How to write an email asking for donations

Every youth sports league needs to raise extra money. Seeking donations and sponsorships from local businesses is a great idea – but can seem tricky or awkward at first. It’s no surprise that many volunteers struggle with writing an effective donation letter.

Many companies are willing to sponsor or make donations to worthy causes – especially to youth sports organizations. But they receive a lot of requests and you need to make sure your message gets through to busy business owners.

How can you make your youth sports donation letter stand out? Follow these five tips to write a donation letter that gets attention and helps you win more sponsorships next season.

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1. Make it Personal

Your donation request shouldn’t read like an impersonal form letter. Instead, do some research and find the name of a decision-maker at the organization. This may be a general manager, business owner, or marketing director. Address your letter to this person, if possible and sign each letter personally.

Another way to build a connection is by using the word “you” throughout the letter. This simple word makes readers feel like they are part of your content. In fact, a Yale University study identified “you” as the most influential word in English.

Also, the sender of your donation letter can make a difference. Is there someone in your league who is well known or well connected in your community? Ask if he or she would be willing to be the “face” of your donation outreach.

2. Share Results and Success Stories

When people are making a donation, they want to know their money is going to a good cause. It’s helpful to explain exactly how you expect to use the donation.

Will funds go to scholarships for players needing support? Are you covering equipment costs that might be out of reach for some youth athletes?

If you have historical data on the number of athletes your league has supported share that too. Explain how long your nonprofit has been in operation and why your organization is important in the community. These types of details help people understand how their contribution will make a difference.

Success stories make an impact too. You can highlight league accomplishments – such as competing in regional, state, or national tournaments.

Also, you can share the story of a youth who faced barriers to sports participation. Tell how being part of your league made a difference in this young person’s life. This may not be the story of your best athlete. Instead, it can show how your program promotes values like confidence and perseverance.

3. Explain the Benefits and Impact of Donating

Sponsors can make a huge impact on your organization. They should get something in return when they commit money for your season.

Make sure you offer clear benefits to every company that sponsors your organization. You can even offer tiered options tied to the size of the contribution – like Gold, Bronze, and Silver sponsorship levels.

Some of the benefits you can offer include:

Announcing the name of the donor at events or games

Printing the name of the donor on team t-shirts

Hanging an advertising banner near playing fields or arenas

Listing the name of the sponsor on your website

For many businesses, these benefits are a powerful form of grassroots advertising. People affiliated with your league will associate the business with a worthy cause. That positive sentiment is very valuable to local businesses and they'll get more support from families that participate in your league.

Promote your sponsors on your website to make sure parents, coaches, and players know where you get your support!

4. Don’t Neglect the Basics

You can write a compelling donation letter, but you won’t secure any funds if you overlook key details.

Make sure every letter clearly states the name of your league or club. Include your website so that potential donors can learn more about what you do. You should also have several members of your board proofread the letter before sending it to local businesses.

And identify at least one contact name – along with contact details. Be sure to list a cell phone number and email for each contact. Encourage sponsors to reach out to you directly with questions.

5. Make Donating Easy

Don’t deter businesses from contributing by having a cumbersome donation process! You need avoid the manual effort of mailing checks and receipts if you want to get more donations.

There are many online resources you can use to streamline fundraising. It’s easier than ever to collect payments online so that businesses or other local organizations can contribute easily.

You should offer the opportunity for sponsors to contribute to your organization directly on your website. You can even give parents the opportunity to donate or sponsor when they register their child.

Curious about other fundraising tools for youth sports? Read more here – Fundraising Tools for Youth Sports Organizations.

A Sponsorship Letter Template You Can Use for Next Season

Sponsorships from local businesses are an important funding source for youth sports leagues. It can be hard to know how to reach out to potential new donors.

You should always aim for a personal connection – avoid sounding like a form letter. Explain exactly how you plan to use donated funds – and share stories of past success. And offer prospective donors some visibility in thanks for their contribution.

It’s vital to include the basics – like links to your website and contact details. And move your donation process online to make it easy on contributors.

Download the donation and sponsorship letter template to use in your future seasons. You can adjust the template to meet the needs of your organization.

Even getting just a few new donors can bring huge benefits to your league. You may be able to avoid registration fee increases or cut back on family fundraising. Most importantly, you’ll be able to bring better sports experiences to young athletes. Good luck!

There are many reasons for which people ask for donations, it can be some philanthropy, it can be for the growth of the business, or just some event that you are organizing and looking for sponsors.

How to write a good letter for asking donations-

  • Make sure you use a polite language
  • You must state the purpose of donation clearly
  • Give a reliable reference for background check
  • Mention the amount clearly
  • Assure them that it is for a good purpose

The letter written by you must contain some points in very crisp and clear words like what is the purpose of the donation, how do you assure that you are a reliable source ad what guarantee you give to them. If you are still confused, go through the sample and customize it for your purpose.

Asking for Donations from businesses letters and Emails

Letter Template: 1

Donation for Students

It is great to reach out to you!
We are a team of 5 people working for students with earning disorders and because it is difficult for them to get formal education due to lack of support from the government, we are on a mission to get them the support required and hence raising funds for the purpose.

We would request you to be a part of the project if this makes you happy, your small donation will help us move more step closer to the dream that we see for numerous kids who currently lack the proper stage for studying. Our aim is to enroll them in special schools and pay their fees from the donations that we receive.

You can contribute through the online link provided in the footer and also we are attaching 3 references so that you can be sure that the money will be used for the purpose stated.

Letter Template: 2

Donation for Waste Disposal Management System

I am “Full name” working in the “Organization name”, we are a non-profit organization who is working for a better waste disposal management system (You can mention your purpose here).

It’s been years that we have tried to get this done in the city but no steps have been taken and hence now we have taken this responsibility for better health and hygiene of the people.

We are high on spirits but low on budget and hence we are looking for people who see the same dream as us. We are looking for some support from you in monetary terms to proceed further with the project. Your small contribution will help us take more steps towards the common goal of a cleaner and hygienic future.

Our goals are sustainable development as this planet belongs to future generations equally. We have attached the bank details and online payment link in the footer, kindly help us. You can reach out in the same email if you have any queries.

Letter Template: 3

Donations for Underpriviledged Kids

It is a matter of sheer pleasure for us to inform you that this year will be our 10th year that we organize an education camp for the underprivileged kids on the occasion of children’s day. We have to work towards equality of studying for the past 9 years, we have been awarded many prestigious awards and we look to do even better.

We are not a government organization or a corporate firm, we are a bunch of people mad for the same goal which is the education of the underprivileged for a better future of them and us. We all are highly motivated to do this and hence looking for raising funds for the same purpose. Your small amount will be very significant for us and will help many kids.

Kindly find the list of references for your help and you can check out the FAQ on our website, if the doubt still persists, kindly reach out to us, we are available Monday to Saturday.

Letter Template: 4

Donation for Ph. D Research

I recently come across your advertisement in the newspaper that you are looking to fundraise those in need. I am “Full name”, a Ph.D. scholar from the New York school of business. I am currently working on my thesis and have exhausted the amount allotted to me for research while my project is yet to get over.

I am currently working on a thesis which is related to Genomics and deals with the sequences of some very rare diseases, if I complete this, we will be able to help patients across the world and this is what is keeping me motivated, If you think you this excites you as much as it does me, kindly donate a small amount, it will help me and many more.

You can find the presentation of my thesis in the attachment for better understanding and can always reach out to me if you have any questions related to it.

Letter Template: 5

Donation to Provide Essentials

Its that time of the year when we all are gearing up for parties, family dinners, and travel plans but on the other hand there are some who don’t have a family to celebrate Christmas.

We help those and make their Christmas a happier one. Till now we have supplied essentials to 100+ homeless people and we are looking to help more people.

If you also want to contribute to this great cause and you also find your happiness in someone’s else smile, kindly find the payment link down. Even a small amount will be a great deal for us. In the end, we will be having a get-together of all those who were helped and those who helped, and would love you to join us there.

Letter Template: 6

Donation for Aids Patiend

We are “organization-name”, we work in the field of event management, and every year we organize an event on 1st December, dedicated to AIDS patients, to lighten up their day and make them feel loved.

We are looking for monetary and emotional support from our partners in this very divine task. If you also want to help those who are suffering, kindly donate through our payment link, you can also join us in this event. It will be a moment of joy for all of us.

Not only is email a great way to interact with your audience but it statistically gives you the highest return on investment. Emails create a personal connection with your intended audience while stimulating the want to donate.

Email generates $36 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,600% ROI.

This makes email one of the most powerful options to integrate into your fundraising strategy. It also offers a way to reach people wherever they may be, through their desktop computer or on their mobile device.

Your organization has likely built a list of previous donors and potential donors who are interested in your cause. This is the ideal group to target for new donations through online fundraising email campaigns.

But what should you say in your email?
How do you write a great call-to-action (CTA) email that gets donors to give online?

Here are some tips on how to craft an engaging e-mail for your donors and potential donors.

Keep the Email Focused

When you’re writing a call-to-action email to raise money, keep it focused on what you’re campaigning for. Keep your messaging clear and concise. Avoid over-sharing or covering too many subjects. Keep your messaging personable in tone and straightforward in its wording. You don’t want to confuse, overwhelm, or distract your donors.

Take the Reader on a Journey

Use your email to tell a story. Make sure the story is engaging to the reader. Use your story to keep the reader focused on the goal. Here’s a formula to consider when telling your story:

  • Highlight the problem that’s prompting this virtual fundraising campaign
  • Explain how your non-profit will work to solve the problem
  • Tell the reader how financial support will help your organization with your mission and how the donor will be helping to solve the problem through their contribution

There are three ways you can share your story. You can either be broad in your approach, specific in using an example of a hybrid of both.

For example, a broad email could talk about homelessness and how to help. A specific example is sharing the story of a person experiencing homelessness and how the donation would help them directly. A hybrid example is combining the two approaches. This allows you to talk about a broad problem while using a specific example to better explain how the problem impacts the affected group. Whatever you chose, it’s all about making an emotional connection with the reader.

Guide the Email Audience

Tell your readers exactly what you want them to do. Be direct in that you’re looking for a financial donation. The clearer you are the less uncertain your donor will be on why you’re asking them to donate. This is your call to action (CTA). Clarity helps eliminate any confusion about why you’re asking them to donate.

Make the next steps very clear and easy to follow. Tell the reader exactly how to go about donating. Some ways to do this are:

  • Include specific language asking for a donation (“We need to raise $10,000 for [ ]. Can you chip in $19 today?”
  • Include at least one donate button within the call-to-action text
  • Link the text referencing donations and the donate buttons to the same fundraising page

Including a button in your e-mail that reiterates your call-to-action clearly, and inspires the reader to act, is a great idea. Your button could say:

  • “Donate Now”
  • “Make a Difference”
  • “Get Involved Today”

Consider Including a Donate Button and Link Placement

Emails have a significantly higher open rate when the subject line has a CTA (Call to Action). In addition to the subject line, include CTA buttons and links throughout the email text. Including multiple links is beneficial. They are not a distraction because all the links go toward the same goal and take the reader to the same donation page. By placing multiple links and buttons, you capture the reader wherever they are in the email when they decide to take the next step to donate.

Think like a donor. Make it as easy as possible to donate.

Personalize the Email

Personalized emails get better results. There are different ways to personalize, including segmenting your email list to send targeted emails to the right people and including the person’s first name when you begin an email.

Also, Brady Josephson, a Digital Marketer with a focus on non-profit’s, research of Canadian charity emails has shown that sending a charitable email from a person instead of an organization has had better results. For example, the email could come from an employee, a board member, or another donor. His examples include the language of the person talking about the work the organization is doing and then asking the reader to join the writer in donating.

He also showed an experiment of making an email look more like a personal letter without organizational pictures, and this resulted in a 112.5% donation increase. He recommends writing an email with the same language you would use to talk to someone; casual, friendly, and straight to the point.

Top takeaways to consider when creating a CTA email:

  • Stay focused
  • Take your reader on a journey
  • Be direct and be concise in your messaging
  • Include a donate button and related links
  • Personalize the email to the reader

To learn more about what Kambeo can do to help your organization fundraise and engage with supporters, click here.

Tim Cook sent out an email to employees this morning addressing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and explaining the actions Apple has taken in reaction to the events of the past two weeks. The email also tells employees that Apple will be matching donations they make to certain humanitarian relief funds two to one, and will do so retroactively for donations made since February 25th.

A copy of this email was obtained by The Verge, and you can read it below in full (with the exception of an internal Apple email address being redacted):

I wanted to take a moment to address the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

I know I speak for everyone at Apple in expressing our concern for all of those affected by the violence. With each new image of families fleeing their homes and brave citizens fighting for their lives, we see how important it is for people around the world to come together to advance the cause of peace.

Apple is donating to humanitarian relief efforts and providing aid for the unfolding refugee crisis. We are also working with partners to assess what more we can do. I know that many of you are eager to find ways to support as well, and we want to help amplify the impact of your donations. Starting today, Apple will match your donations at a rate of 2:1 for eligible organizations, and we will make this retroactive for donations to those organizations since February 25. Please visit the Employee Giving Portal to learn more.

We are working to support our teams in Ukraine and across the region. In Ukraine, we have been in contact with every employee, assisting them and their families in any way we can. For our Ukrainian team members located outside of the country that may need support, please contact [email redacted]. And for any employee who needs any support, please visit the People site for available resources.

As a company, we are taking additional actions as well. We have paused all product sales in Russia. Last week, we stopped all exports into our sales channel in the country. Apple Pay and other services have been limited. RT News and Sputnik News are no longer available for download from the App Store outside Russia. And we have disabled both traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine as a safety and precautionary measure for Ukrainian citizens.

We will continue to evaluate the situation and are in communication with relevant governments on the actions we are taking.

This moment calls for unity, it calls for courage, and it reminds us that we must never lose sight of the humanity we all share. In these difficult times, I take comfort in knowing that we are united in our commitment to each other, to our users, and to being a force for good in the world.

As Cook highlights in his email (and as Apple has mentioned in public statements), Apple has taken a variety of actions in the region. On Tuesday it announced that it’s halting the sale of its products in Russia. It’s also limited Apple Maps data sharing in Ukraine and Apple Pay use in Russia.

Cook also mentions that Apple has been in contact with “every employee” based in Ukraine, and is working to help them and their families. Internally, some employees have discussed getting their families out of Ukraine.

How to write an email asking for donations

Receiving donations is sometimes the only way local non-profit organizations and charity groups can continue to operate and work toward their causes. People in charge of seeking out these donations can make their requests via email. The more time and effort you put into writing the email, the more likely it is that you might persuade the people on your email list to donate to your organization or group.

Step 1

Add a catchy subject line to your email. The subject is what grabs the recipients’ attention and leads to opening and reading the email. Something like “Donation Request” is likely to get deleted, while “Local Homeless Children Need You Today!” might grab the reader’s attention more effectively.

Step 2

Explain the nature of your cause. Using the example above, your organization might provide shelter for local homeless children and families. Talk about your cause at the beginning of the donation request email so that the recipients understand what it is that you do.

Step 3

Talk about how the donations you receive will be used. Use specific numbers whenever possible. For example, a donation of $75 might be enough to feed one homeless child for a month. These suggested amounts will give recipients a better idea of how much to donate.

Step 4

Ask for the donation. When emailing a donation request, ask for it. This makes it more likely that your recipients understand what you want from them and will take action. Always include a name and address for people to send donations to, as well as any other ways to donate, such as through Paypal or by credit card, to make donating as easy as possible for the recipient.

Step 5

Use short paragraphs in your email of just a sentence or two. This helps readers skim the email, get the idea and move onto donating faster.

Step 6

Thank the recipients for taking the time to read the email and in advance for donating. Show your appreciation and gratitude for their generosity, and they’ll be more inclined to donate.

Получайте ваши онлайн ответы с Jotform и автоматически конвертируйте их в профессиональные, элегантные PDF файлы.

Dear Saul Connell,

First of all, a great day to you and I hope you and your family are safe.

I am planning to conduct a fund-raising event for homeless kids in the country. The purpose of this letter is to ask you for financial support by donating any amount for this cause to achieve a goal.

Your donation will go to ABC Kids Care Non-Profit Organization.

You can send your donations via Cash; Check; Bank Transfer; Wire Transfer; PayPal; Stripe; Square.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (123) 456-7890 or visit our website at

Thank you for your continuous support.

How to write an email asking for donations

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A Donation Request Letter Template is a document that is sent to an individual or a potential lead that will donate for fundraising created by a non-profit organization. It is important that this letter shows the purpose of the event and how will the recipient send donations.

This Donation Request Letter Template shows the recipient details, sender details, letter date, and body content of the letter. The content shows the purpose of the fundraising event, the name of the event, where will the donations go, and what are the accepted donation methods. This PDF template is using the auto-populate feature wherein the data from the submission will be used inside the paragraph or text element. This feature makes the PDF template dynamic, engaging, and flexible. This PDF template is using the Signature tool so that the sender can sign the letter confirming his/her identity. Use the PDF Editor if you want to modify and add more information in this letter.

Больше похожих шаблонов

Letter Of Authorization

A Letter of Authorization is a kind of agreement between the person, known as the principal, authorizing another, known as an agent, to perform certain functions or powers in order to perform the duties of the principal. There is a fiduciary relationship that implies that an agent has powers to contract with another person on behalf of the principal, by which, the acts of the agent are considered the acts of the principal. This Letter of Authorization lays down the details as to the kind of duties or functions that the authorized representative, or the agent, may perform on behalf of the principal. This letter also contains the period of effectivity of the contract of agency between the principal and the agent. By which, should any transactions be made by the agent that is beyond the period of the authorization, it shall be considered invalid. This also serves as a protection for the benefit of the principal. Creating Authorization letters can sometimes be difficult. With this Letter of Authorization PDF Template, there is no need for you to think hard what to put. You can use this as your guideline, or use this template directly.

How to write an email asking for donations

A year-end giving letter, also known as an end-of-year donation letter, is a fundraising appeal sent during the last few months of the year, sometimes called the “season of giving.” It’s not to be confused with a donation acknowledgment letter which you send to donors, oftentimes at the end of the year, to give documentation of their charitable gifts and donations for tax purposes.

How to write an email asking for donations
Read our step-by-step guide to writing a donation acknowledgment letter

Year-end giving letters can be sent through direct mail, email, postcard, video, and other methods of communication.

End-of-year donation letters are an important part of any successful year-end giving campaign. Nonprofits use them to solicit end of year donations from supporters during the holiday season–a time when many people are looking to give to nonprofit organizations. Like any effective annual appeal letter, year-end donation requests should work to reiterate your mission, boost donor engagement, and ultimately increase revenue.

Year-end giving letters also take advantage of the biggest giving days of the year, December 30 and 31. Based on data from Kindful, the average single gift amount grows by 62% and 49% on December 30 and December 31. The same days also produce 567% and 1,212% more revenue than non-giving days. Surprisingly, they even produce more revenue than Giving Tuesday.

How to write an email asking for donations

Sample End-of-Year Donation Letters

charity: water

charity: water uses a simple email as their end-of-year appeal, though it could also easily be printed and sent through direct mail. They keep their mission at the forefront by using a graphic that illustrates their mission of bringing clean water to those in need. They also play on supporters’ desire to give gifts during the holiday season.

How to write an email asking for donations

Soddo Christian Hospital

Soddo Christian Hospital’s end-of-year donation email expresses a sense of urgency by including a countdown inside. They make it clear who will be receiving the donations and they include a donation button, making contributing as simple as possible for donors.

How to write an email asking for donations

Oregon Family Support Center

Oregon Family Support Center highlights all the way they serve the people of Oregon in their end-of-year donation email. They also mention their end-of-year fundraising goal, as well as ways supporters can get involved in carrying out their mission.

How to write an email asking for donations

Bottom Line

Donors love contributing to meaningful initiatives–especially around the end of the year. Sending a year-end giving letter can encourage them to support your organization on the biggest giving days of the year.

Free eBook: How To Use Digital Fundraising To Set Your Nonprofit Up For Year-End Fundraising Success

How to write an email asking for donations
Organizations that have the tools in place to easily accept donations online, run virtual events, and participate in online fundraising campaigns have been able to take advantage of this unique year. In this eBook, we’ll help you set a strong fundraising foundation that will leave you feeling confident in your virtual fundraising abilities. We’ll also share insights from nonprofits so you can learn from real-life situations.

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  • Double the Donation post: 13 End-of-Year Appeal Strategies
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How to write an email asking for donations

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How to write an email asking for donations

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Fundraising email templates can serve a great purpose in nonprofits. With limited resources, fundraisers are always looking for ways to save time and bring in more donations. In theory, email templates should save you time by allowing you to easily plug in images, text, links, and any other elements you want. And they should help you get more donations because they’re built using “best practices.”

Research continues to show that using an HTML email template can actually hinder the success of our emails.

Imagine sitting down to write an email to your spouse, parent, kid, or friend. Most likely, you’re not going to pull up your email template with fancy buttons and images and start typing. It’s too impersonal, and it’s unnecessary. If we wouldn’t use a template in that context, then why would we use it to communicate with our donors? In many ways, skipping the email template can make the process much easier, and be much more effective.

Let’s look at examples of how templates help or hurt us.

How the design of fundraising emails affects click-through rate

This is a fundraising email for CaringBridge. The email was sent from a member of the advisory council, Rick. He was unknown to the audience.

How to write an email asking for donationsHow to write an email asking for donationsfundraising email templates and guide are here to help you maximize the potential of your fundraising emails, and get the most out of your online community.

How to write an email asking for donations

Fundraising emails can go a long way in raising both financial support and general awareness for a cause. But often, they can be extremely tricky to write. How do you ask people for their money without coming across the wrong way?

It’s a delicate balance. So today we’re sharing some tips and fundraising email examples from a handful of brands that did it right. Take a look at these fundraising emails and get some ideas on how you can help people — whether you’re looking to help those hurting due the COVID-19 pandemic or whether you want to contribute to Black Lives Matter efforts or other causes.

Rework your mission statement

This is a great time to revisit your “why,” tweaking this statement to make it specific to the pandemic or anti-racist endeavors or any other cause. JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, did a great job of recasting what it stands for in light of COVID-19. The foundation clearly explained that COVID is impacting fundraising efforts and that T1D patients might be in need during this time. Similarly, if you’re fundraising for something other than the pandemic, communicate to your donors and readers how the pandemic is affecting your efforts.

Subject line: Last chance to close this gap (and double your income)

How to write an email asking for donations

Add a deadline

Creating a deadline for donations can give your fundraising email a sense of urgency, motivating people to give now before it’s too late. Jabari Brisport does this in their subject line, body copy and CTA, telling readers that “we’re down to the wire” and “we can do this!” This is a common strategy in messages about the last minutes of an e-commerce sale, and it works for fundraising emails, too.

Subject line: Only 5 hours left

How to write an email asking for donations

Create a sense of community

If the hurry-up-and-donate fundraising email template doesn’t appeal to you, aim to create a no-pressure environment instead. That’s what Care/of did, sending a calm, pastel email that reminded readers we’re all in this together. The email mentioned how Care/of is starting the fundraising internally and then ended with a soft CTA asking readers to donate if they’re able.

This isn’t a “better” choice than creating a sense of urgency — both approaches can be effective. Make your decision based on whichever tone is more appropriate for your brand, and on what’s worked for you in the past.

Subject line: Help us support NYC health workers

How to write an email asking for donations

Explain what the money will be used for

Before donating their hard-earned money, people want to know what that money is going to be used for. Chalait spelled it out: Its cafes were closed, staff members were struggling financially and 100% of funds raised would go straight to those employees and their families. It’s essential to be transparent about where the money is going as you craft the copy of your fundraising email campaign.

Subject line: Support our staff and take advantage of free shipping

Don’t forget your fundraising email subject lines

These fundraising email subject lines sourced from our inbox all have a few things in common. For one, they’re specific, explaining what your money will do or what you can win. Second, they use terminology like “we,” making you feel like you’re part of the effort. And finally, they’re short and concise. Take a look:

  • Help end brain cancer with your gift
  • Help us make an impact for every mother
  • Your support got us here — we need you again
  • Raise more, save more with our fundraising program
  • Earn up to a $750 gift card during the Fashionable Fundraiser

Share stories

Storytelling is a powerful and effective tool to use in your fundraising emails. Our brains are wired to immediately connect with stories. So when you share a true story of the people you’re helping, your readers will be drawn in. Hot Bread Kitchen adopted this approach by telling the story of one of their donors — Masa Gong, who could personally relate to the kitchen’s mission and raised money for the nonprofit.

Subject line: Rebecca, be a Hot Bread Kitchen champion and fundraise for breadwinners.

Provide an incentive

Offer an incentive in your fundraising emails for people who donate. Many organizations will have different “tiers” of prizes or perks available based on how much people raise. Sunday Riley promised a thank-you gift for anyone who fundraised for a benefit 5K, adding that the first 1,000 people would receive something extra, too. Gifts like these not only encourage donations — they strengthen those all-important customer relationships, too.

Subject line: Calling all fitness levels (yes, you)

Say thank you

When your fundraising email campaign is over, remember to send a follow-up thank you email. This message should specifically state how the money was used and what impact was seen. After a big fundraising push, the mission manager at Thrive Market sent a simple plain text message thanking donors and sharing the results.

Subject line: Thank you! $65,000 raised for COVID-19 relief

Wrap-up: Use these fundraising email templates

Did these fundraising email ideas spur thoughts of your own? Get started with our fundraising email templates. The Support Fundraising email template, created by designer Andrea Dall’Ara, is specifically meant for fundraising during the pandemic. This free email template utilizes a simple interface with lots of room for you to share the information your customers need to give to a good cause.

You can also use a blank template or an industry-specific email template from our catalog, which has hundreds of email templates ready to edit.

Design Your Fundraising Emails Today

Choose from hundreds of beautiful mobile-ready templates.

Create your next stunning campaign with just a few clicks.

Use these tips and templates to create a fundraising email campaign and mobilize your customers to give back.

Due to the high demand of donation requests, we will not be able to fulfill any additional donated ticket requests or premium experience requests this season. We are only able to donate autographed items.

Each year, the Chicago Cubs donate team merchandise and collectible items worth millions of dollars for fundraising auctions and raffles. We are proud to support the efforts of nonprofit organizations and the outstanding work they do throughout the year.

We work hard to process the many requests we receive each year and strive to reach as many organizations as possible. To allow us to better serve deserving organizations in our community, please review and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Organizations must be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity. To be considered, organizations must provide a valid Tax ID number (EIN) associated with a certified 501(c)(3). We recommend you attach a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization letter.
  • All donation requests must be submitted online via our donation request form. We no longer accept phone, letter or email requests.
  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of six weeks in advance of the date the item is needed.
  • Requests are limited to one donation item per organization per year.
  • Donations are for charitable purposes only (e.g., auctions and raffles). We will not provide sales incentives, corporate gifts or donations to for-profit entities.
  • All charitable events must be conducted at an in-person charitable event that complies with local law. We do not make items available for donation for online auctions or raffles.
  • Due to overwhelming demand, we will not provide bulk quantity items for door prizes or goody bags.
  • We cannot accept personal items to be autographed by Cubs players or coaches.
  • Organizations which receive an item must complete an online reply form after the event, including the amount the item raised for the event, to be considered for future requests.
  • Submitting a request does not guarantee a donation.

Thank you for considering the Chicago Cubs. We thank you again for the work you do and wish you the best in your charitable and fundraising efforts.

While we take each request into consideration, it is not always possible to donate a specific item. It the request is approved, we will donate the most appropriate item depending on our inventory.