How to tell your crush you like him without words

How to tell your crush you like him without words

How to tell your crush you like him without words

20 Ways To Tell A Man You Like Him Without Actually Saying It

Wow, that guy you just met was awesome! How do you tell him nonverbally that you’re interested? According to Laurel House, founder of No Games Love, it’s none of the things you’d typically think of. Her list?

How to tell your crush you like him without words


If you aren’t sure how to expand on those items, the following list may help.

•Be a genuinely good listener. A guy likes to know that you care about what’s inside his head.

•Converse intelligently. Guys respect intelligence.

•Ask his opinion on something intelligent other than religion or politics.

•Find a common interest with him, or two or three.

•With a flirtatious smile, open a door for him.

•Get him a token gift. A water bottle with his favorite team logo, a book he’d like to read or anything to let him know you were thinking of him.

•Be present, be mannerly; focus on him whether you’re listening or talking.

•Brush up on the latest gadgets for guys and ask him if he’s heard of one or two of them.

•You may not be Julia Child, but bake him something, even if it comes from a mix.

•Catch his eye from across the room and with a lift of your eyebrows, let him know that you would like to get to know him.

•Anticipate a need. If his drink is low, offer to refill it. If he’s carrying a lot of stuff, hold the door for him. If he seems to have a kink in his shoulders, massage it.

•Let him be a gentleman. If he opens your door, smile and politely say thank you.

•Be feminine in your appearance and your demeanor. You don’t have to be helpless or desperate.

•Dress modestly. Not only will this make you stand out, it will pique his interest.

•If you’re sitting, cross your legs the next time he looks at you and let your shoe dangle from your toes.

•Smile, smile, smile; act like you’re having a good time. Happiness is a very attractive quality.

•Put your hand on his arm during the conversation.

•Compliment him and hold his gaze a second or two longer than you normally would.

•Twirl your hair around your finger, especially if you have long hair.

•Have a sense of humor and tease him a little, but be nice about it.

Above all, realize that he is a human being and has feelings. Be respectful of him and yourself and have fun, no matter the outcome!

Telling your crush you like them takes a lot of courage.

Considering you have to be vulnerable and open with your emotions, it ‘ s often only the bravest among us who even attempt to admit their feelings to their crush.

But what if there was a way to get your point across without having that difficult conversation? Keep scrolling for our best tips on how to tell your crush you like them without having to say it.

1. Use Body Language

If you want to get the point across that you have feelings for someone without coming right out and saying it, using your body language is the next best solution. Making eye contact, leaning towards your crush when they talk and finding casual ways to touch them all communicate that you want to be a little closer than just friends. Your crush might not clue in right away, but eventually they ‘ ll start to realize that you ‘ re more physically friendly with them than you are with anyone else, which will likely alert them to your feelings.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

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2. Employ Small Gestures

Ever heard of the phrase ” actions speak louder than words? ” Of course you have—and when it comes to telling your crush how you feel, this cliché definitely rings true. If you ‘ re too scared to come out and say it, you can use small gestures to show your crush just how much you care. Giving them little gifts, offering to help them with a difficult homework assignment and just generally being aware of their needs and doing your best to help them out is a perfect way to show them that you care. Not only does it help to slyly communicate your interest, it also shows that you ‘ d be an attentive and supportive romantic partner. And isn ‘ t that what everyone is looking for anyway?

3. Make Them a Priority

When we say to make your crush a priority, we don ‘ t mean that you should choose them above any other activity or responsibility in your life. Instead, we simply mean that you should focus your attention on them, both when you ‘ re together and when you ‘ re not. Text them consistently, make an effort to stay close to them when you ‘ re hanging out, don ‘ t flirt with other people in front of them—all these small methods of prioritizing your crush will show that your feelings are a little deeper than friendship. They may take a little while to notice, but eventually they ‘ ll realize that your constant focus on them is backed by genuine emotion.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

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4. Orchestrate Hangouts

What ‘ s the point of having a crush if you never get to spend any time with them? Arranging hangouts with your love interest is the ultimate way to kill two birds with one stone—you make it clear that you ‘ re interested in them and you get to spend time bonding with them. It can be something as simple as an after school study sesh or something as elaborate as a Saturday night date night—it doesn ‘ t really matter. The point of orchestrating a hangout is making it clear to your crush that you want to spend time with them, just the two of you. It ‘ s a pretty unmistakable signal that you ‘ re interested, but it saves you from the potentially scary conversation about your feelings.

5. Show Them Support

Everyone likes to feel supported, and when you really care about someone it should be easy to provide the encouragement they crave. That makes showing your crush support a pretty easy way to communicate that you ‘ re interested in them. If they play a sport, attend their games and compliment them on their efforts. If they ‘ re interested in theater, make sure you go and see their performances. Basically, whatever activity your crush might like, make an effort to go to their events and give them your encouragement. You ‘ ll make them feel all warm and fuzzy and you ‘ ll show that you care about them enough to make time for the things they find important—it ‘ s a win-win.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

(Friday Night Lights via NBC)

6. Remember the Small Stuff

There ‘ s nothing that communicates caring about someone quite like remembering the small details of their life and bringing them back up later. When you chat with your crush, make sure you really listen to everything they say—it should be pretty easy considering you have feelings for them. But then, make sure you bring up small details they mentioned later down the line. Remembering their favorite food, their siblings ‘ names or their favorite color and letting know that you were listening is a great way to show that you care about them. It ‘ s sure to make them feel good, and it ‘ ll give them a clue that your feelings might run a little deeper than friendship.

7. Use Social Media

Ah, social media. While all our favorite apps offer a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong, they also offer an entirely new space for you to flirt with your crush. Liking their photos, responding to their stories and striking up a casual conversation over Instagram or Snapchat are all great ways to communicate that you ‘ re interested. It shows your crush that you want to talk to them, but it keeps you from having to come right out and admit your feelings. Plus, you might even grow closer if they show just as much interest in chatting with you, which will only be a good thing for your relationship.


Cute ways to let your crush know you like him

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You’ve been practicing flirting techniques for years: Repeatedly saying your crush’s name in conversation, casually bringing up movies you want to see while talking to him, etc. But what if you could convey your interest to your crush without even opening your mouth? It’s your lucky day, ladies, because you totally can. Check out these four ways to flirt without making a peep!

Position your feet towards him

Level: Beginner

This is possibly the easiest way to flirt without speaking. When talking to your crush, make sure both of your feet are pointed directly at him (this also works in a job interview, FYI). Your feet almost always subconsciously reveal what you want (pointed towards the person = you like them; pointed away from a person = you dislike them). Make sure your feet are pointed towards your crush even if you’re running late and want to dart. He’ll feel like you actually care about what he has to say and that’ll make him even more interested in you.


Level: Beginner

Too shy to tell the hottie in your Spanish class that you think he’s muy caliente (for all you French students, that means “very hot”)? Give him a quick grin. The smile is the universal sign for, “I’m nice and I like you.” It’s everything while flirting, and you don’t have to be super confident to smile at him either. Smiles invoke a positive feeling within, causing people to be more attracted to people who smile than people who don’t. For example, if your crush is debating between who his next girlfriend is going to be and you smile, whereas that girl Ashley doesn’t, guess who he’s going to want? (Hint: Y-O-U)

Eye contact

Level: Intermediate

When we talk about eye contact in the beginning stages of flirting, we aren’t referring to the holding-his-gaze-so-long-that-you-are-undeniably-forced-to-peer-into-his-soul kind of eye contact—we’re just suggesting a quick glance, 8 seconds, 10 seconds max. Next time you’re at a party and see your crush across the room, stare at him for about 8 seconds. Sometimes guys are slow to pick up signs, so do this three or four times. When he sees you staring, quickly look away with that, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he saw me,” look on your face. He’ll be flattered that you’re looking at him, and he’ll think you’re adorable for the look on your face he sees when you get caught. If he’s brave enough, he might even walk up to you and start making conversation—all because of a little eye contact.

Touch his arm

Level: Advanced

You know the shivers sent down your spine when your crush bumps into you in the hallway? Yeah. That’s why you should touch his arm casually while flirting. When you’re chatting it up with your crush in the lunch line and he says something funny, laugh and casually place your hand on his bicep for about 2 seconds. This sends a subtle signal that says, “You are so funny that I actually have to brace myself because I’m laughing so hard.” The important step to this flirting technique? Don’t forget to remove your hand from his arm or risk coming off as creepy.

What’s your fave flirting tip? Let us know in the comments and we’ll give it a try.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

How to tell your crush you like him without words

How To Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Words

Sometimes actions leave a lasting impression than words. So it is better to express your feelings through actions. Let’s find out.

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1 Make an Eye Contact:
This is one of the most common ways which can be adopted to tell you like him. Eye contact does not mean you need to stare him straight. By eye contact we simply mean to look into his eyes when he is looking towards you. One thing you need to keep in mind that you need to make a short eye contact and than break it.

2 All Smiles:
Smile is just one of the ways you can win his heart. Whenever your eyes meet you need to pass a smile to him. You need to leave a hint to him that you like it when he is around. All Smiles is the most common way to tell your crush you like him.

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3 Get Close:
You need to talk to him and while talking you need to touch him and get a bit close to him to tell him that you are interested in him.

4 Dress up for Him:
One of the best way to impress him is to dress up the way he likes. All you need to do is to look your best for him.

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Thus, following are some of the ways through which you can express your feelings to your crush.

Want to tell your crush about your feelings for him but not sure? Discover subtle ways to let you crush know that you like him more than as a friend, ways that don’t involve saying “I love you.”

5 Creative & Subtle Ways to Let Your Crush Know that You Like Him

Let’s say that you have been eyeing this cute guy for weeks or months, and each time you see him, you get butterflies in your stomach. Everything seems to go slow-mo when he looks your way. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll break it to you: you definitely got a crush on that person.

While it sounds difficult for you to confess your feelings, there is one thing that makes it all easier― bravery. If you really like him or her, be brave! After all, you’ll never know if your crush likes you back if you do not tell him or her the truth.

If you want to tell your crush how you truly feel, don’t worry because we got your back. We’ve come up with some awesome ways to tell your crush you like him, and some of them don’t even have to be in person (shoutout to introverts, out there).

1. Let Your Crush Know That You Like Him By Writing Him a Love Poem

How to tell your crush you like him without words

One of the most creative ways of telling a crush your true feelings is by writing them a poem. It does not have to be a very long or detailed poem, as long as you sincerely describe how you feel. Also, be careful not to confuse your crush with too many flowery words and metaphors. The last thing you want to do is to make him feel confused after reading your poem. It’s ok to make him feel a little more curious about you though. Not a great poet? No problem, use one of these sweet love poems instead.

2. Write Your Crush a Love Letter to Tell Them That You Like Them

How to tell your crush you like him without words

If you are not comfortable writing a poem, writing a letter might just do the trick for you. While it sounds old school, writing a letter is a very genuine way of confessing your feelings. Our grandmas and grandpas wrote many letters for each other many years ago, and it worked out so well for them. Find out the do’s and don’ts of writing a love letter.

3. Subtle Way to Let Him Know: Entice Him With Food

How to tell your crush you like him without words

As the famous saying goes, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So go ahead and use food to seduce and inform him of your intention. Know what your crush’s favorite food is, and give it with a note saying you like him. If you cannot do it face-to-face, you can have the food delivered to his house.

4. For Introverts: Do It Through a Text Message

How to tell your crush you like him without words

It could be really difficult to tell someone how you really feel in person, so telling your crush how much you like him through a text message might be the right way for you. While it might be rude to break up with someone through a text message, please do not feel bad if you decide to confess your feelings through a text message. It could be an advantage because it gives your crush time to think properly, instead of answering you right away. More tips on how to signal I love you through text messages.

5. Invite Your Crush To A Meal

How to tell your crush you like him without words

While this approach might give you goosebumps, it is very effective. There are so many TV shows and movies in which people confess their feelings over dinner or lunch. Plus, if you want to know the reaction of your crush real-time, this is the best way to go.

No matter which way you choose, be brave. Take deep breaths and smile. You can do it!

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Admitting to someone that you’re interested in them romantically can be so difficult.

For one, sometimes it feels like you’re doing something wrong, or causing inconvenience by doing it. The word “admitting” does have those implications, just like you’re “admitting” to wrongdoing, or “admitting” a lie.

Besides that, even if you rationally know that rejection won’t be the end of the world, it doesn’t feel that way from an emotional perspective.

While everyone’s going to have their own methods, and different things will work with different people, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind when you’re telling someone you like them.

In this article, we explore what to do, what to say, and how you should be doing it!

How To Tell A Guy That You Like Them

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t actually need to say “I like you!” up front! Telling someone explicitly that you like them isn’t the only way of expressing interest. Here’s how to show a guy that you like him, rather than just telling him.

For starters, you can regularly show them that you’re genuinely happy to see them. Chances are, this won’t be hard for you to do if you’re genuinely interested!

Second, you can show your appreciation for them. There are tons of ways to do this, from giving gifts and remembering their favourite food whenever you hang out, to supporting them at competitions or events they’re managing.

Finally, sharing something unique between the two of you—maybe it’s a TV series or a regular event that you only attend when you’re together, or perhaps a nickname. Whatever it is, it should show that you share something special that could grow into something more.

The best way to tell someone you like them will be tailored to their preferences, and will be rooted in your relationship with them.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Is There A Wrong Way Of Telling Someone You Like Them?

There’s no universally ‘correct’ way of telling someone you like them, but there are very wrong things you can do that will ruin your chances, or even embarrass yourself and the person you’re admitting to.

Making A Big Deal Out Of It

It’s important to stay chill when you’re thinking about expressing interest. When you overthink things or plan too hard, your admission may come off as unnatural and awkward. Plus, you’re making it worse for yourself if things unfortunately go south.

Making A Public Declaration

All those cute wedding proposals that are filmed in public might seem like #goals at first, but really they put a great deal of pressure on the person being proposed to. The only right time to make a public proposal is if both parties have generally already talked about marriage, and there are signs that they’re mostly just waiting for one or the other to propose.

Similarly, when telling someone you like them, you have to make it easy for them to give you a straight answer without being watched by a crowd. Reading out a love letter to someone in public is the very definition of pressuring them to respond positively. And it makes it all that much worse if you’re turned down!

Saying “I Love You. ” Right Off The Bat

Please don’t say this. These words are extremely powerful, and won’t feel authentic if you drop them as your admission. And you don’t really love the person you have a crush on, you like them, and want to get to know them better in a more intimate context.

Doing It Over Text

We might live in a wonderful world of tech, but the best way to express your feelings for someone is still in person. Leave the SMS, Facebook, and Snapchat declarations behind. Unless you’re in a long-distance relationship, this should be done face-to-face.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

A Step-By-Step Guide To Telling Someone You Like Them

Still looking for more guidance? Here are the specific steps to making the first move.

1. Find Out If They’re Actively Pursuing Someone

‘Actively pursuing’ is an important metric here, because almost everyone has an interest in someone already. If the person you like is already taking someone out on regular dates, admitting your feelings might be a problem.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean that just because they’re pursuing someone, you automatically lose your shot. Feel it out, see if they’re open to others, then feel free to make your move.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

2. Choose A “Right” Moment

The best time to express your feelings for someone is when the environment is relaxed. You don’t want to be declaring how you feel when they’re studying for an exam or preparing for a major pitch. Instead, choose a nice setting, like a diner or restaurant that you guys regularly go to. Or maybe you can hang out at the other’s place, where you have a little more privacy.

But don’t wait too long. The right moment may come and go without you making a shot, and then suddenly it’s back to the waiting game. If you’re making excuses about ‘waiting for the right moment,’ then it’s actually time to make your admission ASAP.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

3. Use Simple, Unambiguous Language

Don’t be overdramatic about your declaration. You don’t need a Hollywood-style quotable quote to impress them.

When you like someone, what does that mean? You want to get closer to them in ways that are more intimate and possibly romantic. You enjoy your time with them and they make you feel special, and they’re special to you too.

Want to know how to tell your crush you like them? Condense these idle, lofty thoughts into a simple form that can’t be interpreted any other way.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Here are some cute ways you can express your feelings.

“We’ve been spending a lot of time together, and you really make me feel special. I want you to know that I think you’re special to me, too.”

This has some pretty good optics behind it. It demonstrates a two-way recognition of how close you two are.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about us, and I want you to know that I really appreciate you.”

One of the absolute best, sweet things to say to anyone is that you appreciate them. In the context of your relationship, this should be just enough to trigger the “I like you” detection sensors in almost any guy.

“Do you want to go out with me?”

‘Go out’ is pretty unambiguous these days.

“I like you.”

Perhaps the best of all the things to say to someone you like, this one skips all the drama and buildup and gets straight to the point.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Bonus Advice: Be Their Friend

When you really like someone—as in, really, truly like someone—that ‘like’ can come from a lot of places. It could be a physical attraction that has you constantly thinking about the chemistry you share. Or it could be that fluttery feeling in your stomach whenever you’re together, as you think about how nice it feels to be around them.

However, if you do like someone, and you end up transitioning into a relationship with them, it has to be with someone you can share anything and everything with; someone you’re completely comfortable with.

If you like someone, become one of their good friends. Share your world with them and build a stable friendship. By the time you’re ready to admit. they might be ready too.

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How to tell your crush you like him without words

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How to tell your crush you like him without words

Confessing your feelings to your crush is never easy. Their presence may get your heart racing, and you feel a loss of words when you approach them. So if you are wondering how to confess to your crush? This post is for you.

Bearing some simple tips in mind when sharing your thoughts and emotions can help you get a favorable outcome. Reading through our post about how to confess to your crush can help you manage the situation effectively.

How To Confess Your Feelings To Your Crush: 15 Cute Ways

1. Write a letter

This traditional mode of communication is worth a shot because love letters carry a charm. So grab a pen and begin writing down your thoughts. You may write a song, poetry, or your emotions—make sure it touches their heart.

2. Seek mutual friend’s message

Take your friend’s help to ease the confession process. Ask them to subtly share what you feel for your crush. If your crush feels the same, it becomes easier for you to reveal your emotions directly. But if your friend senses something unfavorable, then you may either wait or take a step back.

3. Be expressive

If you think you are not good with the words, you may use friendly gestures, a husky tone, or give a wink. You don’t have to say anything, but they’ll figure out that you like them.

4. Send a romantic date invitation

Since you’ve already decided to confess to your crush, why not do it romantically? The romantic setting can be a park, a seaside restaurant, a candlelight dinner, or your crush’s favorite place. Dress your best to help you feel confident and sincere when confessing your feelings.

5. Shoot your emotions through text

Text is the most simple and accessible way to share your feelings. If you are hesitant to confess in person, text your feelings and leave your phone on the side for a few minutes. When you return, you will know your answer.

6. Describe your ideal partner

If you are a friend of your crush, expressing your ideal partner can be a fantastic method to confess indirectly. When you have the opportunity to discuss dating and relationships, it is a good time to describe your ideal partner. You can even say that you have already met that person, giving them hints that you are interested in them.

7. Send a meme to them

This approach will work when you are scared of serious situations. Find a meme with a romantic undertone that indirectly confesses your feelings. While memes are usually meant to make people grin, you may also send a message with it so that they don’t misinterpret your feelings.

8. Dedicate a playlist

Compile a list of all your favorite romantic songs with lyrics that you relate to. You can even make a video with your crush’s candid photographs and blend the music in it. Don’t rush to know their reaction, instead give them time to respond since there’s a good possibility that they’ll listen to it on repeat.

9. Make it public

If you have a good relationship with your crush and they reciprocate your feelings, you can make it public. If your crush is active on social media, post a romantic statement tagging them, and then wait for the response. This way, you are paving the way for your crush to trust you.

10. Send them a surprise present

Drop a gift on your crush’s doorstep and let them know that you have sent it and they have to handle it with care. Send a note along with the gift confessing your feelings.

11. Bring your creativity to the table

Make an effort to design a personalized greeting card, or gift, or showcase your calligraphy on a handwritten letter. Write only a few lines and not a long tale.

12. Attract them with their favorite foods

“A way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.” Treat them with their favorite food along with a message that you like them. A positive environment and a happy heart can give you a favorable answer.

13. Ask for help

It is a chance to stay connected with your crush. You may seek help for simple to complex matters, which will let them know that you trust them and are showing interest in their opinions. For many, this style of connecting can help you get to know each other better in a conversational way.

14. Flirt

One of the interesting ways to confess to your crush is by flirting. You may use pick-up lines or be creative your way. For instance, “Did you think of me today?” “That romantic song reminded me of you.” Such lines will let your crush know about your feelings for them.

15. Be direct

It is the most common way of confessing, at the same time, it is stressful and not for the faint-hearted. If you choose to confess directly, show your confidence and build trust. Don’t rush for the answer. Even if it is a ‘no,’ don’t get wrapped up in it. There’s a possibility that your crush may need time to think about it.

Expressing your feelings to your crush can be tricky. However, sharing your feelings is the best thing to do rather than suppressing them and repenting later. From writing a letter to sending a surprise present, try one or more of these ideas to showcase your emotions. You can even mix a couple of these ideas to gauge your crush’s feelings before confessing your deepest feelings for them. If you get a favorable response, celebrate your happiness with your sweetheart. However, don’t be downhearted if your crush doesn’t feel for you the same way. Remember, there are many interesting people to meet and try your love luck.


How to tell someone you like them without *actually* telling them

Ah, daydreams, blushes and butterflies—it’s crush season again.

Telling someone you like them can be *super* scary, and it’s never easy. In fact, sometimes it can be so terrifying, that you might want to avoid it altogether. If you want someone to know that you like them without *actually* saying it, we’ve got your back.

First, how do you feel?
Before you move forward, you need to be sure you actually *like* them. Yeah, *like* like. Not one of those crushes that last a week. Think: Can you imagine yourself in a relationship with them, or do you just really like their hair? (#relatable)

You could also try the “do nothing” tactic. Consider how you’d feel if you didn’t do anything, your crush never found out how you felt and you never found out their reaction. Would you be devastated or pretty much unbothered? The answer will let you know if you should plow on.

Get closer!

Yes, we know, easier said than done. However, there are a lot of small steps you can take to make the top of that staircase seem a lot closer.

Remember the little details

Being attentive is *key,* not only with your crush but in all your relationships. It shows the other person that you truly care about what they say and think. Find out their birthday, and surprise them with a sweet card or gift, or even just an early-morning text. The next time your future bae mentions a fond childhood memory, pay attention. Later, you can casually bring up details from that story, and they’ll be touched you listened. No matter how tiny the detail may feel, the fact you remembered it goes a long way.

Use social media

Social media makes it really easy to interact with your crush. You can like their photos and comment, respond to their stories and strike up a casual conversation or DM them funny TikToks or memes. They’ll catch on pretty quickly that you want to talk to them without you having to say anything of the sort. If you ever hang out together or in the same group, try to get pics of the two of you together to keep a physical memento of your budding friendship and possible relationship.

*Secret tip*

Go through the (preferably more niche) bands, teams, influencers, etc. that your crush follows and follow those accounts too, making sure to press the notification bell. Next time the account posts you’ll be notified, so immediately hop on and send the post to your crush. Not only will they be impressed you like the same things, but also excited that you thought of them.

Your body talks, too

If you want to get closer to your crush, maybe it’s a sign to get *closer.*

Physically close

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. By showing you want to be physically closer to them, you’re suggesting you want to be emotionally and romantically closer as well. By gradually incorporating more light physical contact, they’ll subconsciously feel more uncomfortable around you and possibly catch on to your feelings. Remember, light. It’s necessary to make sure they’re totally OK and comfortable with it as well.

*Secret tip*

If you’re not a super touch-y person, try making a secret handshake instead! It’s a subtle way for more physical contact, plus the two of you will have your own special little thing

Mirror actions

Chances are, you’re already doing this. When we like someone, we tend to mirror their actions meaning if they smile, you smile back; when they laugh, you laugh with them. Although it sounds a bit like playing copycat, it’s actually a natural way of building rapport.

Be confident

While you might find your crush endlessly interesting and amazing, don’t forget that you are too. Carry confidence with you in all your interactions, and it’ll clearly get your intentions across without sending mixed signals. If you need a reminder of how awesome you are, just ask your BFFs to shout out all of the things they love about you.

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Drop hints

By intentionally creating opportunities to be around them, you’re already letting your crush know that you like them. But, if you want to speed things up a notch, there are a couple of things you can try.


Everyone appreciates a genuine compliment, and your crush is no exception. The keyword here: genuine. Anything from “you have gorgeous eyes” to grinning at their jokes, with enough compliments, your crush will probs register your interest.

Nicknames and inside jokes

There’s no formula for this one, so it’s all up to how you want to do it. Nicknames and inside jokes come with spending time together and becoming close, so if you heed the advice from above, you should be on the right track!

Enlist the wingman (or woman)

For a little shortcut, try subtly mentioning you like them or find them interesting to your crush’s best friend. Saying something like, “they’re kinda cute” will perk up their bestie’s ears, and before you know it, your crush will be in the know too. The bonus of this trick is that you’ll be able to tell if your crush feels the same way based on their behavior In the next couple of weeks without facing actual rejection. If they start also dropping hints, shoot your shot! If they act awkward and distant, it’s probs time to move on.

Stay positive

The thought of your crush not returning your feelings might make you want to crawl into a hole and disappear. Sometimes, it’s important to zoom out and see the big picture.

Although it may feel like it at the time, the sky will not come crashing down if the crushing isn’t mutual. We’ve all been rejected at some point, and cliche as it sounds, it makes you stronger.

Even though getting them to like you back is the goal, it’s important to remember to stay true to yourself, and not going to lie, that’s *scary.* There’s a whole lot of risk that comes with putting your true self out there, but hey—high risk, high reward.

We believe in you!

Making the first move is tricky, and even though there’s no reason we houldn’t come right out and tell the guys we like that we like them, it can still be pretty awkward. The good news is, there are ways to let a dude know you’re interested without being a total weirdo about it.

Get in his personal space. A great way to let him know you have the feels for him is to get in his personal bubble. There are some really effective yet simple ways to get your point across without getting too physical and over the top like briefly touching his back when you pass him, sitting next to him when you get the chance, and touching his arm when he hands you something. You’ll be putting the idea of romance in his head without him even realizing it.

Avoid talking to him about your guy problems. For the love of God, do NOT offload about your latest fling to him. It’s not going to make him jealous, it’s going to put you in the friend zone indefinitely. Just think about how you’d feel if your crush started asking your advice on a girl he wants to ask out. You’d feel totally awkward about it and probably write him off as forever platonic.

Don’t let him tell you about his girl problems. If he starts telling you about his girl troubles, cut him off. By making it clear that you feel uncomfortable talking about these things with him, it will put it in his mind that you might have feelings for him. Either change the subject or ask him why he’s consulting you on the issue. If you treat it as strange that he’s talking about relationships with you, he’ll get the message right away that it might be because you’re interested in him. If not, he’s thick-skulled.

Be a little bit mysterious. Don’t tell him your entire life story in one sitting and don’t tell him where you’re going and what you’re up to every second of the day. If he asks you what you did last night, keep it vague. This will get his wheels turning and make him start wondering what you’re all about.

Make eye contact but not in a creepy way. Eye contact is super effective for letting someone know you like them, but it’s kind of a delicate art. You want to look at him like you’re looking at a puppy, but try not to get too creepy about it. Even though you’re considering kidnapping him, he shouldn’t be able to tell that by your creepily intense gaze. We’re going for kind eyes here.

Look your best when you see him. Honestly, looking good is half the battle when it comes to attracting your dream guy. If you know you’re going to be hanging out with him, put in a little extra effort. He WILL take notice, especially if you two have been flirting off and on leading up to the meetup. Note that “hot” doesn’t have to mean looking like a supermodel—just wear what makes you feel comfortable but confident and you’re bound to shien.

Talk to him about his goals and personal interests. Act like the supportive girlfriend you know he’ll eventually want that. By being interested in his dreams, goals, and hobbies, he’ll start getting excited about the prospect of dating you. Guys love it when a girl they’re interested in approves of their lifestyle, so make it clear that you’re feeling it.

Don’t be afraid to compliment him. Guys don’t get compliments very often, so when they do, it really sticks out in their minds. Make it sincere and specific. You could tell him that the color of his shirt accentuates his eyes or his haircut looks really nice. To him, that’s approval and it feels good coming from the opposite sex. He’ll keep coming back to you for more, just watch.

Whatever you do, don’t get weird about it. I know it can get overwhelming to put yourself out there but try to be OK with whatever happens. All you can do is be the best you that you can be. If that isn’t good enough for him then he isn’t good enough for you. Keep a level head about the whole situation because after all’s said and done, he’s just a guy. There are a million more out there for you to pursue.

Believe you deserve his love. The very best way to capture your crush’s heart is to capture your own. When you have that deep knowledge that you’re desirable, he WILL desire you if he’s smart. Try to speak positively about yourself. Even if you don’t believe you deserve him, by telling yourself you’re good enough, you’ll eventually start thinking differently. Confidence can be infectious and when you’ve got that unwavering swagger, he’ll feel it and definitely start seeing you as a serious contender.

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Posted on Published: April 8, 2019

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Having a crush can be more than a little nerve-racking. You get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him, you never know what to say and you have no clue what he thinks about you.

If you have gotten to the texting stage, good for you, but that’s not all it takes. You will have to find ways to make him really like you and think of you often, especially before bed.

To do this you will need to know how to send goodnight texts to a crush.

So how exactly do you send goodnight texts to a crush? Keep reading to find out!

When You Know He Likes You Back

If you are absolutely sure he likes you back, these goodnight texts to a crush will surely have him thinking of you before bedtime :

01 Goodnight to my favorite person in the world.

If you already know he likes you back, there’s no reason to be shy or hold back. This will let him know that he is number one right now, and he will feel good about this.

02 Let’s video chat before we fall asleep. It’ll be like you’re right here with me.

If the conversation is going great and neither of you wants it to end, this is a great way to keep it flowing and make him feel closer to you.

03 I’m falling asleep. Just know I’m thinking of you.

Something as simple as this can mean the world to your crush. Letting him know that he is on your mind says a lot.

04 Make sure you call me when you wake up. Your voice is the first thing I wanna hear, goodnight.

This is a perfect goodnight text to let him know you want him to be the first part of your day and you want to talk when you wake up, just to say good morning.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Photo by bruce mars under Pexels License

05 Goodnight handsome, I’ll dream of you.

This will definitely get your crush smiling and simply means that he is important to you and you want him to know it. If you are already sure he likes you this will come across as playfully suggestive.

06 I’d do anything just to be able to fall asleep beside you right now.

This is a bold statement, letting him know you feel like he is boyfriend material. Make sure you are on the same page before sending this one.

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Telling your crush that you have feelings for him can bring emotions of excitement and love, self-consciousness and fear. Before you tell him you like him, make sure you know enough about him to verify your feelings. Once you are ready to have your conversation, remember to keep the discussion relaxed and easy going so as not to make him nervous.

Invite your crush to hang out with your friends. Socializing with friends will help you learn more about his personality, likes and dislikes. This may give you insight about how to approach him, as well as other useful information, such as whether he is involved with someone else or has recently gone through a break-up.

Practice what you are going to say before you say it. Write it down on a piece of paper and read it out loud. Communication is everything. Express your feelings in a cohesive way that shows him you are mature and ready to take the next step.

Have your conversation in a casual environment. It will take the pressure off both of you. Ask your crush to an ice cream parlor after school or take a walk to enjoy the fresh air. Save serious topics for later, when you begin to know each other on a deeper level.

Calm potential nerves with relaxation exercises found on the Luther College website [see references]. Find a private place. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth several times. Tilt your head side to side and roll it in a circle. Shrug your shoulders up toward your ears. Hold them for several seconds and drop them down. Repeat this several times. Loosen your muscles by rolling your shoulders forward and backward.

Get straight to the point. If you avoid the reason you asked him to talk, the expectation will make him anxious. Explain your feelings. For example, “I like being around you because of your sense of humor.” Smile often during the conversation. Sincere compliments will let him know that you are attracted to him for more than his appearance.

Leave the conversation open-ended. Tell him you would like to hang out, but encourage him to call if he wants to discuss it further. Put the ball in his court. This will give him the chance to think about what you have said with no pressure to give an immediate response.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

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What to tell your crush to make him like you 7 2019

by Main page

How to tell your crush you like him without words


How To Tell Your Crush You Like Him Without Actually Saying It

Whenever you feel like that they are in trouble or facing bad mood then keep go to help them out. You ward away my nightmares and catalyze all of my best dreams. Then I realized I still love girls and therefore I was bi and was actually having a fight with myself between being bi and gay.

Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush 41. He has no responsibility to reach out to you, even if he is aware of your feelings. Your efforts to make them laugh would be appreciated by your crush.

100 Sweet, Cute Things To Say To Your Crush to Make Him/Her Smile

If you want to grab their attention and make them see no one but you, enlist these 15 foolproof techniques to get your crush to start crushing on you. Too many people get around their crush and start acting like a completely different person. Now, please note: this does not give you permission to stalk their life and show up out of the blue. Again, with the creepy watching from a distance. They need to know who you are and talk to you from time to time in order to decide if they like you or not. Talk to them about their interests and hobbies, and also give them some information about yourself. Open up to them and let them get to know you. A great way to do this is to make comments that suggest it. This will show them that you want to be where they are and are uninterested in anyone else being around. It shows them that you can definitely kick it with them and their favorite hobbies—a very desirable trait in a potential partner. Just make sure not to overdo it or overdress for events. Your personality is what makes you likeable in the first place. Surprisingly, those little quirks are what someone is going to like the most about you. Overthinking your every move, word, or text is going to hurt your chances, not help them. Let things happen naturally and take a deep breath. Relaxing and letting it flow how it should is a foolproof way to get your crush to like you. Overthinking makes you nervous, tense, and choked up. I am giving you permission to unleash the inner flirt master and get your crush to blush. It also gets the chemistry flowing naturally between two people and allows for the next steps to happen easily. Show them you can keep up with their life. Make time for him on his rare day off. Nothing brings out hidden feelings more than making someone jealous. A lot of people may not even realize they have feelings for you… until they feel jealous. If you want to get them to like you, start being friends with their friends. The best way to do this is to text them every now and then. Texting keeps the line of communication open, and you can learn a lot about someone—and they can learn a lot about you—when you keep in regular contact. Plus, it gets rid of that nervousness you might have when talking in person. It also lets you flirt a lot without the fear of confrontation. Being shy and cute may work what to tell your crush to make him like you some people, but being outgoing and adventurous is a much better way to get someone to like you. Hello, alone time with your crush. The key here is to be yourself and let things happen organically. However, adding in a few little tricks here and there will definitely heighten your odds when it comes to getting your crush to like you. I have a feeling that if she were on lovepanky, a friend of mine would be on here talking about me right now. I have always had a crush on her, but when I brought it up a few years back she gave me a lukewarm response. Then last night she got to talking about reaching that age where you want something comfortable to settle into. And she kept throwing hints about me. So, I joked my way out of the awkwardness. I showed my dick to my crush and she liked me back.

To tell your crush you like them first make them feel that they are an important part of your life and their decisions matters for you. Follow him on Instagram, add him on Facebook or Snapchat, or all three. I was thinking of putting U and I next to each other. At the very least, it will lift that weight off your chest. You take my breath away and leave me speechless. Each time that you are near me, my heart starts to beat a little faster. It will not only give them a signal that you like then but it will also keep you out of the friend zone. The sacred one-on-one time… This is a crucial point in telling your crush you like him. Whenever I look into your eyes, all I can see is you.

Telling your crush you like them can be really scary.

Not only are you opening up about your feelings, you ‘ re also facing the possibility of rejection. That kind of vulnerability is always nerve-racking, no matter how confident you are.

Still, if you want your relationship to go somewhere, you have to start by telling them you like them. It ‘ s just a matter of figuring out the best way to do it.

If you want to get your feelings across without point-blank saying ” I have a crush on you, ” keep scrolling for 10 texts that tell your crush you like them without really saying it.

For a text that asks them out without calling it a date:

” Any interest in grabbing some dinner and seeing a movie with me on Friday? “

How to tell your crush you like him without words

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)

For a text that compliments all their lovable qualities:

” There ‘ s no one I like hanging out with more than you. “

For a text that tells them just how much you care about them:

For a text that addresses all your internal emotions without directly confessing your feelings:

” My heart always seems to beat a little faster whenever you ‘ re around. “

How to tell your crush you like him without words

(To All the Boys I ‘ ve Loved Before via Netflix)

For a text that asks for some one-on-one time without making it a big deal:

” I really just want to snuggle on my couch and binge-watch Netflix this weekend. Wanna join? “

For a text that lets them know you really value your time together:

” I would spend all my time with you if I could. “

For a text that tells them everything without explicitly saying you like them:

” I care about you a lot. Probably more than anyone else. “

How to tell your crush you like him without words

(Riverdale via The CW)

For a text that lets them know just how much time you spend thinking about them:

” I can ‘ t seem to ever get you off my mind. “

For a riskier text that puts the ball in their court:

” If we were ever to go on a date, what would you want to do? “

For a text that lets them know how much you value their humor:

” No one makes me laugh like you do. “

If you need more help finding the right words to say to your crush click HERE for cute text messages to send your crush to keep them interested.

By Ossiana Tepfenhart — Written on Apr 08, 2022

How to tell your crush you like him without words

In fact, it can be really easy to think a guy hates you if you don’t know how to tell if a guy likes you and pick up on things the proper way.

Crushing itself can be a bit confusing. When you are crushing on someone, it means you have a feeling of romantic love, especially for someone you might not know too well. So, you may not know exactly what you want out of the prospective relationship.

Crushes also have a shelf life, lasting as little as a few weeks or as long as four months.

How do you know if a guy is crushing on you?

Guys can be so confusing and make it really hard to tell if they are into you or not. But every guy is different, so there’s no obvious answer.

One thing to be aware of is if he pays attention to you, specifically. Does he turn his body toward you and make eye contact (or not if you make him nervous)? Does he laugh when you didn’t even say something funny? Does he want to spend time with you?

Most of the time, if a guy seems off or is acting a tad weird around you, he may be crushing on you. hard. And make no mistake about it: if a guy does any of these things, he’s been hoping you’d ask him out on a date.

15 Sure Signs A Guy Has A Crush On You.

1. Any time he’s around you, he breaks out into a sweat and avoids eye contact.

Does he look like he’s about to be interrogated by the CIA whenever he’s around you? Guys who are really crushing hard can get nervous or intimidated by you, and this can actually lead them to bug out.

2. He gets really angry and annoyed whenever you mention other men.

This is often a sign of jealousy, and he might also try to play it cool by saying he’s not interested in you anyway. If he wasn’t interested, why would he get angry?

3. He laughs after everything he says.

This is called nervous laughter, and it happens when he’s really freaking out about a girl. If he’s laughing about everything from hating soft drinks to his mother’s car, he’s probably really worried that you think he’s a nerd.

4. You catch him backpedaling on things when you disagree with him.

Yes, this is a red flag. But it’s also a sign that he’s too spineless to disagree with a girl he likes.

5. He ‘phone spazzes’.

This is when guys say really bizarre, seemingly out-of-the-blue statements when you stop replying. It may be anything from telling you that he wishes you the best of luck, to telling you that he’s just got a new work promotion, to just sending cat memes.

Whatever it is, he’s trying to talk. Give him a little encouragement if you’re into him, too.

6. His behavior has turned into attention-seeking insanity.

Is he making a point of lifting weights, talking about his degrees, or doing stupid stunts that will likely get him into triage at the nearest ER? He doesn’t have a death wish — he’s just trying to impress you.

Unfortunately, this guy crush move can be extremely dangerous for certain men. You might want to ask him to reel himself in before he ends up breaking a bone.

7. He makes fun of you on a near-constant basis.

This is one of those acts that guys might put on when they are interested in you but are too scared to actually say how they feel.

Immature as it may be, this classic middle schooler behavior is often a guy’s last defense against admitting he has a crush. Shakespeare said it best: “Thou doth protest too much!”

8. His game reminds you of a yo-yo.

Does he pull you in a little, then push away, then admit his feelings, then push away again? This is often a sign that he’s testing the waters to see if you’d be open to dating him.

Unfortunately, this also can mean he has crippling insecurity and is probably not worth dating.

9. If you ask him if he’s into you, he turns beet red and denies it.

Guys don’t generally blush if they’re being hit on by girls they’re not interested in.

10. You get the feeling that he’s trying to play ‘too cool for school.’

Does he seem really preoccupied with looking cool? Does he go out of his way to name-drop, flaunt popularity, or show off his knowledge of all the cool events in town?

If so, he’s trying to play himself as one of the “cool kids” in hopes of getting someone interested in him. It might be you!

11. His friends make fun of him a lot around you.

The most common reason a guy’s good friends poke fun at each other is because of a crush.

If they keep ribbing him, then it’s one of the signs he likes you. This is especially true if it seems to get under his skin.

12. His friends keep telling you what a great guy he is.

They’re playing wingman, and it’s almost certain that the guy in question has begged them to put in a good word with you. Give the guy a chance!

13. Any time you mention what you like in a guy, he tries to come up with ways he fits that qualification.

This is a subtle way of showing that he’s trying to earn your approval, and it’s often hard to spot.

For example, let’s say you really like one guy’s sense of humor. He might shrug and go, “Oh, well, I can be funny, too.”

14. He makes a point to try to dispel stereotypes and assumptions you’ve made about him or guys like him.

This is similar to the last point in the sense that he’s trying to present himself to you in a certain light. A good example of this would be him saying, “Don’t think I’m not a bad boy type just cause I’m an accountant!”

15. You just have a hunch.

Our guts are rarely ever wrong. That’s why we should listen to them.

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How do men act when they have a crush?

Usually, when a man has a crush on you he will make you a priority in his life. He will go out of his way to help you or spend time with you. He will start paying attention to your interests in an effort to know more about you. He might even act nervous or show off around you.

In today’s world of technology, he may be super-engaging with you on social media, liking, commenting, sharing, and looking at all your posts.

He might make up random reasons to touch you and will seem jealous if you spend time with other guys. His body language can also give you subtle signs that he’s crushing on you.

Psychological tip: Where are his feet pointed? Research says that where his feet are pointed tells you where he subconsciously wants to go, and if they are pointed towards you, he wants you.

How can you tell if a guy has a crush on you?

If a guy is acting different around you, it’s a sure sign they want to impress you, so they may do things for you or with you that they may not do with others. A guy with a crush might make accidentally touching you a habit — tapping your shoulder or brushing up against your arm to get your attention, or hugging you every chance he can.

Sometimes, you get lucky and the guy will tell you outright that he likes you and you’ll start dating; other times, you may have to play Nancy Drew to figure out all the hints he’s dropping, consciously or subconsciously.

While some people prefer to keep their crushes totally private, others are dying to blurt out their feelings at the first opportunity.

No matter where you might fall on that spectrum, it ‘ s likely you want your relationship with your crush to go somewhere, which usually means you have to confess your feelings at some point to give your romance a real shot.

But how do you tell them how you feel without freaking them out? Keep scrolling for nine low-key text messages to confess your feelings to your crush.

For a text that confesses your feelings, but puts the ball in their court:

” What would you say if I told you I like you? “

How to tell your crush you like him without words

(Sierra Burgess Is a Loser via Netflix)

For a text that absolutely cannot be misunderstood:

” This may come as a surprise, but I ‘ ve developed feelings for you. “

For a text that skips ahead to discussing your feelings in person:

” No pressure, but if you ‘ re free this weekend I ‘ d love to go on a date with you. “

For a text to your BFF that you ‘ ve started to develop feelings for:

” I know we ‘ ve always been really good friends, but I think I should tell you that lately I ‘ ve been thinking about more than just friendship. “

How to tell your crush you like him without words

(The Vampire Diaries via The CW)

For a text that basically, but not exactly, tells your crush how you feel:

” I think you ‘ re the best person I know. “

For a text that asks them out without making things too serious:

” I love hanging out with you so much, how would you feel about making it a one-on-one thing? Maybe this weekend? “

For a text that compliments them and tells them how you feel:

” If I could design my dream S.O., it would basically be you. “

How to tell your crush you like him without words

(To All the Boys I ‘ ve Loved Before via Netflix)

For a text that will let them tell you how they feel:

” I ‘ ve been meaning to tell you, I ‘ d love to go out with you sometime. Would that be something you ‘ d want to do? “

For a text that just gets straight to the point:

” I like you. In a big, more-than-friends kind of way. “

By Unwritten — Written on Sep 22, 2021

How to tell your crush you like him without words

By Brittany Christopoulos

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to get our crush’s attention, they just don’t catch on. We may feel embarrassingly awkward or too obvious, but somehow, they are still as blind as can be, despite everyone else noticing that we’re obviously into them.

The truth is, boys are especially clueless when it comes to dating.

But fear not, you don’t have to send (or pretend to send) a drunk text, send risky messages, bring up certain topics, lightly touch your crush or try to get your friends to hype you when you are not around.

There are other tactics that will help you score that hottie’s attention the right way.


Dating apps and social media make it tricky to flirt in person because we don’t get the opportunity to practice often.

Try making eye contact when he speaks and pay attention to his words. Listening in will help you engage in healthy conversation later on and it will help you learn more about the guy who’s caught your eye.

Make a connection by trying to prove that there is one.

Avoid being on your phone

Looking at your phone when you’re with someone is one of the easiest ways to tell that someone is not interested in you. So, don’t be that person who always has your phone glued to your hand.

I know you want to text, but do not give into temptation — give your crush attention instead. They will notice that you’re living in the moment, rather than through someone else’s Instagram post.

Make time for them

We always make time for the ones we love, don’t we? So, suggest an activity you both can do together. This will prove that you are making an effort to give him your time.

I know that trying to initiate plans is scary, especially with the fear of rejection creeping through your mind. However, you can’t be upset about the outcome when you don’t make the effort to show him you care.

Talk about it

If your casual hints discourage you maybe it’s time to initiate that scary conversation and simply say how you feel. Who knows, he could like you right back!

Being vocal about what you want or admitting that you have developed feelings might initiate his own interest, which could blossom into the storybook romance you’ve envisioned in your head. There’s no harm in trying!

And if you don’t get the reaction you wished to receive, then you know what your next move needs to be.

I will admit, dating without technology would have been fun back in the day because you’d actually feel excited to see someone or talk to them face-to-face.

You’d become less bored and more intrigued. You’d live in the moment without your phone distracting you. Dating would have been such a unique experience.

I love your energy. You already knew that though. What I am really trying to say, and I only know how to say it the way I used to when I was in third grade, I like like you. I have a crush on you. Thinking about you makes me giddy and I get all excited when I see you. I have felt this way for some time now but I really didn’t know how to say it or if I should. You see, I like you so much I don’t want to lose you. I kind of just want to be with you and around you as much as I can. I don’t want to tell you I have feelings and then make things awkward in our relationship. I like you too much to lose you over something silly like the romantic feelings not being mutual. Whether we are soulmates in terms of just being best friends or soulmates in terms of being in love with each other, I am honestly fine with either. Having you just as a friend has brought me so much love and joy, so thank you for touching my life in such a beautiful way.

But let me explain myself a little more. You deserve to know and hear how truly amazing you are, and it is quite unfortunate that letters like this aren’t written to people more often. First, as you know, I think you are absolutely hilarious and I love that we can build off each others humor. But it is not just your wit and your intellectual humor. I love how silly you are. You are fun, you make life fun. I love how you are just yourself; weird, silly, quirky, childish, and goofy. You don’t even need to try, you are just pure light. You are someone who fills me up with so much laugher and joy.

I also love and appreciate that you are sensitive, thoughtful, and deep. My dad is one of the strongest and largest people I know, I guess that is probably how most division 1 football linebackers are…just huge. Yet, he is one of the most sensitive and emotional people I know. He wears his heart on his sleeve and allows others to see it. He has taught me that strength is not how little you can allow yourself to feel or care, rather it is allowing yourself to feel and care about everything and still be loving and open with the world even when you can be hurt. I love that you are strong like that too. I love that you will get emotional and are not ashamed by that. It is beautiful and inspiring and makes me feel comfortable letting my guard down. Around you, I feel safe and protected. I don’t know if I can say I have ever felt that way around a guy before.

I love that you see and like me for who I am and what I love. I have talked to many of my friends both guys and girls about my how much I love the moon, how I one day hope to own a farm, how I want to brew kombucha, or how I can’t wait to have a beehive full with bees and wear my pink beekeeping outfit to extract the beautiful honey they produce, and many of them smirk or brush it off, but thanks for being supportive about it. Even if those things don’t particularly get you all excited like they do me, thanks for caring enough about me to listen to me talk about the things that I am passionate about. You make me feel seen, heard, and appreciated.

I also really do think you are incredibly cute. However, that is not why I like you the way I do. There are so many cute boys, too many, but there is only one you. You know, for a long time and honestly still sometimes, I look in the mirror and think what could I do or change to be more attractive or more beautiful? To be loved romantically? I am actually crying right now, writing this. It didn’t really occur to me until right now. I like you for so many more important reasons than the way you look. I love that you are you and the way you make me feel. I love that you are kind, affectionate, thoughtful, so so funny, silly, and loving. I love that you are hard working, have dreams, that you are interesting, that you look me in the eyes when we talk, and that you hug me longer than most people do. I am trying to type this through tears in my eyes because up until now, it never occurred to me that maybe the person who is going to like like me like I like like you, got that? Maybe they are going to be attracted to me for the same reasons I am you. Maybe they are going to like me for me, who I am, for my heart, my soul and for far more important qualities than my external appearance. For someone to love me like that I can wait a long time, because I don’t believe there is anything more magical than true love.

Regardless of your feelings, write me back. Even if it doesn’t work out, I would keep that letter forever. And if soulmates who are not romantic is the better option for our relationship that too is still such a gift to me. As I have gotten older the crushes I have formed on boys have only gotten more beautiful and special so if it is not you, it is going to be someone else so incredibly amazing, I have no doubt that he is out there.

I really thought sharing these feelings would be one of the hardest things for me, but honestly, telling you how amazing you are is so easy. The thought of you reading this letter and feeling so loved, appreciated, and valued brings me nothing but happiness. You have touched my life in such a beautiful way that I am not afraid anymore. Thank you for being you, and helping to teach me how to be me.

There is no feeling quite like pining after a crush.

We have all been there…

The love story that exists only in our heads; that intense, heart racing infatuation.

Often we become so fixated on this one person that we can’t even imagine a relationship with anyone else.

manifesting love is relatively easy. It’s an open process where you trust in the universe to bring forth your perfect match.

Manifesting your crush (or any specific person for that matter), is something entirely different.

So How Does Someone Manifest Their Crush?

How to tell your crush you like him without words

First of all, we need to remember that every single person on this earth is entitled to free will.

In other words, your own manifestation power can never override that of another person’s, regardless of whether their manifestations are made consciously or subconsciously.

This does not mean that you are dead out of luck with manifesting your crush.

It just means that you will need to do some groundwork in order to influence their free will.

With that in mind, this article has been broken down into three fundamentals of the Law of Attraction and how to use them to manifest your crush.


Daydreaming about your crush is probably something you are already doing so this step shouldn’t be too hard to incorporate into your daily life.

”Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein

Using your imagination to manifest your crush is a great way to get the ball rolling in your Law of Attraction routine.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Begin by visualizing scenarios with you and your crush as the main characters.

Imagine asking your crush out on a date.

Picture going to dinner with your crush, perhaps they are laughing at all of your jokes.

Create scenarios within your mind where you are essentially living out your dreams with your crush by your side.

You can incorporate a visualization ritual into your life in a variety of different ways.

One method is to simply find a quiet space where you can zone out and daydream.

Completely immerse yourself within your imagination.

This method is similar to meditation but instead of clearing your mind, you are simply allowing yourself to become one with your inner fantasies.

Another way to use thoughts to manifest your crush is to practice affirmations…

Reciting a list of “I am” statements, doesn’t usually require a lot of thought power.

That’s Okay. The true magic behind positive affirmations is in the way they influence the subconscious mind.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Your subconscious mind stops developing at 7 years old, therefore, when you train it to accept a new thought process as truth you must do so by repeating yourself over and over again.

Think about how you would teach a new concept to a 7-year-old child.

Training the subconscious mind is no different.

After a while, the positive affirmations that you use become so ingrained in your mind that the subconscious begins to accept them as fact.

You begin to emit a frequency that vibrates as if you are already living out your desires and that change in frequency is what attracts your dreams into your reality.

Example Affirmations For Manifesting Your Crush:

• My crush views me as everything they could ever want in a partner.• My crush values all of my strengths.• I radiate attraction in every sense of the word whenever my crush is around.• I am constantly attracting my crush.• My crush feels safe, secure and comfortable around me.

Side Note – These affirmations are much more powerful when you change the words “my crush” to the specific person’s name.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

How to tell your crush you like him without words How to tell your crush you like him without wordsHow to tell your crush you like him without words How to tell your crush you like him without words How to tell your crush you like him without words How to tell your crush you like him without words

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Have you developed a crush on someone? If yes, does your crush like you? This quiz might help you out to find it to some extent. Answer some fun questions and we hope you get a “Yes. ” So, take the quiz, try your luck, find out! Be honest as it will help us to provide you with the right answer to your question. All the best.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Yeah, all of a sudden they’re like totally nice to me and they whisper stuff to him whenever we’re together!

They always tell me good things about him, like how he is so respectful and loving. They always help me out as well.

Ya, they spread rumors about me, and most of them are negative!

They haven’t really treated me any different!

How to tell your crush you like him without words

He stutters a lot and looks kinda nervous.

He just treats me like one of the guys.

Talking? UH NEVER! He always looks away whenever I try to say hi.

He treats me like I’m worthless.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

All the time! He seems nervous, and blushing at every thing I say!

Yes he seems like a deer caught in the headlights whenever I talk to him.

Yes, he kind of gets frustrated when I can’t help him out with work.


Yes he gives me rude looks and sometimes looks away in disgust.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

He is in one of my classes and we’re good friends. We talk about many topics, even dating!

We bump into each other all the time! And he always says “hey” first!

We are in the same school but we don’t really know each other.

He doesn’t even know that I exist!

We talk every now and then but mostly about school/work.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Yes, all the time! And he always blushes when I catch him!

Once or twice. Mostly just a glance. We passionately lock eyes when he does as well!

Sometimes, but he might be staring at some girl next to me.

I think I’m completely invisible to him!

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Yes! In a good way, when I miss his hand after attempting a high five.

Yes, all the time! He plays with my hair and let’s me play with his as well!

He throws eraser bits and other soft objects at me in a playful manner.

No, why would he? He doesn’t know that I exist!

He laughs at me a little whenever I do clumsy things like dropping my books or tripping over objects.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

It seems like forever! It is so passionate and intense woooh!

Usually for like a few seconds and then he looks down with a smile.

He stares at me but with a blank look, is he daydreaming?

He never stares; I wish he would do it more often!

He doesn’t really stare. Sometimes looks at me when he wants help with an algebra question!

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Yes, All the time! He waits for me after class too!

He opens the door for me only when I just happen to be behind him!

Yes but he also keeps on holding the door for the rest of the people behind me!

Oh I wish! He lets the door slam without noticing me *cries*

Yeah only once, I guess he was in a good mood that day.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

24/7! We’re always hanging out and texting late at night!

Pretty often! Almost everyday, whether I’m at school/work and at home.

Yes,but he says mean and hurtful things to me.

Occasionally! Like for homework.

He doesn’t even know what my voice sounds like!

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Yes he makes me laugh all the time! And he tries hard to do so as well.

Yes, he jokes around a lot whenever I’m around, in a good way!

No. He makes me the butt of his jokes.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Yes, on my hair or clothes to my personality as well!

Yes, from time to time.

He did that one time, I’ll never forget that moment!

How can he? He doesn’t know I exist!

No, he ridicules me instead!

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Very much so. His pupils dilute whenever we lock eyes and he is always nice to me.

Yes. He gives me hints. He always asks me out to lunch and offers me help whenever I need it.

Yes, he is always nice to me when I’m around his friends.

It’s hard to tell because he doesn’t know of my existence yet!

I don’t think so. He is always rude to me and my friends.


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Brandon has gotta be the most boss boy to ever eat tater tots in a school cafeteria. Not only is he an ultimate hottie, he’s captain of the boys’ b-ball team, student council prez, an honor roll staple, plus a totally friendly, funny guy.

You’re seriously crushing on him, but you’ve never been brave enough to do anything but look at your feet as you pass his locker. How can you let Brandon know you think he’s all that when you’re too freaked to speak? It’s not a prob! The most effective type of crush communication isn’t about what you say–it’s about what you do. Actions really do speak louder than words.

Showing a boy you like him in a very subliminal way eliminates any potential for embarrassment–it’s not like you’re writing him a gushy note that he could show to his buds or post on the Internet. Dropping hints rather than shouting it out also puts the ball nicely in your crush’s court. He’ll be all curious and intrigued if you play things low-key and if he digs you back, he’ll show it by chatting you up. Here’s our tried-and-true list of smooth moves.

THE EYES HAVE IT. Great eye contact is ultra-effective when it comes to flirting. Still, many girls lock up at the thought of actually looking straight into a boy’s baby-browns for any length of time. It is nerve-wracking at first–even Drew Barrymore says she gets way stressed-out at the thought of it! If you feel the same, try this step-by-step game plan:

1. Shake off any self-doubt. Some of the uneasiness people feel about direct eye contact has to do with the fact that the other person is going to look back just as closely’ Zap jitters by reminding yourself you’re gorgeous inside and out. Nobody except you is focused on that microscopic zit on your chin, and your crush is a lucky guy because you’re looking his way. Don’t ever forget that!

2. Practice your gaze in the mirror. This way, you can perfect a confident, positive look of interest. Be sure to smile, too! Rehearsing also helps you avoid lovey-dovey doe eyes. Hold eye contact with your reflection for a full minute if you can. This will get you comfy keeping your eyes on your crush when the two of you finally chat. Don’t stare, glaze over or forget to blink!

3. Be way casual. Don’t fix your eyes on the guy from a distance like a tiger hunting down dinner on the Discovery Channel. Pretend you just noticed him right before you reach him, then catch his gaze and flash a smile as you pass. Check out his reaction: Does he hold your gaze and smile back? If so, good. Repeat this process a couple times, until one of you is bold enough to strike up a conversation.

MAD SKILLS. Impress your boy from afar with your incredible talents. You can do this so undercover, it’ll look effortless! Say he’s the one coordinating your school’s charity concert. You know he’s into punk. but bet he doesn’t know you’re a totally skilled drummer.

Volunteer your band for the show, and be sure to tear up the skins with a drum solo. He should be totally impressed with your music finesse, and now that he knows you’re tuned in to the music scene, it’ll give you guys something to talk about.

SENDIN’ OUT AN SOS. Does the dude you dig rock American history class, while you can’t even remember if Benjamin Franklin invented IPods or what? If so, ask him for homework help. You’ll score a few private moments in the public library–just you and him. What an excellent opp!

Some rules to remember: Don’t make your study sessions all about doing that eye-contact thing–actually pay attention to your books as your crush explains stuff to you. If you don’t, he could think you’re totally wasting his time. Also, don’t fake that you’re lost in a subject if you’re really pulling down A’s. Only hit him up for the tutoring if you really need it. Otherwise, you’d be over-playing him.

THE MESSAGE MILL. We don’t need to tell you that having your BFF chain email the entire freshman class about your crush would be a huge honking disaster–so don’t even think about it! Instead, spread a compliment about your dream dude.

Let’s say Jason’s in all-state chorus and performed an amazing solo at the assembly. Afterward, in a voice loud enough for him to hear (but not loud enough to be obvious), say, “You know who’s the best singer in the whole school? Jason! His solo was so awesome!” Your girls can help you out by saying, “Oh, he’s standing right behind you!” You can then turn around, seeming oh-so surprised, and say, “Wow, I didn’t even see you standing there!”

GO, TEAM! Cheering on his excellent free-throw percentage is always a winning plan. Be careful, though: Don’t act even remotely Swimfan. Never attend his games by yourself–it’ll look weird. Just go with your crew, have a great time and, afterward, very casually pass him by–once–smile, and say, “Hey, that no-look pass you made was impressive!” A genuine pat on the back for a job well done scores major points.

SAFETY IN NUMBERS. Does your crush travel on the outskirts of your friendship circle? Use group activities to your advantage. In addition to bowling nights and mall trips, suggest your group throw a bash for your bud who has a birthday coming up.

You be in charge of the invite list, and make sure his invitation is the first one to fly into the mailbox. Better yet, ask him and a bunch of other guys to help you and the girls pull this party off. A day of painting “Happy Birthday” murals and stringing up streamers can be bonding in a big way. Be sure to give him props for his excellent ideas.

BE A GROOVY LISTENER. When the ice as finally broken because your sneaky-smart strategy has paid off, be sure to rune in carefully to what your crush has to say. Guys love girls who listen well-it makes them feel interesting, which in turn makes them feel good about themselves, which in turn makes them feel good about you for making them feel good about themselves! Got it? Cool.

Complement the listening with a compliment. While he’s telling you about that giant trout he caught at the lake last summer, take in all the details, and then say, “Whoa! You must be a really amazing fisherman! I’ve never had a chance to go fishing myself, but I’ve always wanted to try it.” Bingo! He’ll start talking a mile a minute he’s gonna want to teach you everything! Next thing you know, you’ll be out on a lake in a canoe with your cutie.

This is not to say that you have to clam up totally about your accomplishments–no way! Your crush is, of course, going to want to know all about you. Which brings us to.

OUR FINAL HINT, Whenever you’re around a boy you’re crushing on, the most important thing you must do is be yourself. Yes, your get-to-know-him tactic can be a tad sneaky, but do it in a way that leaves your integrity intact. Be genuine, be relaxed, and don’t be afraid to show him that you’ve got a sense of humor. Let him see the true-blue essence of you! Being comfortable and confident with who you are sends out the best message of all.

Shaking, sweating, stuttering… once we are in front of the girl or boy of our dreams, our body and our mind seem not to respond properly anymore. It is normal, though, because we imagine that man or woman in many situations in our head. Real life is hard, sometimes.

That why this list of cute thing to say to your crush can be very helpful. They are sweet, romantic and kind of funny. You will make him or her smile, and you know that with a smile you have half of the battle won. Try to be nice, kind and honest, and furthermore, pick the right time to say these sweet things to your love.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You can send them through a Whatsapp or LINE message, as a comment on her or his profile picture on Facebook, in a handwritten love letter or in person. It depends on your confidence level!

These cute quotes to say to her or him can be very helpful at the beginning of a potential relationship, specially if you feel that the other part feels the same. But remember, they are not the last step: you will have to put all our efforts to conquer her or his heart completely. Good luck!

Cute things to say to your crush

  • You have been living in my dreams for a long time, what about making it real for once?
  • I love you so much that I would never let you go. I love you with all my soul and without never looking back.
  • Your kisses and your love are the only medicine for my broken heart.
  • I don’t want a half love with you, I want a complete, intense, whole and indestructible love.
  • There is no better music than your voice, no better book than your text messages and no better taste than your sweet kisses.
  • When I am asleep I dream of you, but when I am awake, I desire you all day long.
  • I don’t want you to remember me, I only need you not to forget me.
  • Your lips are my obsession. I cannot imagine a life without you.
  • I don’t know what to do with you… but neither I know what to do without you.
  • I would like to be that person that is always on your mind, the one you answer very quickly, the one that makes you smile.

Funny things to say to your crush

How to tell your crush you like him without words

  • When I am with you, my Mondays become Fridays, my nights are bright and the air is cleaner. What kind of powers do you have?
  • Don’t blame me because I like you, it is your fault for having everything I love!
  • Are you ready for a kiss fight? Or do you think you are going to lose?
  • I am going to call the police right now. Why did you steal my heart like this?
  • If you were in a storefront, I would buy you immediately!
  • I wish it was easier to explain to you why I like you so much. I guess I am not good with explanations. Let me show you my reasons with actions, not words.
  • I like you more than waking up late.
  • My shrink cannot find the reason why I lost my mind. But I know it: I lost it when I saw you for the first time.
  • You come, you mess up everything and you leave. This is not love, this is emotional tourism!
  • Being beautiful / handsome is not easy, but I guess you are already used to it.
  • I don’t plan to go after you forever, so at some point, you should stop running away from me, don’t you think?
  • If my words could make you happy and joyful, I would never be in silent again.
  • I may not be like Buzz Lightyear, but I love you to the infinity and beyond!
  • It is official, I am changing the alphabet. Maybe you can help me. What do you think about putting U and I one next to each other?
  • I don’t need to kiss more frogs because I already met my prince / I don’t need to climb more castles because I already found my princess.

More sweet things to say to your crush

How to tell your crush you like him without words

  • Let me make you happy forever. You just need to do one thing: fall in love with me.
  • When I saw your smile, I immediately knew that that was the smile I wanted to see every morning for the rest of my life.
  • Every love song I listen reminds me of you.
  • They say that if you can be in silent next to someone without feeling awkward, it means that you two have a connection. With you, words don’t matter.
  • You are the only one with whom I want to do a million things.
  • Loving you and being loved by you is the most precious gift I could ever receive.
  • Thinking about you is already a habit, dreaming of you is an addiction, and loving you is an unavoidable consequence.
  • My mouth may not say anything, but in my eyes, you can see how much I love you.
  • It is impossible not wanting to kiss you every time you smile!
  • I need you because you make me smile even when you are not by my side.

We hope that with these fantastic sweet expressions to send to your crush your way to seduction becomes easier.

Love is complicated, so that is why these quotes and cute things to say to him or her turn out to be very useful, especially if you are shy or not very creative.

Love Quotes for Your Crush: Want to express your love to your crush? Find some love quotes for your crush.

In this post, you will find crush messages for her or him. Spice up your love with these Crush Love Quotes, Love SMS for crush, and love messages for crush.

Love Quotes for Your Crush

1. When I look deep into your eyes, I can see our future together. My dreams are to be and grow as one.

2. When I see you, my heart beats very fast, not coz of fear but for the love, I have for you.

3. Save me from drowning, I am falling deep into an ocean of love; I am madly in love with you.

4. They say love is blind, you have already blinded me. Can I be yours?

5. Do get tired of running around my sweet dreams? I can’t stop dreaming about you.

6. If I was to count how many times I have thought about you, It could be more than a million times, I think about you every second, every day.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

7. I never had this feeling before; when you are in the room I cannot control my feelings. When I am with you I feel happy

8. When you are around, my heart skips. I ask myself what goes on, why can’t I hear my heartbeat. It’s all because I met you.

9. I think of you all the time, everywhere I go, I almost see you.

10. You took me captive; you captured my heart and made me yours.

11. Since I saw you, I find myself always daydreaming and smiling a lot. This is because I am filled with your thoughts.

Love SMS for Crush

It is impossible to resist your inner beauty; I want to love you forever.

Sweet dreams, I would love to be in them.

Even when you are not around, I cannot help but smile when I think of you. What would you wish for if you had one wish to make?

Hello beautiful, I have not talked to you for a while. I thought I should say hi.

I like what you are doing, can I join you.

You are the one that I think of all night and wish amazing things to happen to you.

Every single day I look forward to going to college just to have a glimpse of you.

I can’t help but stare at you.

Your smile melts my heart.

You are such an amazing person.

I hope my crush has a great day.

Always thinking about my crush who doesn’t even know I exist.

You are very beautiful. I will not stop staring at you.

No more kissing of frogs, I found my prince.

I don’t need to be lonely any longer because I found my love.

When I am next to you, I feel very comfortable, even without saying a word. I think we have a connection.

When I saw your beauty, I immediately knew that you were the one I wanted to spend my entire life with.

Your smile is the one that I want to wake up to every morning for the rest of my life.

When I see couples holding hands, I think of you and me.

I would love to make you happy for the rest of your life if you give me the chance.

The days of climbing castles are over, I found my princess.

The best thing that could ever happen in my life is loving and being loved by you. You are more than a treasure and I would love to treasure you.

I would like my life to revolve around you.

You are the only one with whom I would like to build my empire.

I don’t plan to chase you forever, at some point you should just stop running away and accept reality.

If I found out what makes you happy, I would do that over and over again just to see a smile on your face.

I may not be there yet but I love you with my all.

Quotes for Your Crush

Tell me more about your trip, what did you encounter.

I am in town and I have your favorite drink.

No word can explain the thrill I feel in my veins when someone mentions our name. I think I am in love with you.

As long as I get the chance to be with you, I will be fine.

You are the one that I dream about all night, dreaming of the good things that I wish could happen between the two of us.

I can’t avoid thinking about you, I am addicted to you. I want to love you.

I may not say a word, but you can read my actions. You can tell how much I love you.

I am trying out this new restaurant in town, would you mind joining me.

My friends are jealous of you knowing me.

When I am asked to make a wish, the first person I think of is you.

I am not afraid to say the words to you, only that I have not found the right opportunity.

There is this beautiful feeling when you look at me.

I will get well as long as I see you.

I long for the day you will be completely mine.

When you think you have it all under control only for your crush to give you little attention.

I think I am in love with my crush,

Dear crush, you are so cute, I want you to know you are my crush, but I can’t because you will know you are my crush.

I know you are real and I would like to take you out for a date tonight.

Fear of being rejected by my crush.

I want to hug my crush.

You are so cute, you have got gorgeous eyes and your masculinity is just amazing.

You are so beautiful that I get lost in you.

She has beautiful eyes, her smile makes me happy, I am lost in her love.

As soon as I see you my day automatically gets better.

When you sit next to me, I feel like you already have my heart.

Even if I am not sure if you like me, you are the one who keeps me going.

When you are around, there are these butterflies that fill my stomach.

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In any relationship, communication is essential. However, because couples nowadays rely on texting to communicate, emotions can often be lost. It is essential to be vulnerable in a relationship and be able to express your feelings. So, if you’re in a long-distance relationship or your man is on a trip and you miss him, don’t be afraid to tell him. Although nothing says “I miss you” like a simple “I miss you” text, he will undoubtedly feel special and will end up with a big smile on his face, so make him feel extra special with these 50 adorable ways to tell your man you miss him.

1. I wish you were here right now.

2. I miss you the way a chubby kid on a diet misses cake.

3. Your arms around me felt like home. I’m currently homesick.

4. You don’t even have the slightest idea how much I miss you.

5. One of your hugs would be nice right now.

6. I just want to be where you are.

7. I miss you all the way to the moon and back.

8. I’m holding you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms.

9. I started missing you as soon as we said goodbye.

10. I’m jealous of people who get to see you every day.

11. I didn’t know it was possible to miss someone this much.

12. If you think missing me is hard, you should try missing you.

13. Can you feel me missing you?

14. I miss you a little. A little too much, a little too often, and a whole lot more each day.

15. What on earth did I think about all the time before you?

16. You should be here.

17. I miss you too much for words.

18. I’m craving you in so many ways. I just want to be next to you, and nothing more or less.

19. I miss the feeling of your hand in mine.

20. I have never missed anyone as much as I miss you.

21. I just miss you, that’s all.

22. I miss you like an idiot who misses the point.

23. To say I miss you is an understatement.

24. You crossed my mind today, and I smiled as usual, despite the sadness.

25. I will stop missing you when I’m with you.

26. Every piece of me misses you.

27. I am longing to be with you.

28. I really miss you, but probably not as much as you miss me. I’m pretty awesome.

29. I can’t wait to see your face again.

30. Hello, I miss you quite terribly.

31. I’m missing your adorable face.

32. I miss my personal heating pad because you keep me warm all the time.

33. Do you want to go out to eat tonight? because I miss sharing my favorite food with you.

34. Mr. handsome, I have a serious question for you: Do you miss me as much as I miss you?

35. I miss you like a plant misses water.

36. Did you know I have a new hobby? that is missing you.

37. Your love is like air to me; I can’t live without it.

38. Have you been working out today? because You must be exhausted from running through my mind all day.

39. Do you know how certain elements complement one another? I miss you like the desert misses rain.

40. My day is so gloomy without you; the sun doesn’t even shine when you’re gone. I miss you!

41. I was listening to our song today and it hit me how much I missed you.

42. Send him a cute GIF expressing how much you miss him.

43. I miss you as much as I miss my dipped chicken nuggets.

44. Stop wondering why the chicken crossed the road. Instead, ask as to why you are constantly on my mind.

45. I wish I could copy and paste you right now because I really miss you!

46. I think something is wrong with me because I can’t stop thinking about you.

47. Are you the sun’s rays? Because I can’t shine without you!

48. I did three things today: the first was to miss you, and the second was to miss you, and did I forget to mention that I missed you?

49. I can’t photosynthesize without the light of my life.

50. Without you, life feels colorless; come color my world again.

Life is too short, so if you miss someone, don’t be afraid to text or call them and express how much you miss them, and if you were looking for a sign to text them, that’s your sign, and if you’re thinking, “I ran out of ideas to text him how much I miss him,” gurl! We just helped you out by giving you 50 adorable ideas to tell him, so pick up your phone and start texting.

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How to tell your crush you like him without words

  • How to tell your crush you like him without words

So, How to Say I Love You Without Saying It

Sometimes, relationships can be hard and complicated. Sometimes, you’re angry at your partner for doing something really, really stupid, and you want to put them in their place. But you love them so much, and you just can’t let your anger overpower your love. Sometimes, you feel the 3 magical words are best left for special occasions. Just so that when you say them, your partner can truly feel what you mean. Overusing those words certainly can diminish their appeal. Substitutes would be much better.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

So, How to Say I Love You Without Saying It

Every day I wake up to your face and feel like the luckiest person alive.

Babe, I’m proud of you.

I love that you’re such an ambitious woman. Never change that about you.

I was listening to this song on the radio about the singer’s version of her perfect man, and hum, it totally reminded me of you.

“I HAD to send you this funny cat picture as soon as I saw it. I KNOW how much you love these silly memes.” This is one of the cutest ways of how to say I love you without saying it.

Why don’t you rest? I’ll do the dishes today.

You can pick the movie tonight.

Hey, how is your family doing? Haven’t spoken to them in a while. Maybe we should have a family get together.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Tell your mom I say hi.

You make me smile, no matter what.

If I were spelling out my favourite thing in the world, it’d be spelled “Y-O-U”.

I shudder to think how my life would be without you.

When I wake up, I smile because I get to spend one more day with you.

The way you hold yourself in a crowd is really admirable.

I trust you babe, no questions asked.

You have a beautiful smile. It melts me instantly.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You’re my favourite person to talk to.

I am so proud that you stand up for what you believe in.

Did you sleep okay last night?

How’s your back pain? Need me to get some medicines for you?

I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

“Hey, how was your day at the office today?” Sounds mundane but it’s a 100% effective way of how to say I love you without saying it.

You look tired. I’ll rush to the grocery store and get today’s groceries.

You’re so handsome, and yet, that’s the least interesting thing about you.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

You’re one of the few intelligent men I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in my life. And boy, it sure has been a LOT of pleasure.

You’re the most precious person in my life.

I’m so happy I can just be myself in front of you. No fakeness, no pretence, do drama – nothing. Just plain old me.

Oh, you look stunning in that dress.

Is that a new hair cut? Wow. It totally suits you.

Hum, I love the way you’ve maintained our lawn. It’s so beautiful and nobody else could have done a better job.

It’s cute that you let me eat the French fries from your burger, and I know that they’re the best part of your meal.

Sometimes, I just stop and smile, because I’m just so lucky to have you by my side.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Let me help you with that. I know your boss can be quite a jerk and if two of us work at that project together, the work can go much faster!

You know, Jake said something very nasty about you the other day. Just so you know, we aren’t friends any more.

“You know, you were right”. Literally the best way of how to say I love you without saying it.

You look like you could use a hug.

Everything about you turns me on.

Here, you can have the last piece.

I wonder how worse my life would be if I hadn’t met you.

You are the best boyfriend/husband in the entire world.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Sometimes, the mere sight of you leaves me breathless.

You’re the last woman I’ll ever love.

I can’t believe how perfect you are for me.

You complete me.

Here, let me put on the kettle for your favourite tea.

There’s just something about you.

“You make me feel loved, and I’m so blessed to have you in my life.” A romantic way of how to say I love you without saying it.

You inspire me to be the best version of myself.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

Here’s some breakfast in bed to cheer you up.

I got you an extra bottle of water because I know you always feel thirstier than you care to admit!

Of course I’ll go to your game. What kind of a partner would I be if I don’t support your favourite team?

Do you need any help with that?

You laugh is like music to my sore ears.

Good luck for that interview. I know you’ve been working really hard for it.

Here, let me babysit the children. You go and have a fun girls’ night out.

How to tell your crush you like him without words

There are complimentary words to call your mate when they’re looking their best. If you always call him “hot,” and never use any other adjective, the word is going to start to lose its meaning. If you want him to really grasp how attractive you find him, you have to switch up your sentences. Here are some of the best complimentary words to call your mate when they look incredible:

1 Handsome

Hot and handsome are a bit different, so you can’t always interchange them. If your man is wearing a suit that makes his eyes pop and muscles look amazing, then you can call him handsome. The word has an elegant connotation, so only use it when he’s dressed to impress. This is one of the complimentary words to call your mate that he’ll love hearing, because it means his time in front of the mirror paid off.

2 Dapper

If he’s well-groomed and well-dressed, then throw the word ‘dapper’ at him. It’s not used often anymore, so he won’t expect it. However, it’s just as big of a compliment now as it was in the olden days, so don’t shy away from saying it.

How to tell your crush you like him without wordsEssential Items New Moms Should Always Have on Hand .

How to tell your crush you like him without wordsWeinstein Affleck Et Al the Grey Area of Harassment .

3 Suave

This compliment refers to his personality as much as his looks. Someone who’s suave has a refined air about them. They’re charming, and they act like a gentleman. If that describes your man perfectly, then try calling him suave, and see how he reacts.

5 Sharp

“You’re looking sharp,” sounds like another old-timey phrase, but you can make it modern. Use it when he’s wearing an outfit that matches well, or when he dresses up to go to a wedding. He’ll love hearing your opinion, especially when it’s a good one.

6 Good-looking

It sounds simple, but it’s actually a pretty awesome compliment. It tells it like it is. If your mate is attractive, then this is all you have to say to them. It’s self-explanatory.

6 Ravishing

If you’ve never seen your mate look as amazing as they do now, call them ravishing. It means that they’re so stunning that it’s impossible to look away. They’ve never looked better, and you want them to know it. They deserve the compliment.

7 Gorgeous

“Beautiful” can be used on men, but it’s typically reserved for women. “Gorgeous,” however, can be used for either gender without anyone batting an eye. If he looks amazing, tell him how gorgeous he is. It’s one of the highest compliments that exists.

8 Attractive

This doesn’t sound like a strong word, but it holds a lot of meaning. Finding someone attractive means that you think they’re physically appealing. Isn’t that all you’re trying to say when you compliment your mate’s looks?

9 Perfect

No one is perfect, but they might seem perfect to you, because you love them so much. When you describe someone by using this word, they’ll realize how much you adore them. There’s no better compliment than being called perfect, so there’s no way to top this one.

When you’re dating someone, you should remind them of how attractive they are, even if you think they already know it. Everybody loves to receive compliments, so all your words will do is make them smile. Is there a certain word that you normally call your mate when they’re looking their best?