How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Transition Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

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As soon as August hits I am ready for fall. I love everything about the fall season and fashion is no exception. However, here in the south, we are unlikely to get fall weather until around October. Because of this, I have found creative ways to incorporate fall clothing items in a way that is still appropriate for the temperature. Keep reading to see my five tips for transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall as well as four transitional outfit ideas!

Focus on incorporating a fall color palette

One way I love to bring some fall-inspired pieces into my wardrobe is through my color choices. Incorporating warmer toned colors such as wine, camel, black, dark green, and grey into lighter clothing items is a great way to transition from summer to fall. Think skirts, dresses, tops, or even lightweight sweaters if your climate allows for it. A burgundy dress or olive-green skirt is a great way for your wardrobe to feel like it is appropriate for the early fall months without being too overwhelming and heavy for the late-summer weather.

Choose fall-specific materials in lightweight items

Though this tip is similar to the first, this one focuses on fall-specific materials and fabrics. A heavy sweater or scarf may still be too much for August or September, but there are still easy ways to incorporate these materials. Two of my favorite fabrics for fall and winter are wool and cashmere, however, I won’t be able to wear them until October-November. This is where lighter clothing items come into play. For example, a short wool skirt with a lightweight shirt is a great way to incorporate thicker, more appropriate materials into your wardrobe without it being too heavy. Another great option is a thin cashmere sweater in a summery color paired with white linen pants.

Focus on accessories

Accessories are a great way to incorporate fall fashion into your wardrobe because they typically do not add extra layers or warmth. Some of my favorite accessories that can be easily adapted for fall are headbands, silk scarves, and statement jewelry. Try pairing a velvet or dark-colored headband with any outfit to instantly add a fall touch. Instead of tying a silk scarf around your hair or handbag, tie it around your neck. Put away the bright-colored floral earrings and instead reach for a pair with feathers, beads, metallics, or warmer tones. Reach for a burgundy, tan, black, or green handbag instead of one made of straw or bamboo!

Incorporate fall shoe options

Shoes are another great way to incorporate some fall style into your wardrobe. Tall boots may still be too heavy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to incorporate them into your outfits. Low boots or booties paired with skirts or dresses are a great way to add a fall touch to a lighter outfit. Moreover, shoes such as flats or loafers with suede, calf hair, or velvet materials are excellent because they are lightweight and wearable while still adding a bit of fall to any look.

Utilize cozy loungewear at home

My last tip focuses on loungewear. Though it may still be too warm outside to incorporate heavier materials into your wardrobe, pulling out your comfy sweaters and sweatpants to wear at home is a great way to feel cozier and in the fall spirit. During fall there is nothing more comforting than a soft loungewear set, fuzzy socks, a cup of tea, an autumn scented candle, and a warm blanket. Grab your comfy clothes, a cup of tea or coffee, and a cozy blanket and enjoy a fall-inspired movie on a rainy day!

Happy Wednesday! Normally I upload YouTube videos on Wednesday, but this week I’m collaborating with another YouTuber so we’re sharing our videos tomorrow. We’ll be previewing our 10 Piece Capsule Wardrobes for Early Fall. So meanwhile I thought I’d follow that theme and share with you a few tips for easily and stylishly transitioning your wardrobe to early fall.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Tip #1 – Focus on Neutrals

While you certainly can continue to wear color in the fall, the early weeks of the season are a great time to shift to more neutrals. You’ll be able to wear them in your coolest garments – think t-shirts, skirts, cropped jeans and even shorts – but still look like you’ve moved into a new season.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

See the original post for details.

Personally, I enjoy putting away my summery colors – such as seersucker blue, beachy pinks and oranges and sunny yellows – in favor of more subtle neutrals at this time of year. I go ahead and pack away my strictly summer garments and begin to make room for my autumn and winter pieces. This way I can focus on the next season’s wardrobe while still wearing clothing that’s appropriate for the warm weather.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

See the original post for details.

Tip #2 – Return to the Basics

As I put away summer colors in favor of more neutrals, I also put away clothing that feels and looks summery and opt instead for more basic pieces. Think t-shirts, button up shirts and popovers, chambray shirts, denim skirts, chinos and jeans.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

See the original post for details.

These are basic pieces that are easy to layer when the weather starts cooling. But meanwhile, they look chic and classic. And they definitely feel more autumnal than linen pants or gauzy tops or beach vibe dresses.

Tip #3 – Bring in the Colors of the New Season with Accessories

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

See the original post for details.

Most of us have a few fall colored scarfs in our collection. I also pull out more tortoise shell jewelry, animal print belts and shoes, heavier leather belts and bags and deeper colored jackets and cardigans. I also find that wearing a little animal print in general is a great tip for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Tip #4 – Lean into These 3rd Pieces

While we’ll do a lot of layering in the fall and winter, it may be too early for some of those 3rd pieces. But these are the five I generally reach for first.

  • denim jacket
  • utility (or safari) jacket
  • cotton cardigan
  • cotton pullover sweater
  • neutral colored blazer

If you layer those top pieces of short sleeve tees (or even the occasional tank top), you’ll still be relatively cool but you’ll also look more like fall. Lightweight but seasonal toppers are a great way for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

See the original post for details.

Tip #5 – Change Out Your Footwear

The final tip I have for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall is simply to change out your footwear. No, you don’t have to put away all of your sandals yet if you don’t want to. Look, these aren’t rules. They’re just tips to help you start the process…when…you’re…ready.

I realize we all pull out our fall wardrobes at different times, depending on where we live, our personal preferences and our lifestyles. But I’m just providing these tips so they’ll be here when you’re getting the “all things pumpkin spice and apple cider” vibes. Hahaha!

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

See the original post for details.

So one of the easiest ways to change the overall vibe of your outfits from summer to fall is simply to switch in mules for sandals, loafers for slides and slip on sneakers for flip flops. If you enjoy wearing peep toe booties, those are a great option because they allow you to savor your pretty pedicure a little longer.

Which of these tips for transitioning your wardrobe to early fall are you already using? Any of them?

Shopping for Transitional Pieces

If you’re in need of any of the transitional pieces I’ve mentioned, I’ve prepared a shopping widget that might interest you. These are shoes, basic tees and jeans, third pieces and accessories that could help you transition your wardrobe to early fall seamlessly. These are affiliate links, of course. If you shop through these links and make a purchase, I potentially earn a commission, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for shopping my links!

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How to transition your wardrobe to fall

What’s your favorite season? Summer easily tops my list. Keep in mind, I’m a lifelong Chicagoan. Windy City weather keeps you on your toes at all times – rainy springs, hot summers, unpredictable falls, and nearly unbearable winters. Thankfully, the beauty of our frantic forecast is that we still get to experience all four seasons. As such, I’ve learned the best ways to maximize my wardrobe to make it work year round. Therefore, today, I wanted to share four helpful tips to transition summer clothes to fall.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

How to Transition Summer Clothes to Autumn

Simple changes to your wardrobe can make a big difference and ease your transition from summer to fall. Below, I’ve listed some great tips to streamline your process!

Layers, Layers, Layers

Simply put, the best way to transition summer clothes to fall is all about layers: cardigans, turtlenecks, vests, and sweaters. Once temperatures drop and the weather cools off, layering pieces make all of the difference. It’s one reason why I advocate for them so much during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Don’t feel like you need to store your summer styles right away! Take the Lilly Pulitzer midi that I’m wearing in today’s post. At first glance, the Chrisella midi dress may seem like a summer style. However, I just need to add this Tatum cardigan or Terry Wrap sweater to make it work in autumn.

Don’t Underestimate Accessories

While warm, cozy layers are an easy add-on to summer outfits, most people don’t value accessories. Often, a simple scarf, wrap, shoe, handbag, or pair of tights can make the outfit more seasonally appropriate.

For shoes, switch from espadrilles to booties or pumps and sandals to sneakers. Another easy solution is to switch out your beach, straw, and raffia hats to wool and felt styles.

Lastly, opt for thick, cozy scarves like this colorful wool and silk option. Scarves are always helpful to have on-hand season after season.

Move to Midi and Maxi Dresses

In summer, mini dresses and shorts are the norm. Often, midi and maxi styles are more occasional – and usually reserved for summer evenings. Once we start to transition into fall, opt more frequently for sightly longer dresses. They’ll keep your legs much warmer! Simply add a fitted jacket, motorcycle jacket, or blazer for an elevated look.

The Beauty of a Blouse

We’ve talked about layers to add over your clothes, but what about under? Blouses are one of my secret weapons of fall style. Furthermore, designers are offering countless chic options. Bow front, statement sleeves, embellished buttons, and even body suits. Moreover, I often add a tank top or lightweight tee underneath the blouse for added warmth.

In Closing

How do you maximize your summer wardrobe and transition pieces into fall? Share your tips in the comments below!

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Dropping temperatures mean fall is here. It’s time to store your out-of-season clothes. While some of us will be sad to see summer’s sundresses, sandals, linen blazers, and shorts get packed away, others will gladly welcome the shift to warm coats, sweaters, and boots!

Even the largest walk-in closets require some shift in its organization as summer changes to fall. You’ll want your most used, seasonally appropriate clothing front and center.

More likely, you have a smaller space that could benefit from the flexibility to store away warm-weather clothes until next year and reorganize for bulkier cold-weather items.

No matter your closet size, Closets by Liberty has you covered! Follow these steps for making the most of your closet as seasons change.

Prepare Your Summer Clothes For Storage

First, you’ll need to sort through your summer clothes and create space for your fall wardrobe.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Reassess what you wore this season.

Maybe everything shouldn’t be stored away. Before you start packing, assess each summer item, and be honest about how much use it got.

If it wasn’t worn this season and is still in good shape, give it away or donate it. There’s no need to store clothes you won’t be excited to unpack and wear in the spring.

This is also a good time to review your clothes for holes and stains. If an item has seen better days, toss it.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Wash everything before storing it.

It’s a good rule of thumb to make sure all of your clothes are in perfect condition before you store them away for the winter ahead. Even if you assume its clean, hidden sweat, sunscreen, and pollen can all create stains that settle and become hard to remove in the spring.

This is the perfect time to complete tasks you may have avoided this summer, like handwashing delicate items and taking a load of formal wear to the dry cleaners. You’ll be glad to unpack clothes that look and smell amazing and are ready to wear immediately!

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Avoid plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

Although it may seem quick and easy to store your summer clothes in plastic bags and cardboard boxes, these choices will ruin your clothes in the long run. Neither will adequately protect your items from insects, dust, and moisture. Invest in plastic storage bins that come with a secure, airtight lid.

Once filled, it’s best to keep these boxes out of direct sunlight to avoid any color fading. Luckily, Closets by Liberty systems feature a solid top shelf that spans the entire length of the system. This is the perfect spot to store these boxes so they stay out of the sun, cool, and dry. Plus, they’ll be right within reach come springtime!

Bring Out Your Fall Wardrobe

Now that you have room for your fall items, it’s time to decide how to best organize your wardrobe.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Place knits in drawers or on shelves.

It’s tempting to replace the dresses, skirts, and summer shirts on your hanging rods with your fall sweater collection. However, it’s better to fold delicate knits to avoid stretching in the neck and shoulder areas.

After folding your sweaters, sort them into stacks based on style or color and place them on shelves or into drawers.
Closets by Liberty offers a variety of storage accessories that can be purchased separately and added to your system. Choose from shallow drawers, deep drawers, and shelves to customize your closet to fit your needs.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Hanging rods are great for pants and coats.

To keep your pants wrinkle-free, fold them lengthwise, then fold them over a hanger. This is a great use of hanging space. You’ll also want to hang bulky winter coats and other lightweight fall jackets that won’t lose their shape.

With a Closets by Liberty system, you can easily adjust the hanging rods to any height along the towers. That ensures no wasted space between sections. For example, allow for more vertical space for long trench coats.

You can even remove the hanging rods if you decide you need less hanging space.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Don’t forget about your fall accessories.

You’ll need a place for hats, scarves, and gloves. Shallow drawers are a great way to store your fall accessories. While they may have held bathing suits and sunglasses this summer, be sure to swap these for easy access.

Enjoy Flexible Storage Each Season

Treat yourself to a new and improved closet this fall!

Closets by Liberty systems are designed to change with you from season to season. Find the perfect system for your space today and explore additional storage accessories for a completely customized organizer.

How to transition your wardrobe to fallHow to transition your wardrobe to fallHow to transition your wardrobe to fall

It was certainly a windy day in Winston last Saturday afternoon when we took these photos! I wore this little dress and layered it with this faux leather jacket since I knew after mine and Pat’s dinner date, the temperatures would be pretty cool. Overall, this entire past weekend was on the cooler side and with Irma upon us, this week is a lot cooler in temperature as well. All of this makes me ready for Fall. Bring it on; pumpkin bread, bonfires, leaf jumping, snuggling in blankets, I love it all! I love the layering that comes in cooler weather, leather jackets paired with dresses and skirt, booties and boots, scarves and a little puffer vest! Yes, yes yes!

Now I would be a fool if I thought these cooler temperatures were here to stay in North Carolina. This weekend and through next week, we are to be in the mid eighties. This is when layering becomes a key to stay warm first thing in the morning and then when you are out at night. This outfit was no exception, my dress is from the boutique, Everleigh and my faux leather jacket is from Old Navy. I thought I would share 5 tips on transitioning your summer wardrobe into Fall!

1.) Start with re-organizing:
I begin with touching every single thing in my closet. Pull out your brightest, summery printed pieces, anything that just instantly screams “Summer” to you. I organize my closet by color and then within each color by sleeve length and thickness of the garment (I’m a bit OCD with my closest space- I like it super organized!) I sift through every single item and ask myself would I wear this when it’s chilly and paired with some booties and under a jacket?? If the answer is “maybe” consider it a no and remove that item to be stored until after Spring!

2.) Do an inventory check of your basics for layering:
Now that you have in front of you the start of your Fall & Winter wardrobe do a quick scan of the basic items you have. Do you have the basic white / black/ stripe long sleeve that you will wear over and over again? What about the basic white / gray / black tee shirts that you can simply throw a scarf and a cardigan over?

3.) Do an inventory check on your footwear:
I do not buy new boots and booties in every color every year. I like to buy good quality items that will last a few years and only purchase when one particular style / color is on its last leg. You need your favorite brown booties, favorite black booties, favorite over the knee boots as closet staples for Fall & Winter. Assess what you have so you can begin to look for the pair you love at a good price.

4.) Start to shift your color palette:
Think about the colors you like on yourself and imagine yourself with less of a tan and in the middle of winter. This will make you re-evaluate purchasing something you see yourself in now, but not in three months from now! If you have your favorite white dress that you can’t seem to put away, that’s perfectly okay but shift to accessorizing it with more browns and other neutrals versus bright jewelry and your favorite sandals. If I am not ready to wear booties with my favorite dresses quite yet, then I opt for simple flats to transition the look a bit! Adding layers and depths of fabrics will transition that item from summer to fall. If you are purchasing items, stick to neutrals and less vibrant color options. My favorite colors to wear during this transition time is cream, blush, gray, black, mauve, blue, any color that is typically more muted.

5.) Lastly use your layers to complete a look:
I mentioned before that simply adding depth in the fabrication you wear will greatly move you from season to season. Adding a blanket scarf to your favorite teeshirt dress and then adding a cardigan will simply do the trick. The blanket scarf is nice and thick and will keep you warm as it sits on your chest and the cardigan provides warmth to your arms and back. Perhaps you live somewhere warmer and don’t need that much warmth yet, can you add a floppy hat to your look? Can you simply add a light weight scarf to a basic longsleeve? Maybe you can start with simply covering up your toes a bit to move towards Fall. If you are in a warmer climate, I love the denim shorts with a sweater look. I recently just found this twist back sweater in black, pink and blue and I plan on wearing next week with shorts when I am in Florida. It’s super cute!

Fun fact, my friend Jenny owns Everleigh, which is where my dress is from, and we worked together as fashion buyers a few years ago! She is one of the sweetest and smartest woman I know! She is offering a 20% discount off your entire purchase with code ‘Brittany20‘. Be sure to check out my Insta-story (follow me @BrittanyAnnCourtney) for more Everleigh pieces I am excited to wear this Fall season!

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

It’s helpful to have a variety of outerwear in your closet as the weather becomes cooler. A blazer is the perfect piece to add over your outfit when you need a bit of extra warmth. Plus it transitions easily from day to night.

Trench Coat

A classic trench coat is another lightweight piece that is ideal for the early autumn weather. Wear it with jeans, a comfortable tee and a pair of loafers or sneakers for a casual look when it’s not too hot and not too cold. This coat will also serve you well during the spring months too.


A great pair of jeans are a wardrobe basic we all need in our closets, but they are incredibly practical to have during the pre-fall season. Try them with slide-on sandals and a classic button-down blouse on warmer days and a pair of ankle boots and a lightweight knit when it’s cooler.

Plaid Skirt

Skip floral, flowy skirts during your late summer shopping. Instead opt for a mini plaid skirt that will carry you into the fall season. Pair it with a classic tee and some loafers now, a pair of ankle boots, tights and a turtleneck later.

Knitted Vest

Sweater weather is not quite here yet, but you can still wear weather-appropriate knitwear. I love knitted vests during this time of the year, because they are perfect to wear now and work as layering pieces when it gets cooler. Any lightweight knitted pieces are great for transitioning your wardrobe

Croc Bag

A (vegan) crocodile bag is a trendy piece that will add some interest and texture to your ensemble. Small baguette bags with this croc texture that were super popular this summer will easily carry over into fall even in bright, bold colors.

Chunky Boots

Hold off on the knee-high boots, and instead try a shorter, chunky boot to wear during the early fall months. Even during the summer, I constantly wear mine with long-sleeve flowy dresses or with mini skirts and casual tees. Plus they are an incredibly comfortable and functional shoe (perfect for rainy days).


A pair of comfortable sneakers is very practical to have in your transitioning wardrobe. Wear it on a chillier day out with a leather jacket and long, pleateed skirt or when it’s warmer with almost any ensemble.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Most of us don’t have the luxury of two separate wardrobes for cool weather and warm weather months. But luckily for us, we don’t need to! There are so many easy ways to transform your summer wardrobe into the perfect fall look. Just check out our favorite tips and head on over to Unclaimed Baggage Center on your next road trip to find some amazing clothing deals!

1. Throw on a scarf

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the best ones! Whether you’re looking to wear a T-shirt, romper or summer dress into fall, adding a scarf can be just the trick to make it season appropriate. Bonus points if you can find a scarf in a darker color to give your look even more of a fall vibe.

2. Pair with the perfect outerwear

A blazer over a romper. A chunky cardigan over a summer dress. A leather jacket over a tank top. There are so many options for fall outerwear that can transform your summer styles! For a bold choice, look for a sleeveless trench or faux fur jacket.

3. Swap out your shoes

Instead of sandals, invest in boots to help make your summer clothes transition into the cooler months. Even that staple denim mini skirt can become a fall item with suede over-the-knee boots or flirty peep-toe booties.

4. Add a base layer

A jacket isn’t the only way to give your summer dresses a new life for the upcoming season. One trend for this fall is a slip dress over a crisp white tee. Take it to the next level and add booties for even more of a fall look.

5. Top it off with a fall hat

Hats are arguably the most underrated accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. Back in the day, any respectable woman wouldn’t be seen without a hat in public. Now they add a bold touch that can amp up your look! Try a floppy wool hat paired with a summer maxi and long cardigan.

6. Warm up with tights

A shorter summer dress can still work for fall with the addition of a pair of tights. Keep your legs warm and also use the opportunity to have fun with different patterns, colors and opacity. You can even wear your darker shorts over opaque tights to keep them in your wardrobe through fall.

7. Mix pastels with darker tones

The idea that you can only wear pastels in the spring and summer? It’s a myth. Wear your pastels all year long by mixing and matching them with darker colors to make them feel more fall and winter appropriate.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

It’s that time of the year again, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, but it’s still hot and humid in the middle of the day. It’s that tricky pre-season when you don’t want to walk around looking like you are going to beach, but it’s not quite sweater weather either. Finding the balance and being seasonally appropriate can be difficult. Here are a few of my tips to transition your summer wardrobe and keep you looking chic as we approach Fall.

Choose Your Color Wisely

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

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It’s time to put your bright floral prints away and change into something less seasonal. Though it may still be warm outside, you can dress for fall without overheating. Neutral and monochromatic are always a great option. Also, try embracing the color trends of the season.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Layer it On – Lightly

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Even though it is still hot during the day, light layers really come in handy while transitioning to fall. Reach in the back of your closet to bring out those blazers, drappy cardigans and light leather jackets. Throw something in your handbag or just grab it the evening to keep you warm with air conditioning and when the temperature drops at night.

Layer it Under Too

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Transitioning your wardrobe to fall isn’t all about jackets and sweaters. You can bring some of your best summer looks into fall by adding a layer under your favorite outfit. Pieces like the Shimmy allow you to add the appearance of sleeves to a dress or top without the added layers. This items is perfect for fall and can add more versatility to your wardrobe.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Focus on Footwear

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Start swapping out those flip flops, gladiators and wedges for footwear that doesn’t scream summer. Peep toe or cutout booties are a great option for day or evening looks. While stylish flats and cute sneakers are your best bet for work or weekend.

Keep it Tight

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

To get ready for fall you may not have to store away all your summer looks. Try putting tights under your favorite shorts or romper for a cute fall transition. You can wear any weight from sheer to opaque. Pair them with your fall booties and a light weight sweater and you are ready to go.

With lazy summer days rapidly disappearing, most of us are turning our thoughts to fall. Pumpkin Spice is in everything from lattes to Cheerios, “It’s Fall, Y’all” pillows are everywhere, and Bath & Body Works’ “Sweater Weather” candle is back (best scent ever).

It’s easy to be lulled into thinking that sweater weather is coming to your wardrobe soon, too. But if you’ve ever spent a miserable early September day in an outfit that was made for late October, you know that booties, layers, and sweaters are still a ways off.

So, what’s a girl to wear when her heart says fall but the temperature still says summer? Read on to learn how to create a wardrobe that has you looking and feeling, seasonably appropriate!

Ideal Fall vs Actual Fall

Fall is, hands-down, inarguably, fashion’s best season, and we all want to break out our new booties and jeans, and layer up with cozy cardis. But what happens is, we only buy those things and then struggle to get dressed for the first half of the season. We’re frustrated that we don’t have anything to wear, and mad that the weather isn’t letting us wear the great things we DO have. Here’s the problem: We shop for ideal fall, not actual fall.

Ideal fall looks like this: Pumpkin patches. Falling leaves. Hot apple cider. A chill in the air. Plaid. (I know, I can’t wait for it, either)

Actual fall looks like this: 84 degrees. Humid. Cool mornings, hot afternoons. Sweaty. Yeah, it’s a lot less Pinterest-worthy.

But the reality is, actual fall, depending on where you are, can last until mid or late October. So you spend the majority of fashion’s best season struggling to get dressed.

Once you recognize that you have to plan for actual fall as much as ideal fall, getting dressed gets a whole lot easier.

Then, follow these steps to slowly transition from end of summer to ideal fall, easily and stylishly

Swap Colors

The easiest thing to do in any seasonal transition is to look for weather-appropriate silhouettes in the next season’s color palette. For fall, that means transitioning away from light and bright to richer, more saturated hues. Summer 2021 already gave us lots of colors that have traditionally been used in fall, so your wardrobe may already have a head start on this one.

Here are a few warm-weather styles in cool weather colors to get you feeling fall:

Switch up Your Shoes

There’s a whole lot of time between flip-flops and Uggs, and another easy way to slowly move your summer wardrobe into fall is to switch to shoes with more coverage without going full-on boot. For example, perforated booties, or those with open toes, are more fall-ish than sandals, but they’re easier to style for warm weather than a solid, closed-toe version.

Pay attention to colors, too. Tan or taupe booties will be easier to wear in actual fall than a black version might be if you’re still wearing lighter, brighter colors.

Check out these actual fall shoe styles:

Look for Light Layers

Later in the season, layering is easier because you’re likely to wear the same outfit all day long. In actual fall, you either need to find very lightweight layers, to give you that ready-for-fall look, even when it’s hot, or you need to be prepared to shed your top layer as the day goes on.

All season long, we’ve been seeing kimonos and ruanas that are the perfect weight to turn your summer looks into fab fall options.

Here are a few we love, along with some lightweight cardigans:

Swap Silhouettes

A long sleeve top with shorts isn’t exactly a new concept–that’s what we do when the weather turns a little chilly, right? Make that idea look more current by keeping your tanks and short sleeve tees, and swapping shorts for pants instead. Paper-bag waist pants and a tank is a more modern look that straddles the seasons well.

Check out these lightweight pants for inspiration:

Switch to a Transitional Handbag

If you’ve been rocking your straw bag all summer long, this is a good time to pack it away for the season. Before you bring out a heavy black bag though, move through early fall with a transitional handbag.

Just like with your shoes, look for lighter colors like tan or taupe. If you’re ready to bust out your black bag, add a colorful crossbody strap to lighten up the look.

Here are a few handbags perfect for actual (and ideal) fall:

We hope these tips help you enjoy fashion’s best season, rather than impatient waiting for actual fall to start…or sweating through the day in your new fall clothes, mad that the weather isn’t cooperating!

Want more transitional wardrobe advice? Check out our podcast episode How to Dress For Changing Seasons

Our Fall Capsule Wardrobe is coming soon. Make sure you’re on our list so you don’t miss out on the amazing pre-sale bonus that’s coming.

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Created for

We all know how the story goes—as the summer season begins to wind down and the leaves change to signify fall, we struggle to dress for up-and-down weather. We dress for the cool morning air, only to find ourselves searing under the midday sun. The key to surviving a Canadian change in season comes down to a simple trick: layering.

‘Tis the season of layers, layers and more layers, but it’s not as easy as just throwing on a bunch of different items. It’s a formula that takes some practice, knowledge of your own fashion sense and a few strategic wardrobe pieces, that all together will make your new life of layering a total breeze.

Not sure where to start? Nordstrom Rack has you covered. With every brand, style and all price points under one roof, it’s your ideal one-stop destination to shop for new fall layering fashionable pieces at a fraction.

Finally, here are our top tips for layering your favourite pieces while transitioning into fall.

Master the basics

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Layering is king during the fall season. Besides being a helpful tool when combatting fluctuating temps throughout the day, it also makes styling outfits a lot more fun and creative. From mixing and matching silhouettes and textures to investing in high-quality faux leather or suede pieces (think biker jackets or booties), to having fun with your accessories—there’s a ton of room to play when it comes to layering looks and there’s no better time for it than autumn.

Mix styles and textures

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Fall is all about mixing silhouettes and textures to give outfits dimension, and it’s easier than ever when you’re tasked with layering your clothes. Let your inner Gen Z E-girl out with a turtleneck worn underneath your favourite band tee. Pair a chiffon blouse beneath a cotton crewneck, lean into your patriotic side with a chic Canadian tuxedo (and have fun switching up the washes) or add elements of pleather to softer textiles like silk for an outfit that says expensive without trying too hard.

Invest in the perfect faux leather jacket

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

A faux leather jacket is the ultimate transitional piece that will never go out of style and elevates any outfit to take it from day to night. Pair it with a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt or throw it over a dress to give it an edge for an evening event. If you get too warm, let your inner chic Parisian out and throw or drape your biker jacket over your shoulders. It adds a certain je ne sais quoi, non?

If smooth, black leather isn’t your thing, opt for a denim jacket. Jean jackets are truly a fall wardrobe staple and can add an edge to any look. From dark wash to light wash, and coloured to embellished, the amount of versatility in the denim jacket category makes it incredibly easy to find your perfect piece that suits your original style.

Whether your heart’s calling for leather or denim, Nordstrom Rack‘s wide selection of jackets and outerwear has you covered.

Complete your outfit with the perfect pair of boots

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

Sweaters, jackets and long-sleeve blouses are just the beginning of the layering technique. Boots and booties provide fashionistas with the perfect opportunity to both be chic and stay warm. So, don’t put away those adorable dresses and skirts just yet! Pair them with tights and your new favourite knee-high boots—in smooth faux leather or suede—to keep your legs warm on those chillier fall evenings. More of a jeans gal? Layering your chic booties with a pair of skinny jeans is an easy way to level up your daytime look. Or do you crave that extra bit of edge? Don’t shy away from a bolder combat boot. Pair them with a distressed pair of jeans or even a flirty dress for a more daring contrast.

Make sure to visit your local Nordstrom Rack and peep through their extensive footwear section—you’re bound to find your sole-mate there.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize

How to transition your wardrobe to fall

It’s 2021 and officially time we all stop shying away from incorporating hats into our looks. It’s the ultimate, versatile accessory that can instantly take a look from drab to fab, and is also a simple fix to a bad hair day. If your taste is on the preppier side, consider a wide-brimmed felt hat. Is your style more classic? Dabble with the elegant beret. Either way, have fun with it and make it your own. Finally, don’t forget that final touch of jewelry. Whether it’s a dainty gold necklace or bolder statement earrings, that extra hint of shine is another way to express your personal style and tie your whole fall outfit together.

Ready for fall yet? Visit your local Nordstrom Rack location and start browsing for fashionable and functional pieces at a fraction of the cost.

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