then deposits, minus a small processing fee, are credited to customers’ accounts within five business days. An average bag holds about $7 worth of deposits.

    There are now 23 BottleDrop Redemption Centers and 12 Express locations around the state. New BottleDrop centers are in high demand with this year’s expansion of more containers to Oregon’s bottle deposit system.

    OBRC is the industry steward of Oregon’s bottle deposit and redemption system. Its 400 employees collect containers from more than 2,500 locations and recycle more than 138 million pounds of glass, plastic, and aluminum each year.

    As a not-for-profit cooperative of 108 Oregon beverage distribution companies, OBRC is committed to the responsible management and return of deposits. They return deposits only for those containers that have been purchased with a deposit in Oregon.

    Cross-platform integration to repurpose code across iOS and Android platforms reduced development time and saved money

    10,000 Users in First Month

    In the first month the app usage grew to nearly 10,000 users on both iOS and Android devices

    30,000 New Program SignUps

    In the quarter of app launch, BottleDrop had nearly 30,000 new Green Bag sign ups to their recycling program

    The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) recycles over 1.1 billion containers per year and is committed to reducing litter and making recycling an easy, enjoyable process. This not only benefits the environment, it puts money back in the average citizen’s pocket – with the increase in value for recycling (from 5¢ to 10¢ April 2017) it has never been more appealing.

    Plus, OBRC makes recycling services easy to participate in with its BottleDrop system for redeeming bottles and cans in Oregon. You collect your recyclables, put them in your bartagged BottleDrop bag, and drop them off at a participating redemption center. From there, you can access your balance through your BottleDrop account and redeem your deposit from stores all across Oregon.

    As successful as this program is, OBRC wanted to make it even easier to recycle so that more people would actively participate. After realizing that a large percentage of their BottleDrop users were accessing the site with mobile devices, OBRC partnered with DevelopmentNow to create an app to bring this process into the modern, digital world.

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    The Challenge – Modernizing Recycling

    Our goal was to help OBRC create and launch an app that makes it easier for users to connect with their services, and increase the number of Oregonians who are actively recycling. With the users being accustomed with the BottleDrop streamlined process, we wanted to make sure that the app brought this experience into our digital and mobile-first culture and added value to the user.

    Our challenge was making the app feel seamless with the website experience, getting the app on the market as quickly as possible for people to enjoy its functionality, and building the app to be usable across all devices.

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    The Solution – Putting the User First

    Through our Discovery Process we found that the functionalities most important to our client in the initial launch of the app were: participating store locations, account information, and BottleDrop Redemption Center information. These key functionalities allow the user to have timely access to their current account balance and history, find a kiosk near them, and easily update their personal information. The app also needed to allow the user to receive important push notifications about their account such as updates to their Bag Credit when their bags have been counted and when withdrawals are completed after they take money out. Plus, OBRC wanted to give users the option to donate to featured charities through BottleDrop Give via the app.

    We not only wanted the function to be familiar and intuitive to the user, we also wanted to be sure that the design of the app had a visual continuity with their existing digital presence. Our team worked with BottleDrop to both design and build the app in alignment with their brand guidelines.

    We were prepared to take on this challenge and come up with creative technological and design solutions. Plus, our Lead Developer on this project was an active BottleDrop user, so he intimately knew what features the app would need to include.

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    The Technology – Building the App With React Native

    Our team has successfully built apps that work across all platforms before, so we knew from the start that we would want to use React Native for BottleDrop’s app. Android and iOS have very different languages and nuances to their app development process, but React Native allows us to repurpose code across both platforms reducing development time and saving money. The functionality is similar to JavaScript or Objective-C, but we find that React Native-controlled navigation is faster and the UX is more user friendly.

    In addition to ensuring that the app was visually and functionally similar to their site, we also needed to integrate it with the same database and API infrastructure. We worked closely with the OBRC team to merge with the existing systems and website backend to pull accurate data like account balances and locations into the app for an even more seamless user experience.

    After developing the app, we submitted them both for approval and ultimately saw the apps through to their launches on Apple and Android stores. There are many different considerations that both Apple and Android use to measure apps, which can make it challenging to get an app approved. Our team is well-versed in this process so we made sure that OBRC was successfully able to add the BottleDrop app to the respective stores.

    “DevelopmentNow was easy to work with as we created our first app. They were extremely responsive and produced all elements on time.” – Cherilyn Bertges, BottleDrop Give Program Manager

    The Results – BottleDrop Continues to Grow

    In the first month the app usage grew to nearly 10,000 users on both iOS and Android devices. This last quarter, BottleDrop had nearly 30,000 new Green Bag sign ups to their recycling program. In addition, they are developing five new Return Centers and 10 new BottleDrop Express sites. There were also over two million containers redeemed through BottleDrop and the OBRC processed a truly incredible amount of containers – the total weight was equal to 234 gray whales!

    “This app lets me find BottleDrop locations, check my balance, and donate to charity if I want. Really helpful!” – PDXHunter

    By bringing the recycling process into the digital age, putting users first, and modernizing a beneficial environmental practice, we are hoping to help OBRC increase awareness and ease of recycling.

    Find the app here for iOS and Android. Are your users ready to go mobile? We can help. Contact us today.

    ALBANY, Ore. (AP) — Albany’s BottleDrop Oregon Redemption Center has been bustling since April 1, when Oregon’s deposit on cans and bottles doubled to 10 cents.

    The local facility received roughly 400,000 to 450,000 containers a week over the past year, but that’s jumped to about 800,000 recently, said Jules Bailey, chief stewardship officer and director of external relations for Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, which owns BottleDrop sites across the state.

    “We’ve seen huge demand statewide since it went to 10 cents,” Bailey said.

    Oregonians cash in on increased refund for bottles, cans

    The doubled rate of cans returned for refund at the Albany BottleDrop might not be sustainable, as some residents hoarded cans for months waiting for the 10-cent deposit. But Bailey expects Oregon to see a significant increase over its 64.5 percent return rate for 2015.

    Peter Spendelow of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality guessed the return rate might climb back to 80 percent thanks to the 10-cent deposit.

    “Other places with higher refund values have higher redemption rates. It seems like the two are related,” said Spendelow, a policy analyst in the department’s materials management section.

    “I think this is really important. The one thing I like about the bottle bill is it creates a really great stream of recyclable material. We want the stuff to actually be used again,” he added.

    Happening at the Capitol this week: taxes, guns, financial abuse and prison crafters


    BottleDrop has 19 centers in Oregon and six under development, including one in Corvallis that should open up this fall, Bailey said.

    “We are in the stages of making sure we get all the retailers signed off on it and the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission),” he added. More details about the Corvallis center will be released later in April or early in May, Bailey said.

    The organization also has 12 “BottleDrop Express” locations scheduled to open before the end of 2017. The BottleDrop Express sites essentially are modified shipping containers where rural residents can drop off cans and bottles. Bailey said that the Lebanon and Sweet Home area might get a BottleDrop Express, rather than a full redemption center, sometime in the future.

    Jim Crover of Sweet Home hopes to get a BottleDrop location closer to his home. “I know a lot of guys who come this way,” Crover said, as he returned cans at the Albany BottleDrop.

    The best spot to return cans in Sweet Home is Safeway, but the few machines there are always busy, or some of them might be out of order because of the high volume, he said.

    Crover added that, with the increase to 10 cents, more people were returning cans. “It’s a good thing,” he said.

    Tasha Marshall of Shedd agreed that the increased deposit would encourage people to return containers rather than throwing them away or putting them in curbside recycling bins. “You’re paying 10 cents now. You really want to get that back,” she said.

    Like Crover, Marshall thinks that the BottleDrop sites are more convenient than using grocery stores’ return machines.

    “There are a lot more machines available. You get your money right on the spot. You don’t have to stand in line, and the ones at the stores always break down a lot,” Marshall said.

    What to mark on your calendar in May


    An OLCC report from February shows that recycling rates have increased around three of the four locations where BottleDrop sites opened in 2015, including Albany.

    In Albany, for example, retailers within the two-mile radius of the BottleDrop saw 17.5 million cans returned in 2014. The Albany BottleDrop opened in August 2015, and the returns in the area that year jumped to 19.1 million cans (both at the redemption center and retailers.)

    Christie Scott, OLCC spokeswoman, said that when a redemption center opens in a community, bottle return rates at retailers, including grocery and convenience stores, decline significantly. At the same time, return rates at redemption centers have steadily increased.

    However, the data doesn’t take into account residents from Sweet Home, Shedd and other areas who prefer to use the BottleDrop sites to return their containers.

    Zach Stratton, Fred Meyer spokesman, called BottleDrop sites clean and organized, and added that they have been a win-win for grocery stores and customers.

    He said that bottle return machines at groceries are hard to maintain. “It’s one more thing for our associates to keep up on in an already busy store,” Stratton said.

    Spendelow said that the BottleDrop sites have been positive for the state. “Like many other people, I had concerns about it,” he said.

    But the BottleDrop sites have proven reliable and efficient, Spendelow said. The green bag accounts, which he termed “valet recycling,” also save residents plenty of time, Spendelow said.

    Customers looking to redeem their items at BottleDrop sites can use individual machines, a service counter or open a green bag bottle drop account.

    When customers use the machines, they can take receipts to an automated pay station inside the site to get cash, or add the total to their accounts.

    The bottle drop account system is another convenient method. Customers get green plastic bags from their BottleDrop site, and the bags have a bar code for account identification. Residents can then drop the bags off at the BottleDrop at any time of the day or night.

    Employees will process the bags and add the total to customers’ accounts. Bags cost roughly 40 cents each for purchase and processing.

    Once customers want to redeem their accounts, whether they use the machines or green bags, they can also go to participating groceries that have BottleDrop kiosks. They can print out a receipt and get cash back at checkout, or use a voucher worth 20 percent more at that specific store.


    Oregon passed the nation’s first bottle bill in 1971 to address a growing trash problem along beaches, highways and other public areas. Since that time, the percentage of containers in roadside litter has dropped from 40 percent to 6 percent, according to the OLCC, which was given authority to administer and enforce the Oregon Bottle Bill.

    In 2011, the Oregon Legislature passed a bill that set a trigger for the deposit to increase to 10 cents, but not before 2017, if the recycling rate fell below 80 percent for two consecutive years.

    The state actually has recorded at least four straight years below that mark, according to OLCC data. In 2012 and 2013 Oregonians returned 71 percent of cans and bottles with deposit, and that dropped to 68.3 percent in 2014. Data on 2016 return rates will be available in August.

    Deposits on containers not returned for refund are kept by distributors.

    In 2018, all beverages sold in bottles in cans from 4 ounces to 1.5 liters, except wine, liquor, dairy or milk substitutes, will be added to the bottle bill, according to the OLCC.

    That will include sports drinks, tea, coffee, hard cider, fruit juice, kombucha and coconut water. Metal cans that require a can opener won’t be subject to the changes.

    “We needed these sorts of changes to the bottle bill,” Spendelow said.

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledropThe Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) will award citizens for recycling less by increasing the statewide beverage container redemption value from 5 cents to 10 cents per bottle or can beginning April 1, 2017.

    That’s no April Fool’s joke. A state legislative dictate, House Bill 3145, says if the return rate of beverage containers falls below 80 percent for two consecutive years — it fell to 68.26 percent in 2014 and 64.45 percent in 2015 — the redemption value per container will double.

    Frank Cutsforth, owner of Cutsforth’s Thriftway, said that although there are three beverage container recycling centers in Canby — one each at Fred Meyer, Cutsforth’s and Safeway — a BottleDrop redemption center is needed in Canby because the closest such facility is in Oregon City.

    “It’s a better way of handling it for one because people coming into the grocery store, both customers and employees, hate the mess and the odor it creates in the back room, or outside the store,” Cutsforth said. “It’s really not conducive to a grocery store because of the sanitation part of it. It would be nice for our customers in Canby to have one place to return all of their bottles and cans.”

    BottleDrop redemption centers enable customers to bring as many as 50 containers of returnable bottles and cans per day to staff members, use a drop-off service that’s open 24 hours each day, or use self-service machines to redeem as many as 350 individual containers daily. Regular customers can use pre-labeled bags that can be brought in at any time, and customers also can open an account to hold their deposit refunds and withdraw them at a later date or donate the money to the nonprofit of their choosing.

    Senator Alan Olsen (R-Canby) is working with Cutsforth to find a location.

    At first, Cutsforth and Olsen were considering an existing space in the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park, but the building’s owners were not interested in opening a BottleDrop Redemption Center on their property.

    “There was a new one we were looking at that didn’t want it because they are kind of dirty,” Olsen said. “So, where do we put it?”

    Canby Economic Development Director Renate Mengelberg assisted Cutsforth and Olsen in their search for a suitable location, but the commercial real estate market here is so tight, and with existing concerns about the messy nature of the redemption sites, no solid prospects have emerged.

    “We did not have any buildings to meet their requirements, although it would be a great service to Canby residents,” Mengelberg said. “I am glad that community leaders are working together to make this happen.”

    The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative (OBRC) is the organization that operates BottleDrop redemption centers. The OBRC manages the flow of beverage container deposits, reimburses grocery retailers for the refunds paid to the public, and picks up and processes all returnables in the state, as well as operating all 16 BottleDrop redemption centers in Oregon.

    OBRC spokeswoman Cherilyn Bertges said the centers vary in size from 4,000 square feet to 8,000 square feet depending on the size of the local market, and that the OBRC, which uses no tax dollars to fund its operations, has not received complaints from the neighbors of any of its facilities.

    “We had a little concern initially (about odors and garbage) with what the center would be like but we’ve not had a lot of problems with that because any odors associated with the center really are contained inside — it’s no something that wafts out,” Bertges said. “Plus, we have a clear recycling stream that doesn’t smell like roses but we’re only dealing with three material types so there is not a lot of contamination. We also have security guards and cameras, and on-site staff at each location to manage issues with shopping carts, garbage or loitering.”

    One OLCC requirement, convenience rules, works in Cutsforth’s and Olsen’s favor. The commission established the rules to make sure returning beverage containers to collect the deposit at a BottleDrop center remains convenient for the public. The rules state that only large retailers — those with 5,000 square feet or more of store space — may use a BottleDrop center’s services as long as they are located within a three-mile radius of an OBRC facility. That puts all of Canby in play, Cutsforth said.

    “It’s hard to find land in Canby to put it in, both because land is so expensive and because there’s not much of it,” Cutsforth said. “It’d be great to have one here but it’s all predicated on finding a site.”

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledropYour local supermarket may stop accepting bottle and cans for deposit during the “statewide freeze” designed to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

    Grocers and other retailers will not be required to comply with Bottle Bill redemption requirements beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 18, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has announced.

    “Retailers that choose to do so can still accept containers for redemption,” the OLCC said in a release. But “if stores don’t take back empty beverage containers, the OLCC will not issue them a notice of violation.”

    Supermarkets will be limited to 75% of approved occupancy during the freeze.

    But don’t expect to save a dime on that can of pop, as the 10-cent deposit will still be charged for all canned or bottled beverages, excepting liquor, wine, milk and infant formula. BottleDrop redemption centers, however, will remain open — as will BottleDrop express drop sites and Dealer Redemption Centers.

    The statewide freeze will last for two weeks across all of Oregon, and twice that for at least Multnomah County. The OLCC says stores will have five days to begin re-accepting empty cans once the freeze expires in their jurisdiction.

    “Consumers in communities without redemption centers should store bottles and cans until redemption services fully resume,” according to the release.

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    End-to-end technology solution includes RVMs, processing equipment and cash settlement tools

    This is the first installation of this type to utilize TOMRA technology for multiple facets – ‘front end’ customers, ‘back of house’ processing, and cash settlement.

    Shelton, CT (PRWEB) March 21, 2012

    TOMRA of North America, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of TOMRA Systems ASA and leading global provider of advanced recycling solutions, today announced that it has completed installation of advanced recycling technology at the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative’s (OBRC) new 7,000-square-foot redemption center in Salem, Oregon. TOMRA is providing the innovative new facility – called the BottleDrop Redemption Center – with reverse vending machines (RVMs), pre-sorting equipment and an InstaDeem cash redemption kiosk.

    The BottleDrop Redemption Center, operated and funded by OBRC in partnership with participating grocery retailers, is a new model for bottle redemption in Oregon. In a shift from the state’s original “return to retailer” structure, participating retailers within 1.5 miles of the center – at 4815 Commercial Street SE in Salem – will no longer be required to accept deposit containers from customers.

    The new facility, which opens this week, is designed for optimal customer convenience. Six TOMRA T820 RVMs will accept up to 300 containers per customer per day, at a speed of up to one container per second. Each T820 machine can accept glass, plastic and aluminum through one receptacle. Customers with only aluminum cans to recycle can use TOMRA’s CanDo machines, which provide bulk collection of 12-16 ounce aluminum cans.

    Customers can redeem their cash deposits at a TOMRA InstaDeem kiosk. The easy-to-use kiosk recognizes and verifies RVM receipts and disburses cash in bills and coins. For customers who prefer to drop off bags of recyclables using the center’s EZ Drop System, staff members will use TOMRA pre-sorting equipment, as well as two back-of-house T820s, to process the containers. A credit will then be issued to the customer’s BottleDrop account.

    “This is the first installation of this type to utilize TOMRA technology for multiple facets – ‘front end’ customers, ‘back of house’ processing, and cash settlement. OBRC has delivered a unique and impressive full-service redemption center solution, and we are pleased to work with such a progressive and innovative partner,” said Ernie Argenio, Vice President, Business Development at TOMRA.

    The fully-staffed center is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    About TOMRA
    TOMRA was founded on an innovation in 1972 that began with design, manufacturing and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers. Today TOMRA is active in more than 50 markets worldwide and had total revenue of approximately 3.5 billion NOK in 2010. TOMRA has over 1,800 employees and is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The TOMRA Group continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions for optimal resource productivity within two main business areas: Collection Solutions (reverse vending, material recovery and compaction industries) and Sorting Solutions (recycling, mining and food processing industries). TOMRA of North America, Inc. started operations in 1985 and is headquartered in Shelton, CT. For more information, visit or call 800-542-2569.

    About OBRC
    OBRC is a member-owned, cooperative corporation that acts on behalf of beverage distributors to administrate Oregon’s bottle bill, collecting and processing over 98% of all containers sold and redeemed throughout Oregon. With over 20 years of experience in bottle bill operations, OBRC picks up from nearly 3,000 grocery stores across Oregon then counts, sorts, crushes, bales and recycles millions of containers a day. The entire process is funded and managed by the beverage and the retail industries – at no cost to the taxpayer.

    Media Contact
    Patty Buchanan
    Fastlane on Behalf of TOMRA
    (973) 670-1203

    A perspective from Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley

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    “BottleDrop:” Why it matters

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    There’s remodeling going on inside the future redemption center on Santiam Highway S.E.

    Albany’s bottle and can redemption center has an Aug. 20 target date to open for business, and “so far we are on track,” Cherilyn Bertges of the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative says. Why should anyone care? Because sooner or later, the Oregon Bottle Bill will demand recycling of more types of beverage containers, and the availability of redemption centers is a factor in when that decision gets made.

    On June 19 the Recycling Cooperative won approval from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to open the first Albany redemption center or “BottleDrop” at 2141 Santiam Highway S.E., across Santiam from Bi-Mart and Fred Meyer. Major beverage retailers in the city plan to quit accepting empties when the center opens.

    Redemption centers were one of the elements of a law enacted in 2011 to expand the scope of the Oregon deposit law. When it was first enacted in 1971, the law required deposits on soft drink and beer containers. Water bottles were added in 2009. Now, consumers pay a 5-cent deposit on beer, soft drinks, water and flavored water in metal, plastic and glass containers of 3 liters or less. But eventually, the state Bottle Bill website reminds us all, the 2011 change :will expand types of containers requiring deposits to include juices, teas, coffees and sports drinks and any other beverage intended for human consumption except distilled liquor, wine, dairy and infant formula.

    The added containers will require a deposit on Jan. 1, 2018, “or one year after OLCC determines that at least 60 percent of beverage containers are returned to redemption centers (instead of stores), whichever comes first.” Also, the 2011 act says the deposit doubles to 10 cents per container “after the OLCC determines that, in each of two previous years, the number of containers returned was less than 80 percent of total number of beer, soft drink and water containers sold.”

    The state Bottle Bill site explains: “OLCC cannot make this determination, under the law, prior to Jan. 1, 2016, so the earliest the refund value could rise to 10 cents would be Jan.1, 2017.”

    It’s because of the law’s intent of requiring deposits for more types of containers that legislators allowed redemption centers. The goal was to relieve retailers of handling and storing tons of additional bottles and cans. Several cities in Oregon already have them. Now Albany is getting one. Bertges says the cooperative eventually hopes to have one in Corvallis too, but there are no current plans. The next ones are planned for Grants Pass and northeast Salem. (hh)

    6 responses to ““BottleDrop:” Why it matters”

    Different people had different goals to create this new system. One of the projected results is that as a percentage fewer bottles and cans will be returned as it limits the number venues where they can be returned. Not having to accept returns was attractive to large grocery operations, otherwise they would not have supported the legislation. The folks who could really make out on this are businesses in the soft drink and beer distribution business as they get to charge the extra 5 or 10 cents up front and the decreased redemption rate percentage is money in their pocket. People who are on EBT cards and would do anything for a quart of beer are winners. They just buy a case of water, dump it on the ground and then redeem the empties for cash. Beer money! The consumer loses as they have a specific designated spot that their bottles and cans have to be dropped off, which will take a bit more time. Small stores lose as they can’t afford the price of the redemption center contract and will be the consumers’ only choice other than the redemption center for returns. They likely will see an increase in the returns they have to handle, increasing their labor costs, without sales increases to offset those costs. Oh, and the environmentalists who thought this was a win for them, they likely lose as well as there will be more bottles and cans discarded instead of recycled. There were way too many special interests in this legislation and not enough common sense.

    I have questions. Many times we go to the store have to wait in line to get to a machine to return our deposits. Every time we go at least one of the machines isn’t working properly. Then we have to wait for some one to fix it, and sometimes they can’t for days. This redemption center site does not have adequate parking to take the place of every major store in town that collects for recycle. Where is everyone going to park? How many people will be working at one time? What kind of machines are they using? Does the public run them as is now the case or someone else? Do the machines count the bottles and cans? Will we be standing in even longer lines? The devil is in the details. If it takes too long or there are too many issues people will just toss it all in the trash. I have serious doubts about this.

    Excellent questions all. When this was brought before the city last year, in connection with another site, the cooperative said among other things that the place would be staffed during business hours, that customers could ask to have their returns counted, and that there would be provisions to return empties in bulk to be counted and credited to you without you having to wait. We’ll have to see how it actually works, but I’m not aware of problem reports from other cities where the centers have been in operation. (hh)

    The stores have no incentive to promptly repair their machines. They want to get out of having to deal with the recyclables THEY sell.
    I haven’t purchased a recyclable product since they announced the redemption center.
    It’s too much of a pain to have to make a special trip when one doesn’t own a car.

    I used the one in South Salem many times . The operation is very clean and efficient . Taking the burden off the retailers is a huge win . The bottle drop only does this one thing . I don’t think parking will be a issue since it’s so efficient . I highly recommend using the night drop as well . Once open Albany will LOVE this .

    The one in south Salem works great. Clean, fast and an attendant available.

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    Bottle & Can Deposit Increased to 10 cents on April 1st, 2017.

    Save those bottles and cans! Oregon was the first state to enact the Bottle Bill in 1971, and now we’re the first state in the nation to boost a previously established deposit amount. On April 1st our deposit went from 5 to 10 cents (even if it still says 5 cents on the label).

    According to the Oregon Beverage Redemption Center:

    Any beverage container with an Oregon refund value can be returned at BottleDrop. Please note that containers must have the brand name and/or the OR 10 marking legible to be redeemed. Containers purchased outside of Oregon do not have an Oregon refund value, even if they have the OR 10 refund value on the label. Knowingly returning containers purchased outside of Oregon is fraud and is punishable by law.

    Here is the information on which cans and bottles qualify straight from the OLCC website, although it is not exhaustive:

    Beverages in sizes 3 liters or less

    • Soda (carbonated/sparkling beverages)
    • Beer and other malt beverages
    • Water
    • Kombucha*
    • Hard Seltzer*

    *These beverages are currently redeemable even though they may not have OR 10¢ on the container. The deadline to include OR 10¢ is January 1, 2021.

    Beverages in sizes from 4 ounces up to and including 1.5 liters

    • Coffee/tea (even if they contain milk)
    • Energy and sports drinks
    • Fruit and vegetable juice (does not have to be 100%)
    • Smoothies and shakes
    • Aloe vera juice
    • Coconut water
    • Non‐alcohol wine
    • Drinking vinegar
    • Hard cider if 8.5% ABV or less
    • Marijuana beverages
    • Muscle Milk
    • Protein shakes (unless marketed as a liquid meal replacement)
    • Ready‐to‐drink cocktail mixers, like margarita mix or bloody Mary mix

    Rule of Thumb

    Generally, if you can pour it and drink it, it’s covered unless:

    • It’s one of the specifically excluded beverages (distilled spirits, wine, dairy milk, plant‐based milk, infant formula, and liquid meal replacements.
    • It’s in a carton, foil pouch, drink box, or metal container that requires a tool to be opened.

    A perspective from Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley

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    BottleDrop’s green bags: The money angle

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    A busy time at the Albany BottleDrop on Feb. 24, 2022.

    After a visit at the Albany BottleDrop last month to drop off a couple of green bags with empties, I got to thinking about the money angle involved in that particular chore.

    As you know, the BottleDrop in Albany and similar operations elsewhere were started so that participating retailers don’t have to deal with the dirty work of accepting and storing empty and unwashed containers that customers return for the deposit.

    For the convenience of people who don’t want to spend time feeding empties into the return machines, there is the green-bag program. Once you’ve set up an account, you get green plastic bags from the BottleDrop, attach a sticker that identifies the bag as coming from you, fill the bag with empties, and drop it off at the center, shoving it through an opening at the outside of the building.

    The Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative runs the BottleDrop centers. It has a website to explain the program. There, I found what it costs to take advantage of the green bags. I’ve used the bags for two or three years and should have looked that up sooner.

    The cooperative charges $2 for a pack of 10 bags, or 20 cents a bag. Then it charges 40 cents as a fee for handling each bag that is dropped off.

    If you buy soft drinks mostly in 2-liter bottles, and if you can get 20 of those bulky bottles into a bag, the containers in the bag bring a total refund of $2. Minus the purchase price of the bag and the handling fee, that should add $1.40 to your account.

    But if you returned the bottles individually, you’d get the full refund. The convenience of the green-bag program costs you 30 percent of the deposits you have paid.

    Small as the sums may be, the economics work out better if you buy beverages in only small cans. You can get many more of those into each bag, so your return per bag is greater. You also don’t have to go to the drop-off door as often.

    None of that, however, beats the convenience of returning empties one by one or in small batches to the store. That method is still available in at least one small Ray’s Food Place in Jackson County.

    There, they have a clean self-serve bottle return machine in a back room. When you go grocery shopping, you drop your empties in there and get the full refund when you check out.

    Too bad much of Oregon — and Albany too — got too big for a simple deposit-and-refund system like that. (hh)

    On environmental stewardship, Oregon leads the way with Bottle Bill.

    This year marks the 50 th anniversary of Oregon’s iconic Bottle Bill! In 1971, in response to litter plaguing Oregon’s landscapes, the Oregon legislature passed and Governor Tom McCall subsequently signed into law the “Oregon Beverage Container Act”. This bill led the nation in environmental stewardship by requiring stores that sell beverages in single-use containers (e.g. beer and soda) to redeem those containers for 5 cents per container.

    Prior to its enactment, Oregonians saw the raw impacts of single-use containers being discarded along Oregon’s beaches, rivers and roadsides across the state.

    This groundbreaking legislation responded to the growing eyesore of litter and enshrined Oregon’s pioneering and innovative public policy approach to preserve the Beaver state’s natural splendor. Protecting and preserving Oregon’s natural beauty is an environmental value that Oregonians are proud of and has served to attract many people to relocate to Oregon to enjoy all the northwest has to offer.

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    As Oregon’s population has continued to grow, the Bottle Bill has evolved with it to keep pace with innovation in the beverage industry.

    Whether it be the expansion of the program to cover more types of beverages (e.g. water bottles) or the advent of Oregon Recycling and Beverage Cooperative (OBRC) bottle drop locations and green bag program, the Bottle Bill program has continued to improve and provide Oregonians with options to recycle while diverting reusable materials from landfills.

    A major change in the bottle bill took place in 2017, when the refund value increased to ten cents per container, triggered because redemption rates had dropped below 80% which is the considered acceptable return rate by the Oregon legislature.

    The refund value increase provision was placed into the bill so that Oregonians would have an adequate incentive to ensure that containers were going into the recycling stream and staying out of the landfills.

    These modifications have been successful due to the partnership that exists to support the Bottle Bill Program. Specifically, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) works directly with OBRC, grocers, and other retailers to ensure that customers can redeem their containers.

    • How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop
    • How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop
    • How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    OBRC has continued to expand its footprint across the state to provide customers with more options to make returns. Currently, OBRC has 25 full-service redemption centers, BottleDrop Express stations, and dealer redemption centers where consumers can drop off bags of redeemable containers; funds are credited directly to a consumer’s OBRC account, which they can withdraw in cash or apply the funds as a credit at participating grocery stores.

    Recently, OBRC announced further expansion, with the construction of a new location in Coos Bay to open in 2022 increasing consolidated redemption service on Oregon’s southern coast.

    On Earth Day 2021, the Oregon Historical Society celebrated the Bottle Bill’s 50 th anniversary by hosting a panel discussion to discuss the evolution of the bottle bill and its current iteration. Panelists included: Vickie Berger, a former State Representative whose late father, Richard Chambers, is often recognized as the “true father” of the Bottle Bill; Jules Bailey chief stewardship officer, OBRC; Brent Walth, author of Gov. Tom McCall’s biography “Fire at Eden’s Gate”; and Becky Voelkel, Bottle Bill program manager OLCC. The panel discussed the progressive bi-partisan work that brought the bill to fruition and the innovations of the bottle bill over the past half-century. You can watch the discussion here!

    As summer approaches and Oregonians venture outside to enjoy Oregon’s natural beauty, it should be remembered that fifty years ago Oregon committed to fixing a problem that impacted all Oregonians: litter.

    Oregonians, whether they be outdoor enthusiasts or just admirers of nature, should be proud of our state’s commitment to a legacy of environmental stewardship.

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    • Drop Green or Blue Bags What does this mean? Find a full-service BottleDrop Redemption Center What does this mean? Get 20% more at BottleDrop Plus location What does this mean?
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    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    By Kiera Morgan:

    Local residents may notice some changes when it comes to bottle returns. Bottle Drop is a new system for redeeming bottles and cans in Oregon. With a clean and spacious indoor facility, friendly and helpful staff, and innovative new BottleDrop Account, returning deposit containers and collecting your refund fast will become even easier. The state is opening a bottle drop redemption center in Newport. Once it opens surrounding stores will no longer be accepting bottle and can returns starting in mid December.

    According to Joel Shoening with the bottle drop center the space will be inside, fully staffed and open 7-days a week. Shoening said when you sign up for a BottleDrop account, you’ll get your own account card, which will be credited every time you use the BottleDrop system then redeem your balance for cash at the BottleDrop Redemption Center. He said customers can also take advantage of the green bag program. “Customers can sign up for an account and take a green bag home then bring it back when it is full and drop it off. We will count it up and credit their account.”

    Shoening said the bottle drop program has worked well in other areas of the state where they have opened and the green bag program is especially popular serving nearly 300,000 households throughout the state. You can also return up to 350 bottles and cans per person, per day using the new state of the art reverse vending machines. Clients can receive their refund using the onsite pay station. They will also have customer service associates that can assist those using the efficient hand-count method. The staff does the counting, and then you can be on your way with the cash refund.

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to redeem oregon bottle deposits using bottledrop

    How to Account for Certificates of Deposit

    Many services require deposits on bottles or other rentable containers that are refunded when you return the container to the rental store. Because a bottle deposit is a refundable item, it is not an expense of the business unless you never receive the refund. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) considers refundable deposits made for the business an asset of the business as you have an expectation of the return of the money. Assets appear on a company’s balance sheet rather than the income statement and therefore do not impact operating income or expense.

    Create a Bottle Deposits account in the Assets section of the general ledger.

    Reduce the Checking account in the Asset section of the general ledger by the amount of money you paid for the bottle deposit and the substance purchased in the bottle. GAAP considers a decrease to an asset a “credit.”

    Increase the appropriate expense account in the Expense section of the general ledger by the cost of the substance purchased. For example, if you paid for a water bottle and water, you may record the cost of the water to the Office Expense account. GAAP considers an increase to an expense account a “debit.”

    Increase the Bottle Deposits account by the amount of money paid for the deposit on the bottle. This is also the amount you expect to receive when returning the bottle. GAAP considers an increase to an asset account a “debit.”

    When you receive the bottle deposit refund, increase your checking account and decrease the Bottle Deposits account by the amount received. This should zero out your Bottle Deposits account.

    If you are not certain how to account for secured deposits, consider hiring an accounting professional to assist you.