How to tackle a girl

The time may come when you must figure out how to tactfully tackle a girl. Odds are, it’s in a playful context: rugby, football, or another contact sport. You don’t want to hurt her, but you also don’t want to be so gentle that you take away her agency to play the game. Do not tackle a girl without consent. Make sure that you share a common understanding of the rules. The most important thing is that you are respectful.


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How to tackle a girl

Make sure you know her well enough to tackle her. You should never tackle a stranger, and you should avoid tackling someone that you’ve just met unless you’re sure that she will be comfortable with it. If she is your sister, your relative, or your good friend, then she might feel more comfortable with you tackling her. Use your best judgment.

How to tackle a girl

Tackle in the right setting. Tackling is a large part of many contact sports, including rugby and American football. If you are playing a contact sport with a mixed group of boys and girls, then the tackling issue will certainly come up. Consider playing flag football, two-hand touch football, or another less violent variation of the game. If you plan to tackle a girl in a non-sporting context, then you will need to be especially sure that she’ll be okay with it.

  • Flag football or two-hand touch football can be a great way to avoid the issue of tackling a girl. In regular football, you stop someone from running the ball by tackling them to the ground. In touch football, you only need to touch them with two hands at once. In flag football, you pull a “flag” from the runner’s belt to signify that you have stopped them.

How to tackle a girl

Make your intentions clear. Check in to be sure that the girl is comfortable with being tackled. It’s better to ask ahead of time than to risk making someone feel violated. Get consent and establish a common understanding of the rules.

  • If you are playing a contact sport like rugby or tackle football, make sure that everyone playing understands that he or she might get tackled. Explain the rules before you begin. If anyone is uncomfortable with being tackled, consider playing a less violent variation.
  • If you are going to tackle a sibling, a romantic interest, or a female friend, then you should be physically comfortable with one another. It’s okay to play rough, but you need to make sure that you are not violating her personal space.

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How to tackle a girl

Avoid touching sensitive areas. Even if the girl doesn’t mind being tackled, she might not be so comfortable with you touching her breasts or her pelvic region. The legs and the midriff are usually safe. Wrap your arms around her waist, or aim low for her knees.

  • Try not to worry too much about inappropriate touching. Pretend that you are tackling a male friend, but be a bit gentler. If you obviously aren’t aiming for her private areas, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

How to tackle a girl

Tackle gently. Once you wrap your arms around her for the tackle, try placing your arms on her back so that she won’t be hurt when she hits the ground. If you make a diving tackle from a few steps behind, then you will tackle harder in your effort to catch up. If you are worried that you’ll hurt her, try to catch up to her first, then bring her slowly to the ground – that is, if you can catch her!

How to tackle a girl

Respect her agency to play. Girls are tough, too. If she wants to play tackle football with you, then that is her choice. It is not necessarily your place to treat her like a delicate doll. Be careful, certainly, and treat her with respect – but do not assume that she is weak just because she is a girl!

How to tackle a girl

There’s been a lot of talk about how to tackle in football properly over the last few years, as the NFL and NCAA football in America have taken hard stances to try to prevent devastating head injuries.

While all youth football players are taught the basics and fundamentals of tackling from a very young age, it’s easy for them to lose focus as they grow older.

As has been seen in the upper levels of football recently, a lot of tacklers have focused on leading with their head and making huge hits on ball carriers, instead of properly wrapping up and tackling in a safe fashion.

Learning and consistently practicing the fundamentals of tackling is extremely important – both to ensure that the defender is able to make the tackle successfully and so both he and the ball carrier are able to avoid serious injury.

As we’ll discuss later on in this article, not following these fundamentals can result in some truly tragic injuries such as continued concussions.

Following the proper tackling form will not only allow you to avoid injury – and to avoid causing injury to another – but it’ll also ensure that you tackle the most effectively, accurately, and with the most power.

Practicing the fundamentals will also keep you from being faked out by a ball carrier and left in the dust as he runs downfield.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to tackle in football properly.

I was pushed into writing this article as an aftermath of attending a parenting seminar, where I had the opportunity to interact with parents of teenagers. As was expected, the flow of conversation was mainly in the form of complaints about raising teenagers – “I am becoming a monster these day, handling tantrums,” “It’s always NO to everything,” “I really detest that scorn on the face all the time,” “Has respect become obsolete with the current generation?”

Each parent was only adding one more item to the list of grievances. Intrigued, I took the help of uncle Google to see what Internet savvy parents had to opine – the search result wasn’t much different. The questions were mostly about how to – handle tantrums, get your teens to clean their rooms, handle rebellious or aggressive behaviour, handle problematic adolescents , defiant tweens, out of control teenagers, make them more responsible etc…

Dealing with parental expectation
“My second son is almost 13 year old and still doesn’t do his homework unless scolded into his study” says Ms Mala, a mother of 2 teenage sons Parenting teenagers is quite a balancing act, like walking on ice. Because parents love their children and want only the best for them, they worry excessively about them, and one of the things that parents agonise about most is whether their children are hitting age-appropriate targets for behaviour. Shouldn’t a child be toilet trained by the age of 3? Shouldn’t a 10-year-old to be able to sit down and do an hour of homework alone?

Often parents live their dream through their children and this is when the conflicting pressure mounts. Expecting the teenager to excel in academics, bring in accolades for extracurricular activities and be the child of their expectations -well behaved, responsible for themselves and sometimes for their younger siblings- this in itself is enough pressure.

Every significant adult around the teen is attempting to mould him/her into some acceptable shape. Even though eldersmay not push their views down their throats, teens are still under a lot of strain because of the plethora of suggestions given and the defeating panic of failure. Frequently, teens arrive at decisions which conflict with their own skills or fields of interest. Amid such hectic activity, the seeds of restlessness, anxiety, fear of failure, unbearable stress is all planted.

Battling with an identity crisis
This is an age of transition and I see teenagers as those struggling to find a place in society. They want to be recognized by their peers and be accepted by their parentsfor what they are.

The media is universally preaching that it is okay to do anything that makes you feel good, just like oxygen all around them. You are cool only if you have ‘the happening things.’ The shows on television for this age group say all is fair in teenage – be it bullying, premarital sex, aggressive/violent behaviour, breaking rules. What exactly is the teenager learning? Is it their fault if they become confused, defiant or out of control teenagers? How is a teen to choose? Who is to blame?

Digital Citizens vs Digital Immigrants
The younger generation has been referred to as “Digital Citizens” while the older generation could be called “Digital Immigrants.” The digital immigrants, concerned for the wellbeing of their children are terrified that kids waste their lives with worthless online activities and gaming. For the Digital Citizens, this activity is normal- what all their friends do as well. Then, when they are confronted by anxious parents, they often feel misunderstood and alienated. The digital divide often results in continuous family conflict, breakdown of communication, power struggles, and disharmony. At times, when parents take away the computer or disconnect the Internet, some youngsters have responded with violence towards the computer, themselves or even their parents.

What parents need is a paradigm shiftanda clearer view of parenting skills.
*We cannot afford to ignore the duties of raising them up well from the time they are little. Televisions, computers and other gadgets that they spend most of the time with, cannot give them the nurturing that only parents can.
*Build lines of communication that are so strong that your children always look at you as allies and not as enemies. Communicate optimistically and always avoid commands and ‘I told you so’ lines. This will tackle the problem of the out of control teenager.
*Admit to them that you don’t always have all the solutions and answers and you too are not always right.
*Be graceful enough to thank and appreciate them at every possible occasion.
*Be willing to listen to their point of view. Give it a good thought before you garbage it.
*An encouraging and supporting attitude goes a long way.

Most importantly, let them know that you care!

(by Dr Jessina Merchant, Parenting Coach)

A new strategy doesn’t go far enough, says the leader of Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services

  • 13:13, 9 AUG 2021

How to tackle a girl

A new strategy to tackle violence against women and girls includes some welcome proposals but doesn’t go far enough, says Caroline Voaden, the leader of Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services.

She was commenting on the new government strategy published by Home Secretary Priti Patel.

It sets out the ambition to increase support for victims and survivors, increase the number of perpetrators brought to justice and to reduce the prevalence of violence against women and girls in the long-term.

Following Sarah Everard’s murder in March and the subsequent public conversation on the safety of women and girls, the Home Secretary reopened the Government’s Call for Evidence on tackling crimes that disproportionately affect women.

It received 160,000 further responses over two weeks, taking the total to over 180,000 responses which have helped shape the new strategy, a statement from the Devon organisation said.

Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services chief executive Caroline Voaden said: “Violence against women and girls (VAWG), including sexual violence and abuse, is a widely recognised and long-term cause and consequence of persistent sex and gender inequalities worldwide.

“With reports of different kinds of VAWG increasing and criminal justice outcomes for survivors and victims decreasing, the need for urgent, radical and holistic action has never been more clear.

“The language of today’s VAWG strategy is encouraging, especially its prioritisation of prevention and of access to specialist support for survivors and victims, including those most marginalised.

“We’re optimistic about some of its specific pledges, including a multi-million-pound communications campaign focusing on perpetrators of male violence against women and girls, harmful misogynistic attitudes and raising awareness and understanding of consent, healthy relationships and the impacts of VAWG, all of which we’ve called for for some time.

“But as with the Government’s rape review that precedes it, the value of this strategy can only be measured by its implementation and outcomes, and crucially, by the long-term investment Government is willing to commit to it.

“We also must not forget that the vast majority of those subjected to VAWG crimes, including 90% of survivors and victims of rape and sexual violence and abuse, know the perpetrator before the offence.

“While measures to improve street safety are of course important, they cannot and will not be successful without significant systemic and cultural change.”

The Home Office said the “actions and commitments” in the strategy “mark the start of a radical programme of change in the whole system’s response to these crimes.

“They will further support the action already being taken to improve the criminal justice response to rape, toughen sentences and protection for victims through the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill, as well as the recruitment of 20,000 more police officers to make our streets safer.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “The safety of women and girls across the country, wherever they are, is an absolute priority for me.

“It is unacceptable that women and girls are still subject to harassment, abuse, and violence, and I do not accept that violence against women and girls is inevitable.

“I am determined to give the police the powers they need to crack down on perpetrators and carry out their duties to protect the public whilst providing victims with the care and support they deserve.

“This strategy, shaped by the responses of those who bravely came forward and shared their stories and experiences, will deliver real and lasting change.”

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Written by our Founder and Executive Director, Emily Pilloton, Girls Garage: How to Use Any Tool, Tackle Any Project, and Build the World You Want to See is a 300-page compendium of all things building for fearless builder girls ages 14 and up. From hundreds of tools to essential skills (how to change a flat tire!), building projects, and profiles of inspiring women, Girls Garage represents the past 7 years of our programming and hopes to inspire generations of girls and women for years to come.

Signed copies available in the Girls Garage shop!

How to tackle a girl

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I wrote this book as an invitation for girls to put on their tool belts and build the world they want to see. I want girls, who have big dreams and ideas, to have zero barriers to access the tools they need to be successful. That tool might be a hammer, a little extra confidence to try something new, or the ability to see yourself in the world of STEM.

— Emily Pilloton, Founder of Girls Garage

An indispensable guide to building things, fixing things, and being a better, bolder version of yourself. If you’ve ever wondered how to change a tire, fix a running toilet, construct a birdhouse, or just feel a little braver in your own skin, this is the book for you. It’s accessible, inspirational, and actionable—and will help you understand why so many girls have benefitted so much from Emily Pilloton and her mission to get us all fearing less and building more.

— Melinda Gates, Philanthropist and Author of The Moment of Lift

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30 girl’s weird characteristics.

“When you miss her, you will always talk about her, and at least you will mention her name. Various feelings engulf you, just because you have fallen in love.How love is very powerful, and at the same time very hurtful”- Izwar

You know you are in love
when you see the world in her eyes, and her eyes everywhere in the world.- David Levesque –

Each and everyone of us have a different depiction of love.Which means we define love differently. Believe it or not, even though love is defined in many terms and words, but when girls fall in love, their characteristics are all the same. It will not happen to only a single girl, but it appears in all of them. It appears in an accountant. It appears in a secretary.It appears in a stewardess and so on.If we look closer into girls, yes we could see what they desire.Want to know more? Then keep reading this post. This could be the finest guide for men to handle love.

The 30 characteristics:

1. When a girl says that she is sad, but she didn’t cry, it means that she is crying in her heart. Maybe something is bothering her, or either an unfortunate event have occurred recently, which makes her movement prohibited and not energetic.

2.When the girl you love ignore you ,after you have broken her heart, it is advisable for you to give her some time and space, to calm herself down, before you could actually apologize to her.

3.A girl would find, a difficulty, in identifying weaknesses on the person she loves the most. No wonder girls are tend to be broken hearted than men, when their love go to a dead end. A girl is more to feel guilty towards herself.

4. When a girl, have fallen in love with a man, believe it or not, that particular man will be on the girl’s mind all the time ,even though she’s dating another guy.

5.A girl’s heart , will melt like a chocolate, when the man she loves, stare at her.

6.Each girl like to accept compliments, but they do not know how to accept one.

7.If you don’t like the girl who admire you like hell, reject her smoothly. Don’t be rude. When a girl have decided to do something, she will go for it. Its easier for girls to be frustrated and commit suicide.

8.When a girl starts to avoid you ,after you have rejected her ,it is advisable for you to leave her alone for quite a while. Next, if you want her to still be your friend, and not to lose the common touch of communication, try talking to her slowly.

9. Girls like to express what they feel. Music, poems, drawings, and writings are the easiest way for them to express their feelings.

10.Don’t ever say to a girl, that she is useless.

11. Being too serious, could kill the girl’s mood.

12.When at first the man she loved responded positively, for instance by giving her a call, the girl will sort of ignore, or will not show any interest towards it. But, abruptly after her beloved hang off the line, the girl will shout with joy, and in a few minutes, all her friends will now about that news.

13.A smile has 1000 meanings to a girl. So don’t smile to every girl you met.

14. If you like a girl, then start the relationship by first being friends . Then, you need to lead her to know you better.Don’t move blindly to a proposal.

“Perhaps you should take her window shopping for rings first. If she is up for that, you will have to make sure that she has an interest in marriage.Marriage should be discussed before the proposal.Don’t move blindly into a marriage proposal. ”- Jae Annes

15.If a girl give you excuses ,each time you ask her to go for a date,then leave her, because she is not interested in you.

16. Don’t ever predict what a girl feels. Ask her yourself!

17. After a girl have fallen in love with a man, she will always be wandering why she never met that man earlier.

18.If you are still searching for the most romantic method to seduce a girl, then you need to browse love books more frequent.

19.Each time the class picture is out or published, the first thing which the girl will look at, is at the person who sat beside her sweetheart during the photography session, then after that she will look at her own picture.

20. Her Ex boyfriend will always be on her mind, but the man she loves now, will always be in her heart.

21. A ‘hi’ is enough to cheer a girl’s day.

22. Only her best friend, will know what she feels and what she have been facing all along. She will be sharing most of her secrets, with her best friend.

23.A girl hate the man who pretend to be nice to her the most, in purpose to actually tackle her prettiest friend.

24. A girl consider love, as loyalty, caring, sincere, and eternal happiness without any argument.

25. Every girl wants a man, who loves her with a full heart.

26.A girl’s secrete weapon is tears.

27.A girl loves, when a man give her a surprise.(presents,flowers, greeting cards.)

28.A girl will easily fall in love, with the man who cares about her.

29. Its actually easy to get a girl’s heart, because what they want, is the feeling of being loved, and the feeling of being cared.

There is only one happiness in life,
to love and be loved.- George Sand –

30. Women, even though they are egoistic, or like hell rich, but they will always fall apart with a man’s love.

Its not easy to actually understand girls. They are very complicated, and they are totally very sensitive. GIRLS ARE UNPREDICTABLE. So, can you judge women by its cover? Women will be women.

Steve needs some advice for his date sunday:

“Hi Alex, First of all, great site – I absolutely enjoy reading every new post. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Here’s my question: I’m going on a date Sunday, and I’m way more nervous than usual. I think it’s mostly because I’ve never even seen the girl in person before – a mutual friend set us up on the date – I’ve only seen pictures of her.

Usually I’ve met the girl before so I know we have some type of connection/common interest, etc. With this girl I have no idea what she’ll be like. Any advice or tips?” Thanks man! – Steve

How to tackle a blind date

All right Steve, for once I can’t speak from my own experiences. I have never been on a blind date in my life.

But I have been on “regular” dates before, and for what I know, the difference isn’t that big.

But I made a few phone calls, and one of my close friends has been on one just recently. Everything went really smooth for him, and he told me that he’s still seeing the girl.

I asked him for some tips on how he handled it, and here we go:

First of all, as with everything, you have to have the right mindset.

You write in your e-mail that you usually have some kind of connection to a girl before you go on a date with her.

You already have two connections; your mutual friend, and the fact that you have been “set up” by her. I assume that your friend is a girl.

She has already “validated” both of you! Think about it, that’s a better start than most guys gets on most dates.

And you also have one common interest; that is to meet each other! And how great isn’t that? You’re both “interested”.

Not knowing “what she’ll be like” is actually a pretty good thing; you could say that you start at ground zero.

Since there are no expectations, you should actually be more comfortable than at a “regular date”, where you will both be “coloured” a little by your last interaction, whether it was by phone or in person.

This is really good news.

So after all my babble, you can conclude that you have not one, but two connections, and that you have a common interest and that is to meet each other. Fantastic.

Onto the date:

I think I have said this before, but I’ll say it again.

Don’t treat a date like a job interview!

That means you:

  • Shouldn’t be wearing clothes that are not “you”. You should be 100% comfortable in your clothes. A shirt only looks as good as you wear it, so if you’re not used to wear shirts, a t-shirt is fine.
  • Shouldn’t ask her all kind of boring questions. More on the subject of boring here.
  • Be overly nervous. I know this is hard. But try to relax. Speak slowly, and pause between words to create suspense for her, and to give yourself time to think about what to say.
  • Be interesting. (Read: Don’t be boring) You shouldn’t be afraid to say something to upset her a little bit, or make her laugh. You have nothing to lose, and being boring is the absolute worst thing you can do.
  • Have an exit plan. It’s so much better to meet over coffee for a first date, than to do the whole “dinner and a movie” approach. It’s expensive, and if you just don’t feel it for each other, it can also be extremely awkward.
  • When you meet, be sure to make her comfortable right at the beginning by introducing yourself with an open hand, and by saying your name out clear. This is really “standard procedure”, but shaking hands really helps with getting her comfortable around you.

So to wrap it up, this is one way to go about a blind date:

Right from the point where you walk out the door, be confident that she is a good girl that is interested in you. And to get the right look in your eyes, have the mentality that she actually thinks you’re pretty sexy, too.

When you meet her, you meet her at a local café or Starbucks. You wear comfortable clothes, and you greet her by shaking hands.

You don’t talk about or ask her boring stuff; instead you start of by asking her something like this:

“So, do you often have a hard time finding a sexy man like me, without using your friends?”

Of course, this shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but it’s a great way to ease the tension a bit.

You could also ask her more casually if she often goes on blind dates, and if she does, you could ask her something like “What’s the worst man you have found dating like this? Everybody has a story about that creepy guy that wouldn’t stop following them…”

This could also be supplied by you looking suspicious in a fun way, like that “creep” was you. Quickly looking from left to right, and back again a few times is almost guaranteed to make her laugh.

Again, making a little fun of yourself is a great way to ease the natural tension between you, making room for a much better date.

The rest is up to you; just remember the number 1 rule:

If you manage to have fun, I think everything will be fine.

Good luck man,

I try to answer all the dating questions I get. Subscribe to our RSS Feed and be the first to get them!

Об этой игре

Tackle Girl is platform game. You aim to clear stages use Jump , Dive and Tackle.

◆Jump / Player jumps and stamps Monsters.
◆Dive / Dive is faster than normal falling. So, Player can stamp some Monster that wasn’t damaged.
◆Tackle / Monsters are powerless until passing time or Monster’s landing that were tackled by Player. But, Tackle’s attack power is half than stamp and Dive.

Tackle Girl has over 60 stages.
And, this game has two rules “Strike Monsters” and “Collect Pages”.

◆Strike Monsters / Player gets points by defaet Monsters.

◆Collect Pages / Player gets point catch pages. Player can’t get point defaet Monsters.

Системные требования


    • ОС: Windows7/8/10
    • Оперативная память: 256 MB ОЗУ
    • DirectX: Версии 11
    • Место на диске: 40 MB

    • ОС: Windows7/8/10
    • Оперативная память: 512 MB ОЗУ
    • DirectX: Версии 11
    • Место на диске: 40 MB

◆ PeriTune(ペリチューン) ※Japanese website

□ SE
◆ On-Jin ~音人~ ※Japanese
◆ポケットサウンド ※Japanese
◆効果音工房 ※Japanese
◆魔王魂 ※Japanese

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