How to start a hot tub

One of the most common questions people have when first considering a hot tub is “How often will I really use it?” The answer to that question really depends on the hot tub you choose. If you choose well, and are committed to making your wellness a priority, you will find you use your hot tub much more than you originally expected.

You may have known someone who once owned a hot tub that sat, non-operational, and perhaps even falling apart, in the backyard for years. On the other hand, many Hot Spring ® spa owners report that they use their spa “every day… sometimes twice a day,” or they are “in it all the time” and “more often than we expected.” This is proof that not all hot tubs are created equal.

A hot tub should be looked at as an investment in a happier, healthier lifestyle, and not just as an entertainment or recreational item. In order to fully realize all the wonderful wellness benefits of hot tubbing, you need to use your hot tub often – make it a part of your daily routine. While life can get crazy at times, committing to spending just 15 minutes in your hot tub every morning or every evening can have a significant, positive impact on your health and outlook. Of course, you can only do this if you own a quality hot tub with features that make it easy to use, and position it somewhere that makes it very likely you will use it often.

Consider Quality Hot Tubs First

With this mindset, you should select a hot tub brand that you can count on for quality and longevity. Hot tubs can range significantly in price. So when thinking about the value of a hot tub, keep in mind that it is much better to purchase a more expensive model that you’ll use every day for the next ten years, than a lower-cost spa that you rarely use and stops working after only a couple years. There are a lot of hot tub manufacturers in the U.S., but only a few of them have a truly excellent reputation for quality, and customers who can confirm that their spas have lasted for decades. Talk to other people you know who own hot tubs and read reviews online to ensure you are choosing a brand that you can count on.

Consider Ease of Use

Consider investing in a spa with features that make ownership simple and easy – so that you spend most of your time enjoying your spa, rather than maintaining it. Hot tubs have come a long way in this area – with synthetic wood cabinets that are practically maintenance-free and advanced water care options that simplify water care. The FreshWater ® salt water system is one feature that helps ensure you will use your spa often, because it provides better water quality – meaning you won’t experience dry, itchy skin, red eyes, or that strong chlorinated smell that means you need to take a shower after exiting the spa. When you can go from the pillow of your hot tub, straight to the pillow of your bed, you are definitely going to use your spa more.

Consider Location, Location, Location

Do you have a spot at the far end of your backyard with an idyllic view you think would be perfect for your hot tub? We are here to tell you to think again. How often you use your spa is directly related to how close your spa is to your backdoor. On a dark morning, or when it’s freezing outside, are you really going to trek across the yard to get in the hot tub every day? Position your spa in close proximity to your home – near the backdoor or a door coming out of your bedroom. You will want your hot tub to be just a few steps away. If you are worried about noise, then be sure to choose a model with a dedicated circulation pump that quietly circulates the water 24 hours a day, eliminating the need for loud filtration cycles.

Your Wellness Awaits

We invite you to make your personal wellness a priority. You will find that when you use your spa often, you’ll feel better and get more out of each day. When you spend time in a Hot Spring spa, you are better in the water – physically; above the water – mentally; and better beyond the water – in all the things you do every day.


Wellness awaits you. Take the next step to owning a Hot Spring spa by exploring more.

How to start a hot tub

Enjoy Pristine Water with the Best Salt Water System for Hot Tubs

Say, “goodbye,” to hassle, and say, “hello,” to the revolutionary system in hot tub water care. It reduces the time you spend on cleaning and maintenance so you’ll have more time to spend unwinding in the water. With very simple, intuitive water care steps, your hot tub actually takes care of you. This breakthrough salt water system automatically generates its own cleaning power.

With that soothing water just a few steps from your back door, you don’t want to worry about water maintenance hassles. Instead, focus on the relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness benefits of hydrotherapy as a part of your inspired daily routine. Choosing a hot tub with the best salt water system makes water care easy, removing any maintenance concerns and opening the door to a truly stress-free soak.

How to start a hot tub

Meet the FreshWater ® Salt System

All 2019 Caldera ® Utopia ® Series and Paradise ® Series ship from the factory ready to use with the new FreshWater ® Salt System*. Hot tub water stays clean and fresh up to three times longer than with any other system. While bather load and water chemistry affect the life of the hot tub water, when these factors are accounted for and the spa is properly maintained, the FreshWater ® Salt System will keep water clean and clear for a year.

The FreshWater ® Salt System generates chlorine automatically from salt, using a replaceable titanium cartridge that lasts up to four months. Fewer chemicals are used to make the water last and each cartridge can be replaced in seconds directly from the spa’s bar top, without tools or dealer assistance. Plus, with the FreshWater ® Salt System, hot tub owners can save money and conserve water by reducing the frequency of water changes.

All of this adds up to worry-free care that results in softer, cleaner, and more pure spa water. Less maintenance also means more time to spend with your family or to relax alone to enjoy a transformative, restorative, and rejuvenating massage.

How to start a hot tub

The FreshWater ® Salt System Simplifies Water Care

Pure performance and less maintenance are why the FreshWater ® Salt System is the best salt water system for hot tubs. By creating small, steady amounts of chlorine from salt, the titanium cartridge-based FreshWater ® Salt System purifies spa water. All you have to do to keep your water fresh is follow the prompts on the control panel every 10 days, change the cartridge every four months, and replace the water once per year. This eliminates the need to continually add chlorine by hand, saving time and using fewer chemicals.

Since less sanitizer is used, spa water feels softer, smells better, and won’t irritate eyes or skin . Residues are reduced, so the water lasts far longer before it needs to be drained. Designed for ease, the system’s features work together to remove the need for time-consuming upkeep:

  • System integration . The FreshWater ® Salt System is integrated with the spa’s plumbing for seamless design and operation. No extra parts to install.
  • Titanium cartridge. The titanium cartridge housing is built into the spa’s bar top and the cartridge itself needs no cleaning. After four months of normal use, simply remove it from the housing, throw it away, and replace it.
  • Intuitive control panel. The Advent ® LCD Touchscreen Control Panel, engineered into all 2019 Utopia ® Series spas, makes monitoring and maintaining sanitizer levels simple. Notifications help spa owners keep an eye on the water, and adjustments can be made with the touch of a finger.

How to start a hot tub

8 Easy Steps to Open A Hot Tub

It’s that time of the year again. Kids are back to school, leaves are hitting the ground, and you just turned on your furnace. Four months of dark morning and cold nights stretch out before you.

Then you remember it. Your hot tub. Already you can see yourself relaxing after a long day in the steaming water, maybe with a drink in hand. But first, you’ve got to open it for the season. Here are 8 easy steps to get your hot tub opened quickly. Let’s get started.

1. Open the Hot Tub and Inspect

Remove the protective tarp or the hard thermal cover. If it was closed properly there won’t be any water inside. If there is water inside, pull the drain plugs and drain it completely so you can clean it.

Then have a quick look for cracks or splits in the hard shell.

2. Scrub the Hot Tub

Ideally you did this at the end of the last season, and a quick rinse to flush the dust and spider webs off will suffice.

If your tub requires a scrubbing, don’t hold back. If you don’t get rid of those chalky white or green lines now, you’re stuck with them all season. DO NOT use a soap based cleaner, as it will leave a residue that will foam.

A 50/50 white vinegar and water solution will do a great job of erasing those water lines. A weak solution of bleach can also be used, but it can damage the vinyl. Drain all dirty water out of the pool once you’re finished.

Don’t forget to clean the hard thermal cover, top and bottom. You don’t want grime dripping into your freshly scrubbed hot tub. If your cover seems heavier than last year, it’s possible that the foam inside the cover has become waterlogged. Some covers have zippers that will allow you to remove the foam and dry it out.

pHin Tip – You can buy commercial cleaners from your pool store, but there’s no point spending money if you don’t have to.

3. Reconnect the Plumbing and Install the Drain Plugs

Now it’s time to re-attach everything you took apart when the hot tub was closed. This includes the:

  • Pump plumbing
  • Drain plugs
  • Heater plumbing
  • Air blower connections
  • Other gadgets your hot tub may have

While you’re at it, visually inspect any pipes and valves you can see for cracking.

4. Inspect Your Filter Cartridge

Pop the filter well open and have a look at the filter. Hopefully, you have a brand new one all ready to go for this season. If not, but the filter’s still in good shape, a quick rinse to get the grime off or a 24-hour soak in a chemical cleaner will do the trick.

pHin Tip – ensure you rinse the filters thoroughly if you use a filter cleaner. Rinse twice as long as you think. Cleaner residue is a common cause of foam in your hot tub.

5. You Are Now Ready To Fill the Hot Tub

This will take a while and it’s a good time to check for leaks as the water level rises. Be especially vigilant if your hot tub happens to be indoors.

Fill the tub by sticking the hose in the filter well. This will result in the water flowing through the filter and pipes first, thereby pushing out the air. Built-up air in the pipes can cause airlock and damage the pump.

pHin Tip – be sure to set a timer if you leave your hot tub unattended to avoid flooding.

6. Turn the Hot Tub On

First, make sure the filter area is dry and you aren’t standing in any puddles of water. No sense getting zapped if you don’t have to.

Make sure the heater is turned OFF or ALL THE WAY DOWN. Without proper water flow, your nice expensive heater will burn itself out. Check your GFCI (safety breaker) and make sure it tests and resets. Not all hot tubs have these safety devices but check anyway. Now you may turn your hot tub on.

pHin Tip – hot tub plumbing can hide a lot of nasty water or slime buildup. If your hot tub was not properly drained or you suspect the plumbing is dirty then it is hard to balance the water. If your hot tub water is dirty after this step, drain it and refill. Make sure to use a hot tub system flush to keep the plumbing free of buildup. We will discuss hot tub flushes in a future article.

7. Check the Hot Tub For Proper Function

If everything seems to be running well, start testing your equipment.

  • Is the air blower functioning the jets?
  • Can the pump go from low to high speed?
  • Are your lights and booster pump working (if you have them)?

If all is well, then turn the heater on.

pHin Tip – it can take 24 hours to heat a hot tub depending on outdoor temperature and your hot tub size. Ensure the cover is on the hot tub to decrease this time.

8. Balance and Sanitize the Hot Tub Water

Excellent! You have now got your tub open, running, and heating! Now you can begin the fun work of water chemistry. Add your start up chemicals including shock, and sanitizer. Adjust your pH as needed for the system to work efficiently. Be sure to see our other resources for specifics on hot tub and pool water chemistry:

pHin Tip – hot tub maintenance is made easy with pHin. It monitors water quality, notifies you by smartphone when you need to add chemicals and ships you the right amounts.

After all this work you’ve earned a good soak in your squeaky clean tub. Enjoy.

pHin is coming to your hot tub and pool soon. Pre-order it now!

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Once your spa is filled, the next step in the hot tub start up process is adding chemicals to your spa for the first time. In this episode of Master Spas TV, Shane will provide step-by-step, hot tub start up chemical instructions including how to test hot tub water, what chemicals to add to the hot tub, and the importance of adding chemicals in a specific order.

Before adding any chemicals to your hot tub, it is crucial that you carefully review the labels of the spa chemicals you will be using for dosing information. The amount of chemicals needed is based on the gallons of water your hot tub holds, you can find the gallon capacity in your owners manual.

If you haven’t filled your hot tub yet, watch our “How to Fill a Hot Tub” video for easy to follow instructions and helpful hints for filling your spa that will make balancing your water chemistry easier.

Steps to Hot Tub Water Chemistry

First, we need to fill the tub if you need help you can check out our video where we walk through the initial fill-up process. Along with our video, you can find information about the initial fill-up in your owners manual and at

Once we’ve filled the hot tub, now it’s time to check the chemical levels. Now it’s important to note the quantities to apply can vary based on the size of your hot tub and the chemical concentration of the brand or product being used. You should know how many gallons of water your hot tub holds. This can be found on the model spec page in your owner’s manual and make sure you familiarize yourself with the recommended amount for the chemicals you plan to use, these should be directly on the bottle.

The testing strips we’re using test all necessary levels at once, but depending on your test strips you may need individual testers for pH alkalinity calcium hardness and chlorine. It will save time if you can have the following chemicals on hand:

  • a pH increaser
  • a pH decreaser
  • sodium-dichlor
  • chlorine granules

Keep in mind it matters in which order we balance our chemicals. First we need to adjust our pH level and total alkalinity. When we’re retrieving a test strip make sure that we’re not contaminating the remaining strips in the container and once we have the strip in hand simply follow the instructions on the packaging for dipping and discerning the results. Our goal is to find our pH between 7.4 and 7.6 and our alkalinity between 100-120 parts per million. Now my initial test indicated and my pH was a little low so referencing the information on the pH increaser, I know I need to add one capful of pH up to compensate for this low level. It’s important that we balance our pH first before moving on to the next step adding a sanitizer if the pH is not balanced it can render the sanitizer ineffective remember when adding chemicals always spread them across the surface of the water with all the therapy pumps turned on.

And now we wait 30 to 60 minutes before retesting. We’ll need to repeat this process until our alkalinity and pH levels are within the recommended ranges. And keep in mind that extremely high or low test results can take a while to get properly adjusted, keep working at it until your hot tub has reached the proper levels.

And next, we’ll need to sanitize the water and the components of your hot tub. There are two primary types of sanitizers chlorine, which we have here, and bromine. Sodium-dichlor, chlorine granules are what we, at Master Spas specifically recommend for sanitation. They offer the best results with the features of your hot tub; such as the EcoPur and the ozone systems. And do not confuse this version of chlorine with tricor type chlorine tri chloric and damage the components of your hot tub.

However, if you are unable to use chlorine for personal reasons you may opt to use bromine. Bromine doesn’t dissolve as quickly and therefore you must wait a little longer for proper testing of the waters levels. Also, bromine can build up over time if you have to use bromine just be careful not to over treat. Adding tablets to a floater or a dispensing device may sound easy, but you must continue to test the water and remove the tablets once a hot tub has reached the proper sanitation levels.

Now for our initial startup of our hot tub, we want our free chlorine levels to be higher than what is best for daily use to ensure for proper startup sanitation of the water and components. You should aim for a level around 5 to 8 parts per million. Wait an additional 30 to 60 minutes before re-checking the free- chlorine level, and do not allow anyone to get in the hot tub until the chlorine levels have dropped between 2 and 4 parts per million, which is a recommended range by the way. One last test and that’s it. Once enough time is passed to allow the chlorine to fall to the recommended levels then your water is balanced and ready to enjoy.

For European countries, please refer to this Water Chemistry Guide for appropriate chemical levels per BS EN 17125:2018.

At Master Spa Parts we often get the question, “What chemicals do you use to start up a hot tub?” But, it’s not just a matter of what chemicals to use, but how to use them. “What can go wrong?” you ask. As it turns out — plenty.

If you clean your jet lines after say, balancing your pH, you could find yourself going around and around wondering why you have algae issues and your hot tub’s pH isn’t balancing out. That is why it’s important to follow the steps in a particular order so you are no re-contaminating your hot tub.

With all this in mind, Master Spa Parts has numbered the steps you need to take in order to set up your hot tub the right way so you can spend more time enjoying your hot tub and less time being a spa-side chemist. We will also recommend some customer-favorite products that have received the highest ratings on the Master Spa Parts website.

During the process of starting up your hot tub, you may want to ensure your pump is firmly connected, there are no loose connections or fittings, the heater is plugged in, and any drain valves are closed. And, if you are working around any areas with electrical components, be sure to turn off power to the hot tub first. So let’s get started with the first step, shall we?

Steps to Starting Up Your Hot Tub

Rinse Your Hot Tub

The first thing to do is rinse your hot tub. Even with a cover tied down over the winter, your hot tub will still accumulate bacteria. This is one of the easiest steps. Simply attach a garden hose and spray down the shell.

Clean the Filters

If by mistake you left your filters in the hot tub when it was closed, you will want to make sure they receive a thorough cleaning. If you have a spray nozzle attached to your garden hose, this should do the trick. But, to really get into those pleats you may want to consider a product such as the Filter Flosser.

Clean Out the Jet Lines

This is an important, but often overlooked step. Before you get to work adding chemicals and balancing your tub’s water, you first want to clean out the jet lines from all the algae, bacteria, and other contaminants that have built up over the past few months. To do this, use a product such as Proline Jet Line Cleaner. This will clear out all those “nasties” so they don’t get in the way of balancing the water later on.

Drain Your Hot Tub

Drain your hot tub by attaching a garden hose to your drain valve or to drain faster use a hot tub drain pump.

Pre-Filter the Water

If you live in area that has a considerable amount of heavy metals, lime, and other contaminants (or you’re on well water) then you would be greatly served by pre-filtering the water. (Don’t overthink the “pre-filter” designation; you are simply filtering the water before it enters your hot tub.) One of our favorite pre-filter products is the Pure Fill Spa Pre-Filter by Blue Water.

Be sure to watch your tub while it is being filled to ensure you don’t overfill.

Remove Air from the Lines

From air locks to pump issues, air bubbles in your hot tub’s plumbing can lead to a whole range of issues. How you go about this step is dependent on your hot tub’s manufacturer and model; some have self-priming features, others don’t. Therefore, you should consult your owner’s manual to find out how to go about completing this essential step.

Balance and Sanitize the Tub Water

Now that you have fresh, pre-filtered water in your hot tub and you’ve rinsed off the filter, now is the time to balance and sanitize your tub’s water by adding the start-up chemicals. But, before you begin, make sure your hot tub’s water reaches a temperature of at least 82º Fahrenheit. The heat of the water will help the pH balancers and other chemicals to dissolve more effectively.

The best way to start up your hot tub is with a Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit. This all-in-one kit includes all the essential items you will need to start up your hot tub, including:

  • AquaChek 6in1 Test Strips (50 Strips)
  • Granular pH Minus (2 lbs.)
  • Granular pH Plus (1.5 lbs.)
  • Granular Non-Chlorine Shock (2 lbs.)
  • Liquid Prevent II (16 oz.)
  • Granular Chlor-Aid (2 lbs.)

Keep Pump Running for 10 Minutes

After all the chemicals have been added to your hot tub’s water, all that’s left is to run the pump on high for a minimum of 10 minutes. This will help the chemicals mix properly and ensure more reliable results once you go to test the water.

Run a Water Test

To ensure the chemistry of your hot tub is correct, sample the water’s alkalinity by using a test strip such as AquaChek Test Strips (found in MSP’s Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit). These test strips make it easy to check the balance of your hot tub’s pH and chlorine levels.

Now that you’ve started up your hot tub, just be sure to cover it when it’s not in use and to regularly test the water. And be sure to soak up as much hot tub fun as you can!

A hot tub is characterized by warm water, blue yet crystal clear. It’s inviting and comforting. But when you take off the cover of a hot tub that’s been sitting idle, you might want to jump back from the spa rather than jumping in it.

Whether you bought a home with an existing hot tub or time slipped away, you might find yourself wondering how to restart the hot tub. And, possibly more important, is it worth it?

By investing a bit of time and money, you can restart an old hot tub and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy at home, on your time.

How to start a hot tub The water of your hot tub should be crystal clear and soft to the touch. But if your hot tub has not been used in a couple weeks, months or, even, years, it’s important to clean the hot tub so it’s safe to use.

How to Restart a Hot Tub That Has Been Sitting

Drain the Hot Tub

Untreated hot tub water can be more than unsightly. It can also have bacteria and algae growing in the water. If the hot tub has been sitting for a while, it might be wise to drain the hot tub water.

Hot tubs by Master Spas are equipped with an internal drain assembly so you can easily remove the water. To find the hot tub drain, remove the skirting on the side where you find the topside control panel. (This is the side where most of the hot tub equipment is located.) Remove the cap and attach a garden hose so that you can direct where the water goes.

If you want, you can also use a sump pump to drain the hot tub. Directions for using a sump pump are available in your Master Spas owner’s manual.

Clean the Hot Tub Filter

A hot tub filter is one of the most important components of your spa as it helps remove unwanted particles from your hot tub water — dirt, debris, and microorganisms. But if your hot tub has been sitting, the filter might be clogged and dirty.

To clean your hot tub filter, soak it overnight with spa filter cleaner and rinse with clean water. For best results, allow the filter to dry before re-inserting.

Master Spas hot tubs feature the EcoPur® water filtration system. If you are new to owning a Master Spas hot tub, note that the EcoPur Charge element (the orange insert) should never be cleaned in a filter cleaner. Just rinse with water.

Pro tip: Keep a spare set of filters on hand so that you do not have to let soaking and drying time keep you from using your hot tub.

Clean the Hot Tub Shell

After you drain your hot tub, it’s a good idea to take time to clean the spa shell — especially if the hot tub was sitting. You can use a soft cloth and spa shell cleaner to help remove residue and buildup on the acrylic, jets, and other components. Once you’re finished, hose down the shell and dry off with a soft cloth.

Pro tip: If there is still build-up, try using white vinegar or mild scale remover product may be necessary to use with a soft cloth. Consult with your local Master Spas dealer for proper spa cleaning products.

How to start a hot tub When you are refilling your hot tub, it’s a good idea to use a pre-filter. A pre-filter will help remove suspended solids and heavy metals from your source water, making it easier to keep your hot tub water clean.

Check the Wiring

If you bought a house with an existing hot tub, you might want to have a certified electrician expect the wiring. The electrician can make sure the unit is safe to use, which is important if the hot tub was sitting unused for a year or more.

Pro tip: You can find the electrical diagrams for Master Spas hot tubs on our website.

Refill and Treat

It might seem like your hot tub should be ready to go. But if your hot tub was sitting for some time, it’s better to play it safe. Refill the hot tub and add a jet clean product that can help remove build-up and the contaminants from the plumbing of your hot tub. Be sure to follow the directions on the label and have the jets on. Follow label directions, adding it to the spa with the pump system running.

Pro tip: It’s normal to see dirt and gunk come to the surface of the water. That’s why you’re taking this step!

How to start a hot tub The final step of restarting an old hot tub is filling it up and treating the water. When you start-up your hot tub, it is advised that you add more sanitizer to raise the chlorine to about 8 ppm — which is higher than normal levels. It will “shock the water” and sanitize everything.

Drain and Shock

You will feel like a hot tub pro by this point. Drain your hot tub again and wipe down the spa shell. Be sure to replace the internal drain on the hot tub, replace the hot tub skirting, and get ready to refill your hot tub.

When you start-up your hot tub, it is advised that you add more sanitizer to raise the chlorine to about 8 ppm — which is higher than normal levels. It will “shock the water” and sanitize everything.

Pro tip: While you wait for the hot tub to fill, wipe down the bottom of your hot tub cover with a bleach-water mix.

How to start a hot tub

Good money can be made in the hot tub business! Check out these 4 successful tips to becoming a fantastic hot tub dealer so you can start raking in the dough!

You’ve always enjoyed taking a nice, relaxing dip in your hot tub.

But now, you’re interested in starting your own business by working as a hot tub dealer.

It’s a lucrative gig, for sure — but it’s also a seriously competitive industry.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to educate yourself on the successful tips that you need to make your business stand out from the rest.

This post will teach you all about five of the most important business practices that your hot tub company will need to succeed.

When you’re ready to grow your client base and make more sales, read on.

1. Have a Strong Web Presence

One of the most important things that you’ll need to do if you want to have a successful business?

Build up a strong online presence.

This means getting lots of glowing testimonials and third-party reviews. It also means creating a website that loads quickly, is mobile-friendly, and is well-organized so that people can find what they need.

Your web presence should also include your social media strategy.

But most importantly?

We strongly suggest that you start a blog, and even submit guest posts to popular industry websites and forums.

For example, you might want to create a hot tub blog that allows you to prove your expertise and gets you lots of shares on social media in the process.

You can see how the website Hot Tub Advice has done just that, by writing a blog post on the benefits of hot tubs. Not only does this incentivize people to buy a hot tub, it also shows leads that the company knows what they’re talking about.

This is vital in creating a sense of consumer trust.

2. Offer Lots of Different Products

If you want to start a successful business, you need to offer as many different types of products as possible.

This means that you’ll need to sell hot tubs from a wide variety of brands. You’ll also need to sell hot tubs in different sizes, with a variety of jets, and even lots of different hot tub accessories.

You’ll also need to sell tools and cleaning agents that buyers can use to maintain their hot tubs.

If you don’t want to or don’t have the training to provide installation or maintenance services through your own hot tub company?

Make sure that you can make excellent suggestions for companies to work with.

This is a huge part of why building your professional network when you’re starting a new business is so important.

3. Come up with Financing Options

When you’re starting your own business selling hot tubs, you should know that one of the biggest obstacles that you’ll face isn’t lead generation, building a website, or even beating out your competitors.

Instead, it’s the financial situation of your customers.

The hard truth is that, while many of them would love to own a hot tub, not all of them can actually afford it.

At least, not until you come up with financing solutions that allow them to make it happen.

Create a down payment amount that allows you to keep your doors open, but still makes it feasible for your customers to make the purchase that they want.

Whenever possible, try to work with the individual financial situation of the potential buyer — this is one of our most successful tips to selling!

4. Educate Yourself about the Latest Hot Tub Trends

The hot tub industry is always growing and changing.

For example, features like LED light installation, energy efficient hot tubs, and even automated water treatment are now expected as a part of newer models.

You need to make sure that you’re staying on top of — and offering — all the latest designs and features.

Plus, this is an awesome way to upsell to your clients, as well as to give them a hot tub buying experience that’s directly catered to their wants and needs.

To learn about these trends, attend conferences, trade shows, and even subscribe to industry e-newsletters and forums for hot tub fanatics from across the globe.

5. Create a Strong Follow-Up Strategy

Of course, another part of learning how to start your own company is learning how to create a follow-up strategy to connect with your leads.

You don’t want to come across as too desperate and aggressive.

But, at the same time, you also don’t want to risk losing the lead!

We suggest that you look into things like creating your own e-newsletter, re-marketing on social media, or even sending holiday cards to remind your clients and leads that you’re thinking of them.

Remember that maintenance services, as well as new features and add-on accessories, can also be a part of your overall follow-up strategy.

Looking for More Successful Tips for Your New Business?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand the top five successful tips that you need to learn how to create a hot tub dealing business that blows the competition away and satisfies your customers.

Remember that it’s all about creating a strong web presence, coming up with financing options that make buying a hot tub possible, and following up with your leads.

Of course, this advice is just the foundation of starting your own business.

Looking for additional advice on how to create a business plan, a budget, and an overall marketing strategy?

We’re here to help!

Keep checking back with us for more of the business tips and tricks you can’t afford to miss out on.

C ongratulations on the purchase of your new Sundance Spa!

Now that your Hot Tub is in the backyard, you’ve filled it with your garden hose and your electrician has wired it up, it’s time to get it ready for use.

T he Sundance Spa Store has used its years of experience in the Hot Tub industry to carefully select a range of products that make Sundance Hot Tub maintenance simple.

In this blog, we will give you our step-by-step guide to maintaining your Sundance Hot Tub’s water.

Filling Your Spa

  • While filling your hot tub with cold, fresh water, add 60ml (4oz) of Prevent II to prevent stain & scale build up.
  • For all Select, 780, 880 & 980 Series Models, Place the Sun Purity Pak in Skimmer Door (In front of the filter).
  • Once the hot tub water level is above the top of the highest jet, switch the power on to the hot tub (switch the GFCI breaker on to power up your hot tub). Use the temperature up button to select your desired temperature, and the spa will begin to heat up. Close the hot tub cover to allow the spa to heat and avoid any debris from entering the hot tub.
  • Let your hot tub heat up for at least 5 hours.
  • Use one of your AquaChek 6-in-1 Test Strips to test the balance of the water. If Alkalinity, followed by pH levels are not correct, adjust accordingly with either Alka-Plus, pH Booster or pH Reducer. (See Water Balance section below for more information).
  • The “Total Hardness” level (the bottom square on your test strip) is generally in the okay range unless you use a well to fill your hot tub or have a water softener system. If the water is too soft, use “Cal Rise” to increase levels. Contact us for more information on hard/soft water.
  • When the water is hot and properly balanced, you should add 30 grams (1 Capful) of Sun-Boom directly to your water to sanitize it. Leave your hot tub cover open for one pump cycle (pump cycle is 20 minutes) Your Hot Tub is now ready to use!

With just a little bit of regular maintenance, you can keep your hot tub water clean & clear, so it is always ready for you to enjoy.

  • Once a week, use an AquaChek 6-in-1 Test Strip to check the water balance and sanitizer level.
  • Balance your water as required (see below for more information).
  • Add Sun-Boom (30 grams / 1 Capful) as required (When the Total Chlorine reading on your test strips is at 0). Most people will add Sun-Boom 2-3 times a week (based on average use of 3-4 times per week). Your Sundance Spa is equipped with the ClearRay UV-C Water Purification System, so you are aiming to keep the Chlorine level at just 1ppm (light green on your test strip). The Sun-Boom level (the top square/first line on your test strip) will fluctuate. Sun-Boom it is not meant to stay in your water for a long period of time, It will disipate in a day or two which is normal and to be expected.
  • Add Spa shock (100 grams / 4 Capfuls) at least once a week, twice if the spa is used frequently or you have a large number of people using the hot tub. Spa Shock breaks down organic material in the water that can cause bad odors and cloudy water. Spa Shock works together with Sun-Boom to maintain water clarity.
  • Add 30ml (2oz) of Prevent II once a week to prevent stain, scale and calcium build up.

When you are adding chemicals to your hot tub water, don’t add multiple chemicals at once. Your chemicals are more effective when they are added separately.

After you have added chemicals to the water, always leave your hot tub cover open and run your jets for 20 minutes so the chemicals can mix with the water properly. This also helps prevent a build up of unpleasant odors in your hot tub.

Having healthy, sparkling clean hot tub water requires that your water is balanced. having balanced water is equally as important as adding sanitizer and spa shock to keep your hot tub water clean & clear.

Unbalanced water can result in staining, scale build up and green or cloudy water.

If the Alkalinity & pH levels are out it will also make keeping your sanitizer levels where they should be more difficult, and you might find you are adding Sun-Boom more frequently because it is less effective in unbalanced water.

  • When balancing your water, always get the Alkalinity level right before adjusting pH level.
  • After making an adjustment to the Alkalinity or pH, wait at least 12 hours before re-testing and making another adjustment.
  • One Capful of product (pH Booster, pH Reducer & Alka-Plus) adjusts 1 color square on your AquaChek test strip. Only make adjustment if it is obviously necessary (if you aren’t sure if it is too high/low, don’t make an adjustment, and re-test at a later date or bring a sample of the water in to the store for testing).
  • For cloudy or foamy water, check sanitizer level is correct, and adjust if needed, If level is good, add 100 grams (4 Capfuls) of Spa Shock. For immediate but temporary foam reduction, add 15ml (1oz) of De-Foamer.
  • Sun Purity Pak (Select, 780, 880 & 980 Spas) should be replaced every 3-4 months to maximize water quality and minimize water problems.
  • Drain & refill your hot tub approximately every 3-4 months or if the water ever becomes to difficult to control.
  • ​ At least once a year clean and flush out your hot tub’s interior plumbing with Whirlpool Rinse. This will help clean and de-grease the plumbing lines and help prevent the build up of calcium.
  • ​We recommend that you drain & refill your new spa after 2-4 weeks of use. (Your new spa gets a lot of use in the first couple of weeks, and you are still getting the hang of treating the water). After this first water change you will go on to the regular schedule for draining and refilling – every 3-4 months.

​Initially it may seem that looking after your hot tub water is a somewhat daunting task, but give it a few weeks and it will be so easy you will feel like a pro!

We are always hear to answer any questions you might have, and all of our stores offer free water testing if you would like another set of eyes to look at it for you.