How to stop eyeliner from smudging

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

If you find that your eyeliner tends to drift away throughout the day, then you’re not alone. Many makeup wearers experience smudging, smearing, or fading with their eyeliner. It can be completely frustrating! However, before you ditch your eye makeup all together, learn how to lock your eyeliner in place. In fact, there are several makeup hacks for prevent eyeliner meltdowns. You just need to relearn a few makeup basics.

As any makeup wearer know, eyeliner tends to have a mind of its own. One day, it will slide off onto your cheeks, and the next it will completely fade away. What gives? Well, as it turns out there are several reasons that your eyeliner may not be staying it place. From wrong formulas to your own skin type, there can be more than one reason that your line could be jumping ship. If fact, it’s best to tackle this problem head on as drifting eyeliner can cause potential eye infections. Keep your eyes looking their best by learning how to put your own eyeliner on lockdown. Here are seven tricks for locking your eyeliner in place, and preventing any smudging, smearing, or fading.

1. Prime & Set

When it comes to making your eyeliner last, it’s all about that base. To give eyeliner lasting power, first apply an eyeshadow primer to your lids. Next, set the primer with either translucent powder or a flesh-toned eyeshadow. According to Real Simple, this dynamic duo will do wonders for the longevity of your eye makeup.

2. Reach For An Eyeshadow

If you tend to use gel or pencil eyeliner, you need to know about this trick. In order to give softer or gel-like liners more staying power, Marie Claire suggested to top off your eyeliner with a matching eyeshadow. Not only does this give your liner a slightly smoky effect, but it also will set your liner for the rest of the day.

3. Use A Clear Sealant

Here’s a trick that professional makeup artists do all the time! For those with oily lids, watery eyes, or those expecting to be submerged in water, consider topping your eyeliner with cosmetic grade sealant. Essentially, this clear liquid creates a barrier around your liner to lock it in place, and make it resistant to water.

4. Curl, & Then Apply

Stop curling your lashes after you apply your liner. The tool is just going to take the product right off! Instead, suggested to curl your lashes prior to applying your liner. That way you can guarantee that less smudging and removal.

5. Take Your Skin Type Into Consideration

You already match your foundation to your skin type, so why not do the same with your eyeliner? According to, your skin type could be the reason that your makeup is running off. For women with more oily skin, you may want to stay away from softer formulated eyeliners like kajal pencils and even some whipped gel liners. These tend to smudge and smear when the skin isn’t properly dry.

6. Spritz, Spritz, Spritz

After applying your eye makeup, make sure to seal it in by spritzing your skin with setting spray. The spray acts as a barrier that will help lock in your eyeliner, and improve its overall wear-time, according to

7. Layer Your Products

Another great way to enhance the longevity of your eyeliner is to layer your lining products. The Huffington Post reported that layering your eyeliners can actually improve the wear-time. For instance, you typically reach for pencil eyeliner, try layering a liquid liner on top to seal in the color.

See? Your eyeliner doesn’t have to smudge if you don’t want it too. With these handy tricks, that pesky liner won’t be going anywhere.

A simple flick of eyeliner can instantly take your entire look from 0 to 10, but the same eyeliner, when smudged, can make you look like a raccoon. Ugh! Annoying, right?

Smudged and smeared eyeliners not only look extremely unappealing but also are highly embarrassing. If this is something you find yourself dealing with on the regular, then you’re in luck! Read on for five really cool makeup tips and tricks you can follow to ensure that your eyeliner stays intact throughout the day…

Tip #01: Use a primer

Primer is the first step toward a flawless, smudge-proof base, and this applies to your eye makeup as well. Dabbing on just a little bit of primer all over your lids before applying eyeliner provides a great base for the liner to cling onto and prevent budging. It also helps in evening out your lid to make the liner glide smoothly.

Tip #02: Choose the right formulation

When you are choosing an eyeliner, we recommend you to take your skin type into consideration. Those with normal to dry skin types can use pencil, liquid or cream formulations, but those with oily skin should use gel liners. This is because gel liners are extremely lightweight yet highly pigmented formulas that simply don’t budge quite as easily.

Tip #03: Top it off with some powder eyeshadow

Here’s another tip that a lot of experts swear by. After you’ve finished applying your eyeliner, lightly go over it with a black powder eyeshadow. This will not only give your eyeliner a slightly smokey finish, but the powder will seal the eyeliner in place, preventing it from budging all day long.

Tip #04: Apply eyeliner after curling your lashes

If you have the habit of applying your eyeliner and then curling your lashes, then you may want to switch things here. Always begin by curling your eyelashes before applying your eyeliner because the silicone pad of the curler could lift away some of the pigment, thereby reducing the staying power of the eyeliner.

Tips #05: Use a waterproof formula

This one is a no-brainer! Waterproof eyeliners are a lot more resistant to daily wear and tear, plus guard well against oil and sweat. So make sure you pick one that’s smudge-proof and water-proof and you won’t have to worry about your eyes giving off the impression that you haven’t slept in ages.

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How to stop eyeliner from smudging

If your eyeliner always smudges after a long work day or a night out, you’re not alone. Happening to the best of us, it’s a common occurrence for gel or pencil eyeliner to run beneath your eyes after a few hours. Thankfully, there are several solutions so you never have to worry about dreaded “raccoon eyes” ever again.

According to Allure, one of the best ways to prevent eyeliner from smudging is to start with squeaky-clean skin. They recommend washing off any excess oils, while Byrdie adds to that point, suggesting to follow up with a water-based moisturizer for non-slippery hydration. Your next step is to prime and set the eye area, which Real Simple touts as being of utmost importance. Expert makeup artist Julie Harris shared her magic trick: First, apply eyeshadow primer to clean eyelids, then follow up with a translucent loose powder to set. Harris told Real Simple that this combination will help your eyeliner adhere to your skin, preventing it from running.

Other ways to create the perfect base for eyeliner application? Stylecraze recommends blotting with oil-absorbing sheets, plus setting the under-eye area with concealer before applying your eyeliner. In fact, according to Byrdie, a good matte concealer can be used as a primer on upper eyelids as well. Makeup artist Keeley Wilson told Refinery29 that “the more you prep your eyelid with an eye base, primer or eyeshadow, you’ll find the product should stay on longer and smudge less.”

How to apply eyeliner to prevent it from running

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

Once your eye area is prepped and primed, it’s important to choose a high-quality eyeliner formulation. Harris told Real Simple recommends fast-drying liquid liners or cake liners applied with a damp, flat-edged eyeliner brush. Allure suggests using a waterproof formula, especially for those of us with oilier skin, while Keeley told Refinery29 that she almost always uses gel liners that are more resistant to water, sweat, and heat.

After choosing your formula, it’s safe to say the layering technique is a makeup artist-fave for preventing smudging. Stylecraze points out that the technique is simple: You just have to apply your eyeliner, softly smudge it with a brush or cotton swab, and then reapply. Celebrity makeup artist Kathy Jeung shared a similar trick with Byrdie, suggesting following up your eyeliner application with a dust of matte translucent powder, then drawing a second coat of eyeliner to set.

OK, so now your eyeliner is perfectly drawn — now what? All that’s left is proper setting for maximum staying power. The options are endless: Harris said she uses a clear makeup sealer to fight humidity. Other suggestions? Keeley noted she presses eyeshadow over eyeliner to stop transfer, and Byrdie recommends a simple setting spray.

With all of these makeup artist-approved tricks, your eyeliner is sure to stay put for hours at a time, giving you the perfect smokey eye you’ve been dreaming of.

Eyeliner is arguably one of the hardest aspects of makeup to master, taking even the best makeup artists years to perfect. Practice is definitely the key when it comes to applying eyeliner successfully. So, what happens when you’ve spent valuable minutes in the morning carefully applying your eyeliner, only to glance in the mirror at lunchtime to discover that it’s transferred all over your eyelids?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Which is why we’ve put together a list of Benefit Approved tips and tricks to ensure your eyeliner stays in place all day without transferring an inch!

STEP 1: Use an eye primer

I cannot stress the importance of using an eye primer enough! Not only will it help your eyeshadow and eyeliner to sit smoothly, but it will also stop your eyelids from getting oily throughout the day, which is one of the biggest causes of eyeliner transfer.

Use the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye primer for amazing 360 results for both under eye concealer AND eyeshadow and eyeliner. The moisturising formula ensures you achieve all day crease-free results and improves the vibrancy of the colour on your lids.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

STEP 2: Use a waterproof eyeliner

Sounds pretty obvious, but you’re going to get the least transfer from a waterproof eyeliner compared to a normal liner. Like I said above, oily eyelids are one of the main causes of eyeliner transfer throughout the day, so using a waterproof liner is VERY important!

Benefit’s brand new BADGal Bang! 24 Hour Eye Pencil is waterproof, transfer-resistant AND dries down to a gorgeous matte finish. Win win! The formula is super creamy and glides onto the lid for smooth and precise application and minimal fuss. It also comes in 4 beautifully rich shades so there’s a colour for everyone out there!

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

STEP 3: Apply an eyeshadow over the top

Another great Bene-babe tip we have for you is to apply a coloured eyeshadow (or even a translucent face powder) over the top of the eyeliner to ensure it’s completely set. This extra layer of powder will lock in the eyeliner all day, but you can also use it to smoke out and intensify your eye look.

Just make sure that you don’t rub or drag the product over the eyeliner that you’ve just painstakingly applied. Dab the shadow with a small, condensed brush onto the eyeliner or bring it up and out slightly to achieve a bag gal smokey eye look.

The great thing about the BadGal Bang! 24 Hour Eye Pencils is that they come with a built-in smudger that blends the formula easily and evenly before setting it to a budge-proof matte finish.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

STEP 4: Use a setting spray

Once you’re completely happy with your amazing bag gal eyeliner look you can go ahead and spritz your face with your favourite setting spray to lock everything into place. To complete the look, use a good dose of BadGal Bang! Mascara to open your eyes, thicken and elongate lashes, and intensify the boldness even further

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

There we are Benebabes! A fool-proof guide to ensuring your eyeliner stays put all day long, no matter what life may throw at you! Now it’s over to you…

If you’ve ever painstakingly applied eyeliner to your lower eyelid only to end up looking like a raccoon after a few hours, don’t fret—you’re not alone. Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to keep eyeliner from smudging on the bottom. There’s a thin line between “cute, smudged, smoky eye look” and “trash panda,” and it’s a tightrope.

It is possible to keep your eyeliner in place, even on your bottom lid, using a few special tricks. According to professional makeup artists, these tricks will prevent your eyeliner from smudging, migrating south, or disappearing altogether. As a result, you can create pretty much any lower lid eyeliner look you can think of, whether it’s a smoky look or a pop of cerulean blue.

Avoid liquid eyeliner

First things first: Make sure you’re using the right product. Certain eyeliners are much more likely to smudge under your eyes than others. For example, liquid eyeliner smudges super easily on the lower lid, so skip it. Instead, opt for a pencil eyeliner, Patrick Ta tells Cosmopolitan.

For the more advanced, gel eyeliner is another option, though it requires “more blending and a softer application,” makeup artist Lisa Gibson tells StyleCaster.

Look for waterproof formulas

Use waterproof eyeliner only on the lower lash line, Ta says. Even if you intend to line only your actual skin rather than your waterline, a waterproof formula is less likely to budge over time. His favorite is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Pencil, $21.

Give it the creaminess test

A pencil eyeliner that won’t smudge has to be just creamy enough, and it has to pack a strong punch.

“If the eyeliner is too creamy, it will move when you wear it,” celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe wrote on Byrdie. “And if the pigments aren’t strong enough, the color simply doesn’t stand a chance in your waterline.”

Rowe recommends a simple test for your next eyeliner: draw a line on your hand, wait a couple seconds, and then smudge it to see if it fades. If it does? Put it back on the shelf. She likes the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner, $22.

Prep your skin

Once you’ve found your Cinderella eyeliner—the perfect fit—it’s time to prepare your lids. Smudged makeup is usually the result of oiliness, so it’s best to start with a clean, dry face before applying any eyeliner. If you wear foundation or concealer, apply that before the eyeliner, so that your eyeliner has something to cling to, says Gibson.

Set it with powder

After you’ve successfully lined your lower lid, “use a small brush to apply powder of the same color over it,” Rowe recommends. “Setting it with matching powder is the final seal that’ll keep the liner in place for hours.”

And, every one of these experts recommends another crucial, final step: translucent powder. Apply a powder like the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $38, underneath your lower eyelid to prevent the color from traveling south.

Armed with makeup tips from the pros and a little practice in front of the mirror, you’ll never have the smudged raccoon look again.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

Who does not want to look beautiful? We spend hours after makeup to get the perfect look. Nothing makes us happier than perfectly shaped eyeliner. It boosts our confidence, and we feel good about ourselves. What if we look into the mirror and discover that we look like a panda with all smudged eyeliner? Everyone wants their eye makeup to last long.

How to Prevent Your Eyeliner From Smudging Tips

This article has some ways to help you keep your eyeliner in place throughout the day.

1. Remove extra oil from the face

Before applying makeup, one must wash their face to remove all the excess oil, mainly from around the eyes. Mostly, eyeliners smudge because of the presence of oil on our skin. So, one must clean their face thoroughly before applying eyeliner. You can also use some oil soaking tissues for a quick effect.

2. Use a good primer

Instead of applying the eyeliner directly, you should apply a primer all around the eye makeup area. This keeps the eye makeup in place. Also, you should use a brush to apply the eye makeup instead of your fingers. Using fingers may add some dirt or oil to the area.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

3. Use skin-colored powder or eye shadow

Before you apply the eyeliner, apply a coat of powder close to your eyelashes. If you are planning to use an eye shadow, apply it before you go to your eyeliner. This gives the liner something extra to hold on to. Thus, the eyeliner stays intact.

4. Apply concealer

Applying concealer to your under-eye area can be beneficial. It acts as a barrier between your eyeliner and the skin. The concealer keeps the liner from running.

5. Use the curler

Most of us curl our lashes to make our eyes look bigger. We should do the curling before we use the eyeliner. This is because the curler can smudge the liner, and you have to redo it. Even if you are going for fake lashes, you should apply them before you go for the eyeliner on your eyes.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

6. Use quality liner

The quality of your eyeliner matters a lot. If you have dry skin, you can go for any eyeliner. But if you possess oily skin, you should avoid all gel or pencil liners as they get smudged easily. Liquid liners are comparatively smudged resistant. There are some specially made smudge-free liners as well in the market.

7. Apply the eyeliner away from your waterline

All of us usually apply the eyeliner on our waterline, but this can make our eyes water, and with no time, our liner will be smudged. We should apply the eyeliner just below the water line to avoid such circumstances. Thus our eyes will look bigger, and the eyeliner will not get smudge.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

8. Apply smoothly

Eyes are sensitive, so you must go easy while applying the eyeliner. If you press them too hard or poke them, your eyes will start watering, which can ruin your whole makeup. So, one must apply their eyeliner smoothly with small strokes.

9. Let the liner dry

Most of us do our eye makeup in a hurry and do not give the eyeliner enough time to dry. Applying makeup over wet eyeliner can be a disaster.

10. Reapplying

Sometimes we do this with our lipsticks. We reapply the lipstick to get the perfect color. One can do the same with eyeliners. After the first application, we can apply it again. Thus the liner gets thicker and stays in one place.

11. Barrier technique

After the eyeliner is dry, you can make a thin barrier just below the eyeliner using primer and powder. This will keep the liner in place.

12. Layering

You can use the same-colored eye shadow over your eyeliner. This will protect the eyeliner from smudging, and it is also a great chance to fill any gaps or liner mistakes.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

13. Use waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara saves your eyeliner from water or oil throughout the day. This helps the liner to last longer. The mascara also makes your eyes pop out.

14. Use a setting spray

When you are done with your makeup, do not forget to use the setting spray. Hold the spray 6 to 7 inches away from your face. Spray the mist over your face while keeping your eyes closed. It takes 8 to 10 seconds to dry. Avoid rubbing the spray on your skin. Also, avoid spray that has alcohol if you have dry skin. This can make your skin drier and also use the oil-free spray if you have oily skin. Carry extra tissues to remove any oil from your skin.

15. Avoid heat

Sweating can damage your eye makeup, no matter how precautions you take. So you must avoid all activities that can cause sweating.

16. Avoid touching your eyes

Some of us are not habituated with wearing daily eyeliners, so they accidentally rub their eyes and smudge the liner. This must be avoided.

These are some tips that can prevent your eyeliner from smudging, and you can enjoy fresh makeup throughout the day.

Hope you find this article helpful and informative. Do not forget to share it with your friends, because sharing is caring ❤️

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How to stop eyeliner from smudging

Smudged eyeliner is one of the most common and dreaded disasters in the beauty world. It is a horrible feeling to look in the mirror a few hours after leaving your house in the morning and see a raccoon with running black makeup looking back at you. Smudging and running eyeliner is natural as the day progresses, especially if it is hot or humid outside. However, there are many ways to prevent your eyeliner from smudging in order to maintain a freshly-applied finish all day long.

  • 1. Set Your Liner
  • 2. Smudge It Yourself
  • 3. Use Eyeshadow Primer
  • 4. Angle Your Wings Up
  • 5. Wait for Your Eye Makeup to Dry

1. Set Your Liner

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

One of the most effective, tried and true ways to prevent your eyeliner from smudging throughout the day is to set it as soon as you apply it. After you apply your eyeliner, let it dry for about thirty seconds to one minute to ensure that it has hardened up. Then, dampen a small eyeshadow crease brush with setting spray (make sure to get it damp, not dripping) and dip it in translucent setting powder.

Dust the translucent setting powder liberally along your bottom and top lash lines where you applied your eyeliner. Let the damp setting powder sit on your skin and dry for a minute or so, then blend it into your skin until there are no white traces or undertones left on your skin. Make sure to blend gently to prevent disrupting the precision of your eyeliner. The setting powder and setting spray combination provides your liner with a protective sealing barrier that prevents it from running and smudging as the day goes on.

2. Smudge It Yourself

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

This might sound counterintuitive, but an excellent way to prevent your eyeliner from smudging throughout the day is to smudge it yourself immediately after you apply it. Oftentimes, after you apply your eyeliner, excess amounts of product you applied will flake off and run down your skin, leaving tell-tale black streak marks in their wake.

You can prevent this from happening by using a Q-tip or a small brush to remove the excess eyeliner from your skin after you apply it. Immediately after you apply your eyeliner, gently blend the edges of the liner with a Q-tip or brush to remove any excess product.

This trick does create a blended, slightly smudged look. If you’re striving for more precision with your eyeliner, try some of the other tips in this post.

3. Use Eyeshadow Primer

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

While it is most common for eyeliner to smudge and run down your face, it can also smudge upward from your top lash line to your crease and brow bone. This happens most often in humid weather, if you sweat a lot on a certain day, or if you have naturally oily eyelids that easily pick up product.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix to this problem: just use eyeshadow primer. Even if you don’t plan to apply eyeshadow, swipe a liberal amount of eyeshadow primer across your entire eyelid, from your lash line where your eyeliner is applied up to your brow bone. The primer will keep the liner on your top lash line from creeping up your eyelid. A great-quality eyeshadow primer is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original (an invisible formula), Eden (a nude, brightening formula) or Minor Sin (an invisible formula with a slight shimmer) ($20.00).

4. Angle Your Wings Up

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

The outer corners of your eyes, which crinkle up when you squint, move around a lot during the day and tend to produce moisture. If you apply winged eyeliner that sits on the outer corner of your eyes, it is likely to smudge and smear away throughout the day as it is exposed to moisture and friction from your eyes moving.

In order to keep your winged eyeliner from smearing, simply angle your wing up higher to keep it away from the problem area around the outer corner of your eye. You can still create a sharp, precise, traditional winged line; just beware of the smearing problem your eyes’ outer corners can create.

5. Wait for Your Eye Makeup to Dry

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

Before you apply your eyeliner, wait for all of your other eye makeup to dry to prevent smudging your liner against wet makeup. If you apply liquid eyeshadow primer, wait for the formula to dry before you line your eyes. The same rule applies for cream eyeshadow formulas.

Also, when you apply your eyeliner itself, keep your eye closed and motionless for thirty seconds to a minute after you apply your liner to your top and bottom lash lines in order to give your eyeliner formula time to dry and harden and prevent smearing it before you even get a chance to leave the house.

Smudged and running eyeliner can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, you can use the tips in this article to effortlessly prevent your eyeliner from smudging for a long-lasting, fresh finish.

As a makeup artist, one of the questions I am asked most frequently asked is how to keep eyeliner from smearing.

I know what a drag it is to work so hard to do your makeup in the morning and have it smudge, smear and disappear by the afternoon. So let me help with that.

Here are three tricks to keep eyeliner from smudging and smearing. Plus, I have created the FREE How to Keep Eyeliner From Smearing Checklist for you to download!

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

1) Choose the best smudgeproof eyeliners.

So, you have oily eyelids? Yep, I get it. Me too.

When you have oily eyelids, you have to choose the best smudgeproof eyeliner for oily eyelids.

This may sound obvious but not all eyeliners are created equal. Whether you prefer pencil or liquid formulas, make sure to buy eyeliners that are advertised as “long wearing” or “smudge resistant”.

Because here’s the thing… if you don’t buy eyeliners with “long wearing” promises, it’s really a gamble to see how long they will last.

One of my favorite makeup tricks is to use cream or gel eyeliner on the eyes. I find cream eyeliner to be very versatile as well as long lasting.

For tips on how to apply cream eyeliner, check out my makeup tutorial How to Wear Blue Eyeliner . This video shares lots of great tips for applying cream eyeliner, even if the blue eyeliner look is not your thing!

[responsive_youtube RLs4qM3TCxI norel]

And as far as the best smudge-proof eyeliner pencils go, I recommend two that I have found work the best. The first is Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

The other smudge-proof eyeliner I recommend is the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil Waterproof Eyeliner.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

Also… avoid, avoid, avoid kohl eyeliners at all costs. Soft kohl eyeliners are fantastic, but will always create smoky eyes, whether you actually intend to or not!

Will waterproof eyeliners last? Absolutely.

** If you are loving these long-wearing makeup tips, you might LOVE my online makeup class, Velcro Makeup. In Velcro Makeup I will teach you my makeup artist secrets of how to do your makeup once and have it last all day.

2) Set the under eye area with powder.

The thin skin under the eye area tends to be a bit oilier than other parts of your face. This natural oil will break down eyeliner fairly quickly if you don’t “mattify” it with a little powder.

I recommend using a small, fluffy brush to sweep a little powder under your eye, prior to adding eyeliner. This will create a matte texture on the skin, which will help grab the eyeliner and keep it in place.

I recommend using the MAC Cosmetics Blot Powder. It is super lightweight and oil absorbing, so it’s the best powder to use underneath the eye area. It won’t be too heavy for the delicate skin there, or settle into fine lines.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

*** To get more insider tips on the best longwearing makeup formulas and how to apply them, check out Velcro Makeup.

Also consider what kind of under eye concealer you might be using. Cream concealers are emollient based and keep more moisture at the surface of the skin. Too much moisture on the skin is the enemy of long wearing makeup!

Instead, try switching to a liquid or water based concealer underneath the eyes. As water based concealers dry on the skin, the moisture evaporates.

This makes the concealers longer wearing and more smudge resistant. By having a nice matte surface under the eyes, this will add to the staying power of your eyeliner.

3) Apply eyeshadow on top of eyeliner.

After applying eyeliner, add an eyeshadow of a similar color on top of your eyeliner to “set” it. Use a very small brush and press the shadow into place.

This will add maximum staying power and will keep eyeliner from smearing. If you don’t have an eye shadow of a matching color, a little translucent powder will work as well.

Want to have a free downloadable checklist to help remember all of all of these tips? Perfect! I created one for you, just click the picture below.

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

I hope these three tricks will help you to keep your eyeliner from smearing! Do you have any makeup questions that I can help with? Please visit my GetGlam page or ask me on Facebook: @GuideGetGlam

*Did you like this article? If so, I would love it if you would share it with your friends below!

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

Do you have trouble keeping your eyeliner in place? We hear you. You take all that time to perfect your line, maybe even daring to try a little wing, and midday it’s sliding down and around your lids. So frustrating!

Thankfully, we’ve found some great ways to help your eyeliner stay put. Try these out ASAP – you’ll love them!

Start With a Clean Canvas
Oily eyelids will cause your liner to slide right off. Before you even pop off the cap, make sure your lids are freshly cleaned and free from any oily products. If your lids need that moisture from your moisturizer, at least give it a few minutes to really work its way in.

Prime First
Before application, apply a thin layer of primer made specifically for the eyes. It gives the liner something to grab onto and helps it stay put all day. It’s made to do the job!

Use the Right Type of Eyeliner
If you’ve had bad luck with cheaper eyeliners, try a higher price point. Don’t break your budget, of course – you can still look great without spending a fortune – but better brands tend to formulate their products with staying power.

Another option to try is a waterproof formula. It will definitely last you all day and keep your perfect lines from running.

Setting Powders and Sprays
Setting powder is one of our favorite ways to keep liner in place. It really grabs onto the product and holds it there. If you don’t have setting powder, try using a similarly colored eye shadow. Doing that will also amp up the color of your eyeliner, which means a bonus for you!

Though it might sound strange to spray your liner, a setting spray can really help. Ben Nye makeup makes a fantastic setting spray called Final Seal. It’s made to withstand a performer’s long days, so you know it will hold up yours!

It’s frustrating when your hard work goes down the drain – or your cheeks. With these tips you’ll be able to keep your hard-won eyeliner look in place. Celebrate by perfecting that beautiful winged liner you’ve been eyeing!

How to stop eyeliner from smudging

There’s nothing we hate more than taking the time to painstakingly perfect our cat-eye, only for it to go haywire on us within a few hours. Even with the clever tape tricks or business cards as a guide to a precise wing, it never seems to last. Whether it smudges like we’ve been crying, or the once-crisp line starts to separate and fade, it’s an annoying beauty problem that we don’t recognize until the day is over and the mirror shows what we’ve been missing.

This is why we’re on cloud nine to have learned from top makeup artists Kathy Jeung and Toby Fleischman, their tricks for getting liner to stay in place all day long, including a mind-blowing beauty hack you’ll use from now until forever. Keep scrolling for the secret to infallible liner, courtesy of the women who give Rita Ora and Anna Kendrick their always-perfect cat-eye.

Meet the Expert

Kathy Jeung is a celebrity makeup artist based in LA and NY. Jeung gives Rita Ora her utterly covetable, killer cat-eye.

Toby Fleischman is the makeup artist who gives Anna Kendrick her precise, winged looks. Fleischman is currently based in Santa Monica, California.