How to sync a roku replacement remote

A Roku device turns any TV into a smart TV, giving you access to millions of movies and shows. But you won’t be able to stream anything if your remote control isn’t working properly. If you’re having problems with your Roku remote, here’s how to pair it or reset it, no matter what type of remote you have.

Two Types of Roku Remotes

There are two types of Roku remote controls: the “simple” remote, which uses infrared light and needs to be pointed directly at a receiver to work, and the “voice” remote, which uses WiFi and doesn’t require a direct line of sight. You can tell them apart because only one has a voice button.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

If you don’t see a button with a microphone or magnifying glass icon on your remote, it means you have the older “simple” remote.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to Pair or Reset a “Simple” Roku Remote

A “simple” Roku remote uses infrared light to control the Roku player, so it is automatically paired with any Roku device. All you need to do is point it directly at the Roku receiver. Anything blocking its path, including a glass cabinet door, could cause the remote to stop working.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

There is no way to reset a “simple” Roku remote, but you can remove the batteries and reinsert them or replace them with new ones. Or you can also reset your Roku device itself by pressing the Reset button, which you will usually find on the back or bottom of your device.

Note: To find out if the infrared light in your remote is working properly, you can point it at the camera on your smartphone and push any buttons on your remote. If your camera doesn’t detect the invisible infrared light, you might need to replace your remote or upgrade to a newer Roku device.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Note: Before you buy a new remote, make sure that it is compatible with your Roku device first.

How to Pair a Roku Voice Remote

If your Roku voice remote is not responding, press and hold the pairing button, which you can find in the battery compartment or on the back of your remote. Press the pairing button until you see the Status light flash green and move the remote close to your Roku device to pair it.

Once you push the pairing button on your remote, it might take a while to connect and pair with your Roku device. For best results, you should move your remote close to your Roku device. You will know your remote is connecting if you see a screen that says “Pairing remote…”

How to sync a roku replacement remote

If you have a rechargeable voice remote, make sure that it is fully charged. If your Roku remote uses replaceable batteries, you should also try inserting fresh batteries and then try to pair it again. Doing this might resolve any issues you are having with your remote.

If you’re using a Roku Streaming Stick, and you are still having issues, you can get a free HDMI extender cable by going to

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to Reset an Unresponsive Roku Voice Remote

To reset an unresponsive Roku remote, unplug your Roku device from power and remove the batteries from your remote. Then plug your Roku device back in and wait until you see the Roku logo on your screen before reinserting the batteries. Finally, press the pairing button on your remote to pair it.

  1. Unplug your Roku player from power.
  2. Then remove the batteries from your remote.
  3. Plug your Roku player back in after 5 seconds.
  4. Once you see the Roku logo on your screen, reinsert the batteries in your remote.
  5. Then press and hold the pairing button on your remote. Do this for about 5 seconds, or until the pairing light starts flashing on the remote.
  6. Wait for the Roku to complete the pairing process. This will take 30 seconds, sometimes less. You will see a prompt on your TV when the remote has been successfully paired.

How to Pair a New Roku Voice Remote

If your Roku remote is working, but you want to pair a new remote, you can press the Home button on your current remote and go to Settings > Remotes & devices > Remotes > Set up a new device. Then press the pairing button on your remote and follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Go to the Roku home screen. You can do this by pressing the home button on your remote. How to sync a roku replacement remote
  2. Then go to Settings. You can find this in the left sidebar menu by pressing the left directional button on your remote. Then press the up directional button once and the OK button or the right directional button to proceed. How to sync a roku replacement remote
  3. Next, select Remotes & devices. How to sync a roku replacement remote
  4. Then select Set up a new device. How to sync a roku replacement remote
  5. Next, select Remote and then Continue. How to sync a roku replacement remote
  6. Finally, press the pairing button on your remote until you see the Status light flash green. If your Roku voice remote uses removable batteries, you can find the pairing button inside the battery compartment. If your remote is rechargeable, you will see it on the back of your remote instead. How to sync a roku replacement remote

Depending on what kind of remote you have, there might be additional steps to set up your remote with your TV, so you can change the volume and turn your TV on/off with your remote.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

If you still can’t get your remote to work, check out our guide on how to use Roku without a remote.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

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Remotes are indispensable to the Roku experience — sure, you can also use Google Cast or the official Roku app, but dedicated control is usually simpler and faster. Here’s how to pair Roku remotes, whether as replacements or upgrades.


To pair an enhanced Roku voice remote, unplug your Roku device, wait five seconds, then plug it back in. Remove the remote’s battery cover, and within the first 30 seconds after the home screen appears, hold the pairing button until a status light flashes. Roku’s “simple” IR remotes don’t need to be paired but won’t work with products like Streaming Sticks.


How to pair a Roku IR remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

The good news is that Roku’s IR “simple” remotes don’t need to be paired at all. So long as they have charged batteries and are pointed towards the IR receiver on a Roku device, they’ll work. This can be especially convenient in homes with multiple Roku products.

The catch, of course, is that IR remotes don’t work with Roku hardware that’s missing an IR receiver. That eliminates Streaming Sticks, which plug directly into HDMI ports and are meant to be out of sight.

How to pair a Roku enhanced remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

“Simple” remotes are IR-only and lack a voice control option. Roku’s enhanced remotes add both voice control and wireless pairing, meaning you can control a TV regardless of which way you’re pointing.

If you’re pairing an enhanced/voice remote with an add-on Roku streamer (like the Ultra or a Streaming Stick), here’s what to do:

  • Unplug your Roku device, wait five seconds, then plug it back in. You’ll need to plug it directly into your TV during setup, not a separate soundbar or receiver.
  • Remove the battery cover from your remote. Insert batteries if you haven’t already.
  • You should see a pairing button next to the battery slot. As soon as the Roku home screen appears, hold that button for five seconds or until a status light starts flashing.

Timing is tight since you have to hit the pairing button within the first 30 seconds of the home screen launching. If you’re successful, a pop-up message will appear on your Roku. Restart the process if pairing fails.

Another important note: instructions are essentially identical if you’re pairing with a Roku TV, except there’s no need to unplug anything. Just turn your TV on and leave it on the home screen.

After your remote is paired, you may still need to configure it, so TV-specific controls (volume and power) work properly. From the Roku home screen, navigate Settings > Remotes & devices > Remote, choose your remote model, then Set up remote for TV control.

Roku turns your ordinary TV into a smart one. It comes with a remote that is designed to work straight out of the box. But, in some cases, that doesn’t happen, and you’re required to take action to connect it properly. Fortunately, the process doesn’t take a lot of time and requires only a few steps.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

If you’re interested in learning how to sync your Roku remote to your TV, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss what you need to do to pair the remote with your Roku player. Additionally, we’ll answer what to do in case your remote isn’t working.

How to Sync a Roku Remote to TV Volume

By syncing your Roku remote to the TV, you’ll be able to control the TV without using the one that comes with it. This means you could use your Roku remote to turn your TV on or off, change the volume, etc.

How to Sync Roku Remote to TV During Installation

If this is the first time you’re using Roku, you can sync your remote to the TV during the initial setup. Before getting to it, you’ll need to follow different on-screen instructions. To set it correctly, ensure you enter the right display type and keep the device connected to the internet. Additionally, adjust the TV volume.

Follow these steps for syncing your Roku remote to the TV during the initial setup:

  1. Press “Check remote settings.”
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  2. Roku will now play music and ask you whether you hear it. Press “Yes.” If you don’t, increase the volume and try again.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  3. Roku will stop the music and ask you whether you’ve detected it. If you still hear the music, it means Roku didn’t get your TV information correctly. Enter the TV brand and try again until you hear the music stop.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  4. Once you’ve set it up, press “OK.”
    How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to Sync Roku Remote to TV After Installation

Before jumping to the next steps, ensure your Roku remote is properly paired to the Roku device. Follow the instruction below to do it:

  1. Ensure the batteries in your remote are working and stay close to the Roku player throughout the whole syncing process.
  2. Unplug the Roku player.
  3. After a few minutes, plug the Roku player back in.
  4. If you’re in the setup phase, you’ll most likely see the instructions for pairing the remote. If you’ve already set up Roku before, then you won’t see this message.
  5. Remove the battery compartment cover.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  6. Press and hold the pairing button inside the battery compartment for a few seconds.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote

The remote is now paired with your Roku player, and you can sync it to your TV:

If your remote doesn’t have the pairing button, follow these steps to sync it:

  1. Take the remote and press the Home button.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Press “Remotes & Devices.”
  4. Access “Set Up Remote for TV Control.”
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  5. Press “Start.”

It might take a few minutes until the process is completed.

Additional FAQs

How Do I Use My Phone to Control Roku?

You don’t have to use the Roku remote to control your TV. Instead, you can use the Roku mobile app. The app is free and available for iPhones and Androids.

Read the instructions below if you want to learn how to set up your Roku app and use it instead of the remote.

Before jumping to the steps, ensure your Roku device and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Now, you need to allow your Roku to receive commands through the internet. Follow the instructions below to set it up:

1. Grab your remote and press “Home.”

2. Go to “Settings.”

4. Select “Advanced system settings.”

5. Press “Control by mobile apps.”

6. Press “Network access.”

7. Select “Default.” This option enables you to control the Roku device using the Roku mobile app or another third-party app.

8. Open the Roku app on your phone and search for devices on your network.

9. Select your Roku device and connect to it.

Control Your TV With a Roku Remote

You can use your Roku remote to change the volume and turn your TV on and off by adjusting the right settings. The process differs depending on whether you’re setting up Roku for the first time or you’ve already installed it. Roku also enables you to download their app and use your phone as a remote.

We hope this article helped you learn how to sync a Roku remote to a TV. Additionally, we hope you’ve learned more about what to do if your remote is malfunctioning.

Have you ever experienced issues with your Roku remote? Do you use the Roku mobile app to control the device? Tell us in the comments section below.

Quickly fix your remote problems from your couch

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

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There aren’t too many things that can go wrong with a Roku remote. If yours stops working, work through this list troubleshooting steps. You’ll be using your Roku TV remote to binge-watch in no time.

Causes of a Roku Remote Not Working

There are many reasons why a Roku remote stops working, and some are easier to diagnose than others. Usually, it’s because of something simple, like dead batteries or a blocked signal. Other times, the problem may be with the remote. More often than not, the problem only reveals itself with the corresponding fix.

How To Fix It When Your Roku Remote Is Not Working

Follow these steps, in order, to get your Roku remote working properly again.

Check for a blocked IR (infrared) signal. IR remotes require a direct signal free from obstructions. If there are objects, walls, or other obstructions blocking the line of sight between the Roku and the Roku remote, the remote won’t work. If you can’t move the obstacle, lift the remote higher to get a clear signal and point the remote at the front of the player.

Check the batteries. Weak or dead batteries can make the remote malfunction. First, remove the batteries, then re-seat each battery. If the remote is unresponsive, replace the batteries and try again.

Reset your Roku box or stick and Roku remote. Remove the batteries from the remote, then remove the power cable from the Roku streaming device. Wait 5 seconds, then reconnect the power to the device. When the Roku logo displays on the home screen, reinstall the batteries in the remote. Wait 30 seconds to see if the remote re-establishes a connection with the Roku device.

Re-pair the Roku remote. Repeat the pairing process. Follow the instructions to set up the remote to recognize the Roku device and vice versa.

Check the HDMI connection. Roku Streaming sticks install in a TV from the HDMI port. If your device is plugged into the HDMI port, you could get some interference. To remedy this, you’ll need an HDMI extension, which is available free from Roku. Make sure you have your Roku serial number handy. It should be on a sticker on the device.

You could also move the streaming stick to a different HDMI port if the TV has one to spare.

Moving the Roku device to a different HDMI port may mean you’ll have to set up the Roku again. However, it may eliminate a faulty HDMI port from the list of potential issues.

Check the network connection status of your wireless devices. Depending on whether you have a Roku player or a streaming stick, your Roku device has at least one network connection. On Roku players, most have both wired and wireless options. Streaming sticks only have wireless network connectivity.

Download and install the Roku app. If you can’t get the remote to work at all, download the Roku remote app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app has all the features of a Roku remote, plus it makes it easier to enter a text search.

Roku Replacement Remote

If your remote is hot to the touch, stop using it immediately. Place the remote on a non-flammable surface to cool. Once cooled, remove the batteries. Malfunctioning or leaking batteries can cause overheating and can damage or render the remote useless. If this is the case, replace the remote. You can go to Roku’s website or a site like Amazon that sells licensed Roku remotes and third-party compatible remotes.

If the light on your Roku remote is flashing, the remote is in pairing mode. Remove the batteries and reinsert them. If it keeps flashing, unplug the TV, wait for 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

Games you can play on a Roku include puzzle games like Pink Panther Time Traveler, card games like Poker With Friends, and even remakes of classic games like Rogue, Asteroids, Galaga, and Tetris.

The standard Roku controller is 5.5 inches in length, 2 inches across, and 1 inch in height. They typically weigh a little over 1.5 ounces.

Yes. Every Roku TV has a power button, but it can be hard to find. On most models, it’s on the underside of the screen in the center.

Roku offers a number of streaming media players ranging in price from the Roku Express to the Roku Streambar Pro. If you’re upgrading to a new Roku, or need to replace your remote if it’s lost or broken, you might wonder which type of Roku remote you should get.

The news is promising: Despite many different kinds of players and remotes, in general they’re all (mostly) interchangeable with one another. Here’s everything you need to know about the various Roku remotes and the differences among them.

Are Roku remotes interchangeable?

Roku remotes are mostly interchangeable. While there are several remote control models available, they all work with one of two underlying technologies: infrared and RF. Roku refers to these as simple and enhanced.

Simple infrared remote

A simple remote transmits a beam of infrared (IR) light to your Roku player. These remotes require a direct line of sight with the player and won’t work if the signal is blocked by an obstacle like the TV or a cabinet.

IR remotes work with Roku players like the Roku Streambar, Smart Soundbar, and Streambar Pro. However, they aren’t compatible with any Streaming Stick model, such as the Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Streaming Stick 4K , or Roku Streaming Stick 4K+.

Enhanced remote

Roku refers to an enhanced remote as a “point anywhere” remote. Because it uses radio frequency (RF) energy to send commands to the player, an enhanced remote doesn’t need a direct line of sight, and the player can be positioned behind obstacles and still work just fine.

Enhanced remotes should work with all Roku models, though some very old models may not be compatible.

You can tell if you have an enhanced remote because it’ll have a pairing button to connect it to the player, usually found in the battery compartment. You can use that button to pair your remote to your Roku player or TV.

Types of Roku remotes

Roku has sold many variations of its Roku Remote over the years with various streaming players and Roku TVs, but today there are just three models available, which you can purchase as a replacement remote for your current Roku player or Roku TV.

Simple Remote

The Roku Simple Remote is the most basic and least expensive of Roku’s remote controls. As described in the previous section, this Simple Remote uses an IR beam for line-of-sight connectivity.

The Simple Remote should work with almost any Roku device except for Streaming Stick models, and requires no pairing — it should be able to control your device automatically.

Voice Remote

The Roku Voice Remote is an enhanced, “point anywhere” remote control. Unlike the Simple Remote, this remote lets you give your Roku device voice commands. It also can be used as a simple universal remote, controlling your TV’s power and volume controls.

The voice remote is compatible with all current and most older Roku models, though it might not work with some of the oldest Roku players.

Voice Remote Pro

The Roku Voice Remote Pro is an upgraded version of the Voice Remote that adds a few new features. It has a “remote finder” — you can search for the remote with a voice command or the Roku mobile app and hear a tone to locate the remote. It also recharges via a USB cable and has a private listening mode that lets you connect headphones to the remote.

Like the Voice Remote, the Voice Remote Pro is compatible with all current and most older Roku models, though it might not work with some of the oldest Roku players.

Game Remote

Until recently, Roku offered a Roku Game Remote, but it’s now discontinued and very difficult to find, though there are some used and refurbished Game Remotes available.

The Roku Game Remote was an enhanced remote (it used RF so it could be pointed anywhere) and had an built-in accelerometer so it could be played with games that relied on sensing motion. Notably, though, the Game Remote had a couple of game buttons (labeled A and B). While the Game Remote works with virtually any Roku device, it was originally included just with Roku 2 series players.

Roku mobile app

While you can use a physical remote control to operate your Roku device, you don’t have to; Roku offers a mobile app for iPhone and Android. This app replicates the Roku remote experience, and you can do anything on your phone that you could also do with the remote.

In addition to working like an enhanced “point anywhere” remote, you can give your mobile app voice commands and listen to TV privately by using earbuds or headphones with your phone.

Some people might find the lack of raised, tactile buttons a disadvantage, though — Roku remotes have a memorable five-way button that is easy to use in the dark by feel alone, while it’s necessary to look at your phone’s screen to operate the remote app.

Pairing your Roku TV or Player when you have a pairing button is pretty easy and straightforward but what would you do If you don’t have a pairing button in your Roku remote?

If you have the same question in your mind, then let me answer that for you.

So, How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button?

To sync your Roku device without pairing button in your remote, you can:

These are the 4 things you can do If you don’t have a pairing button in your Roku remote or it isn’t working properly.

To be honest, there are only limited solutions to this specific problem and there’s nothing much you and I can do about it.

Let’s talk about these 4 things in a detailed way so that you can get a better idea of what you can do in this situation.

1. Identify the location of the pairing button

Usually, the pairing button in your Roku remote is located at the backside close to batteries. You have to manually check If you have got a new model of Roku remote where Roku has placed the pairing button in a new spot.

It won’t be the case for everyone however, it is worth checking for sure as I said earlier there are only a few things you can do If you don’t have a pairing button in the remote. This is the first thing you should do to use the Roku remote.

2. Use the Roku app

If you can’t use the Roku remote because it doesn’t have the pairing button, you can use Roku Remote app to control the TV just like you do with the actual remote.

If you couldn’t find the pairing button in any other location of your Roku app, don’t worry. You can use the official app by Roku itself that lets you control Roku on any of your devices. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and works perfectly fine.

Here’s what you need to do now;

  • Open the Google Play or App Store and download the “Roku” app.
  • After installing the app, select the Roku device and confirm the pairing.
  • Next, sign in with the account details.
  • And finally, tap on the “Remote” option which is usually located in the center of the app.

3. Using the Standard Remote:

If the remote of your Roku device doesn’t have the pairing button, then simply it means it’ll work even without the pairing button because it is an IR remote.

To put this in simple words, there are two types of Roku remotes i.e Simple and Enhanced ones.

  • Simple remote works with Infrared and it is compatible with all the Roku players except for the Streaming Stick devices.
  • The Enhanced ones use radiofrequency for commands and it works with almost all the Roku players however, some of the old models may not be compatible with this one.

If you are using any old Roku players, chances are that you don’t need a pairing button at all. It’ll work just fine. In case you have any latest models, then you may have to look for other ways to solve the issue.

4. Get a new remote

If you have damaged the Roku remote and you are trying to sync it with any Roku TV or player, then I’m sorry to say, you have no choice but to get the replacement of that one.

If you don’t like the 3 things which I have mentioned above, then you have no choice other than to get a new remote for your Roku device. There is almost no other way to solve your issue.

Don’t worry it won’t cost you more than $25 to get a new enhanced Roku remote. If you don’t mind spending $25 on a new remote, then you should get it without any hesitation. It’ll be worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I connect to the Roku device without Wi-Fi or a remote?

Yes. By installing the Roku Remote app on your Android or iOS device, you can easily connect to any Roku device and control it.

2. How do I reset my Roku TV without a remote?

With the help of the reset button located on the rear side of the Roku TV, you can easily reset the TV even without a remote.

3. Will the Roku remote work with any Roku devices?

If you have an IR remote, then it’ll work with almost any Roku device except a few old models.

4. Is the Roku app free?

Yes. The Roku remote app is completely free to use for both Android and iOS users.

5. How do I fix my Roku remote when it isn’t working?

One of the main reasons why your Roku remote is not working is because of the dead batteries. Just replace the old batteries by getting the new ones and it’ll work just fine.

Final Words:

When you have a “Pairing Button” in your Roku remote, your task becomes much easier as you don’t need to put a lot of effort to sync your remote however, that’s not the same case when you don’t have that one and that’s the reason I have published this post.

I’ve made it easier for you guys to sync the remote without the pairing button and I hope till now you may have paired the Roku remote with your device by following any of the suggestions.

Do let me know If you have found this post helpful and If you have any tips or suggestions, do not hesitate the share them in the comments. Cheers!

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How to sync a roku replacement remote

Now that you have your new Roku device, it’s time to start watching. Unfortunately, you find out that you aren’t able to pair your Roku remote, or it might not work. Perhaps you are now wondering how to sync Roku remote without pairing button.

We will examine in detail a Roku remote pairing process without the reset button in the article below. During the process, we will also discuss how to resolve any challenges you might encounter.

Roku remotes can be paired to your TV in a number of ways, not just through the pairing button. By syncing your Roku remote to your smartphone or by connecting manually with the remote buttons directly on your TV, you can connect your remote to your Roku device.

Let’s take a closer look at what the pairing button does on a Roku remote before we get into more detail.

What Is the Roku Remote’s Pairing Button?

Roku remotes have a pairing button that allows you to connect your device to the remote. This allows you to control it remotely.

Most remotes have this button located boldly on the front. In some cases, it is also located beneath the battery compartment.

The pairing button must be pressed until you see the light on the top of the remote if you want to sync your devices.

Is there a pairing button on all Roku remotes?

You won’t find a pairing button on every Roku remote. Roku remotes come in two types, namely: The enhanced remote and
The infrared (IR).

With the enhanced (“point anywhere”) remote you can control your Smart Roku device over a wireless network. In order to function, it must be connected to a particular device. The battery compartment contains the pairing button.

Roku’s IR remote, by contrast, uses an infrared light beam to control the device. Multiple devices can be used as long as they have an IR sensor. There is no pairing button on the IR remote.

Easy Guide to pairing a Roku remote without the pairing button?

The remote you are using is an IR remote if there is no pairing button in the battery compartment. As long as your Roku player is able to recognize it, it can still be paired with it.

Pairing an IR Roku remote:

  1. Turn your Roku player on after connecting it to a TV
  2. Your Roku player should be connected to the correct input source on your TV
  3. Ensure that the remote control’s batteries are properly inserted
  4. Point the remote at the Roku device and press any button
  5. Let the syncing process complete for a few seconds

Your new remote is now ready for use. You must press the pairing button on the battery compartment if you are using an enhanced remote.

Tip: Some Roku devices will only work with the IR remote.TCL Roku remotes, for example, have an infrared sensor that makes pairing possible without a pairing button.

For devices without infrared detectors, such as Roku sticks, you will need an alternative remote control.

It is possible to use your smartphone as an enhanced Roku remote using the Roku mobile app.

Synchronize the remote with a smartphone

You can control your Roku TV via the Roku app for smartphones. You can also pair your Roku remote via the Roku app without pressing the pairing button.

A smartphone with WiFi is all you need.

As a guide, follow these steps:

1. On your smartphone, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

2. You can download the Roku app for free.

3. To watch Roku videos on your smartphone, a WiFi network must be shared with your Roku device.

4. Now, open the Roku app.

5. Select Remote from there.

6. Roku TV can be controlled with your smartphone through the Remote option.

7. Locate the Settings option on your smartphone, and then select Remotes and Devices.

8. Lastly, select the Pair New Device option.

Remotes compatible with your Roku device will be automatically detected. You should not have any issues if your remote is working correctly.

You may need to try the following method if your Roku remote is still not syncing.

Troubleshooting Common Problems with a Roku Remote

In addition to affordable prices, Roku devices, including their remotes, are built to last. Nevertheless, they are not perfect and can malfunction occasionally.

Remote Isn’t Working or Syncing

Roku remotes are either disconnecting frequently or simply not connecting at all, which is the most common problem users experience.

If that is the case, you can take the following steps:

1. Restarting your Roku device is the first step.

2. Unplug the TV and turn it off.

3. You need to press the power button on the TV (not the remote) after the TV has been unplugged.

4. For approximately two minutes, press and hold the button down.

5. Switch on the TV and connect now.

6. The remote will have to be paired again. Follow the steps we described earlier or use the pairing button.

The Roku device and remote should now be able to connect. Nevertheless, if this doesn’t fix the problem, you can replace the batteries.

Here’s a tip: With some Roku devices, you can restart the TV without disconnecting it. In the System Menu under Settings, you can find the option Restart.

The Remote Is Overheating

Moreover, Roku remotes are prone to overheating, which can result in internal malfunctions.

You can solve the problem of overheating by following these steps:

1. If you feel that it is getting too hot, stop using it.

2. Remove the batteries.

3. Place the remote on an inflammable surface.

4. You will need to wait between 10 and 20 minutes.

5. Reinstall the batteries.

If your remote overheats constantly, you should consider purchasing a new one.

How long does a Roku TV remote last?

According to Roku, these batteries should last about two months, with a full charge taking about two to three hours.

When should you buy a new Roku remote?

You might want to buy a new Roku remote if yours no longer syncs with your TV or if it malfunctions frequently.

A wide variety of high-quality universal models are available for almost any type of TV.

Roku remotes start at just under 11 USD on Amazon and other online retailers. If you prefer to buy direct from Roku, you can do so as well.

Here’s a tip: Smartphones can be used as Roku remotes. It’s as simple as downloading the Roku app on your phone and connecting your Roku device! With this method, you will always have your “remote” with you and you won’t need to hunt for your remote again!

Final thoughts

If you don’t want to use the pairing button, there are other ways to sync your Roku remote with your TV. Don’t worry if your remote doesn’t have a pairing button or if it doesn’t work.

You can sync a Roku remote without a pairing button by following these steps:

1. Using the Roku App, you can connect your Roku to your smartphone.

2. You can access the TV’s settings through your smartphone.

3. To pair a new device, go to Settings and select Remotes and Devices.

4. Your Roku remote should now be connected to the TV automatically.

The TV’s Home Screen also has a settings option that can be used to sync the remote. Select Pair Device from the drop-down menu. Your Roku remote will now automatically sync with the TV.

  • Every Roku player comes with a remote that should already be paired to work properly right out of the box.
  • There may be times when you need to pair a remote, such as if you get a replacement remote control.
  • To pair an enhanced remote, press the reset button in the battery compartment for at least 3 seconds.
  • Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

Roku is a gateway to thousands of streaming channels, giving you access to Netflix , Hulu , HBO Max , and countless other services from any television.

And while your Roku player comes with a small remote control that’s supposed to work automatically right out of the box, there are times when it’s not quite so simple. If you need to replace a Roku remote, for example, your Roku might not recognize the new remote when you take it out of the box — it’ll need to be paired.

Not all remote controls need to be paired, though. There are two kinds of Roku remotes: The simple remote, which communicates to your Roku via infrared beam and doesn’t need to be paired, and the enhanced remotes, which pairs with the Roku and uses RF radio waves to control the player. You can tell you have an enhanced remote because it’ll have a pairing button, usually in the battery compartment.

How to pair a simple infrared Roku remote

As mentioned earlier, a simple remote is one that uses infrared light to control the Roku player. There’s no pairing process for a simple remote — just insert batteries, point it at the player, and press a button. It should work automatically.

Because it uses infrared light, though, you need to have direct line of sight with the Roku for the remote to work. If it’s hidden behind a cabinet door or the TV itself, your IR remote won’t work. And simple remotes aren’t compatible with any Streaming Stick model, such as the Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Streaming Stick 4K , or Roku Streaming Stick 4K+.

How to pair an enhanced Roku remote

1. Put batteries in your Roku remote.

2. Unplug your Roku player, wait one minute, and then plug it back in. Wait for the Roku to boot, so you see the Roku screen on your TV.

3. If you were in the process of setting up your Roku player, it should automatically pair with the remote. If not, remove the battery compartment cover and locate the pairing button. Press the button for about three to five seconds. This will trigger the pairing process, and the Roku player will pair automatically. You’ll see a message on the screen when it’s done.

Quick tip: If your remote is not working properly, try replacing the batteries. If it still doesn’t work with fresh batteries, manually reset the remote, which will re-pair it with the player.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Q. My 10-year-old daughter keeps losing our Roku remote. I can usually find it, but this time, nope. So we have no remote for the Roku. Do you know how to get a new one? I don’t want to pay too much if possible. — Mary, Jacksonville, Florida.

Mary, I feel your pain. I have received several e-mails over the years detailing the difficulty in finding a lost remote control, particularly one for a Roku streaming device or stick. Fortunately, there is an easy solution, and if you so desire, you won’t even have to pay an extra cent to get a new Roku remote.

For starters,, the streamer’s web site, sells several different remotes including one that is voice-activated as well as one that’s no-frills. The cost ranges from $14.99 for the basic remote to $29.99 for a voice-activated model that includes a headphone jack.

The Roku site lists each Roku model that is compatible with each remote so you’ll know which one to buy. For instance, the $14.99 basic remote is compatible with the following:

Roku LT
Roku HD, XD, XDS
Roku 1
Roku 2
Roku 2 HD, XD, XS
Roku 3
Roku Express
Roku Express+
Premiere (Only model 3920)

Now, you ask, what about that free version of a Roku remote I referred to?

Roku has a downloadable mobile app in the Apple app store and Google Play that includes a remote control. The app enables you to search for channels, connect headphones, turn up the volume, pause and do everything else that the physical remote does. And best of all, it’s free.

Below is a picture of the app:

How to sync a roku replacement remote

So if you’re okay with using your smart phone as your new Roku remote, you can replace that lost one for zero dollars. Hopefully, that will make you happy, and your daughter happy as well.

Michael Franco is a freelance writer for How-To Geek. He has been writing about the serious and silly sides of science, technology, and home improvement for years. His work has appeared in Discover Magazine, CNET, Lifehacker, Islands Magazine,, Mindbounce, and various Discovery Channel properties. Read more.

Few things can interrupt your Netflix night like your Roku remote unpairing from its streaming box. The cause—and fix—depends on what kind of Roku remote you have. Here, we’ll show you how to get the two devices communicating again so that you can get back to streaming.

Determine Which Roku Remote You Have

Whether you’re setting up a new Roku device or your remote and streaming device have become unpaired, the process of linking them back up will be the same.

Your first step will be to determine which type of remote you have: a Roku simple remote or a Roku voice remote. If your remote has a microphone icon beneath its purple directional pad, then it’s a voice remote. If it doesn’t, it’s a simple remote.

Pairing a Roku Simple Remote

A Roku simple remote doesn’t have a voice search button. With this type of remote, the first thing to do is check that it is, indeed, unpaired from your streaming box.

Roku simple remotes need a line of sight with the receiver embedded in your box, as they use infrared light (IR) to communicate with it. So if something is blocking the beam, moving it out of the way might be all that it takes to get the remote functioning again.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Assuming that there is nothing in the way of the remote and the receiver, your next step will be to remove and then reinsert the batteries in the back of the remote.

Warning: If the back of your remote is hot, do not open the cover, as this might mean that your batteries are corroded. Instead, put the remote on a non-flammable surface and wait for it to cool down before opening.

If that works, then you’re all set. If it doesn’t, try replacing the batteries and then aim your remote at the receiver and try a few test button presses. If the remote is still not working, it could be faulty and you should order a replacement.

Tip: Another way to see whether your remote is working is to use the selfie camera on your smartphone and aim the remote at it. Press a few buttons. If you see the remote’s light flashing as you press, then you’ll know that it’s likely functioning well and that there might be an issue with your streaming box instead.

Pairing a Rechargeable Voice Remote

If you have a Roku voice remote that has become unpaired, there’s no need to check for line-of-sight obstructions because these remotes communicate with their streaming boxes via a dedicated wireless signal (Wi-Fi Direct).

If you’re setting up a Roku voice remote for the first time, an onscreen guide will walk you through the process. If, however, your voice remote has become unpaired on a system that you already own, here’s what to try.

First, determine what kind of battery system your remote uses—either rechargeable or standard AA or AAA.

How to sync a roku replacement remoteRoku

If you have a rechargeable remote, the first step is to make sure that it’s charged. To do so, connect a micro-USB cable to the charging port and plug the other end into an outlet containing a USB adaptor. The green status light will blink until the remote is charged, at which point, it will stay steady. If the light doesn’t flash when you plug the remote in, make sure that it’s not your charging cable that’s at fault by trying another cable and adaptor.

Sometimes, charging the remote might be all that it takes to get it working again. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to reset the remote.

To reset the remote, make sure that your TV is on and that you’ve selected whatever port your Roku’s HDMI cable is connected to. Press and hold the pairing button located beneath the green status light. It should start flashing in about five seconds. Wait about 30 seconds while the remote establishes a connection with your streaming box. Once that happens, you will be guided through the re-pairing process via onscreen prompts.

Pairing a Roku Voice Remote Pro

If you’re trying to pair a Roku Voice Remote Pro in addition to the remote that came with your Roku, you’ll want to ensure that the streaming box is running Roku OS 9.4 or higher. To do so, press the Home button on your remote, and then go to Settings > System and select “System Update.” Then, select “Check Now,” and the system will check for and install the latest update if necessary.

If your remote isn’t working and you’re not able to do this, go ahead and try the pairing process anyway—if you have a recent enough OS version, it will work. If it doesn’t, it might help to know that most Roku remotes are interchangeable. If you have another voice remote at home, you could try pairing it and using it on the streaming box to download any needed updates. Alternatively, the Roku app on your smartphone could also get the job done.

Pairing a Voice Remote with Regular Batteries

If your Roku voice remote uses standard batteries, to get it paired, first, remove the back cover and take out the batteries. Also, unplug the power cable behind your streaming box, wait five seconds, and then reconnect it. Once the Roku home screen appears on your TV, put the batteries back in your remote.

Now, with the back cover of the remote still removed, press and hold the pairing button to the right of the green status light on the back of the remote and wait for it to begin flashing. Follow the pairing dialogue that will appear on your TV screen after about 30 seconds.

Try the Roku App on Your Smartphone

Whatever Roku you have, you can use the Roku mobile app for iPhone or Android to control it. If your Roku remote is broken, this can help tide you over until you buy a new remote or get help from Roku Support.

When you purchase a Roku device, you’ll probably get a designated remote that helps you navigate and browse your Roku player. However, this also requires a separate remote to power on your TV and adjust the volume.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. You may set up your Roku enhanced remote to work with your TV too, albeit with reduced features. This article will explain how a Roku remote can work with most TV brands.

Can You Set Up a Roku Remote to Control TV?

The 2017 release of Roku Streaming Stick + and Roku Ultra introduced a new Roku remote control that you’re able to set up to control your TV. These enhanced remotes contain infrared and wireless technologies that allow you to control both your Roku player and certain functions of your TV.

With the enhanced Roku remote, you can control the power of your TV and adjust its volume, but you might not be able to change channels and use some other functions. Some TV brands allow you to do so, but they’re in the minority.

Furthermore, you can’t use your Roku remote to control devices that are connected to your TV, such as audio and video receiver, sound bar, DVD player, and others.

Things to Know Before Setting Up Your Remote

You should keep a few things in mind before you start setting up your remote control.

First, you should know that you can set up your remote both during the setup of your Roku device but also after you’ve finished everything. So, if you’re already installed Roku on your TV, there’s nothing to worry about – this article will cover both methods.

If you choose to set up both Roku and enhanced remote at the same time, the Roku player will try to scan and recognize the brand of your TV. Sometimes this isn’t possible, so you’ll have to manually enter your TV’s brand. Therefore, you should gather the necessary information before you proceed with the installation.

In the end, you should always connect your Roku directly to the TV when you want to set up the remote control. This is necessary so the Roku player recognizes the brand of your TV (and sets up the remote accordingly). Some people connect Roku to their surround system instead of TV – this is fine, but not during setup. When you’re installing the remote, plug the Roku to the TV directly. After it’s finished, you can readjust the cords.

Setting Up Your Remote During Roku Installation

The first time you decide to set up your Roku player, you’ll need to go through a series of on-screen instructions before you see the Check remote settings screen. This is when you’ll set up the remote control to access your TV.

First, turn the volume of your TV up so you can hear it. Point your Roku remote directly at the TV as you’re going through the instructions. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Select Check remote settings to go to the next screen.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  2. Select Yes if you hear the music playing. If you don’t hear the music, use your TV remote to increase the volume.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  3. Select Yes if the music stops on the following screen. This is when the system recognizes the brand of your TV and uses the specific set of remote codes to try and mute the sound.
    How to sync a roku replacement remoteNote: If the music doesn’t stop it means that Roku failed to automatically recognize the brand. Selecting No will take you to another screen where you’ll have to go to Enter TV Brand and use your remote keys to input the brand name (it should appear on the list). Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your remote.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote
  4. Select OK to finish programming the remote. Depending on the model of your TV, your remote will have more or fewer functions.

Settings Up Your Remote After Roku Installation

You can set up your Roku remote after the initial set up by accessing the ‘Settings’ menu on the Roku player. Make sure that your Roku is connected directly to the TV and do the following:

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku remote, go to Settings, and click OK. How to sync a roku replacement remote
  2. Next, choose Remotes & Devices.
  3. Go to Set up Remote for TV control.
  4. Hit Start.

Roku will automatically start the setup process to connect your TV and your remote. Just follow the on-screen instructions carefully and you should be able to set up your remote.

Pair Your Remote and TV

If you have a newer Roku remote and TV, then you can quickly pair them.

  1. Open the battery cover on your Roku remote and press and hold the Pairing button for about five seconds, the lights will start flashing on the remote.

Don’t Ditch Your TV Remote Completely

Although your Roku enhanced remote can control certain aspects of your TV, you should still keep your regular TV remote control somewhere close. You might need it to access certain TV menus that are only available with the designated TV remote. This may include the settings menu or menu for switching between different inputs (HDMI, coaxial, etc.).

However, for those who stream their content specifically from Roku, using only one remote can be extremely convenient. Would you agree with this? Leave a comment in the section below.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Just like FireStick or any other streaming device, Roku’s remote can be lost or forgotten in your home or during a trip. If you’re on the same forgotten boat as me then you’re in luck because there are other ways to use your Roku without a remote. Let’s check those out.

1. Lost Roku remote within the house

Use Remote Finder on Roku Ultra

Roku devices have two different types of remotes; IR and wireless (Bluetooth). If you have an IR remote then you would have to manually find the remote, however, some Roku devices( like Roku 4 and Roku Ultra) have a Remote finder button in the shape of a remote on the top of the media player. When you press the button, the remote will make a sound until you find it and press any button on the remote to stop the sound. Needless to say, for this to work, your Roku needs to be under the range and your remote batteries shouldn’t be completely drained.

Use an App on your smartphone

Roku has official apps for Android and iOS which allows you to control the Roku device from a smartphone. If you have a smartphone, you can install the Roku app on your smartphone and use it to navigate the Roku.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Simply, connect the smartphone to the same Wifi network and the app would automatically discover the device. Connect the device and you’re good to go.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Use an app on Computer

Apart from offering official apps to control the Roku device, Roku also offers API which allows third-party developers to create apps for Roku. If you don’t want to use a smartphone or don’t have one at your disposal, you can install a Chrome app on your computer and use it to navigate the Roku device. Install Roku URL Player and Remote app on the Chrome web browser.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

To make this app work, connect the computer to the same Wifi network as Roku. It will automatically discover the device and show you the controls for Roku. you can navigate, play-pause content, and launch channels right from the Chrome app.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

2. Lost Roku remote away from home

Things get tricky when you’re away from your home and don’t have the remote with you. The Roku device will not connect to any other wifi network unless you explicitly change the connection using the remote or the app. As we have discussed above, the app will only work if it is connected to the same Wifi network.

Now, we’ll trick the Roku device into thinking that it is still connected to the home network. For this, you’ll need two smartphones; one for creating a hotspot and another to control Roku via an app. Grab one phone and go to Settings > Wireless > Hotspot and Tethering > Change the hotspot credentials to match your Home Wifi credentials. The Wifi name and password are cases sensitive so make sure of that.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Connect your other smartphone to the hotspot you just created and install the Roku app from the Play Store or the App Store. The Roku device will automatically connect and would show up in the app. You can then navigate the Roku interface and connect to a new Wifi hotspot.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

3. Use Siri to Control Roku

As I mentioned above, Roku has an API that lets you control your Roku without the remote. There are plenty of Siri Shortcuts that can control your Roku with just a few voice commands. I have covered it extensively in another article which would guide you through the entire process of setting up and using the Siri Shortcuts with Roku. Check out the article here.

4. Use a Universal Remote

Most Roku media players support both IR and wireless remotes. If you lose the original remote then you can temporarily navigate your Roku with a Universal remote. These following Roku devices support IR, therefore, any supported Universal remote would work fine.

Roku LT, Roku HD, XD, XDS, Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 2 HD, XD, XS, Roku 3, Roku Express, Roku Express+, and Premiere (Only model 3920).

Unfortunately, there very little you can do if your R oku is not connected to WiFi and the remote is lost. What do you think of these methods? Let me know in the comments below.

Universal Remote Codes For Roku TV: From the below we are providing the roku universal remote codes which is for most of the devices. To use these codes you need to program your roku tv with your universal remote control by using the simple methods which we have mentioned in the below lines.

This Roku universal remote is very simple to set up and also to program to use it for your enjoyment. To find the best working code for your device you need to use the table which we filled with all types of roku remote codes with brand name.

Roku TV Universal Remote Codes List

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Roku

387, 11756, 10818, 12434, 12049, 52371, 53061

GE Universal Remote Codes For Roku

2891, 0000, 0164, 0107, 0031, 0044, 0022, 0342, 0052, 0015, 0009, 0004, 0125, 0087, 0003, 0054

Philips Universal Remote Codes For Roku

6381, 6251, 2407, 6171, 5931, 6001

ONN Roku TV Universal Remote Codes

  • 3851
  • 3201

Magnavox Universal Remote Codes For Roku TV

  • 0269
  • 0270

Dish Remote Codes For TCL Roku TV

1756, 535, 645, 535, 556

Comcast xr2 Remote Code For TCL TV

11756, 11602, 12434, 12290, 12292

DirecTV Universal Remote Codes For Roku TV

  • 11756
  • 10818

ATT Uverse Model Number: S10-S1 Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 1346
  • 1097

Bright House Cable Model Number: URC1056 Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 1756
  • 0818

Cablevision Model Number: UR2-CBL-CV04 Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 031
  • 081

Charter Model Number: UR4U–MDVR–CHD2 Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 11756
  • 11602

Cox Communications Model Number: URC-8820-MOTO Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 1756
  • 2360

Time Warner Model Number: UR5U-8780L Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 387
  • 251

TIVO Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 0091
  • 0366
  • 0999

Verizon FIOS Model Number: VZ P265v3 RC Remote Codes For ROKU TV

  • 180
  • 342

How To Program Roku Tv Universal Remote?

There are three simple ways to setup or to configure a universal remote and the first one is Using a Keycode, Programming Via universal remote code for Roku Tv Search and Manual Setup.

How to Program Roku TV Universal Remote Without Codes?

In the auto search method, all the universal remote codes are gone through scanning process in the remote. It scans one code at a time to find out the correct remote code that works with your remote to program the control. Follow the instructions given below:

  1. “Switch On” the smart device like “TV” that you want the universal remote to operate.
  2. “Turn on” the remote, tap on the device button (TV, DVD, CBL and OK/SEL) for 3 seconds. The LED light indicates the device is ready to program.
  3. Point out the remote to device and click on “CH+” & “CH-“ switches. Remote will show on/off signals. Press “up” or “down” key continuously till the device will turn off.
  4. Verify the code by clicking on “power” key. Device should turn on. If it starts, try changing the channel to verify that remote is programmed correctly.
  5. Now tap the “device” button to save the code. LED of Device will blink twice for confirming the code stored.

How to Program Roku TV Universal Remote With Manual Method

By using the keycode we can easily program a universal remote and the keycode identifies the make and model of your equipment.

  • First you need to “Turn The Device On”
  • Press the “TV” on your “Roku TV universal remote”
  • Now press and hold the “Setup button” of the Universal Remote until it shows the “Light Flash” (It means it is in “Learning mode”)
  • Finally enter the “Keycode” which you collected from the programing guide (Instructions Booklet)
  • Once you’ve done this procedure, just “point your remote at the TV” and then “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • You can release the “Power Button” whenever the screen switches off

That’s all, your TV will work perfectly now with the universal remote control, if your device is not working then try to repeat the same procedure with the different code from the same part of the reference table.

How to Program Roku TV Universal Remote With Code Search

If you couldn’t find the key code which works for the device at that time you can setup your universal remote to search mode for the correct one. Its a code in manual which forces the remote into the search mode

  • First of all “Turn The Device On”
  • Now press and hold the “Setup” button
  • Enter the “9-9-1” (three digit) code
  • Now hold down the “Power Button” on the remote and then press the Channel up them until the device in this case your tv “Turns Off”

The above method might take some extra time but it is very important to find your key code. Once you have done the above procedure your remote should be working for all the in functions.


We hope the above mentioned universal remote codes and also the methods which we have mentioned to program your device with your favorite universal remote control.

Still your remote control hasn’t been programmed? then change the code and follow the above steps until your tv programmed with the universal remote, no matter what kind of branded remote you’re using just enter the codes until it works.

RCB3 RF remote control User Manual Users manual Roku, Inc.

Let’s get started.

What’s in the box

What you need

Know your Streaming Stick

A. [MHL CONNECTOR] Plugs into the MHL port on the back of your TV.
B. [STATUS LIGHT] Signifies it is on when lit, or activity when flashing.
C. [RESET BUTTON] Used to reset your Streaming Stick (you probably won’t ever have to use this).

What to do
Plug it in
Plug your Roku Streaming Stick into the MHL port of your TV or other Roku Ready device. Simple as that!

Power up

First, power your Roku remote by inserting the included batteries:
• Locate and open the rectangular battery door on the rear of the unit.
• Insert the batteries into their slots, making sure to match the positive (+) and negative (-) signs.
• Place the battery door back over the compartment and press it gently down until the latch snaps securely into place.
• If the LED on the front of the remote is blinking, it means it is trying to pair to the Roku Streaming Stick. The remote is ready for use when the LED stops blinking and turns off.

Connect to network
Now you can grab that Roku remote and jump right into guided setup. When prompted, select “Wireless” as your network connection and have your network name and password ready to do the following:
• Select your network from the list of available networks.
• Enter your network password, if you use one. Remember, network passwords are case sensitive.

Complete guided setup
It’s the final stretch and hooray—it’s a breeze! Continue following the on-screen instructions and you’ll:
• Get the latest software.
• Link the Roku Streaming Stick to your Roku account on your computer.

Your Roku account: During setup, you’ll be prompted to create your Roku account online at Your Roku Streaming Stick will generate a unique code that links your player to your new account. Roku accounts are free and secure. And while a valid credit card number is required to create your account, rest assured you will only be charged if you authorize purchases of apps and games from the Roku Channel Store.

Know your Roku remote
The Roku remote should feel right at home in your hand. We
designed it to be incredibly intuitive for watching TV and great
for gaming, too!

A. [BACK] Return to previous screen
B. [HOME] Return to Roku home screen
C. [INSTANT REPLAY] Replay last 7 seconds of video
D. [UP] or [DOWN] Move up or down;
E. [LEFT] or [RIGHT] Move left or right
E. [PLAY/PAUSE] Start or pause playback
G. [A & B] Action buttons for gaming
H. [FWD SCAN] Fast forward, scroll right one
I. page at a time
J. [OK] Select an option from a menu
K. [REV SCAN] Rewind, scroll left one page at a time
L. [OPTIONS] View more options
M. [STATUS LED] Displays remote usage information
N. [VOLUME +/-] Increase/Decrease the volume of your
O. TV when using your Roku Streaming Stick

Cool: Because your enhanced remote uses radio frequency instead of infrared, you don’t need to have a direct line of sight to your Roku!

Get your game on!
Just a couple of fun-facts about your Roku enhanced remote.
• It’s sensitive and smart. The Roku remote incorporates motion-sensing technology, allowing more precise and detailed control of gameplay.
• It comes with an adjustable wrist strap—for good reason. Since some games make you sweat, sporting the wrist strap is a very good idea. You don’t want to crack the screen of your beautiful TV—or harm anyone or anything around you.

Buckle up: Open the lever on the strap lock and place your hand through the wrist strap. Hold the remote firmly in your hand. Slide the strap lock up so that the strap will not fall off your wrist. Do not over-tighten the strap lock so that it’s uncomfortable.

Having trouble completing setup? Don’t worry: it’s usually an easy fix.

If you cannot see a picture on your TV:
• Make sure your TV is turned on. (This tip could save you some embarrassment.)
• Make sure the video input on your TV or home theater receiver is set to match the output (usually HDMI or MHL) used with the Roku Streaming Stick. Most TVs have an Input button on the remote control to change
video inputs.

If you cannot connect to your wireless home network during guided setup:
• If you are not getting 3 or more signal-strength bars above your wireless network, adjust the location of your Roku Streaming Stick and/or wireless router. Make sure there are no obstructions, like cement walls, between your Roku Streaming Stick and your wireless router.
• Make sure you select the correct wireless router name on the “Wireless” screen.
• Make sure you enter the correct password, if your network is security-enabled (password is case sensitive).
• If you have turned off SSID broadcasting on your wireless router, you can add your network by selecting “My network is not shown” from the “Wireless” screen.

Troubleshooting (continued)

If you cannot hear sound:
• Make sure the connectors on the cables between your TV and home theater receiver are pushed in all the way.
• Make sure the volume on your TV or home theater receiver is turned up and isn’t on mute.
• Make sure the input on your TV or home theater receiver matches the output (HDMI or MHL) used with your Roku Streaming Stick.

If the Roku remote control is not functioning:
• Try moving closer to your Roku Streaming Stick.
• Make sure the batteries are fresh (or new) and inserted properly.
• Make sure your remote is paired (see next section) with the Roku Streaming Stick.
• If the Status Light on the front of your Roku Streaming Stick flashes once each time you press a remote button, the problem is not with the remote.

>It’s unlikely but if your remote becomes warm or hot to the touch after inserting the batteries, immediately discontinue use. Do not attempt to remove the batteries while the unit is hot. Contact Roku Customer Support immediately at 888-600-7658

Pairing your remote control:
The Roku remote should automatically pair with your Roku Streaming Stick at the beginning of setup. If you are not able to use the remote to navigate through Guided Setup, you can manually pair the Roku remote by following these steps:

1 Prepare your Roku Streaming Stick to pair by removing the stick and plugging it back in.
2 Open the Roku remote battery compartment.
3 Place the Roku remote in close proximity with your Roku Streaming Stick.
4 Press and hold the pairing button inside the battery compartment for 3 seconds.
5 Try using the remote again.

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Roku media players are quite popular. They are easy to set up, provides access to 4000+ free and paid channels, and has a compact remote (which is very important). The Roku remote is not like those older TV remotes that used to have 50 different buttons and half of them didn’t have any purpose.

Roku remotes fit in the hand and only has the essential buttons. The remote is great, until it stops working. If your Roku TV remote is not working, don’t just throw it in the trashcan. It might still be salvageable. In this article, I have discussed a few methods you can try when Roku TV remote is not working.

What to Do When Roku TV Remote Not Working?

Roku remotes are great until they stop working. If your Roku TV remote is not working, the first thing you should do is check what is the issue. Is the Roku remote not pairing? Or maybe the Roku remote not responding after getting paired to the media player?

I have given some solutions for both the issues in this article. They should fix the remote unless it is completely broken. Then also you can use alternatives to buying another Roku remote for navigating the media player. If you don’t care about fixing the remote and is just looking for an alternative to it, directly skip to the solution 6.

Before you read the other solutions, try removing and resetting the batteries. You have already done that, but there is no harm in reminding you about it again. If resetting the existing batteries didn’t work, then try using new ones. A simple dead battery can be the cause of such an issue.

If, even after resetting new batteries Roku remote is not responding, then try the following solutions.

1) Check for Blocked Signal (Only IR Remotes)

IR or infrared remotes need a clear signal from the receiver to function properly. Any obstruction in the signal and IR remotes will stop responding. If your Roku IR remote is not working, then it may be caused by an obstruction to the signal.

Take the remote close to the receiver of the Roku media player. Make sure nothing is between the remote and the receiver. Point the Roku remote in front of the receiver and press buttons to check. If the remote works, then the issue was simple obstruction and the remote is fine.

But, if still the Roku IR remote is not working, the issue is of a different kind. Keep reading and try the other solutions.

2) Manually Pair the Roku Remote

The advanced Roku remotes have to be paired with the media player to make them work. Normally, the remote should pair up automatically, if it has working batteries. But if Roku remote is not pairing automatically, try doing it manually.

It is a very simple process and it doesn’t require dismantling the entire remote. To do it, follow the steps given below:

  1. Simply remove the battery cover in the backside of the remote.
  2. You will notice an indicator and a button just below the set batteries.
  3. Remove the batteries first and then unplug the power from the Roku device.
  4. Wait 10 seconds before plugging the power back.
  5. When the Roku logo appears on the home screen, reinsert the batteries.
  6. Press and hold the button, below the batteries, and wait for 5 seconds until indicator beside the button flash.
  7. Now, wait for a minute until the remote and the media player re-establish their connection.
  8. If the pairing is successful, then a dialog should appear on the screen confirming it.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

If the indicator light doesn’t flash on step 6, then repeat the steps a few times until it does. However, if still the Ruko remote is not pairing, try the next few methods.

3) Check if the Network Connection is Working Correctly

Roku devices require a network connection to work. Whether you are using the Roku streaming stick or a Roku player, they at least need to be connected with 1 network. The Roku remote doesn’t require internet connections to pair up with the device, however, a functioning local network is needed for it to work.

The local network can be down, or the router may not allow connection to other locally wireless devices (like Roku remote). In this scenario, you will have to modify the router settings. If you have the required technical knowledge to do so, then go ahead. Or you can contact your ISP servicemen and have them check it for you.

4) Check the HDMI Connector

The Roku streaming sticks are installed on your TV using the HDMI port. The HDMI port can cause interference with the streaming stick that can lead to Roku remote not responding. The solution for this issue comes bundled with the Roku device.

You will find an HDMI cable extender bundled with your Roku device. Use it to connect the streaming stick to the HDMI port. The cable extender will allow you to put some distance between the HDMI port and the streaming stick, which should prevent any interference.

If the extender is not bundled with the device, visit the Roku website and fill the appropriate form to get a free HDMI extender shipped to you by Roku for free.

5) Get A New Remote

If none of the above solutions worked, most likely the Roku remote is broken. If you prefer using the Roku devices, you can buy a new remote from their website. But if you are unwilling to waste more money on something that may stop working again, you check out the next solution for an alternative to Ruko remote.

6) Use Your Smartphone as Remote

One plus point about using Roku devices is the official Roku remote app. This app turns your smartphone into a working Roku remote. If you are tired of getting your Roku remote broken and buying a new one, using your smartphone as a remote seems a better option.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

To use the app, first you need to install it on your phone. Next, make sure that the phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Roku device. Now you should see the Discovery screen appear on your smartphone. Wait a few moments until you see the Roku box listed in the app. Tap on it to make the connection.

The Roku app not only turns your smartphone into a remote but also has many exciting features. The app has free access to TV shows available on your Roku subscription, and you can also cast content from your phone on your TV.

The app is available for free on both Android and IOS.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. Now you know what to do if your Roku TV remote is not working. You can either try fixing it using the solutions given above or if it is completely broken, either get a new one or use your smartphone as a remote. If you have any questions regarding this topic, ask them in the comment section.

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Sanmay is a Windows Insider and editor at Digicruncher. He is a Tech enthusiast and has been writing tech blogs for over 2 years now. He loves reading books, traveling to new places and listening to music in his free time.

Table of Contents

How do I pair my Roku remote to my TV?

Simply install the Roku app for iOS or Android, connect your phone to the same wireless network as your Roku player, then tap on the Remote tab. A screen with a D-pad and a handful of media controls will pop up, and voilà: You’ve got a bona fide Roku remote.

How do I get my TV to recognize my Roku?

How to Set Up Your Roku Plug your Roku into your TV’s HDMI port. Then plug your Roku player into a power source. Next, turn on your TV and set it to the Roku’s HDMI channel. Then select your language in the Roku set up screen. Choose Wired or Wireless.

What is the pairing button on a Roku remote?

The pairing button on a Roku remote allows you to connect your device to a remote. That way, you can control it from afar. This button is usually located on the front of the remote. However, you can sometimes find it underneath the battery compartment.

Where is the pairing button on my Roku remote?

Where Is the Pairing Button on My Roku Remote? Open the battery compartment of your Roku remote. Locate the pairing button near the bottom of the battery compartment.

Why does my Roku say no signal?

If there is no signal whatsoever and your Roku still isn’t responding, the issue may be that you’re using the wrong power adapter. Make sure that it’s the one that came in the box with your Roku player. Original AC adapters always work best. And using third-party adapters can cause issues with power and loss of signal.

How do I reset my unresponsive Roku?

Press and hold the “Reset” button on the back or bottom of the device for about 20 seconds. Some models will require a paper clip to press the button. Continue to hold the “Reset” button, then remove the Power cord from the back of the unit. Release the “Reset” button, then plug all of the cords back into the device.

How do I setup my Roku?

On-screen setup and activation Choose a language. Connect your Roku device to your network and the internet. Wait for your Roku device to download the latest software. Set the display type. Set up your Roku voice remote to control your TV. Create a Roku account and activate your Roku device. You are done!.

Where is Roku reset button?

Roku devices come with a physical factory reset button on the back or bottom of the device. This button is either a tactile button or a pinhole button.How to Factory Reset a Roku Device Using the Reset Button Switch on your Roku. Then find the reset button. Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds.

Why does my TV have no signal?

Check the cable connections between the TV and your video device or receiver. Change the channel or try a different input device or movie. The received signal may be weak. If your TV uses a cable or satellite box, you may need to contact your service provider for further assistance in improving the signal strength.

Why does my TV say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

The “no signal error” on a TV is due to using the wrong HDMI cable, a faulty graphics driver or a damaged HDMI port.

Why is my Roku TV not picking up HDMI?

Make sure the HDMI or DVI component is turned on and the cables are firmly connected. If problems still occur, turn off your component and reconnect it. Reset the power by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in.

Why won’t my Roku connect to my WiFi?

To fix your Roku not connecting to WiFi, check if your internet is active. If it does not work, then try restarting Roku. This should usually fix it.

Can’t get Roku to connect to WiFi?

Try these troubleshooting steps below. Check the internet connection. Make sure your Roku is connected to WiFi. Restart your Roku. Head to the System menu. Reset your WiFi router and modem. Move Roku closer to router and modem. Connect an Ethernet cable to Roku. Contact Roku support.

Do Rokus wear out?

Roku doesn’t wear out.

What happens when you restart your Roku TV?

Note: Restarting your Roku will not make any changes to your device. It will not remove your apps or your WiFi settings. It will simply turn your Roku off and on again.

What does the blinking green light mean on Roku remote?

A blinking green light on your Roku remote means it is attempting to pair. To fix this, remove batteries from remote. While TV is turned ON, unplug it and wait 30 seconds.

What input should my TV be on?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the current go-to for connecting TVs to devices like PVRs, Apple TVs and DVD/Blu-ray players. It’s a convenient all-in-one connection for high quality audio and video that should be your first choice for connecting your gear.

Why is my TV not picking up channels?

One of the most common reasons why TVs are not able to find channels is because there is a problem with their cable boxes. Restarting your cable box could clear it of any glitches that are stopping it from working as it should.

Roku’s $20 voice remote can work with pretty much any Roku TV.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Eli Blumenthal is a senior editor at CNET with a particular focus on covering the latest in the ever-changing worlds of telecom and streaming. He previously worked as a technology reporter at USA Today.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Roku televisions are incredibly popular and among CNET’s favorites for their built-in streaming features, not to mention low prices. The TCL 3 series and 4 series are excellent choices for people who want easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime and other apps, while the TCL 6 series has excellent image quality and remains our favorite TV for the money, period.

Most Roku TVs, including every model in the 3 and 4 series, come with basic remotes. They’re fine, but Roku’s voice remote is definitely better. First off it relies on wireless instead of old-school infrared signals, so you can point it anywhere instead of having to aim at the TV. It also has a mic button that summons Roku’s voice system. Speak into the mic and you can perform searches for TV shows, movies and actors, launch apps and more.

Let’s say you bought a Roku TV with the basic remote — for example, the version of the 6 series sold at Best Buy — and now you want to upgrade. Good news: Roku sells a voice remote for $20 and it works with pretty much any Roku TV, allowing you to add voice and point anywhere goodness.

To see if it worked I grabbed a few different Roku remotes, including one from a 2018 Roku Ultra and one from a 2018 Premiere Plus , and paired them with a 2017 55-inch Roku P605 bought from Best Buy that came with the basic remote. Making the change was extremely easy. Here’s how.

  • Power on the Roku TV
  • Using your old IR remote, or the Roku app on your phone, head to Settings
  • Scroll to Remotes
  • Click add a new remote
  • On your new enhanced remote, insert batteries and hold down the button toward the bottom of the battery compartment for five seconds
  • The TV and remote will pair
  • You’re done!

Step-by-step guide to upgrading your Roku TV remote

The process works the same for both the Ultra remote that has a headphone jack on the remote and the Premiere+ remote that has voice control but no headphone jack. Both remotes were able to control volume and utilize voice commands without issues.

It was a simple upgrade, but Roku’s web site makes it seem more complicated. The site indicates that the $20 voice remote replacement, the one on the accessories page , works with the company’s streaming devices but not TVs. Meanwhile it sells a replacement remote for Roku TVs for $20 . The only noticeable difference between the two is a “mute” button on the TV remote compared to the voice remote (voice control still works for muting the television, by the way).

Roku confirmed to CNET that the regular Voice remote (the $20 one) can be used on “most televisions,” though the company recommends TV owners use the $30 TV remote that adds the mute button. Roku says some older TVs may not support private listening, where audio is streamed to the remote’s headphone jack. That feature is available on the $30 Enhanced remote found on the streamers page.

In the end, a simple way to improve your Roku TV is just $20 away. Or $30 if you want a mute button.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

It’s no secret that Roku is among the most popular streaming devices on Amazon, compared to its peers like FireStick, ChromeCast, Android TV, and Apple TV. And while watching your favorite content on Roku is fun, you know what’s not fun? Juggling between remotes to control your Roku, TV, and other smart home devices around you. Thankfully, a universal remote for Roku should help you solve that problem.

Universal Remotes for Roku

While there are ways to use Roku without a remote too, choosing a universal Roku remote has its own advantages. One of them is automating mundane tasks such as turning on your Roku, TV, soundbar, etc., and changing them to the right settings – all of this with a single button press.

Whether you’ve lost your Roku remote or just want a universal remote for convenience, we have a list of the 5 best universal remotes for Roku out there.

1. Logitech Harmony Elite

When it comes to universal remotes, Logitech is the best in the business. And Harmony Elite is no exception. It features a 2.5-inch full-color touchscreen which provides one-touch navigation to the bulk of the system’s functions and settings. Plus, the included Harmony hub offers long-range reach to control your devices even when they’re behind closed cabinets. What’s more, everyone in your home can control this remote via the Harmony app which is available for both iOS and Android.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Logitech Harmony Elite offers support for over 270,000 devices from 6,000+ brands. That will cover most of your TVs, cable box, Apple TV, Roku, Philips Hue lights, and more. And the remote is capable of handling up to 15 devices at a time.

At this price point, there’s hardly any competition for Logitech Harmony Elite. And if you want a no-fuss experience, then this is the one you should pick.

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How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote

Setting up a new Harmony remote, or changing a configuration on an existing Harmony remote?

Your existing Harmony configuration can now be accessed by downloading and signing into the MyHarmony desktop software.


Having trouble getting everything to work correctly? You can deep dive into your issue using the Harmony troubleshooter.

The Harmony troubleshooter is designed to help you with any Harmony related issue you might be experiencing.

Get Help

See what’s new with Harmony. Our release notes contain detailed information about each Harmony software and mobile app update.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

I’m setting up a new 650 to work with a Roku 3. The support page ([] ) says “Harmony automatically imports your Roku channels and displays them under the favorites section on your Harmony remote.” — with a picture of an arrow pointing to the remote’s screen.

There’s just one problem — besides a few available defaults like Netflix, Amazon and Pandora, the Harmony’s screen doesn’t have a “favorites” section under the “Watch Roku” activity, and there isn’t a “favorites” command available to add for the Roku 3 device if I go to customize the screen.

What am I missing? How do I add other Roku channels to the remote?


How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

I figured out how to update Roku favorites (channels) for the Harmony Ultimate remote:

1/ On the remote, go to Roku Favorites (i.e., the screen that has the Roku channel icons that you are trying to update).

2/ Open the Menu (press on the three horizontal bars in the lower right hand corner of the screen).

4/ Select the “+” symbol in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

5/ Select “Rescan” in the lower right hand corner of the screen. The remote will now retrieve your updated Roku channels and sync automatically.

6/ When the sync is finished, select “ADD ALL” (top of screen).

7/ You should now see a screen with your updated Roku channels, though each channel icon will have a little “X” in the upper right hand corner. Select “Done” (lower right hand corner of the screen) and the “X’s” will disappear. Your Roku channels are now updated on your remote.

If you want to update the Roku channel icons on the Harmony smartphone app, do this next:

1/ Navigate to the screen in the app that shows the Roku channel icons.

2/ If it’s not updated, select “Edit” (scroll down to the bottom of the list of channel icons to find “Edit” if you don’t see it on your screen).

3/ Select “Reset.” The list of Roku channels in your app should now also be updated.

Lost your remote? Good news. Some Roku models come with a remote finder feature.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Sarah Lord is an associate writer at CNET covering TVs and home entertainment. Prior to joining CNET, Sarah served as the tech and electronic reviews fellow at Insider, where she covered everything from smart watches and wearables to tablets and e-readers. She began her career by writing laptop reviews as an intern and subsequent freelancer at Tom’s Hardware. She graduated from Wellesley College.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Taylor Martin has covered technology online for over six years. He has reviewed smartphones for Pocketnow and Android Authority and loves building stuff on his YouTube channel, MOD. He has a dangerous obsession with coffee and is afraid of free time.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Losing a remote can be a real pain. All you want to do is sit down on the couch and watch the game , your favorite TV show or movie, but instead you need to search for that slim piece of plastic. Is it in the sofa pillows or cushions? What about under the furniture? Better check those back pockets just in case, too.

Before you tear apart your home searching, you’ll want to try this trick to locate your Roku remote. A few Roku streaming devices come with a remote-finder function built in. Here’s how it works.

How to find a lost Roku remote

The only Roku remote that offers a voice-activated remote control finder is the $30 Voice Remote Pro . It can be purchased separately and paired with any current Roku device, or you can get it bundled with the Roku Streaming Stick 4K in the Roku Streaming Stick 4K Plus package. The Roku Ultra also comes with a remote finder feature, but you’ll need to press a button on the body of the Ultra device to activate it.

If you’re not sure if you have a compatible remote, you can check by flipping it over and looking at its back. If you see a small speaker grille on the top half of your remote, the remote finder function will work.

You can check if you have a Voice Remote Pro by finding out how your remote charges. The Voice Remote Pro is the only remote in the Roku lineup with an internal rechargeable battery. There should be a slot for the Micro-USB charging cable at the very bottom of the remote, right underneath the purple Roku fabric tag. If you have that, then all you have to do is say, “Hey, Roku, find my remote,” and the remote will automatically turn on your TV and start emitting a high-pitched beeping sound so you can locate it. Once you find your remote, you can press any button to stop the sound.

If your remote has a speaker grille, but runs on regular disposable batteries, you’ll need to head over to the Roku device itself. The Roku Ultra has a special remote finder button on the right-hand side of the box. When you press this, the remote will emit a sound until you locate it and press any button.

Keep in mind that if the remote has died or is out of range of a Wi-Fi signal, the Roku will not be able to locate it.

How to use the Roku App to find your remote

Roku also provides applications for iOS and Android that will turn your mobile devices into fully functioning Wi-Fi remotes. Upon opening the app, navigate to the devices tab, which will bring up a list of all of the Roku devices in your house. Tap on the device you want to control and the app will connect to it. You’ll then be able to tap on the “remote” function for that device, which will bring up a full-screen remote control. From here, you should have full control over your Roku.

To use the Roku App to find your remote, just tap the microphone button and say, “Hey, Roku, find my remote.” This will automatically trigger the beeping sound from your compatible remote. Once again, you can press any button on the remote when you find it to make the sound stop.

How to change the remote finder sound

Compatible Roku remotes can play different sounds for the remote finder function.

To change the sound, go to Settings > Remote and select Change remote finder sound. To preview the sound you selected, click Preview remote finder sound.

Still can’t find it? Try one of these alternatives

If you can’t seem to locate your Roku remote, you’re not totally out of luck. Roku offers replacement remotes, but the $30 Voice Remote Pro is the only one the company sells with a remote finder feature.

The Roku Voice Remote costs $20 and lets you turn your TV on and off and control the volume with the remote. You can also use the microphone button to interact with the Roku interface using your voice. But it lacks a speaker, making it incompatible with the remote finding feature.

If you opt for the $15 Simple Remote , you’ll still need your TV remote nearby. The Simple Remote does not give you any control over your TV itself and instead is a supplemental remote that works only within the Roku operating system. This remote is also speaker-free, which means you’d better be prepared to dig through your couch cushions to find it.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Roku products are some of the most popular streaming devices on the market. Compatible with almost any TV make and model on the market, they are a ubiquitous solution to any streaming problem that you may have.

One of the biggest benefits that Roku devices bring to the table is the ability to use headphones in order to avoid making any noise, while you’re streaming. However, Roku offers more than one way to do this.

Why Would You Need Roku for This?

Most smart TVs on the market come with a 3.5mm or 6.3mm audio input jacks. If they don’t, there is always an easy way to make it work. So, if you can easily plug in your headphones directly into the TV, why would you need to find a Roku workaround here?

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Well, first of all, most smart TVs won’t work with wireless headphones, which are the most convenient option. Secondly, even if you are able to connect the wired headphones to the TV, the cable would probably be just about long enough for you to sit in front of the TV set. In other words, you won’t be able to reach your couch or armchair for maximum watching comfort.

The Best Sennheiser Headphones

So, it is clear that you’d need a more convenient solution that will have you quietly watching your TV through a Roku device, without putting your comfort at risk.

Smartphone App

Roku devices are most conveniently used through the dedicated Roku smartphone/tablet app. The headphone mode is called the Private Listening mode here, which allows you to stream audio channel to your connected smartphone/tablet. Yep, no Bluetooth required here.

To enable this, install the Roku app by downloading it from your device’s dedicated app store (Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS) and set it up to work with your TV.

The Best Sony Headphones

How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote

What you’re essentially doing here, is turning your Roku app into the Roku remote, which is a very convenient thing in itself. Once you’ve launched the Roku app, read the Terms of Service and tap Continue if you’re done. The app is automatically going to search for nearby devices that you can connect to. As you’ll see while the Roku app is searching for your device, you need to check if your Roku device is set-up, turned on, and that it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi as your phone or tablet.

When it appears, tap the device that you want your app to pair with and this should be it. Now, in order to use it as the remote, tap the Remote tab and you’ll see a virtual remote appear on your phone’s screen. Use this remote as you would use the regular Roku remote.

To use the headphone mode, all you need to do is plug your headphones into your phone or connect them via Bluetooth. This way, the audio will automatically cut the TV sound and send all audio through your headphones.

Roku Ultra

Some Roku devices make using the headphones even easier. Roku Ultra, for instance (as well as some pricier Roku TV models) features a headphone jack on the side. Just plug your headphones into it and Private Listening will activate automatically. Of course, the Roku app method beats this because it enables you to use your Bluetooth headphones.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Either way, though, you can always turn your phone into the actual remote, which is a cool perk to have, even if you own a Roku Ultra.

Roku and Headphones

Clearly, using Roku with headphones is possible. Roku app is always a more convenient idea than using the headphone jack on Roku Ultra, but if you want to conserve your phone’s or tablet’s battery the headphone jack on the Roku remote is a solid alternative. Whether you want to use Bluetooth headphones or the regular, wired ones, the choice is up to you.

Do you use headphones with your Roku device? How do you like the Private Listening mode? Did you experience any issues during the installation? Don’t refrain from joining in on the discussion in the comments section.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Reginal Shelby запись закреплена

Sooner or later, you will need a Roku replacement remote since it is so easy to lose or damage yours. If you have kids or pets, you may need one sooner than you think.

While you can always use the Roku remote app to control your settings, you will find that it isn’t the most convenient of alternatives.

The next step would be to purchase a Roku replacement remote which in most cases would be a universal remote.

Can I use a universal remote for my Roku TV?
Yes, you can. In fact, Roku has a dedicated help page that will teach you how to program a universal remote to control your Roku TV.

The process is actually very simple and it would require you to follow the instructions here.

Here is the best 10 Best Roku Replacement Remote Controls

1. IKU-CJVP81 Universal IR Remote

Uses Infrared technology

Pre-programmed for Roku streaming players

All important keys included

This remote comes with volume, mute, and power buttons included making it a good replacement for your original remote.

It will work with most Roku streaming players and it won’t have to be programmed to get it to work.

This universal remote is also compatible with your TV and soundbar. It comes with 9 programmable buttons that allow you to control your devices the way you want. You will also find 4 dedicated buttons for streaming channels.

Two of these buttons will handle Netflix and Amazon Prime while you can program the other two to handle any channel you want.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

About Roku Remote For PC

Download Roku Remote PC for free at AppsPlayground. William Seemann published Roku Remote for Android operating system mobile devices, but it is possible to download and install Roku Remote for PC or Computer with operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and Mac.

Let’s find out the prerequisites to install Roku Remote on Windows PC or MAC computer without much delay.

Select an Android emulator: &nbsp There are many free and paid Android emulators available for PC and MAC, few of the popular ones are Bluestacks, Andy OS, Nox, MeMu and there are more you can find from Google.

Compatibility: &nbsp Before downloading them take a look at the minimum system requirements to install the emulator on your PC.

For example, &nbsp BlueStacks requires OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only), Mac OS Sierra(10.12), High Sierra (10.13) and Mojave(10.14), 2-4GB of RAM, 4GB of disk space for storing Android apps/games, updated graphics drivers.

Finally, download and install the emulator which will work well with your PC’s hardware/software.

How to Download and Install Roku Remote for PC or MAC:

  • Open the emulator software from the start menu or desktop shortcut in your PC.
  • Associate or set up your Google account with the emulator.
  • You can either install the app from Google PlayStore inside the emulator or download Roku Remote APK file and open the APK file with the emulator or drag the file into the emulator window to install Roku Remote for PC.

You can follow above instructions to install Roku Remote for PC with any of the Android emulators available.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Although most LG smart TVs already feature built-in support for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming apps, Roku is still a leader in streaming video. It offers access to so much more and the newest OS updates have improved the responsiveness of everything.

Therefore, you might still want to use a Roku streaming stick for all your video streaming needs. To access the vast library on Roku, you have to connect it to your LG TV. This is much simpler than you might think.

How Connect a Roku Stick to Your LG TV

  1. Look for an open HDMI port at the back or side panel on your TV.
  2. Plug in the Roku stick directly or use a HDMI cable for more placement and concealment options.
  3. Alternatively – Connect your Roku stick to your home entertainment center that connects to the TV.
  4. Plug your Roku into its power adapter.
  5. Put batteries in your Roku remote.
  6. Turn on your TV and choose the HDMI input used with your Roku streaming device.
  7. If you don’t know it, switch through different HDMI sources until you see the Roku welcome screen.
  8. Pair your Roku remote with your TV.
  9. Choose your desired menu language.
  10. Proceed with the initial Roku setup wizard.
  11. Plug in an Ethernet cable into your Roku device.
  12. Alternative – Select the Create a new wireless network option.
  13. Add the same wireless network your TV is connected to.
    How to sync a roku replacement remote

Installation and Setup Tips and Things You Should Know

Here are some other things that may be unclear to you, depending on what type of Roku device you’re using.

How to sync a roku replacement remote

Roku Setup Tip 1

If you want to install your Roku device out of the box but don’t have a Roku account yet, you might want to have your phone or laptop nearby. In order to create and validate a Roku account, you need to do this in a web browser.

The Best LG TVs

Since Roku OS doesn’t have a web browser, you won’t be able to do this on your TV. Having a Roku account is mandatory if you want to access all features of your Roku device.

Roku Setup Tip 2

If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI port, you should probably look for an older generation Roku player which supports composite video cables. That said, you should also know that old Roku models are much more limited in what they can do.

Roku Setup Tip 3

Don’t forget to connect your Roku device to its AC adapter. Despite their looks, Roku devices don’t draw power through the TV as USB sticks draw power from the motherboard of a computer.

The Best Budget TVs

How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote How to sync a roku replacement remote

Your Roku device may restart one or more times during the initial setup. It may do so in order to download and install new drivers or to add new channels to its playlist.

Roku Setup Tip 4

Note also that your TV may not save your Roku device’s HDMI port as the default HDMI input after you turn off your TV. You can, however, make your TV launch with Roku if your LG supports a Fast TV Start function.

With that enabled, you may use something like an Echo Dot to issue Alexa a voice command to start your TV and launch your Roku app simultaneously.

Roku Setup Tip 5

Roku TV streaming sticks can be plugged directly into the TV’s HDMI port. However, you’ll require a HDMI cable if you have a Roku streaming player. Those are the round-ish devices that look like smart hubs, devices that also usually feature an Ethernet cable connection.

LG Native Streaming Support vs. Roku

LG smart TVs clearly have only a basic streaming video setup with limited native support for some streaming apps. But, once you add your Roku streaming stick to one, the possibilities increase exponentially.

Are you satisfied with the compatibility between Roku OS and LG smart TVs or do you prefer the functionality and ease of use of dedicated Roku smart TVs? Let us know in the comments section below.