How to wash tape in extensions

How to wash tape in extensions

One of the best parts of having tape in hair extensions is the fact that, if cared for correctly, they can last 5-8 weeks. That’s two months of confidence with your new long, thick locks! And after that, if you’ve cared for them properly, they may be suitable for re-application, saving you heaps of money.

Showering With Tape In Hair Extensions

You can shower and style your hair when your tape in hair extensions are in, but be aware that you’ll need to take special care. Here’s your complete guide to showering with your extensions.

Wait 2 Days After Application

After your tape in hair extensions are applied, be sure to wait 48 hours before washing your hair. The adhesive will have been given adequate time to adhere to your natural hair, making them last longer and hold tighter. When you need to shower in those first two days, use a shower cap.

Don’t Scrub Too Hard

The wefts of your tape in hair extensions should remain as stationary as possible throughout their life cycle. In order not to disturb them, try not to scrub over them while shampooing or conditioning. Press on your roots and move gently from left to right if you feel like you’re still not getting a good enough clean. Conditioner should never be applied to roots and this is even more true with tape in hair extensions. Start at mid-strand and work through to your ends, avoiding contact with the tape.

Wash 2 Times Per Week

When you do start showering with tape in hair extensions, make sure you’re not doing it too frequently. Twice per week is a good standard to stick with. If you have curly or wavy hair, you may even be able to wash it once per week. If your hair gets greasy or oily, especially if you’re an exercise enthusiast, use a dry shampoo that’s gentle enough to not affect the adhesive. You may also wish to choose shampoos that are intended for color treated hair (less chemicals) or a sulfate-free shampoo.

Dry Before Brushing

Try to wait until after your hair is dry to brush it. This will allow any loosened adhesive to dry and re-set prior to dragging your brush through the strands. Slowly comb or brush the very ends of your hair and work your way up through the hair shafts. This will ensure that no sudden jerking occurs, which could potentially loosen or free the adhesive on your tape in hair extensions.

Avoid Chlorine

If you’re an avid swimmer, you may want to think twice about tape in hair extensions. If you do go into a chlorinated pool with your tape in hair extensions, be sure to wear a swim cap. Chlorine is a harsh chemical that can loosen and free up your adhesive.

Choosing High Quality Tape In Hair Extensions

If you choose high quality tape in hair extensions, you shouldn’t have a problem with premature loosening or shedding. Be sure to choose 100% Remy human hair for your hair extensions so you can shower and live your life as close to normal as possible.

How much do you know about caring for tape in hair extensions? They need to be treated a little differently to other types of hair extensions, which is why we’ve written a blog about it! And in case you missed it, here’s our last tape in hair extension blog – all about choosing the right hair extensions for your hair type.

If you’ve not yet bought you tape in extensions then you can read our tape in basics guide and FAQs that will help give you everything you need to know before buying.

Should I wash my hair before getting tape extensions? (back to index)

How to wash tape in extensions

Your hair needs to be squeaky clean before you get your tape in hair extensions hafitted. So wash your hair before you get your tape ins fitted and make sure you steer clear of hair treatments and dyes.

Yes! You’ll get best results with new tape extensions if you have freshly washed hair. Just remember to not use any oils or leave in products; you want to have a clarified and clean scalp and hair which will help the tape in extensions bond properly.

You should also steer clear of hair treatments and dyes in the 24 hours before getting your tape ins fitted. Hair treatments and dyes leave a chemical residue in your hair which may stop your tapes from bonding or sticking to your hair properly.

Can I wash, dye or treat my hair after the tape in extensions are put in? (back to index)

How to wash tape in extensions

Wait 48 hours before washing or dyeing your hair and they’ll stay looking good for longer. Washing or dyeing your hair any sooner may damage the bond and cause your bonds to slip.

You want your gorgeous new tape ins to stay at their best? Then you need patience! We strongly recommend you wait at least 48 hours after installing tape ins before washing, dying or treating your hair. Leaving your hair for this length of time gives the tapes a decent chance of bonding without being interrupted by chemicals.

Washing your hair in a couple of days immediately following fitting will stop the bonds from working. They’ll get wet and slip out while you’re washing your hair or brushing it. Since a lot of chemicals in the dyes and other treatments can cause the tapes to deteriorate and slip, which is why we advise all our customers to let their tape ins bond for a good couple of days first.

Can you wash your with tape in hair extensions in? (back to index)

How to wash tape in extensions

You can shower as much as you like, but make sure you’re using a shower cap to keep your tape in bonds dry unless you’re planning on shampooing them.

Yes, you can shower with tape in hair extensions, but you’ll need to cut down on how often you wash your hair. Treat yourself to a pretty shower cap and use it! Over washing will loosen your bonds and cause the quality of your hair quality to deteriorate more quickly. Remember – your extensions aren’t “live” hair and so you need to care for them more carefully than you would care for your own hair.

Can I wash my hair everyday with Tape In Extensions? (back to index)

Washing your hair every day is a bad idea when you have tape in hair extensions. Stick to washing them no more than three times a week.

Like it or not, washing your hair every day is a big no when you’re wearing tape hair – you shouldn’t wash your tape ins any more than three times a week. Twice a week is even better. That’s because wetting your extensions on a daily basis will soften the bonds and may cause them to slip. It will also cause your lovely locks to dry out more quickly and significantly shorten the life span of your extensions.

Can you brush wet Tape Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Don’t brush wet tape in extensions unless you want to damage the hair and pull at the bonds.

Wet hair? Stay away from your hairbrush. And that goes for your own hair as well as hair extensions of any sort. Wet hair breaks much more easily than dry hair, and with tape ins there’s another reason to keep that brush at bay. Wet tape in are soft tape in and brushing your hair when wet will cause the softer, weaker tapes to slip, spoiling your look.

Can you leave Tape Extensions to dry naturally? (back to index)

Don’t leave tape-in extensions to dry naturally as this can damage the bonds. Instead, dry the roots with a hairdryer and leave the lengths to dry naturally.

You’ve probably heard time and time again that it’s best to leave your hair extensions to dry naturally. But that’s not quite true when it comes to tape in extensions. Leaving your tapes wet for too long will soften and weaken the tapes which can make them slip. So what should you do?

It’s simple really. Use your hair dryer dry your roots and the area where the tapes are fixed to your hair but leave the lengths to dry naturally. This means you keep your tapes strong without damaging the rest of your hair. The result? Tapes that stay in place with luscious locks that keep their healthy shine for longer.

Can you sleep with wet Tape Hair Extensions? (back to index)

Sleeping with wet tape in extensions can damage the hair and cause the bonds to slip. So dry your hair before your head off to the land of nod.

Sleeping with wet hair is never a good idea. Wet hair is brittle hair and your locks will be more prone to pulls and tugs, causing your beautiful hair to break. And because your tapes will be wet too, their bonds will be weakened and may slip off during the night. Let’s face it, waking up and leaving your extensions on your pillow isn’t part of the plan for anyone!

And there’s a more sinister reason for making sure your hair is dry before you hit the hay. Mould. Yes, the water from your wet hair will soak into your pillow. That dampness combines with the dust in your pillow and your body heat and encourages mould to grow. Horrifyingly, that mould can even start growing in your hair extensions. And mould isn’t just unpleasant to look at; it can cause serious health issues. So keep things clean and make sure you go to sleep with dry hair.

As you’ll see, tape in extensions need slightly different care to other types of hair extensions, but they’re still easy to care for.

A little extra care makes showering your tape in hair extensions easy. Remember do not wash your hair for a minimum of two days after the installation of your extensions to avoid slippage.

How to wash tape in extensions

Showering With Tape In Hair Extensions

Step One: Brush Your Hair First

Use a wet/dry detangling brush before you shower and at least 2-3 times daily. This step will help you keep your tape in hair extensions untangled.

Step Two: Shampoo Properly

Use a mild shampoo that helps ensure your extensions remain beautiful. Proper shampooing includes starting at the root of your hair slowly massaging the shampoo downward through the hair shaft. Nos need to shampoo to the end of the hair. Don’t scrub or rub in a circular fashion as this will cause a lot of tangling.

Step Three: Conditioning

Don’t use a “keratin enriched” conditioner. Conditioner should be kept away from the adhesive In the flat tape of the hair extension. Use the product from mid-shaft then down. If you use a leave-in conditioner make certain it is safe for use with hair extensions.

Step Four: Ready To Brush And Towel Dry

As you exit the shower, remember to brush your hair with care. A towel is OK to use starting at the top of your hair and slowly moving down to the tips. Try not to rub the towel on your hair to avoid tangling and damage to the hair extensions.

Step Five: Blow Dry

When you blow-dry your hair set the dryer at the “low” temperature setting. If you use a heat treat and shine protectant, make certain it’s safe for tape in hair extension use. Dry your hair section by section using the dryer and brush.

Learning how to take great care of your hair is key to maintaining your beauty standard. Visit our website to learn more about how to care for your tape in hair extensions and to learn about purchasing some today.

How to wash tape in extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a great way to add length, body and volume to your hairstyle with minimal effort and cost. However, many users of hair extensions do not realize that they must adhere to a different hair care regime when wearing extensions.

We know how exciting it is to walk out of the salon with the look you have always dreamed of. Do not let some small oversights ruin your investment and the look you are striving for.

Washing your Hair With Tape-in Hair Extensions

Many people worry that the tape-in hair extensions they are using will release hold when washing their hair. This is a myth that you should definitely ignore!

Good tape-in hair extensions are made with human hair and require the same amount of care as your real hair does. Because you have added layers to your hair, this means you may actually need to spend more time than you are used to washing your hair.

Make sure you work your shampoo and conditioner into every layer of hair evenly, getting from the roots to the ends. This will remove the normal build-up of oils and grease and prevent your hair from drying out.

Many tape-in hair extension wearers use a leave-in conditioner to ensure that their hair stays silky smooth throughout the day. This is especially important when using human hair extensions or if you are in a particularly dry climate.

Drying Your Hair: Don’t Melt those Tape-in Hair Extensions!

It is vital that you discuss proper drying techniques for hair extensions with your stylist when they are applied. You wouldn’t want your investment to fall out because you didn’t heed their advice.

The best way to dry hair extensions is to let them dry naturally. This isn’t always ideal because of the added time needed to air dry when you have put extra layers of hair on your hair.

Very gently towel dry your hair by patting it with a soft towel after washing. You may want to blow dry your hair, but proceed with caution. Remember, you can only blow dry your hair if you have natural hair extensions. Synthetic extensions will melt when exposed to direct heat from a blow dryer or even a gas heater or open stove.

Many hair extension wearers are used to blow drying their hair upside down. This is risky because the tapes used for hair extensions are meant to hold the weight of the extensions, but when upside down must bear added weight and could unintentionally release from your scalp.

If you exercise regularly, you will need to wash your hair more often when wearing hair extensions. Oils and grease can accumulate on and under the tape, which is just plain gross. While this isn’t ideal, you may have to simply reduce the amount of time spent at the gym or out exercising.

Make Sure You Brush

Your stylist is going to tell you that you must brush your hair extensions twice a day. Do not ignore this advice, you will surely regret it and end up spending more time in a salon chair than you want to.

Brushing your hair extensions is much more than running a detangling comb through your hair. You must carefully and gently brush through every layer of hair from root to tip. This takes time but if you want to look your best, it’s worth it.

Brushing your hair carefully and gently will ensure that you don’t develop any dreadlocks. Your hair may begin to tangle together and adhere if you aren’t careful.

If you don’t brush carefully and gently you may end up pulling out a lot of hair, which can be gross and stress inducing. Talk to your stylist about the best brush technique for your hair and extension type.

Keep Your Hair From Tangling Overnight: Tie it Up

Pulling your hair back into a low ponytail, pigtails, or braids before laying down to sleep is the best, perhaps only, way to prevent your hair from turning into a bird’s nest overnight. Make sure it is loose so that you don’t put unnecessary and potentially damaging stress on the tape of your extensions.

Silk or high thread count pillowcases and sheets will reduce the amount of friction you expose your hair to while in bed. This might seem like overkill, but you invested your hard earned money into your new look and you don’t want to ruin it on the first night!

Don’t Go It Alone: Ask Your Stylist

Tape hair extensions can be tough to deal with, but you should always talk with your stylist if you have any questions or concerns. You can end up spending a lot of money, more than you had anticipated, if you don’t heed your stylist’s advice on how to care for your hair extensions. By using the right tape for hair extensions and following a careful maintenance routine, you will ensure you get the most out of your hard-earned investment in your new look!

How to wash tape in extensions

Consider the Following Post Your First “Worst” Resource for Helping Your Extension Clients Out

We don’t want to sound like alarmists, but things can go wrong from time to time. From the second your clients leave your studio to the moment they return, they might accidentally be compromising the long-term performance of your handy work.

We’ve put together this blog post to give you a helpful resource when it comes time to tell your clients about caring properly for their extensions.

#1: Your Client’s Common Tape-In Extension Washing Mistakes

Washing Their Hair (Read Tape-Ins) Too Soon

How long do your clients wait before washing their hair after getting your tape-in service? If the answer is before 48 hours, we’d suggest encouraging them to wait a little longer.

We create our extension tapes using a modified acrylic adhesive that grows stronger over time. If they wash their hair within two days of getting extensions, then they run the risk of making the tape slip or weaken.

After 48 hours, on the other hand, the tape is strong enough to handle a wash without weakening their bonds.


Considering this bit of tape science, we always encourage waiting at least 48 hours after install before washing their hair. Since all of our tapes use modified acrylic adhesives, this suggestion is good regardless of the tape you and your clients go with.

Washing Too Often

Of course, there are also other things to keep in mind when your clients are washing their extensions. After those 48 hours, we’d still recommend that they take it easy on washing their hair too often. Washing too often can be tough on hair, which is all your client’s extensions have to hold on to.


Urge them to only wash their hair twice a week . This will help promote a strong bond between their bio hair and the extensions.

Washing Too Vigorously

When washing, think about any added strain your clients might be putting on the extensions. It would be good to teach them to avoid scrubbing the wefts, where the extensions are bonded to their hair.


Remind them to wash their hair gently by massaging sulfate-free shampoo into the scalp while avoiding the tape and then working the shampoo from the middle to the ends of their hair.

When conditioning, your clients should keep the product from seeping into the tape or roots. Keeping conditioner below the wefts along the length of the hair can ensure that chemicals don’t weaken the tape’s bond. Daily conditioners often have silicone in them, and silicone can weaken the bond if it gets on the tape.

Or Not Washing Soon Enough After Exposure to Salt or Chlorine

If your clients have exposed their hair to chlorine or salt water , caution them to wash it immediately to ensure the chemicals or salt don’t have time to mess with the adhesive. Chlorine and salt water can also be tough on their bio hair and the extensions themselves.


The best possible thing your clients can do for extensions while swimming is to wear a swim cap .

Enjoying these fixes? Check out another one of our posts that takes you through 10 tips for tape-in extensions.

#2: Your Client’s Common Tape-In Extension Drying Mistakes

With proper care, the hair on our heads is constantly rejuvenating itself. Hair extensions, though, lack this natural ability. So, clients need to take extra care of them to ensure they last as long as possible.

Using Heat to Dry Extensions

Using heat to dry extensions removes excess moisture and causes the hair to become dry and brittle much faster.


Sing the praises of air drying to your clients. As it turns out, air is the best thing for our lungs and for our wet hair.

Wrapping or Squeezing Hair in a towel

To dry extensions, have your clients avoid wrapping their heads in a towel or flipping their hair upside down. Also, you want your clients to be careful to avoid squeezing or pulling hair with a towel.


Speak to them about gently patting their hair with a towel from the bottom up and work with their fingers to gently reduce tangles. Then, they should let their hair air dry.

#3: Your Client’s Common Tape-In Brushing Mistake

Brushing Their Hair Like They Did Before Extensions

As you know better than anyone, extensions need different brush techniques than natural hair. Specifically, your clients need to take extra care to avoid pulling on the tape.


To brush their hair with tape-ins , your client’s hair should be completely dry. Hair is the weakest when it’s wet. So, pulling on it or pulling a brush through it when it’s wet can do a lot of damage.

It might be helpful for your client to use a wide toothed comb to brush their hair. Then, encourage them to hold their hair just under the tape to ensure that they’re not pulling on the tape itself. Their best bet is to start brushing at the bottom of their hair, and methodically work their way up.

#4: Your Client’s Wild Abandon Can Cause Common Extensions Mistakes

Not Protecting Extensions While Sleeping, Exercising, & Storing

Because your client’s extensions can’t bounce back like their bio hair, they need to protect them even beyond what we’ve discussed so far. Further protection includes at least the following:

  • Sleeping
  • Exercising
  • Storing

For instance!

Sleeping : A low braid or loose ponytail protects their hair from excess friction.

Exercising : A higher ponytail does the best job of protecting your client’s hair from sweat and oils.

Storing : After they’re removed, gently wash, air dry, and detangle extensions. Then, tell your clients to store extensions laid out flat in an airtight container. They should be able to sit without any bending or crumpling.

#5: Your Clients Who Wait More Than Six Weeks Between Appointments Mistake

Leaving Extensions in Longer Than They Should

Remind your clients that as their hair grows the tape stays in the same place on the hair. This means their extensions slowly migrate down away from their head. While this aspect of hair growth may feel weird after long enough, there’s another vital reason for them to see you within six weeks.

After six weeks, tape-ins become tricky to remove. It’s especially true with Pro-Flex II .

Extension tape grows stronger and stronger, making it harder to remove. Since it takes longer to remove, they end up needing more time in your chair to fix the issue.


Always invite them to come back to see you within six weeks of an install. This routine ensures the easiest and most comfortable extension experience for you and your clients.

How to wash tape in extensions

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I like the beachy natural wave of my hair and tape in extensions. First week having them in. What I’ve read says to brush them daily or twice daily. This totally messes up the look I like. Is it really necessary to brush that often?

Hi Ann! We recommend consulting your stylist about a brushing regimen. They can help you decide the best approach for keeping your natural wave, as well as keeping your extensions neat and tangle free. If you need help finding a stylist, try our Find A Salon/Distributor resource. Thank you!

Removing tape hair extensions can be a little tricky if not done correctly. This blog provides some tips and tricks that some of our salon professionals like to do on their clients. Especially, to get those hard to remove extensions off their client’s scalp effortlessly.

We gathered the most simple and effective process that is pretty much used by most of our salon professionals. So if you are just new to the business or looking to try something a little different, keep reading!

Removing The Extensions

It is always good practice to remove the client’s natural hair away from the taped extensions first before attempting any removals. A popular clip used to hold up the hair is our croc clips. This has a good hold & prevents the hair from falling, making the removal process easier to see.

Once you have separated the clients hair away from the exposed tape extensions, you will want to use a remover to loosen the tape. Try out our Hair Extensions Release from Walker. Apply the remover over the tape until it is fully saturated. The Hair Extension Release will break down the adhesives by dissolving it without leaving any residue.

After a few minutes of saturation, you should be able to easily peel the tape extensions away from your client’s hair. Using your fingernails to start the peel is the most effective way to start the removal. When trying to remove the tape, keep in mind that the tape on the hair extension should not stick on your client’s natural hair. If it is, apply more remover and soak for a few more minutes, then remove completely.

Prepping Client’s Hair for Re-install

Next, before cleaning the extensions, give the client’s natural hair a quick wash with Extension Prep Shampoo. This will help remove any residue from the tape or from the release left behind. Keeping your client’s natural hair clean and ready for re-installing the extensions. This is best practice if you want the client’s installs to stay on longer!

Clean the Extensions

Lay the extensions flat with the sticky side up to start removing the old tape tabs off. Apply the Hair Extension Release to remove the adhesive on the extensions. Again, saturate & rub in the remover into the adhesive. After a few minutes start removing the tape off. If you find it is a little too sticky, you can soak more remover and gently take a gift card or credit card to swipe off any extra residue.

To remove any oily residue or any adhesive still left behind, apply a drop of dish soap to the tab and work in the soap. Rinse the hair extensions, shampoo and conditioner. Let them dry completely before applying new tabs.

Re-apply Tape Tabs

Once the cleaning is done and the hair extensions are completely dry. You’ll want to reapply tape on the tabs. Superhairpieces, offers pre-cut tabs specifically designed for our hair extensions.

Just pull off the backing and apply on the tab. When you are ready to apply on your clients clean & dry hair, you can remove the other side of the tab to attach. Attach the tape extensions as you would during a new install.

There you have it! Most of these steps are typically the simple methods, however there are a few tips that make the process a little bit easier.

Supplies to get:

  • Remove Tape Extensions with Hair Extension Remover from Walker
  • Prep Natural Hair with Extension Prep Shampoo
  • Remove Adhesive on Extension Tabs with Remover & Soap
  • Shampoo & Condition Hair Extensions
  • Dry Hair Extensions Completely
  • Reapply tape with Superhairpieces Tape Tabs
  • Apply Tape Extensions on Natural Client’s Hair
  • Style as Usual

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The length and thickness of your natural hair determines how many hair extensions you need to create the desired finished look.

How much do hair extensions cost?

The price of hair extensions depends on the quality of hair used and the amount of hair extensions required to created the desired final look.

To find out how much it will be to get hair extensions with Louise Bailey, book in your Hair Extensions London consultation now.

How many hair extensions for a full head?

How many hair extensions you need for a full head depends on what hair extension technique you are using, the thickness of your natural hair and how much natural hair you have to begin with as well as your natural hair-line and the shape of your head.

How often do hair extensions need to be replaced?

Bonded hair extensions need to be replaced every 3 to 4 months while tape extensions can last around 8 months with maintenance appointments every 2 months.

How often do you need to wash hair extensions?

You should wash your hair extensions as often as you need to. Washing extensions everyday can lead to deterioration of the bonds aor tape-in products. Louise recommends to wash your hair extensions not more than three times as week to keep them in the best possible condition. Blow dry with a Regincos Brush and a nozel on your hair dryer for a smooth finish.

How often do hair extensions need to be changed?

Hair extensions need to be changed every 3-to-4 months if you are having pre-bonded hair extensions. Otherwise, micro-rings and tape extensions need to be changed every 6-8 months as the hair can be reused at least 3 times but this is all dependent on the hair quality.

How often do hair extensions need to be tightened?

Hair extension maintenance differs depending on the hair extention technique and the thickness of the client’s natural hair.

How long should natural hair be for hair extensions?

To have hair extensions fitted, your hair needs to be at least 4 inches all over including the top layer as you need this to cover the bonds or tapes.

Can I colour my hair with hair extensions fitted?

Is it normal to lose a few extensions?

You should not lose any hair extensions in the pre-maintenance period if you follow the correct hair extension method’s after-care.

With tape extensions, you should avoid hair oils and dry shampoo as these products cause the tapes to slip.

Do tape hair extensions damage your hair?

Louise Bailey is dedicated to looking after the clients natural hair. Tape hair extensions are much kinder to the hair than all other types of extensions because there is no glue or heat. When a reputable brand is applied by a specialist, tape extensions do not damage your natural hair.

How long do tape extensions take to apply?

Louise and her team are super fast at applying all types of hair extensions. The tape extensions method takes anything from 15 minutes to an hour to apply a full head of extensions. This includes preparation, cutting and styling times.

Can your hair grow with hair extensions?

Your natural hair should grow normally with hair extensions fitted if applied by a hair extension specialist like Louise.

Can you wear hair extensions on holiday?

You are fine to go on holiday with hair extensions but as with your natural hair, it’s important to protect your hair extensions and scalp from sun damage so wherever possible, cover your head with a hat or cap.

It is also recommended to tie your hair up to keep your extensions away from oils and sun creams as these can discolour the hair extensions.

Can you go swimming with hair extensions?

You are fine to to go swimming in the sea or pool with hair extesnions, but it is extremely important that you rinse them thoroughly after as salt water and chlorine can cause the bonds or tape-ins to breakdown and even discolour the extensions.

Can you use hair straighteners on hair extensions?

You can use hair straighteners on 100 percent real human hair extensions but constant heat styling will damage the extensions just like your natural hair.

What are the best products to use on hair extensions?

Louise recommends Adem London and Pureology haircare shampoos and conditioners. She also recommends Hairdreams products as thse are specially made for hair extensions.

When conditioning your hair extensions, apply to mid-lengths only and comb through before rinsing.

Louise recommends that you brush your hair extensions twice daily using a Tangle Teezer starting at the end of your hair extensions, working your way up to the bonded area abd brushing gently over the bonded or taped area to prevent matting.

Hair Extensions Aftercare

Once you’ve had your hair extensions fitted, it’s important to look after your extensions to keep them in top condition. Here’s how to look after your hair extensions…

Hair Extension Do’s:

  • You can braid your hair when going to bed, this will hinder any tangling of the hair.
  • Brush your hair daily, start from the tips and work upwards.
  • Wash your hair upright, scrub scalp between tapes/bonds and rinse thoroughly
  • Dry the hair before going to bed
  • Do make sure you enjoy a good sunny holiday, just make sure you wash out any pool or salt water from your hair as soon as possible
  • Chemical processes should be handled by stylists (keratin treatment, colouring, perm)
  • Only condition the hair from the ponytail down avoiding contact with the root area or tapes however you can apply conditioner generously throughout the ends.
  • When colouring your hair, make sure you remove the tapes as it would affect the tape.

Hair Extension DON’Ts:

  • Do not use products that contain oil or alcohol close to the tapes/bonds
  • Do not use dry shampoo and hair conditioner near the tapes/bonds
  • Do not brush, wash or dry your hair upside down
  • Do not sleep with wet hair
  • Do not use excessive heat on the tapes
  • Do not get sunscreen, tanning oil or bronzing creams on the lengths of the hair
  • Don’t attempt to maintain or adjust your extensions yourself. Any issues leave it to certified professionals.
  • Don’t leave your hair wet for longer periods of time without detangling as may become matted.
  • Do not sit in the sauna for a period of time
  • As hair grows, the distance from the scalp increases the bonds/tapes to twist. Follow your hair extensionist’s advice but keep to your removal date.

Note: It is not abnormal to lose a few tapes here and there during your 6-8 weeks period of wear. However, if you lose your tapes before the time you are due for re-tape, The Hair Extensions Lab will provide complimentary re-tape.

Tape in hair extensions is one of the most popular methods of hair extensions. They are attached directly into your head, so they blend in perfectly with your natural hair. The application process is fast and easy so you do not have to spend a lot of time on the installation. In this post, we will find out how to wash tape in extensions .

How To Wash Tape In Extensions?

Know how to properly clean tape in extensions can maintain their quality. Make sure that you follow steps by steps to get the best result.

Detangle your hair

The first step in showering tape-in hair extensions is to remove tangles and knots. Proper brushing is a necessary part of maintaining your hair extensions. To avoid the mess, you use a comb and gently separate the strands starting from the bottom. Then you continue moving to the top of the extension.

  • Start combing from the bottom is a way to avoid breaking off unnecessary tangles.
  • Recommend to brush your hair 2-3 times a day in order to keep extensions nice and tangle-free.
  • Don’t tug or pull your tape in extensions.

Apply Right Shampoo

Because hair extensions are not your own hair, they do not have a direct source of nutrients to keep the shine and moisture. Hence, you should use organic or sulfate-free shampoos that have been specially formulated for the hair extensions. These moisturizing products are gentle and will help to prevent your hair from dryness and dullness.

You start at the root of your hair extensions and slowly rub the shampoo downward through the hair. Then rinse the shampoo completely out of your hair with water.

  • Do not make scrubbing or circular rubbing motion as this will seriously tangle hair.
  • Make sure that you use the right moisturizing products

Use A Conditioner

The next step on how to wash tape in extensions is to apply conditioners. You know conditioners can help to keep your natural hair and extensions looking healthy and shiny. However, you should not use a hydrating conditioner for your extensions.

Apply the conditioner on your scalp and hair, then gently massage in the product. You can leave the conditioner on your hair at least 3 minutes before you go to wash, and completely rinse your hair.

  • Remember only apply conditioner on your extensions from the mid-shaft down.
  • Avoid applying conditioner around the adhesive of the tape in extensions because it can loose bonds.

Carefully Dry Hair With A Towel

How to wash tape in extensions

P at your hair dry with a towel after getting out of the shower. Start at the top of the hair and gently move down the bottom. You dry until there is no excess water left in your hair. Do not rub the towel into the hair because this will tangle your hair and damage the tape in extensions.

Use A Hair Dryer

It is important to make sure that your hair and extensions are dry completely. If you don’t, your hair can be broken down and shedding. Use a hair dryer can avoid this happening.

It is a good idea to lightly apply a blow-drying lotion or a heat protectant spray to minimize any damage.

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    Guide To Washing With Tape In Hair Extensions

    The second essential thing is knowing how often to wash tape in extensions. A lot of wearers don’t know exactly about caring tape in extensions after application. Hair experts recommend waiting 2 days before washing your hair as the adhesive of extensions needs adequate time to adhere to your natural hair.

    How to wash tape in extensions

    Wash your hair twice per week is enough. If you have curly or wavy hair, you may even wash it once per week. When you choose 100% Remy human hair and high-quality tape in hair extensions, you don’t have a problem with early loosening or shedding.

    How To Clean Tape In Extensions After Removal

    Comb through hair extensions

    Similar to regular shampoo, you have to comb your hair extensions with either a wide-tooth comb or a brush to make sure all knots and tangles are gone. Hold the tape in extension bond and brush from top to bottom without pulling too hard. Do not use much force to remove any tangles.

    How to wash tape in extensions

    Wet the hair with gradually warm water

    Carefully rinse your hair extensions with warm water to ensure that the hair does not get tangled while washing. You can brush the extensions gently when adding water is also a good way to prevent tangling.

    Place Shampoo And Conditioner To The Hair

    Add a small amount of appropriate shampoo for your extensions and make sure to wash it off thoroughly. Apply shampoo to the hair in a downward motion from the top to the ends of extensions. Gently wash and rinse the hair thoroughly with water until all shampoo has been removed.

    Then apply a leave-in conditioner on your extensions from the mid-shaft down to keep the moisture as they cannot produce natural oils. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

    • Avoid twisting, rubbing or scrubbing the hair.
    • You should leave the conditioner on for up to 5 minutes.

    Dry Tape In Extensions

    You can wrap the hair in a towel or leave the extensions out in the sun to dry. You can use a hair dryer to dry extensions but apply a heat protectant first.

    • Don’t rub the towel into the hair, this can cause damage and create tangles.

    Brush The Hair Again

    Hold your newly washed tape in extensions and gently brush through with a hairbrush. Before brushing, you have to make sure that there is no excess water in the hair.

    Now you can store the hair extensions in any safe place and at room temperature. Remember, you won’t need to wash them every day — just once a week should be fine.

    Final words

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    How to wash tape in extensions

    Say goodbye to your old clip-ins and say hello to the new innovated tape-in extensions. Tape-in extensions are the perfect way to add luxurious volume and length to your hair for a short period, lasting one to two months. In addition, the extensions are painless, non-damaging, and highly versatile–you can even rock a high ponytail without the extensions showing.

    Plus, unlike clip-ins and wigs that can be uncomfortable to wear, tape-in extensions are relatively painless. Think of hair extensions that are lightweight and breathable, so they won’t be pulling at your natural strands.

    We chatted with Atlanta-based Hairstylist Kaleah Slay from Slayologyco Studio ATL about the process of installing the extensions, up-keep, and the best hair to use. Here is everything you to know about tape-ins before you schedule an appointment.

    Unlike clip-ins, tape-in extensions have to be professionally installed.

    Tape-in extensions are one to one and a half inches of sections of hair that are pre-taped with medical-grade glue to your hair. The extensions have to be professionally installed by a licensed cosmetologist. Tape-ins can not be DIYed, unlike clip-ins. The extensions must be applied to clean hair to ensure that the adhesive sticks on the client’s hair. Once the hair is straightened or blown out, the hairstylist will then “sandwich” the two wefts of extensions with the client’s hair in between. Tape-in extensions installment also require no tools or chemicals.

    Tape-ins will last from eight to ten weeks, depending on new growth and quality of extensions.

    Once the hair has grown out quite a bit, the extensions will need to be taken out by a professional. The hairstylist will use a specific tape-in remover solution to make the process painless and easy, leaving your natural hair undamaged.

    Tape-in extensions come in different hair textures.

    Tape-in extensions are sold in various hair textures, from Type 1 to Type 4 hair. Curly-haired clients will need to receive a blowout or silk press for the popular luxurious long pressed look so that the natural hair will blend in with the straight extensions. In this case, Slay recommends that “wavy and curly textures to be mindful that as your new growth comes in your natural texture will be exposed.” For long-lasting results, purchasing a hair type that matches your natural hair will work best.

    Tape-in hair extensions are a great type of hair extensions and one of the most popular methods. Tape-in hair extensions are very comfortable and seamless because they lay flat against your head. They blend in completely with your natural hair and it’s impossible to notice them if placed correctly. The application process is fast and easy so you won’t have to spend a lot of time on the installation and care.

    As we know, a well-cared for tape-in hair extensions can be used for one to two months. And, you had better wash your hair regularly before the glue begins to loosen, preventing it from accumulating salt, dirt and mold. Here are some tips on how to wash tape-in hair extensions.

    How to wash tape in extensions

    What You Will Need

    · Shampoo

    · Conditioner

    · Lint-free towel

    · Blow dryer with diffuser

    · Wide-toothed Comb

    Steps By Steps: Wash Tape-in Hair Extensions

    Detangling Tape-in Hair Extensions

    The first step in washing tape-in hair extensions is removing tangles and knots. Soaking the hair with water before straightening it out can lead to even worse tangles and knots, some of which may be impossible to remove without taking a pair of scissors to them. To avoid this mess, a comb can be used to gently separate the strands starting from the bottom and gradually moving to the top of the extension. Starting from the bottom is one way to avoid breaking off tangled bits unnecessarily.

    Wet Your Hair With Warm Water

    Apply a quality shampoo. Squeeze the shampoo at various points throughout your hair, then gently massage it into your scalp, hair, and hair pieces. Do not scrub vigorously, rub, or bunch your hair together as you may normally do–especially if the weave hair is curly. This will tangle the hair weave. As you attempt to free those tangles, the weave may become frizzy or pull free from its bonding.

    Rinse Your Hair With Running Water

    Rinse the shampoo completely out of your hair with running water. Apply a quality, cream-based deep conditioner to your hair. Again, squeeze or daub the conditioner in several places all over your scalp and hair, then gently massage in the product. Do not scrub or cause tangling.

    Rinse Out Of The Conditioner

    Brush the conditioner throughout your whole hair by using the wide-toothed comb and stay at least 3 minutes before you go to wash it. Completely rinse your hair, make it out of the conditioner.

    Dry Your Hair

    Pat your hair dry with a lint-free towel. If possible, let your hair air-dry. If you must blow dry it, use a dryer with a diffuser attachment, and avoid holding the dryer directly on top of bonded areas. Dry the extensions part of the hair pieces first, then dry the rest of your hair from the ends up.


    It is very important to ensure your hair and tape-in hair extensions are completely dry before using a curling/flat iron. It is a good idea to lightly apply a blow drying lotion which will help to keep a curl and avoid any damage to the hair. However, please dry the product with a blow dryer before using an iron. If you applied too much product prior to using an iron the hair will get damaged.

    How to wash tape in extensions

    Some Useful Tips

    · Do not comb out tightly curled weave pieces. Simply shake them out.

    · Use a wide-toothed comb or your fingers to comb through wavy hair pieces.

    · Rinse your hair with water and condition it after each workout (it is not necessary to use shampoo).

    · African-American women should wash their hair every seven to 14 days.

    · If you have African-American hair, avoid using conditioners that contain alcohol. They will dry out your hair.

    · Use a mild astringent like witch hazel to clean your scalp between washings.