How to trace the location of a phone number

How to trace the location of a phone number

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If you need to know where is your partner, you can quickly locate him/her through a GPS facility on your cell phone. On the other hand, underestimating the worse of the things that can cause a mobile in the hand to get lost or stolen is a common mistake. These days the new technology is advancing more and more and it makes a parent’s role even more challenging especially with young kids. Therefore we could say that software for tracking cellular is something essential that is why in this article, we will help you to track a cell phone location by number.

Part 1: Can I Track A Cell Phone with Just the Number?

We may not be aware of this but everyone can be controlled through their mobile phone. All the credit goes to science and the new technologies of information applied in modern society, and even governmental entities can know where you are at any moment through a cell phone number but the answer to the question about track phone by number is yes, you can.

Here, we need to mention that it depends upon the tool that you would use, whether it will work with the internet or it can provide location detail without internet access. The reason is that some of these applications need internet access to work online.

Also, each Android device is linked to a Google account, and the Internet giant offers a service called Device Manager. If you have enabled this service, then it is possible to track your mobile through the Gmail account from a computer or other devices. Also, in case of lost or stealth of an iPhone, using the “Search my iPhone” option/ app on our iOS devices, you can track the phone by number.

Part 2: How to Hack a Phone Using Number to track Its Location

Years ago, locating a cell phone and tracking a device by hacking was not possible except for government agencies and state security agencies. The mobile locator is a triangulation with telephone antennas whose technique is based on seeing the response time of the smartphone with these antennas. This technique is also known as GSM localization. Currently, you also have access to the necessary technology to know the location of the mobile thanks to its number. Track a cell phone location by number is possible and here we will teach you how to do it.

We want to introduce you to GPS CellPhone Locator. With this software, you can track cell phone location by number doesn’t matter the country because it has a database from most of the countries so you can receive the specific location address, city, and country from any number device. To have access to this software, you do not need to download any additional application, just need to add the mobile number in the searcher area and the program will do the rest. Also, it is very good because it is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac systems.

Let’s see some of the GPS CellPhone Locator features:

  • It tracks a cell phone location by number using GPS.
  • It is safe, secure, and faster than any other online software.
  • It is a free service.
  • You do not need to download any software.
  • It works perfectly even without an Internet connection.

How to trace the location of a phone number

You can try this online software to hack a device and track cell phone location by number visiting its website

Part 3: Alternative – How to Track A Cell Phone Location via mSpy

In this third part of the article, we want to recommend you an alternative software to track the phone by number and receive information in a secret mode. We are talking about mSpy, this excellent software allows you to have a real-time location in case you need to locate a person by its device.

mSpy is a powerful tool that permits you to get access to the device location showing you its current address. You can track it on a target device to read messages, emails, a list of numbers, access to applications like WhatsApp, the messenger of Facebook, and much more. It is an ideal software for those worried parents who need to protect their children.

Please, search below the step by step guide on how to use mSpy to track cell phone location by number:

Download mSpy in the target device > Install mSpy > Activate your mSpy account > Go to Control Panel > Start monitoring

Note: The guide given below has worked well with iOS devices, Android, Blackberry, or Symbian phones too.

Follow the steps in detail and get more information:

Step 1: In this first step, you need to download mSpy directly to the target device from the official website.

Step 2: Now is necessary to install the software and you need to specify the kind of mobile it is: Android, iPhone, or any other operating system. Be sure that the target device is connected to an Internet network.

Step 3: You will receive an email from mSpy with a confirmation link, is necessary to click on it to activate your account. Once mSpy is activated on the target device, the owner will never know that he/she is being monitored.

Step 4: Now you can monitor the target mobile with your mSpy account and will have access to its information like location, just select Locations from the control panel and you will receive the exact address with a map for a better understanding.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Now you will be able to track cell phone location by number using mSpy with these simple steps. You will receive real-time information from the target device every time you need it.

Part 4: How to track a cell phone with FlexiSPY

Another third-party alternative to track someone’s phone is using FlexiSPY which offers you a complete solution to track device location.

To know how to track cell phone location by number using FlexiSPY just follow the next steps tutorial:

Step 1: Download FlexiSPY on your target device and then use the Activation Code to activate the account.

Step 2: Log into your online account and enable GPS tracking under Control Center > Set the GPS capture settings as required.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Step 3: View the historical and current GPS location from inside your online account.

How to trace the location of a phone number

There are different methods of knowing where is the mobile you are looking for although it will depend on the operating system you have, and the procedures for finding someone else’s phone are similar. Fortunately, the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone provide solutions to find the location of a mobile and you can track location by phone number using some of the options we have offered in this article.

No hacking — in 8 lines of code

When raw, gold is yellow and bright in color. Shade it from the sun, its brightness remains the same.

It is one of the most beautiful metals in the world. A good conductor of electricity. It doesn’t rust. You can pound it, shape it to different forms, and yet it doesn’t break.

That’s how I see Python. Python is gold.

The language does things that wow you. And one is using it to track a phone number.

Write eight lines of code, you get the country name the phone number belongs to, and the name of the service provider. No hacking. Here’s how you can do it.

How To Track Phone Number Location With Python

  1. Open PyCharm and create a new project

To create a new project, click on File at the top-left corner of your screen.

Select New Project.

Give your new project a name, then click Create. For example, the name of my project is tracking.

PyCharm will display your project name at the left side of the screen with its location. It will look like this: C:\Users\hp\PyCharmProject\tracking.

2. Right-click on the project name

Right-click on the project name. Then click New. Now click on Python file.

3. Give the Python file a name

Name the Python file. Ensure the name ends with .py. For example Press the keyboard — enter.

4. Go to Terminal

Below the screen at the bottom-left, you will see Terminal. Click on it. Now type the following:

Run it. This will install the Python phonenumbers library. Phonenumbers library is used for parsing, formatting, storing, and validating international phone numbers. Remember to add “s” at the end of phonenumber s.

The installation takes a few minutes. Close the Terminal when the library is installed successfully.

5. Write in

Click on or on the name you gave the file. Now write the following code:

6. Create another Python file

Again, right-click on the project name. Click New. Click Python file. Give your new file a different name — for instance, Let the name also end with .py. Press the keyboard enter.

The purpose of the new file is to store the number you want to track. You will see the full information below.

7. Write in

In (or the name you gave the file), write the number you want to track with the country code:

The variable — number — stores the phone number you want to track. Remember to include the country code starting with a +. The number above is just a random example.

8. Click on

The first line of the code imports the phone number you want to track to the file.

Geocoder here is a function in phonenumbers. It provides geographical coordinates corresponding to a location.

9. Get the history of the phone number from its country by parsing two parameters

In file, write:

CH stands for Country History.

10. Run your code

Also in, write:

“en” means English. You want the info to display in English.

Note: don’t write “eng”. You will get a blank display.

Run the code. You will find the run option at the top of the screen. Click Run, then press the keyboard enter. Or click Run ‘body’.

You will see the country name of the phone number you tracked displayed below on your screen.

How To Track the Name of Network Provider

For every phone number, there is a network provider.

Include the below codes to find out the name of the network provider of the phone number.

Carrier is a function. It helps you get the name of the service provider of the phone number you’re tracking.

Run your code again. You will see the name of the service provider on your screen.

Here’s how all the code looks like:

Python is the king of automation. It does a lot of things you could think of — WhatsApp message automation, email automation, web scraping, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, web development, and a lot more.

Writers face challenges that could stop them from writing for life… Chronic back pain from sitting too long, eyes issues from staring at the screen for long hours, stifled fingers from writing to name a few. If you want to continue getting this type of article, you can support me by becoming a Medium subscriber. It costs $5/month. A part of your subscription fee goes to me .

Thanks to Elliot Gunn and Soumadri Banerjee

Ideal Solution for Family and Business Monitoring

Using software features, you can locate the phone number and spot someone’s location in real time as well as track the travel routes online.

Detect any devices with supported SIM cards

Transmit the GPS coordinates in real time

Launch software without getting a phone owner’s consent

Define satellite signal coordinates within up to 5 sq.m.

Discreetly monitor in the background mode

How to trace the location of a phone number

  • How to trace the location of a phone number
  • How to trace the location of a phone number

Tracking the Phone on a Map: Online Search

MobiTracker is a universal solution that enables tracking the current location of any device with SIM module support. It is possible to compromise a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any model of mobile phone. The working mechanisms of this software aim at identifying and exploiting the widespread vulnerability of mobile operators transmitting the exact MSC/VLR address of the location coordinates when making the corresponding request. The user receives a global CGI cell identifier indicating the location of the main station. Using the obtained data, you can easily determine the current location with an accuracy of 5 sq. m.

Register an account to locate someone in real time and search for the lost devices as well as manage the travel routes.

To launch the software, simply specify subscriber’s phone number in international format. A user can launch software online and this process takes less than 5 minutes.

Select the appropriate pricing plan, which includes the required set of options. Fund your account using one of the supported payment methods to activate the service package.

Track the location and travelling routes of up to five devices from different categories in real time. You can always add and remove active monitoring sessions in your Dashboard.

Enter the 10 digit mobile number above that you want to trace. You will get mobile number details after tracking and you can locate mobile’s reference locations on Map. You can also submit your complaint for any mobile number.

India has 4 major telecom operators namely Jio, Airtel, Vodafone-Idea and BSNL. These operators provide mobile connectivity in 22 telecom circles. Any mobile number is tracked using multiple data sources available. Department of Telecommunications (DoT) allocates different mobile number series to different operators to be used in their specific cirle. We analyze multiple data channels to track and locate any mobile number location on map and provide neary cities and reference locations of the SIM card. The operator details can sometimes be different if the number has been ported.

Reliance Jio being the industry leader has 436 millions mobile users, followed by Airtel which was once king of mobile operators and now has user base of 352 millions. Vodafone Idea comes next with a figure of 273 millions subscribers. Then comes our Indian state owned BSNL which has a subscriber base of 115 millions. Our mobile number tracker software can trace any Indian mobile number provided by any of these operators and provide complete mobile number details.

CallTracer provides an easy, free tool to trace India mobile number. This mobile location tracker gives all the details along with location on map easily. You can even get our mobile number tracer widget for your website, so your visitors can track Indian mobile number right from your website.

There are various ways available to track a phone number over the internet. Additionaly, it is also possible to find location using the phone number. Although it may seem challenging in practice, thanks to data exchange partnership established with the largest public record providers in the U.S, we’ve quite simplified the way of trace mobile number location and other significant details of the owner such as name and address info for you. Before, it was often hard to reach this information. For years this data was only available to a privileged few. Today, a lot of people have demand to track phone numbers due to some justifiable reasons. After the passage of the Freedom of Information Act in the U.S, tracking a phone number became possible for serving the informational needs of everyday people. At this point, please be aware that it is not possible to track real-time locations of devices directly with phone numbers in civilian life. Hence all the websites are restricted to show only the tentative location of any phone number. Nevertheless, our phone number tracking results are sufficient to give you an important insight. Furthermore, the phone number tracker is available for everyone. Unlike the traditional white pages, in a mobile number search process, user can input the phone number and access the caller’s comprehensive details. These are online and offline public records and activities for finding name, current address location, address history records, social media pins, web recordings, photos, emails, profiles, professions or any other detailed background information of the phone owner.

The best part is all searches are confidential and there is no obligation to inform the owner.

In this way, you can search any cell phone record safely using only its mobile number. Start tracking a phone immediately by clicking the button below.

How to trace the location of a phone number

How to trace the location of a phone number

How to trace the location of a phone number

Trace A Mobile Number

Find person’s name, address location, email addresses, detailed profiles and latest social media location activities using only mobile number.

In-depth Phone Number Details

Collect any information of the owner including other cell phone numbers, property details, family members, jobs history and more.

Shortly About Us All Trademarks goes to Maestro JZ Technology.

Our professional team has been serving since 2007. We provide innovative solutions for tracking systems in the legal framework. When used incorrectly and for wrong reasons, these services can cause serious damages. All actions taken by you are your responsibility.

Phone number tracking and call number resolver for India

How to dial India

How to Track Phone Number Online for India?

India phone numbers generally starts with +91 which is phone code for india. You can input a national number, if the national number is valid, it will automaticly be transformed into india phone number format
Track mobile number form fetches dialing information from india phone numbers.

To make a connection with a person who lives in India, one of the most crowded countries in the world, you should know the unique India area code at the same time. Well, how to track a phone number for India?

How to Track Phone Number Online for India?

India is big power with its crowded population and big software companies in the world. Thousands of people go to India for working every year. In addition, many of them decide to continue their lives in India. In this condition, communication issues are born with these people and their families.

How to Track Phone Number Online for India?

Thanks to the Phone Number Track website, you can trace and track phone number online for India. In order to find a number’s location, whois information, living area, and phone type, you will need a phone number which is used in India recently.

Firstly, you should visit the Phone Number Track website. Then, you should select the India option in the Region menu at the top of the site. Finally, you can enter your number and click on the Track button. End of these steps, you can see detailed information about the phone number and its owner.

How to Track Someones Location with Phone Number?

Having a phone number is enough to learn someone’s location in India. If you want to learn his location by using a phone number, you should use the India area code (91) at the beginning of the number. If you don’t use this special code, you cannot find the real location.

How to Track Phone Number Location Without Area Code?

People who don’t want to use the India area code at the beginning of the phone number can use the main page of the Phone Number Track website. In order to track phone number online, you should visit the main page, select the India for Country menu and, enter the phone number. After clicking on the Track button, the result will appear on the page.

It can be very hard to uncover a spoofed phone number’s origin

How to trace the location of a phone number

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In This Article

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A spoofed phone call is one that says that it’s coming from one specific phone number, person, or company when it pops up on your phone’s screen but is in fact being made by a completely different phone number. It can be hard to tell if a phone number is spoofed or not and tracing a spoofed phone number’s true digits can be almost impossible.

Spoofing is relatively easy to do by individuals and companies which means that you can’t always trust what the caller ID says when the phone call is received. Often a reverse caller ID check will simply redial the number displayed by the spoofing, not the actual number behind the call.

How to Tell If a Phone Number Is Spoofed

While there’s no completely accurate way to detect a spoofed number, there are several techniques which can help you get a fairly good idea about what’s going on and may help you catch a spoofer or scammer in their tracks.

Google the phone number. Doing a basic web search for the number that called you and cross-referencing it to who the caller says they are can be a quick way to detect a scammer. While this won’t help if they claim to be from a company and are spoofing the company’s number, it can catch people who are spoofing local numbers while claiming to be someone else. This scam strategy is referred to as neighbor spoofing.

Call the number that’s calling you. While you have the person on the line, call the number on another phone. If the line’s engaged, then this may be proof that they are in fact calling from the number they say they are.

Call the company and confirm. If the caller claims to be from a company or organization, look up the official contact number for them and give them a call to confirm the existence of the person who called you and their claims.

Do not use your phone’s automatic redial feature when doing this. Make sure that you’ve found the official contact number for the company and dial it manually.

Use a who called me app. There are a variety of apps for iPhone and Android smartphones, such as TrueCaller, that can alert you to calls from numbers that are frequently used by phone scammers. Since those behind phone scams often use spoofing when making calls, this can be an effective, but not fool-proof, way of seeing when a spoofed call is coming in.

How to Uncover a Spoofed Number

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to uncover a spoofed number as the technology makes it too easy for people to do without leaving a trail. It may be possible to track down a spoofer by convincing a phone carrier and law enforcement to begin an investigation but this can be incredibly time consuming and still isn’t guaranteed to get the result you require.

If you happen to be talking to someone who’s using phone spoofing for legitimate business reasons, you are completely in your rights to ask them if the number showing in the caller ID is in fact the number they’re calling from.

Most professionals would be completely fine with disclosing the fact that they’re calling from a different number even if they may not want to disclose what number that is for their own personal security reasons. Some might actually prefer to give you their real number if they need to stay in touch with you.

What to Do When You Get a Spoofed Phone Call

Because it can be almost impossible to discover who’s behind a spoofed call there are several precautions you need to take when getting one.

If you’ve already fallen victim to a phone scam or an internet scam, there are several things you will need to do in each situation.

Avoid sharing personal or financial information. Spoofing is frequently used by phone scammers who try to steal your data. Legit companies will very rarely ask for bank account or credit card numbers or your Social Security number.

Don’t send money to spoof callers. In general, you shouldn’t send money to anyone that calls you on the phone. If someone says you owe money, hang up and dial the company’s official contact number to confirm.

Block repeat callers. If a number continues to call you, block it.

Even if the spoofed phone number is robocalling you, you can still block robocalls.

Don’t reply to texts. Replying to suspicious texts, even if they prompt you to reply with a word or number to opt out of future texts, can result in getting even more scam calls and messages. Simply delete the message and block the spoofed number.

Report the number. If you suspect that the phone number is being spoofed for illegal or suspicious reasons, you can report it to the FTC and other organizations for investigation.

Are Spoofed Phone Calls Illegal?

Getting a spoofed phone call isn’t always bad or illegal as many professionals and businesses use spoofing technology on a very regular basis for a variety of legit reasons. For example, a company employee may spoof their personal number to display the company’s public contact number when calling a customer. This allows them to maintain some level of personal privacy and can also alert the customer as to who’s calling them if they have caller ID enabled or the company’s number in their contact list or address book.

Using phone spoofing in this way is completely legal even though it is technically misleading. Phone spoofing is only illegal in the United States if the caller aims to commit fraud, obtain something of value, or harm an individual. If you’re being the target of a phone scam or harassment via a spoofed number, then the technology is very much being used illegally.

Tracking a lost iPhone is not a difficult task, thanks to hundreds of iPhone tracker apps. And in recent years, it has been in the public domain to track an iPhone by phone number with easier operations. If you just bought the new released iPhone 12/12 Pro, it is necessary to know how to track lost/stolen iPhone. For instance, once your iPhone was stolen or lost, you can track iPhone by phone number quickly.

Moreover, you can track someone else’s iPhone secretly. All you need is to provide the phone number of the person. Every iPhone user has its unique phone number, obviously you can track an iPhone by phone number without them knowing. The whole article aims to explain the possibility of tracking iPhone by a phone number with the method in details, just read and find the information you want.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Track an iPhone by Phone Number

Part 1: Feasibility to Track an iPhone by a Phone Number

Some people still wonder is it possible to track an iPhone by a phone number only. Actually, it depends on whether your SIM card is replaced by others or not. Your cellular provider provides you the phone number. So if others does not remove the SIM card and use your iPhone to make a phone call, you can track your stolen iPhone by phone number to get the real-time location. You can even figure out where the phone call was made and whom it was made by the provided phone number. You can go to the Police to find your lost/stolen iPhone back. But if your SIM card has been changed, you will fail to track iPhone location by phone number.

For people who want to track someone by their cell phone, then using phone number is the easy-to-achieve idea. You can use your Smartphone to handle every place that person has been without being noticed. And the possibility to get the phone number is quite high, right? In a word, you can track an iPhone by phone number without them knowing with ease, no matter you want to trace someone or get stolen iPhone back.

Part 2: How to Track an iPhone Using A Phone Number

The followings are recommendations of good iPhone Tracker app that you can use phone number to locate. The sooner you track iPhone location, the more information you can get.

Top 1: iMap

iMap is a useful tool to help you track friends and families who connected to the iMap service by phone numbers. You can get their locations through phone number or email directly. And iMap not only provides their current geo-location, but also places they have been during the past 30 days.

Step 1 Download and install iMap to track an iPhone location by phone number.

Step 2 Sign up and set I’m visible for “All”, “Friends” or “No one” in “Location sharing settings”

Step 3 Go to “Map” and hit the add icon to invite friends.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Now you can track different GPS devices using iMap only. In another word, you can track an iPhone by phone number with an Android device, too.

Top 2: mSpy

You can use mSpy to track someone’s iPhone with various mobile activities including call logs, texts, GPS location tracking, emails and more. Furthermore, you can get the intuitive online control panel that can get real-time monitored data in details. Thus, using mSpy to track an iPhone by a phone number is your first choice if you want to control every activity of the iPhone or Android phone.

Step 1 View mSpy site to purchase the app.

Step 2 Follow instructions to install mSpy on your iPhone or Android phone.

Step 3 Register and then start monitoring the targeted phone activities by a phone number.

How to trace the location of a phone number

To get accurate activities, you can locate the control panel to track an iPhone by phone number of what he or she is doing.

Top 3: GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker offers real-time live GPS tracker of the certain iPhone. And you can access the location history playback of the last 24 hours for free. In addition, GPS Tracker allows users to locate your phone or any other contract that is nearby your cell phone. And it requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Step 1 Download GPS Tracker and upgrade to the premium.

Step 2 Sign up your GPS Tracker account and allow location sharing.

Step 3 Monitor and track an iPhone in real-time mode.

How to trace the location of a phone number

GPS Tracker allows users to track an iPhone by a phone number with augmented reality interface. So you can get more obvious experience of tracking someone.

Top 4: Mobile Number Location Tracker

Just as its name has shown, you can use Mobile Number Location Tracker to track an iPhone according to contacts. It also offers real-time location while retrieving a call. The most attractive thing is that you can track an iPhone by phone number for free.

Step 1 Sign up a Mobile Number Location Tracker account.

Step 2 Hit “Contacts” to track someone’s location.

Step 3 View the places that person has been according to related dates.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Mobile Number Location Tracker

Mobile Number Location Tracker allows users to track mobile numbers all over India, USA, Australia and UK for free as well.

Top 5: Number Locater

Number Locator is the iPhone-based app that can track someone’s iPhone by searching phone number only. And no matter you have connected to Wi-Fi or not, you can get full data on area codes or full phone numbers in lightning fast speed.

Step 1 Open Number Locator and enter “Search” page.

Step 2 Enter the area code or phone number to search.

Step 3 Check the iPhone location of entire United States and Canada.

How to trace the location of a phone number

So you are able to track an iPhone by phone number without them knowing online or offline with ease.

With above iPhone tracker apps that offer phone number tracking services, you can find a stolen or lost iPhone back, and you can also track phone number current location in details. All in all, tracking an iPhone by phone number without the person knowing is absolutely easy to achieve. Just do something you want secretly.

How to trace the location of a phone number

December 25, 2017 14:40 / Posted by Louisa White to iPhone Troubleshooting

Calibrate iPhone battery at least once a month is the good way to improve battery performance. And you can fix iPhone battery jumpy or unreliable problems here, too.

Have you ever found your iPad gets blue screen and have no idea about the frustrating issue? Well, you can read this article and learn how to fix iPad blue screen error.

My iPhone won’t turn off! is a frequently asked question. And you can find the real fix from this article explaining how to turn off iPhone if it is disabled.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Last Updated on July 4, 2021 by Adnan Musa

Do you want the ways to trace a missed call in Bangladesh?

Are you looking for ways to trace a mobile number in Bangladesh?

We all have this sort of experience – being woken up in the middle of the night by calls from unknown numbers persistently. This could go on and on for days, even months. The trail of unknown numbers does not seem to stop.

Bangladeshis aren’t unfamiliar with such situations. We have millions of mobile phone users in this country. Having a stylish, up-to-date phone is quite a trend here. We have half a dozen SIM card operators in the country.

The SIM card operators have various attractive offers to offer with calls, SMSs, and data. Due to the attractive offers, people tend to interchange among SIM cards due to varying offers. Everyone is quick to avail the hot offers currently in the market.

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Tracing Phone Calls

Now, with cell phones and cellular communication being available in the country like Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk, Airtel & Banglalink, people have devised numerous ways to deceive people. There are people who abuse the service by using many manipulating ways.

One of those ways is annoying people with many different unknown numbers. There could be many reasons behind this malicious attack. People with vengeful desire may want to harm you or turn your life into a living hell.

If you have been suffering from persistent calls from unknown numbers, you want to look into the person(s) doing this, or at least where these calls are being made.

For this reason, you may want to find the location of the person making the calls. In this article, I am going to show you how you can find out the details of the person making annoying calls.

How To Trace Any Mobile Number In Bangladesh

You may be considered to have a software application to trace any mobile number on Google Maps. However, the law enforcement agencies or the government won’t use a particular software application for tracking a mobile number user’s location.

1. Law enforcement agencies contact mobile phone service providers whenever they are required to trace a mobile phone.

2. Service providers can trace a call by factoring in the approximate area of the suspect. The service providers can trace a call as soon as a suspect makes it.

3. cellular phone number has to be connected to a mobile phone tower and always adjusts its connectivity as per nearby mobile towers.

4. Service providers utilize this dynamic multiple towers data and use triangulation procedures. They use the triangulation process to receive information about the area of the suspected mobile phone user.

5. Tracing the location of mobile phone users in far remote places can get tough. By far remote places, I meant locations where the density of towers is meager, and the range of towers is high.

6. Once data is triangulated, law enforcement agencies can find the suspect using a combing operation.

7. However, the longitude and latitude (the exact location of the suspect) may never be delivered, even the service providers are unable to deliver such information.

8. If the data connection is on, getting login credentials can be really easy. However, location has been turned on.

IMEI in this case isn’t productive as it has to do with tagged data with phone number.

Track A Mobile Number User’s Current Location On Google Maps

In this method, you are going to be using an IP address. With an IP address, you will be able to track and trace out your location. You can track the current location of your mobile number by deriving the location details of the device.

If a mobile phone is connected to the Internet, it must have an IP address. IP addresses are unique addresses that determine the location of the device connected to the Internet. The IP address is usually provided by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

With a valid IP address provided by an ISP, you can stay connected to the Internet.

Step 1: open in any browser in your desktop or mobile browser

Step 3: now enter an image URL in URL shorter, then plug in logger

Step 4: Click on ‘Get Code’

Step 5: it will start processing and generating a short URL for the address

Step 6: the image URL will be sent to any person who is to open this image by clicking on the given URL

Step 7: the image will be opened as it is, as a result, the site will get all the required data

Step 8: now copy this URL and send the URL to anyone whom you would like to open the link

Step 9: once the link is opened, you will be able to trace out his/her IP address

Top Mobile Number Tracker In Bangladesh (BD)

There are some free and Paid mobile number tracker software, tools, and services available which you can use to serve your purposes. Please contact with local Law enforcement agencies or talk with the vendor directly whether you are allowed to use such services or they are affordable to you or not. The due dilligence is yours own. Here you go –

1. EMobileTracker (Instant Mobile Tracking Facilities)

2. TrackersBD (Vehicle Tracking Via Mobile and Device)

3. Live GPS Search (GPS Mobile Tracker)

6. Buddy Tracker (Grameenphone Service via VAS)

Please try all the tools and services above and find a suitable one that suits with your needs. It’s because, these tracer apps are for mass people and may not come as handy as you are expecting. And it is advised to test every app and services mentioned above as most of these are free.

Bottom Line

If you are being harassed by phone persistent phone calls, you could take action against them by getting out their IP address.

how to trace a call by caller tracker


How to trace the location of a phone number

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There are times when you get a call from an unknown number and you become suspicious about that caller. It is usually hard to locate the caller and most of the people don’t know how to track a phone call location or how to trace a call with precision.

How to track a phone location – FamiSafe family locator

FamiSafe is a reliable parental control app for parents to track kids’ daily location and location history.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Main Features

Track: Geofences, Location History, Real-time Location

Monitor: Browser History & Activity Report

Limit: Screen Time, Smart Schedule

Block: App Usage & Blocker, Web Filter,

Detect: Suspicious Photos, Explicit Content Detection on social media app

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How to trace the location of a phone number How to trace the location of a phone number

    Web Filtering Location Tracking & Geo-fencing App Blocker & App Activity Report Screen Time Limit & Schedule Explicit Content & Suspicious Photos Detection

How do you track phone number locations?

IMEI number and GPS call trackers can be used to get the real-time result to track the location of a number. Apps like FamiSafe is really great for tracking mobile phones without any active internet connection. You can find out the GPS coordinates of the number within a few seconds. It is also possible to track the numbers who texted you via SMS or Whatsapp or Facebook.

The spying apps are preferably designed for family and friends. It’s actually made to track people you know.

How do you track the owner of a phone number?

Tracking a phone number out of your social network is hard. There is a possibility to use some web services available like Free Cell Phone Lookups. These services can track the number online and determine the exact location of the caller and the owner of the device. To get a more detailed report, you can always become a member of the service.

It’s possible to track the home address of the owner of the device used for calling and the owner of the phone number. Another service called Whitepages is also helpful to get information about this kind of caller. This service enables to locate the home address of the owner of the number in case GPS tracking becomes ineffective. It is also called as “Reverse Lookup” as its working is backward from tracking the phone number to drill down the owner’s details.

Services like Whitepage scans the public records on an individual basis and also on businesses to provide insight on a person or their phone number. This service is extremely helpful when you want to gather as much information as possible without any privacy breach and breaking the law.

How to trace the location of a phone number

An important point to remember is that the service you use to track a number is directly connected with the SS7 network based on real-time tracking function. The SS7 network is basically a database of phone numbers which also contains personal details associated with the number. Every query or request that is sent through the SS7 network via your mobile phone will be stored against the number.

So, don’t be concerned about the location of your family member and loved ones. Whether you’ve lost your phone, you want to know the location of an employee, want to know how to track a phone call location, all your answers are in the same place.

How do you track phone number Caller ID without getting a call?

Tracking a phone number doesn’t stop at GPS coordinates, using caller id tracker, you can track the owner of the phone and know their name with CNAM lookup. But this service requires a person to call their number. There are many numbers in the U.S. that are registered with the CNAM database. It is recommended that the service you use doesn’t ever cache data.

How to trace the location of a phone number

CNAM lookups also help you to check the spam score of the number that is being tracked. When a phone number has an associated spam history, then the service will display the number with titled as spam on your phone. It is useful when you are trying to save up time that is being wasted by disrupting calls in your daily routine.

Some tools like this one allow you to know the caller type (business or personal). Twilio is particularly useful for displaying useful information from CNAM lookups in the following format.

If the CNAM service you’re using is also able to identify 1300 & 1800 numbers in the US, you’re on the right track! It’s important to widen the scope of all the phone numbers your service identifies, so your phone tracking is as extensive as possible.

How to trace the location of a phone number

It’s also possible to find Facebook accounts with phone numbers if a person’s account is linked to their phone number. All you need to do is enter the number in the search bar, and any associated messages & profiles will show up in the search results.

As can be seen, the search results display wherever the number has appeared on Facebook. It can be extremely useful to know exactly who called you and why, and protect yourself from any kind of fraud or spam calls. The great thing about Facebook is that you get an insight into a person’s profile through their phone number, their interests, their location, their hobbies, and their social networks. If action is required, this empowers you with more information.

But What If The Caller Is Unknown?

So what do you do if the phone number is blocked and the caller is unknown, It’s easy? Try Trapcall to first unmask a phone number, and then follow the steps above. If you’re in the US or Canada, Trapcall helps you unmask all blocked numbers, and once you know the phone number, tracking its location and other details becomes a walk in the park.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re trying to track down your own lost phone, or you’re a spy wanting more intel on a hiding criminal, there are plenty of options to track phone numbers. Services built into iOS & Android devices like Find My iPhone and Lookout allow you to do a lot of things when tracking your own phone, like playing a sound, sending a message, or just locking your phone. Other apps allow you to track phone numbers you receive calls from, and empower you with information on the location, name, and type of phone number you received a call from. Tracking phone numbers are really quite simple!

Hence it is concluded that along with FamiSafe, there are so many options like TrapCall, Whitepage, CNAM service are the options to consider if you are still searching to find out how to track a phone call location. FamiSafe with its awesome feature helps the parents, and another individual to keep a proper track record of the child ‘s or employee’s activities.

It is common to want to track phone numbers in Nigeria, and there are many reasons why this might be necessary. You might want to know the location of a phone number that you have been receiving calls from, or you may need phone number tracking for business purposes.

Whatever your reason for wanting to track phone numbers in Nigeria, it’s important that you do so correctly. This blog post will go over how to track phone numbers in Nigeria and what steps can be taken afterward.

Requirements for phone number tracking in Nigeria

  1. Know the phone number of the person you want to track.
  2. Have an internet connection on your phone or laptop – it’s not possible for phone numbers in Nigeria to be tracked without a data connection.
  3. If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi, and are only using your phone plan, make sure that international roaming is turned off so as not to rack up fees.*
  4. The phone number must have been used before in order for tracking location services to work properly. This means that there should be past cell tower records available for this number within Google Maps’ database. If this is not the case then no information will show up about where that phone is currently located or has previously been located when being tracked

How to track someone with his phone number

The best way to track phone calls made from unknown callers or spammy contacts is by using applications that are designed specifically for phone number tracking.

mSpy is an app that does just that. One of the most popular phone number tracking apps on the planet, mSpy shows you their location on a map. And it can even alert you when they’re nearby, entering a certain geographic zone, or leaving another zone.​​

But it’s not just about tracking their whereabouts in Nigeria and beyond. It’s about tracking their activity. That includes the conversations they have in their favorite social media apps. Once you install mSpy on their device, you’ll be able to see their text messages, plus conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and even Tinder.

These apps can also help block unwanted phone calls with their blacklisting feature, provide information about other people’s location via GPS coordinates (locations vary depending on phone type), and report harassment/unwanted phone calls anonymously to the authorities where applicable.

For those who want even more features or phone number tracking capability, there are some phone trackers that can also help.

The best phone tracker for Nigeria is Mobile Spy because it has all the features mentioned above and more

The only downside to this type of phone tracker is that you have to install a monitoring app on the target device or get physical access.

Without further wasting of time, here are 5 ways to track a phone number in Nigeria

1. Start by calling your network provider and ask them to track the number for you.

If they are unable to help, ask them for the phone number of an authorized phone tracker in Nigeria that can handle this request and track phone numbers in Nigeria on your behalf.

Be aware it may cost a small fee or require payment upfront if other individuals will be involved with locating the phone number.

Some network providers offer this service free of charge as long as you have been receiving calls from someone who is not listed under their contact list.

2. Use Truecaller to track the number.

Truecaller is an app for phone number tracking that can be downloaded to your phone and will show the location of any incoming phone calls. It also has features that allow you to blacklist numbers if they are calling too often or spamming, as well as report harassment or unwanted phone calls.

It’s important to note that this application requires a data connection in order to track phone numbers and it may not work on some phones due to network restrictions.

It is also worth mentioning that the phone number tracker app can track phone numbers in Nigeria and other countries around the world.

Truecaller may be available as a free download on your phone’s application store, or you will need to pay for it (prices vary depending on which phone OS).

3. Use Trapcall to track a phone number.

-Trapcall is an application that works similarly to truecaller in regards to phone number tracking.

-It allows you to see a phone’s location as well as blacklist unwanted phone calls and spam numbers from your phone line again, just like with truecaller.

-However, it also has the ability to record any phone call made on the target phone with or without the consent of the other caller if they do not know their phone number is being tracked.

This can be valuable information for businesses wanting to track phone numbers in Nigeria by recording conversations between employees or others involved in business dealings where there are suspicions about fraudulent activity going on elsewhere.

-In order for this app (or similar apps) to work correctly and phone number tracker phone numbers in Nigeria, the phone being tracked needs to have access to a data connection.

-Trapcall can be downloaded for free and runs on most phone OS’s; however, it may require payment in order for some features like recording phone calls or tracking phone numbers internationally (prices vary).

4. Use find my device by google to track phone numbers.

-Google’s “find my device” service can also be used in order to track phone numbers, as long as the phone being tracked has internet access on it (which most do).

-It provides live tracking location of your phone or other devices that you may be trying to locate and is easy enough for virtually anyone with a smartphone to use.

-The app automatically recognizes when your phone leaves WiFi range and will update its GPS coordinates accordingly.

-If you are unable to find your phone using this feature, then contact google through their website instead and they should have more options available including finding lost phones by ringing them at full volume so they can’t go unheard. Google should also provide information about phone numbers in Nigeria and phone number tracking on their website if the phone is not found.

-One downside to this app is that it may take up a lot of battery life for your phone, so be sure to charge it before trying to use find my device since you will need an internet connection as well.

5. Ask the police for help.

I know you probably wouldn’t like this one, but it’s worth a shot.

If tracking the phone number in Nigeria is not working for you, then it may be a good idea to contact the police and let them know what has happened. They usually have more resources and can track the phone faster.


There are many phone number trackers available to use in order to investigate phone numbers in Nigeria. The best option for you will depend on the type of phone and your specific needs, but there is usually one that can be used.

When choosing which phone tracker app or service to go with, it’s important to compare features such as availability from phone OS, what types of information they provide about a person (location tracking vs. phone call recording), their various prices, and any additional fees charged per month/year.

Tracking 8145153757 – The mobile number owner details and phone location details are given below.

Number 8145153757
Complaints 0 reports (Report complaint)
Owner Name Available
IMEI number 5206360620204510
IP address
MAC address e0:3c:64:14:cd:4a
SIM company Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel Mobile Locator)
Connection Prepaid 4G SIM card
GPS Location 24° 40′ 44″ N (latitude)
88° 22′ 45″ E (longitude)
Phone City #1 Farakka, West Bengal, India
Phone City #2 Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India
Phone City #3 Arambag, West Bengal, India
Mobile State West Bengal Phone Location
Owner’s Personality Masculine Graceless, Forthright, Offhand, Mechanical, Enigmatic, Stern
**based on numerology analysis of 8145153757
Language Bengali
Mobile Locations Elahabad, Char Tejnagar, Kushgora Gopinathpur, Bila Tikri, Rautara
Country India
Tracking History Traced by 4 people in 24 hrs
Traced by 6 people last week
Traced by 44 people last month
Tracking No. 9EBCDB502E
Tower Locations Kalabari Tea Garden (N), Katabari, Bhatra, Nawabad, Bhepua
Helpline 9934012345

Tracking 8145153757 mobile phone location on map

The location of 8145153757 no. is traced nearby Farakka, West Bengal + Cooch Behar, West Bengal + Arambag, West Bengal by mobile number tracking software.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Send WhatsApp to 8145153757

Send your whatsapp message to 8145153757 mobile number owner directly from here, without saving the number in your phone contact.

Write complaint about 8145153757 mobile number

His phone MAC address is e0:3c:64:14:cd:4a. His GPS location is traced approx. 24° 40′ 44″ N (latitude), 88° 22′ 45″ E (longitude). His location is traced nearby Farakka, West Bengal and Cooch Behar, West Bengal and Arambag, West Bengal. The map above shows his adjacent localities.

The 8145153757 cell phone holder is from West Bengal. He is using prepaid SIM card of Airtel. His mother tongue is Bengali. Tracking history of 8145153757 number shows 4 traces today, 6 traces this week and 44 traces this month.

The mobile tracking reference is 9ebcdb502e. We recieved 0 reports about 8145153757 mobile. You may write your feedback above. You may contact Bharti Airtel Limited customer care at 9934012345.

Locality of 8145153757 phone tower positions are Kalabari Tea Garden (N), Katabari, Bhatra, Nawabad, Bhepua. Mobile Numberlogy of 8145153757 reveals that it’s owner is Masculine Graceless, Forthright, Offhand, Mechanical, Enigmatic, Stern. His mobile IMEI number is 5206360620204510.

Online mobile tracking by satellite is still an unknown domain for a lot of people. But GPS tracking is a common feature, and is probably used by millions of people every day. What they fail to acknowledge is the fact that they both are basically the same thing. GPS tracking uses signals from satellites to trace a device on earth accurately. The more satellites used, the more the accuracy of the location. In the modern world, satellite tracking has been incorporated in a lot of useful areas.

Almost every device comes with the ability to be tracked using satellites. This can be used in advantage to track a lost phone, to locate family members, or for the ease of navigation. But the main purpose to use it is to track mobile phone location. With the help of satellite phone tracker you can track the exact mobile phone location and in this article we are here to educate about you about the same.

Part 1: How Does Satellite Work to Track Mobile Phone Location

The GPS was originally built for use by the US Military, but was later opened for the public to be used for navigation and transport. Every smartphone has a GPS module installed on it, and is used for the ease of navigation. The same is also used to trace mobile number current location through satellite when needed. The mobile phones use a method called trilateration to track your phone. In this method, your phone uses a minimum of 3 satellites to track its exact latitudinal and longitudinal position on the earth. The 4th satellite allows it to track the altitude. So, in order to get the most accurate results, 4 or more satellites must be connected.

The information received by the phone contains the orbital information of the satellite, time of signal sent, speed of satellite, etc. The GPS module of the phone gathers this information and calculates the exact location of the phone, and even the current speed of the person. The location is calculated using the position of the satellites as an accurate reference. The intersection point of the satellite signals is the location of the phone.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Part 2: How to Find Current Location of Mobile Number by Satellite

There are numerous satellite mobile number tracker apps that can utilize this feature to track the location of the phone. FamiGuard is one of the best and most precise among them. It has the ability to track real-time location using the GPS module of the phone. The location tracking is very accurate and updates instantly with the change in position of the device. Users can also set a geofence on the digital map to get notified when the device enters or leaves the geofence. The app shows the satellite view of the map, so that, the user can identify the location using visual references in the locality. Long time location tracking is possible in this app with high accuracy. FamiGuard is among the most powerful names when comes to location tracking. It can track any phone number in the world with satellite positioning.Moreover, it saves the locations in the location history for viewing later.

Here are the steps on how to track the mobile number through satellite using the FamiGuard app.

Step 1. Register yourself.

In order to find current location of mobile number by satellite, you need to register a FamiGuard account either fromthe FamiGuard appthat you have downloaded on your device, or from the website.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Step 2. Install the FamiGuard app on the target phone.

Now, install the app on the target device and log in using your username and password. If you want to track the device using the FamiGuard website, then you do not need to install the app on your own phone.

Step 3. Configure the target device.

Then configure the device using the instructions on the screen. After completing the setup, the device can now be tracked using your phone.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Step 4. Start tracking.

Now, you can track the target device by logging on to your account from the website, or from the app on your own device. In the app dashboard, select location tracking, and you can see the real-time location of the target device. The website has similar options and can also be used for tracking, like on the app.

How to trace the location of a phone number


There are times when we face the need to track a mobile device. Satellite phone tracker apps use the GPS feature of the phone to track the location of the device accurately. It uses the global positioning satellites to calculate the current position precisely. Every smartphone have this feature built in, but to utilize this feature, the user needs an app to communicate with the positioning satellites and calculate the position, and finally displaying it on the map for the user to understand the location. FamiGuard is one such app, which has earned its reputation for high accuracy location tracking. The app displays real-time location remotely and even notifies the user when the target device leaves or enters a geofence. All these features make this app appealing, and with numerous other features like web filtering, app management, screen time management, the app becomes the favorite tool for parents to monitor their kids.

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How to trace the location of a phone number

By Jenson Walker

Posted on Jun 05, 2019 ( Updated: Oct 15, 2019 )

An excellent content writer who is professional in software and app technology and skilled in blogging on internet for more than 5 years.

Suppose I received a call from internet with some virtual number, I called the same number back after few days but it didn’t exist at the time or it was routed to some other user.

Is there a way to reach the real person. Can I find out which service used to make these calls and then get that person info somehow?

How to trace the location of a phone number

1 Answer 1

If you have suffered some sort of harm from the calls (e.g. death threats or harassment), it is in theory possible to do this but it is an incredible amount of work, and is in practice near impossible unless your police get involved, which they will not do unless it is a serious matter.

You would need to obtain court orders from each ISP or telephony provider you require information from, which may be in several different countries, which would require showing cause, i.e. that some sort of criminal offence or tort had occurred, and that it is reasonable for you to demand cooperation from them as a third party.

This will cost tens of thousands of dollars/euros/pounds at least. You may also be required to pay the ISP costs of complying with the order, in addition to the very high costs of lawyers who work in this area.

And all to find out that it was a random phisher.

On the other hand if you have suffered no harm, and you cannot show a crime was committed, you will not be able to get the court orders and ISP cooperation you need.

How to Stop Pharmacy Telemarketers

Related Articles

  • How to Stop Pharmacy Telemarketers
  • How to Identify an 800 Number
  • How to Trace an 888 Number
  • How to Block Solicitors’ Phone Calls

It’s a familiar scene on cop shows: The detectives manage to get the bad guy on the phone and have to keep him talking until they can trace the call. It might make exciting viewing, but it’s not an accurate depiction of how long it takes to trace a phone.

Tracing a Landline Call

As soon as a call is made on a landline, the phone company can track and trace it immediately. This has been the case since the mid-1980s, when the introduction of electronic switching systems replaced automatic electro-mechanical switching systems, such as the crossbar-switching system.

Tracing a Cellphone Call

It is just as straightforward to track and trace a cellphone call as a landline call, due to requirements that cellphone networks feature location-tracking technology, such as GPS (Global Positioning System) chips, to assist 911 services. Rules issued by the Federal Communications Commission in 2015 require wireless telecom companies to provide a “dispatchable location” (a physical address including information such as floor, suite or apartment) to 911 call centers within 30 seconds, regardless of indoor or outdoor location. GPS works by measuring the time it takes a radio signal to travel between one of the many satellites orbiting the earth and a cellphone. This time is used to determine the location of the phone, and it happens almost instantaneously.

Tracing Harassing Calls

To trace a harassing call made from a withheld number, dial *57 after you hang up on the caller (or after your phone stops ringing, if you don’t answer it). Listen to the recorded message, which tells you whether the trace was successful or not. You won’t be given the caller’s information, but if you get three successful traces from the same number, you can contact your local law enforcement agency and explain that you’ve been receiving harassing calls, which have been traced.

Blocking Caller ID

If you are making a call from a landline, you can dial *67 before the number you are dialing to prevent your information being shown on the receiver’s phone display (this is an option on many cellphones in North America, too). This works only on a per call basis, so the process has to be followed each time you make a call. On most cellphones, there is a “My Device” option within Settings that allows you to hide your caller ID. This should also let you call phones that have blocked your number. However, while all of these options hide your information from the person you are calling, they don’t stop the phone carrier tracing the call back to you.

Nowadays, phone calls can be traced immediately, thanks to modern technology. This applies whether a call is made from a landline or a cellphone.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Are you a worried sick parent or spouse? Know how to track someone’s location with their phone number, determine the well-being and safety of your loved ones and relieve yourself from anxiety and tension.

There could be tons of reasons why you would want to track a person’s location but whatever it is, here is an easy guide to do the same in a number of ways.

Multiple Ways to Track Someone’s Location

How do you track boyfriend phone or someone else’s location using their numbers? Read on to know how to find someone’s location by their cell phone number and also track your own devices. Monitor your kid’s as well as elderly family member’s location with the below-given methods.

#1. Using IMEI number

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. It is unique for each device and is a 15-digit number that can be used to track a lost or stolen phone without WiFi connectivity and GPS service. You can use the below path to find your IMEI number in your phone: Settings > General > About > Scroll down for IMEI number.

Alternatively dial *#06# from your phone to see the device IMEI number.

Once you have done this, you can either contact the network provider to track down your phone or else download an IMEI tracker app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to track down the location of your lost device.

#2. Using GPS Tracking App

You can use the below recommended phone tracking applications for finding someone’s location using GPS services.

1. Prey

Here is the best location tracking app for both Android & iOS devices. It can also be accessed via Windows, MAC, and Linux systems. The application can locate a device with the help of GPS geolocation. It supports geofencing and also provides the location history of the concerned devices.

2. Spyera App

Listen to phone calls in real-time, spy on chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and turn on the microphone to listen to the device surrounding sounds with this phone spying app.

Trace someone’s location within their phone number using this app and remotely monitor the device activity without letting anyone know. Spy on people in a completely undetected way and track device location in real-time.

Get the license from the official website and after installing it on the target device, start spying from the Spyera web panel. The Premium version costs around USD 11.99/month and the Premium Plus version can be obtained at USD 24.99/month.

#3. Using CNAM

CNAM is the abbreviation used for Caller ID Name. It is a popular cell phone tracking software available on the web to identify a caller’s exact location including the name of the exact city and state in which the person is located. Carriers populate many authoritative databases with subscriber data. Thses databases are called CNAM repositories.

You need to pay a fee to utilize this method; however, it’s worth paying for the service as you can get information such as the owner’s name of the cell phone number with CNAM lookup tools.

CNAM lookup technique also helps to check the spam score of the phone number and if it does have a spam history, then the number will be displayed as spam.

#4. Using WhitePages

Regarded as the best phone spying service, this service helps to track the house address of the phone number that you are interested in tracking.

The phone number is used to track the profile associated with the phone number to get the details in a secure and legal way. Whitepages scans public records to obtain the detailed information about a phone number and the person associated with that number.

Thus, this service helps you obtain the desired results without breaching laws. In the US, this service connects to the SS7 network for real-time phone number tracking.

What is the SS7 network?

It is a database of phone numbers containing the personal information associated with those numbers. Any query made via Whitelist to track down a phone number is sent to the SS7 network. It then provides the detailed information associated with the number.

#5. Using Facebook

Tracking someone’s location by phone number is easy when you have Facebook. If a phone number is linked with someone’s Facebook account, then you can enter the number in the search bar and the profile will be displayed in the search results.

So, if you have received a call from an unknown person, then you can identify who called you along with knowing their residing place. Thus, you can safeguard yourself from spam calls.

Final Words

In conclusion, it can be said that all the methods described in this post can help you to track someone’s phone number apart from locating your own device, in case it is lost or stolen.

You can also spy on people and keep a watchful eye on your family members with the help of several GPS tracking apps.

January 24, 2022 by Vusi Khumalo

If you have been using a cell phone for some time now, then you should have encountered times when you receive a call or text message from an unfamiliar and strange number. Gone are the days when you have to remain in the dark about identifying who is behind the unknown number. Today, modern technology has made it possible and easy to track a cell phone number in South Africa.

I listed various methods you can use for SA cell phone number search. Almost anyone can utilize the methods we will talk about in this article. It is useful, whether it is for personal reasons or business-wise. Of course, caution must be observed, as it is illegal to simply track and access a cell phone that does not belong to one. But then, one can freely track a relative while the person is away, or even trace a stolen smartphone belonging to you or someone else you know.

Unlike in the past, you don’t have to go to a government agency or a security agency before you can trace a cell phone number in South Africa or another location, as it can be easily done today even from your sitting room. Here are vital tools needed:

SA Cell Phone Number Search Tools Needed

– A laptop (you can also make use of your smartphone)

– The cell phone number you want to trace

Now, let’s look into the methods.

How To Trace A Cell Phone Number In South Africa

1. Use Reverse Lookup Search Engines

So, you are just chilling in your house or office, and you received a call from a number you don’t recognize. You can choose to ignore it if you want. But if you want to investigate further, you can simply use reverse phone lookup to get the location of the phone number.

The simple way to go about this is to type that phone number into a search engine or a directory. When you do this, you will likely see listings linked to that particular number. You can search for any phone number online (you will need an internet connection though), either via search engines. It is very easy to use popular search engines like Google, Bing, and so on. Google for instance has a lot in its database, and you can always get as much information you need from it.

2. Use TrueCaller

This app can actually be of great help when it comes to tracing an unknown phone number. It is a very popular app, with millions of users in this part of the world. With TrueCaller, you can easily identify the names of a number that is not saved in your phonebook. In fact, you can have a face attached to a specific number.

The app is actually compatible with various smartphones and brands. While it usually requires WI-FI or mobile data, you should have a pleasant experience with it.

With this app on your phone, just anytime you get a call from a phone number you don’t even know, Trucaller will go ahead to swiftly search through their database and then show you the name they get via a popup window on your phone.

3. Trace A Phone Number Using Social Media

There are a lot of people who link their social media accounts with their phone numbers. You then can get plenty of information about a person via their phone number. Facebook is a massive one. You can simply enter the unknown number that called you in the search bar, and any profile associated with it will be displayed in the search results.

You will have the luxury to see a lot about the person. You will see their friends and interests, and generally know the type of person they are.

4. Trace A Cell Phone Location By Number

It is important to know how to trace a cell phone number’s current location today, as one’s phone can even get missing (or if it is stolen). You can also utilize this as it concerns your relatives and loved ones (your child, parents, etc). As stated earlier, these things can be easily done today by almost everyone who wants to.

A simple way to get this done is to use Google and Google maps. By utilizing Google maps, one can successfully trace a phone number’s location. All you have to do is to open the Google browser and click on the search option. After that, you should input the phone number that is to be traced, and press enter.

You should move a step further to click on the first listed search results, and then copy the address listed for that phone number. After this, simply paste it on the Google Map search box, and the map will give an exact location of the address. As you can see, this is simple. Well, seems these things were put in place because it is known that there are different reasons why a person would want to trace a cell phone number’s current location. Of course, as technology grows, more options come up too.

5. Making Use Of The mSpy App

The mSpy App can do a good job when it comes to tracing a cell phone number and checking out another person’s whereabouts. If you have to locate your loved ones in real-time, you can easily opt for this service and don’t even have to worry yourself with having to first jailbreak an iPhone or root the Android device of the target.

As you get familiar with the app, you see that you don’t really have to track a cell number, as it gives you the platform to monitor their whole smartphone activity right from your own end. Of course, you must install the app on the person’s phone before you can benefit from its offers. Hence, we need to emphasize again that you should only do so with folks who are relatives, and for good reasons. It is a criminal act to track someone else’s phone for the wrong stuff.

In conclusion, ensure you are ethical in the way and method you use and approach these superb solutions, so you will be on the good side of the law and be cool.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Whenever anyone hears about a mobile tracker, the first speck of doubt that hits them is of insecurity. There are plenty of mobile trackers in the market but you have to understand which one is the best and apply the same.

Mobile Number Tracker by iStaunch is one such web tool that takes privacy into account and traces mobile phones the best way. A reverse phone lookup is one of the best ways to track mobile phones. There are two types of trackers. One that gives you the real-time tracking of the device by making you aware of the time to time location of the drive and one that gives you a one-time location of the device. You can choose the one that fits your needs the best and seems the most reliable for you to use

Mobile phone numbers are designed in a way that they can be traced easily with the help of GPS or WiFi. The cellular signal mechanism helps to trace the real-time location of the device and it is the same principle that trackers use to show the particular location of a device on the map. Trackers also allow you to track the remote location of the device.

How Do the Trackers Help in Finding Out Location of a Device?

With the aid of mobile phone trackers like iStaunch, you can easily find the exact current location of the phone, and also other details like the personal details of the mobile phone owner. Mobile trackers are of great help when it comes to tracking various information about the mobile phone.

With the help of efficient tracking tools, you can track anyone in India, practically any number, and any owner. When you use iStaunch, you can also trace information like the country’s name to which the device and number belong and the operator’s name. So, isn’t it a great device to track any number?

This tool is very useful in tracking stolen mobile phones. In fact, many authorities use this app legally to look around for lost devices. Though tracking mobile phones and tracking personal details are illegal to some extent in India yet they can be aptly used for tracking mobile phones.

Other than using mobile trackers, you can also use the “Google Find My Devices” application to trace the mobile and find its real-time location.

How Does it Works?

The tracker uses the number on the SIM card to track the mobile phone location. As soon as the location is traced, all the information becomes available one by one. Most of the SIM cards supports both WiFi and GPS tracking system. One piece of advice would be to choose a tracker that does not have any records of data theft of the tracer. That means if you are conducting a search, make sure that your information stays safe with the tracker. iStaunch is one such application that secures the data of the tracer and is not involved in any data theft.

With the help of modern-day tracking applications, you can get the location on an interactive map. The map you see features multiple features like zoom in and out. You can zoom into the map vividly to see the exact location. If you use a real-time tracker, then the location of the device will keep on changing on the map as the device keeps on moving.

Some trackers also provide multiple details about the geographical location of the device such as the coordinates, time, and date of the location. These features are termed location logs. The trackers usually come in an integrated format with a stable integration with Google maps. So, whatever be the real-time, one-time location, or location logs, all of them are visible through Google Maps. When choosing a mobile phone tracker, make sure it is integrated with Google Maps – for better performance and ease of accessibility.

Final Words:

Advanced and reliable mobile trackers like iStaunch are clearly better than a lot of other mobile trackers and also perform better than reverse mobile lookup services. You can use any web browser to access iStaunch and get the live location of any device that you want to track.

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It is obviously not one of the best feelings when you find that your mobile phone is missing. Many people start panicking at this situation but this is not the solution. You cannot just sit back and wait for your lost phone to come back to you, instead you have to make some effort to track and find it. The very first question that should come in your mind is how can you trace your missing mobile?

In this article, we will be sharing what are the things that you should immediately do when you discover that you have lost your mobile. Apart from this we will also be discussing various methods that can help you in tracking your phone. We have valuable data stored in our smartphones, which is why we cannot let it go like this. Let us have a look at some of these methods for tracking your missing cell.

1. Tracking with the help of the Google Account:

How to trace the location of a phone number

One of the easiest ways to trace your missing smartphone is by using your Google Account. All the androids have built in Google apps such as Google maps, play store, Gmail, etc. However, to make this method work, remember that you must be logged in to your gmail account from your desktop. Otherwise, you may face a little difficulty in it.

All you have to do is to open the browser in your computer and type find my phone in the Google search box. The first outcome that will appear on the screen will be a map showing the last location of your mobile. In case you need some more insights about it, check out

When you discover the location of your lost cell, there are a couple of things you can do. Suppose your smartphone is at some place in your home, yet you actually can’t discover it. You can turn it’s ringer on, regardless of whether it is set to quiet. It will ring for five minutes while you look for it.

In case you have lost your mobile somewhere outside your house, you will first have to make sure that your information is secure in it. In the first place, set a secret key on your Android that no one but you can open. Then, send an sms on the gadget for any individual who discovers it. You can add a telephone number for somebody to call you or a public spot for you to get to pick up your cell.

At long last, in case there is no possibility you will discover your smartphone again or on the other hand in case it’s stolen by someone, you can delete all the information from it. Just utilize this alternative if all else fails. When your gadget is cleaned, you will not have the option to discover it any more.

2. Tracing the mobile with the help of Google photos location:

How to trace the location of a phone number

If your gadget really got taken by someone, you could possibly discover it utilizing the backup and sync component of Google Photos. Assuming you initiated this choice in the application, all pictures taken with your smartphone will be transferred to your Google Photos account. But why is this uplifting news? All things considered, the picture, as well as the location where it was taken, is stored in it.

In this way, in the event that the thief didn’t log out of your Gmail and evaluated the camera on your phone, there may be some new pictures springing up in your Google Photos. Clearly, this possibly works if your lost call is connected to the internet and also if you have allowed the application to have access to the location.

Kindly be cautious in the event that you can recognize the area of your lost Android phone, which might just be the street number of the criminal. Try not to attempt to discover it yourself! Utilize that data and call your neighborhood specialists to assist you with it.

3. Finding a lost iPhone with Apple:

How to trace the location of a phone number

Like Google, Apple gives a consistent answer for track lost iPhone also. The Find my iPhone is a die hard commitment that can assist you with finding your lost or taken gadget. You should simply go to your gadget’s iCloud Settings and tap on “Discover my iPhone”. Turn the component on with the goal that you can find the gadget distantly.

What to do immediately when you discover your phone is missing

How to trace the location of a phone number

Calling on your lost number immediately:

The primary thing you ought to do in the wake of finding your lost mobile is to call it from another cell number. Possibly you have not lost it yet; perhaps you have exchanged it with somebody’s phone or erroneously left it at a store. In the event that your telephone isn’t in quiet mode, you can find it out if it is near you.

Tracing it with the help of GPS:

If the first option doesn’t help, attempt to find it utilizing your mobile phone GPS. Be that as it may, if you haven’t activated the GPS from the beginning, this strategy will not help you by any means. Your Android gadgets accompany an inbuilt tracking tool that helps in tracing all the activities you do on it. You can sign in to your Google account from another gadget and go to its Location History to follow your lost phone’s present location.

Deactivating the sim:

When you find that your cell isn’t getting any calls from you, contact your specialist organization to request that they suspend your SIM card. This won’t get your it back, yet you can basically forestall the abuse of your number.

To sum up

There are numerous approaches to forestall losing your cell. Make sure to implement all the safety measures to protect your mobile. And in any case you find it missing, you use the above methods to track it down.

If you receive a call from a phone number you do not recognize, you can usually identify who called you without calling back or texting that number. Fortunately, there are several services that allow you to find out whether a business, a debt collector, a scam company or an automated calling system is pestering you.

Enter the phone number into a search engine

This is the first and easiest step to identifying the phone number’s origin. Even if it is a legitimate call, the search engine will return a description. For example, it will tell you if it is a landline number from Ohio or a cell phone number from California. If it is a business that routinely calls thousands of customers, searching for the number will almost always identify the company and its location.

Enter the number into a reverse phone lookup database

If a regular search engine does not reveal the information you want, you can go to any of several web pages designed to identify unknown phone numbers. These are usually free and easy to find. Simply type the number into the database and you will get a location and likely a name. Keep in mind, however, that some engines do not identify cell phones.

Search for the area code and prefix of the number

Searching for the area code location in a search engine or a phone book can produce the state from which the number originates and possibly the specific area within that state. The first three numbers of a phone number also identify location, so a search for those six numbers, specifying that they are part of a phone number, will produce the required information.

How to trace the location of a phone number

Want to reveal people’s addresses using their cell numbers? Have you tried a few tools and no one of them worked? So, the good news is that in today’s guide, I’m going to show you the best ways to get almost anyone’s address through his mobile phone number. Best of all, everything works instantly.

In many cases, people find themselves in the need to identify that unknown individual behind a suspicious phone number and locate the real address on the map. Or, simply, they want to trace the location of someone they met. Or even more, others may need to find old connections like a friend or a family member.

No matter what the reason is, there is a trusted service that lets you search and find an address through a phone number that could be cellular or a landline in the US.

The best tool we tested and recommend:

It’s a verified and trusted phone reversing lookup service with big databases. Best of all, they’re a registered company in the U.S with all the options that everyone needs.

Reveal a home address through phone numbers

To find a person’s address using the phone number, you have to enter that information in the search box. Then, click the button. Next, wait a few moments, until the software scans the databases and finds the target details.

The reverse phone search is not as easy as it looks. In fact, many people, especially, spammers and even scammers could use unlisted cellular numbers or landlines. So, it becomes complicated, if not impossible, to find their identities behind that mask. But, when it comes to this amazing tool, it can easily find different types of numbers if that’s available, including:

  • Cell phones
  • Landlines
  • Unlisted numbers
  • Other phone numbers

Now, you know how to instantly look up a phone number, and find out where the person behind is with an address on the map. But, to ensure the result and to get the appropriate information, make sure to enter the right telephone number. So copy and paste it directly. That will help to avoid mistakes, and get accurate results with the first name, last name, and address of the phone owner.

Unlike many popular tools that people may use to locate the street address by typing the phone number, these options let you find the actual updated address. In addition, you might find the previous addresses and even the person’s neighbors, if possible. On the other side, you can use the advanced background search tool that comes with extra features. So, you can see if the person has a criminal history or not.

Thus, you stay safe if you want to get in touch with someone, as you can reveal his real identity. Also, it’s easy to find lost people and friends you missed or lost connections with. However, keep in mind that there are many scammers who offer fake promises to reveal someone’s address with his cell number or something similar related to phone numbers. So, make sure to use trusted companies only and not any site.

These are legitimate services that offer instant search results and it takes your privacy seriously. No one can see that you’ve searched for them. Besides, please enable this function in your member area after creating your account.

The tool features

What makes these address search websites different and unique, is the way they get the numbers and the information. For example, they have powerful tools to scan the web and find every single number, behind an account or link. Also, the social accounts on Facebook and other networks could be used to search for your target number and that’s what no other service does in reality.

On the contrary, there are lots of ways and even Apps to find the home address of someone with a cell phone number. But ask yourself, are they accurate? Do they respect your privacy and care about your private information? That’s the biggest problem in today’s privacy. So, I prefer using these tools instead of wasting time with others.

As I said, the above has the largest database of details, but you can use it only for U.S numbers. On the other hand, to go further, if, for any reason, you can’t find a result, then you can use Google search. It’s a completely easy way to search for the caller’s address online.

Just, enter the number that you want to look up and use the Google advanced search if you want more search control. It offers more options to customize the search and get refined results. To go further, add the city if you have, and all the other details that help in detecting the real caller’s identity.

Why the White Pages won’t work?

The White Pages and also the Yellow Pages are only valid for public numbers and hope that you can get some results. In fact, people are smarter and can easily change their addresses from time to time. That way, they make it harder to be traced by any site or app.

At the same time, these directories can only detect a small percentage of the total number of cell phones and landline numbers. That’s why it’s not the right option to find accurate details about unknown callers and find where they live on the map.

We hope you can find the address of a loved one you missed, or at least, identify and locate the spam caller you want to get rid of. The mobile number is a powerful way to trace people and reveal their locations easily. However, keep in mind that the address is not the only thing you get with the report. But also, you could get more details, like the full name, the previously owned numbers, the old address, and much more.

To summarize

In conclusion, using the right tool mentioned above will save a lot of time and effort in locating individuals behind suspicious phone numbers. So, there is no need to waste the time with useless address search tools that never work.

If you have any experience with websites or services and you think they work well, then add them to your comment and let us know about it. There are many options and sites, but we only recommend the best solutions that really work.

How to trace the location of a phone number

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Mobile Number Tracker

To find and trace the details of mobile location and operator details enter the 10 digits mobile number without +91 or 0 in the textbox above. The results of tracked number includes the details like Operator Name, location of s ervice area and network type etc.

What to Do When Mobile is stolen or misplaced.

Most of the the coman problem of the mobile owner is that either mobile is stolen or misplaced so it can not be traced.

If mobile is stolen by someone then you sould do the following procedure to avoid any mis ue of mobile number or Handset.

  • Firstly report the mobile operator to barred all Outgoing Call and SMS on stollen mobile number.
  • Lodge the FIR to avoid the further misuse of your handset or mobile number. Police will get the IMEI number of the mobile handset and will keep on trace by IMEI on different Operators.
  • What is IMEI number and How to track mobile Using IMEI number

    IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity , IMEI number is the identity of mobile n umber given by the handset manufacturar, You can find your IMEI by diling the USSD code *#0 6#. IMEI is used buy mobile operator to identify valid device and keep all IMEI AND SIM details details in it’s databse, Wh enever you insert SIM in handset operator will get the IMEI and all other details like manufacturar, model numers etc. Any black lis ted and grey listed handsets are identified by the operator whenever is SIM is inserted in Handset set. IMEI is mainly used to trace the stolen phone number. So avoid using Stolen mobile number it will create a problem for you, Many mobile phone companies now star ted providing IMEI number trackers applications that will send details to 3-4 numbers automatically when the new sim is inserted int o the phone. This app asks you to feed 2-3 mobile number in which SMS will be automatically send when anyone stole and use your mobi le phone.

    India Mobile Number Tracker

    Track Mobile Number Location and Operator Details in India, Trace Indian Mobile Location, Locate service Provider’s state circle, signaling and other information. Trace Network Operator, Track Mobile Operator, Check Mobile Locati on details in India. Trace any mobile location Locate details along with details like area code, operator name and the circle city s tate. Trace any Indian Mobile Location and service Provider, state circle details.

    Tracking 8381979463 – The mobile number owner details and phone location details are given below.

    Number 8381979463
    Complaints 0 reports (Report complaint)
    Owner Name Available
    IMEI number 502144831604508
    IP address
    MAC address 0c:26:f2:71:34:29
    SIM company Bharti Airtel Limited (Airtel Mobile Tracking)
    Connection Prepaid 4G SIM card
    GPS Location 25° 59′ 19″ N (latitude)
    80° 49′ 14″ E (longitude)
    Phone City #1 Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Phone City #2 Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, India
    Phone City #3 Rath, Uttar Pradesh 210431, India
    Mobile State Uttar Pradesh East Phone Tracking
    Owner’s Personality Educated, Artful, Folksy, Paranoid, Impractical, Maticulous
    **based on numerology analysis of 8381979463
    Language Hindi
    Mobile Locations Bharidieh, Kundas Para, Dudhauhi, Atraulia, Kushal Deiya
    Country India
    Tracking History Traced by 4 people in 24 hrs
    Traced by 7 people last week
    Traced by 42 people last month
    Tracking No. 97E9AE7CAB
    Tower Locations Sujarahi, Bhusaula, Basantpur Khurd, Sajoi, Lauriya (Ra.Ni.Pahari)
    Helpline 9934012345

    Tracking 8381979463 mobile phone location on map

    The location of 8381979463 no. is traced nearby Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh + Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh + Rath, Uttar Pradesh 210431 by mobile number tracking software.

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    Send WhatsApp to 8381979463

    Send your whatsapp message to 8381979463 mobile number owner directly from here, without saving the number in your phone contact.

    Write complaint about 8381979463 mobile number

    You can track his reference locations on Map above. His phone IMEI number is 502144831604508. He has prepaid connection of Airtel. You can report your complaint above.

    It’s mobile tracer code is 97e9ae7cab. The 8381979463 cell phone holder is from Uttar Pradesh East. We recieved 0 reports about 8381979463 mobile. His location is traced nearby Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh and Rath, Uttar Pradesh 210431.

    You may contact Bharti Airtel Limited customer care at 9934012345. His approx. GPS location is 25° 59′ 19″ N (latitude), 80° 49′ 14″ E (longitude). His mother tongue is Hindi. His phone MAC address is 0c:26:f2:71:34:29.

    How to track a phone number?

    Would you like to find more information about someone by their phone number? Would you like to know someone’s geolocation by their phone number? A phone number can reveal a lot about you, and it can be a privacy threat if abused. It can also make our lives easier if used properly under the party’s agreement. Spying someone without their permission is illegal, and it should be avoided.

    We often receive phone calls from unknown people and wonder who they are. With too many spam calls, and scammers trying to trick us we hesitate to pick up a call from an unknown number. Voice phishing scammers call you every day pretending to be IRS and leave you a voice mail message. Is there a way to figure out who called you and where it came from? We’ll discuss 3 different approaches in finding the location of a phone.

    In this article, we’ll discuss 3 areas of interest.

    • Reverse lookup of a phone number registration to find owner’s information.
    • Look up phone number and SIM card in real-time with a phone tracking smartphone app.
    • Look up a phone location from cell signal triangulated from three adjacent cell towers.

    Reverse lookup a phone number

    If someone is repeatedly calling you and you want to know who that person is, you can use a third-party service like InfoTracer to look up their phone number. Besides the phone number, you can also lookup anyone’s name, email address, and even license plate number. The resulting page will provide you with a person’s name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and more. Some of those companies maintain a database of public records including cell phone registrations, home addresses, and email addresses. These are a collection of public information provided through Yellow Pages and White Pages, and they are making this information available to consumers for a fee.

    How do you track someone’s phone number location?

    There are smartphone apps that use IMEI, GPS, and Cellular networks to find the geolocation of a phone. These are spying apps that are installed on the target phones and notifies the server where the location can be depicted on the web. Using a spying app to track someone’s location without their knowledge is illegal, so this should only be used with the user’s consent. Some of the popular apps include Minspy and GPS Phone Tracker, and they are well suited to track mobile phones even if they’re not connected to the Internet. These apps use GPS, SMS, and Whatsapp messages to track the phone.

    A parent may install one of these spying apps on a child’s smartphone, and track the child’s whereabouts. Of course, you’ll let the child know that they are being tracked. This is perfectly legal and can be helpful for parent to learn child’s location. Another popular application, although illegal, is tracking a spouse’s location by phone. This is not ethically right for both spouses as one may be having an affair and the other is trying to catch cheating illegally. These apps should be used in mutual agreement, and let the other person know one’s whereabouts.

    Find My Phone

    Phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung provides their own applications such as Find My Phone (Apple) and Find My Mobile (Samsung) to help locate your lost devices. Google also helps you locate your device with Find My Device which is tied to your Google account. By using the features provided by iOS, Android and Google; you can share your location with your family members and friends.


    We often need to find a location of a phone (or phone number). If you want to find a lost friend or anonymous caller, you may use a white page service from companies like InfoTracer. If you wish to track your child or a spouse, you’ll need to install an app on their phone and be sure to get consent before installing it. Sharing a location between family members and friends is good, but spying on someone without their consent is illegal.

    IP Location has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this website. However, the information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. IP Location does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained on this website.

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    Locating someone’s phone simply with their phone number might sound like something, only hackers and forensic bureaus can do. But that’s a misconception. Even an average layman cell phone user can track someone else’s exact current location using the Minspy app.

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    In this article, we’ll explain what Minspy is and how you can start using it for your own tracking purposes.

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: Why Might You Need to Know Someone’s Location?

    There could be a range of reasons that you might want to know someone’s location. Your kid might not be at home yet, your spouse might be cheating, and the list is endless.

    Here are a few reasons to know someone’s location:

    • To locate someone’s current location

    An anxious parent might want to locate their child who has gone mistakenly to his friend’s house without informing.

    Or perhaps, it is a suspicious spouse who feels his partner is cheating on him/her.

    • Geofencing

    Geofence is nothing but a digital boundary created using a phone. Whenever the target phone crosses the borders, the app will notify you about it.

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    • Locating lost device

    Wondering how to find my phone by number? At times, you just want to locate their own phones. It could be because you’ve lost it somewhere or it got stolen.

    Locating a lost device can potentially lead you to find and get the device the back, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

    • Track employee activity

    In a corporate setting, employers may wish to track the location of their employees for safety reasons. You can then raise a red signal if an employee is located at a place where he wasn’t supposed to be. If this violates the corporate policy, you can take action against them, and the location will serve as proof.

    Part 2: How To Track A Phone Location By Number?

    You can find someone’s location by cell phone number using an app called Minspy. Minspy utilizes a technology known as “cell triangulation technology.”

    In this method, three cell phone towers triangulate the phone’s location. This is generally used by phone network providers to track a phone number in real-time. But certain apps like Minspy have tie-ups with the cell phone operators and hence can access the phone location in real time.

    To start tracking a phone location by number, you need to install a phone monitoring app like Minspy on the target device.

    Installing the app on Android is straightforward. But if you’re installing it on iOS devices, then you have to connect the iCloud credentials to the Minspy app. Apart from that, you do not need any special technical or coding skills.

    The app will work in the background in stealth mode. This wouldn’t affect the usage of the phone.

    To view the exact location, you need to log into the Minspy account and navigate it into the dashboard. You’ll be able to see the location in the “Last Know Location” sub-section.

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    We will talk about the exact steps you need to follow in the later part of this article.

    What Excellent Features Can Minspy Provide

    Although Minspy comes with an array of beneficial features, here is a list of some of the most important ones:

    • Pinpoint virtual location

    You’ll be able to view exactly where they are at a given point in time. Minspy tracks all important details like address, landmarks, geo coordinates. The location is then presented in a Google Maps 3D Street View for best viewing experience.

    • Location logs

    Think of location logs like call logs, which is the number of calls made in the past. Minspy tracks the phone’s movement over time and records important landmarks where the person has visited over the past several weeks. The location is supplemented with timestamp details.

    • Call logs

    Minspy records the calls made and received by the person. While call recording is not available, you can view the duration of the calls.

    • Browser history

    On the dashboard, you can view the websites visited from the target device. This includes social media websites, law enforcement websites, email websites, among others.

    • Messages log

    If the person regularly sends and receives messages on the phone, then Minspy will record the same accurately. If any media files are traded, it gets monitored too.

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    All of this without having to root or jailbreak the phone. Unlike other apps, Minspy will never ask you to root the phone, which would violate the manufacturer’s policy. This phone monitoring app is completely legal and safe to use.

    Part 3: Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free

    Using Minspy is as simple as providing the phone number and logging into your Minspy account. All the details are stored on the cloud server and can be accessed from anywhere over the internet. You have complete control over this data, and you can save or delete any of the information at your will.

    How to Set Up Minspy on an Android Phone

    Step 1: Sign up for Minspy and purchase a monthly subscription plan. You will then receive a confirmation email along with the step by step instructions that you need to follow on your email.

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    Step 2: Install Minspy on the target Android device without rooting it. Grant it access to other apps and functionalities that it requests. Now it will run in the background in stealth mode

    Step 3: You can monitor it remotely from your Minspy dashboard in real-time

    How to Set Up Minspy on an iPhone

    Step 1: Sign up for Minspy and purchase a subscription plan. Follow the instructions emailed to you

    Step 2: Provide the iCloud credentials to Minspy. Wait for a few seconds, and Minspy will sync with the device.

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    Step 3: Once verified, you can start monitoring it straight away.

    As you can see, there are no downloads necessary for monitoring iOS devices.


    Minspy can also be used to track your own device. In case you lose it, you can still have access to it remotely, and there’s a chance that you will be able to recover it.

    For corporate use, you need additional credentials. Also, you would have to disclose the same to the employees if you’re providing them company-owned devices.

    Remember, privacy is paramount and highly regarded by Minspy. Therefore, we expect you to maintain trust and authenticity when using Minspy for your personal or professional needs.

    Since we wrote about Free Mobile Phone Tracking, we have been getting queries from a lot of users on “how to track a mobile phone by just having its number?” This can be either malicious or well-intentioned. But before we go into the details about all those websites which claim to track cell phones by just inputting a number, we would like to discuss a few things.

    Table of Contents

    Ethics of Cell phone tracking

    Tracking someone else’s phone constitutes a major invasion of privacy, no doubts about it. This is irrespective of your intention being good or bad. Think again if this is the only way out for you, before proceeding further.

    Idea behind Tracking Cell Phones

    How to trace the location of a phone number

    Most cell phone tracking methods work on the premise that the cell phone often “pings” the nearest cell operator’s towers.

    GPS-enabled cell phones don’t require cell towers and may be located anywhere in the world by satellite triangulation in a similar manner. In some countries like the US, telecom companies are mandated to keep track of cell phones to an accuracy of 100 feet, so that help can be made available in case of emergency.

    So far, so good. But is there a way to actually track or locate a mobile phone? Let us check the possible solutions-

    Tracking Websites

    So, what about all those free and paid websites claiming to track down any mobile phone on click of a button? The ones where you just need to put in the cell phone number in order to track it? Can they really track a phone?

    In simple words, the answer is a big NO. I am yet to come across a website which actually works as claimed. Sites like “Reverse Phone Detective” or “Track the number” never seem to provide accurate location information.

    Google the Phone number

    If you’re trying to figure out the general location of the owner of the number, as opposed to real-time tracking, a good old fashioned Google search will probably do the trick. The person might have been un-paranoid (or unaware) enough to have it publicly posted on a social networking site, along with other potentially location-identifying information. Again, this is a small chance, and it won’t work in real-time.

    Cell Phone Hacks

    Theoretically and logically speaking tracking a cell phone is quite possible. Experienced hackers won’t have any problems with any of this. It is perfectly possible to track a cell phone’s location – after all, the cell operators do it – even if you just know the number and have had no physical access to it, without the user having any indication of this happening. While this hasn’t reached epidemic levels, the possibility is there.

    Cell Phone Tracking Software

    The only guaranteed way to really track a cell phone is through some sort of installed software on the device itself. There are lots of free and paid solutions for smartphones like Apple iPhones (iPhone Tracking solutions) and Blackberries, and even for general phones like Nokia S60 based phones.

    However, this generally requires physical access to the phone, and consent of the user, both of which might be difficult to get, and probably defeats the point of what you’re trying to do here.

    How hackers track a phone with its number?

    You might have seen in the movies that as soon as a phone is switched on and SIM gets active, there is a small red light that starts blinking on the police department’s map. Well, apparently, the hackers replicate this technique to track any phone by just its number. Here are the steps involved:

    Step 1: Check if the phone is switched on. This is absolutely essential.

    Step 2: Send a hacking link containing a bug or a worm over by a text message. You may use any messaging app for this.

    Step 3: The text should be convincing enough for the person using your phone to click on the link. Once he clicks, the software will auto-install the bug on your device.

    Spying apps like Spyzie claims to do this for you easily without having to worry too much about bug/worm.

    So tracking a cell phone by just having its number is not simple, unless you are/hire an experienced hacker, which isn’t a good idea anyway.